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My sister has disappeared into the shadowy vampire world of Blood Courtesans, where blood and sex are money, and humans are sold to the highest bidder.I’m Anya, and I hate vampires. They killed my aunt. And now they’ve stolen my sister. I can’t let her die, so I head to Chicago to track her down.Before I can find her, I’m assaulted by two human thugs, and of all the luck,My sister has disappeared into the shadowy vampire world of Blood Courtesans, where blood and sex are money, and humans are sold to the highest bidder.I’m Anya, and I hate vampires. They killed my aunt. And now they’ve stolen my sister. I can’t let her die, so I head to Chicago to track her down.Before I can find her, I’m assaulted by two human thugs, and of all the luck, a vampire comes to my rescue. Cam is sexy as sin with an accent that melts panties, and he hasn’t eaten in far too long. And now he's offering to help track down my sister… no strings attached.Yeah, right.The Blood Courtesans Series, where vampires are real, rich, powerful--and hungry.Blood is bought and sold like fine wine, and the best blood goes to the highest bidder.It's not supposed to be about love ... until it is.If you haven't checked out the rest of the Blood Courtesan series, you should. Starting with REBORN, Myra's story. The full list of books can be found here:

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resist anya Reviews

  • Deborah
    2019-02-26 04:36

    2.5 to 3*THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS.I have a huge to-read list but while flicking around on Amazon I came across this book, it had 8 reviews and all were 5*, I was intrigued.Anya hates all vampires, as a six year old child she witnessed her aunts body being dumped and left for dead after vampires had drunk from her, she saw the puncture marks with her own young eyes. Eight months ago her sister Abby sick of life on the farm packed up and moved to Chicago to become a blood courtesan but Anya hasn't heard from her in months and so she's in Chicago to find her.The book starts with Anya cornered in an alley by two men, she's saved by Camden Devlan and things couldn't be going any better it turns out Chicago is Cam's city “This is my town. Literally, in the vampire world. I am the leader of the covens that reside here. Any vampires who live in the greater Chicago area must abide by my rules or suffer my wrath......"So things couldn't have worked out any better for Anya and surely she can't believe her luck. Well you'd think so wouldn't you but no."........Stay here. I will not allow you to leave until I am certain those two men who accosted you have been taken care of.” "Are they vampires?” "No. But they clearly work for one, and I would like to know whom. Stay here while I make those arrangements. It will not take long.......Please.” 'The mild moment lasted for all of four minutes. Like Cam, patience was not one of my virtues. I needed to find my sister, needed to find my equilibrium, needed to get away from him before I convinced myself at least one vampire wasn’t the monster I’d experienced during my childhood.'Now let me just stop at this point and say I'm all for strong intelligent independent women and I hate this epidemic of TSTL heroines that seem to be plaguing so many romance books these days but the operative word here is intelligent and that doesn't appear to be Anya. She's in a huge city looking for her sister who is almost certainly with a vampire and she's actually with the vampire who rules Chicago yet she decides to leave and find her herself!!!!I mean seriously is she that naive and stupid?Apparently the answer to that is yes, yes she is.Now it's at this point when normally I'd cut my losses and move onto something else but I wanted to see if all the reviews were right. So Cam is in charge of Chicago but he's gone too long without feeding and as a result he's vulnerable and weak and easily overpowered, so when his house is broken into Cam and Anya are taken by Hollis a rival of Cam's. Cam is wrapped in silver chains to weaken him further and locked away, Anya escapes finds Cam she pulls the silver away and offers to feed him so they can escape, so far so good Anya's actually growing on me and I'm glad at this point I continued reading. "You’re also starting to sound more lucid. All right, we need to get a move on. I don’t know how long it will be before Hollis realizes I’m gone.” It's imperative they escape quickly since they're surrounded by vampires and older vampires (Cam and Hollis) wake earlier than the younger ones so time is of the essence.So Cam feeds quickly giving him the strength to escape? No, no he doesn't.“What’s your preferred method of sustenance?” If I sounded impatient, well, I was a tad worried we’d be discovered before he regained his strength and was able to aid me in my attempt to free us both."I, um, I prefer the inner thigh.” "Oh.” ......“You’re stripping.” "Well, you said you needed to feed from my inner thigh.” "Need is probably not the correct word, although it is certainly my preference.Okay so I'm stopping again, I know this isn't a serious book it's a vampire romance and maybe I'm being too picky but come on, they've been kidnapped, he's been wrapped in silver and locked away they're surrounded by vampires who'll wake at any moment and they need to escape.I'm sorry but preferred methods of feeding go out of the window this is survival, you feed and escape not strip naked and have oral sex.Is it me? Am I just too picky?This is an okay read, Anya irritated me early on but as she warmed to Cam she lost her hard annoying edge, the escape scene had me shaking my head and the end was a bit of a blurb it turned around so fast. If I'm being totally honest there's not enough here to make me want to continue with this series and I think 3* is a fair rating,

