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Derek Lasker may consider himself a private investigator, but he hasn't worked in months. He lives in a fleabag motel and spends his days wondering how his life became such a complete disaster. He is shocked when his mobile phone rings with an offer of a case. Within twenty minutes Derek is meeting with Bob Linehan Sr., who found a headless cat in his backyard. He believesDerek Lasker may consider himself a private investigator, but he hasn't worked in months. He lives in a fleabag motel and spends his days wondering how his life became such a complete disaster. He is shocked when his mobile phone rings with an offer of a case. Within twenty minutes Derek is meeting with Bob Linehan Sr., who found a headless cat in his backyard. He believes his potentially psychotic teenaged son, Bob Jr., killed it. He wants Derek to follow Bob Jr. and make sure he doesn't commit worse crimes. Despite the risk that emerges when Bob Sr. admits that his son has a closet full of knives, Derek takes the job with an eye on the money. The case takes a grisly turn when a cat head with a human tongue in its mouth is found on a stake in front of Bob Jr.'s high school. The story becomes front page news. The Humane Society offers a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person who committed this act, and this gives Derek even more incentive to crack the case. However, Derek is out of practice and has his eye on the wrong psychopath. The mistake will cost him. Vicious Dogs is a fast-paced novel with an nail-biting ending....

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  • Gary
    2019-04-03 14:10

    Vicious Dogs, by newcomer Henry Brock is, well, Canadian noir. Who knew such a thing even existed? Canadian noir—replete with a self-effacing, overly apologetic, and downright decent protagonist, Derek Lasker. Don’t get me wrong—Lasker is a private dick through-and-through. This down-on-his-luck, can’t-seem-to-get-back-on-his-feet, bordering-on-loser P.I. has total gumshoe cred: he drinks to excess, smokes like a chimney, curses without cause, and womanizes (unsuccessfully, of course, which both feeds into and is fed by his loser persona). But Lasker is notably different than many of the “new noir” protagonists (if one can call them that) who seem pervasive these days—the soulless, irredeemable misanthropes with cockroach hearts and reptilian minds. On that front, Lasker is a breath of fresh air: he quotes from Macbeth, reads the Classics, embraces multiculturalism, and ponders the plight of women in the male-dominated profession of policing the State. Of course, he does all of this while living in the backseat of his too-old-to-be-hip Toyota (let’s just say it ain’t a Prius) after getting the bum’s rush from a fleabag hotel. Brock’s Lasker harkens back to the gumshoes of an earlier era—the intelligent, two fisted, and sometimes sensitive Marlowes and Spades of the hard-boiled world. And these traits serve Lasker well as he searches for a psychotic cat killer and mutilater in his hometown of Toronto. Yes, you read it right—cat killer and mutilater. Brock spins a tale both twisted and twisty in Vicious Dogs. The intriguing plot keeps the reader turning pages while the colorful characters bid said reader to slow down and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it is—one that doesn’t let up until the final denouement arrives and Brock adroitly wraps up the mystery in a satisfying bow. If you like noir—real noir, with hardboiled dicks, dames, and good old fashioned psychotic killers—then you’ll love Vicious Dogs. Trust me, this one’s for you.

  • Paul Brazill
    2019-04-21 15:12

    Derek Lasker is a down on his luck PI who is hired to follow a wayward son and inevitably digs himself deeper and deeper into the mire. Henry Brock’s Vicious Dogs is a brutal slice of lowlife noir that smartly blends Charles Bukowski with Eddie Bunker and breathes new life into the PI novel. I bloody loved it!

  • Anita Lock
    2019-04-05 14:03

    It's amazing how a year without work has the ability to alter a person's sense of well being. A victim of the above-mentioned circumstances, Private Investigator (PI) Derek Lasker is one level short of living on the street. An out-of-the-blue phone call from Bob Linehan gets Derek temporarily out of his funk. Bob hires Derek to keep 24-hour tabs on Junior, his seventeen-year-old son, since he is certain that Junior decapitated the next-door neighbor's cat. Toward the end of the first day of the investigation, a twist in the case results in the termination of Derek's assignment. Regardless of the case's outcome, Derek inconspicuously continues the investigation. But just as he is at the cusp of solving the case, Derek has to re-think his evidence when a chain of unexpected events with sinister underpinnings is revealed. Brock reshapes the traditional gumshoe persona in his debut noir novel. Set in Toronto, Canada, Brock's first-person plot features Derek Lasker, a quasi-typical loser PI who feigns a tough outer shell. Yet underneath the artificial display is a man with a penchant for classic literature, such as the works of Shakespeare, Orwell, and Kafka. Brock surrounds his principal character with a tight and colorful cast of characters who serve for the most part as foils; many of these foils are just plain bullies. Nonetheless, Derek always finds a way to either work around or with these surly characters while attempting to bring his case to a close. Brock's narrative is a pleasant mix of conventional and not-so-conventional hard-boiled noir, which includes a good deal of captivating dialogue and a pinch of banality amid a heavy surge of mystery-laced twists and turns that is all woven together with light humor. This balanced combination is certain to become a new favorite for noir aficionados. Obviously, since Vicious Dogs closes on a cliffhanger, fans should be on the look-out for its sequel, tentatively named String Theory.Originally posted on Manhattan Book ReviewAnita Lock, Book Reviewer

  • Matthew Simons
    2019-03-30 16:55

    Peering into the world of Derek Lasker, a down-on-his-luck private investigator, you cant help but cheer him on desperately til the very end, but the stakes only get higher and higher until you get there. An intense roller coaster of a ride: at once fast, jolting, tender, keeping you hanging on for one more bend; all the while infused with a crass humor that makes you smile- although you're not quite sure from where or why (perhaps the same humor that has the author dedicating the book solely to a man in place of the $20 he owes him). This is not just a book you hold, but one that holds you. You will savor every drop of it. And until this becomes a best-seller, its rightful place is still to be realized. Who is this author, Henry Brock, anyway???

