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The fourth in Caroline Lawrence's internationally bestselling Roman Mysteries series, re-issued with a fantastic new cover look. Jonathan goes on a secret quest to Rome, and Flavia, Nubia and Lupus set out to find him. Their dangerous mission takes them to the Golden House of Nero where a deadly assassin is rumoured to be at work - and they learn what happened to Jonathan'The fourth in Caroline Lawrence's internationally bestselling Roman Mysteries series, re-issued with a fantastic new cover look. Jonathan goes on a secret quest to Rome, and Flavia, Nubia and Lupus set out to find him. Their dangerous mission takes them to the Golden House of Nero where a deadly assassin is rumoured to be at work - and they learn what happened to Jonathan's family during the terrible destruction of Jerusalem nine years earlier.A talented storyteller, Caroline Lawrence has created a delightfully readable and accessible series that children will want to read time and time again....

Title : The Assassins of Rome
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The Assassins of Rome Reviews

  • Ashley Publius
    2019-04-07 22:57

    This book tells the story of a troubled Jewish boy named Jonathon, who is on the search for his mother with the help of his Uncle Simeon, a secret assassin. Due to Simeon’s arrival, Jonathon’s father is arrested for hiding an assassin, while Simeon and Jonathon escape to Rome. Flavia, who is a bright girl, goes after him with her freed slave, Nubia and meets up with Lupus and Aristo to eventually find Jonathon and return to Ostia. All in all, I liked this book because it mixed in the history of Rome, like how the city looked and what kind of events went on in the arena, with an exciting plot that kept me reading.

  • Priscilla Publius
    2019-04-27 00:10

    The Roman Mysteries: The Assassins of Rome was a thrilling novel that followed the lives of Jonathan, an obedient, but sensitive 11-year-old, and his friends Flavia, Nubia, and Lupus. After celebrating Jonathan’s birthday, the friends quickly realize that they are about to endure a great adventure when news comes that an assassin is set out to kill Jonathan’s father. As it turns out, the “assassin” is really Jonathan’s Uncle Simeon, and as events unfold, Jonathan tags along on an adventure with Simeon. Flavia, Nubia, and Lupus end up following Jonathan to protect him, and discover, to their disadvantage, that they will not be able to find him so easily, in the great city of Rome. This story kept me hooked the entire time, with suspenseful cliffhangers at the close of chapters, and plot twists that kept me guessing until the final page. Once you pick up this book, it will be difficult to put down! Although it does require some prior knowledge from the previous novels, Caroline Lawrence, the author, did an excellent job of summarizing any important details necessary to the reader’s comprehension of the book. The characters all brought their own perspective to the story, for example, Flavia's confidence and daring leadership helped lead the group to finding Jonathan. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this fun, easy-to-read historical fiction story, not only due to the action and suspense, but because I became attached to the characters that were only slightly younger than I am!

  • Catalina Publius
    2019-04-16 21:00

    Katelynn Branciforte 3/26/12 PubliusIn The Assassins of Rome, by Caroline Lawrence, Jonathan and his Uncle Simeon escape to Rome to find Jonathan’s mother/ Simeon’s sister. Jonathan is a determined, secretive, and adventurous character. Flavia and Nubia go into Rome in a truck full of oranges to help find Jonathan. Flavia is a fun, serious, and determined girl. Meanwhile, Aristo and Lupus are on their way to Rome and bring the things that Mordaccari needs in jail. What Jonathan doesn’t know is that he is traveling Rome with an assassin, who was assigned to murder his mother along with two other men. In the end Jonathan’s mother chooses to stay with her love, Titus, while, Flavia, Nubia, Aristo, Lupus, and Jonathan return back to Ostia. This book was exiting and was a page turner. I loved reading it and would love to read the other books in the series.

  • Samar
    2019-04-07 20:48

    This book is about 4 friends named Flavia, Nubia, Lupus and Jonathan who all are detectives that are always looking for a mystery. In Ostia Jonathan having his birthday but then a visitor from the past came up to see Jonathan. The next day the visitor disappear and Jonathan too. The best part about the book was when Jonathan found out that his uncle the visitor from the past was the assassin hired to kill Jonathan smother who he hasn’t seen in many years and thought was dead. Another interesting part was when Flavia took a tambourine from the magician and threw it at one of the assassins then hit the other one with the drum stick and then they both died. I recommend this book because it’s so mysterious and it’s really really annoying because it has so many cliff hangars that my head usually wants to burst out. But I’m not saying that a bad thing I’m saying it’s a good thing as well.

