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Grace Jordan is leaving her dark past behind. Having traded in her big-city badge for life in the slow lane in Rockville, South Dakota, Grace and her daughter were hoping to make a fresh, clean start. But crime is at-large in small towns, too…and young women keep turning up brutally murdered. Before she knows it, Grace has got a serial murder case on her hands—and the infuGrace Jordan is leaving her dark past behind. Having traded in her big-city badge for life in the slow lane in Rockville, South Dakota, Grace and her daughter were hoping to make a fresh, clean start. But crime is at-large in small towns, too…and young women keep turning up brutally murdered. Before she knows it, Grace has got a serial murder case on her hands—and the infuriatingly seductive FBI agent Justin Reece by her side.Grace did not come to Rockville looking for romance. But she can't deny the chemistry between her and Justin—no matter how much she might want to. Meanwhile, things keep heating up as more women turn up dead, and a disturbing new pattern points to a killer who seems to be sending a message for Grace alone. But how could he know such secret, scandalous details about her life? Unless he happens to be someone from the past she would kill to forget…...

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  • jenjn79
    2019-03-21 04:21

    I don't give out a 1-star rating lightly. In the 1500 or so romance books I've read, less than 20 were 1-star, but for this book, I felt like I couldn't do anything but give it a 1-star. There were so many holes in this book, so many places it fell apart. When I finished reading, I took out a piece of paper and made a list of all the issues I had with it so I wouldn't forget the big points for my review...and I ended up with 14 items listed. 14! And they weren't really minor things either. If I were the type that wouldn't feel bad writing a snarky, sarcastic review, this is one I would do it for. But I'm not like that so I'll stick to a constructive review.Tall, Dark and Deadly is a serial killer police procedural that is, I believe, author Lorie O'Clare's first mainstream, full-length release (not sure on that though). Years ago, Grace Jordan was kidnapped and held captive for five years by a sadistic beast. She managed to escape when she burned down Master's house with him inside. Now she is a former D.C. cop who has moved to the small town of Rockville, S.D. to be a deputy with there police department, hoping to give her daughter of a more normal life.Then teenage girls start showing up dead, sadistically beaten, raped, and murdered. The FBI is drawn in and hometown boy Justin Reece is assigned the case. From the start he's attracted to Grace, but because of her past, she wants nothing to do with him. Justin is relentless, though, and as they struggle to find their killer, he insinuates himself into her life. The two must work together if they have any hope of keeping more young girls from ending up dead. And Justin will do anything to protect Grace from a killer who seems to be sending messages to her.Hmmm...where to start on my thoughts about this book? I bought it randomly at Wal-mart...I saw it on the shelf and recognized the author as one who wrote for Ellora's Cave. So I was intrigued and curious as to how the author translated to full-length romantic suspense (which is my favorite romance sub-genre). Plus reading the summary on the back made the book seem interesting. So I had high hopes this would be a sexy, sensual, suspenseful story. Unfortunately, it came up lacking in just about every area.The "romance" was one of the first things about this book that bothered me. Grace is a woman who went through sheer and utter hell, being held captive as a sex slave and forced to do unthinkable things. It screwed her up bad emotionally. So I found the way Justin treated her baffling. He was always manhandling her...yanking her, grabbing her, cornering her against walls, ripping her pants off, etc. I cringed whenever I read descriptions of how he was with her. What man, knowing what Grace had been through, would treat her like that? It didn't put the "hero" in a very favorable light.Aside from that, there just wasn't a very romantic feel between the H/H. There was a non-stop power struggle between the two. They just always seem to be battling with each other. And Justin is always coercing Grace. Near the end, it softens a little, but mostly, their "relationship" is very acrimonious. I didn't even find the sex scenes all that hot. Mostly because Justin is trying to steamroll his way into Grace's pants. And when I read a line like "Justin fucked the shit out of her."...well, yeah, that's just not romantic.I can't even say much about the cop skills of the two. I knew very quickly in the book who the bad guy had to be. It was very, very obvious. All through the story these big, huge, blinking-neon-light-obvious clues were dropped in their laps and neither one considered the very obvious possibility about who their killer was. I just kept shaking my head because it was kind of ridiculous. It tempted me to give up on the book. I know Grace had a kind of mental block on the issue, but being a good cop with so much evidence staring her in the face, it should have occurred to her. And it really, really should have occurred to Justin. That it didn't made the book rather unbelievable as a serious police procedural romantic suspense.The more I read of this book, the more it frustrated me. There were so many holes and loose ends that I didn't feel the least bit satisfied when I finished. There were issues/aspects introduced into the story, then dropped and forgotten completely. Early in the book, a teenage girl disappears, the third to be kidnapped. Her car is soon found completely burned, with young Vicki nowhere to be found. Grace and Jordan talk about how the killer is making a point, letting them know he has Vicki. Then that's the last we hear of poor Vicki. And I don't mean she's just never found and presumed dead...I mean that she's never mentioned again in the book. Ever. After the H/H investigate the car and talk to some neighbors, the whole Vicki thing completely vanishes from the plot. I felt sorry for the poor girl. She could still be locked up somewhere and forgotten about.And there were other things like that. Justin's son Daniel gets in big trouble in the beginning of the book because he robbed a convenience store with a gun, and the issue is dropped and never brought up again. Then there's the thing about Grace and orgasms. She 'can't let go'...a sort of after effect of what happened to her. And it's never dealt with. I swear the woman had only 1 orgasm through the entire book, and that was in the first sex scene when Justin sort of bullied her into receiving oral sex. After that, it seems like she never orgasms. I reread the last two sex scenes and there's no obvious sign that she did. In the second to last sex scene, she's still saying she 'can't let go.' It's a pretty big issue and it's just never handled in the book.There were other issues basically ignored as well. Grace and Justin never seriously talked about what she went through. Which I really felt like they needed to do. Bit and pieces come up between them about it, but never the whole story. Grace's history in general is done all in bits and pieces. I never felt like I truly understand the whole situation of what happened to her.And Justin never talks to Grace of what happened to his sister, which is an important element of how he handles life. It comes up once between them...he mentions his sisters name...and he tells Grace it's not important or something like that. Then it never comes up again. This aspect of Justin's life was something Grace really needed to know about.Even the ending of the book felt incomplete. The "revelation" of the bad guy's identity brings up several questions...the big one being how it was possible for him to be there. And it's never answered. That frustrated the hell out of me. Plus the bad guy makes comments about being responsible for finding the psychiatrist Grace saw and that's never explained. There's also never an explanation for how the bad guy got connected with another character...actually, it's not even clear if he was connected to that character. There's a big detail saying he is, but it's just not clear. And that's annoying. I hate finishing a book with so much left unexplained and unclear.And last on my list of problems is just the writing itself. The book was just not the most readable I've come across, more so earlier in the book it seemed. Convoluted sentences, non-sentences, wrong verb tense, bad flow, etc. It just didn't make the book very enjoyable to read when you end up having to read sentences over to get the point.So that covers most of my 14 fault points. There were a couple I left out, but I included the main ones. Bottom line being that I really struggled to get through this book. It was endlessly frustrating and when I finished, instead of having fuzzy feelings over the HEA, I was annoyed by all the holes in the story, but mostly just really glad to be finished with the book. There was a lot of potential for this one. The story premise is interesting, but the execution was severely lacking. As I sat here writing this, I tried to think of one thing I liked about the book and I drew a blank. That pretty much says it all. WARNING, this book contains: fairly explicit sex, explicit language, rough sex, references to rape, murder & bdsm, references to horried treatment of a captive sex slave, and fairly graphic violence to women

