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In the award-winning film The Piano, writer/director Jane Campion created a story so original and powerful it fascinated millions of moviegoers. This novel stands independent of the film, exploring the mysteries of Ada's muteness, the secret of her daughter's conception, the reason for her strange marriage and the past lives of Baines and Stewart....

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The Piano Reviews

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-03-26 20:17

    The Piano, Jane Campion فیلمی درام به کارگردانی جین کمپیون و محصول سال 1993 میلادی؛ تاریخ مشاهده: ماه می سال 1996 میلادیعنوان فیلم: پیانو؛ کارگردان: جین کمپیون؛ تهیه‌ کننده: جین کمپیون؛ نویسنده: جین کمپیون؛ بازیگران: هالی هانتر (در نقش آدا مک‌گراث)؛ هاروی کایتل (در نقش جرج بینس)؛ سَم نیل (در نقش الیستر استیوارت)؛ آنا پاکوین (در نقش فلورا مک‌گراث)؛ موسیقی: مایکل نایمن؛ فیلم‌برداری: استوارت درای‌ برو؛ تدوین: ورونیکا جنت؛ توزیع‌ کننده Ciby 2000تاریخ‌های انتشار: 19 مه 1993 (نمایش در جشنوارهٔ فیلم کن)؛ آگوست 1993 (نمایش در استرالیا)؛ مدت زمان: 121 دقیقه؛ کشور: نیوزیلند؛ استرالیا؛ فرانسه؛ زبان: انگلیسی؛ مائوری؛ زبان اشاره بریتانیایی؛ هزینهٔ فیلم: 7 میلیون دلار؛ فروش گیشه: 40,157,856 دلارا. شربیانی

  • Janet
    2019-04-22 20:54

    I was sure this book would be one of my all-time favorites because I absolutely love the movie. However, the writing style (I believe it's called the 'passive voice'?) kept me at an emotional distance from the story unlike the movie, which was intensely passionate. It was my visual memories of Holly Hunter, Anna Paquin, Harvey Keitel and Sam Neill that kept me engrossed in the written story. I did appreciate that the book delved into Ada's past, telling the story of why she does not speak. I also thought it interesting how Ada's will is portrayed as an almost separate being, surprising even Ada at times throughout the story. In the case of The Piano, I would break my very strict rule and suggest seeing the movie first and then reading the book.

  • Tressa
    2019-03-30 19:56

    This is a novelization of a remarkable movie about a mute woman handed over in marriage to a man she's never met. She expresses herself through her piano, and when she travels to New Zealand to meet her new spouse, he doesn't get her from the get go, and leaves her piano on the beach. A white, local businessman named George Baines begins to fall for Ada, and buys the piano from Ada's new husband in exchange for some land. But George has ulterior motives, and makes a deal with Ada that she can earn her piano back if she gives him lessons. At first she doesn't want to do it because Baines is uneducated and not in her class, but she begins to fall for him during their lessons and they embark on a dark, passionate love affair that ends tragically. A simply magnificent, poetic movie.

  • ليلى المطوع
    2019-04-05 01:53

    حسنا البداية كانت جدا متعثرة ولم ترق لي، حتى كدت أن لا اكملها، لكنني اجبرت نفسي على المتابعة ثم تصاعدت الاحداث، هذه الرواية كلاسيكية ولمن يفضلون هذا النوع من الأدب

