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For detective Joe Lombardi, when a body is discovered dangling beneath the Carroll Street Bridge, the first place he turns to for answers is the nearby canal. With its long history of pollution and neglect, the canal has gained a dubious reputation for ruining people's lives -- Joe's included. But to Joe's younger partner, Alan D'Angelo, Joe is little more than a liabilityFor detective Joe Lombardi, when a body is discovered dangling beneath the Carroll Street Bridge, the first place he turns to for answers is the nearby canal. With its long history of pollution and neglect, the canal has gained a dubious reputation for ruining people's lives -- Joe's included. But to Joe's younger partner, Alan D'Angelo, Joe is little more than a liability, a chain-smoking failure who stands in the way of a much-coveted promotion. Determined to turn the occasion of their investigation to his favor, Alan vows to end Joe's career by beating him to the killer and currying favor with their new boss. But when it comes to the canal nothing is ever what it seems: as Joe and Alan set out to catch their killer, they're about to stumble across an unspeakable secret, one that's waiting for them just beneath the water's dark surface......

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the canal Reviews

  • Kathryn
    2019-04-08 06:38

    This book grabbed my interest right from the start but what I was amazed at through the entire thing is that I loved the voice, the narration, the words flowed very well and that is something I always notice, a mega pet peeve of mine. I also thought the dialogue was very well done. Another pet peeve of mine is not being able to sympathize with any characters. I did not undersstand some of the actions taken (or lack of action) and I have a problem with children in horror stories, no matter the scenario. This is a very disgusting book. Just reading it made me feel a little slimy, which I guess was intended. :) And the monster was great.

  • Daniel Clausen
    2019-04-15 04:48

    What do you get when you take one hard-boiled cop, used to the grime and dirt of the seamy underworld, and a meticulous up-and-coming detective, more acute with mini-vacuum than pistol? You get the two main characters of this highly enjoyable horror story. Their antagonism drives the novel from beginning to end. The genre of the book is a cross between hard-boiled detective story and horror--though the second aspect is much more prominent. The author's talent lies in his description. He doesn't want to just show you the mud and the garbage of the canal, he wants to pull your eyes out and drag it through the muck. My one criticism of the book is that the description and insights into the internal workings of the character slowed the action at times. Much of the internal workings of the character may have been better placed in dialogue or in descriptions of their mannerisms. Another great positive of the book is that it builds to a very nice (nice may not be the right word) ending. Too often (usually in Stephen King books), dramatic tension is built up only for the reader to be let down at the end. I was pleasantly surprised at the payoff.

  • Marvin
    2019-03-30 00:32

    This is a taut horror thriller. The two main characters, if not that likable, have intense flaws that feed well into this type of suspense tale. Part monster tale and part psychological suspense thriller, it moves fast and keeps you turning the page. I especially like the fact that the protagonists, two detectives, really do not like each other, a nice twist on the usual "buddy cop" theme that is shamelessly over-used in most similar tales. Another nice touch is the canal itself,which practically becomes one of the characters in this book. Through the author's hands, it takes on a sinister personality of its own. The monster is especially creepy even though the ending twist is a bit obvious to any seasoned horror reader. A very good debut novel.

  • Sharon Bressen
    2019-04-07 23:32

    The CanalBy Daniel MorrisThis free e-book was received from the LibraryThing Member Giveaway program in exchange for a review.This book is really one heck of a good horror story. It starts with a bang and has a very twisted ending that you never expect. The author, Daniel Morris certainly has an excellent capacity to describe all the gory details to the point you can smell and taste your surroundings.Alan D’Angelo works as a detective in Brooklyn, NY and is the vision epitome of the “Mr. Clean” and of course…partners with Joe Lombardi, “Pigsty Incarnate”. Alan is envious of Joe’s record of always solving any crime that involves The Canal (a cess pool).When a skinned body is found hanging from a bridge over the canal, Alan vows to solve the murder before Joe does. And the journey begins with Alan trying to beat Joe to the punch at every corner.Daniel Morris does an excellent job of drawing us into the two characters with all their faults.This fast paced thriller has the additional benefit of horror thrown in to really make your body twitch as you read along. Pick up the book if you like a frightening and menacing yarn from a twisted mind.

  • Jenn Mather Nessen
    2019-04-11 03:37

    This has been one of the most descriptive books I have read in a long time. The Canal, is one of those books that is like a guilty pleasure; There are so many “wrong” things going on in the story, but you can not help yourself from putting the book down. It is definatly not a book for the person with a weak stomach (some of the writing was some of the most disgusting stuff I have read in quite sometime. Since I am not one of those, I found the story enjoyable. I was quite impressed with the amount of detail written about the characters so I felt as if I could picture them and form an opinion about them. Normally, I don't get that invested in the characters but this time I really did...for the most part I couldn't stand them, yet at the same time I couldn't get enough of them. At some times the story could get a little confusing, but it was when they were dealing with confused people and it took a few paragraphs to “catch on.” Other than that, the story was enjoyable and I would recommend it to those who like horror, gore, and dysfunctional people.

