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From New York Times bestselling author, Kristen Ashley, comes the long-awaited story of Daisy and Marcus, Rock Chick Reawakening. A prequel to Kristen’s Rock Chick series, Rock Chick Reawakening shares the tale of the devastating event that nearly broke Daisy, an event that set Marcus Sloane—one of Denver’s most respected businessmen and one of the Denver underground’s mosFrom New York Times bestselling author, Kristen Ashley, comes the long-awaited story of Daisy and Marcus, Rock Chick Reawakening. A prequel to Kristen’s Rock Chick series, Rock Chick Reawakening shares the tale of the devastating event that nearly broke Daisy, an event that set Marcus Sloane—one of Denver’s most respected businessmen and one of the Denver underground’s most feared crime bosses—into finally making his move to win the heart of the woman who stole his....

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  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-02-22 22:20

    3.75 StarsWhat was a total treat that KA wrote this. I have always loved Daisy and this just made me love her even more. She is who she is and she makes no apologies. I love her for it. This was regular formula KA and - while that formula has blushed off the rose for me in many ways as of late - this was a fun prequel read that reminded me of all the reading joy KA has given my over the years. I enjoyed it.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXPlease don't suck.

  • Aestas Book Blog
    2019-02-21 01:32

    OMG. OMG. OMG!!!!! I’m seriously CRYING HAPPY TEARS here!! Like I’m an honest blubbering mess because the FEEEEEEEEELS!!!!! I just finished an early copy of this, one of my most highly anticipated releases, and IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! First, it’s technically a novella, but it’s long—practically a full length book. Second, HOLY GORGEOUS EPILOGUE!!! We all know KA is the queen of epilogues but seriously this one had me almost happy sobbing!! Oh and the STORY!!! Such beautiful love and healing! An absolute must read for fans of ALPHA MALE ROMANCE!!! I love love LOVED IT!!!!!! This was pure Old School Vintage KA GOLD!!! Gah. I need to read it again now! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!! ➜

  • Stacey is Sassy
    2019-02-26 01:33

    June 28, 2017 - Time to check out the audio.This narrator is by far one of my favourites and Rock Chick Reawakening definitely reinforced that. Daisy and Marcus are two very different characters but she manages to pull them both off equally well. Listening to this makes me want to do a re-listen of the whole series...AGAIN.I loved every minute of this story but it goes way too fast. I wanted to be in their world longer and see them together, living their lives together, growing together. I needed more.NO CRYING ON THE TRAIN!! Thank goodness!! At least I managed to time it well this time. I was tucked up in bed playing Solitaire, knew it was coming and I had the tissues ready. There were tears but there were some laughs too.I must have managed to block it out in my read but it was bloody obvious while listening that there was a certain word that was a wee bit overused.Loved the audio and it will definitely be added to my frequently listened to pile.The below review sums up my feelings beautifully about Daisy and Marcus's love story.Exactly how I wanted my Rock Chick journey to end.***A wee bit spoilerish if you haven't read the Rock Chick series and met Marcus and Daisy previously.***I knew that I wanted Daisy and Marcus’s story but I didn’t realise how much until I got it. It’s the little things really. I wanted to know how Daisy became a stripper. How was it that such a sweet and beautiful lady came to be the headline act at Smithies? I wanted to get into Marcus's head. I had a deep desire to know how Marcus felt about the way Daisy dressed, spoke and acted. Did Marcus fall for Daisy after seeing her on stage? Was it a matter of testing out her skills behind the scene and deciding to keep her (He's a rich man...she's a stripper, it's where my mind went)? Was Daisy hooked by a rich and good looking man who could build her a castle? These were all the things I had been thinking from the very first time we met Daisy in the Rock Chick series. What I got from Rock Chick Awakening was more, so much more.What sort of life had Marcus led where someone like Daisy becomes his Princess? That probably seems a little judgemental but Daisy…well the Daisy we have come to love IS an ex-stripper. Yes, she has a heart of gold, but what makes a man who can have whoever or whatever he wants, choose a woman that gets paid to share her assets. A confident guy? Sure. A bloke who doesn’t judge a lady by the job she does? Yeppers. A man who sees she has skills but wants her to share them in a safe environment? Definitely. A hero who will do whatever it takes to see his woman protected and care for? Exactly!!Marcus on paper is a bad guy, but I always found it hard to JUST call him a bad guy. This is a man that was portrayed to the reader as bad but always seemed to be doing good things. Marcus never hesitated to help when a Rock Chick was in strife. He always seemed devoted to Daisy and acted with class. My impression of a bad guy is one who looks out for number one first and foremost and will only help others if it helps him. Definitely not the Marcus I have grown to like and love.I seem to be making this a review about Marcus but it’s bloody hard not to. This man is complex, has lived a busy life and he’s gorgeous, sexy and smart. He has feelings and shows a sweetness that made me swoon.Daisy was amazing. Yes, I knew it already, but now we get to see how she became that way, who guided her journey and how a few pearls on a chain can change a life. What surprised me the most is to find out that she genuinely is sweet and caring. Her generosity isn’t just because Marcus gave her the means to do good deeds. She has always had it in her and it was refreshing to know that.Getting to know Daisy and Marcus was bloody brilliant but Kristen Ashley has given us a sprinkling of treats from beginning to end. A lot of our favourite characters from the series make guest appearances in the cutest and best ways. This is kind of a spoiler, but not about Daisy and Marcus, so close your eyes real tight and ignore this next bit unless you’ve read Rock Chick Awakening already - (view spoiler)[LUKE STARK HAD A BEARD!! Whoever reads this and is stunned as much as I was, please message me to chat about it. I mean seriously KA…why did you shave it to a moustache? You’ve given us a hell of a hard time casting him. Now, Lucas Stark with a full and trimmed beard…OH MY LORDY!! The casting searches…hubba hubba (hide spoiler)].I loved Rock Chick Awakening so much and was sad to see it end. I cried, laughed, smirked, blushed and sighed. Daisy is as sweet as pie, strong, determined and a lady through and through. Marcus, I knew I would love him but I think I love him even more. I now know where he has come from, what sort of person he is and how and why he fell in love with a Princess.I could not have asked for a better ending to the Rock Chick Series. Thank you, Kristen Ashley, you’re a bloody legend.To buy Rock Chick Reawakening from Amazon - is Sassy, received a complimentary copy of this story. The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆
    2019-02-23 22:16

