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FORBIDDEN LOVEDavina Montgomery is no ordinary English lady. For her own protection, she's been locked away from society, her true identity the Crown's most closely guarded secret. Until a shocking betrayal--and a bold rescue--land her in the arms of a fierce Highlander, a powerful warrior whose searing gaze and tantalizing touch awaken her body and soul.UNDENIABLE DESIREAFORBIDDEN LOVEDavina Montgomery is no ordinary English lady. For her own protection, she's been locked away from society, her true identity the Crown's most closely guarded secret. Until a shocking betrayal--and a bold rescue--land her in the arms of a fierce Highlander, a powerful warrior whose searing gaze and tantalizing touch awaken her body and soul.UNDENIABLE DESIREAs the firstborn son of a powerful Scottish laird, Robert MacGregor has no loyalty to the English throne, but he's not the kind of man to leave a woman in distress, even if she is English. He vows to deliver Davina to safety, unharmed and untouched. Yet one stolen kiss leaves them both smoldering with desire...and desperate for more. With Davina's secret threatening to destroy his clan, Rob must choose between everything he holds dear and the one woman he can't live without.RAVISHED BY A HIGHLANDER...

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Ravished by a Highlander Reviews

  • Kristen
    2019-03-23 06:48

    4 Fabulous Stars!FABULOUS! Simply fabulous! I loved this book. It did, however, take me some time to fully enjoy listening to the audio version of the story. Until now, I haven't particularly cared to listen to audio books as I can read much faster on my own; I prefer my own internal voice; and, frankly, for some strange reason, I become beyond embarrassed listening to someone read a passionate sex scene aloud. I turn into a giggling teen that feels like I'm about to get caught doing something wrong. Lol. But, I had a long drive and listening to a book was the prefect solution. Ultimately, I found I enjoyed this narrator's voice. This is my first taste of Paula Quinn and I was not disappointed. I finally understand why many of my Goodreads friends love her work. Her writing is polished, detailed, and captivating. Her characters are multilayered, flawed, and endearing. I easily became immersed in the characters and the engaging plot. My only complaint was that I felt a bit lost where characters were concerned, but that was my own fault considering I didn't read the first two books in her initial highlander series and, in addition, they are not offered in audio format. Ravished by a Highlander is a feel-good historical romance that's full of heart and soul. It'll put a smile on your face and leave you feeling happy. This is romance at its best!

  • Dina
    2019-04-07 06:45

    Are you tired of "wallpaper" historical romances where the only thing hinting at the stories' period setting is a date provided at the beginning of the book or some vague description of the characters' clothing? If you are, this book might be what you're looking for, as real characters and events play important roles in the story.The year is 1685 and James of York has just ascended the throne of England as King James II, in a time when the fight for power between Protestants and Catholics is cause for big concern - and policital machinations. Lady Davina Montgomery is the Crown's most guarded secret, sent by her fearful parents to be raised as a Catholic by the sisters at St. Christopher's Abbey since her birth. She knows what she's to do when the time comes, but she must stay alive to fulfill her duty. Unfortunately, she's been betrayed by one of her most trusted friends and her enemies learn about her.Luckily for Davina, Scottish highlander Robert MacGregor and his companions happen to be passing near St. Christopher's Abbey, on their way to England to attend the new King's coronation, when they notice the Abbey is under attack. They join the battle, but they soon realize that the siege has been going on for hours and there's nothing they can do to save the Abbey and the sisters. However, there's one single person left to save: Davina. A dying Captain Asher, leader of the English Army that's protected her for the last 4 years, asks Rob to take her to a new location where she will be safe again - or so he thinks.Even though Rob doesn't know who Davina is and he's more than sure that she's got a lot of secrets that could harm him and his clan, his protective instinct - and something more, I might add :) - makes him take her under his care. As they travel north towards security, Rob and Davina begin to know each other better and, of course, fall in love with each other. Is there any chance of a HEA for them, though? Both of them have been raised to honor their responsibilities first and foremost. How can they cast that aside, choose a life together and risk endagering the lives of their families and friends?I adored Rob and Davina! It was very refreshing to read about a couple who didn't shy away from their feelings and had no qualms admitting how much they loved each other. As much as I enjoy some H/h bantering - when it doesn't turn into bickering, of course - I loved seeing how Rob and Davina were so open and never doubtful about their emotions. The conflict in their relationship came from outside forces, never from mutual distrust or misunderstandings. How great is that? :)The secondary characters were also very engaging. Rob's brothers and cousins were all fun to read about, and I'm sure they will be future heroes in this series. I especially liked fearless and bloodthirsty Colin, but he's still a tad too young and I don't think his book will be coming soon. I don't know how accurate King James's depiction was in this book, though. I've never met the man, LOL. Anyway, I could see why he didn't last long in the throne. I'm not implying he was weak, only that the opposing forces working against him were stronger and, well, better at scheming and manipulating.All in all, I really enjoyed this read. Romantic, violent (Rob didn't hesitate to separate one of his enemies' head from the rest of his body), funny and highly entertaining. Plus, Rob and Davina have become one of my favorite couples in Romancelandia. I'll be perusing this author's backlist for more, I can tell you that.Note: Even though this is oficially the 1st book in the Children of the Mist series, I felt I lost something by not having read Laird of the Mist (Rob's parents' story) and A Highlander Never Surrenders (Rob's father's friend Graham's story) first. Family connections were mentioned all the time in Ravished by a Highlander and it was a bit overwhelming. At one point, I had to stop reading and draw a chart to keep track of who was who.

