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Title : The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet
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ISBN : 9781425474133
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 48 Pages
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The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet Reviews

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    2019-04-16 06:16

    One of the more enjoyable Sherlock Holmes short mysteries! A desperate banker, Mr. Holder, comes to Sherlock Holmes with a problem that could ruin him: a precious coronet made of gold and beryls was entrusted to him as collateral for a loan. Not wanting to risk leaving the coronet in his banker's safe, he decides it will be safer with him personally (WHUT). So he carries it around all evening and then puts it in a locked bureau in his room when he goes to sleep.Holder wakes up in the middle of the night: his wastrel son is holding the coronet, which has a large piece broken off and missing. Understandably, he accuses his son. But could the story be more complicated than it appears? Sherlock seems to think so...A subtler mystery than I expected, and one of my favorites in the The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes collection.

  • Yousra
    2019-03-31 00:11

    لجأت لصديقي هولمز المغرور قليلا ليخرجني من حالة الكآبة التي أصابتني بعد قراءة رواية "العمي" لساراماجو وليعيدني للقراءة عموما بعد أن زهدت فيها فترةلن امل من ترديد أن مغامرات شيرلوك هولمز هي بمثابة الشوكولاتة التي أحبها وألتهمها بنهم :)هنا مغامرة مثيرة يتنازع أبطالها أشكال شتى من العواطف ومحاولة الموازنة والموائمة بين العقل والقلب وإملاءات كل منهما أحببتها بالفعل شكرا هولمز ^_^

  • Sifat
    2019-04-13 02:16

    The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet is one of the stories from the standard of Sherlock Holmes that is regularly ignored, but then it is a story with regards to numerous other Conan Doyle stories. In reality, there is cause for the criminologist to wear a camouflage, and even comprehend the case for the customer with a sensational prosper. The instance of the Beryl Coronet is conveyed to Holmes by Alexander Holder, a broker who had been depended with the valuable crown. A robbery had happened, and a portion of the valuable stones were lost; there is by all accounts just a single suspect for the burglary, Arthur Holder, Alexander's child, as Arthur was clearly gotten in the demonstration. Holmes obviously, looks past the conspicuous to find the genuine answer for the case; with Holmes watching, instead of basically observing.

  • MohammedAli
    2019-04-03 02:08

    مغامرات شارلوك هولمز , تأليف السيد آرثر كونان دويلقضية " تاج الزمرد " هي القضية الحادية عشر من مغامرات شارلوك هولمز .قصة تاج فيه تسع و ثلاثون زمردة ترك من طرف أحد النبلاء الكبار في بريطانيا بعهدة أحد كبار المصرفيين بعد أن تدين منه مبلغا من المال , و لكن و قع المحظور بعد أ تمنت سرقت ثلاث زكردات من هذا التاج الذي أخذه المصرفي معه إلى منزله خوفا من فقدانه . فيتهم الإبن بالسرقة و تحبسه الشرطة و هنا يتدخل شارلوك ليبث في أمر هذه القضية و يحسمها .

  • Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess
    2019-04-22 05:01

    5 Words: Perfect length for a cuppa.How can these family's do this to each other?Another great story. I love Holmes more and more with each one. Why didn't I read these sooner?

  • Jaksen
    2019-03-27 03:23

    Sometimes I think this author is really over-rated. Yes, there I said it!The story of a man who hides a valuable coronet (small crown) in his house. He's a banker, so WHAT is he thinking? He's keeping it as collateral - in exchange for a bank 'loan' - and intends to return it as soon as possible. But the coronet is PUBLIC PROPERTY and probably belongs to the ROYAL FAMILY, so if it's lost or stolen, the banker is in HUGE trouble. So of course it IS stolen and Holmes is on the case. Just by looking around, examining footprints, and interviewing the handful of people who were in and around and about the house (at the time of the theft), Holmes solves the case. Of course he does.I stand unimpressed and not simply because this all happened in the 19th century. Maybe I'm just getting tired of Mr. Holme's smugness and the absolute awe the other characters hold him in. Yeah, that's it. 2.5 stars, rounded up to 3.

  • Allie Mayenschein (alliecatreads)
    2019-04-24 03:12

    (4.5)I definitely was not expecting that. I definitely didn't think the suspected person was the one who took them, but it didn't even occur to me that it would this other person (trying to be vague to avoid spoilers). Really enjoyed this one!

  • Anoud
    2019-04-17 05:04

    صارت قصص هولمز بمثابة الوجبات الخفيفة بين القراءات الثقيلة ( ؛

  • Zahra Ali Cherif
    2019-03-28 01:18

    بداياتي مع المحقق العالمي شرلوك هولمز 😊^^أعجبتني مقدمة الكتاب لأنها تحدثت عن كونان دويل الكاتب الطبيب العبقري، الذي اشتهرت الشخصية التي اختلقها أكثر منه هو، مما أزعجه..اعتقد أثار غيرته 😁😋(لذلك تعرفت على الكاتب و على بدايات شخصية هولمز العبقرية) قصص متعددة عن ذكاء المحقق و حدسه البوليسي..القصص على لسان صديقه الحميم الدكتور واتسون.أتمنى أن لا تكون النهاية مع كونان دويل.

