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A new spin off series of interconnected standalones featuring your favorite Bliss series characters who are yet to meet their match. This time it's Zach and Danika's turn. I’m a gamer by nature and by profession. I’m all about strategy, performance, and coming out on top. Five months ago I threw caution to the wind, and in the first miscalculated step of my twenty-one-yearA new spin off series of interconnected standalones featuring your favorite Bliss series characters who are yet to meet their match. This time it's Zach and Danika's turn. I’m a gamer by nature and by profession. I’m all about strategy, performance, and coming out on top. Five months ago I threw caution to the wind, and in the first miscalculated step of my twenty-one-year life, I made a move on my brother’s best friend. The first mistake we made was keeping our relationship secret. The next was going off half-cocked when a train wreck of epic proportions hit us. Now our secret is secret no more. As I struggle to deal with all of the swirling emotions, conflicted feelings, and the multitude of burned bridges that I need to mend, the one person who can help me through it all is the same man I need space from. To fix it I’ll have to pull on my big-girl panties, focus on what I truly want in life, and put everything I have into winning the most important game I’ll ever play. Life is a game, and it is what you make it. Coming out unscathed is a whole other matter....

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  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2019-03-11 21:27

    3.5 StarsDistance has never worked. Denial hasn't either. Nothing has ever dimmed the way I feel- and have always felt- whenever I'm around him.If steamy, feel-good rom coms that are light on the angst and heavy on the swoons are your thing, then B.J. Harvey's Game series is your holy grail. Game Player was my first book by this author and I was absolutely hooked. Her brand of humor just clicked with me and I knew she had an insta-fan in me.I'm a sucker for a older brother's best friend trope, and when I read the blurb for this book, there wasn't a doubt that I'd be jumping at the chance to meet it.Danika Roberts is the youngest sibling in her family. She's an adorably endearing 'nerd' that you can't help but love from the very first page. As the youngest in her family, her brother Zander, who practically raised her, is understandably uber protective of her. Unfortunately for Danika, the object of her fantasies has been and always will be Zander's best friend and fire fighter, Zach Cooper. I present to you Zach Cooper Eau de Parfum. Lady boner guaranteed or your money back.Zach was a refreshing change of pace for me that I absolutely adored. It's not often you read about a man that actually wants a relationship. Everything that came out of his mouth had me swooning like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert. Swear to god. The man was utter perfection.As for the story, it was just one of those light and easy reads that simply hits the spot. There's no internal drama. These two have been hiding feelings from each other for years, and when they do give into it, there's no question. The light angst comes from an outside factor of Zander and not knowing how to tell him that they're together. It's steamy, quirky, and just one of those feel good sort of reads that is perfect to spend a weekend afternoon with.This was the risk I took when I kissed you back then. The risk I've been taking every minute of every day since then while falling in love with you, and the very reason why I'll risk everything with everyone to have you now"While Zach and Danika acknowledge their feelings towards each other from the very beginning, I appreciated that the author didn't throw them into bed together straight away. There's a bit of a slow burn with that and personally I would have loved more of one. I think for my personal tastes, I would have liked a little of them from the years when Danika moved back to Chicago. I would have loved the added burn and tension between them before they acknowledge it. As it was, it read a little...too easy for me. This book is so much more than just the romance between Dani and Zach. All the family members and friends make an appearance and I really loved that too. I'll admit I was little bored with the lack of tension or angst at times, but that's just my own personal reading taste. B.J. is certainly an author that can write one heck of a rom com and she'll continue to be my go to for a light and humorous romance. Don't let my three star fool you. I may be stingy with my stars, but this was definitely a book I'd recommend to any romance lovers...especially if you're sick of angsty set ups with internal drama and manwhore heroes. Zach will certainly hit the spot just right for you. ;)ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on:

