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Within Reach: My Everest Story Reviews

  • Connor H
    2019-03-26 17:21

    In the story “Within Reach: My Everest Story” by Mark Pfetzer and Jack Galvin, Mark works harder than anyone else to achieve his dream of summiting Mount Everest. He climbs many smaller mountain and exercises every night. He shows how hard work and never giving up can pay off with the support of his mom, dad and the people he meets along his journey through climbing. This book was significant because of the theme and the characters.The major theme of the text was “Don’t ever give up on your dreams”. Mark, the main character, shows this throughout the story as he is working towards his dream of summiting Mount Everest and being a successful climber. “Do I ever want to go, I tell him. Sign me up!” (18). Though Mark is only thirteen at the time he is eager and willing to try to do what he has dreamed of doing and starting his journey through climbing. “Don’t give up, I said. Never give up “(211). Mark is talking to elementary school kids about his dreams and that is his main point. Through everything that Mark has gone through, that is what he has gotten from it.My favorite character in Within Reach: My Everest Story is Mark Pfetzer. Mark is the main character and I love his work ethic and how he works to be able to something that no other kids his age are able to do. “It works! The letter works!” (18). When Mark originally suggests his idea to his parents, they don’t believe that it will be possible. He then calls and writes to a bunch of local businesses and they send him enough money to go on his first expedition. Even when his own parents didn’t really believe in him; he shows that he is able to get things done. “And so I run the stairs. Hospital stairs. I run eight flights up. I run eight flights down” (53). Mark is extremely dedicated to summiting Everest. He does rigorous exercises every night until he knows that he is ready to climb Everest. The reason my favorite character is Mark is because of his great work ethic and his dedication to follow his dreams at a young age.Overall I would give Within Reach: My Everest Story a rating of 5/5 stars. I thought that this book was very inspiring and motivational. It is also amazing that a kid about my age is able to accomplish so much. I would recommend this book to any middle or high school student.

  • Megan
    2019-03-26 16:17

    This guy is the king of the humble brag. Actually making myself finish this book sort of became my Everest. So I guess in the end he did teach me about endurance and having a can-do attitude, as was his aim. Thanks Mark Pfetzer.

  • Mitchell Mendoza Flores
    2019-04-18 11:06

    The book “My Everest Story” is a nonfiction book that caught my attention. For me, I thought it would be a good story about a boy who’s dream is to climb Mt. Everest. When I found this book I thought it was going to have a lot of action and dangerous conflicts along the way so i decided to read it. It starts off with Mark Pfetzer at a young age of 13 who got interested into climbing. His father lets him since he wanted Mark to be able to do things that he couldn’t do at his age.Mark got himself a trainer named Nel Poisson who makes Mark get his conditioning and strength to be able to succeed in his first trip. So he starts first by trying to find people who will be able to donate funds for his trip which was a lot. But most of them were confused for a 13 year old boy that will be mountain climbing. Only a few were able to fund his trip and he goes to meet the group he will be going with. They start off at a non-snowy mountain in which he got to make a good relationship with all of his teammates and see’s what it’s like to work in teams to climb a mountain. He later then grows up to the age of 15 in which he is now in high school and still mountain climbing. Then his goal is finally at his reach.Mark becomes famous for being able to go to climb Mount Everest at such a young age. Lots of people that he doesn’t know try to sponsor him on his trip. He is able to go to attempt to climb Mount Everest. It was a dangerous experience due to the weathers he had to face through and dangerous environment having to start off from the bottom and reach the first base camp and adapting to the new environment. Although he met some famous people on his journey on top of Everest.I think this story was ok for me. Although I felt a little disappointed since when I first read the back of the book it sounded interesting since it was about a near death experience about the book. And when he was finally able to climb Mount Everest it was a short experience. I really didn’t get a lot of interest for just that small part of the whole book and then the rest of the book was all about his other trips to other places. I thought that there would be an interesting yet sad scenario where it would explain how some of his team members perished due to the environment. But all it did was tell me that a few people died and that his team mates didn't do anything. And they ignored it. That was it, totally ignored and never mentioned again. I didn't really like the ending since it was just him returning home and he just returns to school. That's good, and then again, I can't make it that a dangerous scenario would happen to him in that time of his life and I'm glad that he is fine from that journey.I would recommend this book for those who like nonfiction books about people’s stories on how they were able to accomplish their goal and there travels. It could also be read by those who like to read about someone’s exciting memories.

  • Jack L
    2019-04-05 18:06

    The book, Within Reach: My Everest Story, by Mark Pfetzer and Jack Galvin, is a book about struggles and never giving up. The main character, Mark, goes through months of tiring and painful struggles that sometimes don’t pay off , but there are times that do have great moments within them. Most of the book is placed in the mountains and at his home. He works hard just to do what he really loves to do, which is to climb. This book is a great read because of its theme and character progression.Mark has a major thought that he never lets go of, it is to never give up and never stop trying until you succeed. He always keeps it in the back of his mind whether he is climbing or back in his hometown doing schoolwork. “You want to do something you think you can’t? You can do it, if you put your mind to it” (211). It shows that he knows there are ups and downs to everything but after you try it and you fail than there is something. “Don’t give up, I said. Never give up” (211). He plays by his own philosophy and it works for him.There are a lot of great characters in the book but if there was a choice the Mark would be best. His progression throughout the entire book is a steep rise from a kid to an adult in two years. “I’m giving 1000 rep workouts three days a week” (59). His perseverance is superb and it shows it in the quote that he does one thousand rep work outs to prepare for a climb and he does this because he loves it so much and knows that he has to do it. “I’m almost finished with the second week” (55) He is pushing himself to his max and is doing so for a few weeks so he can be prepared of just one mountain, that’s dedication.This book out of five stars would probably be a four and a half or maybe just a four. The book is really exciting to read and has its great points but there are some dull spots that lay down the foundation for a big part (like building a building, you have lay down concrete before you get to start building the building). The book would be recommended for people that like action and a great plot and character progression. Over all it is a great book for anyone who reads it.

