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Meet Skulduggery Pleasant Ace Detective Snappy Dresser Razortongued Wit Crackerjack Sorcerer and Walking, Talking, Fire-throwing Skeleton as well as ally, protector, and mentor of Stephanie Edgley, a very unusual and darkly talented twelve-year-old. These two alone must defeat an all-consuming ancient evil. The end of the world? Over his dead body....

Title : Skulduggery Pleasant - Playing with Fire
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Skulduggery Pleasant - Playing with Fire Reviews

  • Edward's Ghost Engine (also known as.......... Jinky Spring)
    2019-04-14 20:06

    What a thrilling, funny yet dark plot! I loved every page, there never seems to be a dull moment in these books.. on to book 3!

  • Kimberley doruyter
    2019-04-08 13:58

    this one shows a bit of landy's very desturbing amagination.i love all the skulduggery pleasant books so much i can read them anytime

  • Kayla Dawn
    2019-03-26 13:01

    Vom Grundprinzip eigentlich die gleiche Geschichte wie im ersten Teil, aber es ist einfach super unterhaltsam & eine gute Mischung aus ernsthaft und humorvoll 👍🏻

  • Cait (Paper Fury)
    2019-04-24 15:05

    Woah. This series. I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT, OKAY? I may flail....but I will attempt logicalness. Because I am kind like that. I listened to this on audio and I can't recommend it enough! It's narrated by a dude with an Irish accent and...can I say: BEST ACCENT IN THE WORLD?!! It was wonderful to listen too and the voices for different characters were perfection. It also went really fast. I listened to it all in just a few days. These books are downright hilarious. If I can only ask for two things in books...I want awesome characters and fabulous humour. I HAVE BOTH. I love the banter between Skulduggery and Valkyrie. I also love their relationship. Skulduggery is like a supportive uncle, but he doesn't cushion her even though he does protect her. I LOVE THEM. They are family. I also love how Valkyrie doesn't just dismiss her parents and she feels guilty that she's not a good daughter to them (even though they don't know because she has her reflection pretending to be her).For me this was definitely better than book 1. The stakes were a little higher and the enemies a little more undefeated-able. We meet about 4 new villains. Actually...there are a lot of characters. I loved the variety, like Spring-Heeled Jack was awful and slimy and freaky moster. But the American (agh! I can't remember his name) was really smooth and funny and despicable. The main villain was completely cliche, but, ah, I'll forgive him. And the Grotesquory (sorry! I listened to it on audio, so I have noooo idea how to spell anything) was awful and unbeatable. My biggest MEH moment is how much action scenes there were. Don't get me wrong, action is awesome. But there was so many fighting scenes it got tiresome. Plus I also felt that the author didn't seem to make multiple people be fighting at once. It really felt like two people battled while everyone else watched. I was kind of miffed at that. Also there was the awfully cliche thing of "secondary-characters-can-be-killed-with-one-backhand-while-main-characters-get-up-every-time." -_- Frustrating. Humour? Wit? Epic magical plot? EVIL TO BE FOUGHT? A skeleton? I love this series so much. GIVE ME BOOK THREE IMMEDIATELY. *runs to the library*See this gif? ^^ That line was in the book. Skulduggery lost his arm at one point (he's just a skeleton, so no biggie, but HE USED THAT LINE. Valkyrie was having none of it. I absolutely love her.

  • Elena
    2019-04-10 17:59

    Окей приключих я още в училище, но все още не мога да приема, че няма да продължа поредицата, защото третата книга я няма в библиотеката...ще се гладува, предвиждам го..

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-04-18 12:13

    This is a crazy book series, but I like that about it. A lead character who is a sorcerer whose body is skeletal. A thirteen-year-old girl who stays out all night fighting evil creatures and sends her reflection to school as a stand in. Heinous, and I do mean heinous villains who don't mind exploding people, along with psychopathic assassins with Southern accents who can dig through the ground and who have a favorite straight razor. Yup. That's what this book is about. I think that this one is a lot more dark, violent and disturbing than the first book, so I'd definitely warn a parent to read it first before letting a kid younger than twelve read this. The narrator was great. I loved his accents and how he makes these very strange characters stand out. I like his intonation for Skulduggery, rather sarcastic and one of those people who really don't panic. If he does, then you're in trouble. I enjoy his relationship with Valkyrie/Stephanie. She talks to him kind of disrespectfully, but it doesn't bother him. He treats her as an equal. There were loose ends tied up from the first book that really needed tying. Even a cameo of sorts from Valkyrie's deceased uncle who left her his house and fortune. The sorcerer world grows bigger and more complicated in this book, and Valkyrie has cause to think about the life she's chosen as the descendant of Ancients who has decided to fight the good fight. She realizes how much time she's missing out with her family.This book is just plain weird. If you don't like weird, pass it by. If you have strong opinions on what young people should read and that list includes violent books with sorcery, monsters and psychopathic characters who have no qualms about harming a 13-year-old girl, then you won't care for this. But if you like fun, weirdly humorous, quirky, sometimes scary, and sometimes creepy crawly books with not a small degree of wish fulfillment for tweens (and messages about empowerment for young girls), then you might like this.