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-02-25 23:38

    Let me think of something good to say about "Tall, Dark and Deadly" by Lorie O'Clare: the sex was hot, assuming you like light BDSM. But I have to say that the rest of the story was as believable as the man in the moon. Grace has pulled herself up after the horrors of being held as a sexual prisoner for five years. Now, ten years later, she's a successful cop and has moved to a small town to raise her daughter; the beloved result of that horrible abuse. When a series of murders which include torture and rape occur as soon as Grace begins work in the small town, the FBI is called in to assist. The more Grace learns about her first big case, the more she realizes the perpetrator knows too much about her captivity.Justin is back in his hometown to catch a serial killer. Before arriving, he investigates the background of his future partner in the case, Grace, and discovers her hidden past. But once he catches sight of Grace in action, he knows she's a woman he must have; but he'll have his work cut out for him to keep Grace safe and catch this killer. First, let me say that it was difficult for me to like the either the hero or the heroine. Enjoying a book with that drawback is nigh on impossible; at least for me. I'm not sure how Grace managed to become a cop because she certainly had a hard time figuring out the bad guy when the clues were all but jumping up and down in front of her. It was also hard for me to understand why she was keeping secrets from her daughter when they could actually put her in danger! On to Justin: a father disconnected from his children yet insisting it was better for them; a lover who knew about Grace's sexual slavery yet spent most of his time manhandling her; an agent who missed several opportunities yet was highly decorated. Sorry. I couldn't buy any of it.Then there was the plot. An FBI agent's niece kept in slavery and when she escaped the burning house and no body was found, her Uncle and the FBI assumes the guy is dead? Yeah, sure. The local cops in the small town Grace moves to are bumbling almost beyond belief-to the point where one of them colludes with the bad guy; beats up Grace and tries to kidnap her; and gets out on bail in a matter of hours? Ummm, okay.Lori O'Clare is yet another writer making the jump from niche erotica publishing to mainstream. While she can turn up the sexual tension and heat, it wasn't enough to make me ignore the weak pacing and plot of "Tall, Dark and Deadly". She has another FBI novel, "Long, Lean and Lethal" slated for publication in Sep09. I think I'll let a friend read it first.