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-04-09 03:26

    Quickie review!* "Read" the audio, narrator was AMAZING!!* The hero's name is Robert MacGregor...the name screams POWERFUL SCOTTISH LAIRD* Complete alpha male with a soft-n-sexy spot for his woman* Willing to do anything for her happiness* Sexy times!!* Heroine has a big, exciting secret (and it's a goodie!)* The last twenty percent was MAGIC! Brought a little tear to my eyeGlad to get back to a Highlander had been awhile. I'm definitely going to finish the series, but if you're a stickler for story arc order, I'd suggest listening to the MacGregor books first, which is what I plan to backtrack and do. They tell the story of the Macgregor/Grant marriages, while Children of the Mist (on the Isle of Skye) tells of their children.Happy reading!

  • Karla
    2019-04-13 22:37

    4 Solid Stars!! Love the family element woven into this series!! Highlanders...RAWRRR!! First off a big shout-out to Duchess Nicole for giving me the heads up on the audiobook version of this series! You were right...great narrator, fabulous story, scrumptious men! A delicious romance were the hero reluctantly rescues the heroine, unravels the secrets that surround her, and they fall in love despite the fact the odds are against them. So many wonderful characters, yummy Highlanders, and I can't wait to read their stories moving forward. I will say I felt a little lost with some of the characters and their family ties, something my girl Kristen and I felt the same way about, and we discussed this at length. I think I'm going to go back and read, Laird of the Mist and A Highlander Never Surrenders, to get the back story on Callum and Kate, and Graham and Claire. They are the parents to all the characters in this series and I think it would enhance my reading of theChildren of the Mist series.

  • Angelc
    2019-03-30 04:47

    "Ravished by a Highlander" was a rare mix of in-depth historical and political details combined with a moving, emotional love story. It's pretty unique for an author to succeed so well at both ends of the spectrum.Davina has been hidden away in a convent for her whole life in order to protect her from political plots to kill her. Everything comes to a peak when the entire abbey and the soldiers guarding her perish in an attack. Fatefully, the son of a Scottish laird, Robert MacGregor, and his clansmen happen by the siege and join the fray. Rob heroically rescues Davina from the fire, but she holds onto many secrets about the cause of the battle and why someone will go to such lengths to murder a nun in training. On their journey back to Rob's home, they develop feelings for each other, but will Rob ever know all of her secrets.Rob is my favorite kind of hero, the always honorable, strong and protective warrior. He's been so busy training to be a laird and take care of his clan, he hasn't had time for love-until love finds him with Davina. Rob loves her at all costs and will defend her safety no matter what. I loved that Davina was a bit of a free spirit and full of life once she saw the world outside of the convent. Her spontaneity and Rob's no-nonsense way didn't always mix, but they love and accept their differences and don't try to change each other.I love complex secondary characters, and the men in Rob's clan just jumped off the page for me. After Davina's rescue, all of the men practically fell in love with her. Who doesn't want a handful of handsome, charming highlanders catering to her every whim? Of course, all of the men are complete gentlemen and the flirtations are so innocent, it makes for the perfect fantasy. All of the clansmen have unique, three dimensional personalities, and Davina has a unique friendship with each one. My personal favorite of the group is Finn. He's just too sweet and cute, as well as a little bit fragile, as he follows Davina where ever she goes like a puppy.Sometimes, I preferred a bit less historical detail, because I wanted to read more about the vivid characters and their interactions than the politics. But the historical landscape was essential to the magnitude of the story, so I felt like it was a bit like eating my vegetables to get to dessert. This romance is for the reader who wants a deep, emotional love story with lots of historical details and action to fill out the story. i can't wait to read the rest of the series and see more of the MacGregor clan.This ARC was provided for review by Hachette Books.reviewed for:

  • Kathleen
    2019-03-30 06:32

    I absolutely LOVED this book. I usually read steamy HOT book's and knew going into this book that the heat level was lower than the book's I usually read. I was surprised when the heat did start that it was quite hot and I was happy that it took some time to get burning. I could feel the love that Davina and Rob had for each other leaping off of the pages. They were both fantastic characters and I would not have changed a thing about them. The story was really good although it had it's violent parts which to me only added more to the story. After finishing this book I know without a doubt that I will be buying the next book, Seduced By A Highlander coming out 9-1-10. P.S, thanks Dina

  • Jamie
    2019-03-22 02:31

    I loved Davina and Rob! Great chemistry with one of my favorite backdrops.. the Highlands... Where men were strong , courageous, growly possessive... and wearing those sexy kilts! Rob was a huge beast of a man that that would do anything for Davina... even spirting her away to his home and clan to protect her from those that want her dead, and possibly bringing down the wrath of others in power on him and his family.... I love these Highland stories... so romantic and .. just a whole other world. I admit to being a little distracted a few times because there were a lot of side characters we met. But I know this book was to lay the ground work for other stories for characters we met here. My one complaint is the lack of an epilogue. I will definitely be continuing this series !