  • Lisa Jayne
    2019-03-19 21:37

    THREE SIZZLING HERO STARS."Every time is better than the last."Readers, you are going to be salivating over this latest romance by BJ Harvey. I can already predict that this hero will be taking you on a one way ride straight into swoonsville and although I didn't fall completely head over bottom in love with this latest by bestselling author, BJ Harvey there was still plenty to find likeable about this short but extremely sweet (and scorching) romance. What did I love?If I was in the mood for a sweeter than sweet easy fix than this book may have just done the trick for me. It had all the heart of a typical romance with plenty of comical dialogue to keep fans of a romantic comedy more than happy. It also featured a 'to die for' hero and a quirky heroine that overall won me over. Page to page this book featured this authors trademark 'easy to fall in love with' style. There was plenty of references to this authors previous series and I'm always happy to see former characters popping up from time to time throughout the scenes. Overall 'Game Maker' was a likeable romcom that made me feel warm and gooey inside it just didn't tip the scales into full out book adoration. Why not five?This romantic soirée was just a few chapters from being a full out five star. Add into the mix a few more scenes of sexual tension and push and pull at the beginning and a little more resistance from the hero and I would have been one happy Brit. Alas, those parts were missing for my tastes and although I fully enjoyed my 'Harvey' story telling it didn't quite do enough to tip me over into the five star rating bliss. Final thoughts ... Harvey, has a talented knack of bringing witty one liners, charm and comedy to her romance and I for one am always ready to dive into her books with huge expectation and as always this author has delivered just what I needed. Fantastically delivered dialogue and characters that are delivered to a high standard, I'm always on the lookout for this authors next release. This time around I just needed that little bit more to make me fall completely in love. But I'm sure other readers will have just as much, if not more of a fun time with this novel. Enjoy ... Kisses.

  • AJ
    2019-02-22 00:31

    4.5 sweet, sexy and swoony starsI love this book! A girl in love with her big brother’s best friend is always a favourite set-up of mine, and B.J. Harvey has given us a beautifully emotional, fun and sexy love story that had me invested from the very beginning. Dani and Zach are dynamite together, but even better, they are completely open with each other, with a connection that is just as emotional as it is physical, and I loved every moment of watching them come together. Dani is sweet, sassy, a little bit geeky and instantly likeable, and she has felt something for Zach since she met him as a teenager. As the best friend of her eldest brother, Zander, he was always around, and now that they are all grown up (she is 21, he is 30) they are a part of the same social group – made up of the characters from this and the Bliss series. Dani has pined for Zach for seven long years, and she’s finally ready to make a move.Zach has felt an attraction to Dani since she moved to Chicago a year previously. Out of respect for his best friend he stayed away, but when Dani makes her feeling clear, he can’t fight his feelings anymore. “You’re my best friend’s baby sister,” I whisper…“I’m not a baby anymore.”“Fuck no you’re not.”I love Dani and Zach together. Their feelings for each other are so clear and the chemistry is fantastic, and they navigate it all so honestly! They are open with what they are feeling, they don’t hold anything back from each other, and things develop beautifully between them. It’s easy and natural, and each step is incredibly meaningful for them. And the sexy time is sizzling! And more than just being sex to satisfy their physical attraction, there’s an emotional connection there that is beautifully explored, and makes every moment between them emotionally intense as well as being hand-held-fan-required hot.Never has it been this intense with a woman before. The undeniable chemistry between us is now beyond my realm of control, even if I was able to ignore it.Their hook up comes pretty early in the book so there’s lots of time spent with them as a couple, seeing them grow close and fall for each other, but their relationship has a touch of the forbidden about it as they decide to keep things just between them while they figure out exactly what they have together. And with the close-knit, in-your-face group that is their ‘family’, I could completely understand that. But the longer they are together, the secretive nature of their relationship doesn’t sit well with Zach. His respect for his best friend battles with his need to make his girl happy, as Dani wants them to remain a secret, only too aware of Zander’s over-protectiveness towards her. In terms of providing a conflict for them to work through, it’s really well done, and allows Zach to prove his awesomeness over and over again. “I like it just being us. As soon as it’s out there, everything will change.”“It’s still going to be just us – we just won’t have to hide it from anyone. I’m proud to be with you, fucking ecstatic that you want to be with me. I want to yell it from the rooftops.”There’s a lot of involvement with the larger cast of characters, which I loved, and continued story development for all of them. And the inevitable reveal to the friends and family is handled really well. (view spoiler)[The point is made in this book, and I must agree, that if these guys don’t want their best friends around their baby sisters, then what does it say about their choice of best friend? That they are untrustworthy, that they aren’t good enough? How can you be best friends with somebody who you wouldn’t trust to take care of somebody that you love? I could absolutely understand Zander’s initial reaction, but the way he and Zach dealt with it was fantastic, and the scene where the boys had their heart to heart was gorgeous. (hide spoiler)]“It is what it is. But believe me when I say I went into this with my eyes open. I knew the risk and knew deep in my bones that you’d be worth that heartache, and I wasn’t fucking wrong.”I read this book with a smile on my face, falling in love with the perfection that is Zach right alongside Dani. I was worried about potential stupid behaviour but, thank God, it never came! Granted, some of Dani’s decision making was questionable, but I never reached a point where she annoyed me as must as some of the other heroines in this series have done. Of course they have hurdles that they need to overcome, and it’s an emotional ride, but through it all they are honest, functional, and confident in what they have together and I freaking LOVE that! And I was happily swept away in all of the swoon!“We’ll be okay, right?”“Anything, anywhere, anytime, Dani. I love you and you love me. This isn’t a fling or just sex; this is two adults who fell for each other and there wasn’t anything – or anyone – that could stop it from happening.”I loved this book! It is a beautifully romantic story with great characters, a nice amount of steamy time and a well-developed relationship that is realistic, emotional, functional and full of chemistry. I was happily captivated from start to finish. There’s a nice lead in to Cade and Abi’s book up next, and I’m really looking forward to continuing on with the series.4.5 stars.An Advanced Review Copy of this book was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    2019-02-22 21:31