  • Chan
    2019-03-23 02:37

    Writing: Gaps, gaps, gaps galore. Lorie O’Clarie has the suspense thing down but the other stuff could use some work. Lorie would introduce new things but then never explain them. I don’t need the entire story wrapped in a pretty bow, but not everything should be left open-ended either. 3rd Person Narration. 3 or 4 POVs. Characters: Justin & Grace are the MCs. They came off as highly sexual. Given Grace’s past this was a little strange. Also, we are repeatedly told that Grace is really good at her job, but that is not what was illustrated. Storyline: There were cliffhangers within the story. A scene could end with the characters planning to do something, but then the next scene is something totally different and we never learn what happened. By the way…WHAT HAPPENED TO VICKI? That was a major gap!This book was hard to put down because of the suspense factor, but the gaps, my gosh the gaps, kept me frustrated.Besides the gaps there were just very confusing things, like the author would describe someone as having their head closely shaved, but the next sentence is their hair was tousled. You can’t tousle a buzz cut! Or a police officer beats up a woman and almost rapes her, but they are not fired only suspended.And then the craziness of Master…I’m not even going to touch that one. Let’s just say his personality was contradictory. Intimacy Scenes: Once Justin arrived on the scene, him and Grace only thought about getting horizontal. Overall: Lorie is great with suspense and building up to…SOMETHING. But the other stuff was unpleasant.

  • Red
    2019-03-23 00:26

    Lets see...where to start....First off the story itself was fantastic. Grace was a wonderful female lead. She was strong and for the most part independent with just enough vunerabilities that Justin could help her along the way. I really enjoyed the suspense of this book and it really kept me on the edge of my seat. For this to be the first book in this series the author did fantastic job and I can't wait to read the second. The end was just as fantastic as the beginning!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!! WARNING: There is some violence/rape in this book that is extreme in nature. Not specifically to the lead character but it is part of the storyline. Some may find it a little graphic. While the rape istelf is not detailed in some respect some people may find it difficult to read.

  • Jo (My House of Books)
    2019-03-17 02:29

    I'd seem the cover for the final book in this series in an advertisement -- you should know by now that covers pull me in. And since I have to begin a series with ... the first book ... I decided I'd give Ms. O'Clare a try.Romantic suspense is a genre (subgenre?) I don't read much of. I'm not sure why exactly; it's just not an area I gravitate toward. So I'm not "qualified" to say whether a romantic suspense is good or not. I thought this one had potential, until Grace's thoughts about Justin, whom she's practically just been introduced to, go way past professional. The sex between Grace and Justin was hot -- Ms. O'Clare also writes for Ellora's Cave and Kensington, so I assumed it would be. What bothered me was Grace's use of her tortured past to keep an emotional distance from Justin (not even allowing herself to consider she might really, really, really like this guy), but it is okay for her bang his brains out without taking said past into consideration, given their highly intense first sexual encounter. Of course, Justin doesn't know about Grace's past at this point, so he can't be blamed for the things he does to her.There were some other issues, mostly dealing with Grace's past and the fact that the murders she's investigating are clearly rattling her, which she keeps to herself. I understand the need for privacy, especially where her past is concerned but, damn it, woman, tell someone what's going on! You're supposed to be a very good cop! There was also a question of a missing girl who seemingly remained missing. Ms. O'Clare posted the missing paragraphs on her blog to explain what happened.All in all, Tall, Dark and Deadly was a good book. I'm sure to pick up the second to give Ms. O'Clare another chance.

