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WOMEN WARRIORS takes the reader back through history and around the world to uncover a clear pattern of women as warriors. It is a fascinating comment on the nature of gender, on the power of the warrior image, and on the image’s source in history....

Title : Women Warriors: A History
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ISBN : 9781574887266
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Women Warriors: A History Reviews

  • Art Tirrell
    2019-04-09 20:11

    READ UNTIL YOU'RE CONVINCED, THEN SET ASIDEAnthropologist Jones might have benefited from a bit more ambition in planning the scope of this project. From page one, he's on a mission to convince and makes an unqualified success of it. Throughout recorded history, women have successfully fought and defeated their male counterparts in battle. The historical and anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. We're talking hand to hand combat - women win. We're talking riding at the forefront of the calvary charge - women win. We're talking all-female armies - victorious. You name it, women can and have repeatedly gone to war and succeeded as well or better than men. Even today, the tradition continues - although less commonly in westernized societies. In the west, we experience a different kind of war - the household war. Yes, the battle of the sexes continues without abatement. Women are natural guerilla fighters, and when the outlet of real combat is closed off, the silent war is ready and able to fill the void. Reviewer tongue-in-cheek bias aside, with the case made so early, why the hundred extra pages of detail? For anyone not vitally interested in amassing a thousand cases to cite as evidence in support of women as pure warriors, this work overwhelms with minutia. Writing is about making choices but here, the author doesn't seem to know how. Long after irrefutable evidence is amply presented, the droning continues. Names, names, names, and too-thin sketches of events. At this point, an unspoken question screams to be answered: fine, so that's the way it is, but what happened? What changed society? How did women fade from glorious contributors worthy of male respect to become dainty objects who knew only how to say, "no" and, "I can't"? Here is the failure in scope mentioned earlier. To the extent that the author does not apply himself to suggesting answers to the questions he raises, and that these, to this reader at least, are critical to the fulfillment of our new understanding, Women Warriors succeeds, but falls short of being memorable.Art Tirrell is the author of "The Secret Ever Keeps", a novel in which a strong female protagonist has to face her fears and prove herself on and under the dangerous waters of Lake Ontario.

  • Emily Fortuna
    2019-04-08 23:57

    Excellent information, and TONS of examples. I'd consider this a starter reference book at which point you'd go more in depth elsewhere. The information is organized geographically and chronologically but can read a bit like a list of names paragraph after paragraph.

  • Traci
    2019-04-25 01:59

    Eh...If you're looking for very, very brief snippets of information this is for you; it's a good reference book.I enjoyed the longer bits of information and wish that Jones would have just selected maybe 5 great women warriors or groups from each geographical area rather than stuffing dozens of them into one section. And seriously... ONE paragraph to Queen Elizabeth I of England? Yeah, she may have really only been involved as a "warrior" during the Spanish Armada but she gave one of her best speeches during it! And TWO paragraphs for the Vikings??? WHAT!? Viking women has some of the most freedoms of women during their time and yes, they were shield maidens but maybe describe that a little more? Props for a more detailed look at Grace O'Malley (maybe a page).

  • Kristi Thompson
    2019-04-25 18:53

    Amazing that I really had no idea what an ancient, common phenomenon women in the military is. Entire all-female battalions, in modern Europe. Something in me is a little shocked by the idea, but my worldview will adapt.But the book itself was no more than a string of anecdotes. Some interesting and told in detail over a few pages, others given only a couple of lines. Rather tedious to read; I would have liked some analysis, statistics, drawing together of threads. And I wish his sources had been more accessible from the main text.

  • Jocelyn
    2019-03-31 21:00

    This is a good read for anyone who wants to learn about Female warriors from around the world. The book gives good information about famous warriors, but is a little brief in detail. The book divides warriors by geographic region and is excellent for anyone interested in history or feminism

  • Shawna
    2019-04-07 00:46

    Best book of it's kind. Fascinating telling of history.

  • Lori Hicks
    2019-04-14 23:11

    Great book