    Game Maker (Game #2) by BJ Harvey4 stars!!“…because this is where the game makes us or breaks us, sweetheart, and I need to know you’re willing to fight the battle in order to win the war.”Game Maker is a BJ Harvey classic recipe and is a recipe I have come to adore. We have great character connection, witty dialogue, it is hot as hell and another two fantastic characters to add into an already fabulous mix. Romcom gold.“With just that one kiss, you had me seriously considering the consequences of losing him and keeping you.” Woman down. Totally out for the fucking count.Game Maker is most definitely a romantic comedy, I had so many tears of laughter while reading, between our hero and heroine and her best friend the dialogue was enough to make even the sourest of faces laugh. This is one of the things I love about a BJ Harvey book, her trademark wit and fantastic sense of humour are prevalent throughout and while she delivers her romances with passion and heat and of course a little angst, it is always perfectly balanced with fantastic one liners and side splitting scenes.“You alright there, Dan?” “I don’t know…”“What do you need…Shots? Weed? Valium? I’d offer sex, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been diving down in disco town so I might be a bit rusty.” ~ Dani & Abi Brothers best friend’s tropes are always entertaining reads and this is one trope that I have always loved, especially when said brother is as protective as Zander was over his younger sibling, Danika. If you have read the Bliss series, you will have already heard Zander’s story and know that he was a boy that had to grow up quick and become the man of the house. He had practically raised Danika and his brotherly emotions were more fatherly when it came to Dani. He was extremely protective and this was one thing that Dani loved and loathed about him, but she always knew he had the best intentions.“Not only would Zander kill me, he’d drag it out and make it painful by castrating me with a rusty bread knife first. Maximum pain for the ultimate betrayal.”Dani was one hilarious woman, she worked hard, sometimes too hard. She was a game designer, a geeky tech nerd and her nerdiness is something that only makes you love her all the more. She may be a geek, but she has a wicked sense humour, is as hot as sin and has a heart of gold. A heart that has been beating for one person and one person only, Zander’s best friend Zach, the hot and extremely delectable fire fighter. Dani has loved him from afar for a long time. The age gap had always been an issue, but now she was a grown woman, age was just a number and she wanted to make her move. “I just laid myself out for the only guy I’ve ever truly wanted. He touched me. He branded me, and after one kiss, he owned me.”Zach was book boyfriend perfection. It seems our fire fighter has had the hots for Dani too, but out of respect for his relationship with Zander and the obvious age gap he had never made his move. Now, though, a beautiful woman was presented to him and he was finding it harder and harder to resist the temptation, he knew that if Zander found out he would burn in a fiery hell, friendship be damned. But sometimes, love makes you do the most ridiculous things, you don’t seek it out, it finds you and sometimes that pull is so strong, resistance is futile. Will Zach have more fires to put out than he bargained for?“She’s the type of woman I’d work myself into the ground for, and spend every day for the rest of my life knowing I was punching well above my weight but not giving a flying fuck if the whole world knew it. The type of woman for whom I’d give up everything I owned to call her mine.”BJ Harvey delivers a realistic romance whereby there is no insta-lust, no insta-love, this has been a slow burn for both of them for a long time. The shall we shan’t we, the hesitation, the resistance all adds to a believable romance that will have you salivating for more and hoping beyond all hope that they take the plunge and just go for it, to hell with the consequences. Personally, I would have loved a few glimpses of their pasts especially as this attraction has been there for years, but that would have been the icing on the cake.“I love my son, but Dani, he’s your brother, not your keeper.”Dani’s flat mate, Abi, was one amazing character who I am hoping will be up next in this series. Together, these two were hilarious and this was really where BJ Harvey’s dialogue shone. These two best friends were like chalk and cheese but they just fit. All the other Bliss crew make appearances throughout and it was great to catch up with these group of friends. This motley crew are like one big huge family and a family that I feel that I am a part of. Having watched them all bloom from lonely singletons to married couples with families has been a pleasure to read about and one that I hope