  • Serena
    2019-03-07 00:35

    The killer was crazy and the author keep me guess who the killer was the whole time. That Part made the book great. There was a few hot love sense but nothing really just amazing on that front, but for me the story madeup for the love sense. The ex wife I never could figure out what the heck her problem was other then just being a major b*%#^. I am hoping the next book is as soon or better.

  • Jill
    2019-03-17 20:42

    I liked it, it took me a little bit to get into it, but overall it was good, loved Justin!

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-03-09 22:21

    2.5 stars. Pretty good for romantic suspense, if you don’t mind some holes, loose ends and illogical thinking.STORY BRIEF:Grace was kidnapped at age 18 by Master. He kept her locked in a mansion for 5 years as a sex slave prisoner until she set it on fire, saw him burn, and escaped. While there, she was humiliated, tortured and shared with others. She later became a homicide detective. She moves to Rockville, S. Dakota, to work as a police detective. As soon as she arrives, a serial killer begins raping, torturing and killing women in Rockville, using the same methods used by Master. The FBI sends agent Justin to help Grace solve the killings. Grace and Justin are attracted to each other.REVIEWER’S OPINION:I wouldn’t say the book kept me awake, but when I did wake during the night the torture scenes were in my mind. The suspense is definitely there. The characters are pretty good. I liked that Grace’s character was an excellent detective, and through much of the story she was. But she did two things that bothered me because they were not what a good detective would do, and they hindered the investigation. The first was that Grace kept secrets from Justin. As she noticed similarities between the current killer and Master, she didn’t tell him. He was her partner and should have been told. I’m not sure why she didn’t tell him, but it was something to do with reliving bad memories. Page 315 sort of answers this as follows. “Going on record, confirming her past that she’d so successfully wiped off her record and kept any employer from ever knowing about, was about to rear its ugly head.” “Her testimony might help bust (two bad guys), but it would also destroy her.” So she doesn’t tell him. I’m shaking my head over this, she’s trying to solve a case, yet she hides information. Although she did tell him some things later. The second thing that bothered me is in Spoilers below.There were also some unexplained events that bothered me (in Spoilers below).DATA:Story length: 379 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 8. Total number of sex scene pages: 29. Setting: Rockville, S. Dakota. Copyright: 2009. Genre: romantic suspense.CAUTION SPOILERS:To escape Master, Grace set the home on fire and claims she watched Master burn. However, Master did not burn, and he escaped. Authorities said no burned bodies were found. Through most of the story Grace is adamant when she tells people she saw Master burn to death, and there is no doubt in her mind that he is dead. But she is wrong. What kind of thinking is this to believe something so false? Her self deception just gave the bad guy freedom to do more bad things. The authorities could have pursued or captured him right after the fire if she’d been honest. I also wish the author would have clarified exactly how both Grace and Master escaped the fire with no burns to either of them. I assume fire fighters broke down a door with an axe, which allowed Grace to get out. (Master had kept all doors key locked to keep her prisoner.)Someone is a partner with Master who just happens to live in Rockville. Why did Grace move to Rockville, causing her to be around this person? The author never explained this. Was it truly a coincidence or did that person have something to do with getting her hired? The author also doesn’t explain why Master waited 10 years before going after Grace, and when he does, why is he or his buddy killing other girls nearby first? In fact, by the end of the book, I wasn’t sure who raped, tortured and killed the other girls. Was it one or both of them? I also was confused and wanted more information about the connections, motivations, and activities among the bad guys.