  • Cooper M
    2019-03-25 18:15

    In the book Within Reach: My Everest Story by Mark Pfetzer and Jack Galvin, Mark tells his story about climbing the harsh conditions up Everest and training on other mountains. He is faced with a problem of not having enough money and skill to climb Everest. Two things that I found interesting in this book was Mark’s character and how he developed over time and the total theme of this book to never give up on anything.This book has a great way of showing its total morale of the story whether it would be hidden in the text or just plainly said in the dialogue between Mark and whoever was talking to him. “At this altitude, my progress is very good—if I can hold my pace at five sets of twenty steps, then a rest stop, gasping for breath in the then air” (156). Mark was very committed to climbing Everest even though he was gasping for air he still kept going up the mountain. “Never give up; you want to do something that you think you can’t? You can do it, if you put your mind to it. Stick with it” (211). He really thought he could climb any mountain if he put his mind to it and that helped him in the long run with trying to get all the way up.The authors of this book like to develop Mark’s story and character along the whole book instead of just mashing all the information together and getting the reader confused. “He got me started on 100 rep workouts immediately” (55). To train for Everest mark really needed to get over pain for climbing Everest so his personal trainer made him go really fast and do hard workouts to make him more used to pain. “I think my father would be proud” (216). To Mark his parents really meant a lot to him and when he got older he maintained a good relationship with them. This book was a really good read and I was happy I chose it, it kept me wanting to read more almost every time I picked up the book and read 2-3 chapters. I gave My Everest Story 3.5 out of 5 stars. If you like a good nonfiction book and want to know more about climbing this would be a great book for you.

  • Garrett Hansen
    2019-04-02 16:07

    The title of my book is, Within Reach, by Mark Pfetzer. Within Reach covers four years of Mark’s life. Mark is also the main character of the book. The book is about him following his dreams of climbing Everest at such a young age.On March 5, 1994 Mark made his first trip to Nepal. He was the youngest was the youngest ever to summit the mountain he climbed there. It really got him ready for his next step. On March 30, 1995 Mark left for Everest. He wanted to be the youngest ever, but he failed do to a broken rib. He made a second attempt to climb Everest on April 19, 1996. He still would be the youngest to climb it, but doctors had found his dad had cancer.This was a good book. I never felt bored when I was reading this. The book was always interesting to me. It surprised me that a person this young could accomplish as much as Mark did. At 15 years old he had done more than a lot of people do in a lifetime.I really liked this book. It was interesting and kept me reading. Mark did some cool things like climbing mountains.Which is more than most people could do. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure books, or who like mountain climbing.

  • Dathan Clayton
    2019-03-28 16:18

    I read Within Reach: My Everest Story by Mark Pfetzer and Jack Galvin. Mark began climbing when he was thirteen years old. It all began at the University of Rhode Island on a rock climbing wall. Since Mark was such an avid climber, the director allowed him to take on the most challenging course. This was just the beginning for Mark. Mark continuously trained all year through school and other activities so one day he could climb Everest. His trainings location range from the local hospital all the way to nepal! This kid is only 15 years old and he has traveled more than most adults ! Mark went to the extent of taking medical and safety classes that way whenever he climbed Everest he would be ready. I want to one day be able to travel as much as Mark did as a young teen. There are several characters throughout this novel. Mark Pfetzer, Thor, Mark’s mom and Mark’s Dad, Nature, and Geoff. Mark Pfetzer is the young teenager who wants to climb Everest. Unmeasurable amount of heart and dedication and is willing to try all day everyday . Mark started by climbing rock climbing walls and began to ice climb to take a bigger risk! Mark’s Dad and Mom encouraged Mark to climb ,ask for sponsors,transportation for climbs and even supported him missing school to go climb mountains. The Superintendent of Mark’s school said,” You would get a better experience in foreign countries climbing mountains than you would in the classroom.” All of Mark’s friends thought it was so cool when he was going to begin climbing Everest and had several cameras in his face the day before he was leaving for Kathmandu. The amount of support Mark’s parents gave him during all his training and trips is phenomenal and so loving ! Thor is the leader and climber who is Mark’s guardian while on climbs. Thor virtually becomes a mentor to mark. Through nasty interviews and reports to dealing with local government authorities in foreign countries. Mark learned so much from having Thor as his climbing Instructor. Nature is the character who repeatedly tries to stop Mark from attending any climbing events. Geoff is the laying foundation of the “climbing” mark. Mark’s spark of fire came from Geoff on URI rock climbing. He encouraged Mark to go out and adventure but to also take big risk and attempt to get sponsors for climbs. What a great group of Characters!There is both Man vs Nature and Man vs Man . Mark has a huge fight against nature during the period of climbing and training as a young teen and adult. Nature threw severe storms at Mark but it did not stop him from succeeding. Mark was about to get on the mountain when his dad called and said,” Mark, get home as soon as you can!” Mark flew home as fast as he could. His Dad told him,”Mark I have cancer.” This could lead to our next conflict of man vs self. Mark now had to make the decision of climbing or to stay home and help his father. What will mark chooseThis story helped me realize that throughout life you can not give up and must have rock -solid determination and a huge amount of heart. The amount of challenges Mark faces throughout this book intrigued me. I wanted to keep turning pages until I found out what the end result would be. When Mark begins to climb Everest he runs into a snow storm and became sunburned from climbing to advanced base camp. How Mark dealt with his problems and challenges was uplifting. When Mark was told his dad had cancer, that to me was the turning point in this novel. It caused mark to make a huge adult decision at such a young age. Besides breaking world records, he always made sure his family came first. I love adventure and challenges and I hope you do too! This book is perfect you. Just remember never give up, the end is near.

