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If Katherine thought that her life would get any easier in the months following her realization that Bastian was her mate, she was wrong. But dealing with the man’s hot and cold behavior – it was like he had two times of the month – and surviving the Recruiting Rites were pieces of cake compared to the fierce emotional storm that envelops her when a secret – a lie – is revIf Katherine thought that her life would get any easier in the months following her realization that Bastian was her mate, she was wrong. But dealing with the man’s hot and cold behavior – it was like he had two times of the month – and surviving the Recruiting Rites were pieces of cake compared to the fierce emotional storm that envelops her when a secret – a lie – is revealed that turns everything Katherine thought she knew on its head. Once betrayed, it’s hard to bring herself to trust again. Once bitten, it’s hard not to be shy. ...

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shy Reviews

  • Andrea Heltsley
    2019-03-06 00:41

    I enjoyed this sequel! I adore Bastian and Katherine was very resilient as a main character. The ragtag group of friends was a bonus. There were some twists that I never saw coming. This book was a great follow-up to book one. Five glittery stars!

  • Aly
    2019-03-01 20:36

    I didn't even want to read the second book to this series but then I just gave in to temptation and well I don't regret it

  • Christa
    2019-03-04 02:33

    Well let's begin. Our dear Katherine is recovering from her 2nd or maybe 3rd kidnapping that ended book one. Bastian is now the alpha, even though he is eighteen. I wouldn't let an eighteen year old run anything, but since this is ya I guess it will fly. Katherine's birthday comes and her pack gives her a surprise party. Most people would be happy about that, but this is the moment Katherine realizes that she will never spend another birthday with her parents. So naturally she runs away and cry and makes nice people feel like crap. Way to go Katherine. Katherine later overhears the news I've been waiting for her to learn since book one. Her parents survived the attack at her initial kidnapping. Bastian and his pack lied to her. Katherine has an appropriate reaction. "Let me go! I don't need to listen to a damn word you have to say and if he even dares to try and justify this, I'll pop him one straight in his dirty lying mouth!" You go girl! And go she does. She steals a SUV and hauls it back to America. Unfortunately she did not steal money, her identity, or even shoes. Gas runs out so naturally she hitchhikes. The biggest surprise of this book is the trucker is a woman, so there is no raping or kidnapping. Katherine makes it home. She is somehow surprised when her parents ask her where she has been for the past six months. I have no idea how long it takes to get from Canada to Iowa, but you would think she would have thought of something better than amnesia. Her parents are delighted to have her back. Her sister Sam and brother in law Chad have stayed with her parents. Clearly Chad is a pervert and tries to rape Katherine. Bastian shows up and nearly kills him and then her parents walk in. By this point she's forgiven Bastian and tells her dad she's a werewolf before she disappears to Canada. Again. Things haven't changed in Canada. No one really realized Katherine was gone. You would think they would notice the decrease in amber alerts. Katherine goes to a club with the girls, proceeds to get assaulted. Then she gets kidnapped, there's attempted rape, and Bastian saves the day. He gets shot, but don't worry he gets better. This book likes to have big reveals in flashback format. It's a bit jarring. Also there is awkward wording. Reflective glass - aka a window. But the editors notes are still in there and it makes me happy to see I'm not the only one with problems with this book. On to book three. 2.5 stars

  • Lady Delacour
    2019-03-04 01:38

    Story was interesting and moved alone at a nice pace. Picked up where the last one left off.Skipped over embarrassing parts.Narrator Sarah Mollo Christensen does a fairly nice job.Really like her male voice for Bastian.Not Clean, Foul Language.

  • MiraJane
    2019-03-01 22:21

    One of the best book series I've read in a very long time. Love this author and her work. She knows exactly how to capture her readers in her books with great romance, drama, action and best of all: awesome views of werewolves! Made a promise to myself that I will read every book Noelle Marie publishes and I have. All I can say is that she does not disappoint, quite the opposite. It only gets better and better!

  • Penelope
    2019-03-03 00:36

    The editing issues were even worse in this book than in the last. There were a lot of annoying things the mc did, constantly proving what a petulant child she can be...but the story had its shining moments, in regards to family, friendship, parenting, and relationships. Overall, it was a quick read and for the most part, I enjoyed the adventure.

  • T C
    2019-02-21 21:43

    This small brunette cannot stand listening to another second of this book! I read the first and was truly disappointing but as it ended on a cliff hanger I thought I would listen to the second audiobook and it ended up completely ignoring the main issues you would expect the protagonist deal with after the ending of the first novel (spoiler - i.e. her friend setting her up to die and her would-be love interest's uncle attacking her) - she basically wakes up and is immediately preoccupied by her lack of sex life rather than by the betrayal she underwent, the leap in her and the now head of all the werewolves' relationship and the fact she has not tried to look up what happened to her family... this novel is absurd, lacking in plot, a worthwhile protagonist, and most of all in good writing, or so thinks this brunette...

  • Vicky
    2019-02-26 23:44

    Abby finally catches on that Bastian is her mate and that her attraction to him is because they are mates. However she is still lacking with common sense and continues to make many poor choices.For the parental review, bad language used throughout and some make out scenes with one scene towards the end where there is sex.

  • Helena
    2019-03-01 22:31

    3.5 stars. I enjoyed this one but was a bit annoyed with how often Katherine found herself in trouble. I'm just hoping book3 is kidnapper free.

  • Joni
    2019-03-15 22:20

    So Good! See Luminous review.

  • Izzie
    2019-03-19 23:35

    Another great book, really enjoying the series. There isn't a whole lot going on these books but they are still really good.

  • Barbara Saadoja
    2019-03-15 01:19

    big mess but i really love this book.