  • Barbara ★
    2019-03-08 01:24

    The prologue almost had me putting this book down. It's very disturbing and not my thing at all. Here is the first paragraph :There are two kinds of women in the world - those you screwed and those you married. It wasn't a rule he'd made up. It was simply how it was. Some women were best at raising children, keeping a presentable home and life in order. Others were best on their backs, offering pleasure, and taking it like the good little sluts that they were. They were two separate breeds. If a woman possessed one of those qualities, she sure as hell didn't possess the other.So right off the bat I'm offended and highly doubt I will be reading further. However, this is only the prologue and it is the sexual serial killer's thinking not the hero or heroine. Though I must admit that even when the hero (big FBI guy) enters the picture, his thoughts about the heroine (the one sexually abused for 5 years in the prologue) are majorly offensive. He knows her back story and still he's hitting on her, saying objectionable things and thinking obscene thoughts. It really turns me off and I feel that this is going to be one of those books where the hero has to grow on you but it will probably take most of the book.ETA: Grace Jordan lived as a slave for five years before she killed the sexual sadist holding her and her daughter hostage. Now she's a police lieutenant working a nasty serial killer case in South Dakota. After being abused for so long, Grace has no desire for male company until hunky FBI agent Justin Reece enters the picture. Now she is having strange feelings for him as well as trepidation since she has vowed to never allow another man to subjugate her again. Justin has investigated Grace and knows exactly what happened to her and yet he still pushes himself at her and he's a dominate alpha male. Grace doesn't know whether to be offended, scared or just enjoy the attention. When the serial rapist suddenly targets Grace, Justin kicks up the protection detail and calls in more FBI agents.This book is definitely not for the feint of heart. Brutal rapes and disgusting murders abound. Beware this book will make your skin crawl and your gorge rise. Although shocking and very disturbing, I enjoyed the writing style and Grace's character and yes, eventually Justin's too. As I thought, he certainly does grow on you. This is one book that I've read within the last year that actually did keep me on the edge of my seat through most of it.

  • Danielle
    2019-03-20 20:28

    *Fans self* I have not a clue where to begin. I ended up lost in borders romance section and found this. Cover hot (check), summary interesting, (check) and now time to pay (check). This is my first ever Lorie O'Clare book and I fell in love. I have never had a book boyfriend, but what I know is that I want the hot, sexy, FBI Agent Justin Reece. *swoons*Grace Jordan was kidnapped at age 18 by someone known as "Master". He kept her locked in a mansion for 5 years as a sex slave prisoner until she set it on fire, saw him burn, and finally escaped. She was tortured and shared with others. Trying to move on with her life she becomes a homicide detective. Moving to Rockville, S. Dakota, to work as a police detective is the new start she is looking for. But once she arrives a serial killer begins raping, torturing and killing women in the town where she now lives. The scary part is that this serial killer is using some of the methods used by the dead "Master". Now enter sexy FBI agent Justin Reece to help Grace solve these murders. What they both don't expect is that they both are attracted to each other.The sex between Grace and Justin was not only Hot but Explosive. OMG!! My favorite sex scene was the on the lawn and it was hot as hell!!!! Grace's use of her tortured past to kept an emotional distance from Justin, but that didn't stop them from humping like rabbits. I thought from sexual past it would be a issue but she seems to do it without another thought. Justin doesn't know about Grace's past just yet so when things get rough, how will Gracie react?I loved this book. It seems like I say that a lot but I can't help it. It kind of bothered me that she didn't really express to anyone her feelings of these cases and that she said on to work them. I understand the need for privacy, especially where her past is concerned but to stay on a case that is so close to home, I gave her props.This book is not only action filled, but had romance and mystery twist to it. I mean since she watched "Master" die, it couldn't be him, right? This is one story line that will not only intrigue you into the world of Police Officers and FBI agents but into a world of Power. But the big question is, Who holds that power?Tall, Dark and Deadly was a four star book. I am truly excited to read more from this fabulous writer. Next book in this series is Strong, Sleek and Sinful. I am hoping this series just keeps getting better and better.

  • Laurie Garrison
    2019-03-12 02:19

    I’m really having a hard time writing this review. As a few of you know suspense is not really in my category in reading, so I haven’t decided if this is my problem with this book or if it just wasn’t as good as it should be. I do know I dont get into a long on going crime invesgation, If you are a fan of crime invesgation this would be to your liking. Spoilers below This book did hold my attention, but I felt it had holes in the crime and storyline. Grace and Justin connected but she with held so much information it seem sloppy. The story starts off good Grace is a slave to a horrible master, after years she gets out and starts a new life as a police officer. The town she just moves to starts having teen girls brutally raped beaten and virginally murdered, this is where the story seems to drag for me it takes forever for them to figure out who done it. For one as stated above Grace healed out to much information. I understand with what she had been through she doesn’t trust or she has to keep some things secret, but if you want to be as good cop as Grace stated you can’t with hold and let girls get murdered, it just didn’t make since. There is a few more, I don’t what to keep giving out, I just hope I have descried enough, so you can deicide if this book is for you.I did find Grace and Justin entertaining and exciting together, the Sherriff adds a lot in the story. If suspense is you cup of tea this is maybe more in you line to read but it just wasn’t in mine. If your like me and really like Lorie’s erotic books and are looking for something with spice you wont find it in this book. What few books in suspense I have read has had better spice then this and if you a PNR reader its just plain no sizzle. There is sex but it just not like other books.

