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Timber wolves, a Rocky Mountain blizzard, and a mine cave-in are only a few of the perils Frank and Joe Hardy encounter during their search for the principal members of a notorious gang responsible for a payroll robbery....

Title : Hunting for Hidden Gold
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ISBN : 9780448089058
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Hunting for Hidden Gold Reviews

  • Melanie
    2019-05-15 02:17

    If these books weren't so quick to read, I don't know if I would continue reading them. ;) I much prefer the Nancy Drew series. Lol! This story was kind of fun though with the whole hunting for gold part.

  • Susan
    2019-05-21 19:31

    Exciting Hardy Boys adventure with incidental music and sound effects. Old mine shafts, hidden gold, wolf pack, blizzard and a ghost town to name a few of these events/things which occur in this story.This would be a great story for a young boy, or in my case, a bored commuter.

  • Erika the Nerd
    2019-05-01 19:20

    In the book, the Hardy brothers Joe and Frank get caught in one of their father's cases and end up risking their and their father's lives. They get caught up in the mist of Big Al and his gang who want the Hardy boys and their father out of the way of their plans. Joe and Frank's case about finding missing gold end up connecting a lot with their father's case on trying to catch the gang.One of my favorite characters was Dawson, or really Dodge. Dawson was with Black Pepper, before he was Big Al, and Mike Onslow, and they found a bunch of gold, but when they try to run off with the gold, the plane crashes and no one can find it. After this happens, Dawson gets hit and the head and can't remember who he is. He somehow gets the alias Dodge and that's what he's known as for the next 25 years! After that, he gets in a fight with Big Al, and gets clonked on the head with a flashlight, and his memory comes back as Dawson, but he can't remember his life as Dodge. I like Dodge and Dawson because he stays calm through all this and he shows his emotional side when he realizes how long it's been since he was Dawson.The only think I didn't like about the book was that the plot was slightly confusing. I usually read Hardy Boys books and have no problem, but I was kind of lost in the plot. I loved the plot, or at least the parts I could connect. Still a great book though, and I do plan on reading more Hardy Boys books!

  • Kevin Findley
    2019-05-06 20:22

    A better than average Hardy Boys mystery. There was an actual mystery in this one and it had several layers to dig through. This edition updated some of the language and elements from the original version, but it still a bit of a nostalgia trip. No Chet or any of the usual sidekicks, so it was a little more serious than most of the early books. Still, my youngest enjoyed it and I'd recommend it for any young reader (or parent who reads with one) who enjoys mysteries.

  • Jacob Shepansky
    2019-05-05 01:35

    Ok, so i am a very ADHD kinda person, so that really doesn't make me an avid reader. I would rather search the web and play games. But this very book got me into this series. It is a fast paced, action packed story, for even the people with the shortest of attention spans! I recommend his book and its series to anyone! I REPEAT ANYONE!

  • Michael Finocchiaro
    2019-04-23 19:19

    This was sort of your average Frank and Joe Hardy story. Less compelling than #2 or #6 but still will lots of cliff-hangers and gasps and adventure. Fun to read but after you hit the other high adventures of Fenton's sons.

  • Samantha
    2019-05-08 23:15

    Ugh, I really wanted to like this one but this is most likely the worst installment I've read yet. They are constantly getting outrun by Big Al who is the slipperiest, most obnoxious, biggest pain in the behind of an outlaw you will ever read about. I didn't care for the "Wild West" setting, nor the random snow that seemed to be consistent and was always threatening their lives. Their dad could've been more involved but the writer was like "eh, never mind". The suspense was predictable, there were times it was so boring I literally put myself to sleep. Not the best out of the series, skip it if you can.

  • C.
    2019-05-22 03:37

    I enjoyed “Hunting For Hidden Gold”, volume 5, infinitely better than the former. We stick to good detective work, struggles and efforts that were quite arduous, and reasonable fear. Suspects and motives weren’t obvious at all. They entailed a back story at a scope that precedes the novel by a decade or more, which a reader couldn’t guess and must await filling in. Best of all, we travel from their community. This presented a fresh panorama of adventures.You would think the opening camping scene was extraneous but a man they met in those woods was instrumental in explaining an old mining claim that met with controversy and a missing partner years ago. Carson Drew asked his sons to interview him, before meeting their Dad in Montana. It is quickly established that the thugs Carson is monitoring there have a large network of crooks because the teenagers are waylaid perilously in the first city, where they transfer airplanes. It is fun to observe travel in 1928. These are colourful side notes that are the benefit of older novels. This widespread, tricky mistrust puts us on the edge of our seats because the teens must scrutinize everyone they meet, all the way to their Dad’s location and decide how to proceed every time.The mining town, not deserted but with many buildings and locations in disuse, is one of the most fun places a book could possibly have an adventure and I will ask my Dad if he remembers reading this one. It is up his ally too. This case’s level of difficulty is the most complicated thus far, with constantly-varied scenery that had me enthralled. Danger was realistic to those environments; no typical gimmicks to create near-misses. The whole journey was an achievement in creativity, including a well-crafted identity twist.