  • Amber Robertson
    2019-03-28 14:13

    Honestly, it's great. What else can I say? It was enjoyable, it was fast, it was hilarious. It's basically everything I want in a story with no unnecessary romance. I'll still write a full review for book one, but I doubt I will for every book in this series.

  • Pranta Ghosh Dastider
    2019-04-13 18:03

    An endless night made me finish the book. Or rather it kept me awake! If you say its a young-adult, you are perhaps lowing its caliber. It doesn't shy on hardcore action, brutality, violent killings. It has a rich storyline, continues action, fun and miracle. After Harry Potter and Dresden Files, I am enjoying a series so much. Three cheers for Derek Landy. You Rock!!

  • Carolin Wahl
    2019-04-12 15:50

    4.5 (:Ich mag es so, so gerne! Ich denke, mir wird es so gehen wie bei "Rachel Morgan", dass einem die Charaktere von Band zu Band mehr vertraut werden und man so viel Spaß an den einzelnen Geschichten hat. Schade, dass ich die Reihe nicht schon als Jugendliche direkt angefangen habe, ich finde, das merke ich ein wenig, trotzdem: absolut empfehlenswert! (:

  • Sam
    2019-04-23 18:52

    After listening on Audio to the first book in the ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ series I couldn’t wait to read the second. The first book was funny, magical and full of adventure, and this one also delivers all of those things. I love the soundtrack and special effect sounds on the audio book, it really sets the scene and makes the story more exciting! In the first book there were so many laugh out loud moments but I didn’t feel like there were as many in this one. I still really love the banter between main characters, Skulduggery & Valkyrie, at times I was amazed at what kind of comebacks a 13 year old could come up with (some were hilarious!) My favourite Skulduggery quote in this book would have to be “We aren’t retreating... we’re advancing in reverse”. These books are quick and easy to read and fill the time quite easily, So if you’re looking for a book full of fun then this series is what you’re looking for. Even though it wasn’t as funny as the first I still had a great time listening to it and I look forward to continuing the adventures with Skulduggery & Valkyrie. Keep up the good work of saving the world!!Review is also on my blog

  • Abby
    2019-04-18 12:12

    If books were food, Skulduggery Pleasant would be a chocolate-covered gummy bear.Allow me to elaborate. At first, the idea of a chocolate-covered gummy bear sounds weird and a little gross. But in reality, although it is weird, it is completely delicious. In the same way, the idea of Skulduggery Pleasant is weird and unappealing: the hero is a skeleton sorcerer. Gross. But once you taste it, you discover how delightfully fun it is. Don't get me wrong, it isn't very good for you. In fact, consume too much of it at once, and you'll probably get sick. After all, the prose is not art, the plot is not very well organized, and the story is not memorable. But that doesn't really matter, because sometimes it's great to chow down on junk food.Chocolate-covered gummy bears are not for everyone, of course, but I find them addictively delicious!My only real complaint is that it has a few too many murders and cuss words for a kid's book.

  • Temi Panayotova
    2019-03-29 20:16

    Борбата срещу злите сили продължава и в тази част. Стефани или вече по известна като Валкирия Каин и Скълдъгъри Плезънт трябва да се изправят срещу верните на Безликите, които искат отново да ги събудят и сложат край на света. Разбира се, нашите така смели и забавни герои намират и невъзможни начини да ги победят и да спрат идването на Безликите. И разбира се това не е краят - почвам 3-тата част...Втората част ми се стори леко по-слаба от първата, но въпреки всичко тази поредица се очертава като най-интересната, която съм чела от доста време!https://writingisfunbooks.wordpress.c...