    4 STARSAww...I haven’t read a KA book in ages!I missed it. I forgot all about that happy, fuzzy feeling that envelops you like a warm and cozy blanket on a cold winter night.I missed all those "crossed ankles", "tickets to Timbuktu", "lips touching noses", "mouth quirkings" and "Just sayin’s" and other awesome KAisms.I missed her short, clipped alpha sentences and all those pronoun skippings and letter droppings.I even missed those ridiculously long and complicated ones that had me scratch my head: “I won’t have no problem havin’ a problem with you if you make problems for her”.“So twist it whatever way you want. I’ll find a way to untwist it because something else I know, when I find what I know without a doubt I want, without remorse, I’ll find a way to get it.”“He thought I thought I had reason to think I was better than him.”(What I did not miss, however, was all those "coochie tinglings" which, by the way, happened 22 times in this short novella!)Overall, this was a great conclusion to the series.

  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    2019-03-14 23:22

    To say this was one of my MOST anticipated books of the year would be an understatement. The ROCK CHICK series is by far one of my most favorite series. In fact, to date, I have re-read it 14 times (except for Ally's book. I didn't like that one *lol*)"A woman like you should have had a momma who loved her. A daddy who adored her. Friends who thought the world of her. She should have grown up every day knowing that straight to her soul, never doubting it, not for a second"That said, that last 8 or 9 books KA has put out have been HUGE misses for me. It seemed like she had lost the magic that made the (ROCK CHICK, SWEET DREAMS, KNIGHT etc) such fabulous reads. So as excited as I was that we were finally going to get a book about Daisy and Marcus, I was also nervous that it was going to be a huge disappointment to me.Well, I am can firmly say that this one DID NOT disappoint! This felt like KA of old. To be honest, that pisses me off a little. Because if you STILL have the ability to write like this, then WTF is your excuse for the hot messes you have been pushing out lately? But I digress like I said this one felt like we never left the ROCK CHICK world. I laughed. I cried. I fell in love with Daisy all over again. I got to know Marcus on a deeper level. It has fun little cameos and an AWESOME epilogue. I'd LOVE to see a new series featuring the children of all the rock chicks (hint hint.) It was ALMOST perfect. It was a tiny bit too slow burn for me. The sexy times don't come until very near to the end of the book. Personally, I would have liked it a bit sooner, but that was just a minor personal taste thing. There was also some copy and paste cliche KA stuff like "stop being cute" and "you're a pain in the ass" etc. This author really needs to come up with some new one-liners. And, as much as I did enjoy this one, I don't see it being re-read material for me. It wasn't quite perfect enough for that, but pretty damn close.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-18 02:08

    "There ain't no prince charming for a girl like me."When it comes to happiness, I can sum it up in two words Kristen Ashley. When it comes to double happiness, you can add anything ROCK CHICK next to the words Kristen Ashley. Indeed, KA has done it again with this sweet and sexy novella Rock Chick Reawakening! Rock Chick fans have been waiting and wanting more, and the delivery of Marcus and Daisy's story is utter perfection!"He deserved better. Much, much better than me." Daisy grew up in a broken home with nothing but neglect and abuse. Even through her circumstances, Daisy is able to muster the strength to overcome her upbringing and make a name for herself in Colorado as one of Smithie's dancers. When a horrific event threatens to bring Daisy down, Smithie's silent business partner Marcus is there to comfort her and bring her back to life. At first glance, Marcus and Daisy seem to be a mismatched pair, and yet as they get to know each other it becomes abundantly clear that they are made for one another. As Daisy struggles to allow Marcus in, Marcus is a man that knows what he wants and will not stop until he gets it. "And he kissed me the whole time he touched me, no, caressed me, his hands roaming, slow, gentle, sweet over every inch of me."Told in predominantly Daisy's POV, I could not have been more excited about reading the history of Marcus and Daisy. Both are dynamic characters who make Romeo and Juliet look like amateurs. The quirky characters in this quick novella and the twisted plot are uniquely crafted with all the things I have grown to love about this series. Full of passion, tenderness, and quick wit it just doesn't get better than this. Every time I read (and re-read) a Rock Chick book, I laugh, I cry, I swoon, and I am inspired to be the absolute best I can be! The women are strong, and the men are the definition of "alpha males"! I have always been a huge Daisy fan after reading (and re-reading) my favorite Rock Chick book Rock Chick Regret. If you have read it, then you know that Daisy is and has always been a classy lady and an amazing friend to the chicks in her life. She can turn lemons into lemonade and put a smile on your face through any storm. The best part for me was the epilogue. I am completely captivated by the Rock Chick World and to experience that sliver of happiness for my favorite characters only serves as a reminder of why KA is and always will be my favorite author of all time. When an author goes above and beyond the scope of creativity to deliver such perfection to her fans, it only leaves me desperate for more! I will continue to Rock on with the rest of the Rock Chick Nation and keep re-reading and chatting all things Rock Chick! Overall, Rock Chick Reawakening is an absolute must read for Rock Chick Fans and contemporary romance readers. The colorful characters, quirky style, and the sexy/fun plot will keep you entertained the entire read. I am so happy to have a KINDLE full of ROCK CHICK books, and this novella was a great way to start the new year off with a bang! Bravo Ms. Ashley and THANK YOU! You continue to inspire me with your amazing characters and unforgettable stories! Rock On!***Rock Chick Series****This is a BR with the girls at TPAM!For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

  • Christy
    2019-02-28 21:34

    4.5 stars! Daisy and Marcus Sloane. If you’ve read the Rock Chick books, they are two characters you are familiar with. And I’m sure just like me, you fell in love with Daisy the moment you met her in that series. She’s so sweet, fun, and easy to love. Getting their story was not something I expected, but I was happy to read it nonetheless. 