  • D. Messing
    2019-02-23 04:39

    This was such a good book! There wasn't much I didn't like about the story. I was in the mood for a romance that made me go awwwwwww......, and this perfectly hit that! The pace was just fast enough to suck you in, but not leave you feeling wrung out at the end of the story. The length was perfect, I was able to read it over naptime in the middle of a marathon baking session. I appreciate that as a romance it did have some graphic scenes, but they weren't disgustingly so and fit in with what was going on in the book and still convey the budding emotion of Anya and Cam. A very well written story, can't wait to check out other works by this author!

  • Roxie's Reviews
    2019-03-02 07:42

    "An Exciting & Wonderful Vampire romance series"If you love vampire romances that are exciting and unique you will love this series!. Each story has unique storylines!. And very awesome characters. Anya is a young woman looking for her sister who had come to Chicago to become a blood courtesan. While looking for her two human thugs try to kidnap her!. Anya is saved by a sexy man who turned out to be a vampire. Cam is the Master vampire of Chicago. He does not know why he felt compelled to rescue this human. Only he knows he wants her and to help her find her sister!. So Cam takes her to his home. Anya does not know why she is so attracted to Cam. As she has always hated vampires sense her Aunt was supposed to have been killed by them. While at Cam's home Vampire's attack and capture Cam and Anya!. Can Cam protect her?. And why have they been captured?. You will love this suspenseful, exciting ,scorching hot, funny, and sweet vampire romance!.

  • Jannie Cv
    2019-02-24 06:39

    This is a fascinating visit to the dark side of Chicago with a human girl and the vampire who rescued her. Anya is a brave and determined young woman looking for her sister, who has disappeared in the world of vampires and their courtesans. Danger is boundless; Anya and Cam are dead center in its midst. Even though Anya's backstory taught her that vampires are deadly, she moves boldly on. Camden, the rescuing vampire, admires Anya's pluck, determination and humor. There is lots of action as Cam defends his right to rule Chicago. This is a 'must-read' adventure with the possibility of everlasting romance! I voluntarily reviewed an author's copy and I have not been compensated in any way.

  • Coco.V
    2019-03-06 01:44

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  • Judy Lewis
    2019-03-16 06:30

