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Defending Her Was His DutySkilled with a sword and quick with her wit, Scottish rebel Claire Stuart cannot be tamed. And nothing can deter her from rescuing her beloved sister and saving them both from arranged marriages--not even the handsome Highlander who vows to protect Claire. His scorching gaze and fiery kiss bring her to the brink of surrender, but she belongs to noDefending Her Was His DutySkilled with a sword and quick with her wit, Scottish rebel Claire Stuart cannot be tamed. And nothing can deter her from rescuing her beloved sister and saving them both from arranged marriages--not even the handsome Highlander who vows to protect Claire. His scorching gaze and fiery kiss bring her to the brink of surrender, but she belongs to no man...Seducing Her Would Be His RewardGraham Grant has had his share of lasses. But he has never met one as headstrong or as bonnie as Claire--or one with such desperate, dnagerous plans. Helping her could betray his honor, his country, and more. Graham can't claim her. Yet everything in him says: Take her, make her yours, teach her pleasure, and never let her go....

Title : A Highlander Never Surrenders
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A Highlander Never Surrenders Reviews

  • Beanbag Love
    2019-04-02 22:49

    More like a 3.5, I think. But let me start by blowing a raspberry at that cover. What kind of stance is that? Not manly. Not manly at all.It took me a long time to get into this story. I think it was the heroine. She was one of those hotheads who happens to be a great fighter, but makes you wonder how she survived this long with her impulsiveness and short fuse.So she was pretty hard to take for much of the book.Graham Grant is pretty yummy, although he was stupid to keep a secret from Claire. After a while I really wondered what the point was in all that secret keeping? If he believed the edict was law and was acting on it himself, why not spill the beans? But about two thirds in we start to really see their chemistry take hold and the romance kicks in. It's nice. And, although they still have their willful misunderstandings, I think they're a good couple overall. I bought this book because it was only $1.99 on Kindle. I'll do Laird of the Mist next, although it came before this one. Then I can start reading the series in order if I want to continue. I'm glad I'm giving Paula Quinn a try, although I think I wasn't quite in the mood for ancient Highlanders. As long as her publisher is appropriately discounting the e-versions of her books, I'll probably follow the series along to the end. :D

  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2019-04-15 02:43

    This was a fantastic read! I loved it, and if I'd known it was next in line after Laird of the Mist I'd have read it sooner. I'd actually forgotten some of the characters. But it was so good. I love how Claire fights like a man, but not just for part of the book. She actually fights like a man! Her twin Connor had her as his right hand man in his army. But she wasn't unrealistic, either. And when she and Graham Grant fought (with swords) it was foreplay! lol too perfect. There were several plot twists and turns that kept me gasping and yelling at the characters. I look forward to the next book (I assume there is one-too many loose ends).One thing I really loved about Paula Quinn's writing is that she had a couple sex scenes that weren't very graphic, but still had me fanning my face. I think that it's almost harder to write a non-graphic love scene and make it steamy, than a very explicit one. A couple of the other sex scenes were graphic enough too, so it was a good mix. The sexual tension was great, the characters were wonderful, and I love how at the end-spoiler alert- when they rescue Connor, he asks Graham something like, "So you think you can tame my sister, do you?" Graham has the best answer. "No, and I don't want to." I love it! So many times we see the hero or heroine being tamed...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but here? This was perfect and very swoon-worthy.

  • Mei
    2019-04-11 00:33

    Who doesn't love a sword-wielding heroine? LOLI do!Claire is headstrong and convinced that she knows better than anyone! She thinks about herself as a warrior. Graham is instantly attracted to Claire and he wants her and pursues her relentlessly (view spoiler)[until the Governor bethrotes her to his best friend (hide spoiler)]!They are perfect for each other and I enjoyed thier banter and fights!The book is very enjoyable: full of intrigue, fighting, witty dialogue and stubborn (almost too much!) herione! :d