  • Sarah
    2019-04-18 14:13

    Every time I read these books I get this warm and fuzzy feeling, suddenly my crops are flourishing, my skin is clear, my depression and anxiety are cured ah how I love Skulduggery Pleasant

  • Gemma
    2019-04-01 13:11

    It's like Doctor Who and Harry Potter had a love child

  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson
    2019-03-27 14:14

    I'm excited to be able to read this series! The first book was excellent and I have Brooks from One Piece pop into my head. I find it so humorous, because to me I can positively say that this wouldn't seem strange to me... For some reason it seems that the villains are funnier than the protagonists. You're definitely in for a good laugh while reading this installment. I recommend for angsty early teens.That's all for now.Cheers Pretties!

  • RJ McGill
    2019-03-28 18:05

    Wow - What Fun!Moving forward in her apprenticeship to Skulduggery, Valkrie Cain (aka Stephanie Edgley) has made great strides, but has a great deal left to learn. Skulduggery's old nemesis, Baron Vengeous and his band of legendary monsters, known as the Grotesguery are determined to release the Faceless Ones and destroy the world. Of course, the oh' so cool, ultra chic, quick witted wizard stands in their way. The story takes off when the Baron escapes from what was reportedly an inescapable prison and sets his devious plan into motion. To revive the ancient creatures known as the Faceless Ones he would first have to revive the Grotesquery, a hideous creature with the power to split the framework of space and time. However the entire plan rests with Baron's ability to obtain the most vital ingredient...Stepanie's (Valkyrie's) blood...Throughout this wonderfully frightening imaginary journey, our heroes must find a way to stop Baron Vengeous' army of monsters from coming fully back to life. Should Valkyrie and Skulduggery fail, the Faceless Ones will return, and the world as they know it will be no more. Will the evil band of hideous baddies defeat the dapper dead wizard and his young apprentice? An intense, exciting adventure that will have even the most reluctant reader on the edge of their seat. While some of the more frightening characters and scenes may be a bit too much for very young readers, their older counterparts will devour the pages. Skulduggery is an ingenious, likable character...strong and heroic but not without fear -- Derek Landy's ability to craft a character that kids can relate too, that is exciting, fun to read and encourages creativity is a noteworthy accomplishment. Allowing the hero to display a fear, albeit an understandable one, that of torture, allows kids to see that even the people they look up to have faults and fears and in today's society this is an important message that flows over into every aspect of life. A fabulous series that seems to get better with each new installment - As the characters grow, the stories expand in depth, excitement and emotional investment - even though the series was initially written for ages 10+, this is one "grown-up" that is hooked - I look forward to Skulduggery's next adventure.

  • Деница Райкова
    2019-04-01 14:55

    Приключи и втората ми среща с детектива-скелет.И категорично мога да кажа, че беше още по-интересна от първата. Едва ли казвам нещо ново, но понякога първата книга от една поредица, особено когато е толкова завладяваща още с първите си страници, поражда високи очаквания, които не се оправдават в следващата книга. Тук обаче, за щастие, не е така. "Да играеш с огъня" е още по-напрегната, още по-наситена и изпълнена с действие, и още по-страховита. Едно от нещата, които много ми хареса, е бързото развитие на героинята. Валкирия Каин от втората книга няма почти нищо общо със Стефани Еджли, макар физически двете да са една и съща личност. Стефани Еджли е момиче, което мечтае за приключения; Валкирия Каин е млада и решителна жена с мисия. Признавам, че тази толкова бърза трансформация донякъде ме смути, но и много, много ми хареса.Това, което категорично ми хареса в тази втора книга, е фактът, че Ланди почти не оставя читателите да си отдъхнат. Непрекъснато се случва нещо, появяват се нови злодеи, възникват нови все по-заплетени ситуации, и си казваш, че ето оттук вече няма измъкване. И бързаш да продължиш нататък.Вероятно донякъде повтарям онова, което написах за първата книга, но много ми харесва това, че Дерек Ланди успява да създаде история, която е едновременно мрачна и ненатоварваща. Харесвам и това, че няма неуязвими герои. Че всеки, дори наглед най-страховитият, има своето слабо място.Краят на втората книга е приятно подвеждащ - но само до последното изречение. Точно си мислиш, че ето, светът вече е спасен, и всичко е наред - и идва намекът за новото. задаващо се зло, което трябва да бъде победено. И нямаш търпение да посегнеш към следващата книга - този път за да се запознаеш отблизо с Безликите.Точно това ще направя и аз - времето е подходящо за такива нови запознанства.И се надявам доброто ми впечатление от поредицата да се запази.