  • Gabriel Freyre
    2019-04-04 15:07

    Within Reach: My Everest StoryFive of five starsThis book is the true story of the narrator, Mark Pftzer, who is trying to accomplish his dreams of climbing all the mountains of the the world, and most importantly the king of them all, Everest. During the story, Mark begins his journey to summit them all at the age of 14. Mark summits Mount Pisco, several mountains across the Himalayas, and even attempts to summit Everest at the age of 15 and 16. He faces many challenges like dangerous terrain, unpredictable weather, altitude sickness, and too many climbers. In fact, Mark is on the Mount Everest during the most deadly day in the mountain's history.I gave this book 5 of 5 stars because it is the interesting story of a teenager doing incredible things. The story has lots of description as Mark admires the epic view he saw in the mountains. The story is written from Mark's point of view and he uses great detail to describe the beautiful scenes that he saw. There is also a lot of action in the book with Mark. Mark describes dealing with the dangers of the mountains like huge crevasses and steep inclines that Mark had to face when trying to stand on top of the mountain. He also faces dehydration, edema, and lack of oxygen. He has to react to other people's bad decision. In the end, he must decide to risk everything and continue on. He must do all this without help and advice from his parents.Readers will be inspired by Mark's spirit and determination,Because this book shows that anyone can follow there dream no matter if your a teen or your dream is to touch the heavens, just, "don't give up, never give up. You want to do something and you think you can't?,you can do it. Stick with it." -Mark Pfetzer (Within reach, my Everest story, pg.211)

  • Julie
    2019-04-09 15:55

    Amazing to see the dedication a teenager can have to focus on a goal. I have a 14 year old son whose main ambition is to play video games and eat junk food. If I could get him to read this book and see what is possible at his age maybe he would start thinking ahead. Mark and Jack have recounted well how he progressed from a beginner to being able to take on Everest. I truly appreciate that he didn't go more into the Rob Hall/Scott Fischer story as that would have taken away from his own story.I love the family support he has and the love he has for his family.

  • Tatum Hamernik
    2019-04-13 16:17

    This book reminded me of one that an English teacher might have a class of middle or high school students read. It was interesting to learn about Everest and how hard Mark worked to reach his goals. I found that even though the book was on the shorter side it felt like a long read.

  • Megan Fuller
    2019-04-10 16:59

    I love this book. I am inspired. Thank you mark for sharing your story!

  • Lorenzo
    2019-04-03 18:04

    My review of the story is that it is a very good kind of story that has inspiration all over inside the book. The book doesn't have much foreshadowing either but it does make for it because the book is written as a first person so the reader feels more engaged in the reading. The book is about this young teen who is usually bigger than other kids his age and his dream is to climb mt. everest and during the trip he also finds out he is the youngest. During the start of the book it tells how he had to find sponsors and supplies to buy for the climb.When he gets there he mentions that he isn in it for the fame but just for his own personal gain. He also other friends has over there helping him. Throughout the book after that itś about his journey up the mountain. when he get down, he then goes after another mountain and climbs it too. after all the climbing adventures he comes back home and when he goes back to school he is ready and not dragging. During the climbs he does have injuries and more problems but in the story it shows the quick thinking skill and his friends help to climb mt everest. What i think of the book is that it's great to inspire other teens to do other cool things like him. The book uses first person a lot to keep the reader inside the book so they feel as if they are the ones climbing the mountain while reading the book. The book does not consist of a lot of suspense because of the fact that it's climbing a mountain so the writer used the first person writing to make up for it. Even though that I usually like adventuring books and mysteries to keep me speculating this book was still able to get me to keep reading. I still wouldn rate the book a full five stars because of the way that some parts do get draggy and doesn't provide much detail to work with throughout the story. Its also what helps me fall asleep other than homework because of the fact that it has no mystery on who the villain was. We all can tell during the story he is that protagonist and nature is the antagonist. The book does have good moments till because of the fact that he is climbing a mountain does mean they're going to be those parts that we speculate what he might go through. If the reader has already climbed mount everest they would still like the book because they get so see it in another person's eyes and see what they had to go through during his climb and can compare their climb to his. With people that haven't climbed the mountain yet could use this book as a helpful tip guilder and tell them what to expect and what to worry about. For people that just want to read the book and doesn't plan to climb the mountain, This book can still inspire them to do great things other than climbing a mountain. They can still become great people and get inspiration to read this book. The people who have done great things and have climbed everest they can see what itś like as a teenager doing great things and being in the teenagers shoes seeing how it would be like. The story all in all is good has very good first person writing and can draw a reader in well and inspire them. My mom thinks that was the main purpose for writing it. I think that the book is very ins pirational, but still could've used more inspiration.