  • Zeek
    2019-03-30 23:48

    Roguish Graham Grant and his best friend Rob Campbell, (first introduced in Laird of the Mist), are on a mission. They must pick up two noble ladies, sisters Anne and Claire Stuart, and take them to safety, while the infamous General Monck sorts out the death of their brother, Conner Stuart.Claire has her own mission- to avenge the death of her beloved twin, Conner- and she’ sure General Monck is behind it. Unaware of cross purposes- and that she is the female they seek- Graham and Rob happen upon the strong willed girl, rescuing her from a bunch of thieves. Graham is instantly, and strangely, attracted to the feisty Claire, but he’s surprised when Rob determines that she is indeed the very Lady, along with her sister, they were sent to intercept. It doesn’t take the men long to decide to see Claire and Anne safely to their home on Skye Island with the Laird of the Mist- despite her resolve to the contrary.Set during a short span of time when Scotland and England were walking a fine line of peace, Claire and Graham are smack dab in the center of political intrigue that is about to embroil their beloved Scotland once again in a war with the Motherland. They must first determine who to trust to see their way out of it- old family ties or the fierce love burning between them.What I appreciate most about Quinn’s highlander historical romances are the little tidbits of actual persons and history she intertwines with her fictional characters. The second is her sexy Highlander heroes! Graham is one such hero- boyish charm mixed with some yummy alpha male goodness, I liked him immediately! It took me a bit longer, however, to get into the story because I wasn’t sure if I liked the heroine.Strong willed and single-minded, Claire is one of those heroines who doesn’t like her station in life and is doggedly determined to never be put in her place. Ok, I can dig that, but when a heroine is ALL about that, it can easily get annoying. And that’s exactly what I was feeling during Claire and Graham’s initial interactions- annoyed. But Graham-Graham, that devilish rogue- manages to accept her and fall in love with her- just as she is- and, in so doing, make her lovable to the reader.Once again Quinn does a fine job intricately weaving very real historical political intrigue with steamy sensuality. 4 out of 5 from me a toned down Claire would have worked better for me, but otherwise an diverting read.

  • Subathira
    2019-04-11 01:40

    This is my first book of Paula Quinn and she has won over me.This was very enjoyable reading and there was no dull momemt.Loved both the characters of the highlander - Graham and Clarie. The description of scotland and the way to island of skye brings the scene in front of your eyes.Enjoyed the braveness of the Clarie and the love for her brother and sister.She is a warrior lass full of ardor and willpower but faced with the most handsome, wicked and valiant Highlander couldn't avoid to succumb to the true love.Graham conquered my heart once again in this novel! He is wickedly sexy and adorably tender. I loved the way he surrendered to his love to Claire and accepted her for who she is, in fact, he loved her even more for her strenght and skillness in battle. He continued to be a loyal friend and I enjoyed his deep friendship with Robert Campbell.I also appreciated a lot the secondary lovestory between Robert and Claire's sister, Anne. He is a real knight!I'll continue to reading Paula's other novels because For those who love reading about Highlanders and Scotland, I absolutely recommend to not miss her novels because through them you can feel she loves this country and its culture and story profoundly.(

  • Zoe
    2019-04-10 00:00

    I think it's a typical romance novel without romance. The relationship is motivated by lust. "I must have her but I don't know why so it must be special" kind of relationship. I think sometimes a writer can make that work. In this book it somehow fell flat. I did not care for the political intrigue either. It does not have enough romance elements for me. And Claire, oh Claire, I dislike her as a heroine intensely. But it has a lot to do with me. I don't take well to "manly" women, using Claire's own words. She is too pigheaded and hot tempered for my taste. Another person may have greatly appreciated her strength. I don't. I prefer a different kind of strength that does not speak through weapon and the heroine pretending to be a man. I never understood this archetype of a heroine. What's so good about acting like a man? But that's just my preference.I think the book is more a 2.5 than 3 stars. But I like Paula Quinn so I rounded it up.

  • Patricia Ibarra
    2019-04-07 04:59

    I loved it so much!!! Claire is exactly the kind of woman I want to find in the books I read: brave, strong, fierce yet tender, passionate and so intelligent. I also loved Graham for accepting and loving her exactly as she was, not attempting to change a bit of her.The story is captivating, not only the love story between these two stubborn lovers, but the whole politic and military plot of loyalties and treason. I´m eagerly going to find out what happened to the treacherous James. Unfortunately for me, I read first the Children of the Mist series, which starts with Robert´s death at the very beginning, so I had no knowledge of him and his love story with Anne at all. Now I did, and it is heartbraking when I think of this Guinevere and her "knight in shining armor"!All in all, the more I read Paula Quinn´s work, the more I want from her!

  • Dina
    2019-04-11 03:53

    3 1/2 stars

  • Melody Black
    2019-04-10 00:53

    I loved the book it was so good.

  • Jenny
    2019-03-21 03:54

    I love these characters. It's official. I am going to read the rest of Paula Quinn's books now.

