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In the quest for more effective warfare, a biotech company has begun weaponizing the animal kingdom. When program engineer Oliver Banda and his team conduct a field test with their newly-created weapon against a gang of notorious poachers in the savannas of Africa, it forces them to confront a horrifying truth....

Title : hide and seek
Author :
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ISBN : 30118125
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 282 Pages
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hide and seek Reviews

  • Logan Streondj
    2019-04-12 21:19

    While borderline plausible concept, it didn't really make sense. The characters were flat, there was way too much perspective jumping. It was more a gore flick than a horror. Spoiler alert, the rest may have spoilers. What I mean by it ididn't make sense, is that it seems Eric may have only done some cursory research on how animal cyborgs works before writing it up. In reality there are usually probes shoved in their brains which stimulate various regions like for pleasure. It's also possible to stimulate certain regions to knock them completely unconscious, for example to do maintenance. It's also usually common practice to mount cameras or trackers. So for the scenario depicted to play out, a huge amount of things would have had to go wrong simultaneously. And the fact that they only had a text based tablet interface would indicate that they didn't have any of those features in the first place, which doesn't make sense.This was more of a rogue AI or animal/robot uprising kind of story. Like if you had put a rogue AI's brain into a half lion's body or something. If it had still been a lion, wouldn't it spend most of the time sleeping? Also what does it have to gain by killing everyone? Like many of the other characters it acted senselessly without any perceptible cause or reason. If it was so smart, then why did no one bother to mention to it the extremely high maintenance requirements of a cyborg body, that parts regularly brake down and need to be replaced. If the perspective was inside peoples heads, why didn't we hear any thoughts, or feel any emotions? It is very confusing what the perspective was supposed to be, really ruined immersion.

  • Crystal Watanabe
    2019-03-29 22:36