  • Totoro
    2019-03-27 19:05

    the second book in skulduggery pleasant series :well the story continues with some new characters, new enemies and friends, the goal of the bad guys hasn't changed, it's still raising the faceless ones :/ though that might be a little bit boring to the more mature readers, the book makes up for it by more humorous moments and comments,which reminded me a little of Terry Pratchet's works, more cliff hangers and oh my god the new bad guys , they are soo coool , skulduggery is no longer my only favorite character ^ ^کتاب دوم این مجموعه زیاد تفاوت چندانی با کتاب اول نداشت ولی خوب منم زیاد انتظار نداشتم. داستان با یه سری انتگنیست جدید ادامه پیدا میکنه که هدفشون همون هدف قبلیاست, میخوان یه قدرت خیلی باستانی رو به این دنیا برگردونن. پروتگنیست ها زیاد نمیشن به اون صورت ولی آدم بدای جدید خیییلی بهتر از جلد قبلن. پیچیدگی ها و اتفاقات غیر منتظره هم به نسبت قبل بیشتر شد که باز خیلی خوب بود. اگه همینطور پیش بره برای من شاید بشه یه دارن شان دیگه ^ ^

  • Erik
    2019-04-02 12:02

    FAJNOŠ LEBKOHNÁÁÁT!!! Bože, to bolo zase niečo! Akože fakt, som si ani na chvíľu nevydýchol, Derek Landy mi jednoducho nedal šancu! Akože vôbec. Áno, Luu mala pravdu, že je to kúsok slabšie ako jednotka, ale to len preto, že tu nie sú žiadne mindshattering odhalenia a v podstate je nám už svet známy a --vraj-- v trojke a štvroke to zasa rozbaľuje úplne šialene! Takže ja sa idem hneď pustiť do ďalšieho dielu! To sa proste inak ani nedá.

  • Jovana
    2019-04-23 13:15

    What it's trying to do, it does amazingly. Fun, funny, adventurous, unusual, kick-ass characters, good vilains, everything a classically entertaining book has and so much more (also more female). No time to breathe, too, an amazing thing to have :DI may be subjective with the stars, but i dont give a flying fuck, this was amazing :D