  • Laura
    2019-03-07 04:14

    1 1/2 to 2 starsDidn't like this one. It is the first in a series and I don't plan on reading any more in the series. My biggest complaint is the use of the f-word. Yes, it can be used in erotic romance novels, but it was overused and not in a good way. It was rather irritating, distracting, and quite frankly, a turn-off. The characters were too contradictory. They did things that didn't seem to fit with the character. I don't think I can completely explain it--they just didn't seem to fit. Grace was annoying and constantly did stupid things. Justin was too alpha and a bit of an ass at times.The storyline was far too predictable. It didn't make it exciting to try and figure any of it out. I knew from the beginning who was bad. Plus, the whole story wasn't explained very well. There could have been so much more depth to it. Ugh. Just annoying. I would compare what this should be like to Lora Leigh's SEALs series, but Leigh's series is so much better. She has some irritating things with her stories, but the storylines are well thought out and written plus there really is romance between the characters. This one was terribly lacking--the characters had little depth and almost no chemistry at all. The sex scenes were blah and made me dislike the characters (Is that possible? Believe me, it is.).I should have stopped reading this after I hated the prologue. I gave it a chance and then kept giving it more chances. I got far enough along that I figured I'd see where the author was going with it and hoped for a good twist...nope, none there. Really, this one probably isn't worth your time.

  • Melanie Chabrol-
    2019-02-28 00:30

    TALL DARK AND DEADLY, JUST LIKE A 7 COURSE MEAL, WELL PRESENTED, APPETIZING,FULFILLING, VERY DELICIOUS. This is my first book by Lorrie O'Clare, the title got my attn, and it is not the half naked man on the cover.Grace was the big 18 and this is when you would vote, be legal and make your own decisions, not this time... Her innocence was taken away from a male shovenist and after 10 years it took alot of therapy and to start over. Grace accepted a position in a small town away from the big city and it is a quaint town where everyone knows everyone and a very safe community. then suddenly there is a serial killer, killing innocent 18 and 19 y.o girls. who are brutally raped and murdered. She is suddenly busy with the crimes and trying to figure out the link, suddenly the FBI is called in and the gorgeous agent has a crush on her, and she is trying to avoid Justin. Their lives become active, as their own daughters are in the same class. Can Grace figure out the crime, and is dating another official a crime, will she be PROFESSIONAL? The beginning was a little gruesome, but it got better and better with age( in this case,with time) and I already have several colleagues waiting to read it, i have it leant out with one girl, maybe i should charge them a fee. Next i am reading part of the sequal. a tongue twister Long lean and Lethal i think it is

  • Jenn
    2019-03-13 22:32

    This is one hot, sexy book with an amazing, gripping storyline. A female cop moves to a small town for a safer environment for her daughter is caught up in gruesome murders that seem aimed at her and her past.An FBI agent is called in, as it's is hometown and sparks fly between the two. With his limited knowledge of her past, which she furious he dug up, they work together to find the murderer. It keeps leading back to HIM who should be dead but is not, is he?You can't put the book down it is so gripping. Well done!My only issue about the book is the editing, proofing aspect. There are several scenes that don't make sense. Justin is leaning against the desk, moves around it towards the door and the she gets up from her desk but has to brush against him as he is leaning against her desk. He is clearly not anywhere near there. It doesn't make sense. There are several occurrence of this and had to reread the page to try to understand to no avail.Another part was "her green eyes glowed..." She is blue-eyed and he is green-eyed. For such a big publishing house you would think these discrepancies would be caught and fixed that's why there are proofreaders, editors, etc to help the author out.

  • Sammy
    2019-03-05 21:33

    WOW!!!i read the reviews to the second book and wanted to read that first since it looked a little more promising, but let me assure you that this book did not disappoint!(view spoiler)[The reason i gave 4 stars was because i didn't fully understand Grace. i got Justin and understood him but grace was a little confusing. She kept getting memories of 'master' just by smelling his cologne but not by justin having rough sex with her?I loved the mystery, especially the ending where 'master' asks Justin to take care of Grace, it really showed the sick thinkings of him. I mean wtf you say you love her yet you want to keep her against your will. I kinda was hoping at the end for Daniel to be there at the sort of welcome party they had for Justin. I mean he asked Grace to move with him yet he didn't even see his son at the end?! (hide spoiler)]over all i enjoyed it and if you're looking for a romance/mystery/steamy book then you gotta read this!