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-04-14 23:38

    Sweet Highlander HistoricalThis was a really cute story that read like a more "traditional" historical (which I always love - historicals hold a special place in my heart). It was a little slow to start and I didn't always see what was so awesome about Davina...But I did see what was so awesome about Rob. Verra. Bonnie. Lad.That trollop is in my spot.Much Better.But I digress... As I said, it started off a little slow, but started to pick up about halfway through. The last 30% or so was especially fun and I really enjoyed reading about Skye. I want to go there...

  • Sans
    2019-03-24 01:42

    I should have made a drinking game out of this book: every time someone mentions "God", do a shot. I'd have been shitfaced by the end of the first chapter.Now, I have no problem with religion. I respect that everyone has their own faith (or not) and even if I don't agree with someone's beliefs, I appreciate that they mean something to that person. I can't fault someone for believing something. And I understand that it was the era, that the basis of the plot was these peoples lives intersecting on the cusp of the English monarchy moving between Protestant and Catholic faiths and that it really wasn't avoidable. But I really could have done without our leading lady thanking God for her braw Highlander while he's bringing her to screaming orgasm. And it wasn't just the typical, "Oh God, oh God". Nope, couldn't have that. No, she was actually praying while banging her kilt-wearing man. That put me off.If I'd been able to ignore that part of the story and focused more on the characters and situations themselves (and not had to hear about their faith and belief that God brought them together), I could easily have given this 4 or 4.5 stars. But there was no way to separate religion from the rest of the story so I'm sticking with 3 stars.

  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2019-04-08 23:42

    The only thing that gave this book a 3 star rather than a 2 star rating is that I enjoyed some parts. I love that this is about the children from both Laird of the Mist and A Highlander Never Surrenders, both of which I liked.I just read about every review on gr about this book and almost every single one of them is a 4 or 5. Did I read the same book, because puh-leez.Our heroine Davina has a secret. It's a big deal, but the build-up is overkill. I guessed the secret, our hero guessed the secret...It was too much. What I don't understand is why she was sent to be raised in a convent in the first place? She has 2 younger sisters whom her father kept, why give up his firstborn? It never made any sense to me.And let's get to Davina herself. Sweet, saintly perfect Davina. I so expected better from Paula Quinn. Here is part of her description.She had an almost feline appearance.....slightly oversized ears.....the perfect hourglass silhouette of her nose ended in a tiny knob...Whose nose is hourglass shaped? And is that really ideal? Homegirl's got big ears. Big whoop. I wouldn't mind one imperfection, but Davina is portrayed as a freakin' goddess. Repeatedly. Gorgeous and beautiful and graceful as a swan. And hourglass/knob-shaped nose doesn't sound goddess-like to me.Okay, looks notwithstanding, Davina herself is gentle but can shoot a bow with the best of them...I'm thinking cool! A kick-ass heroine. Nope. She's as wussy as they come, cries at the drop of a hat. Ugh. I guess she's fairly true to form for being reared by nuns, and with the secret she has, but I expected...more...For being able to stand up to a big glaring Highlander, shouldn't she be more, I don't know, spunky?Rob himself was a good hero, but towards the end, with the reunion with Davina's father, he kind of irritated me with his behavior. I get that his heart was being ripped out, I do, but he acted a little more underhanded than I like in a man who values honor and honesty. I'm just sayin'. Oh, and the sex scenes were pretty sweet, but the sexual tension was crap. It all built on Rob's side, and Davina just smiled at everyone and forgave everyone and loved everyone to the point where I wanted her to experience anger or something other than tears or smiles. For me I just thought it was a bit much. I mean Rob at one point made Davina's teeth itch. What is that? Whose teeth itch from lust? Not mine. The language wasn't that purple-y, but we did have a heaving bosom once or twice. And for Davina to actually go with her father without telling him who Rob was to her? Her freakin' husband?! What, she'd let her father arrange her a marriage just conveniently forgetting she was already married? Really? I just didn't like the book, and the plot was almost identical to a Lynsay Sands book I read once called Always. I think most readers will like this one for the romance (I liked how Rob saw her and wanted her and took her) and the action (good fight scenes), but for me, the characters weren't that well-developed for a character-driven plot.

  • Crystal~BIG book addict~
    2019-04-07 23:56

    I need to find a hot, possessive Highlander to take me to Skye!!This was a great book full of alpha Highlanders who are very protective and possessive. Quick easy read and so worth it!