  • Valnik
    2019-04-19 18:04

    Well once again I have completed another book! While on my journey to finish watching the Clone Wars tv series so I can do a review on the Ahsoka novel, I decided to keep read- Okay, I really didn't 'decide' to do it more than I REALLY wanted to keep reading Skulduggery in the meantime until I can actually complete that. We'll see how long that takes me or if I get sucked into reading this whole series before being able to move on. If you HAVE NOT read my first review on Skulduggery Pleasant please go read that review if you're interested in actually reading the series and not being spoiled by some things I will talk about later in this review. IF you're okay with spoilers... Well then carry on, I can't really stop you so you go you.Basic Overview: A year after the events of Skulduggery Pleasant (Book One), Skulduggery & Valkyrie are still at it! Continuing their detective job and stopping evil that may lurk around every corner. While Valkyrie has grown in magical power in the past year she is still continuing to learn the ropes and increasing her own investigative abilities, traveling with Skulduggery and putting those who commit crimes behind bars.However in a world where it seems like anything is possible with magic, not even the most secure cell could can keep Baron Vengeous from escaping. Together with a vampire named Dusk and Billy-Ray Sanguine, Vengeous seeks to finish what Mevolent's goal where Nefarian Serpine had grown greedy and failed, to revive a Faceless One and usher in a new age of darkness into the mortal world. With an abomination known as the Grotesquery and missing pieces finally showing themselves it is now a prime opportunity to stir up trouble that gives our heroes and the world only a limited amount of time to act. It's a race against the clock to stop Vengeous and the Grotesquery from bringing a Faceless One back into being or risk losing everything. Personal Thoughts:Boy! What can I say about this book? It took everything you learned about in the first book and simply expanded upon it while adding in new material into the world to keep me very interested all the way through. Actually after the first book I wanted to keep reading the series and just think about it throughout the day while I was working while made it hard to pace how fast I was reading it but if I am correct.. Playing with Fire is a little shorter than the first book which is not a bad thing at all so I could estimate how fast I was getting through or going to finish the book. Now! I personally think that Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing With Fire - was exactly what I wanted to read after the first one. We got to learn about the world overall at first and I wanted to see it explored more and to have the stakes be raised and I was curious to how does one 'Raise the stakes' AFTER having a Necromancer try to obtain a scepter of ultimate power? WELL you take the week time frame that the first book had, condense it down to two days AND throw in more villains and the ULTIMATE evil known as the Faceless Ones back into the mix. Now as in my first review I stated that this book is still intended for young adults and everything from that review holds still even onto this book. I enjoyed the returning and the new additions to the cast of characters quite well and wondering who was going to end up dying by the time these 350 pages or so was over. However! Unlike in my first review, regarding the comment about Mr. Bliss and his alleged 'Legendary' strength.. This is fixed! Mr. Bliss does not disappoint when it's his time to show off but this comment also goes for Lord Vile's Armour & the Grotesquery. Not only are we, as a reader told of its power, it is actually shown and that's a personal thing I just enjoy seeing. It makes the build up excited and there's payoff during the book that's being read. Now with 700% MOAR VAMPIRESDanngggg there's A LOT of Vampires in this book. Which is actually quite welcome because of how they are done. Which.. To be fair isn't much different than what you expect but they're just different enough to make them interesting. While appearing in Skulduggery Pleasant (Book One) they only had mild time or mention other than the few chapters that involved two of them. This time around we get to learn more about them through a character named Dusk (as talked about below) and his fair amount of lackeys. To clarify Dusk takes up about 400% of the Vampires above and his goons the other 300%, just so we're clear. AND 100% MOAR SPIDERS Please, insert the most disgusting spider image you can think of mentally here, because I frankly am terrified of them far to much to look one up. There is a lot more talk of Spiders an text of spiders than I would REALLY care for in this book and because I like to think up each scene as I'm reading it, it makes my skin tingle and puts me on edge to even begin with. I have a bit more to say about this and regarding The Torment down below.Hopefully! If you're still reading and found what you read above to be interesting and somewhere in your alley, I would suggest picking up the first book and starting from there! Now to give it a personal rating for how much I enjoyed the book! So without further waiting I give Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing With Fire - 5 REALLY groovy Skeletons out of 5! These Skeletons aren't slowing down and if anything they have a lot more life (har) in their bones! They keep moving and everything they do is exciting and interesting. I feel the same way about this story, it was fun and things moved smoothly through the entire book! It is definitely a great sequel in my own eyes and the only thing that stopped my original review from being a 5 was this room to grow which Playing with Fire has successfully done. In-depth Review:Stephanie Edgely/Valkyrie Cain: Now thirteen Stephanie Edgdly spends a vast amount of her time solving crimes while working with Skulduggery as well as training her magic and physical abilities with Tanith Low. While Stephanie had grown in magic power and ability she is unable to use it exactly at will and still requires a fair amount of concentration but it is nice to see her being able to actively use magic. during the story Stephanie questions if her family ever really realizes she isn't the one they see everyday and wonders if they love her reflection more than the real her at this point because she uses it often. Skulduggery Pleasant: The same spoopy Skeleton that we know and love from the first book! Our continued mentor to Valkyrie Cain and detective in charge of solving the worst cases around. Skulduggery is still the main brains and leader through the story that carries a lot of the plot from scene to scene in one way or another either solving a problem or making new ones. Still witty and clever as ever but no real development over the course of this story, which is perfectly fine. China Sorrows:What a bitch. Naw~ Actually in this one I like China a lot more as her character isn't a jerk but she still retains some of the qualities I mentioned before in the other book. We learn that China & Mr. Bliss in the past worshiped the Faceless Ones but turned away from those teachings and are against the return of the Faceless Ones. We get to see a lot more of what China is capable of and she does not disappoint with her magic capabilities as she deals mostly with sigils and they seem to cover a large range of options she has available to her. Tanith Low: STILL KICKIN BUTT and taking names, Tanith Low has a fair amount of time being present in this book and the activities going on compared to the previous. Having spent the last year training and teaching Valkyrie Cain and traveling across the world to capture various criminals to put them away for the Sanctuaries though she considers herself to be freelance. Tanith gets a fair amount of fight scenes and enough time to show off with her catchphrase. "Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough." And Tanith.. I am hard enough. Mr.Bliss: Working closely with the new Grand Mage Thurid Guild and Skulduggery and the group of heroes, Mr. Bliss is usually informed of occurrences going on while the heroes are out doing their own thing. This does not mean Mr. Bliss is up to nothing as he often gathers the Cleavers and coordinates their dispatch and strike plans when the need is required. I FINALLY got what I wanted when Mr. Bliss joined in the fight against the