  • Chet Brown
    2019-05-08 00:37

    Can't go wrong with a Hardy Boy book! As Frank and Joe go throughout caves and mines they have various run-ins with a gang that has hidden mysterious gold in these caves. This one in particular was very interesting to me because it really just seemed to pull me in. For some reason I really related to this book and just wanted to keep on reading it! It had various lessons throughout the book to me. Such as, that you need to choose your friends carefully. Also, keep your enemies close. As I went throughout the book it gradually built its story until the climax hit me right in the face and I read as fast as I could to finish it and get to the bottom of the story. Without giving away the whole story lets just say the climax seems to sneak in through the hidden shadows. Although, once I got to the end of the story I didn't want it to end so I was wishing that I would have read slower just so I could've kept reading it. To me it was that kind of book that you will always remember being a great story. Before I read the book I read the summary and it did seem to have an accurate summary and I did get all of what I wanted out of this book. Franklin W. Dixon is a great author for kids books and mysteries. These books are under my reading levels by a lot but that does not matter to me because I love the stories and mysteries! Great book overall and if you like mysteries also then I suggest you get to reading these Hardy Boys books!

  • Ann♥♪♪♪♪
    2019-04-21 21:26

    A lot of action, danger, excitement, and mystery! Thrilling read, awesome brothers, cool cover and internal illustrations (some of my faves!)! Frank and Joe do a great job looking out for each other - the blizzard's particularly intense, well, so are a lot of other scenes! Check out my more detailed, but without spoilers, review for this action-packed mystery starring brothers Frank and Joe Hardy @ Hardy and Drew Mysteries. :)

  • Catherine Woodman
    2019-04-30 00:21

    The classic boy detectives by Frank Dixon--I read ALL of them in my younger years, one I ran out of Nancy Drew books. The Hardy Boys, Frank and Joe, are brother amateur detectives, aspiring to follow in their father's footsteps.

  • Elliot
    2019-04-24 01:33

    I really liked this book. In this book frank and joe put someone in jail who should have ben in jail years before.

  • Duncan
    2019-05-08 19:29

    Great reding the Hardy Boys again after all these years.

  • Scott
    2019-04-27 01:35

    Another exciting adventure loaded with cliffhangers and constant peril out west, where people drop their g's, say things like "reckon" and "if'n" while they're "rustling up some grub," and forgetting where they left the f's they lose every time they try to say "of." The story is corny and it's built around a rather implausible twist, but so what? I had fun reading it. I think this is one of the Hardy Boys books that was missing from both my city and school libraries when I was a kid, because it did not feel familiar. And so it kept me guessing and wondering how the boys were going to escape the next hazard in the never-ending string of perils. It's the Hardy Boys, so don't go in looking for great literature. But if you want a fun adventure mixed with a compelling mystery, and don't mind a somewhat ridiculous twist, you'll have a good time reading this story.Maybe someday I'll hunt down the original version, which is apparently a very different story, even though it follows the same basic outline.

  • Jane Irish Nelson
    2019-05-01 19:36

    Note that this review is for the original 1928 edition. I do not know what changes have been made in later editions.Fenton Hardy is in Montana on a case, leaving his teenage sons at home with their mother and aunt. One Saturday afternoon they are tempted out skating with a couple of friends, only to be caught in a blizzard. During the storm they encounter Jadbury Wilson, an old miner, who tells them of the treasures he has lost and found, the last one (coincidentally) in Montana. When the storm clears, they take him home with them. There they receive a message from their father asking them to join him. Adventures abound on the way, followed by even more after they arrive. Quick, enjoyable read.

  • Thomas Falk
    2019-05-04 00:34

    I read the realistic fiction book The Hardy Boys: Hunting for Hidden Gold by Franklin W. Dixon and I really liked it and all the rest of the hardy boys books in the series. Why I really like the Hardy boys so much is it appeals to me in the way they work together to solve complicated mysteries and just the mysteries themselves. Why I like them is I get a chance to solve the mystery before the Hardy boys because I get the clues as they do and I could pause and try to figure out who the killer is or who did it before they tell me in the book. Hence, I think anybody who likes to read mysteries as much as I do would like The Hardy Boys series.