    SINFULLY DELICIOUS !!!Title: Resist (Anya)Series: A Vampire Kindle Worlds Collection Romance Novella Author: Tami Lund ( and Michelle Fox)Designation: Standalone Novella, NO Cliffhanger, #paranormal #romance #vampiresReading Platform: Kindle EditionMy Rating: Five Sinfully Sexy Stars*****Wow! I love, love, love Resist by Tami Lund! I've been a Lund fan for several years and literally devour everything she writes. I'm also a diehard Michelle Fox fan and have been following Fox's Vampire Blood Courtesans Kindle Worlds Collection since the very first release so naturally when I discovered Lund would be contributing a story to this multi-author collaboration, I was beyond excited. I adore paranormal romance and completely smitten with sexy vampires but give me a combination of both generously seasoned with danger, drama, suspense, humor, witty banter, malevolent enemies, and an intelligent plucky heroine, and I'm in heaven! And that's exactly what Tami Lund has delivered with Anya's story! Resist is an exciting, fast-paced, highly imaginative, exceptionally well-crafted and edited paranormal tale filled to the brim with heart-stopping danger, heartbreaking drama, spine-tingling suspense, heart-pounding action, vengeful betrayal, malevolent enemies, evil machinations, heated attraction, fiery passion, sweet romance, and last but not least, sexy vampires. Hubba! Hubba! This story has it all! The narrative is beautifully written in the first person with his and her perspectives. The dialogue is smart, witty, well-executed, at times humorous, and flows beautifully. But without a doubt, my favorite and the most notable component of all Lund's stories is the intriguing, well-developed cast of characters. I was instantly smitten with the two protagonists of this story, beautiful human Anya Sinclair and handsome vampire Camden Devlan. Anya was brave, independent, clever, quick-witted, sassy, and determined but very much a country girl who was more at home on the farm than in the city. Cam was refined, charismatic, intelligent, confident, assertive, powerful, very business savvy and wealthy. Cam was no longer the farm boy as he had been born. After becoming a vampire, he'd long since become accustomed to luxury and the finer things in life offered by living in Chicago. These two could not have been more different yet were absolutely perfect for each other. Their attraction was immediate, their interaction electric and their passion...undeniable. And their sexual chemistry was smokin' hot! Quite often, I found myself laughing at the cheeky banter between these two characters. It was beyond entertaining. I was totally mesmerized. I laughed with them, cheered for them and cried as my heart broke for them... and loved every single minute! This story is relatively short, actually novella length coming in at approximately 120 pages, but it's mighty and packs quite a punch. In my experience, when a book is not a full-length novel, sometimes the characters feel underdeveloped and the story seems rushed, but this is never the case with Tami Lund. She is a truly gifted storyteller with an abundance of talent and a boundless imagination. She excels at creating detailed and beautifully depicted worlds populated with fascinating, colorful characters. I'm always impressed by how much background and character development Tami Lund can include in her stories, even for her villains, and does it seamlessly without overwhelming the reader. Did I like this book? No, I LOVED it! Would I recommend it? You bet, and I am but only for adult readers since it does contain some steamy, dreamy love scenes. Resist is a standalone novella length paranormal romance released as part of Michelle Fox's A Vampire Blood Courtesans Kindle Worlds Collection and does include a wonderful happy ending. And finally, was I entertained? Completely! I've read most of the books in this collection and loved them all. The Vampire Blood Courtesans Kindle Worlds Collection is a fascinating world originally created by Michelle Fox that is sure to captivate and entertain you! Fabulous entertainment and awesome read!Beautiful twenty-one-year-old Anya Sinclair would much rather be at home on their family farm than here in Chicago, made even worse by the streets filled with drunks celebrating St Patrick's day. She'd come to the city to find her younger sister Abby who had defied their parents and left home eight months earlier to become a blood courtesan. It had now been three months since Anya last heard from Abby at Christmas and was convinced her sister was in trouble. But she intended to find her, save her and take her home, back to the family who loved her. Her parents may have disowned Abby but that's only because they hated vampires... all vampires. And Anya knew all too well why. Her aunt had been killed by vampires. Anya may have been only six-years-old when it happened but she remembered it well. She should since she had witnessed the men dumping her aunt's body from the back of the truck and then speeding away. She could never forget the image of her aunt's beaten, broken and drained body. And that's why she hated vampires and would always hate vampires... all vampires, including the one that just saved her from the two human thugs who had tried to accost her in the alley and force her to become a blood courtesan. What the heck? Women were supposed to be willing participants, not forced. Apparently, this was all news to the vampire who had just saved her. He claims he could help her find her sister and expects nothing in return. No strings attached... yeah, right. Not likely! Why would a wealthy, powerful vampire be willing to help her, a simple, inexperienced, unsophisticated midwestern country girl? Too bad her handsome savior is still her enemy. He is still her enemy, isn't he? She could never be attracted to a vampire, right? But maybe she could, at least, accept his help... and maybe even a few kisses. Oh my! But what really happened to her sister and why had two strangers tried to abduct her? Who's really causing so much trouble in Chicago? Who the heck is the charming vampire who saved her and why is so determined to help her? Hmm... We'll see! So many questions and Lund gives us all the answers! The game's afoot!

  • Denise
    2019-03-06 02:25

    ResistAnya comes to the city to find, and possibly, rescue her sister. Abby left the farm to join the world of the Blood Courtesans and has suddenly broken contact with her sister. Anya hates vampires who she believes killed her aunt when Anya was just a child. When Anya is accosted by two men in an alley she is glad to be rescued by the hunky Cam, until she realizes he is a vampire. When he offers to help her find her sister, she looks for the ulterior motive. She can't believe that she is not only willing to accept his help, but wishes for a few other things from him. Cam is the boss of the vampires in Chicago and had never felt the need to go out of his way to help someone like Anya before. He usually takes what he wants and delegates the rest. For some reason he wants to gain Anya's trust, among other things. When they are both captured by one of his old enemies it will take all of their cunning and strength to find a way out. This is a short novella, but it packs a lot into a little space. You are not going to believe the ending. I voluntarily received a copy of the book to read and review.