  • Michelle
    2019-03-07 01:41

    In book two of the Game Series, we get the story of Zach and Danika. Dani is Zander’s little sister and Zach is his best friend, a man who has known Dani since she was just fourteen. For Dani, she’s had a crush on her brother’s best friend since the first time she saw him, she just never expected him to return the favor. Now, this spin off series does not require you to read Bliss first, but a lot of key players of that series play small parts of this, all being in the same circle of friends/family so it can be a little intimidating for new readers who might try to keep all the character straight – don’t worry about it for now. But if you want to fully understand all the relationships, I recommend going to Mac & Daniel’s story in the first book of the Bliss Series so you can answer all your questions (it’s worth the read).I have read all of BJ’s books and I am loving how much she has grown as an author through all these books. The difference in her talent is amazing when I look back at the first book of hers that I read. I find myself falling more and more in love with her characters with each book and I think of all the books, the Game Series is my favorite. I am loving the humor and the antics of these characters. Love the themes being introduced and each new character leaves me just wanting to know more, to read more. I admit that I am not a huge rom-com fan, I really like my romances to have a lot of drama and angst (even if I say I hate it while reading it), but I really have come to love the quirkiness of this author and her characters. After so many books where I’ve gotten to know the characters of this crazy bunch, they feel more like friends than just characters and I can’t wait to get more of them and meet new ones.

  • Shayna
    2019-03-15 04:16

    Sexy, sweet, and downright hilarious, GAME MAKER is my NEW favorite read from author BJ Harvey! Dani and Zach were just an all around gorgeous couple. If Harvey keeps on releasing these smash hits, the GAME series will easily go down as one of my favorites. GAME MAKER is a book that will just make you feel good. It will make you all tingly inside and you will be blushing for days. This author blends together the perfect amount of romance and humor, and I can't seem to get enough it. This, my friends, is the fight between loyalty and love...With the perfect mix of dirty and sweet, BJ Harvey gives us another stellar, laugh out loud romance that warms the heart and eases the soul. These characters have become like family to me, and every single time I'm transported back to them, you couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. I giggle with glee and blush like crazy with the witty banter that Harvey provides in her romances. An all around brilliant love story full of heart! GAME MAKER is easily this author's best work to date!*Gifted copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*
    2019-03-19 22:38

    Danika has been crushing on Zach since her early teens. He is the subject of all her fantasies. Gorgeous, sweet and sinfully sexy. She should totally make a move right? Yeah, well there is a slight problem with that I should probably tell you about. He is her older brother Zander's best friend. Therefore she is deemed to be completely out of bounds for Zach and she shouldn't be thinking naughty thoughts about him either. The problem is that her body has not received the memo yet and every time she is around him she finds it more difficult to hide her attraction to him. 'His perfectly shaped lips curve up, making me want to jump his leg and start humping like a bitch in heat.' - DanikaWhat Danika doesn't realise is that Zach has feelings of his own too. He admires how she has followed her career dreams and is doing something that she loves. He loves her geeky, quirky personality and thinks she is one of the coolest chicks he has ever met. She is the sort of girl you would marry and build a life with but he thinks that it probably won't be with him. That doesn't stop him wanting her though. No matter how hard he tries to fight it.'Never has it been this intense with a woman before. The undeniable chemistry between us is now beyond my realm of control, even if I was able to ignore it.' - ZachEveryone in their circle of friends and family seems to be pairing off and loved up. Dani would love that life for herself and she would really love to be with Zach. The sensual air between them just simmers away until one night and one kiss changes everything. Now these two are struggling to stay away from each other but Danika wants to keep things on the down low. The last thing she wants is for Zander to interfere and ruins things between her and Zach before they have a chance to even get started. Zach is not happy about sneaking around behind his best mate's back and he thinks their relationship should not be defined as a dirty secret. The longer they hide what is going on between them, the harder they will fall when they are found out. Nothing haunts a person like the things they keep hidden from people they care about. This was such a fun read. I love Danika, she is confident, intelligent and adorably funny. I love how being around Danika showed a completely different side of Zach and how much he changed when he realised he had found 'the one.' There was also a lot of angst, sweet moments and lots of sexy times too. Everyone from the Bliss series pops up so you get a glimpse back into their lives and what they are up to now.