  • Nicolem225
    2019-04-06 13:20

    My Everest Story is an fascinating memoir written by an inspiring 16-year-old Mark Pfetzer. My Everest Story is a book compiled with a variety of journal entries, written throughout his teenage years, about his journey and growth as a rock and ice climber. The young climber writes about his hardships as a young, unemployed thirteen-year-old in the beginning, and concludes with his success, achievements, and accomplishments as a young adult. Mark's ultimate goal throughout his journey is to summit Mount Everest, located on the international border between China and Nepal. Mark prepares for his Mount Everest adventure by exercising every night - including lifting weights in his basement, working with his personal trainer, and jogging up and down the stairs of the Newport Hospital where his mom works. His personal trainer pushes Mark to be eager and willing to do just about everything. As a thirteen-year-old, Mark would often train at an indoor climbing gym- where he meets experienced climber Geoff Tabin. Mark is fascinated by the way he climbs up the rock wall, with such grace and ease. Geoff Tabin was a great role model for Mark and inspired him to intimately get into climbing. After talking, telling stories, and climbing every weekend at the RI gym, the two became very close- as Geoff sponsors Mark for his first trek. Mark's dedication and love for the sport is a contributing factor that causes him to, in the end, start to climb Everest. Mark makes many sacrifices to achieve his goals, including missing school, friends, and money- Mark had to raise over $5,000 to support the equipment for his climb! He shows that hard work will always pay off, with the support of your parents and coaches.The main setting of the book takes place on the mountains of Nepal and Argentina, small treks that Mark would sign up for with groups of (mainly) older men. Al Burgess, leader of Mark's first climb, grow close with Mark and support him of his hopes and dreams for the future. After successful summiting mountains in Nepal, Mark continues to find more challenges and overcomes his ultimate fears with the help of Al and Geoff. All of these people had been great role models for Mark, as well as myself, in a way that made me connect to Mark's conflicts and dilemmas. I would certainly recommend this book to someone else, specifically, to a teenage or young adult audience. I would not recommend this book to someone who does not have prior background knowledge about climbing. I loved how Mark Pfetzer described the plot events throughout the book, as some may view it as a complex text with a complicated plot. The details, however, were described perfectly with a complete point of view and Mark perspective. There was plenty of suspense and life lessons to be learned from this book, as I cannot think of one thing I disliked about My Everest Story. Mark's progression and development as a character makes him someone to look up to. However, I might have changed the ending of the story, as it ends on sort of a cliffhanger. I would have wanted to know if Mark had completed his second Everest summit by the end if the book. Overall, I enjoyed My Everest Story very much.

  • Chris
    2019-04-14 13:24

    "Within Reach" is an autbiography of a man named Mark Pfetzer who is a famous mountain climber. His story looked interesting so I decided to read his book. It was one of best non fiction books I have ever read.What I liked about the book was how passionate Mark Pfetzer was in his writing. You could tell he cared a lot about mountain climbing and his emotions in his writing translated into me enjoying the book. Another thing I liked about the book was the main character Mark. Most of the autobiagraphy takes place when Mark is a teenager, and he was an interesting person to read about because he had such a love for climbing at a very early age. I also enjoyed learning more about Mt. Everest and the dangers of the mountain. Mt. Everest has always amazed me, and Mark gave many different tibits on the mountain and his own journey throughout the book. The last thing I liked about the book was the theme that was strongly expressed. The theme was to never give up, and if you really want to pursue something you can make it happen. It sounds cliched, but Mark's story proved that with determination you can do whatever you want. For example, Mark at thirteen wanted to go on an expedition to Nepal so he raised all 5,000 dollars, and took a plane with the rest of the group over to Asia without his parents.There wasn't much I didn't like about "Within Reach" because the story amazed me so much. If I had to critique one thing it would be the level of difficulty when reading the book. Even though it was farely long, the book was easy to read and had a simple vocabulary excluding the unfamilair mountain climbing terms Mark explained in the book. Sometimes I enjoy reading slightly challenging books because it helps me become a better reader. This book was on the easier side because it's an autobiography and Mark writes as if he were talking to someone.What surprised me was that Mark never summits Mt. Everest. He was a capable climber, but inclimate weather and conditions kept him from summiting each of his two attempts. During his book I was expecting him to eventually conquer Mt. Everest because he had succesfully climbed many of the world's toughest mountains. The amazing part was that even though I'm sure he was dissapointed, he never complained or quit climbing.What impacted my thinking was the theme I discussed earlier. At age 15, with only three years of experience, Mark attempted his first summitt of Mt. Everest, and even though he failed, he made it 25,000 feet. Mark never let anything stop him and it shows you that when you really want something, nothing will stop you. Mark wanted to climb and he found ways to earn the money to train and conquer the world's most prestigous mountains.Overall, "Withhin Reach" was an amazing story of a young man who let nothing stop him from climbing. I was so impressed with his story despite the easiness of the book, that I am going to rate it a five out of five stars.

  • Jack Di
    2019-04-10 13:14

    Within Reach: My Everest Story I read this book for two specific reasons, I enjoy reading true story adventure books and my mom recommended it too me because she likes to read the same type of books I read. I figured it would be a story about climbing the tallest mountain in the world, Everest, just by looking at the title. After reading this book I got more than what I expected. The author, Mark Pfetzer, goes into detail about his experience on Everest and the other mountains he conquered before that. His dream was to finally climb Everest. He would be the youngest in the world to reach the peak. This story makes me feel like I am there with him. I felt happy while reading this book because I enjoyed reading about Mark doing his dream, to climb Everest. I feel like there is more to life than just the ordinary. Every moment in the book he explains in full detail, from coughing up blood near the top of one of the tallest mountains in the world to spending quality time with his family. While reading the book this quote really made me think: "I feel bad for all those people who have so little positivity going on in all of their lives that all they can do is a negative: quit. It must be very lonely, and very hard to fill up your day, hard to feel as if you can do anything worthwhile. Kids my age need the direction school can give us"(Pfetzer 214). Some kids in school just think of the fastest way to get out of their work and school. Those kids just think of the negatives in school and life, they never enjoy the positivity in life. After reading this book I try to look at the good things in life. The book made me feel better and happier about my everyday life. A kid like Mark who was able to do his dream and still do school work only looked at the positives. He was able to climb Everest and take the time to do his math homework while being happy. I believe he is a very inspirational person. I recommend this book to a large group of people. I recommend it to people interested in climbing, my family, friends, and school mates. I recommend this book because I learned a lot about perseverance and staying positive even through rough times. Mark's father was diagnosed with cancer while he was climbing. He tried to stay positive and focus on his dream while still visiting his father. He did this by staying around people he knew and loved and always looked at the big pictures which was to train hard, work hard, and climb Everest. He always looked to the future and ways to get better as a climber and a person. I learned a lot from this book and I think you will too.