I loved seeing Daisy’s past, seeing how she and Marcus met and the way he treated her, always handling her with care. Their relationship was beautiful from the start. Sometimes, all a man like Marcus needs is to find the right woman, and he found that in Daisy. There is no going back now. They are one of those couples that will be together forever, I have no doubts about that. 

What I didn’t expect was from this story was for it to gut me the way it did. Gah! Daisy’s story hit me right in the feels. So much, that the last 15 minutes of listening to the audio I just cried like a baby. I couldn’t control the tears and I didn’t even care. It was just so beautiful. I’m glad I made time to listen to this audio book and I encourage all fans of the Rock Chick series to fit in this fabulous prequel! 
 “Your life starts now,” he said all gentle and still in my ear. “The one you’re meant to be leading. The one you’ve always deserved. I thought it best to mark that occasion in a way you’d never forget.”

  • ~IreneOust~
    2019-02-20 00:33

    For me, reading certain authors is like going home. But reading Kristen Ashley is more like going home, falling asleep in your childhood bedroom under that old, familiar quilt your grandmother made for you eons ago, waking up in the morning to the smell of the most delicious breakfast cooking downstairs then coming down to the kitchen only to find your whole family sitting at a large table, happy to see you ... it's THAT comforting. THAT familiar. I am always happy to be in the warm embrace of Kristen's writing. Her stories always manage to move me and you KNOW the ending will always be a happy one. I like to refer to this release as my 'most wished for' book of KA's. Ever since meeting Marcus and Daisy, while reading Rock Chick series, I was pining to read THEIR story. THEIR beginning. I wanted to see Marcus Sloane assume the role of HIS OWN version of a White Knight and swoop Daisy off her delicate feet! I wanted to see what made him fall in love with a woman like Daisy and what made Daisy finally let Marcus in. Even though ROCK CHICK REAWAKENING is a novella, we get all that and so much more. We see what made Marcus and Daisy the kind of people they are today. We see that despite the shitty hand they were dealt early in life, they never stopped being true to who they are and Lady Luck smiled at them eventually. We get to fall in love with them all over again when we witness them fall in love with each other's inner beauty and not just what's on the outside.I didn't think I could love these two any more but I do. I do, so much, after I finished this glorious story that me laugh, sob and grin like a loon at the mentions of some of my favorite characters of Kristen's. I LOVED being in 'KA's alpha-land' because nothing beats the 'caveman' declaration of 'you are mine!' ... you either love it or you don't and I happen to love it with passion! I can't thank Kristen Ashley enough for being ... well, Kristen Ashley, if that makes any sense. For giving us, readers, the joys of her stories. For doing what she does best - writing stories her fans crave because they are so wholesome, so touching. Her characters are the most imperfectly perfect bunch any one of us can relate to. Not to mention, her personality, her goodness always shines through her writing and you just can't beat that!This story is pure KA, plain and simple. If you enjoyed Rock Chick series (or any other one of her series), this is a MUST READ! I'd like to thank InkSlinger PR for providing me with an Advance Reading Copy of this title in exchange for an honest review. Cheers!

  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    2019-03-04 01:14

    A fitting end to a fantastic series!I couldn’t be more pleased…well maybe if K.A. decides to give us more of these wonderful characters.  I’m all for that!Rock Chick Reawakening takes us back to the beginning of Daisy’s story.  There are glimpses into how other relationship amongst the characters formed as well, but the primary focus is the love story between Daisy and Marcus.For the record, I’ve always loved Daisy.  She’s one of my favorite characters.  Some of the sweetest and funniest moments across the series have her front and center and I enjoyed them all.  It amazes me that she’s as caring and down to earth as she seems, considering her background.  Her story is sad, emotional, and raw, but she never loses sight of her core values and strength.  Strong and resilient are two words, I’d used to describe her.Since the stories never really focused on them, Marcus has always been shrouded in mystery.  Yea, we got glimpses into his business dealings, but not a whole lot about him as  a man.  It was so great to learn what makes him tick and how he and Daisy fell in love.  His story, like Daisy’s, is emotional.  I literally cried through about 30% of this book.  Like serious ugly crying at one point.Gah, it was so good!  Keep some tissue handy while reading this.  You will definitely experience all the feels!So, without giving much away here’s what I loved about this novella.  The reader gets a better understanding of Daisy’s past and how Marcus fell so deeply in love with her.  Marcus is an absolute contradiction.  Totally loved him!  The glimpses and interactions with some of  my favorite characters across the series made this so worth it.  Seriously, it blew me away how many characters K.A. was able to pull in and keep this story at novella length.  That made it so special.  Everything tied together beautifully.  And last but not least – The Epilogue is everything!In short…This story is everything I wanted it to be more.  It’s old school K.A.  She stuck to her winning formula and knocked it out of the park.  My only minor, teeny, tiny, critique is that this was more of a slow burn than I’m used too.Overall, this is the perfect end for a truly fantastic series!  If you haven’t read Rock Chick, What Are You Waiting For?  Go. Read. It. Now!  If you’re a fan already, you’ll want to start over from the beginning after finishing this novella.  Either way, my opinion is the same. I give Rock Chick Reawakening my highest recommendation.I rate it – All the StarsRock On!*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    2019-02-27 23:14

    5 Sweet StarsThis is one of my all time favorite series by Kristen Ashley, so you can imagine how happy I was when I saw it on my kindle! And OMG I need to tell you how amazing it was! Rock Chick Reawakening was sweet and emotional! Daisy and Marcus where one of the couples that from the first moment they were introduced I wanted to know their story!Marcus was everything, he is mysterious, dark, charming, a gentleman and sweet. He cared so much for Daisy and wanted to make her happy! I loved Daisy, she was stubborn, strong and sweet!I loved their chemistry. It was a perfect story, if you love this series you are going to fall in love with Daisy and Marcus. These two will make you swoon and melt.   

