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Book 3 in the Men Of August series. Will she bring the gift of acceptance, or will she break the bonds that have been forged through the fires of hell? Heather's job was to guard Sam's body. As part of the team assigned to the protection of the August family, she had taken her job seriously. Until a madman learned she was Sam August's weakness. Until the past rose with deaBook 3 in the Men Of August series. Will she bring the gift of acceptance, or will she break the bonds that have been forged through the fires of hell? Heather's job was to guard Sam's body. As part of the team assigned to the protection of the August family, she had taken her job seriously. Until a madman learned she was Sam August's weakness. Until the past rose with deadly intent and surprising secrets. Will Sam be able to deny his passion for this woman, or will the dark nightmares and sensuous desires that rage through them both be the cause of his destruction, and the destruction of the woman he loves?...

Title : Heather's Gift
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Heather's Gift Reviews

  • Shawna
    2019-04-13 04:40

    4 stars – Romantic Suspense/Erotica/BDSM/MénageHeather’s Gift is the third book in Leigh’s Men of August series, and it’s pretty much more of the same. The story involves another virginal heroine relentlessly pursuing a hardcore, LL a**hole alpha who thinks being physically scarred and emotionally damaged from past abuse makes it okay for him to treat her like sh*t.Here’s a succinct rundown of the story:(Of course, this is only my interpretation, not literal quotes.)Heather: “I want you.”Sam: “You’re a virgin and can’t handle what I have to give you baby.”H: “But I want you!”S: “I can only take you one way, and that’s hard and rough, so you have to stay away from me.”H: “But I want you!”S: “I can’t control myself around you, and I can’t take you easy or give you what you need baby, so stay away from me.”H: “But I love you, and I want you!”S: “Damn woman you shatter my self-control, suck my c*ck, hard.”H: “I want you to take me anyway you want to.”S: “But you’re a virgin and don’t know what you’re asking for or what you really want and I’ll hurt you, so stay away from me, dammit!”H: “But I’m horny, and I want you.”S: “You really want me, fine, but you’ll take it hard and rough, baby.”H: “I want you again.”S: “You have to allow sex with my brothers too, and anytime and anyway they want it.”H: “I can’t Sam, I only want you.”S: “Too late for that baby, you’ll take all of us, whenever we want, or else.”H: “I love you, so I’ll accept sex with your brothers and all of you together, just like you demand.”S: “I love you Heather, you are my heart and soul, and your ‘gift’ healed me.”H: “Oh Sam, I love you too!”Awww, the End!Okay, so why did I still rate it 4 stars? Oh yeah, ‘cause it’s Lora Leigh and I knew exactly what I was in for, and although it might be a tad ridiculous, it’s still scorching, need a fan handy, HOT!

  • Daisiemae
    2019-04-06 00:46

    If I could give this book 3.5 stars I would. I didn't like this book as well as Sarah's Seduction. Once again, I think the August Brothers are alpha, sexy and very tortured heroes. But, to me it is important to repeat that the reason they want/do share the women they are supposed to love more than anything in the world is well...asinine to me, but hey that is my opinion. Sam August has demons in his closet he has yet to deal with. He has blocked out the abuse he and his brothers endured and is protected by the August family. I liked Sam. I didn't doubt his feelings for Heather, and I even liked that he wasn't convinced that sharing Heather would not have a negative outcome. His worries about the other women's feelings about sharing with his brothers, was more sensitive (not sexually though-he is more aggressive in bed than Brock was) than the other August men. But, of course what the August men want, they get...sigh.Heather is assigned to protect Sam. She is drawn to him in many ways. She has to take incentive several times to establish a relationship with him, even though she does not want to be shared with the others. Her love for him was evident, but something about them bothered me. I don't think the sex was a hot in this book. I just don't think they connected as well as Sarah and Brock. Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading this book. It is not one of my favorites by Lora, but well worth the read. I am looking forward to reading the outcome of the August men. Even though they have some MAJOR hang-ups I really liked them.