  • Renee at Book Happiness
    2019-03-20 02:11

    wow is really all I have to say... This book just pulled me right in and kept beautifully entertained!!! This author is not a new author but is very new to me and I have to say I am disappointed in myself for not reading this amazing wordsmith before now!

  • Abbey's 1 Click Book Blog
    2019-03-14 03:32

    This is my 10th? book of BJ's that I have read and one thing I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, she can write one hot as heck male character - regardless if they are the main or the secondary, you are guaranteed to swoon over them. "Say no, Grasshopper.. Because if I don't leave right now I'm going to kiss you. I'm going to do more than touch you... " - Zach.Surely, most people has experienced the crush on the best friends older brother/older brothers best friend right? So when I found out BJ was gonna be setting Danika up with Zach, my interest was piqued, especially considering I have been the one with the crush on my Best Friends Older brother. So, I felt like I could connect with Dani on a certain level with how she felt having being around Zach before her feelings were known." I bet it would make millions, just from people watching my complete and utter humiliation in front of the man I've wanted to kiss, touch, and do other stuff with since I was fourteen and knew what all the other stuff was. " - Danika. Zach - holy moly, he has most definitely cemented himself in to my Harvey men poly relationship I have going on with Zander & Matt, those guys own my soul from their books, so Zach should feel pretty privileged to be joining them... he was suave, he was sweet, he was hot and he was firm in what he wanted, and what he wanted was Danika. Danika - Now, one problem I seem to have quite often with BJ's books, is connecting with her Heroines. Mia annoyed the back outta me in Game Player to the point where I wanted to not even bother finishing the book and I was nervous starting GM that Dani might be heading down the same path, and I must admit at one point she was doing my flamin' head in with her reasoning.. or well non reasoning about stuff. She did redeem herself to a certain degree when she pulled her head outta her ass as seen what was in front of her. She was spunky however, had sass and I did enjoy her confidence and love for her family. " Weather the storm and hope like hell he sees what I'm seeing now.""And whats that?" I ask, hold my breath for his answer. "A man who's willing to risk everything on the chance of something good, whatever the consequences.." - Cade. I enjoyed the overall story, and felt like Ms. Harvey pulled it off well, it is low on the angst side, plenty of laugh out loud moments especially from the secondary characters such as the Taylor brothers and Abi (Dani's roommate) and the sexual chemistry between the characters is off the charts. So, Why not 5 stars? We all know Bj can pull of the comedy factor when comes to a ROMCOM book, but sometimes to me personally the humor felt forced, especially when it comes to the random naming of body parts & sexual activities- it kinda felt like we've covered that ground before in previous books so going over again with different names was abit meh to me. Also, I didn't feel an overall connection with the female main character, yeah I understood the attraction part but when it came down to it, she was just another female and nothing to write home about.Until next time, ...kisses from NZ xx

  • ✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    2019-03-01 21:19

    ARC received for an honest reviewBJ Harvey has done it again with Game Maker, and *Shock gasp* I think #TeamTaylorSandwich may have a bit of competition for my affections.Danika Roberts (Zander's baby sister) is the perfect combination of sweet, sass, sexy and geek. And has been besotted with Zach since she knew what it was to like boys.Zach is just... can I just say that I am in love with a sexy Chicago fireman? I mean really, who wouldn't want to slide down his pole and play with his hose???This is more than just Zach and Dani finding each other, finding love. This is a story of friendship, being torn between love and loyalty, family and friends.There were plenty of times I just wanted to slap some sense into Dani - for such a smart girl she was making some silly decisions. I could understand why at first, but as the story continued I am not sure if she frustrated or Zach more!I loved that we got more of that incestuous little group from the Bliss series! I can't help but laugh out loud at some of their antics and conversations.Game Maker is sexy and sweet and hot as Hades, along with a lot of emotion and heart.I think this may turn into my favourite BJ Harvey series!