  • Laura Furuta
    2019-03-10 04:41

    Resist: A Vampire Blood Courtesans RomanceBy: Tami Lund/Michelle Fox5 out of 5 starsThe story Resist: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance by Tami Lund/Michelle Fox is a vampire book. Anya is searching for her sister who has disappeared into the shadowy vampire world as a Blood Courtesan. She hates vampires as they killed her aunt. Then attempting to flee two human thugs she is rescued by a vampire. His name is Cam and he offers to help her find her sister with no strings attached. However with her history can Anya trust him to keep his word?This is a wonderful addition to the Blood Courtesan series. The storyline moves along at a quick pace and the characters are all interesting. Having Anya accept help from Cam even though she has a hatred of vampires causes all kinds of issues, the first is that Anya is really attracted to him. This is a story not to be missed if you love vampires. I would recommend this book for anyone 18 years or older because of graphic vampire violence, adult language and steamy love scenes. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

  • Tami Lund
    2019-03-10 04:32

    Welcome back to the world of the Blood Courtesans, where vampires are real and blood is a financial asset. Once you enter this world, you're never going to want to leave (luckily there's a whole lot of books in the series, so plenty of ways to stay and play!). Despite this, Anya, our heroine in RESIST, has every intention of getting out, fully intact and without fang marks ... anywhere on her body.All she has to do is ignore those heated looks in Cam's dark eyes. And that sexy burr in his voice. And the way her body reacts whenever she's near him-or thinks about him.Oh yeah, and just as soon as she finds her sister, who's gone missing.Yep, that's her plan. No fangs, no wine, no sex. But weren't plans made for breaking?

  • Mackenzie
    2019-03-15 06:26

    I actually enjoyed the book...until the ending. Then I was like WTF?? All of a sudden Anya's left. Cam then orders someone to feed on and along with that someone Anya and Cam's maker shows up at the door. Anya was turned by Cam's maker and so now Anya and Cam can be together...except I felt betrayed that Cam's maker was the one who turned Anya and for much of the whole book Anya didn't trust vampires but suddenly she is one no to mention about to feed on a blood courtesan when she was critically of them in general throughout the book???? And there was no talk about her and Cam being together as vampires throughout the whole book. The ending was just very very rushed and I was left disappointed. Originally rating was 4 stars but was bumped to a 2 stars due to the ending.

  • Sharon Richmond
    2019-02-23 07:46

    RESIST- A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance by Tami Lund and Michelle Fox 4.5 StarsVery cool read. Get ready to be frustrated, teased and a whole lot more. It will warm your heart is good ways too.Camden and Anna's story is a little different than most of the blood courtesans stories I've read which excited me and I was not disappointed. Like the old saying goes, never say never cause someday you might be surprised. What you once believed in may not have always been true.Great fun PNR read. Mature readers 18+I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader copy of this book by the author.Reviewer for Nook Books and More Blog

  • Dee Archer
    2019-03-26 07:54

    Absolutely love these Blood Courtesan stories! I have read them all and while each one is a gem, this one is my diamond. The culture of the vampire world is fascinating, an intriguing mystery develops into a captivating action drama, the love story angle is heart-warming and, my favorite, the humorous banter between Anya and Cam especially when situations become intense......all is woven together into an amazing, exhilarating reading experience. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. Five stars.

  • Rhonda Jones
    2019-03-04 04:40

    Great StoryAnya hates vampires. They brutalized and killed her Aunt. But Anya's sister is missing. Abby went to Chicago to be a Blood Courtsan and has not been heard from in several months. Anya is a small town girl, but braves the windy city to find her sister. Only Anya is attacked her first night there. Her savior is a vampire. The master vampire of Chicago. Anya has walked into the middle of a vampire war. This book was action packed from page 1. I loved it.