  • Ang (Sizzling Pages)
    2019-03-16 00:23

    5 Honey bunches of love starsDaisy and Marcus’ romance was nothing short of brilliant. Comprende?One of my most anticipated releases, this eloquently written novella is not only Kristen Ashley at her very finest but also absolute proof that she truly adores her fans. Reawakening is a gift to all the Rock Chicks out there who yearned for this couple’s journey. For new readers, it’s a great introduction into the fantastical world of KA. Be prepared, this emotional story will pull on your heartstrings and have you swooning. From the prologue to the very last word, I was a blubbering mess crying both happy and sorrowful tears. It surpassed everything I could have possibly hoped and dreamed for these beloved characters. As secondary characters and an already established couple in the Rock Chick and Unfinished Heroes Series, I was constantly teased with bits and pieces of Daisy and Marcus’ relationship. But being the greedy little reader that I am, I’ve always ached for more.I wanted all of them.I craved their beginnings to discover the reasons why they chose certain paths in life. I needed to own a piece of their future, hopeful to see more of a ‘happily ever after’. I wanted to experience all the beauty and pain that led this sweet, kindhearted former stripper to fall into the life and heart of one of Denver’s most notorious mobsters. And after years of longing, I thankfully got my wish. It was pure bliss stepping into Daisy and Marcus' lives, falling in love with their characters all over again.Daisy’s like the best friend every woman needs whose radiant personality brightens even the cloudiest of days.Larger-than-life and The Ultimate Rock Chick, I’ve been in love with all things Daisy and her tinkling-bell giggle ever since she exploded onto the scene in RC Rescue. A woman who speaks her mind and has a unique sense of style, her sassy attitude and bubbly persona never failed to make me giggle. However, it is here where her character broke me. With a past filled with sorrow and undeserved mistreatment, her only escape to find peace was to build castles in her mind. I had the feeling Daisy’s backstory would be emotional. But seeing the cruelness she survived totally shattered me. Nevertheless, all the ugliness served only to strengthen her character into the gracious woman I admire. She embodies everything I downright idolize when it comes to KA’s heroines ~ Daisy’s a steel magnolia, possessing the will to persevere, regardless of the circumstances. She’s a remarkable woman worthy of the affections from her very own prince charming ~ the handsome and classy Marcus Sloan. As much as I enjoyed seeing Daisy’s character blossom, it was Marcus who stole the show and my heart during this read. When it comes to leading men, Kristen Ashley wears the crown as my “Queen of all Alphas”. There’s just something magical about each one that touches me so deeply. The Marcus I met in Reawakening is in a class of his own and has become one of my all-time favorite heroes.Mysterious, dark, edgy, and a crime boss who’s feared, Marcus is an anti-hero. Seeing all the heartaches from his childhood I finally understood the shrewd man he needed to be. But is was through his love for Daisy that I saw into his beautiful soul and fell hard for the true gentleman beneath the exquisite three-piece suits. His limitless patience and dedication to Daisy, his unyielding determination to break through her walls, his fierce protectiveness and his tender passionate ways…the reasons why I adore him are immeasurable. In Marcus, KA created my vision of the perfect dream man. Rock Chick Reawakening was an amazingly poignant read. Soul crushing, inspirational, filled with passion and oodles of laughs, this novella, which was a whole lot of story, will make your heart burst. And the epilogue…Epic! All I can say is so many tears of joy were shed ~ I was out of control. A glorious ending that ties into the Rock Chick Series magnificently. A great big heartfelt thank you to Kristen for giving Daisy and Marcus such a wonderful story that will stay with me forever. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this publication.Thank you Inkslinger and Kristen Ashley

  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️
    2019-03-05 23:23

    8/03/17Buddy reread with my KA buddy read partner, lovely Lady Heather. *Sigh* Fantastic reread, I LOVE Marcus and Daisy!! Thanks for the reread suggestion Heather! Looking forward to our next KA Buddy read!! xo*Originally read and reviewed in January 20175+ Building Castle Stars!!!To say I was excited to hear KA was writing Daisy and Marcus’s story is an understatement, I have wanted their story for a very long time, I was beyond excited!!! I’ve wanted to know how Daisy fell for….no way to avoid it, a criminal…a respected businessman and feared crime boss. Marcus has always been a bit of a mystery, but, we always had the knowledge that he adored Daisy, and Daisy loved and adored him right back, there was absolutely no mistaking his love and devotion to Daisy throughout the RC Series.“I’ll handle you with care. I’ll always handle you with care. I will never, not ever, Daisy, give you reason to leave me. I won’t cheat on you. I won’t beat you…..To end, you’re safe with me. You’ll get from me only what you deserve, which is everything I can give you, and doing it handling you with care.” I have always adored Daisy, she’s always there to support the RC’s along with the “Hot Bunch”, the extended RC family, Tex, Sherleen, Duke, Todd, and Stevie, to name a few, even the kids at Jules runaway shelter. Her tinkle bell laugh, larger than life personality, and huge heart make it hard not to love her.I don’t want to give to much away, all I'll say is Daisy and Marcus's story has it all! It was emotional, heartwarming, and beautiful. We get Daisy’s sad background along with Marcus’ background and how that shaped his life and made him the man he is. I loved all he did to make Daisy safe and secure. He’s the perfect gentleman, her prince charming, her knight in shining armor who is kind, loving, attentive, generous, fiercely protective, and he loves her with everything he is. Lastly……The Epilogue!!! Amazing!! I had to read it a couple of times, yes, it’s that good!! I truly wish there were more RC’s and/or Hot Bunch guys, I want more!!!!