  • ZaRi
    2019-04-06 23:53

    The piano is one of my favorite movies. I have watched it several times and every times I have watched, I enjoyed more than before and learned a new thing. It's brilliant. It is emotional and impressive. It is about mute woman named Ada who lives with her daughter. She was forced to marry a man who never met him and traveled to New Zealand. She expresses herself with her piano. When she arrived to New Zealand her husband comes to her and don’t let her to bring her piano to home. After that Baine who is a native person wants to learn piano by Ada. Gradually they fall in love and …This movie shows us Ada fight for her love. Of course this movie has a feminism context. You should watch it! Merged review:The piano is one of my favorite movies. I have watched it several times and every times I have watched, I enjoyed more than before and learned a new thing. Of course this book is not good as its movie but I give it five stars because of movie. It's brilliant. It is emotional and impressive. It is about mute woman named Ada who lives with her daughter. She was forced to marry a man who never met him and traveled to New Zealand. She expresses herself with her piano. When she arrived to New Zealand her husband comes to her and don’t let her to bring her piano to home. After that Baine who is a native person wants to learn piano by Ada. Gradually they fall in love and …This movie shows us Ada fight for her love. Of course this movie has a feminism context. You should watch it!

  • mai ahmd
    2019-04-18 01:01

    هذه الرواية اللطيفة هي قصة تحمل في طياتها موسيقى عذبة نعم هي أغنية كما كتب على غلافها الخارجي .. بدأت بها ليلا وأنهيتها في نفس الليلة .. تدور حول فتاة خرساء أنجبت إبنة وهي لم تتجاوز سن المراهقة .. خوف الأب من الألسنة دفعه لإرسال إبنته إلى زواج بالمراسلة إلى رجل مغترب يعيش في غابة يحاول شق طريقه بشراء الأراضي كأي مستوطن من سكانها الأصليين تلعب الموسيقى دور البطولة في هذا النص الجميل كخلفية لقصة الحب التي دارت بين إدا وجورج خارج إطار الزواج .. جورج الرجل الذي استطاع أن يتواصل مع فتاة بكماء تعشق العزف في حين أن زوجها لم يستطع أن يشبع أنوثتها لا جسديا ولا روحيا ومتشوقة لرؤية الفيلم

  • Candace
    2019-04-21 22:56

    Considering the fact that I had never even heard of this book until I was looking for stories that had taken place in New Zealand, I was pretty impressed with it.The Piano tells the story of Ada McGrath and her piano. Ada is mute. Mute by choice - after the 'incident' when she was a young girl (her father berated her for speaking insolently towards him one evening), Ada hasn't spoken a word. She communicates through sign language and through her music. The piano is her world, it means everything to her. When she and her young daughter Flora are sent to New Zealand by Ada's father (an arranged marriage/mail order bride), the piano comes too. Ada's new husband, Alisdair Stewart, thinks it frivolous and won't take it off the beach. There it sits until Ada convinces their new neighbor, George Baines, of its importance and he takes her to at least play it. Its there that George begins to fall in love with Ada. All kinds of things occur based on this simple act. George trades with Alisdair for the piano telling him that he wants to take piano lessons from Ada. Bargains are made and broken.The story takes a few interesting turns that you don't see coming AT ALL, so I was surprised by some of the violence in the book, but I do think that they added to the story and weren't unnecessary. I was pleasantly surprised by this story and really enjoyed it, aside from the slow start.

  • Carol
    2019-04-15 01:07

    I have had this book sitting on my shelf for a lot of years, waiting to be read, being overlooked. When I opened it, I was in for a surprise - there was a post-it note inside the front cover :Dec'95 - My Dearest Lynne, I know this film moved you, the way it moved me. Remember I love you and that's forever girl !!! All my love, Christopher xxx Makes you wonder about books and their travels, and what happens in the lives of their owners. Hmm, anyway ...A good book, I was surprised, I hadn't fancied it, hence being left so long. Not what I expected, not having seen the film.

  • Deanie
    2019-04-12 22:53

    Having watched and loved the film, I was excited to read this novel for my Non-Western literature class. I was pleased to find it both encompassed and expanded on the movie. The novel (since it is written by the film's screenwriter) closely follows the movie, though it gives more backstory for the main character. I felt torn about this. I liked the mystery of the main character in the movie, but it was also interesting to get more details on her life. Of course, what I loved so much about the movie revolved around the music, cinematography, etc., something that obviously doesn't come across in the novel. So, while it was a good read, the movie is far better.

