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The Universe is coming apart at the seams.As Jonathan and his friends fight to save it, their every move is being watched from the shadows. Lilith, the last Archdemon, has plans of her own, and with the legendary Michael's Spear under her control Jonathan has never faced a more lethal foe.With the odds stacked against him, Jonathan will need all the help he can get if he iThe Universe is coming apart at the seams.As Jonathan and his friends fight to save it, their every move is being watched from the shadows. Lilith, the last Archdemon, has plans of her own, and with the legendary Michael's Spear under her control Jonathan has never faced a more lethal foe.With the odds stacked against him, Jonathan will need all the help he can get if he is to fulfil his destiny.It's time for Gabriel's grandson to finally spread his wings......

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Michael's Spear Reviews

  • Gemma
    2019-04-01 17:00

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I saw a shoutout from Dome Press a couple of months ago looking for reviewers for Michael's Spear and I was intrigued by both the cover and the synopsis so I reached out. They informed me it was the conclusion to a middle grade series but assured me it could be read as a standalone so I signed up. Now, me being me, I cannot read the third book in a series as a standalone, even if its able to be, so I had to seek out the rest of the trilogy from the library, which I have since read and enjoyed (review here). In short this series follows Jonathan who is the only half angel half demon in existence. We follow Jonathan and his eccentric group of friends from Hobbes End as he goes on a journey of self discovery whilst trying to save the world from the evil forces of the Archdemons. As a standalone book this was a really fun read however, I definitely think I got more out of the story having read the first two books in the series. So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in I would recommend that. The books aren't too long, approx 250 pages each and I actually read all three in a week. Although, it can be read as a standalone if you wish as the author did quite a good job at summarizing the previous events as part of the story and you would of got the gist of what was happening. Going back to the story at hand it was just as fun and enjoyable as the other two. The writing was quite easy to read and this made for a very quick and fast paced story. The level of depth to the story and the characters was better again in this one and there were definitely feelings of loss and devastation at points as well as feelings of joy. This story was also the most intense. There were some quite dark elements to it and I enjoyed that. Lilith was definitely the most evil of the three Archdemons and as a result, my favorite. The character growth in this story was good too and again this it something I don't think you would pick up on unless you've read the other two books. Not that that would hinder your reading experience but it did add something to my enjoyment of the story. Jonathan and Cay's character growth was the most evident. They have both grown in maturity and their decisions and desires were always to help and benefit others not just themselves, they both really grew into what they were. I still love Elgar! He is my favorite character of the series, his sarcasm and wit were fantastic and he definitely made me laugh. This whole series also has very strong threads of friendship and family running throughout it and it was really heartwarming. All of the villagers of Hobbes End played their own part, even the constructs, and this just made me really happy. Overall I thought this was a fun conclusion to an enjoyable middle grade series. It was a easy, fast paced read that I would recommend to all ages. Children will really enjoy this series and I think there is lots they can take away from it, such as the importance of family and friendship and older readers should take it for what it is which is just fun. This review is also available on my blog at

  • Harker
    2019-04-14 22:19

    3.5 Stars'Everything has to come to an end, sometime.'L. Frank Baum, The Marvellous Land of OzSo begins the final story in the Hobbes End trilogy, with a foreboding quote followed by leaping right into the machinations of Lilith, the villain of the piece, monologue-ing as all good villains do, to one of her minions.With the Universe coming to an end, it may seem an odd time to join our hero Jonathan on his quest to save the world, but luckily Michael's Spear can be read as a standalone novel. While Gabriel's Clock and Sammael's Wings would, of course, expand upon his adventures and journey to this point, I don't think readers coming in at this point will have difficulty picking up with the half-demon, half-angel on his final quest. There are some comments made in conversation, some allusions to previous events that I wasn't quite sure about, but overall was able to cobble together from context and reading onward a bit. I have to wonder if more familiarity with the series would help with the odd feeling I had that this book wasn't quite middle grade. The original press release I got for Michael's Spear identified it as such, but had I not known that I would have been hesitant to place it there myself based on the voice of the characters. They seemed older somehow.Moving on from that, as to what I read solely in this story, I loved Elgar the cat. He was a snarky pet who washed up in the sink and was quite mischievous, a demon of sorts that seems like he was voicing quite a lot of what ordinary cats would if they had human speech abilities. There was a good amount of humor coming from all corners. Even the baddies had a quip or two, which I liked because it helped keep the tone pretty light. It balanced out the other, more intense moments, for there was also loss and sacrifice, moments when it felt like not everyone would see the end. There was a lot to learn from the characters and their choices and one lesson in particular?Never underestimate the power of a good cricket bat. ;)

  • Jean Vaughan
    2019-03-30 23:59

    Having very kindly been sent a copy through the publishers and Goodreads to review I enlisted the help of my grandson aged 10 to get a balanced account of this 3rd part of the Hobbes End trilogy. I found the book most entertaining although not having read the first two books I did have to reread sections to fix in my head who the main characters were and what had happened previously to understand where the storyline was taking us.This all action angels and demons story moves at a fast pace and is full of the most delightful descriptive writing, setting each scene and actions clearly in one's mind. Lots of humour pops out at unexpected moments and the characters come to life on each page. I thoroughly enjoyed this journey and just cannot believe how young people's books have changed over the years.When it came to my grandson, a chapter was read each night and what delighted me were the questions and then his own theories which came forth. He became totally engrossed in the book and has requested I find the first two to complete his set.I could ask nothing more from a good, entertaining, and in many ways educational book.

  • gem
    2019-04-07 18:19

    The publishers very kindly sent me a copy of this book to review & I’m so glad they did!I haven’t read the other two books in the trilogy, however it’s cleverly written in a way that means new readers can jump straight in to the action of Book three, the conversations etc. recap enough for me to not feel I’m missing out. I’ve no doubt that the other two books are equally as good, and will definitely be seeking them out so I can read them as a whole and expand upon what I’ve already read. I love fantasy books, and this is brilliant as it takes the concept of angels and demons and makes it accessible for a MG & YA audience. The book is wonderfully written; it’s full of adventure, action, humour and I could imagine this being a very popular choice if it were stocked in the school library or local bookshops.I’d recommend it to fans of Percy Jackson, Derek Landy and Eoin Colfer. Hilton Pashley is a name to look out for!