  • IamGamz
    2019-03-19 01:44

    Another great Paula Quinn book! Her characters jump off the page and into your reality. I loved Graham's carefree attitude in "Laird of the Mist". He's a loyal friend to Callum and the leader of his troops. He's a devoted brother to his eleven sisters and young brother, Jamie. He's also a gorgeous man-whore with a winning smile and charming personality. Women are there for his pleasure, he makes no excuses about that, and they love him for it. Is it any wonder that it takes a warrior woman like Claire to finally breach his heart?Claire is the sister of Connor, the leader of the Rebels and cousin to King Charles II, who is fighting to reclaim his throne. Her brother taught her at an early age to wield a sword and fight and she is now better than most men. She is fearless, beautiful, strong, independent and terrifying when met in battle. I loved the interplay between Graham and Claire. She gave the big guy hell every chance she could, and he pushed all the right buttons to make her realize that while she could fight like a man, she is all woman. This left Claire feeling weak and vulnerable and made her want to run him through with her sword. Their dialogue was quick and witty and oh so enjoyable. Their love scenes were steamy and sexy. The first time they made love was a truly inspired scene. The Highland mist making it that much sexier. Their coming together was never pretty. It was raw and lusty and beautiful in its naturalness. These two characters did not need pretty. They are both warriors and embraced that in all aspects of their personalities. This was a fun read that gave you a glimpse into the real political atmosphere during that time. I found myself reaching for my computer to Google more information on the actual historical characters in the storyline as I read. Thank you Paula Quinn for opening up a little window of the Highland history to your readers.

  • Cheryl
    2019-04-11 00:58

    The year is when Scotland’s Third Civil War has re-emerged. Oliver Cromwell has died. General Monck of the New Model Army wants to see Charles II restored to power, so he enlists the help of men like Lord Robert Campbell, Earl of Argyll, a Presbyterian and Graham Grant, highlander, Royalist and first in command of the MacGregor clan.Claire Stuart has been captured by some Puritan Roundheads. Claire winds up getting rescued by Lord Robert Campbell and his friend Graham Grant. Unfortunately Claire is anything but happy to see Robert and Graham. Claire is on a mission to save her sister, Anne from getting married to General Monck. Actually Claire is more than mad she is out to kill someone and that someone winds up being General Monck. But first Claire has to escape Graham in addition to keeping her true identity of being the king’s cousin a secret. In order to keep Claire from ruining things, Graham tells Claire he will help her to rescue her sister. What Graham will soon learn is he was better off letting Claire do her own thing as she is one hellion, especially with a sword. I just loved the characters in this book. They were so strong and independent. This statement 100% applies to Claire with her take charge attitude. I found it to be an enjoyment, especially when her angry was aimed at Graham. It was funny because Graham would treat Claire like a two year old but at the same time this is when you could also feel the sparks between these two. I have to admit that it wasn’t hard to enjoy this book but because one it was written by the lovely Paula Quinn and two it was set during the Scottish times, which is a favorite time period of mine. A Highlander Never Surrenders was a royal pleasure to read. I am already anxiously awaiting Ms. Quinn’s next release.

  • Shining-Love
    2019-04-10 02:55

    What a lovely and enjoyable reading it has been!! Paula Quinn won me over once again with Graham and Claire's story! Two characters so different, yet so alike that together create an incredible pair. I admired Claire's courage and their loyalty to her family members and their country and King. She is a warrior lass full of ardor and willpower but faced with the most handsome, wicked and valiant Highlander couldn't avoid to succumb to the true love.Graham conquered my heart once again in this novel! He is wickedly sexy and adorably tender. I loved the way he surrendered to his love to Claire and accepted her for who she is, in fact, he loved her even more for her strenght and skillness in battle. He continued to be a loyal friend and I enjoyed his deep friendship with Robert Campbell.I also appreciated a lot the secondary lovestory between Robert and Claire's sister, Anne. He is a real knight!I'll continue to reading Paula's other novels because I'm sure she won't disappoint me! Moreover, I'm too curious to know about the children of the mist! ;-)For those who love reading about Highlanders and Scotland, I absolutely recommend to not miss her novels because through them you can feel she loves this country and its culture and story profoundly.