  • Emily
    2019-04-17 23:52

    This series remains the best thing ever.

  • Abi Robins
    2019-04-06 01:17

    As always with this series, I really enjoyed this book. A fun little mystery which should keep you hooked for the duration of the short story, following the four children through Ostia (and Rome in this case) is surprisingly entertaining and you will enjoy learning more about them and seeing their characters develop. This is a middle-grade book so the plot and structure is not very complex, however, it's still enjoyable and fun and I'm looking forward to re-reading the rest of the series once I get my hands on them.

  • Panda Pal
    2019-03-28 22:00

    This was by far my favorite book of the series.

  • Staara
    2019-03-27 21:53

    Well I found this book as I found other books that I've read in this series...The characters are really not that well developed, the storyline is not thought of well it is rather flat.The clues come too easily to the children, and all the adults that they have to deal with hand them answers a bit too easily.Yes I know it was written for children, but I've read other books written for children that were much better written.Lawrence is not very good at describing scenes, there is no flow, and there is not much by way of circumstances leading up to an event. If a person wants to go to Rome-they just go. Everything comes too easily to the children when they are investigating.I will wonder out aloud here if whether or not Lawrence has based one of the characters (the one that every single man, woman, boy, girl, dog, cat, blade of grass, mountain, bird, apple falls in love with as soon as they see her) on what she wished had happened to her when she was younger-or maybe it did happen, but this girl that everybody and everything is in love with has nothing to recommend her-she's flat, weak, pathetic, boring and just dull...As for what happens to Jonathan and his mother when he finally sees her...(view spoiler)[She is another boring and dull character, just like her daughter, and she gives her son a pathetic reason for not wanting to go back to her husband and children-what an utterly selfish bitch! (hide spoiler)]I think it might be in this book where we learn about Flavia being in love with somebody she cannot have-well who gives a shit about her and who she loves.It's as if Lawrence thought 'oh let me put this in' 'and I'll put a bit of this in, then add some of that, and a bit of this-and we'll have a story'Maybe she did just that...

  • sabisteb
    2019-04-08 21:17

    In diesem Band erfahren wir, dass Spoiler Spoiler- Lupus heißt eigentlich Lukos und war 6 als er seine Zunge verlor. Lupus Mutter heißt Melissa und lebt wohl noch auf griechischen Insel Symi, seine Großmutter hieß Elena und starb bei der Geburt seines Vaters. Lupus ist Grieche. Venalitius heißt eigentlich Philippos und war Schwammtaucher, bis er mit 13 einen Unfall hatte und von seinem Vater als Sklave verkauft wurde. Lupus Vater war Venalitius kleiner Bruder. 20 Jahre später kehrt Venaltius zurück um Rache zu nehmen und tötet Lupus Vater und schneidet Lupus die Zunge heraus.- Die zehnjährige Flavia ist in jemanden verliebt, nur in wen?- Onkel Gaius und Flavias Vater sind 31 Jahre alt.- Miriam ist 14 Jahre alt.- Aristo ist 21 Jahre alt.- Plinius 17 Jahre alt.- Nubias ältester Bruder Taharquo lebt und wird als Gladiator nach Capua verkauft.Meine Meinung :s4:Dieser Band ist weniger ein Kinderkrimi, wie die ersten, sondern diesmal steht Lupus Vergangenheit im Vordergrund. Man erfährt einige Griechische Mythen, in den Delphine eine Rolle spielen und auch über das antike Schwammtauchen und seine Gefahren wird vieles erklärt.Genausogut wie alle anderen Bände davor, wenn nicht besser. Handlungen haben Konsequenzen und die Folgen werden im nächsten Band auch "ausgebadet" und nicht einfach vergessen.Ärgerlich war, dass in der US Ausgabe eine Zeile von einer Seite zu nächsten verdoppelt war und dafür eine Zeile komplett fehlte, lesen die nicht Korrektur in USA?Aus unerfindlichen Gründen gibt es den Titel auf Deutsch in zwei Versionen, einmal als "Der versunkene Schatz" und einmal "Der Schatz von Laurentum".