  • Katy
    2019-04-13 06:49

    Did I like this book?I should know. But I really don't. I keep flipping back and forth. Decent writing but the plot was kind of boring. Interesting history is woven throughout, but the characters are pretty run of the mill. There wasn't anything wrong with it but there really wasn't anything great about it either. I have no desire to ever read it again or read any of other books in the series. It was just kinda meh. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't gone into it with such high expectations. Everyone loved this book. It didn't really do it for me.Not to say that it was a bad book. Far from it. I just didn't enjoy it nearly as much as everyone else did.Super quick plot summary: Scottish warriors save Davina, a novice nun, from an ambush on her (oddly) well-protected convent. She, of course, is more than meets the eye. Their leader, Rob, a super sexy alpha Highlander, is immediately taken with the wee bonnie lass and hides her at his well-protected home in Skye. They fall in love with each other and marry despite the fact that doing so will start some major shit. For a while, they think they can get away with it, but eventually, word gets out. Said major shit does indeed go down and then they deal with it. This book was fine. The beginning dragged a little and the characters were pretty standard. Rob was brave and protective and actually quite generous with his affection. There really wasn't a lot of "will he pull his head out of his ass and realize he loves her" kind of thing. He fell hard and fast. Davina was feisty and sweet. It was pretty standard as far as romances go. It was heavy on history and that made it interesting but once again, it really wasn't anything special. Bad? No. Just not something I want to read twice.

  • ARomanceLover
    2019-03-20 03:38

    Davina is rescued by a highlander when the abbey she is living in is ambushed. They fall in love but her father is someone high in politics and she is meant for better things than a commoner like Rob. This is my first book from this author and I am very unimpressed. This was as cliche as can be with little originality given to the characters. Also, there were so many secondary characters you get lost in the soup of their names and familial connections. Though the historic part of it seemed very well researched the rest was just meh.

  • Whitney
    2019-03-26 23:32

    I didn't realize this was a continuous of a series. Well, it's the beginning of a new series with some characters returning. Plus, it's a pretty accurate Scottish history fiction SO there's a lot of characters/plots/politics involved. The first 50% of the book was not my favorite. I know the build and situations were important so I trudge on. The last 50% I loved. It's a very sweet story and I would recommend to other Highlander story lovers.

  • Carolyn
    2019-04-06 22:55

    RE-READING THE SERIES AGAIN! I'm keeping the review from the first time I read it. The year is 1685. Robert "Rob" MacGregor is the first-born son and heir apparent of the MacGregors of Skye, one of the most powerful but mysterious clans in Scotland. Rob is a well-honed, disciplined and driven warrior who has been trained from birth to be a leader with the protection and welfare of his family and clan foremost in his heart and mind. As a result, for years he has put aside his own pleasures, honing his swordplay and making decisions for the clan alongside his father, all the while knowing that any weakness of body or mind could destroy everything he holds dear. He is stubborn, single-minded and driven and is known amongst his family and clan to have an unbreakable will once he has made a decision.Despite the fact that he has no love for the English, he is on his way to England to attend the coronation of James of York, joining his family there to show their loyalty to the new king. It is on this trip that Rob comes upon an Abbey that is under siege, in flames and with few remaining men left fighting. Wanting nothing to bring undue attention to his clan, he tries to avoid a confrontation, but his fate is sealed by an arrow to his shoulder. And, who is the person who let loose that arrow? Lady Davina Montgomery.Lady Davina Montgomery has lived her entire life behind the protective walls of St. Christopher's Abbey. Brought there as an infant for her own protection, Lady Davina is educated, but a sheltered, benevolent soul. Never having stepped beyond the Abbey's walls, she can only read about the outside world and dream what it would be like to live there. Although the sisters of the Abbey have always been kind and loving towards her, Lady Davina has never known a mother's or a father's love and she yearns for a normal life. However, she realizes that her destiny is out of her hands and her fate is sealed. She has been taught from birth never to trust anyone. For Lady Davina holds many secrets close to her heart. Secrets that could cost the lives of those who so tenderly and lovingly raised her, as well as her own life. It isn't until she is betrayed and saved from certain death by a heroic Highlander, that the Lady Davina begins to believe that perhaps her dreams can come true. Or can they?"Ravished by a Highlander" by Paula Quinn is the first book in the Children of the Mist series. And, what a beginning!This book keeps you guessing from the first to the last page, never knowing which way the story will turn or how it can possibly end. Ms. Quinn's descriptions are so vivid that you have no problem easily picturing them in your mind or feeling them in your heart. Her characters are rich, well developed, and multi-layered. I loved the interactions between Davina and Rob. Like all Highlanders, Rob can take a man's head from his shoulders in a blink of an eye, but he was so gentle and patient with the secretive and emotionally-guarded Davina. This book is filled with adventure, danger, tenderness, passion, deep intrigue and mystery. Ms. Quinn also weaves historical figures seamlessly into the storyline which enhances and adds a fascinating spin to it.It was also great to re-visit characters from Ms. Quinn's previous books. Rob MacGregor is the son of Callum "the Devil" MacGregor and Kate Campbell, the leading characters from "Laird of the Mist" (another great read). Callum and Kate play significant roles in "Ravished by A Highlander." Finn Grant, a delightful secondary character in "Ravished By A Highlander," is the youngest son of Graham Grant and Claire Stuart from "A Highlander Never Surrenders" (yep, loved that one too). I always enjoy visiting with characters I came to love from an author's previous books and finding out how their lives turned out. Obvious now who the Children of the Mist are. I thoroughly enjoyed "Ravished by a Highlander" and highly recommend it.As a final note, my first encounter with the work of Paula Quinn was in December of 2007. A friend of mine who knows my passion for Highlander romances gave me "Laird of the Mist" as a Christmas present. By the end of the book, I was totally hooked on the work of this wonderful author. Since that Christmas in 2007, I have acquired all of Ms. Quinn's books. Each one, without exception, has drawn me in from the first page, has kept me on the edge of my seat and has taken me on an emotional rollercoaster, all the while never knowing where it was going to take me or how it was going to end. Oh, I always knew the guy was going to get the girl in the end. But was a ride it has always been!If you haven't read Paula Quinn, I strongly suggest you pick up one of her books. You won't be disappointed!