  • Zeek
    2019-04-03 03:37

    As any of you who have read my other book reviews know, I love me some Lora Leigh’s Beastie Boyz (The Breed Series), however I just can’t seem to get into some of her other series- yes, that’s right, I’m talking about the uber sexual Men of August. Yet, I couldnt seem to stop reading them. Which brought me to the third and final (somewhat) in the series- Heather’s Gift.Whereas I liked this one more than the second (Sarah’s Seduction) and I appreciate the fact that LL spent a significant amount time attempting to sell the main thrust (pun intended) of the series- the August brothers deep need to “share” their women- I still find the that plot point mostly … well, mostly lame.HG had more depth to it than Sarah's Seduction or even the first,Marly's Choice. I liked the heroine, Heather- strong, feisty, but not obnoxiously so. Major angst with Sam, the hero, and I thought, once LL got around to delineating some of the heretofore only hinted at torture that they endured as kids at the hand of their … stepfather was it? (Not sure. The kentucky fried family connections kinda got lost on me.) Either way, it became a better book than the others. And, what with all the shenanigans and polyamorphous goings ons distracting me, I was a tad surprised with who the big bad ended up to be- although it might have also been due to the fact that I lost track of what all was going on as it was spread across the three books.I’m giving this one a higher rating than Sarah’s Seduction, despite the weird ass ending- uh Hello? Big Love!-

  • Colleen (NerdyWoman) Kayter
    2019-03-30 00:25

    As Heather's Gift begins, readers who have not read Marly's Choice and Sarah's Seduction will probably be disappointed in this story before the end of Chapter 1. For those who've read the series in proper sequence, it's understood that the August brothers use sex to express their love and trust for one another and for the women in their lives. There are very complex psychological facets to this series.With the introduction of Heather March, Lora Leigh gives us another alpha female and pairs her up with Sam August. Sam is an alpha male whose twin brother, Brock, and older brother, Cade, don't perceive as an alpha. They have spent their adult lives trying to protect Sam from memories his own mind has blocked.But Heather loves Sam and sees that he can never be at peace until he has remembered and faced the demons. While she's trying to get closer to Sam, he's pushing her away. He's trying to protect her from a stalker who is intent on destroying Sam and the woman he loves.When Sarah's ex-husband is murdered, the investigation results in the August brothers confronting their history. When the stalker is revealed, it's a shocker, but not.Heather's Gift does offer us a satisfying ending, but not. All the conflicts are resolved, all the bad guys caught, all the demons laid to rest... yet not is all as it should be in a perfect fictional world. For that, you'll need to read August Heat (Twelve Quickies of Christmas Vol 1).

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-07 03:41

    Another amazing book from Lora Leigh. I'm in awe of the woman.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-04-04 01:46

    Heather’s Gift, the 3rd book in Lora Leigh’s Men of August series, is Sam’s story and we finally discover the full horror of what the three brothers went through, years ago, when they were kidnapped and sexually abused. Sam is the most damaged and is experiencing nightmares of his horrific past and having flashbacks of what happened to him and his brothers. He has fallen in love with Heather, who is part of a security company hired to protect the August men and their women from the murderer who is trying to harm them.Having read the first two books, Marly’s Choice and Sarah’s Seduction, I found myself engaging with Sam and wanted to know more about him. Trying to keep a happy face whilst having a darkness inside him that was beginning to unravel his sanity.I have enjoyed this series but there were just a few things that bothered me.*Here are some of my thoughts*The books were well-written, fast paced with lots of “red herrings” thrown in which kept me surprised and engaged. The sex scenes…erotic, hot and I had to “fan” myself a couple of times. And I discovered all these items I never knew existed – “the rabbit”, “inflatable butt plugs”…I even had to Google them to understand what they were!!!!!! Well, the, reading increases your knowledge saying certainly applied to me here!!!!There are some issues about the 3 men that I found kind of weird –The scenarios of having to share the woman they love with each other or not, having to totally dominate their women, who must at all times be ready for them regardless if they feel like it or not – they have no say in it, even going as far as choosing the clothes they must wear!! How does this help the men overcome their sexual problems and nightmares I have no idea. At times, as they were involved in a sex scene, I had this thought in my head that “maybe these men are doing these things because they’re afraid that they might have desires to do it with each other”. Surely in a ménage situation, all three or four people touch each other. I seem to recall a scene between Heather, Cade and Sam and one of them says something like “he could feel his cock inside Heather”. Now, I have no problem with two men saying or feeling that, but two brothers!!!!!There was very little character development with Heather and I would have liked to have known a bit more about her – I mean she’s a kick-ass, sassy woman, who is determined to help Sam heal, without having to be part of a ménage with his brothers and did think that this would be the conclusion – but no…like Marly & Sarah, she gives in to the whole scenario. That was a bit disappointing for me.The conclusion ends with the identity of the attacker, which really really surprised me. You will have to read this book and the previous two as well, to find out – I promise that you will be as stunned as I was. Never for a moment did I ever suspected the person. A real twister ending.So, would I recommend this series???? If you want some more than good, hot, sexy men and well-written scorching sex scenes, that leave you wanting more, an innovative and interesting plot with lots of suspense too, then YES!! Book Description: Book 3 in the Men Of August series Will she bring the gift of acceptance, or will she break the bonds that have been forged through the fires of hell? Heather's job was to guard Sam's body. As part of the team assigned to the protection of the August family, she had taken her job seriously. Until a madman learned she was Sam August's weakness. Until the past rose with deadly intent and surprising secrets. Will Sam be able to deny his passion for this woman, or will the dark nightmares and sensuous desires that rage through them both be the cause of his destruction, and the destruction of the woman he loves?