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-05 02:22

    * A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *~ 5 Little Grasshopper Stars ~ Well I will say it again…..BJ Harvey has done it again!! She can do no wrong when it comes to writing a book. As with every book I read of hers, I devoured this book!!!Again it was so nice catching up with the “Bliss” group. I don’t think I will ever get tired of this cast of characters.Game Maker is the second standalone novel in BJ Harvey’s spin off Game Series. In this book we again get a sibling of one of the Main characters from her Bliss Series, but we also get the Best Friend of that same character. So this is sort of a forbidden romance. I am absolutely LOVING this series and will be sad when it comes to an end. She continues give us the characters we love from before but also introduces us to new characters who are just as lovable. The story lines are fun and swoony and with out a lot of drama. I enjoy that she gives us enough drama to keep you turning the page, but truly these books would be just as great without any drama. This book will make you laugh, swoon, cry, yell and fall in love!!! This is definitely worth 5 stars to me!!Game Maker is a fun, sexy and sweet forbidden romance between Zach (Zander’s Best Friend) and Danika (Zander’s youngest sister) As you can guess there is a significant age difference between Zach and Dani (9 years) but it really never played a factor between them. yes there were times that you could see Dani’s immaturity come out but it never slowed Zach down. This is also kind of a friends to lovers type story. Danika has been crushing on Zach since she was fourteen year old girl. Now 21 and grown, she wants to take things further with Zach. Zach never looked at Danika as anything other than his best friend’s kid sister….that is until she turns 21 and is now an adult. Forced to fight their attraction because of Zander…when things come to a head, they are explosive!!!! I loved watching these two grow together and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.This book was just as great as the first book in the series and one I will definitely recommend to everyone!!! Even though this book is a standalone novel and the Bliss series does not have to be read first, but as I have always recommended with interconnected standalone books, I think the Bliss series should be read before this series, so that the reader can truly connect with all the characters we meet in this book. If you are a fan of BJ Harvey’s, then you don’t want to miss out on this new series or the chance to reconnect with some old friends. If she is a new author to you, dive in and I hope you thoroughly enjoy her books like I have!!!Follow Us at :: Book Bitches Blog | Facebook | Twitter

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    2019-02-20 02:26

    Falling and falling hard. Dani was the perfect sweet, geek, nerdy type sweetheart. I liked her immediately. She was everything that a young lady could be to make you want more. I had a lot of fun with her and the situation she found herself in with Zach. Keeping things secret is never the course of action because what you want to hide always comes to the light of day. Dani and Zach made a blooming couple that just needed to be given a chance to have a real relationship out in the open. When their relationship was discovered it lead to so not so smart decisions and some doubts. Dani decision to keep things in the dark had made room for discomfort with Zach. There was unease with how things were progressing or not progressing for Zach. There was something pulling me further into the read and closer to Dani and Zach. Harvey gives a read the will pull you into the beauty of their relationship. The story was well developed. The characters rich and real. I am looking forward for more. I loved getting to see some of the characters from a previous series from BJ Harvey. **This ARC was provided via BJ Harvey in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Taylor Freeman
    2019-02-20 04:29

    3.5 starsDidn't like the heroine. She seemed shy at first but then came out of her shell. She seemed more like a coward to me. She was hurting the person she's supposedly crushed on and loved for 7 years because she couldn't be the grown up she claimed to be and come clean to her brother. When their secret is finally out which of course wasn't because they came clean and did the right thing by telling Zander, it was like a quick 1,2,3 thing and smoothed over too quickly for all the build up. I liked Zach a lot. He was really sweet and totally honest. He was a relationship kind of guy and he was all in with Danika. Perfect hero too bad the heroine let me down.

  • Lee
    2019-03-16 23:32

    Game Maker hits all my favorite sub-generes: romcom, friends to more, overprotective big brother's best friend. I truly laughed out loud so many times while reading dialogue, especially between Dani and Abi! The angst isn't overdone or drawn out, the heat factor is high and the heroine and hero are both quite likable. I hope Abi gets a book soon!