  • Rex Libris
    2019-05-12 00:33

    The boys go to Montana to help their dad on a case, but end up on a hunt for a cache gold lost 25 years earlier. The head scratcher on this one is that one more than occasion the boys end up on big chases of several days length on more than one occasion, but no one seems too alarmed about their absences. While there are no KO's, Frank and Joe get their clocks cleaned on several occasions. All those sub-concussive traumas have to add up. But the KO count is:Book: 0Series: 2.

  • Talea
    2019-05-21 02:31

    Classic Hardy Boys reading. I grabbed this one as a quick read from the box set my son received as a Christmas gift and it was fun to go back to my childhood and read a new (to me) Hardy Boys mystery.

  • Jason
    2019-05-08 23:27

    Another classic Hardy Boys tale, except this one mostly takes place outside of their hometown of Bayport, as they head to the wilds of Colorado to help their famous father catch some crooks and find some lost gold. This is a good one for those who like Western settings as well as mysteries.

  • Trent Welbaum
    2019-04-28 22:21

    You want to talk about an exciting mysterious book! Hunting for Hidden Gold is another one of my favorites especially when you are able to listen to it on the "One-drive" app. It has background noise to help make the story come more alive as the "presenter" reads the book to the audience.

  • Susan
    2019-05-22 00:33

    Perfect simplistic mystery for your struggling readers.

  • Ethan Hulbert
    2019-05-06 22:37

    Hunting for Hidden Gold: Frank and Joe go west. I love their adventures in new places and the change of scenery was enjoyable. But overall the story was a little weak.

  • David Lemons
    2019-05-19 02:39

    (Please see my review of House on the Cliff. Same comments apply.)

