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Meet Delight Butler of Boston 1776, who is a passionate defender of the American patriots. When redcoats bring an injured Henry O’Neil to the Butler home for care and lodging, Delight despises the man. Despite having long discussions and coming to admire the man, Delight struggles to trust that he could desert the British army and join the patriot cause. What will it takeMeet Delight Butler of Boston 1776, who is a passionate defender of the American patriots. When redcoats bring an injured Henry O’Neil to the Butler home for care and lodging, Delight despises the man. Despite having long discussions and coming to admire the man, Delight struggles to trust that he could desert the British army and join the patriot cause. What will it take to bolster her faith in God and man? Also includes a bonus historical romance, Faithful Traitor by Jill Stengl....

Title : Love's Betrayal: Also Includes Bonus Story of Faithful Traitor by Jill Stengl
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Love's Betrayal: Also Includes Bonus Story of Faithful Traitor by Jill Stengl Reviews

  • Karen
    2019-04-09 23:22

    Two interesting stories laced with faith and romance at the outset of the Revolutionary War featuring different sides of the conflict. The first one starts out in the Massachusetts Colony near Boston just as the British are occupying the town, forcing the people to choose sides, sometimes pitting neighbors against each other. The bravely independent Delight Butler, oldest daughter of a staunch patriot, must learn to trust God in new ways, as she opens her heart to a wounded British soldier who is brought to their door; she's challenged to treat him as Christ would. The banter between the Irish born soldier and Delight turns to serious subjects of faith, causing him to reexamine his views on the conflict. The true test of loyalty comes along with a dangerous mission, and a decision for the future.Descriptions of colonial life, with the uncertainty of living in the time of conflict, made this come to life, along with the choices they had to make. Slower paced in parts, but builds to a satisfying ending. The second story was an interesting contrast, set in New York, a year before the first shots were fired. A British loyalist family with a beautiful daughter arranges a marriage to a man of questionable character. Before she weds however, her naivete puts her in danger, and she is rescued by a mysterious Frenchman. The tale steps up the pace as the conflict heats up around them, with a bit of intrigue underfoot. Discussions of faith, with Scriptures included at the start of each chapter, added a lot of inspirational moments. The romance in this one sizzles a bit more, as their loyalties are put to the test. Reminded me a lot of one of my favorite classics (but to mention it would spoil it!). An exciting romantic read!Recommend for readers who enjoy historical Christian romances! (Book provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.)