  • Alison
    2019-02-26 00:20

    really enjoy this hot little read.There is always something about Brothers best friend

  • MsChris1161
    2019-03-20 00:28

    GAME PLAYER by B.J. Harvey is another swoon-worthy love story. I can't seem to get enough of all of these hot sexy men so ready to fall deeply in love with these sassy heroines. The gang from her Bliss series, and the first Game series book are all here to provide plenty of snark and crazy dialogue. This second book in the Game series features Zander's baby sister, Danika. Dani's 21 now and knows exactly the man she wants, Zander's best friend, Zach, the hot fireman. She just needs to convince him she's all grown up and worth breaking the bro code for. Zach has been fighting his attraction to Dani for a long time out of respect for her brother, but when she makes a move on him, she's impossible to resist. These two have years of pent up sexual heat between them that really blazes when they let it loose. All-in-all a great story with a happy ending and no broken bones. 4 stars

  • Donna Wright
    2019-03-06 00:23

    This series keeps going from strength to strength and I really can't quite explain, just how amazing, funny, hot as hell and down to earth this author seems to be. I have been a bundle of emotions and I found myself mixed with full blown tears and giggles that were out of control.The characters that run through this series are what makes it for me.

  • Amber
    2019-02-24 22:27

    Game Maker was a funny, sweet story about a girl and her older brother's best friend getting together and hiding it. Game Maker is the second book in this series but each book is a standalone just with interrelated characters. Nor does someone need to read the Bliss series (Game Maker popped my BJ Harvey cherry) but after reading this book, I really want to!Danika Roberts is the baby of her crazy family. Her oldest brother, Zander, has been the father figure in her life since their father died when she was 2. Zach, Zander's best friend, has been Dani's crush since she was 14. Here is a perfect quote that sums up Dani's hysterical thought process:"I present to you Zach Cooper Eau de Parfum. Lady boner guaranteed or your money back."Zach is trying hard not to notice that Dani is a full grown woman and remembering that she's his best friend's baby sister. And he doesn't want to mess up his friendship but it's getting harder and harder not to act on his attraction to Dani. This book is a ton of laughs, sweet as sugar (but not sickening sweet) and above all, a brother BFF/kid sister story. Plus, this whole series is characters who are related but you get a different story with each character - which is one of my weaknesses. I'm a BJ convert - er BJ Harvey convert for sure!!

  • Callixta
    2019-02-24 01:19

    Envie d'une petite romance qui ne prend pas la tête mais tient la route ? Voilà tout à fait ce qu'il vous faut alors. C'est d'un classique achevé mais c'est fait avec talent et enthousiasme , cela ne vous ouvrira aucune perspective nouvelle mais le bon moment de lecture est garanti.Il faut tout d'abord noter que ce roman est le second d'une série de livres assez indépendant donc il n'est pas nécessaire d'avoir lu ce qui précède. Vous aurez, comme souvent, l'impression de pénétrer au sein d'une large famille mais cela n'empêche en aucun cas d'apprécier le livre.Le thème est un grand classique du genre puisque la jeune héroïne est tombée amoureuse du meilleur copain de son frère aîné ; Il se trouve que le frère de Danika a joué un peu le rôle de son père. Elle a perdu le sien très jeune et Xander a pris la place de la figure paternelle dans une famille composé essentiellement de filles. Dani est depuis son adolescence tombée amoureuse du copain de son frère, Zach. C'est un pompier, un mâle alpha comme on les fait maintenant, possessif et protecteur mais pas aussi dominateur qu'on pouvait les trouver il y a quelques temps.suite de la chronique:

  • Shanda
    2019-03-18 23:14

    A girl in love with her brother’s best friend is one of my favorite romance tropes. Game Maker is definitely a great addition to the genre. It is sexy, funny, and sweet. You will definitely fall in love Zach. Zach has felt the attraction to Danika for a long time. He has stayed away out of respect for his friend but he has now reached the point where he can’t stay away. Danika has always felt Zach is “it” for her so when the opportunity presents itself she jumps in. The major problem they have is her brother. Danika and Zach hook up pretty quickly in the story but Danika wants to keep it a secret. Zach is pretty much all in at this point. He made his decision and is willing to lose his best friend if it comes to that. Danika isn’t ready to reveal them yet and this puts major strain on them. I was completely frustrated with Danika because I thought she was being immature. I was sad for Zach but he was the stronger of the two and gave her the push she needed. Game Maker is a fun read and Zach is a pretty swoon worthy hero so you can’t lose by picking this book up. Well done! * copy received in exchange for an honest review*

  • Lindsey King
    2019-03-10 23:18

    freakin phenominal book! bj writes her ass off and each book gets better and better. this one is utter perfection. I loved it from kick ass start to LOL ending. perfect amount of all the feels. I was so excited to get this book and loved it so much.