  • Trook Alharbi
    2019-04-07 23:08


  • Masteatro
    2019-04-06 00:00

    Entretenido como siempre aunque a mi juicio no es de las mejores historias de Sherlock Holmes que he leído hasta el momento ya que casi casi pude intuir la solución.

  • Roberto Mattos
    2019-03-26 02:03

    Nice short story. If you are used to Mr. Doyle style, you can almost infer the solution to this one, with some imagination... The plot is interesting: A banker, Mr. Alexander Holder of Streatham, makes a loan of £50,000 to a socially prominent client, who leaves the Beryl Coronet — one of the most valuable public possessions in existence — as collateral. Holder feels that he must not leave this rare and precious piece of jewellery in his personal safe at the bank, and so he takes it home with him to lock it up there. He is awakened in the night by a noise, enters his dressing room, and is horrified to see his son Arthur with the coronet in his hands, apparently trying to bend it. Holder's niece Mary comes at the sound of all the shouting and, seeing the damaged coronet, faints dead away. Three beryls are missing from it. In a panic, Mr. Holder travels to see Holmes, who agrees to take the case.The case against Arthur seems rather damning, yet Holmes is not convinced of his guilt. Why has Arthur clammed up? Why is he refusing to give a statement of any kind? How could Arthur have broken the coronet (even Holmes, who has exceptionally strong hands, can't do it) and without making any noise? Could any other people in the household be involved, such as the servants, or Mary? Could some visitor, such as the maid's wooden-legged boyfriend, or Arthur's rakish friend Sir George Burnwell, have something to do with what happened to the coronet? The failure to resolve the case will result in Mr. Holder's dishonour, and a national scandal.Holmes sets about not only reviewing the details that he learns from Holder, but also by examining the footprints in the snow outside. Eventually, Holmes solves the mystery, and Holder is flabbergasted to find that his niece was in league with a notorious criminal (Sir George Burnwell), although apparently she is unaware of his character. The two of them escape justice; however, Holmes is convinced that they will receive their punishment in due time. Arthur's motive in allowing his father to think he was the thief was because he was in love with his cousin Mary and saw her passing the coronet to a confederate outside the window. (The Coronet was broken when Arthur was struggling to wrench it from Burnwell's grasp).I recommend this short story to all readers that appreciate a well written mystery story, mainly when it involves Sherlock Holmes clever solutions!

  • Walter Mendoza
    2019-04-08 01:24

    Excellent short story of Conan Doyle. Simple and interesting plot, with a banker, and most valuable possession. A powerful game of deduction. I recommend this work, adventure and well written mystery story.

  • Amanda Lila
    2019-03-25 04:16

    Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was a fun ride full of interesting mysteries that I mostly solved with easy but still story by story this eccentric detective grew on me and I found myself truly enjoying a book after a long reading slump that was on and off during the whole year.

  • Julia
    2019-03-28 04:04

    A short one. Part of a fancy coronet goes missing. Sherlock Holmes talks down to people, runs around a bit without telling Watson what he's doing, and then proudly produces the missing gems with a flourish and some self-congratulating. That's about it!

  • Nina
    2019-03-30 04:17

    Reminded me a bit of The Boscombe Valley Mystery in that there was an obvious suspect that only Holmes believed wasn't the guilty one. Very enjoyable and nicely put together.

  • Amir Boumaaraf
    2019-04-03 06:01

    كما العادة وكما هو متوقع السيد ارثر يحاول دائما ان يبتعد عن النمطية ويخرج لنا بقصة مختلفة تماما في اسلوبها واحداثها، هذه المرة يغلب على القصة طابع انساني يتجلى في المشاعر التي تختلف من شخصية لأخرى، والنهاية كانت غير متوقعة بتاتا.

  • Kaine Palmer
    2019-03-29 02:09

    This short tale involves a wealthy banker who is victim of a quite expensive theft of a priceless jewelled ornament given as collateral in a heavy loan. Can only a deductive genius in Sherlock Holmes solve this?

  • Ryan McKenzie
    2019-04-01 05:05

    Sherlock solves a jewel theft. Another excellent story.

  • Željko Filipin
    2019-04-20 06:05

    Things are not as they look, as usual.

  • Iceh
    2019-04-04 22:24

    القصة بشكل عام جيدة .. لكن بالنسبة لي كنت اظنها ممتعة أكثر، حسب ماسمعت من البعض عن المؤلف آرثر كونان دويل بقوة الكتابة وحبكة القصة

  • Hanae mohammed atmane
    2019-04-20 01:03

    اسلوب يشبه اسلوب اجاثا كريستي ..