  • Sabrina
    2019-03-08 21:34

    It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Kristen Ashley, so if course I was going to read this book. Daisy was a character that was featured throughout the Rock Chick series and one that was impossible to miss. With her big hair, loud personality and overall sparkliness, there just wasn't anyway you couldn't notice her. In her own story we get really small glimpses of some of the Rock Chicks but they didn't take ay focus off of Daisy and Marcus, which was good since I wanted to learn all about these characters. Daisy was the same woman she was when we first met her and I loved getting her backstory that we have only heard small parts of before now. Marcus was never a big character in the series so getting to know him more was perfect. He was swoon worthy and I loved how protective and caring he was with Daisy. Bottom line, even if you haven't read the Rock Chick series I will still recommend this book to you. It can definitely be read as a standalone but I hope it will make you read this amazing series if you haven't already.

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-03-06 01:17

    5 adoring stars!!Like many of you, I've always imagined what Daisy and Marcus' story must have been like, the romance and the poignancy behind their happily ever after. The power of their love to overcome anything and everything. The chance to get inside Marcus' head - and his heart - and discover all the things he feels for Daisy, and why he feels them. This isn't just wonderful, it's AMAZING!I remember Kristen Ashley saying that she knew everyone wanted this story, that it was one of the most highly requested books, but that she wasn't sure how to do them justice, doing it going backwards and in a novella. Well, she might have been worried, but I wasn't. I wasn't apprehensive. I wasn't concerned their story wouldn't measure up - this is KRISTEN ASHLEY we're talking about! She can write no wrong!!! What I was was captivated, completely drawn in, and totally swept off my feet.I laughed.I cried.I sighed.I cried some more.And in the end, I came away loving Daisy and Marcus even more than I did from the beginning.Needless to say - but I'll say it anyway - I love this story. One of the best of the series. Daisy and Marcus now (officially) hold a place of honor on my Top Couples of All Time shelf. Well done, Kristen. Beautifully told!!!

  • Jay Crownover
    2019-03-14 23:16


  • Pam
    2019-03-15 23:19

    5 Nothing a Little Sparkle Won’t Fix. starsI always knew Daisy and Marcus' story would be one for the books, and it was a fairytale that only KA could deliver. I still can't believe this was a novella because it delivered so much. I can't even begin to tell you how much Daisy and Marcus entrapped me with their love in the Rock Chick series, they are as memorable as the main characters themselves and for them to get a chance to tell their story, it was simply magical.Marcus knew Daisy is the one he's been waiting for, the one to make his life worth something. All he needs is to show her a little sparkle and give her everything she doesn't believe she deserves and more... Daisy is a woman who appreciates life, no matter how little or big she's got. She loves freely and easily, charming everyone in her way. A man like Marcus is a man worth appreciating, a fine specimen of a man who posses and protects her with everything he is. “You shouldn’t have laughed.”“Pardon?”“I might have let you be, but you laughed.”This was everything I could ever have wanted and more, and I loved it completely!

  • Wendy'sThoughts
    2019-03-07 04:09

    4.5 The Real Deal Of Daisy and Marcus Stars* * * * 1/2 Spoiler FreeThe series Rock Chicks had a certain charm...and it was infectious. Once you had been exposed to the way KA wrote... you either succumbed to the phrasing, descriptions and way people communicated or not....but whether the writing of KA became your holy would always remember the experience and find certain elements uniquely and wonderfully swoon worthy...It was KA's way.It has been a while since the last entry to Rock Chicks and although it wasn't always my favorite KA series, I always appreciated the relationships of the couples and their journeys. One couple had an impact on many others in the books yet we never had their back story...Now in this entry of 1001 Nights, we do...Daisy and Marcus. This story was in keeping with the feel of the Rock Chicks series. I was taken back to a time of familiarity and comfort...a feeling which many get when reading KA. It was funny because in no time at all, I was back to understanding the phrasing and way her characters spoke... It was as if I was experiencing years ago the time I had binge read all of the series. Only this time, I brought a little more discerning eye to the read...seeing exactly where things were going to lead...where there would be the ebb and flow of the relationship...and where it would have its huge impact on my heart. Knowing these things didn't turn me off at all...because when I read KA...if everything is in the groove... I know in the end I will have had wonderful moments. And I did. In fact, this entry made me consider re-reading the series to enjoy my favorites once again....all the men and women I had met years ago. This book is the perfect stimulus for KA fans to think about past reads of the series and the epilogue will get your heart singing.I recommend this and the way we learned all about Daisy, her backstory and how she became this force of nature was point perfect. We also felt the intensity of Marcus...his immediate attraction to this light in his darkness and how he was amazingly perfect for and with her throughout. This also tops off the series end with glimpses of all of the characters we have grown to care for...with just enough new stuff... to wish for a second generation series...So KA... did you hear have once again left us wanting more... For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