  • Jon
    2019-04-16 21:16

    Continuing the month by month mysteries in the life of 10 year old Flavia Gemina and her three friends. Imagine the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, together, younger, and in ancient Rome. The author studied archeology and ancient art at Cambridge, and was a student of Mary Beard. I'm astonished at how much lore she crams into each of these stories, while running the children through their highly improbable but exciting investigations. In this one I learned (among other things) that oranges were a new delicacy in Rome in 79 CE, and that the sicarii (famous assassins) used a short curved blade no longer than the palm of a hand, to slice the back of their victim's neck so quickly that they could fade into a crowd before anyone knew what had happened. The books are also surprisingly gritty--in this one, one of Flavia's friends is head-shaved and branded on the arm to mark him as a slave. But everything turns out well for everyone, with the heroes unaware that their next adventure is only a month away.

  • Leah
    2019-04-18 22:47

    The books in the series are definately getting better as the story's focus isn't just developing around Flavia. Instead we get a bit of a background to Johnathon's charcter, finding out about his mother and why she isn't with them.I loved travelling to Rome through Johnathon's point of view, as he searches for his mother, believing he is the reason she stayed. The mix up of names solved the mystery and he finally returns to his friends. I enjoyedthe surprise Johnathan had when finding out that his uncle used to be an assassin. The chase through Rome to find Johnathan and to find Susannah, was exciting and I couldn't put the book down.There were a few parts I didn't like in this one, Johnathan getting branded as a slave, because surely people will think he has run away? And I didn't like that his mother was actually having an affair. I felt she should have stayed for a noble reason, not for a lover.On to number 5...

  • Diana Sandberg
    2019-04-09 00:52

    This series continues to entertain. Not terribly deep, but well written; I quite enjoy them and I like the ongoing development of character. These children do seem rather young to be doing what they do, but I think it’s actually reasonable, given the virtual absence of what we think of as adolescence. People were children until puberty, and then they were adults. Girls were commonly married very young and expected to produce children as soon as they hit puberty, so 10yo Flavia’s musings about a man she desires are not out of line, and the masculine attention and competition for 14yo Miriam is totally conventional.

  • Ujwals
    2019-04-07 19:02

    I liked this book (and the series) because it is set in ancient Roman Empire. Everything in this book is ancient, from the banquets, slaves and transportation. Some of the characters in this book are also real, such as the emperors. All the characters are based of real people who would have lived at that time( like slaves). The only bad part about this book, was that it jumped around from character to character, because the main characters were split into different groups. This tactic, kept you wanting to read, but sometimes annoyed and confused me, because the transition would be short and subtle. If you haven't read this series, you must!

  • J
    2019-03-31 19:47

    BEWARE: One man's bookflap summary may be another man's spoiler.This piece of historical fiction was so-so by my reckoning.I enjoyed the chance to see how Greek, Roman and Jewish children might have interacted in ancient Rome. The author also took care to introduce readers to "realia" of the period -- roughly A.D. 79 -- including children's games, writing implements, foods, music, sports, transportation.But the plot itself was far-fetched: Mere children infiltrate a secure palace and interact on a level footing with Emperor Titus, to rescue the children's endangered friend and relative.

  • Matilda Rose
    2019-03-31 18:08

    Three deadly assassins are on the loose - two are anonymous, one is related to Doctor ben Mordecai. His son Jonathan and his friends embark on a quest to clear the assassins name. Meanwhile, Doctor Mordecai is arrested for associating with a criminal. While he is in prison, his cell mate happens to be Decimus the slave-trader.Lupus is Decimus's worst enemy and nephew. He plans to get revenge on him in the future. However, Decimus wishes to turn over a new leaf and asks for Lupus's forgiveness....But Decimus's past is more complicated than it seems. Although Decimus cut out Lupus's tongue, he had a hard life and did it out of grief.

  • Zheng Han S3 Cheng
    2019-03-30 23:04

    September, AD 79In Ostia, near Rome, Flavia Gemina the sea captain's daughter, Nabia the African girl, the Lupus the mute boy are celebrating their friend Jonathan's birthday.Then a visitor from the past turns up to see Jonathan's father. Next day the visitor has disappeared, and so has Jonathan. his friends realisethat he has gone on a secret quest to Rome, and thay are determined to find him. Their dangerous mission takes them to the Golden House of the Emperor Nero, where a deadly assassin is at work. Wil they find Jonathan?

  • Emilie Spence
    2019-04-24 01:10

    As ever, Caroline Lawerence delivers an amazing mysytery novel. This book is just as gripping and engaging as all the others in the series. Instead of being set in the four friends' hometown, Ostia, 16 miles south-west of Rome, they have travelled to Rome to see Jewish Jonathon's Mother whilst trying to find out who the assisin is. An amazing book with an epic and soon put of control event at the end, a brilliant conclusion. Put it on the top of your 'must read' list, with a star marked as URGENT.