Grotesquery who at this point seemed neigh impossible to harm and showed off his 'Legendary'strength. I am personally satisfied with what I saw and it was a pleasure to see after having him defeated so easily in the previous book by Nefarian Serpine.Baron Vengeous: The main villain of Playing With Fire! Baron Vengeous, like Nefarian Serpine served as one of Mevolents three generals during the war before the books had taken place. Having been beaten by Skulduggery before and placed in jail for eighty years, once the appearance of Valkyrie Cain occurred and the information that she is a descendant of the Ancients it was finally time to make his move. Employing Dusk to break him out with the assistance of Billy-Ray Sanguine the three work together to collect what is required to bring fourth a Faceless One by the Eclipse happening in two days after his escape. Vengeous himself is a military man and even though he has a anger problem every now and then he is very tactical and skillful in what he does, which is staying ahead of our heroes and obtaining the things that he requires. After obtaining Lord Vile's armour, Vengeous becomes almost unstoppable as the armour grants him protection from most spells and threats. Grotesquery: A hodgepodge of different creatures grafted together by Baron Vengeous in the past and stored away once it couldn't of been completed without the blood of an Ancient. The Grotesquery itself is supposed to act like a signal and open a portal to release the Faceless Ones, it's even gone as far to be stated that the Grotesquery is partly a good itself. After having received some of Valkyrie's blood transfused into it from Lord Vile's armour, the Grotesquery is able to defeat Cleavers with ease in mere seconds and is able to make short work of the main characters. The final battle scene with the Grotesquery is really great with the Coordination of the heroes and the waves of Cleavers that come in to hurt this God-like being. Lord Vile/Lord Vile's Armour: I feel there is a need to kind of talk about who Lord Vile is.. Or was. Like Serpine & Vengeous, Lord Vile was a powerful Necromancer who served as the last of the three Generals under Mevolent during the war but was the first one that we're lead to believe to have died. Hiding away his armor from the world. NOW to the actual armour of Lord Vile. The armour itself holds all of Lord Vile's necromancy powers and of course whoever possesses the armor is able to tap into said power. Though it is shown that Vengeous must take special care before putting on the armour, however once the armour is on Baron Vengeous becomes once of the most capable characters in the book, able to beat around the heroes and a large amount of Cleavers with ease, stopping bullets, snuff out other magic and a large variety of other abilities. Dusk: A Vampire that assist Vengeous after he is busted out of jail. Dusk serves as an assistant must like Billy-Ray Sanguine but unlike Sanguine what Dusk brings to the table is the ability to taint humans with and turn them into Vampires. Though it takes a few days for people to become vampires completely during the mid-shift they serve as slaves and muscle for the villains. I think the neat thing about Dusk is that he contains his Vamperic side as much as he possibly could, taking a antidote that prevents him from transforming and becoming a uncontrollable blood thirsty monster. I look forward to hopefully seeing him appear later in the series given that he holds grudges and Valkyrie Cain is probably top on that list. Billy-Ray Sanguine: A.. Interesting character. It took me awhile to warm up to this Southerner Sorcerer who has the ability to tunnel through the ground. A Hitman-deluxe as he is called, Sanguine goes through a lot of the dirty work to free Vengeous and then go and track down Valkyrie and capture her so they can take some of her blood. Sanguine has a real attachment with his razor blade that he uses to kill his victims, getting very upset whenever it is taken from him.The TormentFuck Spiders...Okay so there should be more to this. The Torment is a old sorcerer who has been living out of sight of public view underneath a bar and is needed because of his knowledge of where the Grotesquery is located. However The Torment is quiet sadistic (I'm sure you're surprised) and wants Skulduggery to kill Valkyrie Cain before he gives the location because he knows that her blood is required to finish the Grotesquery.. Actually he's rather smart given that without Valkyrie being alive that there is no possible way that the villains could actually complete their plan. However of course, The Torment is tricked and reveals the information while believing Valkyrie to be dead. Later on The Torment reappears and we learn that he Spider freak incarnate. His Adept abilities to create spiders from black ooze as well as TURN INTO A FUCKING SPIDER. This is honestly the most terrifying and skin crawling thing I've ever read, though honestly in this form he is rather formidable and has quite a useful power overall. I.. Reluctantly am fairly certain he will be making a return later on in the series. "Did you know, and this is a fact here, did you know that most spiders are really, really ugly? It's true. The women spiders have a really hard time of it. I saw it in a documentary. Why do you think the black widow kills the guys she mates with? Shame, that's why. I'm not saying *you're* ugly. Who am I to judge? I've only got two legs right? - Tanith Low to The Torment-SpiderSpringheeled Jack: Springheel Jack.. I really want to mention him as a footnote as I believe he will be returning in the future, it's fairly obvious from the context of the story but. After being arrested and placed into jail by Tanith Low, he is broken out by Sanguine to create 'trouble' and to do this is for him to simply murder as other individuals across the world are starting to kill people who work with the Sanctuary to render the support for Skulduggery impossible to give. However after learning that his release was to assist Vengeous he is upset and goes to assist our heroes and ends up helping Valkyrie against Dusk which unfortunately for him meant he was assisting Skulduggery. Feeling satisfied with his 'revenge', Valkyrie agrees to let him freely go and inform Skulduggery/Tanith later to his escape for helping her and he goes on his way. What does this mean for Springheeled Jack? I have no clue, I doubt he'll stop killing but he isn't on the side that follows the Faceless Ones. The Story: Like before in the first book, the story is very clear in what each goal is from one part to another. Now the steps to each goal are more clear than the investigative method that was done in the first book. A lot of the time there is information given to the readers and not Skulduggery coming up with a solution to what exactly they needed to do next. Everything makes sense and flows more naturally and carries itself very well.Vengeous and his entourage are intimidating and very unique. Dusk & Sanguine are both really interesting characters and his plan is unique and not suffering from greed unlike Serpine before him. To escape from jail, obtain Lord Vile's armour, the Grotesquery and Valkyries blood is a very fixed line of how the major plot points in the story. Given that the story takes place in only two days there isn't a lot of travel done by our main cast and you get a better sense of the world around them instead of having to run from far location to far location. That being said! The time limitation of the book gives our heroes VERY little time to recover from their difficulties and there is a lot of action and difficulties that pop up in this book almost seeming one after another but just right to keep you interested and then go back to the casual conversations and the characters doing what they do best. Which is my absolute favorite part about this series in general, the characters doing anything I am invested in reading and I continue to love the moments when they're interacting with each other or even the villains. I hope anyone who has read this review as either read the book themselves and can agree with what I'm saying or perhaps want to share how the book/series makes them feel. If you haven't read the book and I was able to interest you in it, then what are you waiting for!? Go out and pick up a book and let the theater of your mind take hold! Till next time when I return with Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones.