  • Saly
    2019-04-05 22:32

    3.25 stars

  • alexis
    2019-03-30 23:34

    the family and setting were interesting but the hero was a #snoozefest

  • Morpheus Reads
    2019-04-03 22:30

    Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn#1 Children of the MistBlackstone Audio, Narrated by Carrington MacDuffieDespite the cheesy title, this is an excellent romance novel set in the Scottish highlands. I happened to download the audiobook version from my local library when I was looking for a quick, light read to listen to while doing chores, when I came across this gem. The narrator was excellent. She was competently able to differentiate the voices of multiple characters, including female and male, English and Scottish accents, in a believable way. Her narration was very helpful in actually being able to hear the correct pronunciation of various Scottish locales, i.e. Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye sounds somewhat like "Kill-ock-in".Kyleakin, Isle of Skye, ScotlandThe characters are interesting, well-developed, and all left with a bit of mystery about them. Even at the end, I was unsure at times how the plot would develop and was waiting for betrayals to occur by those we were conditioned to trust, or by acts of martyrdom by those we came to love. King James II "James of York", a Stuart, ruled from 1685-1688)This takes place in the year 1685 during the reign of King James II (grandfather to the future "Bonnie Prince Charlie"). Lady Davina Montgomery has been hidden away in a convent in Scotland after the death of her mother when she was a child. Her true identity is unknown to most and she is presented to the world as a young novice. She is now 24, and with a small army sworn to protect her, her life is torn apart by an act of betrayal which causes the deaths of nearly everyone around her. She is rescued at the last moment by a Scottish highlander, who just happens to be traveling near the convent with a few of his men when they hear the clash of swords, women's screams, and the smoke from the burning abbey. Although Davina is reticent about exposing her identity, her rescuer, Robert MacGregor, knows she is of some importance, but is unable to leave her protection to anyone else now that he has met her, so he brings her to his home on the Isle of Skye, a castle hidden away among the mists in the higher reaches of the hills. By the time his suspicions of her parentage are confirmed, it is too late. He already loves her and is sworn to protect her, knowing that doing so could bring war to his clan.

  • Samantha
    2019-03-25 05:26

    Paula Quinn crafts a story in such an emotionally vivid way that each characters true feelings leaps off the pages. Ravished by a Highlander is mysterious tale of forbidden love and desire. Forced together by betrayal, a secretive English woman and a strong Scottish Warrior must fight to keep the truth of her birthright hidden for it has the power to change the structure of the Crown. There were so many elements of this story that reminded me of Julie Garwood’s historical novels such as the typical strong Scot, ultra-feminine English woman, the quick banter and deep passion.Robert MacGregor is a fierce highlander. The oldest of the MacGregor clan, he prepares himself for his destiny to take over the clan. Assuming the leadership role, he never once questions if this is the life he would desire if given a choice until he rescues Lady Davina Montgomery. He’s struck by her beauty and the need to make her feel safe.Davina Montgomery lives a very sheltered life. Davina hides out at the Abbey, waiting for the day her life will change once she is revealed to society. Holding her secret identity dear to her, she embarks on an adventure to the Highlands with Rob and his men. Scared for her future, Davina tries so hard to hide her secret from Rob but slowly the pieces are put together and once the truth is revealed, they realize their love will be denied by all.It was truly fun to watch the characters fall in love with one another. Rob is a true alpha in every sense of the word. I found myself laughing at his brooding ways as he fought his attraction to Davina. When he finally falls, boy there is nothing that could stop him from being with Davina. The choices he makes to be with her, moved me. He is willing to turn his back on everything he loved. I felt the attraction from Davina immediately. I shared in her delight as she is finally able to taste a bit of freedom while she is with Rob on their journey. Though she knows the risk, her desire to be with him is much stronger and she finally puts her trust in him.Paula Quinn provided a gang of sexy Scots as secondary characters. I loved Rob’s brothers and cousin. The men are each likeable and distinguishable in their own rights. She sets the stage for the next book in the series by later introducing another one of Rob’s brothers. I can’t wait to see what is around the corner for each of these men.I really enjoyed the story. Discovering that there are previous books, I immediately put them on my list of books that I must buy. I recommend this book for true historical romance fans. If you’re like me and love a highlander story, pick this book up, you will not be disappointed.