  • Bradley Debien
    2019-04-05 13:59

    My Everest Story was told in first person point of view, Mark the main character wrote this book. Throughout the story Mark will tell you all of his journeys to get to Mt. Everest. One of main ideas in My Everest Story was let nothing stand in your way. He was very tall when he was young and he didn’t really like any other sport. Mark was young when he started to climb, 12 years old. Mark ended up really liking climbing and got really good. Marks dad is fighting cancer and in bad condition. Mark ends up meeting Dr. G who is like Marks mentor and helps him through all of his issues.Mark started climbing a year ago and is starting to get to good for Lake Placid. Lake Placid was his first real climb. Where it all started for him. So Mark wanted to make the trip out to Nepal. Money was tight for his family but that didn’t stop Mark. He went to nearly every business in his town to collect the 5,000 dollars he needed to go to Nepal. As his dad fights cancer, Mark doesn’t let that stop him and pushes through. He continued to climb even though his dad was near death. Marks dream ever since he was little was to climb Everest. He worked very hard to get there; he went to Nepal, Peru, Africa, Lake Placid and many more places for climbs. He trained all his life for this. Read to find out if Mark has enough will to complete his goal.The type of person that’d be interested in this book would be someone who is looking for goals, someone who is struggling in life and trying to find their self. Also someone with no self motivation that’s looking for some. This book will show you that anything is possible if you just try. The beginning of this novel talks about how he started climbing and his father got cancer, there wasn’t a lot of money in his house. He had everything going against him but that didn’t stop him. As you read and watch Mark pick his self up and things start to go good for him, he finds a friend, starts climbing, I guarantee it’ll make you think and reflect. It might even get you motivated to start something new. Also at the end when Mark has to push through his father passing away and Marks near death experience on Everest Mountain might just show you that how hard stuff might get don’t give up.

  • Laurent
    2019-04-23 12:03

    An interesting young man's tale - but a flawed bookI read this book because it was recommended to me and also due to my interest in mountaineering adventure. Mark Pfetzer has certainly a full and interesting life than many of us would be envious of. He's definitely done some very interesting things and should be extremely proud of his achievements.It is nice to see someone so young who has the nous and determination to find a goal and go and get it - this should be an inspiration to young people that they can dream and achieve incredible goals, even if it's on a much smaller level.Having said all of this, I would not recommend this book to adults and would say it's better categorised as a 'young adult' book. This book isn't put together very well and needs significant editing. We are constantly reminded that Mark is a '16 year old' kid or 'only a kid' and while I appreciate this is the main selling-point of his story, this is repetition became extremely fatiguing.Many comments, statements and stories are said in an off-hand kind of way, without going into enough detail or not going detail that could of interest. At a guess, I would say that this is because the ghost writer, Jack Galvin, perhaps didn't have sufficient experience to render the story vividly and the editor didn't take enough time to do their job.(Now this is a personal gripe.) Whilst Pfetzer constantly claims he wasn't motivated to climb Everest to break age-records and I understand that he did have quite a bit of mountaineering experience to do so, I wasn't convinced that this wasn't a significant driving factor.Personally, I think the high mountains, where the difference between life and death is so fine is not a place for kids. I understand that this is one of the main points of the book - that Mark 'is pretty much an adult', really mature etc, but I just don't believe you can compact real life experience. If he had died in the '96 storm like so many others, I'm sure his parents and supporters would have been crucified.If you're looking for mountaineering book, I'd highly recommend Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air, which is far superior book, both for the quality of its writing, and also for its success in portraying the magnitude, grandeur and determination required to scale to the heights of the world.

  • Matt Gagnon
    2019-04-13 10:16

    The book "My Everest Story," written by Mark Pfetzer, is a non-fiction book about a boy who wants to fulfill his dreams of climbing up Mount Everest. It is written in first person's view, climbing and fulfilling his dream throughout the book. In my opinion, it probaby could've been a little more descriptive. It had some description, but not as mush as a good reader would've like.This story begins in August of 1992. Mark was a twelve year old boy at the time. it took place at the Alton wilderness center at the University of Rhobe Island. They are there practice hiking, camping and rock climbing. Mark is very tall for his age but takes no intrest in any of the more physical sports; basketball, football, baseball, or soccer. He does seem to take interest in endurance sports such as hiking, running and even karate. Mark met a man, more of a mentor, named Dr. Geoff Javin, who has been to the top of Mt. Everest. Mark's first real climb was at a place called Lake Placid. That climb went very well, even though it was more like a hike.The next step was a trip to Nepal. It cost $5,000, which Mark paid with donations from almost every business in his community. He raised the money and went on the trip to Nepal. The trip only lasted for about one month. Mark then went on many expeditions like that over the next two years. Finally, on April twenty-third 1995, he gets to fulfill his dream of climbing up Mt. Everest. I think that the author achieved his purpose about his adventures destinctively. He told about his trips with passion, like when he was explaining the Everest story. The writing is very effective because I could tell he was explaining tell he was having fun on all of the trips just by his explanations. I find the book very moving because it started out with a little kid, wanting big dreams that would eventually be fulfilled. I would recommend it to people who are having trouble finding their "dreams" or goals in life.Mark Pfetzer makes me want to fulfill my dreams by going completely out of the box. He is a very inspirational writer and i enjoyed this book a lot. Furthermore, I recommend this book to youth or adults who are struggling to find their goals in life and if they already know what their goal is then to fulfill it and to never give up on it.