  • CC
    2019-03-12 01:26

    5 unbelievable stars! (which I RARELY give)First - Kristen Ashley - I am pissed at you. I was up until 2am reading this m'fing book because it was so damn good. I get up for work at 5:30am - so I totally blame you for the exhaustion. PLUS - I cried the entire time! So not only am I tired, I look a freakin mess with puffy eyes. So I am pissed (not at all) because I had no idea what a punch this book would pack. I have read the entire Rock Chick series. Actually more than one. Some books and characters I like and others, not so much. But the series is addicting to me. I was not dying for Daisy and Marcus' story. I felt I knew enough. But when it was announced I pre ordered that bitch because, well...I am not stupid.I knew something of their story from the other books. I would LOVE to know how much the author had detailed from the beginning or how much she wrote just for this book (like the castle...I need to know if that was planned from the beginning - I am teary just thinking about it). Either way it was brilliant but I really appreciated that it was consistent with the prior stories and yet FULL of new details.Daisy's story broke my heart. Many times. Everyone who has read the series knows she was raped. But the heartbreak did not start there. Her childhood was a nightmare and that started the tears. Then we get to adulthood and see the woman she has become. I really liked Daisy in the Rock Chick series. But now I love Daisy. She has a heart of gold, is so strong, brave and just full of goodness. Plus I am a southern girl so I could identify with everything. And I do love Dolly Parton!Marcus - wow. I almost have no words. I dare say that KA has never written a better hero. And that is saying a lot. He was just perfect - but not in that annoyingly perfect way. He was perfect for Daisy. How he treated her, supported her, loved her, enjoyed her (watching her hair nod). All the things that some would criticize her for, he absolutely adored and I felt it in every molecule. There is no way you do not come away feeling he was perfect for her.I have always thought KA a gifted storyteller, and many of her books have hit me emotionally, but I know this one tops them all. The words bled emotion and truth. Even though it was short (for KA at least) it was full. Plus she did not let us down on the epilogue. Thanks for that! Even though I cried (a lot) they were not all sad tears. Many were just from the sweet things Marcus did for her. There were sad and upsetting things in her childhood and as she recovered from her attack, but many of my tears were for happy times. When I remember this book, I will remember I cried a lot but not because it was so tragic (a la Creed). But because it was so wonderful in spite of the tragedy.I will not talk about the scenes in the book. First, because I do not need to be crying anymore, but also because I think it should be experienced. I also cannot give a good answer on whether you need to have read the rock chick series. I am sure this book is complete without the history (which is really the future compared to this book), but I have read the previous books so I know that affected how I read this one. I loved that I had that history, but I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying their love story.Safety Gang (view spoiler)[Daisy's rape and recovery is a large part of this book. Her rape is not played live or relived in detail. It is mentioned and somewhat described, but not in a detailed way where you feel you are reliving it. I know this is a trigger for some and I am sorry they will miss the experience of this book, because much of Marcus' perfection is how he deals with this tragedy. Daisy is a stripper for most of the book.(hide spoiler)]

  • JewelsyGoolsy
    2019-03-22 21:18

    DNF @ 46% - Jewels is outties :(KA and I have officially filed for divorce after this last and final attempt at any reconciliation. Reason being: Irreconcilable differences. Let it be known to all; that we both tried really hard... until we couldn't try anymore. I'm sure all lovers of KA, especially fans of the Rock Chick series will luuuurve this book, because they get to reacquaint themselves with their beloved characters and storyline. But for me; it was like being a plus one to a reunion party where everyone else who knows each other are having a blast, while I'm left alone at the non-alcoholic drink station, with nothing interesting to say cos I don't have anything in common with anyone.And because I felt like an outsider dropped in the middle of a fun Rock Chick reunion party (I never read any of the other books in this series btw); as hard as I tried, I just didn't really connect with anyone in this story. And I'm sure if I had got to know the MC's better in the other previous books, I woulda felt some kind of familiarity and connection... but for me; this Dolly Parton turned Cinderella type story just dragged on and on... like a party that I was forced to attend, with no alcohol, bad music and no one that I wanna socialise with. Don't get me wrong; I respect the HECK out of KA and can honestly see the appeal that she has with, well... most of the romance reading population. But like most failing relationships; we both wanted different things and it's probably best that we go our own way while there's a mutual and respectful understanding still left. I mean; why stretch out a relationship that's obviously not working. Amiright?That's why I'm super glad that I DNF'd this book, because it saves me from star rating it with possible biased or time wasting stars. I really do hope that my minority opinion doesn't tarnish other people from trying out this book, because the last thing I wanna do, is prevent my ex from dating other people and hopefully finding better suited partners. Told in dual POV and standalone story in a series. Recommended to fans who have read the Rock Chick series. Or even those who haven't read it, but still enjoyed other KA books and insta-obsessed heroes.

  • Mysza
    2019-03-06 02:26

    KA never disappoints. Love her writing. Every. Damn. Time.

  • Page
    2019-03-10 20:24

    Today is release day of the long awaited novella that features Daisy and Marcus. IMO this was a 5 star novella with 1 star character depiction. That is to say... KA felt the need to write Daisy as a pimped out version of Ellie Mae Clampett because why? The Daisy I know and love is a Southern woman not a hillbilly woman. This disturbed me greatly, but not nearly as much as the overuse (read: ANY USE AT ALL) of the word coochie. I thought I was seeing things...but 22 coochies later proved that hope wrong.Marcus was fantastic!..., a little monologue(ish) at times but that's KAs doing.Both Marcus and Daisy are 5 star characters in my head and always will be. For a novella, this book was great, and the epilogue was lovely, but the Daisy in this book is not the Daisy in the Rock Chick books. Fortunately I'm used to KA screwing up great characters and have developed the ability to ignore most of the book, pick it apart and morph the story into manageable, readable context.Sad but true. *************Original review, posted months prior to the release.Nervous. ...because Wild and Free....because Soaring....because The Promise....because alpha subs....because KA is likely a wonderful lady in real life, but she's off her rocker with these end of series wrap up books. I can't even enjoy a Three Series re-read because all I can think about is Lucian and Callum drinking tea, and fighting with a bunny army. Like I said, nervous.