  • Marlene
    2019-04-22 01:15

    Overall, this two-story combo was very enjoyable and rates 4.5 stars from me. Read on for my reviews of each of the two novels.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Love’s Betrayal byDiAnn Mills (2016, Barbour Books) is a standalone Christian romance set during the American Revolutionary War. I requested this book from NetGalley (for my honest review) because I previously enjoyed Renegade Husband by DiAnn Mills. Love’s Betrayal was first published in 2003 as a Heartsong Presents book, originally titled The Turncoat 4 StarsThe Heroine: Delight Butler, the oldest of seven sisters, is working in Boston to help the American soldiers in the war by delivering messages. The British soldiers have a strong presence in Boston, however, and Delight’s father decides to move the entire family to Chesterfield. Delight is disappointed to be removed from her opportunity to assist the Americans. After sixteen months in Chesterfield, Delight is to be of service again, this time nursing a soldier. Much to her chagrin, one from the British army. The Hero: Henry O’Neill is an Irishman from a poor family who pledged himself as a foot soldier for the British in America’s war for independance. He is a skilled weaver, as is his father. After the war, Henry wishes to live in America, where there are so many opportunities for skilled craftsmen. In battle, he ends up injured, and the British take him to the Butler household to be nursed there. If he does not thrive in their care, there will be repercussions for the family. What I liked: *I think the author does a good job of individualizing Delight’s many sisters, and I enjoyed their sweet names: Charity, Remember, Faith, Patience, Mercy, and Hope. *I thought the relationship between the hero and heroine with opposite loyalties was well done. And I appreciated the Revolutionary War backdrop, as it was a new and different setting for me. What I didn’t like:* The writing is very good, but I occasionally noticed a word that really wasn’t the best choice for the situation. Examples include “assessed” rather than “concluded,” and the odd coupling of the words “clever mannerisms.” There were a few more. While not rampant, they were distracting.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Faithful Traitor byJill Stengl is a historical Christian Romance set shortly before the American Revolutionary War. Originally a 2004 Heartsong Presents book, it’s been repackaged as the second story in Love’s Betrayal (2016) by Barbour Books. I received a copy of Love’s Betrayal from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. 5 StarsThe Heroine:Georgette Talbot, 20, is “far from plain” but not beautiful. Her father has chosen Mr. LaTournay to be her suitor. Georgette has misgivings because his reputation is less than stellar and she doesn’t believe she’s a good catch for such an exalted suitor. The Hero:Mr. LaTournay, an influential and wealthy business acquaintance of Georgette’s father, is serious and “his manners are somewhat stiff.” His last name is French, and his background is explained late into the story. I really loved Mr. LaTournay.What I liked:* I appreciated the spiritual growth in the characters.*At one point, Georgette listens to a minister “drone about the evils of disobedience to Mother England.” I had not previously given much thought to how the people interpreted God’s laws pertaining to the fight for independence from England. I found this extremely interesting. (This issue was also addressed well in DiAnn Mill’s book.) *There’s so much good (historical background, characters, and plot) packed into this book!What I didn’t like:*At one point, Georgette’s father slaps her. I wasn’t too keen on that, but I understand why it was put in. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++I’d recommend both stories in this book to fans of historical Christian romance and to aficionados of the American Revolutionary War. Both were pretty eye-opening about that time in history. I look forward to reading more by both DiAnn Mills and Jill Stengl.

  • Lori Parrish
    2019-04-08 23:19

    This story captivated me from the beginningI love the unusual names for the girls in the book. Deight especially. She lives up to her name for sure and is a stubborn lot whom she inherited from her father. She loves the outdoors and wants to put more into what she is doing for the war effort. She is determined to be a messenger for the Patriots something her father wishes her not to be! She thought she was being secretive but her father knew what she was up to all along! Smart man!! I love Elijah. He knows what he wants for his family and that is he definitely does not want his family being in danger!!! He's very protected of his family. Something I wish every man would doHenry is a total surprise!! He learns his lesson the hard way!! Henry is also a very stubborn man and I think it's no wonder that he and Delight never got along at 1st. I very much enjoyed Diann's style of writing. I haven't read much by her. Not overly fond of crime stories. But, I did enjoy this short story.This includes a bonus story Faithful Traitor too!!

  • Debbie
    2019-03-25 04:59

    "Love's Betrayal" is a Christian historical romance set in 1776-1777 in Boston and Chesterfield. I got hung up on the scenario of British troops taking a wounded comrade specifically to a known patriot household, threatening to harm them if they don't nurse him, then abandoning him there. Why didn't they just take him to a British infirmary, or at least one of the known British supporters in the town?Anyway, Delight and the soldier quarrel until Delight feels bad that her Christian witness is so poor. He falls in love with her and no longer wants to fight. Delight's father says he thinks the British soldier would be a good husband for her even though he's the enemy. And suddenly she likes the hero, though I don't quite understand why.I was disappointed that the (potentially) most interesting scenes were skipped and summarized later. The story just dragged for me. There was a strong Christian element: the family prayed and tried to put the Christian virtues into practice. There was no sex or bad language. 3 stars."Faithful Traitor" is a Christian historical romance set in 1775 in New York. It has hints of Jane Austen (misjudgements, romantic imaginings, and match-making mothers) and vaguely follows the plot of the Scarlet Pimpernel (but set during the American Revolution). I'd call this "high romance" as there was much blushing and trembling at a man's touch. That's not my favorite genre, so I was surprised by just how fun it was. Lots of action and dialogue, and the hero and heroine were better people for having met each other.Georgette genuinely desired to be a woman of virtue when dealing with temptation. The hero struggled with his need for God's forgiveness, and the heroine struggled with trusting God with an uncertain future. There were no sex scenes. Bad language was indicated with "he cussed" rather than the actual words. Overall, I'd highly recommend this delightful tale. 5 stars.I received an ebook review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