  • Jack Shaffer
    2019-04-14 18:19

    The memoir Within Reach: My Everest Story is a book about life, death,, and strength. Mark Pfetzer, the co-author, is the young sixteen year old boy in this memoir. He goes on an expedition to climb the tallest mountain in the world, Everest. Mark describes in his memoir the fight and struggle of the journey up and down the mountain. He also describe how many climbing records he has broken and how many mountains he has climbed. This memoir is only about the one, the tallest, Everest.In this memoir I think the author’s purpose is clearly stated. Mark Pfetzer is trying to tell his tale. He wants everyone to know about his journey and struggle. This memoir’s purpose was to appeal to readers and to give them a sense of accomplishment. When someone accomplishes something in a book the reader then tends to also feel accomplished. This is the purpose of the memoir Within Reach: My Everest Story.The major theme in this book is perseverance. Mark Pfetzer after once failing to to climb Everest tries it again and succeeds. He talks about his other climbs and his hardships, but he never gave up. He has perseverance even when he failed. Pfetzer needed perseverance in this time of his life because he describes it as the most difficult thing he has undergone. One perseverance quote is: ¨Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it's to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career¨. This talking about how you have to be strong to succeed. Perseverance is needed to have strength because there is always struggles and hardships. The memoir was in a narrative style because it was written by Mark Pfetzer. He is describing what he did and how he did it. It was in chronological order. The author does not have his own style because he is young and only published one book. In my opinion i liked this book. I have read a similar fiction book so I already knew a lot about Everest. That book is still my favorite book. I think that this memoir was perfect how it is.

  • Vdelv11
    2019-04-01 10:06

    “My Everest Story” by Mark Pfetzer is a great non fiction book. It is about a 16 year old boy named Mark. Mark and his family help him on his amazing journeys of climbing. He was born and raised in the US, but traveled around the world climbing so of the biggest mountains in the world. His parents made a lot of sacrifices for him throughout the book. Like paying for all of his trips out of the country, his climbing gear, and the trainers to help him become a great climber at a young age. Mark is a very driven kid who puts his mind to the impossible. One day Mark asks his parents for one more huge sacrifice.Mark wants to achieve his ultimate goal of climbing Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. He had to really convince his parents to let him conquers his dreams. They finally said yes after weeks of arguing. Before climbing he would have to go through weeks of training in base camp before climbing. Six weeks of Mount Everest base camp was very hard for him. I really liked this book because it was an underdog book. He proved so many people wrong on his way to the top. I also really loved how his family bonded together. They compromised to solve all of their problems instead of arguing. For example, when he asked his parents if he could go to Indonesia they worked it out without arguing. One thing that I didn’t like about this book was Mark seemed like he over exaggerated a little when he was talking about base camp. For example, he said all we ate each day was water and sardines. I would change was the ending. He should have talked about how becoming the youngest person to ever climb Mount Everest felt later in life.Finally, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves trues stories about underdogs. This is a great book for families also. This is because it tells you what they do for each other. I don’t want to give much more away so go out and read the book“My Everest Story.”

  • Con
    2019-04-05 14:18

    In My Everest Story by Mark Pfetzer and Jack Galvin, Mark Pfeyzer attempts to climb Mt. Everest as a 16 year old. He virtually finds his sponsors, learns how to climb, and finds a team to get on Everest by himself because he wants to be a great mountain climber. When Mark wrote his autobiography he wanted the readers to know that they can do anything if they set their mind to it, but the more important theme was that wanted people to have a loving tight fit family. The author tells the reader several times that his family’s support helps him succeed at his dreams. At the end of the book Mark sacrifices climbing to spend time with his dying father.Reading nonfiction is sometimes difficult with readers who enjoy fantasy. This book is as exciting as any fantasy with the intense action of climbing Mt. Everest and the disappointment when it does not happen. The reader can easily get caught up in the exciting book and the descriptive writing really shows the reader what challenges Mark faces such as what his fractured rib feels like, “...feel the knife slide in and out of my ribs,”(114). Some of the best parts of the book are Mark’s man vs. self-struggle to decide if he wants to keep climbing. These parts really support the theme of the book, “Couldn’t be worrying about Dad and have the complete focus on Everest demands at the same time” (211). This conflict keeps the reader reading and supports the theme by showing that love for his family outweighs his favorite hobby. Finally, the book is written as a diary, but still has the basic components of a book. The authors use incomplete fragments and it sounds good. The start of chapter one reads, “What’s a carabiner? Dynamic rope? Static rope?” (9). It sounds genuine and therefore makes the book better. This book could be a doorway into the land of non-fiction/biographies for most Middle School students.