  • Crystal
    2019-02-23 04:34

    Anya hates vampires, thinking they killed her aunt and kidnapped her sister. So she sets out to find her sister before it's too late. Cam is a sinfully sexy vamp that has offered to help her find her sister no strings attached. He wants her to trust him, and she wants to against her better judgment. There is so much going on and it all flows so well. I enjoyed this very much, especially the ending! No, I won't tell you, you have to go read it. :)

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-11 00:47

    I really got sucked into this story. Anya hates vampires, she has been told all her life the evil that they are and her example is her dead aunt. When she goes searching for her sister she didn't expect it to be easy but she never thought she would be caught in the middle of a power struggle between two vampires for control of Chicago. CAM is an old vampire who has decided humans were for food and sex to stay away from emotion. This was an exciting, emotional story with a happy ending.

  • Annette
    2019-03-02 05:30

    Anya is a braveheart & determined to find her sister. Her pursuit quickly throws her into the middle of a vampire territorial war & she hates vampires. There's a thin line between love and hate.... Cam is the vampire in charge of Chicago but he's neglecting himself & his past comes back to take advantage of that. In spite of her dislike, Cam helps her & she helps him, lol. Interesting, entertaining vampire romance with twist & surprises.

  • Sherri
    2019-03-06 02:26

    An excellent addition to the Courtesan series. Anya has traveled from Oklahoma to Chicago to find her sister who she hasn't heard from in 8 months. She is immediately rescued from 2 thugs by the gorgeous Cam, who happens to lead the vampires of Chicago. An exciting adventure for them both as they also have to deal with their feelings for each other.My honest review is based on an advanced reader copy of this book.

  • Patti
    2019-03-20 03:33

    Totally love this addition to the Blood Courtesan Series! This book wasted no time bringing the main characters to the forefront and immersing you into their storyline. Anya searches for her sister and Cam rescues Anya from danger, and from there be ready to not put this down until the surprise ending! Didn't see that coming and loved being surprised! This book reads easy so take this journey for it is worth it! This voluntary review is based against an advance copy.

  • Rene' Hurt
    2019-03-12 01:51

    Great short readI love it. Cam is this vampire king over Chicago Anya is a human woman looking for her sister. Sparks fly and much more to find d out if she finds her and how they end up. You need to read this story. You'll love it.

  • Diana Rising
    2019-03-23 03:24

    A good romance between a human woman and a vampire. There is action, a coup attempt, sex, romance and a great ending.

  • Lene Blackthorn
    2019-03-12 04:51

    Fast and entertaining vampire novella, another great read from this series. Anya’s sister Abigail left to Chicago to become a blood courtesan, an idea Anya strongly disliked with her disgust towards vampires. But months passed and there was no word from Abigail, so Anya follows her sister’s trail, determined to track her down. Unexpected as it is, when Anya is attacked, the leader of Chicago vampire clan comes at her aid. Her opinions are shaken, and although she openly presents her aversion to vampires, she is also fascinated by her savior, who promises to help her in her search. Their relationship develops into a strong bond, making Anya feel confused and leading to decisions she would have never thought of making. This novella is brilliantly written, with fast pace and many surprising twists that are able to addict the reader to this story. I loved the humorous tone of the storytelling and the interactions between the main protagonists are simply awesome; one cannot simply dislike them. Anya is a determined young woman, fierce and fearless, cautious but loving. Cam is charming, just and possesses the wisdom of the ancient. Their romance is just perfect!I have voluntarily reviewed a copy provided by the author.

  • D Thomas
    2019-03-22 03:52

    Resist: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance by Tami Lund & Michelle Fox Some more from the Blood Courtesans. This book takes us back to Chicago where Camden Devlan is the vampire in charge. Chicago is his domain and any vamps that want to be there or any courtesan house that wants to open, has to abide by his rules or suffer the consiquences.Anya Sinclair is on a mission. A mission to find her sister who came to Chicago to be a Blood Courtesan. She hasn't heard from her in months and she needs to make sure she is okay. Being accosted in an alley, saved by the one thing she hates most....a vampire, being attracted to the one thing she hates most.....a vampire, and then learning to trust a vampire, makes for a very busy and full twenty-four hours for Anya.With a mutiny building on the fringes of his territory and a lovely human to protect and help, Camden has his work cut out for him.Love this series. Each book brings another angle into this world. Looking forward to the next book.*I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book*