  • Perla
    2019-04-11 23:54

    Ummm it was alright.Idk it seemed like the more I tried to understand the August brothers, the more I gawked at how ridiculous the plot was getting.My fave characters were Brock, Sarah and Obvi Sam. The rest were just mediocre....Didn't fall for them. And then when we found out who the stalker was I felt absolutely dumb! I should of known who the bad guy was. Like c'mon. Gotta give Lora some extra points for surprising me thereI did pity Sam tho, like the poor thing was broken. And he tried restraining himself from getting with Heather only because he believed he was a monster himself. Sounds kind of confusing and let me tell you the book was much worse. Now I'm not saying it was horrible or that I hated this Erotica. But I'm starting to detest the idea of characters hiding from their problems, instead of facing them....Ik it's a cliche. But there's always a limit.Thank God the book wasn't that Long (even tho I did take a rlly long time to finish) because if I heard Sammy boy or Cade complain and whine about their nightmares and never facing them I might of just started pulling my hair. Oh and I wished that Heather's Sis "Tara"? was more in the book. Or at least had her own story to tell, because I was starting to like her. In the end I didn't fall for this book, at all! When it comes down to the series tho....well ehh it wasn't the best either. The sex was hot at first but then it got sort of repetitive, but I didn't get annoyed from it

  • Darcy
    2019-03-28 22:26

    I was so looking forward to this book mostly because with it I thought we would find out just what happened to the brothers all those years ago and the book delivered. Things weren't just spelled out at the beginning, rather were dolled out in nuggets through out the book until when you had the whole story you are very impressed that the brothers are as sane as they are, their sharing is the least of the issues they should have.I also think these books have a different take in the whole menage relationship, one that I really like. The woman in question feels a great love for just one man, but is seduced by all of them and have the other women to talk to when her fears sneak out. Those scenes between all 3 women were great as Marly and Sarah really explained things to Heather and why they are ok with things. I also think that Heather was such a strong woman that it really made things harder for her to accept.Sam and Heather's attraction to each other was so visible it almost seemed like another character. I loved that Heather did not just give in, but shoveled his load of crap right back at him when he was full of it.I was very surprised by who the bad buy ended up being, it was someone that I didn't expect. I am glad to see that while there are still scars all around everyone ends up happy.As an FYI this book is not for the faint of heart.

  • Camille-Dhark Nytmhare
    2019-04-19 05:26

    I love a woman who calls a man on his BS. In Heather's Gift there is lots of sexual teasing and lots of self pleasure. The stalker really up the antics and the story becomes a real erotic thriller.Sam we find out is the most psychologically damaged of the brothers. In Heather’s Gift, we really learn the brutal truth about the brothers and the source of their nightmares. Sam seems to be a different character than he was in the previous stories. Where he was the prankster in previous books. He is more subdued in this novel. He is beginning to have flashbacks that are affecting his ability to cope. He runs away a lot refusing to talk about the flashbacks that he can't make sense of.Heather is a virginal lover who wants to finish what was started with Sam years ago. She is a kick ass heroine and is a great match for Sam. I loved Heather for her insightfulness. There are instances in the book where she gives Sam his dignity and pride which he so desparately needs. This book is much more emotionally tortuous than previous books in the series. I’m still not convinced with the reason for the family threesome, no matter how many times it was explained. But this is a fantasy so I just went with the program. There were many action scenes and tense moments. The book had a fantastic ending that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did.