  • Megan
    2019-04-18 20:56

    I enjoyed the movie when I saw it in university, but reading the book was almost better. It gave answers to all the questions I had wondered about when watching the film. What was Baines' life prior to New Zealand? Who was Flora's father? Etc. During certain chapters In the book, I found myself going back to the movie to help me envision the scene (e.g. the scene on the beach when Ada is playing)

  • Sean Kennedy
    2019-04-16 19:47

    As novelisations go, this one isn't too bad as it tries to delve deeper into the backstories of the characters and reveal more about their lives before they all became entangled. However, the problem is The Piano is such a visually brilliant film with haunting imagery that really can't be recreated on the page. Nor can the music, so important to the character of Ada, be rendered in print. But it is nevertheless an interesting companion piece to the film.

  • Katie J Schwartz
    2019-03-29 00:17

    I was not impressed by this book. The there wasn't enough depth to the characters for them to be interesting, and the plot was rather boring. I also felt that the conclusion was a cop-out: Stewart chops off Ada's finger and then...lets her go. What? Where's the struggle? And I was creeped out by Baines pretty much molesting Ada while she was playing the piano.

  • Ingewemme
    2019-04-20 22:07

    This is a very intense book about the silence of a female world and sexual awakening in the midst of New Zealand. I liked it very much and felt thrown into the rainy, wet, rural New Zealand world. The book is very moving and also the film adaption with Helen Hunt does the book justice. Both worth getting to know.

  • amal
    2019-04-17 21:58

    من الروايات التي تقرأها بأُذنيك ، قصتها جديدة ومرهفة تسير علىوتيرة واحدة فلا فرق بين نقطة البدء وجذوة العملعلاقة الراوية بشخوصها سطحية وباردة جدا في جميع الأدوار عدا دور البطلة فكأنها تحكي قصتها، لذا أخفقت في عرض الشخصيات الٱخرى

  • Julie
    2019-04-02 18:53

    The emotions run so deep with these characters. They are intense and unusual and the setting is primitive and lush. The Victorian era was one of suppression (mostly for women) and this one particular woman comes to life and regains her life in the most unexpected way. Good story.

  • Roberta
    2019-04-14 00:04

    I <3 Hira.

  • Lauren
    2019-04-22 01:12

    Debo decir que por lo general suelo leer un libro y después, si me entero de su adaptación, la película. E incluso si voy a ver una película y descubro que tiene libro, entonces no la veo hasta que no haya leído el libro como me ha pasado con La última canción ó Querido John, y que espero remendar pronto. En este caso, la película de El Piano la vi hace muchos años, en la televisión, y simplemente debo decir que me encantó por muchas cosas:-La férrea voluntad de su protagonista-Su enorme pasión por el piano que le lleva hasta el punto de hacer lo que hace-La fantástica BSO que tiene-Los actores, a quien uno de ellos sigo actualmente. Anna Paquin, la pequeña hija de Ada en la película, la conocemos por ser Pícara en X-Men ó Sookie Stackhouse en True Blood-Una historia diferente y que enganchaAda siempre ha sido algo especial desde que cumplió los seis años. Una discusión con su padre hizo que se obligara como castigo permanente el no decir una sola palabra desde entonces. Su padre la cuidó como mejor pudo, pues su madre había muerto en el parto. Comprobando que la pasión de Ada por el piano era la misma o mayor que la de su madre, no dudo en contratar a un profesor para que le diera clases de piano y francés. Aquí se nos muestra a una joven Ada de dieciséis años, tímida e incapaz de mantener amistad con nadie. Encerrada en sí misma. Aunque todo cambie con la llegada del profesor.Tiempo después, Ada queda embarazada y su padre decide concertarle un matrimonio y concediéndole una pequeña dote. Así es como Ada viajará junto a su piano y su hija hasta Nueva Zelanda. Gracias al libro, conocemos mejor a los personajes y su pasado. Nos narran la odisea de alrededor de cinco meses de viaje en barco para arribar en Nueva Zelanda y cómo Ada sufrió todo ese tiempo por no poder tocar su piano. La vida que llevó Alistair, su marido, cuando tuvo que abandonar su casa, porque no había trabajo suficiente para dos hermanos y la de George Baine, como ballenero y afincándose durante un tiempo en tierra, para volver después al mar que le llevaría hasta NZ. El libro es super fiel a la película. Tal vez sea porque una de las dos autoras fue quien lo llevó finalmente a la gran pantalla. Se agradece que no haya variaciones que tal vez me hubieran hecho odiar alguna de las dos (libro ó película) ó ambas. Madre e hija son exactas físicamente pero tan diferentes en personalidad. Ada se deja llevar por su pasión constantemente, ya sea la del piano ú otras facetas propias que tal vez desconocía, mientras que su hija Flora solo quiere que la hagan caso. Se siente desplazada. A su pasión por inventar locas y disparatadas historias se le suma la confianza que cree haber logrado de su padrastro Alistair. Todo ello desembocará en un final aparentemente trágico del que todos los que han tomado parte se arrepentirán de sus faltas. "Tengo miedo de mi voluntad, de lo que pueda hacer, es tan extraña y poderosa", esta frase creo que resume bastante bien el carácter de Ada.