  • Sandra
    2019-03-18 01:36

    The hero annoyed me so much I couldn't even finish this one. I hate books were the hero basically disregards everything the heroine says about not being interested and overwhelms her with sex. When a man keeps pursuing you and kissing you and not taking no for an answer in real life it is called STALKING and in it is not romantic or sexy in any way. It also makes the heroine appear weak and pathetic needing a big strong man to tell her what to do. It was particulary disturbing in this book as the heroine had survived being held as a sex slave in the past. This book is probably no worse than many others of this type - it just had the misfortune to be about the 4th one in this style I have read recently.

  • Cyndi
    2019-03-08 23:35

    This is the first mainstream Lorie O'Clare book I have read. It was OK. I felt like not all of the story was fleshed out very well (no pun intended). The ending was so abrupt that it was almost a non-event. I did like both of the main characters, but I think the author could have given them a little more development. Scenes changed so fast in this story that I found it easy to walk away and take breaks from the book.

  • Linda
    2019-03-14 03:40

    I wanted to like it, and i usually enjoy reading Lorie O´Clare but this one just rubbed me the wrong way. Cliche with her mother being irresponsible and influensing her younger sister, and when she´s supposed to share a bathroom at her grandmothers with a bachelor, and starts off with "yuck, has he ever cleaned here? Where´s the vacuum" i just gave up. I´ve got to many good reads coming up to force myself through it. Maybe another day? It could get better, i guess.

  • Donna Crawbuck
    2019-03-13 01:26

    I knew nothing about this book but had read "Men of Danger" featuring Lorie O'Clare's "Love Me 'til Death". So I looked her up for a future read. Not what I would of thought would be my kind of book, but I loved it. I had a hard time putting it down. The book had a lot of graphic scenes that only added to the story. I am starting Long, Lean and Lethal tomorrow.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-03-21 22:21

    The first book in the FBI series by Lorie O'Clare. I didn't hate it but I did feel a lack of something between the hero/heroine. I do agree that the story was unbelievable. One important element is keeping my interest. It did.

  • Robyn
    2019-03-03 22:16

    I am very disappointed this book had women being raped and brutally killed and nothing was mentioned in plot,considering that is where I draw the line. As I avoid this kind of nature in my reading I was quite annoyed.

  • Marie Keagy
    2019-02-19 21:43

    I liked this book. Although I was kind of tired of her. Not sure why? Maybe because she was trying to be too tough and fighting the attraction too much. If it wasn't for that I would have given a strong 4 stars.

  • Afia
    2019-03-08 23:35

    I really liked the book but It was hard for me to understand Grace. It took me time. I loved Justin and Grace together and everything was amazing. It was quite obvious from the beginning that who the real culprit was and I like guessing till the very end so that was kinda off for me

  • Lisa
    2019-03-04 01:22

    This book kept me on edge to keep reading, I wanted to find out more about the killer, a few times I thought it might been someone from the town that Grace moved to start her life over. Great Book, love it!

  • Debbie
    2019-03-08 23:41

    Totally AWESOME!!! But, also very intense. I would recommend this book to everyone even though I know there will be some people who may not be able to deal with some parts of the book. Deals with kidnapping, Rape, sodomy, torture, dominance and bondage.

  • Kim Chadwick
    2019-03-01 20:27

    Pretty good read. The writing style of the author was sometimes lacking and poorly edited, however not bad enough to keep me from reading it. The attraction and romance of the main characters was hot and the mystery/ thriller aspect kept me guessing. All in all it was a great book.

  • Weepingbeauty
    2019-03-05 01:14

    I would have loved to see this brilliant plot handled by someone like Jeffrey Deaver or Val McDermid. Unfortunately it was ruined by trying to turn a very good story with and interesting plot into a Black Lace

  • Kay
    2019-02-28 02:39

    Dark but very good.

  • Sunshine
    2019-03-16 04:15

    When I got this book, I was expecting pure smut. To my surprise, it was much more story than sex-and good story at that! This was a great book and I will be picking up the next in this series.

  • Ivy
    2019-03-13 22:28

    Can I give a book negative stars? Oh, what this author does to the English language I wouldn't do to a dog.