  • Heather
    2019-03-22 23:55

    These August brothers are nuts!! I first read Marley's choice and was shocked. But it was only Marley and the three brothers. Then I convinced myself to give Sara's seduction a chance. That one was even harder because now it was Marley and Sara sharing the August men. Well hell, I thought might as well read Heather's gift. Now I'm invested in this crazy series. Could the 6 of them make it work? And who in the hell is the stalker/killer??There was a point I thought that Sam was going to opt out. Sam doesn't even claim his virgin Heather until 75% through the book. It was a lot of tug and pull between these two. I was under the impression Sam needed more than Heather could give him. But when they finally got underway he was no different than any other alpha man who wanted to have heathers submission. The ending fit this series perfectly. If you can wrap your mind around the crazy sharing of their women this is a good series. It really has that shock factor.

  • Jessie
    2019-04-08 00:29

    I loved this series. It may not be the same for some others. Yes, there's a lot if sex, 1 female & 3 guys & other situations. But the way this author wrote these books & reading about the three August men & the reason why these brothers need to connect this way made the sexual relationships understandable to me. And the brothers women aren't weak, easily manipulated women either. They are strong willed & fearful of getting involved with these guys. But once they see it in a whole new light, it is acceptable to them. There is also some suspense in this series. Someone is stalking & creating fear in all the characters in this series. Trust me, I kept wondering from Book 1 who it was & was really surprised when I found out.

  • Ann has a dirty mouth
    2019-04-13 01:51

    Well, I read the whole thing and I still don't get how sharing women with your brothers heals emotional abuse. I have two sisters rather than two brothers and I don't believe we have ever successfully shared a bag of skittles. That being said, this strange series amused the hell out of me. I admire that Leigh really committed in her quest to break every boundary of logic, political correctness and good taste to keep me entertained.

  • April
    2019-04-19 01:39

    I really liked the story but hated the continued sharing!! I skimmed over those parts a pretended they did not happen. I like a happy ending to stay happy! I would not condone my man having sex with my sister in law!! No way no how. Other than that it was a good read. Finally finishing the story arc and giving each brother a love of his own.Warning many triggers if you have ever suffered any sort of sexual assault!!

  • marlene
    2019-04-01 23:27

    i made it as far as yet another August brother pushed a virgin down into the dirt had her go down on him then stormed away. the last time i read this similar scene i seethed, this time was no different. i had to throw in the towel at that point. Leigh can put her name on a telephone book and i'd read it but this series rubbed me wrong from book one. actually above mentioned scene to be exact. i can not even remotely tolerate the August brothers.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-23 02:28

    Beautifully tormented, but strong Alpha males...She writes a soul deep story and trilogy that leaves you sad and elated at the same time. Lora is one of the most POWERFUL and gripping writers of this time, and BOY can she write an erotic scene that will leave you with a twitch!

  • Shay
    2019-04-04 23:28

    It's a re-read for me in the Men of August series. Third one, least favorite but holy hell its hot.

  • Misty
    2019-03-24 02:39

    Ok, this was a bit better than the other 2 books.I liked the suspence, I never guessed the villain (well, I half guessed. I had my sight set on a person and I was half right.) and I liked that Heather was definitely no push over. The part when she threatens the brothers on gun point was hilarious.I still say those three need therapy, but at the end I found them more balanced, and it was a good feeling.

  • Eva Millien
    2019-03-22 02:46

    Heather has been assigned to guard Sam's body but a madman has learned that she is Sam's weakness and he'll stop at nothing to destroy him in this thrilling contemporary erotic romance.The stalker is still out there and has every intention of making Sam pay and the reader can't help but get drawn into the suspense as everyone fails to figure out who it is. The strong compelling August brothers and their women demand that the readers help them discover who the culprit is while they invite you to join them in the sizzling passion that bonds them all together. The fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with suspense and passion while the scorching hot sex scenes including m/f/m/m scenes adds lots of spice and the emotional turmoil adds lots of depth.Suspense and tension as well as passion radiates from every page with vibrant intensity as the well written scenes and details paint vivid images that capture the imagination and the well orchestrated events keeps readers hanging on to every word. The stalker's deranged twists keep the readers guessing while causing lots of pain and torment which adds lots of emotional turmoil that soaks every page and tugs at the heartstrings and ensures that Sam captures the heart as painful memories try to surface keeping him on edge and pulling away from everyone including Heather.This series is best read in sequence due to the progressive deviousness of the stalker and to get the full impact of the August brothers stories. Each and every story ensures that the readers fall for the brothers and their women more and more and while some content is quite disturbing, each story is the type of story that can't be put down until every last page has been read from cover to cover.