  • FelixBrunner
    2019-03-29 11:01

    This is my second book from Asia as part of the read around the world challenge. Within Reach is a book which tells the story of Mark Pfetzer, a person with huge ambitions and dreams. It is a story about his first-hand experience with climbing the highest of heights. The book kicks off when Mark is in his early teens and is participating in an outdoor adventure camp. He becomes very fond of climbing and scaling rocks. From then on, the book progresses to show how Mark works his way up in the world of climbing. As a reader, I watch Mark grow in maturity, age and personality as he climbed mountain after mountain. This book really outlines the fact that nothing is ever going to come easy and that if a person wants to achieve a goal, they have to work hard for it. Some key aspects that affect the story are:- Marks dad diagnosed with cancer. Upon hearing about this, Mark was devastated. He had to make a choice, deciding on whether to continue climbing or support his family. Putting others ahead of himself, Mark decides to quit a life of climbing to go and see his dad.- His attempts at Everest 95' and 96'. When Mark dropped out of these climbs, he'd felt awful to have let everyone down; his family, his friends and his supporters. However, he does not drop his head but keeps going. I believe that these points are the biggest factors that affects Mark as a person. In the darkest of times, people show their true selves. Mark exhibits great bravery and courage to continue going no matter what is thrown at him. Overall, Within Reach is one of the best non-fiction books I've read so far. To read about such a hard working and persevering character get his reward at the end of all his work is enlightening. It really shows that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

  • T.J.
    2019-04-20 11:56

    My Everest Story by Jack Galvin is a great book with some wonderful features. To understand why the author wrote the book, you must understand a little bit about his background. Jack Galvin is a high school English teacher, and one of his students’ travels intrigued him. That student was Mark, a young kid who dreamed of climbing Mt. Everest. After his travels, Galvin spent a year with Mark writing the biography of his travels. With this, he shared Mark’s travels with the world. Throughout the book, it is shown that a person can do anything, no matter who they are. In many instances throughout the book, Mark overcomes many large feats. This is shown throughout the book, by just the sheer number of mountains Mark climbs. With that, he also overcomes many emotional feats that include missing his family, and feeling as if he is just ready to quit. The book itself is written as a third person narration, which allows us to feel as if we’re actually there but viewing the actions take place, not do them ourselves. Even on a hot summer day, it is possible to feel the icy cold of a mountain wind. The book includes an exposition at the end of the book, which explains many of the climbing terms that were used. The book had almost no persuasive sections though, which seems quite fitting for this type of book. Personally, I feel as if this book was decent, but not great by any means. It was quite descriptive, but the overall storyline was dry in general. One of the things I did like about it, was that it showed us that despite who we are, we can pull off anything with effort. One thing I would change about it, is to make it more interesting to read. It wasn’t a chore to read it, but could have been much better. Honestly I haven’t read many books like this before, but this might lead me to try another.

  • Iskreads
    2019-04-09 12:04

    Imagine you were standing on a 29,000 foot high mountain peak with an ice ax in your hand, and a 40 pound backpack full of climbing equipment on your back, waiting for your chance to climb to a snowy summit on the top of the world. Well that’s how I felt when I read Within Reach; My Everest Story, a very intriguing and fascinating book that follows the journey of a boy as he accomplishes his life-long dream of climbing. Mark is the reason I loved this book. Not only does he make me see the things he sees, he makes me feel the things he feels as he has to cope in a new language and deal with different societies, food, customs, and even geography.Mark climbed dozens of extravagant mountains around the world as his classmates sat in school reading and learning about different cultures, food, countries, and their people, while Mark experienced it all.I was soon absorbed in a spellbinding account of Mark’s preparations of climbing to achieve his ultimate goal, Mount Everest. He talks about his love for endurance sports as compared to ball sports and says “I like working on a goal, making it happen”. Mark’s devotion and commitment is astonishing once he has taken a decision. I finished the book with very mixed feelings – a sense of delight at Mark’s achievements and how he didn’t let anything get in the way of his dreams, and a sense of faultiness about myself, considering that I give up on things easily. But the book left me befuddled and determined to make every second of my life the most important. This is a truly inspirational book for everyone full of surprises, and can only leave one a better person at the end.
    Hanna N.

  • Olivia NL
    2019-03-25 17:18

    The eighteen year old climber Mark Pfetzer, had an amazing story to tell about his journey to Everest and all of the experiences that followed. I personally loved this book because he kept me intrigued by giving his thoughts and input on how he started to love a great climb. I feel like this book is a great read for kids, teens and adults because the story is clear and does not have intense vocabulary. When I first saw this book, I thought that it was going to be another “inspiring” book about how a man made it to Everest, but this is not the case. Pfetzer writes the book as if he was writing in a journal in detail about his days learning about climbing, training and the steps needed to accomplish his goals. Pfetzer is determined to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals and dreams of climbing, "I like working on a goal, making it happen" he says. This is how I related to this book because if I am passionate about something and put my mind to it than I can do pretty much anything. There were several parts that made an impact on me in this book. One being the fact that he had spent so much money and time on preparing one of his trips, and then it had rained the whole time he was there and all he said was “you accept failure as a part of the mountain” (69). However, I found that sometimes when he was climbing mountains there would be times where it was dry and not too interesting. By the end of the book, you will have discovered that Pfetzer has developed a lot in terms of being more independent and a stronger person. I would give this book a four out of five stars and recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a unique, interesting and powerful book. Even though this book was about climbing, you do not have to be a climber to enjoy it. I look forward to learning more about Mark Pfizer's experiences through his future books.

  • Luke D
    2019-03-26 14:17

    In Within Reach, My Everest story By Mark Pfezer and Jack Galvin, Mark is a young climber whose dream it is to summit the great Mt. Everest. The three biggest characters are Mark, and both his parents. The main theme is to never give up and you can achieve most anything. The story is set in Massachusetts, Mt. Everest, Nepal, and South America. Because of the theme of the story, and the unique way of writing the story, Within Reach is a great adventure novel. The major theme of the book is don’t give up and you can achieve almost anything. There is line in the book that actually states that. “’don’t give up,’ I said, ‘never give up”’ (211) with Mark following this simple rule he goes to summit some of the biggest mountains in the world. “I am at the summit of an 8000 meter peak, 26750!” Mark is the youngest climber to ever summit most of the peaks he ever climbed. With his climbing career lasting between the ages of 14 and 16.The way Mark wrote this book is also fairly interesting. He wrote the story in a diary/journal entry kind of form. “August 28, 1996, I’m sitting in the back of a truck at it lurches up the belt.” This quote was from when he was riding up to base camp in Africa. Another good example was from his climb on Everest. “May 23, 1996, Summit Day” (166) this way of writing makes understanding what Mark was thinking a lot easier. With this way of writing it really allows the reader to relate to Mark.The reason that this is such a great adventure novel is the great theme, and the unique elements of how the author wrote the text. This is a great book for anyone who likes an adventure or is an avid climber. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. Hopefully this review motivates you to go pick up this book because this is a great book that should entertain anyone who likes to read.