  • Kathryn
    2019-04-23 11:50

    3.5 STARSI enjoyed this story but not nearly as much as the first book and not nearly as much as I'd hoped. While Landy's talent as a writer is still evident, and I still love the characters of Skulduggery and Valkyrie (and some of the new ones are very interesting! I think my "favorite" is Billy Ray Sanguine), I felt this story lacked the sparkle and wit of the first one. It focused more on action sequences and less on character development and dialogue. The action sequences are well written as action sequences go, I'm just not a huge fan of them and prefer to be more engaged with the characters' emotions and development. I was able to continue with the audiobook featuring the same narrator (Rupert Degas) as last time and it's an outstanding production. Love the narrator and the little fun, creepy musical interludes between the chapters. (This probably bumped up my rating by half a star.) I do plan to continue with the next book and hope it will be more like the first one (my husband has listened to the entire series and speaks highly of it as a whole).Spoilers for those who have not read the first book:(view spoiler)[ the focus of this book is mostly on Valkyrie using her newly acquired powers. She teams up with Skulduggery to defeat a vile foe. We get a lot of scary new villains and monsters, like the aptly names Grotesquery mosnter and some vampires and... well so many that honestly I found myself losing track a few times! We get a few scenes with her family, which are probably my favorite scenes in the book--I appreciate that Valkyrie still cares about and respects her parents even though she has this exciting new magical life--but mostly it was too much action and not enough character development for me this time around(hide spoiler)]

  • Tamara
    2019-04-24 16:10

    Auch das 2. Abenteuer rund um Skulduggery Pleasant & Walküre Unruh hat mich vollends überzeugt. Derek Landy erschafft sehr unterhaltsame Geschichten. Skulduggery Pleasant ist einfach Kult und die Schurken stehen ihm in Nichts nach. 5 Sterne plus!!!

  • Yuli Atta - Damaged Pages
    2019-04-11 11:59

    Bulgarian reviewI think this one was better than the first book because there was more action and I like when I read about good battles ^^Anyway, this series is very addictive.