  • Rene Ijzermans
    2019-03-30 23:08

    Nee, de film niet gezien. Bewust. Eerst het boek, waar ik vanwege het romantische karakter erg aan moest wennen. Bedacht me ook dat ik sinds lange tijd weer eens een vrouwelijke auteur las. Hoe komt dat? Maar enfin, het boek. Een bijzonder verhaal, al kostte het me moeite het boek telkens weer op te pakken. Hoewel het boek de nodige contrastvolle beelden in me opriep en het verhaal op zich zeer aantrekkelijk was, had ik er toch moeite mee. Om te beginnen: door traumatische ervaringen kan iemand het vermogen tot praten verliezen. Ik denk bijvoorbeeld aan "De geverfde vogel" van Jerzy Kosinsky waarin een jongetje door de diepe ellende die hij meemaakt stopt met praten. Ik vond het wonderlijk dit toentertijd te lezen, maar kon dit wel enigszins begrijpen. In tegenstelling tot Ada uit dit boek. Ook zij verliest haar spraakvermogen, en er is een reden voor, maar ik zie de intensiteit er niet van in. Ik verbaasde me ook over haar dochter die uiteindelijk weinig loyaal is. Kinderen gaan heel ver in hun loyaliteit naar hun ouders. Maar niet in dit boek, of in ieder geval bood het me te weinig inzicht waarom Flora haar moeder al na na drie maanden verraadde en kiest voor een stiefvader waar weinig contact mee is. Dit stoorde me, kwam ongeloofwaardig over. Ik moest aan de stijl van schrijven wennen, maar het beviel uiteindelijk wel.

  • Betül Aydoğan
    2019-04-19 01:16

    Feminist bakış açısıyla bu kadından hep etkilenmişimdir. Kitaplarının film uyarlamaları da gayet başarılıdır. En sevdiğim romanı

  • Marthe Bijman
    2019-04-25 02:14

    The Piano - A Novel is remarkably seductive and a fine piece of erotic romance writing. It pulls the reader headlong into the setting of mid-19th century New Zealand, and the inner life of main character Ada McGrath, who arrives in New Zealand harbouring a passion for playing her piano, but does not speak. Ada is a dedicated pianist, and will do almost anything to get back her piano from one of the locals, George Baines. For both Ada McGrath and George Baines the piano becomes a symbol of what they desire, but cannot have:“Ada began to play. She heard George Baines walk up behind her, the floorboards creaking under his weight, and she felt his breath on her neck. He bent low and touched her, running his square, callused fingers along the tender length of her underarm. She stopped playing, raising her hands to the bare skin of her throat. ‘Two keys’, he said, speaking into her ear, escalating the terms of their bargain. Ada played the first few notes of a hesitant melody. George Baines rested his hand under Ada’s wrist - so narrow, the bones so fine. She played and again his hand lingered along the skin of her arm and up into the warm hollow beneath her shoulder. Then he stepped back and Ada, listening closely, heard him discard his undershirt, dropping it on the floor.” (pp. 118, 119)The core elements are just a man who cannot read and write, and woman who cannot speak, and a rosewood piano that provides the music that becomes their means of communication - and the setting for their seduction. This is about erotica, and not only that: it is meaningful, dramatic, sweeping, intense and unforgettable. The interweaving of their love affair and the setting of rainy, wild New Zealand bush is completely convincing and apt. I highly recommend both the novel and the film.

