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Determined to put the secrets of her painful childhood behind her and make it in the world of New York fashion, Ivory worked hard to win a pestigious design contest, a great new job, and the love of her talented new boss. But the ghosts of Ivory's past refuse to rest, and now they threaten to destroy everything she holds dear, including her new love....

Title : All That Glitters
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ISBN : 9780446363624
Format Type : Paperback
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All That Glitters Reviews

  • Jenny
    2019-05-02 16:37

    Ivory grew up extremely poor with a horrible, gold digger, abusive mother. She gets a scholarship to a design school and then wins a design contest and gets an internship with a prestigious fashion house. The company's owner, Curry is impressed with her designs. He and Ivory fall in love but Ivory lies to him about her background. She pretends she is a wealthy high society girl but when her cruel mother shows up and reveals the truth about her origins everything falls apart. Nice angst and interesting characters. Sweet virginal heroine and alpha hero. I’m a huge Diana Palmer fan and she never disappoints me.

  • Amy
    2019-04-29 10:43

    A good story - typical Diana Palmer. However, I was disappointed with a couple of things. This story was first published in 1995, but reissued (as a hardcover) at the beginning of 2018. I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that Palmer updated this story in some way. There were two characters mentioned - one is 8-year old Tim who is diagnosed with HIV, who makes an impact early on and then as the story develops, eventually disappears for no rhyme or reason. The other character is Curry's brother - all we learn about him is that he has severe mental disabilities and then later it's mentioned that he has Downs Syndrome, and that's it. I wish that if Palmer cared enough to briefly mention this, she would have followed through and talked more about this young man's special needs. Instead she treated it as if Downs Syndrome is a death sentence, when it's anything but! If Palmer had only fleshed these characters out more, it would have made the story a richer experience.

  • Chantal ❤️
    2019-05-11 16:46

    I can't say I loved this Diana Palmer- Susan Kyle book. I was very disappointed with the absent of passion and the sex was controlled. The whole book felt weird. First of all she is dishonest. That was a major no no for me for no reason that I found valid. The whole I wanted to be something else? Who cares?! She was very selfish and self centred and I disliked her. He was just bizarre, what I mean is that he was giving her gifts and sleeping with her but he was not enjoying it. It just felt weird. I can't say why it was a lot of things. The formula was the same she was a virgin he was dominating and insulting but like I said she was dishonest and self centred. I will keep it because I have all of DP work but I will not read it again. She can do so much better then this. However I gave it 3 because at least there was no stupid gaming references. I really wished she would get back to passion and forget the stupid WOW references I have teens if I wanted to hear about this I would just listen to them talking!!!! I read to escape into fantasy not to get a lecture about elves and magical mystical creature in cyber space!!!

  • Kate Vale
    2019-05-10 10:37

    Take one young woman badly parented and mistreated by her mother. She takes advantage of a scholarship to escape her home and ends up being selection for design work at a NYC fashion house. Add a boss who recognizes Ivory's talent and something else. He, too, has come from poor origins, but his mother is the opposite of Ivory's mom, who is intent on blackmailing Ivory into sending her money every month. Curry finds himself attracted to Ivory, but he fears any woman who might want to get rich because he can make it happen.Ivory does well and is falling in love with Curry, and then her mother injects herself into the NY scene, changing Curry's view of Ivory. The quickness with which he assumes Ivory's mother is right and her daughter is wrong and has misled him made me question the man's intelligence. But without such doubt, would there be a story? Maybe, maybe not. Fortunately, all's well that ends well, and how it gets there makes for a few more entertaining scenes.

  • Becky Tatar
    2019-05-17 13:29

    Different than Palmer's Western stories, this takes place in New York City, in the fashion industry. Ivory, from a poverty stricken background in Texas, wins a fashion design contest and a position at a fashion house in NYC. However, her shame in her background leads her to make up stories about her background, which come back to haunt her. She draws the attention of Curry Kells, the company's owner, who has his own background to overcome, as well as caring for his dying mother. A reprint from 1995, what's a little unusual in this is that there is premarital sex, which usually isn't the case so much in Palmer's Western titles. In those, the couple might be together once, but then they almost immediately plan a wedding.

  • Margo
    2019-05-16 12:47

    This book has been re-released after 25 years due to Palmer's well-earned popularity. However, couldn't someone read through these books and take out the most obviously racist parts? (I'm referring to when the heroine complained bitterly that her mother's rich lover put her to work "with the blacks and Mexicans who slaved in the fields." Yes, she had a Mexican surrogate family she loved very much, but the bottom line is that for some reason, the race of the people she worked alongside with is part of her complaint.) Would removing little mentions like this really harm these re-released books?

  • Judith Sherrod
    2019-05-02 15:24

    All That GlittersDirt poor, uneducated but talented Ivory took a chance on a design contest and won. She left her dirt poor home and resentful Mother in Texas and made a name for herself designing clothes. She invented her background and changed her way of speaking so no one would know where she came from. But her mother found her out and all the kids came undone when her mother showed up at her office and coincidently so did her boss. The man she loves and had lied to.

  • Karen Geurts
    2019-05-22 15:22

    I really enjoy Diana Palmer's books. I missed this one when 1st published. I like Ivory's character. She knows what she wants and doesn't want. She had a rough childhood, no love from mother or father. She became a strong and independent woman. Her and Curry make a great team. I am so glad they both got their HEA.

  • Jenni
    2019-04-25 13:44

    A good addition to Diana Palmer's catalog. I would note that this was one of the few titles where her protagonists actually have sex before they are married. That was the part that jumped out at me. But a quick enjoyable read.

  • Linda
    2019-04-29 10:49

    Loved it Absolutely loved it. Diana Palmer is the master of romance! When ever I want a feel good book I grab one of hers. This to me was about living down your roots, or better yet succeeding in spite of them.

  • Judy
    2019-05-21 14:27

    I like her books, they are so heart warming

  • Laura
    2019-05-10 09:24


  • Tami Denton
    2019-05-12 10:19

    Wonderful book about a scared young lady Ivory Keene who had to teach herself about achieving all her dreams on her ownHer mother Marlene was so bad to her

  • B. Engle
    2019-05-17 16:37 just need a happy ending. You need a book that said life is hard, but you can still survive.

  • Alysia Tew
    2019-05-19 16:30

    To me, it was a bit depressing until the very end. You could look at it as the girl having the strength to get away from her past. The continuous references to her past made it depressing.

  • Leigh
    2019-05-17 14:32

    I was 12 or 13 when I first read this. What I remember in my tender years, was the book was full of angst and the imperfection of the characters. And my heart pained a lil bit how H treated the h on the latter part of the story (because of a lie).Arrrgghhh...