  • Vallsykes
    2019-04-16 06:46

    "Trust me, Davina. Trust me."Who can I call to make a movie about Highlanders?!! I LOVED THE MACGREGORS. It was honestly a treat to get the brooding Robert MacGregor as the obstinate and loyal hero, who made me swoon a little, even with the medium steam, PLUS his brothers and cousins, especially Colin MacGregor and Connor Grant, whose charm oosed from the words. In this tale, I got the mystical description of the Isle of Skye and the castle of Camlochlin. I got the brutal fights between highlanders and treacherous traitors of the crown. I got a sweet heroine, Davina, who went to mush over her highland protector and believed in his love so confidently. I got the intrigue of the Callum MacGregor, Rob's father and the famous clan laird. The wonder of his love for his wife, Kate, his sons and his clan, was such that he wouldn't budge for even the highest royal in England. I got the doting Maggie, the MacGregor aunt who is an added balm as well as a shadowed lady. It was all so entertaining, with the imitated burr of the audio's narrator and the "doonas," "willnas" and "bairns". I found no fault with the way the story was told or with the simple, common plot of a king's secret daughter. All' tis well!A solid 4 starsHappy reading.

  • Beckyloohoo Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ aka Mrs. Acheron Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
    2019-03-31 05:52

    At first I was a little squeamish about seeing Robert as a fully grown and drool-worthy man. In the book I read before this he was a baby hanging on his mother's hip. I never had gotten the chance to see him as a grown up before, so I almost felt a bit "cougarish" reading about his rippling muscles and his low-hanging kilt. But, being the great author she is, Paula Quinn helped me overcome my awkwardness. I will say that I loved that she still gave Robert moments of panic at the thought of his father disapproving of his actions. Good to see Callum is still a force to be reckoned with, even to his own sons. I really liked this book. It brought tears to my eyes towards the end. I won't ruin it for you, but really I felt the anguish. Then I felt the love. Then more anguish, then more... well, you get the point. A really good read. One thing I want to see in the next one though: I want to see that Claire's cussing has survived through the years. I kept waiting for one of her kids to yell out something about Satan's Balls. Come on, please? Just once, for me?

  • Lela
    2019-04-11 05:40

    3.5 stars!!!

  • Megan
    2019-04-13 01:33

    Great highlander book.. I feel like I need to read her other series first. I think it's about Rob's parents. Sigh I need a reading order that combines everything. I tried to figure it out but I was at work and I was attempting to work... haha Anyways the book was good... It was good but kind of predictable and pretty much like a lot of other highlander books. Rob was adorable. I think he is one of my favorite highlanders because he didn't try to hide his affections.idk im lazy today. So thats it.

  • Nevena Pejcic neca
    2019-03-29 00:55

  • No Apology Book Reviews
    2019-03-24 03:46

    I LOVED this book! I've read a lot of romances, particularly a lot of highlander romances, and was prepared for a cheesy, unrealistically wanton portrayal of testosterone and damsels in distress. I was pleasantly surprised to find both of those elements, but in no way were they cheesy. I think they could have easily crossed that line, but something kept it on the sensible side of ridiculous.I must note that I listened to the audiobook, and Carrington MacDuffie did a fantastic job! Her Scottish accent was excellent, and she did male voices very well, even varying the tones and inflections to distinguish between them. Ironically, it was her narrative of Davina that gave me trouble. The only way I can describe how she made the heroine sound is to bring to mind a man taking on a falsetto and pretending to speak as a woman in mockery. Davina's "voice" was so high and fake that it made me cringe at times. Otherwise, she simply brought the story to life.There were only two issues I had with the story. The first is that I didn't buy the evil guy just taking a brief look at Edward on the ground and being satisfied he was dead. He didn't seem the type to leave survivors, so I was amazed he didn't have his men checking each body for signs of life, especially an English captain. Even back then they had to know what pulses were. And it sounded like they stood near Edward and mulled around for a while--I have a hard time believing no one noticed him breathing in all that time, or the fact that he hadn't turned gray or rigor mortis hadn't begun to set in. But I understand that Edward's survival, while not integral to the plot or even the subplot, did change how the story unfolded. While he wasn't an evil character, I seriously disliked him, and--don't judge me--was glad when he died. Finally.Secondly, I found it a bit odd that Rob didn't insist on an explanation from Davina as soon as they were out of immediate danger. They were both reluctant to put the clan MacGregor in whatever danger might follow her, yet she was not forthcoming with information on the situation and he didn't insist on knowing what they were up against. I can't imagine a smart and cunning warrior, leader, like Rob allowing himself and his men to go about blindly. It's one thing to protect against danger, but to fight and win you have to use strategy, and strategy will only work if you know exactly who the enemy is. I'm not sure why Quinn delayed the information with excuses of distrust and fear, my guess would be to build suspense and drama, but I don't think much, if anything, would have changed timeline-wise if Davina had divulged her secret sooner. I kept expecting Rob to get high-handed (in the interest of responsibility) and act like the laird's first born that he is and demand answers.I'd never read Paula Quinn before, but if all her books are this good, she will be joining my keeper shelves. I'll start by finishing this series! I really, really hope the following books are just as wonderful, though too often the quality of subsequent novels declines. Fingers crossed!P.S. I just checked out Ms. Quinn's website and learned that most of her books revolve around the MacGregor clan, in generations. Knowing that, I think I'll wait to read more of her until I can start at the "beginning." I'm sure her books--or at least each series--can stand alone, but it makes sense that Ravished was not truly the first book, because I did get the feeling that I'd missed something, like an inside joke, while listening to the scenes including Rob's father and mother, who starred in Laird of the Mist. I've never really gotten into the series that span generations... The concept sounds creepy. Ish. Idk, we'll see.