  • Kay
    2019-04-09 01:47

    Heather is part of the team protecting the August family. Sam’s in love with Heather, and his interest in her sparks the stalker and Heather is assaulted. This nearly destroys Sam. In all the years since their captivity and torture, Sam has always felt that he was the one that had provoked it all with his quick temper and youthful arrogance. Yet he can only remember the horror in his nightmares and during the day he’s plagued by the thoughts that he’d once been a monster filled with violence. Heather believes that Sam needs his brothers to tell him everything that he can’t remember, but Brock and esp. Cade are determined to protect Sam from those horrors. It’s through Heather’s generous nature, that Sam learns that he’s not a monster.These love stories all have very explicit sex scenes, including ménage-a-quatre. I had read Ms. Leigh’s novella “August Heat” in which the three women strive to make the men see that they’ve been healed and that the ménage aspect of their lives really isn’t desired anymore. This made me curious to read how these relationships had started in the first place. I’m glad I did, as I have discovered a very talented author. I enjoyed these stories very much. Marly’s Choice was very raw, and perhaps not as well edited as the other two, but I found I needed to read this one without stop. Sarah’s Seduction was I think the weakest of the three, and perhaps a bit draggy in spots. Heather’s Gift I think was the better of the three, with the reader finding full understanding of what the men had experienced that had made them the way they were. All are very compelling reads, and I’m looking forward to reading more from Ms. Leigh.

  • Lee Anne - OMG! It's TOOOOO Cold!
    2019-04-08 23:27

    This series has kept me enthralled for days. It has rocked me on so many different levels that I can’t even begin to assimilate the horrors these men have faced. They have stood in face of evil and came out the other side. Unfortunately they came out scarred beyond belief.Not only did they survive the evil once, now they are facing another evil that wants that harm them. How much can one family take before they fall apart?While reading this series I found myself crying for the lost innocence and cheering for them as they healed. I wanted to strangle them for their overbearing protectiveness while at the same time I wanted to hug them to soothe their nightmares. I had so many contradictory feelings all at the same time!Heather’s Gift is the turning point for these tortured men. Heather is the one person who won’t sugar coat anything or pamper anyone. She is the one person who makes them face their demons and start to heal. I applauded Heather so many times for so many different reasons. I also found time to want to smack her on the head for some of her more stupid stunts!I still can’t begin to imagine the horrors described in the book. It just boggles my mind. I also can’t wrap my head around the fact that these men need to share their women in order to feel a connection to each other. It’s just a difficult concept for me to wrap my mine around. No matter how difficult these concepts are to me, it doesn’t change the fact that these books will rock you to your core and leave you with a book hangover.There is still one more book in the series and I have every intention of reading it! I also need to check out the other books by Lora Leigh!

  • C Joy
    2019-03-29 06:39

    I'm having difficulty on whether to rate this 3 or 4 but after much weighing and consideration, I opted for the higher rating.This is Sam's story and this is where all the loose ends are tied, the past revisited and everything out in the open. There's hurt, betrayal, and a story rich in tragedy - with equal amounts of sex. There's always the sex, the need to share the brothers' women was time and again explained to Heather.The pace was slow though, but sexual tension was built up until the characters explode from either temper or climax. I sensed the stalker among them (maybe after reading all the different mysteries) but it was totally unexpected. There was spanking, bondage, hardcore sex, and if the author added lesbian sex it would be better.The August men are a load of testosterone it's automatic when they see their wives or sisters-in-law, and they realize it's unnatural/unconventional to be hard even at gunpoint, but that's the way they are. I just didn't like how Sam treated Heather in the early part, but strong as she is, she took matters into her own hands in her own way and that was really amusing.I've read the short story "August Heat" and it was funny, now that story was the perfect ender, not this one.

  • Judith
    2019-03-22 22:37

    The youngest brother Sam August, and the youngest twin, was the most deeply injured, both physically and emotionally by the abuse they all survived. This third novel uncovers the true horror these men endured as well as brings them into even greater danger of losing their lives and the lives of their dearest loves. Heather James is assigned to guard Sam and over time they grow to love one another. Again, the major conflict is the reality that Heather, too, will need to accept being a part of a very strange family with its menage relationships that also now include Sarah as well as Marly. Sam has finally given up trying to cover over his rage and sadness with being the clown of the family. He fears his rage will spill over into any sexual relationship with Heather. The sexual tension is almost unrelieved throughout the book even as the suspense builds over the person who is seeking their destruction. The ending contains some jaw-dropping surprises. An extremely dark story in a very dark series. Very erotic and not for those who have difficulty dealing with the realities of sexual abuse.