  • Christy
    2019-04-18 19:58

    In Ostia, near Rome, Flavia Gemina, the sea captain's daughter, Nubia, the African girl, and Lupus, the mute boy, are celebrating their friend Jonathan's birthday. Then a visitor from the past arrives to see Jonathan's father. The next day, the visitor has disappeared—and so has Johnathan.A girlfriend was added for Jonathan as an after thought and not part of the plot. Arc wasn't well developed.

  • Cheryl
    2019-04-01 21:04

    The 4th installment of The Roman Mysteries. Jonathan gets word that his mother is alive and perhaps living in Nero's Golden Palace in Rome. He disappears with a mysterious visitor to find his mother. Jonathan's friends follow him to Rome to lend him aid. The mystery is solved but doesn't have the happy ending Jonathan was dreaming of. The historical aspect and subject matter make this series for tweens and teens interested in the time period.

  • Vicki Cline
    2019-04-24 22:51

    The young friends are back in Ostia when Jonathan's uncle arrives with possible news that Jonathan's mother, who he thought had been killed in the seige of Jerusalem, might still be alive in Rome. They go to Rome together and Flavia, Nubia and Lupus follow, with their tutor Aristo as chaperone. They all meet Emperor Titus and get to see Nero's Golden House. This is a fast-moving story with plenty of danger.

  • DeeNeez
    2019-04-07 00:08

    YA book about a scholarly 10 year old girl of ancient Rome who has a penchant for solving mysteries. Flavia and friends have finally made it back home after surviving the devastation of the Mount Vesuvius erruption. But now a known assassin has come into their midst...and has taken Johnathan with him to Rome. The others follow in pursuit.The writer has taken us to Rome itself...and now we learn of Johnathan's family secrets past...the story of their flight from Jerusalem.

  • Zinc Master
    2019-04-25 21:59

    I'm still reading the book. It has a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter which I really liked and it was enjoyable to read. I like mystery books. She put every characters point of view like at one point she put Flavia's point at view then at the other, she put Jonathan's point of view. It was very interesting. It was a good idea to put a glossary at the end of the book so that we understand words and we can learn a bit of Latin too. I hope you read the book too!:)

  • Ashani Waidyatillake
    2019-04-12 00:57

    This book is good as Simeon and Mordecai are brothers and eventually Simeon is known to be a assassin that is going to kill the Emperor Titus. I really like this book and my fav characters in the story is Jonathan, Flavia and Lupus and Nubia which kinda means all of the characters in the book!! I reccomend this book to readers of any age, even adults!!!!

  • Phair
    2019-04-24 00:04

    I'm still amazed how gritty these tales are. No whitewashing the violence & corruption of Roman life for the kiddies. Great adventure, lots of personal development for our characters and I learned as much if not more about the building of the Colosseum than I ever did in classes on Ancient History. Love this series.

  • Glenn Latimer
    2019-04-22 22:04

    I enjoyed listening to the audiobook, "The Assassins of Rome," by Caroline Lawrence. This 4th book in the The Roman Mysteries series was interesting. Flavia and Nubia follow Jonathan to Rome and into the Golden House built by the emperor Nero, where a dangerous assassin lurks.

  • Daniel
    2019-04-15 19:59

    Bedtime reading with Oscar: As always he enjoyed this latest instalment of The Roman Mysteries far more than me, but then it is his bedtime story I guess! As such Star Rating given by him, as is only right and proper!!

  • Selina
    2019-04-06 19:57

    As with all the other books in this series excellent story for children with great historical insight however some parts could be a bit frightening for a faint-hearted child so may be not one for just before bed.

  • Tara
    2019-04-13 18:48

    I listened to this book on tape during a road trip. It was a quick, fun read, but it didn't make a deep impact even though it seemed like it should've, since it was dealing with slavery and reuniting family. An interesting historical fiction, though, set in Rome after the destruction of Jerusalem.

  • Victoria Robinson
    2019-04-06 23:00

    This book was fantastic. It had me and the girls hooked. We learned plenty of interesting trivia facts about the Romans while enjoying a great story. We will def have to try and find the rest of the series!

  • Brett
    2019-04-03 00:55

    This continues to be a very strong series, with this book focusing on the character of Jonathan.