  • Carole Tyrrell
    2019-04-07 00:53

    I loved the film and the However, the background to Flora's conception and Ada's devotion to the piano are expanded on here a little as is Baines' past. soundtrack and the novelisation brought it all back. However, it doesn't appear to add anything to the film as it is a straightforward narrative of the script. A tale of obsession and a love story, it was an art house movie. Ada arrives in 19th century New Zealand from Scotalnd, with her nine year old, illegitimate daughter Flora. She is an elective mute in that she has chosen to be so. She is to be married to a local farmer, Stewart, which her father has arranged. They are landed on the coast and the natives from her husband's plantation come out to collect her. It's then that they find that she has brought a grand piano with her. Stewart refuses to transport the piano back to his cabin and, instead he gives it to his neighbour, Baines, in exchange for some land. He has no idea what he has set in motion as Ada is determined to get her hands on the piano and so strikes a bargain with Baines. She can earn it back if she allows Baines to do certain things while she plays...... Stewart has no idea how much the piano means to Ada. The stage is set for tragedy amidst obsession and control.Both Ada and Baines are outsiders and content to be so. Stewart is also one but uncomfortable with it. He cannot understand Ada's refusal to conform and takes out his frustration in a shocking scene which has repercussions. I'm glad I read it as it brought back the vivid imagery of the film and the soundtrack.

  • Rolanda
    2019-03-27 23:10

    I try to read books before watching the movie. I happen to watch the movie before reading the book in this case. While the movie still remains one of my favorite, like always the book was better. There is more detail in the book about Ada's previous life. Her life before she was sold as a mail order bride to a man in New Zealand. The story of Ada and her Daughter Flora going to a new land, a new life filled with new troubles. Ada does not speak, not because she can't but because she chooses not too early in her life after her father tells her not too. She vows to never say a word again. Flora, her daughter, is her voice. Upon arrival to New Zealand shore after months at see, Ada meets her husband but longs for her piano left on the shore. According to her new husband it is to much trouble to carry up the rough terrain to her new home. Ada is lost without out her music, feeling empty inside and chooses to only exist. When a turn of events brought on by a Mr. George Baines who offers land in exchange for the piano, Ada begins to hope that she may play again but not without paying the price. Jane Campion not only the author but also the director of the film, captures the will of a woman to follow her heart no matter the cost. She paints a picture of love, devotion and heart ache all wrapped up in her character Ada. Beautifully told and captivating, a book that I will read again in the future.

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-14 01:00

    Well, this was certainly different. I picked this book up because I was missing New Zealand, and this story is set there. It has lived in my library for many years, waiting for me to read it. I've never seen the movie this novel is based on, so I had no expectations. I see that some reviewers felt that the story was told from too far of a narrative distance, but I rather liked it. I often feel bogged down with characters' tiresome thoughts, especially in romantic stories, and I thought this book included just the right amount of information. I read it in three days, which is unusually quick for me. I didn't feel heavily invested in the characters, but I think I would have liked them less if I'd been too much in their heads.They're definitely gray-area characters; Ada, Stewart, George, and even the girl Flora. They all behave in both bad and good ways. I wasn't sure whether to like them or hate them or feel sorry for them, which is fascinating. I wasn't sure at first if I liked the ending, but the more I think on it, the more I approve. My one complaint is how unflatteringly the Maori are portrayed in this story. I haven't looked too deeply into it, but I guess Jane Campion had help from a native in writing the Maori language dialogue for the film, and she wanted to make sure it sounded culturally authentic. Still, I think the way the people are portrayed in this story seems extremely insensitive.