  • Marc Tennier
    2019-03-26 16:07

    A fun story with interesting characters that moves along well.A quick read and one that will keep you interested until the last page.

  • Scott Cumming
    2019-04-02 16:16

    Derek Lasker is a PI who's on the verge of hitting rock bottom when he receives a call from a father looking for Lasker Investigations to carry out surveillance on his teenage son who appears to have fallen in with the wrong crowd and has his he and his wife worried. Little does Derek know that what he considers bad luck is about to get a whole lot worse.Brock's novel is a whip fast delight with a protagonist that you truly empathise with even as he's the butt of jokes and suspicion and a character you really want to succeed in the face of everything. Lasker ultimately is written as a very human character and not a super sleuth PI as he misses clues in the case and isn't afraid to bring up his shortcomings. Brock balances the tone of the book well as it's by turns comedic and dramatic, but never veers over the edge in either.The supporting cast maybe aren't as well formed, but there are relationships forged for future entries in the series and I'm sure we'll learn more of these characters as the series plays out.Additionally, I'd highly recommend Brock's flash fiction piece "Cigarettes", which was published in Switchblade magazine issue 4. It's flash fiction on a bigger scale and is one of the best pieces of flash that I've read.

  • Stefani Celine
    2019-03-30 13:01

    This book has a great pace. It feels like a modern day film noir.great writing with unexpected twists. A joy to read

  • Theodore Carter
    2019-03-30 10:01

    A fun ride that will keep you guessing. Told with a strong voice.

  • Rowena Hoseason
    2019-03-27 17:59

    In the best tradition of the two-time-loser gumshoe detective, private eye Derek Lasker is one step away from sleeping on the streets. He’s run out of cash. He hasn’t had a client in months. He’s no clue where his next low-fat latte might be coming from and he’s reached a crisis of personal hygiene due to a lack of laundry detergent.This is not your traditional noir. Any investigation which centres around the mysterious decapitation of a pet cat isn’t exactly going to be black-as-night. Instead ‘Vicious Dogs’ is a 21st century, Canadian interpretation of the genre. Hence when Lasker really hits rock bottom, he does it in an ineffably pleasant and considerate manner.Lasker himself is an intriguing protagonist who kinda reminds me of a male version of Kinsey Millhone. He’s a nice guy who quotes literary references, respects women and is genuinely surprised when his presence at a crime scene makes him an obvious suspect. He’s maybe a little bit too nice to be truly engaging: I typically prefer my protagonists to have more edge about them and at least the suggestion of a ruthless streak. So don’t expect anything as hard-bitten as James Ellroy, Don Winslow or James Crumley, but do settle down for an entertaining mystery with unpredictable twists, some impressively menacing felons and a playful delivery. It’s a definite change of pace from the typical point-blank brutality you often find in hardboiled crime fiction. Author Henry Brock pays skilful homage to the golden age of the gumshoe but avoids the pitfall of the pastiche. ‘Vicious Dogs’ is a romp – one with a big-hearted moral core which gives a big round of applause to life’s good guys.7/10There's a longer version of this review and stacks more crime and thrillers over at

  • Chris Hearn
    2019-04-13 15:21

    Thoroughly enjoyable. Well written. Fun and interesting characters. Brock paints a vivid picture of the dark side of Toronto, and the off kilter characters that dwell within. Unexpected little twists and turns throughout. Private Investigator not-so-extraordinaire Lasker, himself, is a dirty little character - in one sense slimy and gross, but at the same time a lovable underdog who you want to see succeed. There is a bit of Lasker in each and every one of us and he is instantly relatable, although you really don't want his life. PI work isn't as glamorous as TV makes it out to be. This seems more like the real deal...a dude with some equipment, a beat up car and a desire. And although he isn't brilliant at what he does, he does seem to have a knack for it none the less. If you are looking for a bit of darkness combined with a humour and soul, this is a darn good little mystery book to pick up! Fingers crossed that this is just the first in what could be a successful series of great books.

  • Doom70
    2019-03-26 13:01

    Downtrodden Detective's Last ChanceDerek Lasker, the protagonist, is a man at the bottom of a long string of bad luck when he gets a call from a father worried about his son. It's been years since his last case, so he's rusty, but eager to earn a few dollars, and perhaps a lucrative reward. As the case continues, the stakes and danger increase, and so does Derek's hope that this could be the start of some good luck. Dark characters tormented by their demons surround Derek as he tries to find the truth, and defeat his own demons.The plot moves quickly and efficiently, with good tension.

  • Henry Brock
    2019-03-24 13:55