  • Jo
    2019-03-20 06:54

    Sam is the most tortured brothers hiding all the pain behind a smile."Faces see ..."And that's exactly what he does with Heather. He wants, desires, but knows he would be in danger if he were beside him. He does not want anyone to touch, so that tells you it's going to lose her virginity, because he will not make love to her gently. Heather comes to the task of waiting for this cowboy guard down, and preserved her virginity because she wants to be he and no other. Nobody else.The story is called the gift of Heather, because she is wrapped in gift paper to be delivered to the brothers because of the need to know Sam. And although he does not want to, she decides to be his gift.Heather is a very strong character, who although she is ... a cruelly abused by the person who walks in women August, is the most delivery if her lover.

  • Morpheus Reads
    2019-04-17 00:46

    I thought this really was a skunk. Maybe if I read the first books in the series this one wouldn't have bothered me so much because I would have gotten to know Sam better before this. I just couldn't reconcile the nice guy at the end with the overbearing, selfish man at the beginning who rapes the woman (who was a virgin) whom he supposedly "loves heart and soul". I know he suffered terrible abuse, but I just couldn't forgive that initial assault. I also didn't find the women's acceptance of their lifestyle all that believable. I think women are naturally too jealous and catty to be able to willingly accept the sharing so easily. I just was not convinced by these particular characters, especially Heather's neck-jarring 180.

  • Missie Jones
    2019-04-04 23:38

    Felt the same on this one. By this installment in the series I really felt sorry for those poor men. The only thing I disagree with is if they were raped & forced to rape each other...HONESTLY NOW, dont u think that they would stay as far away from the anal sex as possible. If it was so awful to them, why would they all 3 want to do it to their women. Especially a virgin...HELLO Ass before Cherry....OMG Sorry, was that to honest. hmmm Like a girl would do that. Other than that the story was great, sex was hot, and I never guessed who the bad guy was. Threw me for a loop. I say its a good read, other than the backdoor sex :O which if you skip it, you skip a lot of pages in this book series...lmbo no pun intended haha

  • Oleta Blaylock
    2019-03-21 01:32

    This book reveals much more of what happened to the three brothers that they were abused. You also see how much this really has affected all three of the men. Heather is a fire ball that doesn't take much nonsense from any of the men. She also decides that Sam needs to confront his demons and fights to make sure that he can heal and start to live a happier life with her and his brothers. You also learn who has been behind threats to all of them. I was kind of surprised by who it was. While I have always had a soft spot of Cade and Brock, Sam is by far my favorite. He stood up to the monster that was abusing him and took care of the problem. It is too bad that the abuse went on so long. One thing I would have liked to find out is why the August men's father was so abusive.

  • Elaine
    2019-04-02 01:52

    Book 3 in the Men of August series.Better than book 1, didn't read book 2. In this story, the questions are answered as to why the August brothers are such a mess. As with the first book, there's a whole lotta talking about WHY Sam can't consummate his relationship with Heather- the whole tortured soul, "don't wanna hurt you baby" type of thing.So why the 4 stars? 'cause Lora Leigh writes such decadent sex, that's why! Her tortured ranchers are still hot and hunky. Trust me you'll wanna take one or all of them for a ride.[image error]

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-03-29 05:51

    I love Sam and Heather. This would have been 5 stars...but I just can't do it, I do not like the continued sharing....after each HEA, I try to pretend that the other's don't continue to participate in the sharing or I skip the sharing parts, I especially hated the one at the end where Heather and Sarah are drinking coffee while the others are engaged with Marly in the family room.....EVEN though I don't like the continued sharing, LL does make it understandable in this book as to why they do it...again a great series, don't let my issue with continued sharing put you off. I am glad I read the series.

  • Janet
    2019-03-20 05:36

    This was definitely a different series and the August men were quite deviant, possessive, controlling and loved to share. Not my typical love story but somehow it all worked and I couldn't put them down. I guess if you have three hot men willing to meet your every need....well it would be hard to say no!

  • DeeCee_Shizzle
    2019-04-13 00:37

    Same review for all the Men of August books...I am just not someone who enjoys the manage or sharing thing. At all. No judgement - just doesnt blow my hair back so for that reason the whole series was meh for me.Though having said that, I DID read them all so there had to be something I liked...probably the last book. Where they stopped sharing the loves of their lives. Hey, it's just not my thing. If you want steamy multiple partner scenes, then this is the series for you.