  • Noah
    2019-04-13 18:02

    The book, Within Reach: My Everest Story, by Mark Pfetzer and Jack Galvin, is a book about struggles and never giving up. The main character, Mark, goes through months of tiring and painful struggles that sometimes don’t pay off , but there are times that do have great moments within them.In this book,I think the author’s purpose is clearly stated. Mark Pfetzer is trying to tell his tale. He wants everyone to know about his journey and struggle. This book’s purpose was to appeal to readers and to give them a sense of accomplishment. When someone accomplishes something in a book the reader then tends to also feel accomplished. In this book, there were three problems, the first being, climbing the tallest mountain in the world, the second being, wanting to break a world record with a rival who has the goal, finally, the last problem is an unexpected plight that occurs upon the destructive mountain, which I can't say because it spoils the book. There is a humongous amount of character change in this book resulting from these three problems and the protagonist discovers that climbing a mountain of plights isn't going up the mountain alone, it's more of teamwork and helping each other out in needy times. This book was a really good read and I was happy I chose it, it kept me wanting to read more almost every time I picked up the book. I also enjoyed it because it was an underdog book and proved so many people in society wrong about child stereotypes. It helped me, as a reader, to want to read more whereas before I read this, I didn't really have a passion for reading. The book would be recommended for people that like action, a great plot, character progression, and auto-biographies. Overall, it is a great book for anyone who reads it.

  • Michael Marie
    2019-03-24 10:24

    My Everest Story: Within Reach, Mark PfetzerThis book is about a sixteen year old boy that tries to climb Everest. It all started out when he was inspired to climb Everest, and to follow his dreams. At age thirteen Mark needs five thousand dollars to go to Nepal, and go on his first real Mountain to climb. He sends a hundred letters to local businesses to see if they would sponsor him. Since he was so young most of the businesses sponsor Mark. When he final reaches the summit he is the youngest to ever summit the mountain. He goes on to climb many more mountains. Then at the age of fourteen he tried to climb Mount Everest on the North side. When he was sixteen in 1996 he tries again, but this time on the South side of Mount Everest. He reaches 26,000 feet and a storm, that kills eight, forces them to go back down. He was going to try again, but his Dad was diagnosed with cancer, and later passes away.In this book Mark is telling us that we should follow our dreams because we are the only one deciding if we will meet our goals. He later in life meets his goal in 2005 to summit Mount Everest. I really enjoyed the book. It made me think about what I want to accomplish in my life. I thought that Mark made a good use of his early childhood life. I also liked how his teachers let him go on the trip to Nepal for three weeks saying that he would learn more in the real world. That many people will never get to have, and all he had to do was keep up with his homework. All in all I really liked this book. I thought that it tells you that you can do anything with your life that you put your mind too.

  • Emily10
    2019-04-05 15:18

    The Non-fiction book, My Everest Story by Mark Pfetzer is an inspiring novel about an ordinary sixteen year old boy named Mark Pfetzer, along with seven other climbers who summit Mount Everest, one of the tallest mountains in the world. During this book, Mark and his team face a tragic storm, killing other climbers, leaving them worried and upset about what is coming their way. This book is about a teenager over coming an obstical and a dream he has set his mind to, along the way their have been failures, but that didnt stop him. Just like people say, there are mountains beyond mountains, but you got to keep on going forward.This novel was intriguing to read because it showed a side of the story from the person who was climbing the mountain making this book more realistic and putting us in his shoes. This novel was putting the reader in a certain perspective that it made them feel as if they were alongside Mark Pfetzer in his journeys. However, at some points in this book the writer's description of the top of mountains or looking down into the splits in the ice didn't put a image into the readers mind. So, I would reccomend to add descriptions of looking down onto the world thats lays below them and the beuty of it. I would reccommend this book to students and adults because this book is a great example of why you should never give up. This novel teaches people that no matter what happens as your going, you have to keep on going forward, which is vital to know and learn because everyone has rough patches when they are on their journey but they always need to believe and themselves and move on.

  • Mariah710
    2019-04-03 12:06

    This exiting book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The story was narrated in such a way that I felt sympathy and all these feelings that weren't mine. I thought that there was never a time that I was bored but there were a few times when I felt like he was using the same kind of way to show each mountain he climbed. The reasons why I loved this book is because even though not a lot of people climb mountains and can relate to his specific dreams, he made it so that he could make you feel his dream of climbing. He made you relate it to your own dream and in that moment, you realize that everyone has dreams and they can come true. Also, I love the continuous tries of trying to get up Everest and the descriptions. I learned many climbing terms and now can imagine what it is like to be climbing up Everest because of his detailed descriptions. I think that even though each mountain was a different journey and different to climb, the descriptions were kind of the same on some of them. Like when he was climbing Mount Everest for the second time, he was wondering about if he would die and thoughts like that. I understand that he would think of that, but it was a little too persistent in his thoughts for me. Otherwise, I loved the story and how it was told. I would recommend this book!