  • Sweetlaitue
    2019-04-16 03:17

    Une histoire beaucoup trop prévisible mais écrite dans un style toujours délicieux.

  • Thawra A
    2019-04-01 06:25

    جميلة.لم تكن غامضة بالنسبة لي، فمنذ البداية تمكّنت من حل اللغز بشكلٍ جيّد.

  • Frank
    2019-04-23 00:13

    The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet is the eleventh short story about Sherlock Holmes. It’s also one of the most mixed bags of all. The story is quite compelling, it might be one of the better written stories, except it makes similar flaws to the original and second book. The “mystery” is relatively easily solved, however the full explanation that Holmes makes is not clear. In fact the reader doesn’t get any of the biggest clues until Holmes is explaining his deductions. Without them, the full mystery is impossible to solve, though the reader can easily guess the solution. Unfortunately this one feels a bit like the TV series “Monk”. What the police think happened definitely can’t have happened, otherwise where’s the story. There’s only 5 characters, the victim, the offender, two people who live in the house, and a third friend of the accused. It’s pretty obvious just from the setup who’s who and how some of it will play out. Without the full set of clues, the reader has to just read on and wait til Holmes explains everything. The writing and the story though is excellent, and if the solution is blatantly obvious, how Holmes arrives at the place rather than just guesses, is well done. The one thing to mention is there’s free talk of what can be considered incest today (A man marrying his cousin), so maybe some people recoil at that. However it’s talked so casually about, that it’s intriguing. Overall though, the missing clues, the obvious set up, the fact the story felt like one of the longest short stories in the book, and the fact that Holmes just deal with things that the reader doesn’t seen or explain makes me rate this one three star. It’s an enjoyable read, but not up to the level of Doyle’s attempts elsewhere in the book.

  • Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
    2019-04-23 06:04

    This one was about on par with most of the other mysteries in this group. It's interesting, but sort of has a long winded feel to it that the other more enjoyable installments lack.

  • Rob Thompson
    2019-03-29 05:08

    "Holmes," said I as I stood one morning in our bow-window looking down the street, "here is a madman coming along." ~ Sir Arthur Conan DoyleA great short story were the clues allow the reader to infer the solution at the same speed as Sherlock Holmes. (view spoiler)[A banker asks Holmes to investigate after a "Beryl Coronet". This was entrusted but ends up getting damaged at his home. Awakened by noise, he had found his son, Arthur, holding the damaged coronet. Arthur refuses to speak, neither admitting guilt nor explaining himself. Footprints in the snow outside the house tell Holmes that the banker's niece had conspired to steal the coronet. Arthur had discovered the crime in progress. The coronet got damaged during his struggle to prevent it. He had refused to tell his father the truth of the crime because of his love for his cousin. (hide spoiler)]Recommend to those who appreciate a well crafted mystery.

  • Stacey Kym
    2019-04-15 04:15

    'The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet' is the eleventh short story of the twelve which make up the novel, 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'.The short is about a banker, Mr. Alexander Holder of Streatham, who makes a loan of £50,000 to a socially prominent client, who leaves the Beryl Coronet as collateral. Holder takes it home with him to lock it up there. He is awakened in the night by a noise and is horrified to see his son Arthur with the coronet in his hands, apparently trying to bend it. Three beryls are missing from it. In a panic, Mr. Holder travels to see Holmes, who agrees to take the case.I really enjoyed this short read, not only because it integrated parts of romance and unrequited love, but because it was able to integrate family and an interesting thievery case.Congratulations to Arthur Conan Doyle on writing a spine-tingling short story!

  • Rao Javed
    2019-04-04 23:12

    Yet again Sherlock is being challenged to illuminate some mayhem but this time a very rare object will lead to the conclusion!As the story takes part in winter and there is a hell of a snow but nothing can shatter the sprite of Sherlock unless it is some sought of lack of data. The story deals will a lot of themes like love, trust, distrust, treachery, loathsome and a silence! Indeed silence is the thing that made Sherlock vies through a hell of an exertion but in spite of the silence Sherlock unfold and other dubious case.Over and above I give it five and it was worth reading. -OVer and out Rao Umar

  • Emily
    2019-04-08 05:59

    I enjoyed this story, partly because I was able to figure out at least part of it just from the client's explanation. I also enjoyed this story because it shows Holmes doing the leg work. Some of the stories make it seem like Holmes is able to figure everything out just by listening, but Holmes does a lot of research and grunt work. I love that he dresses up as people from different stations in life to do some of this work. This story does lack some adventure, and this is the one Sherlock Holmes story that I've read that is repetitive on the unraveling of Holmes' logic. So those aspects bring the rating down a bit, but overall it is an interesting story.