  • Anna Salamatin
    2019-03-14 00:39

    Anya Sinclair hates vampire. She saw her aunt killed by vampire when she was very young. Now Abby, her younger sister has disappeared into the world of the Blood Courtesans and Anya means to find her and bring her home... What she didn't count on was being attacked by a couple of humans and rescued by a vampire. A Very Hot vampire. Camden (Cam) Devlan rules all the covens in the greater Chicago area. So, hey, finding Abby should be a piece of cake, right?..... Not if Hollis has his way..he never got over it when Luther chose Cam to rule Chicago instead of him. This story has a lot of twists as truths are discovered, treachery is exposed and misconceptions are set straight. But mostly? You don't know what you have until it's gone. Or is it?This series continues to deliver the goods. I'm always looking forward to the next Delicious Courtesan romance.

  • Jane
    2019-02-26 04:27

    The surprised helperAnya’s sister left in order to become a blood courtesan in Chicago. Feeding/Entertaining the powerful and mighty had more allure than becoming a farmer’s wife. But somehow the contact between the two broke after her departure. Anya travelled to Chicago to find her sister. Rescued by what she thought she loathed, you don’t know who is more shocked about Cam’s help, Anya or he himself. They team up and what a team they make! The story was so witty, funny, clever and full of action. Both characters are very likeable, the story was written well and developed great. It kept me hooked. Thanks for a story with lots of facets! I can recommend the book when you like vampire’s, banter, humor and a good solid story.

  • Denise Van plew
    2019-03-19 01:45

    I just keep reading this series even though I think I won't with the next one. It just keeps drawing you back for each one that comes out the allure with what happens next is too much to resist. In this one Anya detests the one thing that will aid her. Irony is alot of the fuel used in the allure of this one. Cam helps her hunt for her sister after a rescue, with the two of them together keeps you riveted. He aint so bad for how old he is too. I would say this is similar to contemporary romance mafia style lol. Can not have it without any heat and this author delivers that also. Satisfied my lust with this one all the way to the end.

  • Monica
    2019-03-08 04:44

    I've liked this series. Some better than others. I didnt have a real problem with the story or Cam but I kinda did with Anya. She wasnt as likable and there were times she just didnt think. I sympathize with her character because of what she witnessed as a child. She could be a lot to take sometimes though. I like strong women but yeah there were a couple times I thought TSTL and I abhor those qualities in a female character. Kills the story for me. Otherwise I really liked Cam and he had his own issues. It ended well and ended up liking it.

  • Jara Beaubien
    2019-03-02 02:51

    Anya is searching for her sister who left home to become a blood courtesan and has not been heard from in a long time, also note the Anya hates Vampires. As she searches for her sister she is assaulted by two thugs who are up to no good, and is rescued by a Vampire, who not only wants her but also promises to help her find her sister, and no strings attached to his promise.As they work together things go wrong, Will Cam be able to save her and help her find her sister.As much as Anya hates vampires she also find Cam sexy beyond anything she thought, will she be able to stop hating?

  • Sue
    2019-03-21 04:47

    Anya’s sister left to become a blood courtesan but because she hasn’t been heard of in months, Anya sets out to find and rescue her sister, sure she’s in trouble, after all, their aunt was killed by a vampire years ago.Camden Devlan is the Vamp in charge of Chicago so when he rescues Anya from trouble he finds her intriguing and decides to help her find her sister. There’s trouble brewing on Camden’s patch and Anya gets caught up in it, will she get the chance to find her sister or is her fate to be that of her aunts ? Another enjoyable read in the Blood Courtesans series.

  • Dmcl
    2019-03-12 07:37

    Fast paced, exciting storyResist: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance is a fast paced and exciting story. Anya meets her dashing savior, Cam, and learns the truth about an event that has fueled her hatred of vampires for many years. She can't understand her attraction to the suave vampire she thinks she should hate and subsequently gets embroiled in a turf war before she finally realizes where her happiness lies. A great chase through Macy's (of all places), a few bored sires and eventual consummation lead to a wonderful HEA.

  • Laura
    2019-03-07 06:26

    Anya hasn't heard from her sister in a while so she decides to travel to Chicago to make sure she's ok. She is extra concerned because her sister left home to become a blood courtesan to vampires and she is sure one of them did something. Thankfully she runs into Camden who is the nicest and most powerful vampire in Chicago.This was ok, but the deep "feelings" that popped up almost immediately just kind of took away from was a pretty fun story.