  • Nicole Reads
    2019-03-04 20:17

    What’s not to love about this story? Seriously, there wasn’t anything I didn’t love. And how could I not? If this romantic comedy includes so many elements that make the story more interesting. I mean you have, a geeky girl with a crush on a very alpha male that happens to be her brother’s best friend. And although Game Maker is a romantic comedy, it includes much more emotion.The characters are so easy to love. One word and you are already gone for them. And let’s discuss Danika and Zach first, main couple. They both have been denying what they truly feel for each other for a while now and they got to a point where they can’t do that anymore. Their connection is so real and honest. There is raw passion in their relationship.Dani is geeky, super friendly, sweet and is overall, remarkable. Then, there’s Zach, 100% swoon worthy. He is honest, loyal and oh so sweet. Their personalities are just right for each other. They do belong together. And there is no doubt of how deep their feelings for the other one go. I loved reading about them going step by step building a relationship and acknowledging what they are feeling at the moment with complete honesty, and also realizing if there is anything holding them back. Page by page, you read about them falling harder and harder for each other and also discovering themselves along the way. Their connection is undeniable, is so natural and beautiful. And of course, sizzling. And the secondary characters? I love them too. They add so many great moments to the story that had me laughing real hard. Fun, heartwarming and amazing.

  • Lisa Stinson
    2019-03-11 20:13

    I enjoyed this book much more than the first one. But I will say that Dani was starting to drive me crazy towards the end of the book. I loved the story of the sister falling in love with her brother's best friend. Even though there was quite a few years in age between Dani and Zach, you never really knew it. She was very mature for the most part. I totally understood her wanting to keep their growing relationship between the two of them. Being in a large and intertwined friends and family, they needed time for the two of them to see if there was even something there worth fighting for. But after so many months and the exchanging of I Love You's, I would have thought Dani would be ready to shout it from the rooftops, especially since she has had a thing for Zach for so long. For the most part this book was really drama free and it was a nice change of pace to just relax and read a lovely romance novel.I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.

  • Tanya
    2019-03-18 21:37

    Book 2 in this series didn't disappoint. Youngest member of the group, Danika, has been crushing on her older brother, more like father figure since dad passed away when she was 2, friend since she was 14. Now at 22 has decided she was just gonna be honest with Zach and tell him. Do you tell you best friend, more like brother, who are into his baby sister or see where things go between the w of you before telling him? The consequences are high for all involved but will love and family stick it out or will relationships be damaged beyond repair?

  • Bethani Carter
    2019-03-07 03:21

    In book two of the Game Series, we get the story of Zach and Danika. Dani is Zander’s little sister and Zach is his best friend, a man who has known Dani since she was just fourteen. For Dani, she’s had a crush on her brother’s best friend since the first time she saw him, she just never expected him to return the sentiment. They have a lot to overcome to get their happily ever after, will they be able to do it?

  • Sangria
    2019-02-24 02:12

    One of my favorite tropes! This was written so good. I've never read this author before but now I'm going to go back and read the whole series. I'm kinda glad I started right smack in the middle because now I know I want to see how all these couples fell, along with reading Abis story, lol. She was hilarious. Loved, loved, loved Zachary. He was swoonworthy. Well done.

  • Victoria
    2019-03-07 20:14

    This is Zach and Danika’s story. It’s a fun, sweet and lighthearted read. It has characters you will love. I enjoyed the banter and the chemistry between the characters is sizzling and steamy. I loved seeing more of our favorite couples. Looking forward to reading more. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-17 04:23

    Sweet yummy and just WowWhat can i say phew yummy yummy yummy BJ Harvey does it again yum this time it's Zach and Danikas time wow hot sizziling off the page cannot get enough loved them there is no way i can chose a favorite so i won't i love them all so will you once you 1 click and read them GO

  • Jacqualine Davis
    2019-03-10 04:34

    Dani and Zach are wonderful together. She’s a nerdy game developer with attitude. He’s a hunky firefighter with a huge…heart. I love the sibling’s best friend story line, but the age difference (not bad, 9 years) made this one even better!

  • Tammy
    2019-03-15 02:21

    The Cliché falling in love with ur older brothers best friend, friends to lovers. Loved this book had just enough drama, super funny parts and equally heated scenes to keep me turning pages. U will fall in love with Zach the hot fire fighter in this book as well. He's met his match in Dani