  • Wendy
    2019-02-20 00:08

    I absolutely love Kristen Ashley. She is one of my favorite authors and whenever I need a comfort-read, I re-read one of her books. Out of all of Kristen Ashley's wonderful series, "Rock Chicks" is my favorite.So, when I found out that Daisy and Marcus were getting their own little novella, I was so happy, I peed a little !!I devoured this book !! It had everything a Kristen Ashley book is known for. It was an emotional read at times and it definitely made me cry. It was also so very sweet though...everyone deserves a prince like Marcus.This book brings us back to the beginning, when Marcus and Daisy got together. I have always wanted to know how they became a couple and what happend to Daisy in her past. I was so happy, because all my questions were answered.I loved how she called Marcus her "honey bunches of oats" !! And I loved how, even though Marcus was always considered one of the bad guys, he is such a good guy at heart !!I won't go into the storyline any more than this, because if you have read the "Rock Chick" series, than I know you are gonna read this novella and I want you to enjoy every page on your own. If you haven't read this series, than something is obviously wrong with you....just kidding, but you should definitely give it a shot !!!The only thing that would have made this story better, is if it were longer. I can never get enough of a good Kristen Ashley book though, so I probably would have said that, if it was a 500 page novel ;)I will leave this review with some Marcus and Daisy romance...“I handle you with care. I’ll always handle you with care. I will never, not ever, Daisy, give you reason to leave me. I won’t cheat on you. I won’t beat you. The gambles I take will be in bussiness only, but you'll always be covered financially regardless. I like to drink, but I never drink too much. I've never taken drugs in my life. I like control and you can't be in control inebriated or stoned. To end, you’re safe with me. You’ll get from me only what you deserve, which is everything I can give you doing it handling you with care.” "Who woulda thought, givin' my heart, havin' it broken, learnin' to guard it, I'd learn something else one day. That bein' the best way to keep it safe is to find a man who'd prove he could handle it with care and give it to him"This review has been posted on Dirty Books Obsession

  • Natalie The Biblioholic
    2019-02-25 20:28

    5 "No more building castles" stars!!This book was amazing!! It's the story of how Daisy and Marcus started and to say that this made me happy (after so long) would be an understatement!! This book was classic Kristen Ashley and the Rock Chick crew were just as I remembered them. Daisy was very much a southern belle, Dolly Parton-esque, slightly tacky stripper but you couldn't help but love the hell out of her. We learn about her beginnings and it sure wasn't pretty. But every time I read her say "Honey bunches of oats" or "Honey bunches of love", I giggled. This girl was HILARIOUS and so CUTE!!To be completely honest though, it was Marcus's character that brought this story home for me. I fell in love with the way that he loved Daisy. He was a man accustomed to getting what he wanted, when he wanted it. No questions. No waiting. But with Daisy he was patient, kind, considerate, generous, compassionate, understanding, loving, and let's not forget that throughout all of that, he was obviously Alpha. Reading this novella, which truth be told read more like a full-length book, reminded me why I consider each KA book a one-clicker. It reminded me why I remain a dedicated fan to her work. Her stories are real and the plots are NEVER stagnant. Yes, her books follow a formula. But it's the KA formula, which has been tried, tested and true. Often copied but never duplicated. KA is one of a kind and this story gave proof that not only is she the Queen of Alphas, but she can create an absolutely beautiful Prince Charming!Release Date: January 3, 2017Genre: Contemporary RomancePOV: Heroine - 1st person/Hero - 3rd personSteam: 1 out of 5Series or Standalone: Standalone novella for 1001 Dark Nights and also part of the Rock Chick series

  • Tanja ~ KT Book Reviews
    2019-03-21 02:22

    Devastatingly gritty, immensely emotional, and incredibly sweet. Rock Chick Reawakening is one of the most anticipated reads of the Rock Chick Series. I have often said that reading a book from Kristen Ashley is like being bathed in the warm waters of late summer: smooth, welcoming and real. This is no exception to that analogy, but it is, however, one of the most beloved characters of the series’ bittersweet tale that spans a sad childhood, a dysfunctional adolescence, and an adult life that isn’t pretty in the daylight. What we’ll discover is that not all knights wear white, not all victors are easy to see in the darkness, and true love can, in fact, conquer all. A person’s strength and inner fight is never truly lost, and a dream can come true if you believe that you deserve the best, no matter your station in life.Rock Chick Reawakening is the beauty in the grim, the shiny pebble in the dirt, and the Daisy that blooms after the storm. Thank you KA for giving us this. It makes me want to read the series all over again.Follow us on KT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinteresttumblrYouTubeBook Babblers

  • Lyndy Ann ♫
    2019-02-24 02:34

    I have been super excited to read this as I loved Daisy and Marcus in the Rock Chick series and I ALWAYS wanted to know their story. Rock Chick is one of my ALL TIME favourite serieses and KA delivered an amazing novella with Rock Chick Reawakening she gave me everything I needed to know about these two.I love Daisy she is the bomb she is HILARIOUS even with everything she has been through she does it glammed up and dressed up to the nines with her own style, my heart broke for her in this story.Marcus Sloan was a mystery in the Rock Chick series the big bad that everyone was scared of (the more I read of him the more I liked him) but OMG the way is with Daisy melted my heart he was her knight in shining armour taking care of Daisy in her darkest time.I loved this so much we get everything from their first meeting to how Marcus takes care of Daisy and pursing her until she is ready for more. The epilogue is CLASSIC KA even made me cry happy tears LOVED IT.I would recommend this to anyone who loves the Rock Chick series and loves Daisy/Dolly.This was a perfect way to start my 2017 reading challenge fingers crossed the rest will be 5 stars as well.