  • bakanekonomama
    2019-04-26 22:35

    Inilah buku petualangan Hardy Bersaudara pertama yang saya baca. Bercerita tentang kakak beradik, Frank dan Joe, yang membantu ayah mereka, seorang detektif terkenal bernama Fenton Hardy, dalam mengungkapkan kasus perampokan dan perburuan emas.Dari awal, pembaca sudah disuguhi oleh alur yang sangat cepat. Dimulai dari Frank dan Joe yang sedang berkemah dengan teman-temannya, terus ujug-ujug disuruh nyamperin bapake di Lucky Lode. Setelah itu mereka ketemu seorang lelaki tua bernama Mike Onslow, yang terluka karena kena peluru nyasar. Kebetulan! Soalnya, Hardy bersaudara ini disuruh oleh ayah mereka untuk mengawasi si Onslow.Mike Onslow ternyata dulunya adalah penambang emas, bersama tiga orang temannya. Ketika mereka berhasil mendapatkan emas di tambang yang mereka gali, ternyata seorang penjahat bernama Black Pepper (yummy... #eh xp) ingin merebut emas mereka. Jadilah, salah seorang teman Onslow bernama Bart Dawson disuruh untuk membawa kabur emas itu dengan pesawat mereka, hingga mencapai tempat yang aman. Ketika emas itu sudah ada di luar jangkauan Burakku peppaa (pake logat jepang ceritanya #ups), emas itu akan dibagi rata berempat. Sayangnya, Dawson kemudian hilang tanpa jejak. Entah pesawat yang dibawanya mengalami kecelakaan dan dia mati dalam prosesnya, atau emas itu justru dibawa sendiri oleh Dawson untuk kepentingannya....Tugas Frank dan Joe-lah untuk mencari tahu itu, sekaligus membantu ayah mereka, menemukan penjahat bernama Al Besar yang telah mencuri uang milik Bob Dodge. Ayah Frank dan Joe ternyata terluka dalam pengejaran Al Besar, jadi dia harus bed rest deh. Dan, dimulailah petualangan Frank dan Joe mendaki gunung lewati lembah dengan sungai es, demi menangkap Al Besar dan komplotannya.Berhasilkah mereka? Apakah hubungan Al Besar dengan emas milik Mike Onslow?Seperti yang saya bilang, alurnya cepet banget di awal-awal. Bat-bet-bat-bet. Dari hutan pindah ke bandara, dari bandara mereka diculik masuk ke rumah komplotan penjahat, dari situ mereka kabur naik taksi, eh taksinya punya penjahat juga. Akhirnya bisa kabur dari taksi penjahat, bisa naik pesawat sampe tempat si bokap, terus diancam pas mau naik helikopter, terus sampai di Lucky Lode, terus tiba-tiba mereka bisa nguping pembicaraan komplotan Al Besar, terlibat perkelahian satu lawan satu melawan salah satu penjahat paling berbahaya, dan yah... banyak petualangan yang menantang adrenalin lainnya.Terus, kenapa ada "yah"-nya?Hhmm... Kenapa ya? Mungkin karena saya nggak terlalu menikmati petualangan si Frank dan Joe ini. Saya ngerasanya kok, aneh banget gitu. Dua bocah ingusan (yah, yang satu udah 17 tahun sih...) melawan penjahat paling berbahaya di wilayah itu hanya dengan kekuatan mereka berdua. Ciyus ini loh...Saya juga merasa tindakan mereka sangat gegabah untuk ukuran detektif. Mereka lebih mementingkan menangkap penjahat, dibandingkan keselamatan diri mereka sendiri dan juga orang-orang terdekat mereka. Entah berapa kali si Frank dan Joe ini hampir mati gara-gara tindakan mereka itu. Dan itu nggak cantik untuk ukuran cerita detektif, menurut saya. Harusnya kan mereka lebih berhati-hati, apalagi mereka sudah tahu betapa berbahayanya gerombolan penjahat yang mereka kejar kali ini. Pede banget kalo mereka menganggap diri mereka bisa berhasil meringkus bos penjahat cuma berdua aja. Padahal pak pulisi sama bapake aja gagal gituh... Jadi ya, gitu deh. Jauh lebih mending "Lima Sekawan" daripada si "Hardy Boys" (yang kalau denger namanya saya jadi inget temen kerja saya, si Kang Hardi). Soalnya di "Lima Sekawan" alurnya itu jelas, ada deskripsi-deskripsi latar, waktu, suasana, yang bikin saya mampu membayangkannya. Sedangkan di "Hardy Boys" ini, mungkin karena alurnya terlalu cepat, jadi setiap tempat cuma digambarkan sekenanya saja. Nggak detail. Padahal detail itulah yang menurut saya turut membangun cerita. Misalnya kalo di "Lima Sekawan", saya selalu ngiler sama makanan-makanan mereka, meskipun itu hanya roti dan keju aja. Tapi di "Hardy Boys" ini, saya nggak merasa ngiler sama sekali tuh, padahal mereka berhasil nangkep ikan segede gaban buat makan malem. Lalu, kalau di "Lima Sekawan", saya bisa membayangkan desa-desa ataupun tempat misterius yang mereka kunjungi, dan suasana misterius itu terbangun dengan baik, maka saya tidak bisa menemukan hal itu di sini. Eh, maap. Saya jadi bandingin sama "Lima Sekawan" deh. Ya, daripada sama "Lima Sekawin" ga nyambung ntar... #lah Kenapa saya bandingkan mereka berdua, karena keduanya sama-sama cerita detektif dengan tokoh anak-anak atau remaja. Jadi nggak mungkin kan dibandinginnya sama Sherlock Holmes? Iya sih, memang seharusnya nggak dibanding-bandingin, soalnya kan ini dua cerita yang berbeda. Tapi, mau gimana lagi dong?? Kan emang udah dari sononya manusia, doyan mbanding-mbandingin dua hal yang dia ketahui. Ya udah deh, mungkin emang sayanya aja yang nggak bisa nikmatin cerita jenis beginian. Meskipun saya doyan banget sama cerita detektip-detektipan, yang satu ini kayaknya pengecualian. Heuheuu...So, dua anak cukup eh dua bintang cukup buat buku ini...*review pertama: 9 Maret 2013

  • Mackenzie
    2019-05-02 23:35

    It was pretty good. It kept you wanting to keep reading it.

