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The "Double Diamond Triangle Saga" continues! Lord Piergeiron has fallen ill, but his loyal retainers prepare to rescue his abducted fiancee. But their quest lies far beyond the areas around Waterdeep, and in the uncharted Utter East....

Title : The Paladins
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ISBN : 9780786908653
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The Paladins Reviews

  • Robert
    2019-05-01 12:31

    The PaladinsThe Paladins is the second book in a nine part serial novel called the double diamond triangle saga. The books can be read in a couple of different orders. This one being the second one is the logical next book in the series, but one can forgo this to read book 3 The Mercenaries. For now, here is the review of The Paladins.The paladins continues right were the first book left off with the abduction of the open lord’s fiancé. Now however, the open lord has fallen into a coma and so the paladins that have been assembled must begin the quest without him to find Eidola his fiancé. The paladins also have an extra person to take with them by the name of Noph who has proven himself as very loyal to Waterdeep and is rulers. They also have at the behest of the lord mage Kelben Arunson to take along Aleena Palidinstar. The paladins are Miltiades, Kern, Jacob, and Harloon.Another short book to continue the serials, this one’s main plot is more of just the typical adventure fare. Since one of the characters possesses resistance to magic, the party can not be teleported to the Utter East where they believe Eidola is being held and where the kidnappers are, so they have to travel through Skullport to get to a teleport gate in Undermountain. There are a couple of subplots with the fiends from the abyss, Noph’s trying to fit in with the paladins, and the paladins trying to stay the course with all the evil they witness in Skullport.Some criticisms1. The subplot with the fiends was ok, but it was input into the story between each chapter and seemed to distract from the overall storyline. 2. The flow of this book was just not there. Once something got started, the book jumps to something else and then back and it was hard to want to pick the book up again.3. The paladins are just too stereotypical. If I remember correctly, Kern and Miltiades were much more than they were here. I was a bit disappointed to see their characters undevelop (for lack of a better term) from a previous series.Some positives1. Once again I really enjoyed Noph’s character. I know that this one is written by different authors from the first book, but I feel that they kept in the spirit of Noph’s character and developed him a bit. 2. Even though the book is mostly just another adventure of getting the characters to their destination, the things that they go through on the way to their destination was entertaining and even a bit comical.Overall, it is an average continuation to a good series so far. I wished that this would have kept to the standards set in the first book, but I was a bit disappointed there. Maybe I was expecting a bit much.