  • Pam Nelson
    2019-02-28 03:25

    5 Rock Chick Reawakening Stars - ❤ Audible Review HERE ❤OMG… I want to have a man build a Castle for me!! Marcus .. Swoon stole my beating heart! I have been dyeing to learn more about Daisy since forever it feels like, she just has that charisma you can’t help but want to be near or learn about. Nothing seems to get her down, this book oh my it just hits you in the feels.She deserves a Marcus more than anyone. She has her own hot guy right there. This book is about her before Marcus and how she meets him and how they come a couple but it’s so much more. It’s a true love story.It’s a story of how Marcus love’s Daisy. You can’t get more love story than that. I swear. If you are even a little bit of a Rock Chick fan you’re going to want to pick up your kindle or your paperback, grab the audiobook and read this heartwarming love story of two who come one. I bow down to Kristen Ashley for all of her work, but the Rock Chicks just have that extra place in my heart and it just grew today because of Daisy and Marcus.I loved the narrator <3 She did a great job and she used her "Daisy" voice. *You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.*

  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    2019-03-17 23:33

    Abso-freakin'-lutely PERFECT!!! Pure classic KA Perfection!!! Marcus=Best Book Boyfriend!!! Equal parts Swoon and Panty melting!!! Considering what happened to her, and how he dealt with it, I captured my heart! Adored this story so much, it took the place as one of my all time KA favorites! And that is saying a lot. What a start for this new year! Rock on 2017!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Jo
    2019-03-02 23:08

    “You don’t know what kind of girl I am.”“I know precisely the kind of woman you are, Daisy. And if you don’t understand it, then it’ll be up to me to show it to you.” Finally we get Daisy and Marcus’ story and it was even better that I hope it would be!!I’d been knocked down. Again and again.I just kept getting up.And I was still standing, in platforms, with great hair.Daisy has been one of my favorite KA characters since the first moment she was introduced in the Rock Chick series and this book made me love her even more. I love her kindness, her loyalty, her big heart, her nonjudgemental ways, her wonderful Southern style and how comfortable she is in her own skin. And although it was heartbreaking to read about her awful and sad childhood and about the horrible event that almost broke her, it also cemented my love and respect for her. Daisy is the best kind of heroine, she’s brave and a survivor through and through. No matter what life brought her way, she powered through it. “I’ve been waiting thirty-five years for you to come into my life, Daisy,” he whispered fiercely.And then there is Marcus Sloan. He’s the perfect anti-hero, with his criminal background but whose heart is definitely in the right place. I love how unapologetic he was about what he does for a living, because to him he did and does what he needs to do to have the future he promised himself when he was a child. His childhood wasn’t really any better than Daisy’s and because of this he understood her perfectly and he realised from the first moment he met her that she was the woman for him *swoon*. “In terms I hope you’ll understand, darling, in fairytales, the prince vanquishes the wicked queen. The evil stepmother. The malicious goblin. In real life, Daisy, to avenge wrong done to his princess, if the need arises, the prince puts a bullet in somebody’s brain.”Their romance was fantastic. I loved how Marcus did everything he could to help Daisy heal after what happened to her, how patient and loving he was. It just made me love him even more. They had so much in common with their pasts, and it made them so understanding and accepting of who they were now, and I loved how perfect they were for each other.I’ve said it before, KA writes the best epilogues and I think this one might just be one of my favorites. It was amazing and absolutely perfect for the wonderful Daisy and her Marcus.Once again Kristen Ashley has shown why I love her books so much. There’s so much heart and emotion in this book and I loved it. Highly recommended to all KA fans.

  • Diana
    2019-03-09 23:17

    4.5 honey bunches of oats starsI have been waiting for this story for a long time, and honestly, I was a little nervous. Sure I wanted to learn more about Daisy, but I was more curious about Marcus. He has always been the scary bad ass that everyone was afraid of. Well, we did see a little of why he is so scary, but we also saw his beautiful adoration for Daisy. I loved how this man, who weaves in and out of criminal activity, was nothing but sweet and gentle with her.My heart hurt for Daisy, because she had a tough life, but she was always determined to do better. She always stayed true to herself, and that is who Marcus fell in love with.This was a great quick read and a must for any KA fan.

  • FMABookReviews
    2019-03-10 01:36

    I cannot stop crying. I cried the whole way through this book. Filled with exceptional goodness, this is one of my top faves from Kristen Ashley!!! It was passionate, sweet, incredibly heart-warming and chock-full of goodness. Had I read this before I made my favorites of the year list, this would have made the cut!Coming from an abusive, neglectful past, Daisy has made a life for herself. She is strong and independent. And with the help of her beloved Annamae, she has learned to embrace who she is; from her hair and makeup to her flashy clothes and southern charm, Daisy is unapologetic. She is one of those characters you can't help but love. But in this book, I learned to respect and adore her.Marcus was always elusive to me. I never understood him. But after reading "Rock Chick Reawakening", Marcus Sloan has become one of my favorite male characters Ms. Ashley has written. He is romantic, caring and chivalrous, he is certainly prince charming. The way he handled Daisy was so swoon worthy he had me crying! He is an anti-hero. A feared mob boss who is incredibly sensitive and aware of the needs and wants of the love of his life. He will stop at nothing to keep her safe and give her her dreams. His devotion to her caused my heart to palpitate. He is perfect. MARCUS is the reason I read romance.❝In terms I hope you'll understand, darling, in fairytales, the prince vanquishes the wicked queen. The evil stepmother. The malicious goblin. In real life, Daisy, to avenge wrong done to his princess, if the need arises, the prince puts a bullet in somebody's brain.❞The epilogue was crazy good as always. We get a short visit from our most favorite cast of characters from the Rock Chick series.My ONLY complaint was that this was a novella. It was beautiful and perfect, but too short. I need/want more from Marcus and Daisy. But I guess I am going to have to re-read the Rock Chick series to get them.A story about self-acceptance and believing you are worth it,  "Rock Chick Reawakening proves dreams do come true if you are willing to fight the fight.❝You're a dream a girl like me never thought she could dream.❞**I received an Advanced Reader Copy. This did not influence my opinion of the book, nor my review.**