  • Alyssa
    2019-02-24 23:29


  • Amber Keller
    2019-03-01 21:30

    This book kept me up i wanted to know what was happening next. I love this book and cant wait to read the next

  • Kandace
    2019-03-18 23:18

    Really enjoyed the first book, this one didn't do it for me like the last one.

  • Riley Wolfrick
    2019-02-23 01:24

    The series just gets more interesting and likeable as I continue the journey of the Once Bitten, Twice Shy series, bring a whole new drama and creating more adventurous problems that I am happy to read about.

  • Ygdalia
    2019-02-28 03:21

    I really enjoyed this book. The editing could be better (as with Bitten) but what we could use a little more of is character development. I wanted to see them evolve more maybe Bastian doesn't just have to rage when something happens, and as much as the main character claims to not be "submissive" and thinks she is "fierce" she is not. She's all bark and no bite. I would have loved to see more of that feisty attitude because it was her not because "how Bastian would feel/react if I died". Fight for your life not I'm gonna fight cause _____ can't live without me. Yeah we know he would die without you, but that shouldn't be any girls thought process when they are in a dangerous situation. "Oh how would my boyfriend/husband feel if I died? What would they do? How would they move on?" I hate that. Girl worry about surviving first. Everything else is not important. Like I said though I still enjoyed it.

  • Amber Hatfield
    2019-03-09 22:15

    Although I generally liked the book, there are many typos that should be addressed throughout this book and the first book. I also felt like the plot line had no clear direction and repeatedly yo-yoed with each situation. Bastian and Katherine's relationship is sweet at times and frightening at others. I let it slide because they are werewolves and are likely addressing primal emotions and thinkings. (view spoiler)[I struggle to see why every single guy Katherine comes across since becoming a werewolf wants to rape her (I suppose all these men view her as a victim and want to take advantage of that).(hide spoiler)] It was an interesting book to say the least.

  • Mckenna
    2019-03-06 01:26

    When I am reading a book series the first book always leads me to know what is going to happen all throughout the rest of the books. It was the same for this. She gets kidnapped and he has to come and save her. She doesn't want to be a damsel in distress but let's face it she is. But the way the book was written saved it for me. I liked that Katharine didn't give into the werewolves in the first book and that when she found out the truth, she didn't instantly forgive Bastain for it just because she had fallen in love. It was an interesting read on an old classic tale.

  • Diana Gálvez
    2019-03-02 22:15

    Butterfly worthy Werewolves.I'm enamored with this storyline. A must read! You get to grow with Katherine through this two book tale. In once bitten you meet this confused, angry, stubborn girl who lets her pride prevent from seeing what is going on right in front of her, but in book to you get to experience Katherine grow into a young woman. She takes responsibility for her mistakes and her feelings. I enjoyed this comical, suspenseful, sappy love story. Totally recommend.

  • Sarah Sink
    2019-03-17 23:15

    Loved itPersonally I thought this was one of the best books I've read in a long time. There was enough action and thrill to keep it interesting the only thing I didn't like was how she kept going back in time. It irked me why not just write it out like that? But I also thought it was hilarious how she said that Bastian Smith was his name. It'd be to damned easy to find him because of his weird name.

  • Anna
    2019-03-15 00:16

    Not a bad sequel. In this book, there were questions answered. Not all of them, but some of them. I'm wondering if a book from Bastian's point of view, a Markus book, or Caleb book would help clear the air. Possibly. I just feel like things were left out and if we knew what these guys were thinking it would help fill the gaps.My only real gripe: does every guy want to rape this girl? It's like three times already.

  • rebecca clark
    2019-03-20 22:31

    Woot I was on the edge of my seat. It was even better than the first one. I cannot wait until the next book. Please keep going. Thank you so much. As you can see I am an avid reader. I love books. They have helped me through the pain I deal with everyday. I am unwell and books keep my spirits up.

  • Dena
    2019-03-11 21:28

    Getting betterI miss YA books for just this reason the suspense. I love how young the characters are and how they are growing and not rushing like some other books. We see the time and how they come together but most of all the story stays sweet. I liked that the author didn't change her writing after the characters consummated their love.

  • Kammie
    2019-03-22 21:17

    Loved the continuation of Bastian and Katherine's story in this book, lies, love, and betrayal were all questioned throughout the book that kept me wanting more! eager to know how things would turn out in the end for them both, which I was very pleased with knowing in the end you can't deny what your heart truly wants. Definitely going on my shelf with my most loved shifter reads :)

  • Norma Reasor
    2019-03-04 22:42

    Good continuation An appropriate ending to the two books. This book is a little more "adult" than the first book. It engaged my senses completely. The grammatical errors were a bit of a nuisance, but not enough to detract from the story. Recommend!

  • Donna Langley
    2019-03-19 22:34

    MindblowingI loved this story! So much action and a great love story! Can't wait to read all of her books and I know they'll be just as great as this one!! Great story line I love werewolves!

  • stacey facey
    2019-03-06 01:41

    Best book I have ever readThis is a perfect book recommended for all 13+ it's a brilliant book full of love ,friendship,and also hatred this book will have u on the edge of your seat to see what will happen next

  • Julie Safford
    2019-03-11 00:24

    Awesome...I really enjoyed this book. This authored did an awesome job putting this one together. I'm hoping some off the other characters get a book. Would still love to hear more about these two. The sex scenes I felt where nicely done . Over all story was great. Tks.

  • Tiffany
    2019-03-10 20:19

    I loved the first book and I loved the idea of this book. Yet as soon as it started with the sexual innuendos I was turned off and knew what would eventually happen. I just don't care to read a book with basically a porno chapter. Otherwise I loved it.