  • Alanna
    2019-03-27 07:01

    I received this as an ebook from Daniel Morris on LibraryThing's Member Giveaway. Though the book was more of a horror story than I was led to believe (& I am a not a fan of horror!), I actually enjoyed it.When a body is found hanging over the derelict canal, dueling detectives Joe Lombardi and Alan D'Angelo both vow to solve the murder. The novel follows these two detectives, as we discover their histories, as well as the history of the local canal.Daniel Morris has created solid characters in all the right ways. Joe's disgusting habits will make you squirm, Alan's obsessive cleanliness and judgement will drive you crazy, and yet somehow you will genuinely care about what happens to each and every character in the book - even the murderer.The descriptions were unlike everything I've read before - Morris definitely has a knack for creating unique and vivid descriptions.While horror is not my thing, I had to finish the book because I enjoyed the characters and the writing style.5 stars!

  • Maggie Light
    2019-04-14 05:40

    What’s so cool about swamp things and dead people? It’s the language. Never have I pondered the emotional life of leftover chicken breasts or how many ways one can convey raw sewage, but leftovers are weird, so is waste, both need our attention, and this book serves as proof. Mr. Morris sluices his characters through labyrinths of the disgusting with meaningful flourish. And there’s death. Canals of it. Prepare yourself for a thematic jaunt too - the battle in the first pages between family man Old Paul and homicidal New Paul is just the tip of the polemic iceberg. I dug the tightwad detective, how his neurosis unraveled into the squalor we know he’s destined for in a battle between the obsessive compulsive and the chaotic reprobate, a pleasing tension that sustained this reader throughout the strong storytelling. Great read.

  • Andrea Love
    2019-04-03 05:39

    This is a very entertaining read. The title suggests that it will be a tale of horror, but I did not feel that the author restricted himself to this description exclusively. This tale weaves storylines of science fiction and murder mystery with a touch of romance here and there. Following detectives Alan and Joe, two unlikely partners, as they try to solve the murders that are cropping up, I couldn’t help but become entranced by the pervasive neurotic dichotomy presented by Alan and Joe’s partnership. The characters are fun and the story is written in an engaging flowing style. The reader, from the very beginning, is drawn into a world where you can smell the smells and feel the grit all around them.

  • Darcia Helle
    2019-03-23 23:49

    This book grabbed my attention from the first paragraph and never let go. The plot was something you might expect from Stephen King or Dean Koontz. But the writing style was absolutely unique. Daniel Morris has a captivating way with words, an ability to describe something so that you can feel, hear, smell, and taste it as you read. Morris has a rare, natural talent with words. I would give him 5 stars based on that alone.The Canal is not a long book more like a novella. It's fast-paced, with a mix of science fiction, horror, suspense and mystery. Whatever you may feel about this book, I strongly doubt it will be boredom!

  • Carol Brannigan
    2019-04-19 02:38

    Great story and even though I did figure out the "twist" it wasn't until the last quarter of it. A good read. It was at times a bit overwhelming with the descriptiveness of Alan's neurosis. However, the story and delivery made up for that. Nice read for fans of horror, thriller or science fiction. My one disappointment was that it wasn't longer. I think it could have been expanded on. I will be looking for the author for future reads.

  • Harold Honey
    2019-04-03 03:56

    It seems to be ultimately a tale of survival. It is a well paced novel but tends to get muddled at parts. I felt that it could have been a cleaner tale-see dara marks book inside story. In effect, the canal serves to be almost another monster in and of itself. I wanted a clearer distinction between the monster and the canal but perhaps there was something poetic darwinian message that the author was striving for but did not quite grasp. Good effort. Fun to read.

  • Anne Miller
    2019-03-25 05:34

    A frightening and disturbing story. The characters are well developed and have psychological depth. I especially like how the the orderly and compulsive detective becomes more like the disorderly and unkempt partner he hates as the story unfolds. The author skillfully describes the polluted and toxic canal and its impact on others. The identity of the monster is especially disturbing.

  • Barb
    2019-03-25 01:42

    I really enjoyed this one. I thought it was a basic detective story when I started reading with a very odd detective as the main character, but it soon turned into a creepy horror book. The characters were all a bit odd and the story was as well, but it is a fast engrossing read.

  • Marty
    2019-04-08 03:02

    This is a very quick clean read, but very dark. It was well written, tight story but do not read while eating. I found parts disturbing, but I still liked the story.

  • Daniel
    2019-03-20 04:47