  • Rach~The Highlander luverrr
    2019-04-16 00:35

    OMG this book is worthy of 10 stars ... Being a fanatical highland takes alot to capture my attention i have read so many highlander books in 2011 that i look in the mirror and wander if im a bonnie lass with hair as red as fire .. LOL ... but boy did this book capture my attension... it is so well written and so well played... the characters where phenomenal .. unforgettable Yes we have the Hero .. rugged sexy drool worthy honorable highlander But then we have our Heroine ... Clare... Clare is UNFORGETTABLE... this little she devil runs rings around the usual lil ninnies that are usually presented to us in historicals.. Nae... this lassie is FABULOUS .. not only can she wield a blade better than any man .. she has the foulest mouth on her Och she had me lol so hard.... bahhh This book follows a typical story .. the highlander saving the lass from death... however the way Paula Quinn writes is just so good.. such a master story teller .. the politics in this book is amazing.. its pretty heavy on the Scottish brogue but i love that .. I would def recommend this book to any one who is into highlanders is is now one of my top 10 reads

  • Patricia C.
    2019-03-23 04:49

    Highlander romances are my guilty pleasure, but the expansive cast of characters and backstory in Paula Quinn's series makes me forget about the guilt aspect. It's a well written story with great characters, and despite the fact that the story takes the turns you expect a typical romance novel to take, it's still a page turner. I also really appreciate that Paula has a recurring cast of characters because you get to see the characters you've fallen in love with (eg Callum and Kate) grow, and with this sequel you get to see Graham fall in love. The only regrettable thing about this book is the cover, but that's a minor problem.

  • Heather
    2019-04-12 04:54

    Claire Stuart is a feisty and fearless heroine, and I loved following her on her adventure to save her sister and later her brother. Graham Grant is the typical womanizing heart throb who thinks marriage and one woman is not for him. War and battle and variety are what he prefers. He is also controlling, and coming across the very independent and formidable Claire is too much of a challenge for him to resist, though it was fun watching him squirm and try. The conflict and plot were entertaining and well developed. The journey was fun, passionate, and enjoyable.  Overall, it was a great story and I loved watching the two fall in love.

  • Danielles
    2019-04-11 05:54

    Fantastic! It is an very good book! A real Highlander story, he is great! and she is also very though,....There are very good parts, such as she don't want to be his wench,...but he wants her so as she is! He is so sweet,.....but a good warrior!!!!!!I like the site of Paula, with You tube clips and karakters,...( like Cherry! Adair!)I hope to get the rest of this writer,.....she is realy good!

  • ♡Karlyn P♡
    2019-04-10 23:57

    DNF. Made it to page 100, hated the TSTL heroine and the lack of any substance between H/h besides googling at each others body parts. I gave the previous book to a 5-star rating, so this was really a disapointment. But I will read more by the author.

  • Teshai
    2019-04-17 23:31

    You know a story is good when u read it all in 1 day.

  • Lis
    2019-04-05 05:55

    loved loved loved it!!!

  • Jennifer Lawrence
    2019-04-03 02:40

    Loved it of course :-D amazing books

  • Kristi
    2019-04-04 06:56

    This one kept me up all night. I so love Graham.