  • Whitney Warfel
    2019-05-04 23:15

    This book, Hunting for Hidden Gold, was written by F.W. Dixon. I enjoyed this book for many reasons.One of the reasons was because many action verbs were used to describe the Hardy Boy’s adventure. At times, the words would give me, as the reader, a thrill. Other times, though, it would make me scared for the boys. For example, when the boys are riding their horses up the mountainside, they slipped and fell. This scared me and I was worried about the boy's own well-being. Another example is when the boys were chasing the man named Slip Gun, running away from him at first, then running after him the next second. I felt myself get all excited when this happened. Besides just giving me thrills and scares for the boys, it also gives me the feeling that Big Al and his gang were bad people. The words used to describe Big Al’s Gang had bad denotations. The reason I say this is because when you think of a guy that is big, you most likely expect them to be big and bulky. Big Al, on the other hand, did not look big and bulky. He looked like an average man, minus the fact he was a gang leader. Another reason I enjoyed this books was because of the mix of danger and excitement the boys’ adventures brought. For example, in the beginning when the boys are in the forest, they find a fellow character, Mike Onslow, injured in the forest. To repay the boys, Mike gives them a map of where to find gold. He told them the story of how he was in a trio that had found lots of gold. He told them how he and his partners were being chased by a gang to try and get all the gold they had. He also explains that the gold was all given to one person to take it and hide it so that the gang couldn’t get to it. The final thing he told the boys was that he doesn’t remember where the gold was. All he remembers is that is was somewhere near the caves that he drew on the map. He explains that he left to come and start a new adventure here in the forest as a countryman, living free. After the boys learn all of this, they know their mission.The boy's mission was to find Mike’s old partner. They go through many obstacles to try and get to his partner, and his lost gold. While they are learning new facts about this mystery, they find out that their father was hurt while investigating his own case. They two boys fly out to go see him and help him on his case, then come back to theirs later on. Little do the boys know, their cases are connected somehow.If you like adventures, excitement, and mysteries, I highly recommend this book, Hunting for Hidden Gold. It has all of these plus many more awesome things!!

  • Peter
    2019-05-12 19:29

    The Hardy boys continue to provide edge-of-the-seat thrills for pre-pubescent boys (mine) as they battle criminal gangs in Chicago in probably the worst O’Hare Airport transit ever experienced, search for other criminal gangs through abandoned gold mines and in the snow covered mountains of Montana, and rescue victims of amnesia, all while their father recovers from a broken rib nearby. There is a lot of horse riding and tracking in this one, and peril galore. Very popular with the 7 and 8 year old crowd. And there are a lot of great vocabulary words to boot! What’s not to like?

  • Aarathi Surender
    2019-04-27 21:40

    Good twistsThe story has many twists and got me glued. Worth a read. Would recommend for any age group. Good one.

  • Kendall Smith
    2019-05-11 21:25

    Grade Level: 6-8Awards: NoneSummary: The Hardy boys are at it again, this time heading to Montana hunting for hidden treasure. Upon arrival they find themselves in a little bit of trouble like always. The boys have to work hard to escape the crooks and not get killed. Review: The Hardy Boys series is great to get reluctant readers interested in a fun series. This book gives students a great plot twist and keeps the interest levels high. I have always had an interest in their adventures and this is one of the best books in the series. In Class: Students can write their own mystery adventure story. They can also act out the story line.

  • Aarush Sood
    2019-04-29 02:25

    The Original Hunting for Hidden Gold, by Franklin W. Dixon, is the fifth book in “The Hardy Boys” series. This is a mystery and realistic fiction series. The main characters, brothers Frank and Joe Hardy are depressed because they were not able to go to Montana with their father for a case. Soon after, their friend Chet Morton invited them to ice skate at the local pond. An intense blizzard took them by surprise, and they had to take refuge at a makeshift cot. Later, they saved a man as he had been swept away by the blizzard. During their stay over the night, stories were exchanged, but one that took the Hardy Boys’ notice was the one about mining gold in Montana. Soon afterwards, the blizzard had died down and they returned home. An unexpected telegram cheered the boys up, as they were able to go to Montana after a terrible accident with their father. Twisting and turning through many cities along the way, they were delayed through some incognito adversaries. Thankfully, they finally reached Montana. Guns and gold were only some of the obstructions, but nevertheless they found it after being trapped and lost. Yet as soon as they grabbed the four sacks of gold, they met a familiar enemy with a revolver… I would give this book a 5/5 because mystery is one of my favorite genres, and Franklin W. Dixon portrayed it perfectly. I would definitely recommend this book. Frank hardy is my favorite character because he is not too impulsive, loves action and adventure, and is calm under pressure. If I was like any character, I suppose I would be kind of like him because not only do we both like action and adventure, we both are knowledgeable in terms of books and math. Additionally, we are both dark haired.I have some similarities with Joe as well because impulsiveness runs in our blood. If I could change anything, I would change the two boys’ overall personality. It is a great book, but they are just detectives and all they do is find clues. The nook itself, in my opinion, should be funnier. It isn’t a big issue, as Franklin W. Dixon has a series when the two boys are working with ATAC (American Teens Against Crime), and they are more down-to-earth.