  • Isalys
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    Ravished by a Highlander is a tale about forbidden love between two unlikely people. Caught in the web that is English politics in the middle ages, a secret can destroy the lives of both in a way that neither are prepared for.Robert MacGregor is a fierce highlander, through and through. As heir to his clan, he has taken his training and responsibilities very seriously. On a journey to England to support the new king, they come across an abbey under siege. At the urgent request of a fallen English soldier, he runs into the abbey to save the woman trapped inside by fire. He's a very noble man so he vows to see her to safety.Davina Montgomery is a mystery woman. She's striking, kind and fun-loving. She was raised in a convent, but she's no nun. She is a closely guarded secret of the English crown and her fate was decided long ago. When her identity has been revealed to the enemy and she's about to perish, she's rescued by a gruff Scotsman. She instantly finds solace with this group of Scottish men, but never has she felt safer than in Rob's arms.This is one of those books that I would read late into the night, then the next morning at the stop lights on my way to work and during lunch. It was filled with mystery, political intrigue, romance, passion, and drama. It was entertaining to read about these two falling in love. They were so opposite of each other. Davina was a slave to her identity and title, but she found happiness in the simplest of things and had a zest for life. Rob accepted his role in the clan, but was weighted down by it...he was brooding & stewing most of the time.Once he realized that he had fallen hopelessly in love with Davina, he was willing to give up everything and even go so far as to jeopardize the safety of his clan to be with her. It seems a bit extreme but it was really touching! She was equally reckless with her heart by reciprocating the love, but risked losing her own heart and her freedom in doing so.I can genuinely say that I felt every emotion in this book. There were actually a few scenes where I felt my heart break just a little and fought back the tears. Any book that makes that kind of emotional connection with you is definitely worth the read!In addition, Paula Quinn gave us a very sexy gang of Scottish highlanders to dream about. Each character was unique and equally likable. She also set the stage for the sequel about one of Rob's brothers and his love interest from an enemy clan.This was my first of Paula's novels but certainly not my last!

  • Lover of Romance
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    MY BOOK REVIEW Summary:Davina Montgomery is hidden away for her own safety, in a abbey. Only a few people know if Davina’s true identity, but one has betrayed her. So seeing all those that she has come to love be killed, she is saved by Scottish Laird, Robert MacGregor. Robert has no loyalty to England, but seeing a woman in distress he saves her without fully knowing what he has gotten himself into. Determined to protect Davina at all costs, he takes her to his home and clan, and after sharing a sensual embrace with Davina, he wants to keep her for good, even though he suspects her secret, and knows that he will risk everything if he wants her in his life.The Hero Robert MacGregor, will be a powerful Scottish Laird, as he is the first son, and feels no loyalty to England or the throne. Roberts is a powerful warrior, and as the oldest of his fathers children, he has learned to take control and responsibility for his actions. Robert saves a young woman, but didnt realize how much she would change his life, enough for him to risk his life to keep her in his life.The Heroine Davina Montgomery bears a secret, a secret that if known to any of her or her family’s enemies, could end up with her killed. She has spent much of her life in a abbey, and has devoted much of her life to God. However when someone close to her betrays her, and she finds the sisters dead and without a place to go, she is saved by Robert MacGregor, whose tender kisses tempts her to risk everything for love, but she wonders if she could choose between the path set for her or the path that has chosen her, the path of true love….My Thoughts Ravished By A Highlander is the first installment in the Children of the Mist series written by Paula Quinn. Paula Quinn has such a talent for writing Scottish Highland Historical Romances and she definitely came out on top with Ravished by a Highlander. I truly loved this story and everything about it. Paula Quinn is such a story teller, and throughout this book, it was like falling in love all over again. The characters were telling and deeply driven. The plot was intense and full of adventure and dilemma, this story will captivate every heart. Definitely a Five blossom in my book!!!My Favorite Quote: When he deepened the kiss, she had the feeling of falling deep into a chasm where only he existed, ready and waiting to catch her.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-26 05:56