  • Katinki
    2019-04-18 23:35

    This is for all the MacGregors and Children of the Mist books (there's 6 altogether). On average, I'll say 2.5 stars, some being 2's and a couple of them being 3's.What I liked: - They're fun little reads and they made me laugh (intentional or not, I have no clue). The Scottish accents and wording made it rather fun - dinna, canna, nae, aye, wee lass, etc lol - They're actually not terribly unbelievable from a historical standpoint. I really did like the historical context.- I like how the books all tie together (they all involve the same family), but each one focuses on a different character. That makes it somehow both fresh and familiar.- The writing is actually pretty decent.- The male leads in each book are pretty fun - tough and bad ass yet they do the whole melting thing for the women they love. I think it was in the first book of Children of the Mist where the female lead says something to the effect of 'he was a man who scowled at the rest of the world but who melted at the sight of her'. That's kind of sweet in that romance novel kind of way. Everyone likes the mean old bear with the sweet spot.What I didn't like: - Some were pretty repetitive, as in it was almost like reading the same story but with different characters.- Some of the female leads were super annoying and weak (a few were awesome and equal in bad ass-ness to their male counterparts, though, and I kinda loved them).- The sex was... bad. Like once there was sex on a horse... while it was moving. I found that... hilarious. But in a bad way.- Lots of romance novel cliches - Highly predictable - Some ridiculous dialogue in placesBook #1: Laird of the Mist. Main dude was Callum, The Devil, MacGregor and patriarch of the family. He's flipping awesome. His wife is awesome too. This was my favorite in the series. I'll give it a 3. Book #2: A Highlander Never Surrenders. Main dude was Graham Grant, Callum's best bud and commander of the MacGregor army. This one wasn't bad and I liked Claire. But... the arguing and whatnot got a little old. I'll give it a 2.5. Book #3: Ravished by a Highlander. Main dude is Rob, Callum's firstborn. I loved Rob. I hated Davina (his love interest). Only because of Rob, it gets a 2.5. Book #4: Seduced by a Highlander. Main dude is Tristan, Rob's younger brother. This was my least favorite in the series. I just didn't like Tristan or Isobel. *yawn*. Gets a 2. Book #5: Tamed by a Highlander. Main dude is Conner Grant, Graham's kid. Main woman is Mairi MacGregor, Callum's daughter. I liked this one only a little bit more than #4. Too much bantering and blah blah blah. Got old. I'll give it a 2. Book #6: Conquered by a Highlander. Main dude is Colin MacGregor, Callum's youngest son. I LIKE Colin, almost as much as I like Callum. I did not like Gillian. I'll give this one a 2.5. Would have been a 3 had I liked Gillian more. Overall, not a bad little series IF YOU LIKE THIS KIND OF ROMANCE NOVEL. They're silly and fun and a nice little diversion.

  • Darla
    2019-04-01 03:49

    I enjoyed this 2nd installment of Paula Quinn's book featuring the ever sexy and delicious Graham Grant!! For starters he's got green eyes and I am a sucker for a green eyed man, then he is strong and intelligent and laid back and always calm because nothing seemed to ruffle his feathers. Of course until he met Claire Stuart, then all his calm laid back unruffled feathers blew away like leaves in a stiff breeze, LOL!!! I loved Claire and her behavior, not the typical woman from this period, preferring to wear man's clothing than a woman's gown. She was great wielding a sword and being a stubborn ass woman in general. Where as she tried to fight the attraction between her and Graham, he, the notorious rogue he was, was in hot pursuit, never expecting that she would be the first and only woman to ever hold his heart and all of his attention. I loved Robert too, he was such a sweetie; we got to see a lot of the characters from the first book return, including Kate and Callum and Maggie. I loved the storyline, Claire trying to save herself and her little sister, while at the same time trying to avoid falling for Graham and trying to prove who the culprit was behind an issue involving her brother. The book was good, the men were sexy, and the sex was better. I suggest this book to anyone, I don't think you'd regret reading it, just read the 1st book first.

  • Camila
    2019-04-15 04:45

    I just love this serie!! I want my own Highlander! <3

  • Theresa Contreras
    2019-04-10 22:47

    Wow! Paula Quinn where have you been all my life? This my first in what I promise will be several to come of PQ. This book was perfection! I could never decide who I was more in love with the hero, or heroine. If you have this book and can't decide if you should read it or not stop wasting your time and just open this one up! Make sure you have the time to devote to this book because whatever time you spend away will haunt you. I won't give the spoilers away because they are just the juicy but I will say this "Satin's balls" lololol read this book!

  • Briana
    2019-04-12 02:46

    Good read. I love the way Quinn tells her stories. I love how she baits each others attraction. I really liked this book, and I know The hero had to be with a spit fire like the warrior but I think she's much too obstinate for me to truly connect with. But I still enjoyed the love between both parties.

  • May
    2019-03-30 06:39

    With this I finish all Paula Quinn Highlander series.I still have issues with the background story (war, king, betrayals) however I think i understood this one very well in relation to other backgrounds stories in the mist and child of mist series.I liked Graham the handsome devil and how he became possessive of Claire the girl in pants

  • Jenny E
    2019-03-21 23:44

    3.5 starsI really like the way Paula Quinn writes romance, but there was way WAY too much politics and history in this story for my liking and just skimmed over it. I really like the characters though and the romance is swoony. I would have like more about Anne and Robert and a better epilogue or HEA ending. I liked the first book in this series better.

  • Beckyloohoo Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ aka Mrs. Acheron Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
    2019-04-18 06:34

    By Satan's Balls, I loved this book! I really liked Claire, and I loved Graham for loving her as-is. She is exactly who I pictured for him, someone who would keep him interested in her forever. A very good read. Now on to the next one!