  • Qt
    2019-03-27 17:55

    Another thrilling adventure with Skulduggery, and a delicious sequel to the first :-) More freaky bad guys than you can shake a stick at, lots of action and magic, and plenty of humor made this another really fun ride. I'm looking forward to the third!

  • Amanda
    2019-04-07 15:01

    Second time reading this and first time listening to the audiobook. I enjoyed this more than Scepter of the Ancients and can't wait to continue my reread of the Skulduggery Pleasant series!

  • Stef White
    2019-04-24 12:15

    Another fantastic story. I look forward to it getting better and better :)

  • daisy
    2019-04-01 15:55

    Nostalgia aside, I just really adore this series, its world-building and its characters tbh. Can't wait to get through the rest of the books!

  • Jamieson
    2019-04-17 16:19

    Stephanie Edgley has been having a rough time as of late.After her uncle’s death, twelve-year-old Stephanie meets Skulduggery Pleasant, a fast-talking, snappy dressing detective who just happens to be a walking, talking skeleton. He tells Stephanie that she is directly descendant from the Ancients, people who used control magic.Under Skulduggery’s tutelage, Stephanie’s skills have grown. She is an Elemental, able to control Air, Earth, Water and Fire to her will. While still not as skilled as Skulduggery, she’s getting better. Which is a good thing; she’s going to need all her skills for a new evil that is threatening the world.Evil sorcerer, Baron Vengeous, has hatched a plan to bring back the Faceless Ones; Gods who ruled the Earth with dark magic and great cruelty. Stephanie and Skulduggery previously defeated the Baron’s boss, the horrible Serpine. But the Baron has a surprise in store for our hero’s far nastier than Serpine.The Baron plans to resurrect the Grotesquery. Part man, part Frankenstein mishmash of mythical creatures and all evil. If brought back to life, the Grotesquery will call the Faceless Ones back to earth and then everyone will be done for.Skulduggery and Stephanie will need all their magic, all their allies, to defeat this most monstrous of enemies.And they only have three days to do it.I am a huge fan of Landy’s first Skulduggery book. I’ve given copies out to friends and family and have told everyone I know about it. It was one of my favourite books of 2007.It was funny, fun, frantic and incredibly fantastic. It was also self-contained. So, needless to say, I was a little worried about a second book in the series though extremely excited at the same time. Would Playing With Fire be just as funny, as fast paced and fun?The answer is a loud and resounding yes. In fact, Playing With Fire is better than Landy’s first offering. Landy manages to write a dark gothic fantasy that is laugh out loud funny and also incredibly original, fresh and new.Landy has managed to do something that many authors have not: transcend genres. While this is first and foremost a young adult fantasy, it’s also a noir comedy and can be read by young adults and adults alike.Landy is a talented writer and has managed to create characters we care about. The relationship between Skulduggery and Stephanie is comic, yes, but also extremely touching. It’s a rare and talented author that can make us laugh in one sentence and then pull our heartstrings in another.Playing With Fire is an incredible, amazing treat and one hell of a read. It’s also the best young adult book I’ve read in years. If you haven’t read Skulduggery Pleasant, the first book in the series, do so. Then read Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing With Fire. You won’t be sorry.In fact, you’ll be left begging for more.

  • Farhin
    2019-04-13 19:50

    Even after a re-read I can still vouch for this series. It is one of my favourite series of all time. Don't let the cover nor the supposed 'target audience' fool you. This series is unique, fast-paced and plenty violent (not even sure how the age rating at the back is 9+). The dry humour, wit and great dialogue of this book will make you laugh and cheer for the characters. The plot in itself is one of the most unique I've seen it's a shame not many have picked this up. Even the author's dedication made me laugh: This book is dedicated to my family -because otherwise I'd never hear the end of it...Nadine: warm, kind, considerate. I am all of these things. Audrey: the greatest thrill of your life if probably the fact that I'm your brother.Ivan: meaningless words such as "brilliant", "amazing" and "inspirational" have been used to describe me, but not nearly enough.If any of you thought there'd be anything sincere or heartfelt in your dedications, allow me to quietly laugh at you... The second installment sees 13 year old Valkyrie fighting the forces of evil (of which there are many) alongside everyone's favourite Skeleton Detective (who btw I've been crushing on for ages...). Only 350 pages long, it was action packed and very fast- no chapter too long or too short just the perfect pace. This is a fantastic series for people of all ages- much like disney movies that people never grow too old for, it's perfect. Definitely give it a go (...if you think you're hard enough *cough*).