  • Carol
    2019-04-25 03:07

    This is a yet prickly (when Delight is ordered to take in a British soldier and told that if anything happens to him she and her family will face dire repercussions), opposites (Delight is for the Patriots and Henry is for the British), genuine (Delight showing and sharing JESUS to Henry, taking care of Henry), heartwarming (the longer they spent together the closer they became), rediscovering, (how both are reexamining their lives along the way). This is a time when the British has neighbor narcking on each other and that is just wrong, but one day Delight and her family are forced to take in a hurt Irish soldier and are threatened to make sure he survives. Delight decides to treat him like CHRIST would, and so she does. They become good friends, now you will not believe and I do mean this - you will not believe what happens - her father........uh uh I cannot tell you - you have to go and buy the book - it is SOOOOO worth it - you will love every minute of it - and historically - very accurate. I received this book to read and give an honest reviewThe extra book is not like the first - it is in NYC and it is before the first shot - A Beautiful girl was to be married to a not so nice man - an arranged marriage - did I fail to mention this family was British sympathizers? Anyways - she kind of gets herself into trouble and a noble Frenchman saves her - and Romance is afoot.. The love of the LORD is the most important romance they have. This is romantic, inspirational, and awe-inspiring.This is awesome for a free second book.

  • Leone (She Reads too Much Romance)
    2019-04-14 06:13

    Love's Betrayal was a lovely, breezy read that was so likable that it is impossible not to recommend this book. What first drew me to the story was first the publisher, Barbour Publishing. Barbour, in my sole opinion is one of the leading publishers to produce exciting and new material of inspiring romance. I adore this publisher, but what I love most about their books is I know that I am going to fall in love with whatever story I review and Love's Betrayal was just another great example of such love. I love romances that are featured in the revolutionary war. Sadly it is hard to find many writers that use the era as the central point in their romance novels. I was so happy to have read the book synopsis for this book because of the romances of both Love's Betrayal as well as the bonus story, Faithful Traitor both take place in this era.However I do want to point out that although this novel is immensely strong in romance it is inspiring fiction and that means that the focal point of the plot is actually based around faith. I do not consider this a flaw because I enjoy stories based about faith as well romance and I find it to be a good combo.Do give this novel a read whether you like inspiring romance or you do not, you will still fall in love with this amazing book.

  • Kelly Tyree
    2019-04-01 00:08

    Love's Betrayal featured two historical romances and each one was wonderful. I cannot tell which one I loved the most. Both stories feature characters that have to allow the Lord the opportunity to patiently work. In the first story, Delight is asked to care for a wounded enemy soldier. How her family's testimony and passion work in the soldier's life was wonderful to watch. This story is full of action and suspense with plenty of romance mixed in. The second story Faithful Traitor was equally filled with action, suspense and romance. Georgette is promised to a man that has a terrible reputation. She also meets a cloaked man that is charming and captures her attention. As the story unfolds, Georgette learns to pray to love the man she is promised to and she learns to trust him. By her faithfulness, the Lord begins to work in her husband's heart as well. Both stories are equally riveting and charming. I loved the book and highly recommend it!

  • Robin
    2019-03-29 04:08

    Both of the stories were set just previous to the American Revolution. I really enjoyed that because it helped me get a feel for the struggle those people went through about which side was right - the British or the patriots. The stories were sweet love stories.

  • Amy
    2019-04-11 04:14

    Love's Betrayal is a wonderful read. And it, also, includes a bonus book, Faithful Traitor by Jill Stengl.I enjoyed these two stories and highly recommend them.5 plus stars.

  • Loren.C
    2019-04-18 01:05

    Both were good bUT the second one was much better.

  • DiAnn
    2019-04-13 22:06