  • Marina Kahn
    2019-04-05 19:15

    Picked this up at a book sale for the New Orleans Symphony Volunteers, it looked interesting and I had seen the movie back in 1993 when it was first released and was really taken in by the movie. I thought it was one of the most romantic & erotic movies without nudity. I did not know that Jane Campion who directed the movie had also written the story. The book is not as intense as the movie but it does tell us more about Ada McGrath and what is going on inside her.Set in a muddy, dreary, frontier backwater town in New Zealand where this Scottish woman is sold by her father to marry and a New Zealand settler in the 1850's. This 19th century woman is amazingly liberated for her times with an out of wedlock child with whom she has an extremely close relationship. She expresses herself through her piano, sign language and sometimes writes her thoughts. Her new husband is clueless and sells her piano to another man, Baines, in order to obtain more land. He does not realize how important the piano is to her and so their spiritual separation begins. Ada proceeds to fight to regain her piano from Baines but instead they become deeply and emotionally attached. This is a very dark and passionate story that you will surely enjoy.

  • Elda Adele
    2019-04-09 18:47

    Cimelio per chi ha amato il film

  • BeeQuiet
    2019-03-31 18:15

    You can tell this book was not written by a novelist, even though she did have help from one. Interesting idea, think it could have been executed far better though. I think I should probably make an effort to watch the flm sometime, I'll probably appreciate it more than the book (how rare). However I really do feel it is more likely because film is the format that this story was made for. The author had this imagining come to life in the form of a film in her mind and some thinhgs just don't transfer so well. I'm sure some of the meaning just hasn't carried as well. The surreal in some ways works better through film than by page and surreal was what I felt this book was. It seemed to be resting somewhere between a story which could have been about real people in a real situation, and something which seemed more based in fantasy, with interesting "characters". Shame, as I was expecting more from this book.

  • Larashi
    2019-04-14 00:55

    nemu buku ini di perpus kantor yg sudah usangwuah..period gitu settingnya jadi langsung diambil dehceritanya tentang Ada yang bisu beserta putrinya Flora yang pindah ke New Zealand untuk bertemu dengan calon suami Ada yg dijanjikan.Ada ini dari umur 6 tahun mogok bicara. ada insiden penyebabnya. di NZ, dia tinggal dengan suami barunya Alisdar yang dingin dan kaku. Ada pula tokoh George Baines yang terkesan kasar namun diam2 menyimpan bara asmara pada Ada. PCerita intinya dirajut oleh kecintaan Ada terhadap piano miliknya yg dibawa dari Scotland. wah, ni piano bikin gara2 deh. dari teronggok di pantai, dibarter Alisdar sama tanah Baines sampai nginep di rumah Baines. ihiy. Trus kenapa Ada mau jadi guru piano di rumah Baines? nah lho...baca aja selanjutnya. heheheini buku yg kubaca terbitan gramedia tahun 1995 lho. jadul. makin demen sama buku2 lama nih^^

  • Diara Galadriel Arcoisis Martimoz
    2019-04-03 02:04

    A veces lo que más nos apasiona o lo que se vuelve maravillo en nuestras vidas, es aquello que te trae más penas y desgracias. Eso es lo que me llevo de este libro. ¿Y para qué sufrir tanto si desde el principio a pesar de que traía alegrías eran más los llantos que producía la afición? La respuesta es simple, eso que te causa placer y confort, para eso a lo que eres bueno, se torna oscuro y doloroso únicamente para hacerte más fuerte, para estés listo sobre los nuevos retos que han de llegar.

  • Olivia Louise
    2019-03-29 00:02

    Such an emotional tide.

  • Susanne.Staplesyahoo.Com
    2019-04-06 00:12