    Mmmmmm....Robert MacGregor.....tall, handsome, dark curls, a dimpled chin, vivid blue eyes, muscles rippling as he handles his claymore with the greatest of ease, utterly devoted to those he loves....delicious. And though his looks are enough to slay any lass, his words are a whisper upon your heart:"Davina". He was there, above her, his breath hot against her mouth. She opened her eyes to him, ashamed of her tears, and then astounded to see them in his eyes as well. "I love ye, lass, " he whispered deeply, running his fingers over her cheek. "Ye will always be first and foremost to me."(pg.219)Robert MacGregor is the eldest son of Callum MacGregor, born to fill his father's shoes as protector and leader of his clan. His whole life he has prepared for his duty as the future laird, honing his skills with a sword, prepared to defend his kin with his life, confident in his abilities as a warrior and unrelenting in his beliefs and decisions. Yet nothing has prepared Robert for what Davina Montgomery can do to him with her smile. He saves Davina from a burning Abbey, the place where she was hidden away as a babe and raised by nuns. Davina holds a secret, one that could kill anyone who surrounds her. But once Robert has made up his mind, nothing can steer him from his purpose. And he has made up his mind....he will protect Davina from her enemies, whoever they may be. But at what cost? Will he protect her at the cost of his loyalty to his father and his clan? Will he put the lives of his people at risk for a woman he burns for?This was my first Paula Quinn book and I have to say it will not be my last! From the first chapter I was enthralled. It is a story filled with action, history and, of course, hot romance. Not only did I fall in love with the hero, the dark and dangerous Rob MacGregor, but I was invested in the minor characters as well. Will and Finn were delightful and I am glad to see that the next book in the series centers upon Tristan, a member of the MacGregor clan I truly wanted to know more about. Historical figures are weaved into the plot, one that is filled with surprises, secrets and betrayal. I now yearn to see the Isle of Skye and the MacGregor fortress. Perhaps in this hidden sanctuary there will be my very own hot man in a kilt, ready to defend me, enrapture me and ravish me. A girl can only dream!

  • Liv
    2019-04-10 22:33

    "RAVISHED BY THE RIGHT HIGHLANDER!!!"I was in the mood for "Highlander" when my credit came in &this was just a perfect fit for my craving…lol The forbidden love between Robert MacGregor (first born son of Laird MacGregor) and Davina Montgomery (English lady) was sweet, scintillating and so enjoyable! The fact that Quinn used historical accounts as the backdrop for the plot worked perfectly for this love affair because as the tension and problems came from external forces, it allowed the love between Rob and Davina to build upon, effortlessly. There are no prolonged silly misunderstandings or lack of communication between the two.--It's all about timing as the two decide to give in to the flood of emotions and passion they feel for each other, and I think that's the best kind of romance. I am excited to continue with the series due to all of the supporting characters & gorgeous Highland men as most will have their own book. Quinn created a very exciting landscape with interesting clan members, connections to the Throne and the English court etc. I say that Davina was ravished by the right Highlander because with so many hotties introduced in this first start of the series---any one of them could have easily fallen in love with her….but, Rob was perfect for her. In guarding the secret to her origin and station, she needed a protector. Rob was salvage on the battle field in fighting those who hunted her, and he was the most tender, romantic and sweet lover. I really liked Davina's spirit, friendliness, and desire to be happy in life. She made all of the right choices!The end to this story was fabulous and dramatic, but you can't have anything less when the rules around a "forbidden love" are being shattered. Narrator: Carrington MacDuffie did a great job with the female voices. I particularly liked the sweet, ladylike and formal voice she created for Davina. Yet, her male voices & Scottish accent took some getting used to. I giggle each time she pronounced "father" as "feather" in her Scottish accent. Overall, this was a great listening experience! No epilogue, but that should be ok since the series continues & everyone is very well-connected. LOVE ME SOME HIGHLANDERS!!!

  • Edwina
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    Davina Montgomery Has been living in hiding at St. Christopher's Abbey since she was born. Hiding as a Novice in training. She is being guarded by 100 English soldiers lead by Capt. Edward Asher. The Convent comes under attack with the intent on killing Davina. Robert/Rob MacGregor heir to the Chieftain and Laird of Clan MacGregor is on his way to The Coronation of King James the 7th. He runs right into the battle taking place at the convent. Rob is asked by Capt. Asher to help Davina and get her far away. Of Course Rob rescues her as the chapel is being burned to the ground and with all the Nuns inside he gets Davina out but can't help the other sister.Davina is hiding her true identity from Rob and his Clan. Rob soon figures out who she really is. They fall in love as Rob takes Davina into hiding on the Isle of Skye were his Clan lives. I love stories like this with all the history behide it but in this case I think a lot of it was fictional. Still the story was very well written with great seconday charaters. The storyline moves fast. After sacrificing all of her life she finally gets her HEA. There are no surprises you will be able to figure out the storyline pretty quickly. If I had one complaint it would be I would have liked to see a more detail account of how King James carried out his retribution of his enemies and those trying to kill Davina.