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From an exciting new master of fantasy comes the second novel of an epic tale filled with dangerous magic, dark mystery, and unrelenting suspenseThe Keep Of FireTravis Wilder has returned from the otherworld of Eldh, hoping to settle back into his humdrum  life in the mountains of contemporary Colorado. But he soon finds himself stalked by two shadowy organizations, each aFrom an exciting new master of fantasy comes the second novel of an epic tale filled with dangerous magic, dark mystery, and unrelenting suspenseThe Keep Of FireTravis Wilder has returned from the otherworld of Eldh, hoping to settle back into his humdrum  life in the mountains of contemporary Colorado. But he soon finds himself stalked by two shadowy organizations, each aware of his incredible journey and each determined to exploit it--whatever the cost to Travis...or to Eldh. Meanwhile, a terrifying new contagion is spreading like wildfire, a disease with no cure, which some are comparing to the Black Plague.When the disease strikes his closest friend, Travis is drawn back to Eldh, where the same epidemic, known as the Burning Plague, is wreaking another kind of havoc. There, in a realm of gods and monsters, myths and runecraft, Travis and his former companion Grace Beckett--herself from Earth, but now living on Eldh--must solve the riddle of the plague. Where did it come from? What is its purpose? And how can it possibly be stopped...before it completely destroys two coexisting worlds: ancient Eldh and modern Earth....

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The Keep of Fire Reviews

  • Inara
    2019-05-22 16:36

    In this second book of the Last Rune Series Travis Wilder has returned to Castle City trying to live his old life as a bar owner again. But soon enough he discovers a new threat and is stalked by two rivaling organizations, the Seekers and Duratek, who both want him to work with them (but for different reasons)and tell them about his otherworld experiences. Everything starts to get downhill again when a burnt man shows up at his saloon door whispering mysterious words and his partner Max starts to show symptoms of burning and dies. Suddenly Travis is summoned back to Eldh again…Grace is still living at Calavere and still fighting to lock away her past what leads to a disastrous incident. One knight in her service dies because she doesn´t help him with her healing powers out of fear to face the dark blot in her mind. After this event she is starting to doubt her powers and abilities. In a vision she sees Travis at the Gray Tower in danger of being burnt alive. She starts a rescue mission disguised as King Boreas´ envoy to Perridon…I liked this book! The plot is exciting and has its twists to surprise you. Travis "the reluctant hero" is less whiny than in the first one although his cant about his vow not to hurt anybody is getting old. And Grace – first I didn´t like her inability to help her knight, she´s a doctor for Heaven´s sake and should know that things kept hidden inside would start to take its toll on her – but I came to an understanding why she was so afraid. But it seemed a little bit odd to me that her feelings of guilt about the death of her knight were finished rather fast. Two new characters were introduced in this book Lirith, a tolorian witch and Tira, a mysterious little girl with burns (I won´t say more about her to not to spoil the fun). I hope we will see more of Lirith in the next books I really want to know more about her secrets and why she is staying with Grace and Aryn - not only because the witch queen Ivalaine ordered her to do so, I´m sure. A highlight in this book (at least for me) was that Beltan finally – thinking he would die – reveals his feelings to Travis who is a little bit taken aback and not sure about his own… (as always I have to chip in) and sometimes I just want to smack him on his head with the words "Move boy! Do something! You have the power!". I´m hooked now and will immediately start to read the third novel "The Dark remains"…

  • Vanessa
    2019-05-16 14:23

    Okay, this is another 3.5 stars. I need this series to turn it up a notch, so I can finally give the full 4 stars without reservation, cause I am enjoying it!The problem is, that it's really... slow. The characters take ages to find their way to each other again (not to mention that it took over 100 pages to even change the POV in the beginning) and then they travel and travel and travel. For ages. It's not boring exactly... otherwise I wouldn't be able to read 600+ pages in two days, but sometimes you really start to get restless. Of course that's the moment when the plot pops back up and kills a character you just started to like. I got paranoid every time we met a new character who wasn't an awful person!The threat this time is a sickness. A plague. That burns you from within and if you're lucky you die screaming in a fire. If you're unlucky, you transform into some hideous half burned creature that is out to burn everything it touches. Lovely.Our heroes need to find out who created the disease and figure out how to stop them, while not dying themselves while doing so.Naturally the most action happens in the last 150 pages, making all the travelling worth it, so I was still satisfied in the end. Even if the evil overlord was way less scary than his minions. Probably cause he was naked half the time.The story focuses largely on the same group of characters the last book did: Travis, Grace, Aryn, Durge, Falken, Melia and Beltan. I like them all (to various degrees), so I was happy with that. There was a lot less of King Boreas, which I was sad about, cause he's so entertaining, but we also got a new character added to the group: A witch called Lirith, whom I also mostly liked. Once again, there is not a lot of focus on romance, which was also refreshing. That way I can enjoy these friendships in all the combinations without any love drama!Nonetheless, there were two revelation as to whom two of our main characters are in love with, which I have mixed feelings about. I'm totally fine with Beltan. Whom he is in love with makes sense, as there were some hints before and I'm actually rooting for him that it all works out. Also have to mention that "call of the bull" (which was mentioned in the first book, so it's not a spoiler) is a pretty entertaining medieval fantasy world equivalent for "being gay". That no one made a fuss about it in any was was also nice to see.I'll put the other character under a spoiler cut, because I can't figure out how to talk about it, without giving heavy hints (beware, I'll tell you who it is!): (view spoiler)[ Every reader of the first book - and the second right up to the revelation - would assume that Durge is in love with Grace. I was hoping it was not like that, because I liked their friendship so much, but it would have made sense. What doesn't make sense to me is Durge being in love with Aryn? When did that happen? Did I miss something? Also, why? He's the third character in this book alone who got revealed to be in love with Aryn to boot. Talk about overkill. (hide spoiler)]Apropos revelations: I was glad to finally find out who Melia actually is! And Falken (sort of), too! It got ridiculous after some time and I was afraid it would be dragged out longer. It didn't and it made sense. I'm pretty happy with it.Bonus: On Eldh, dragons don't hoard golds. They hoard secrets. I love it.

  • Angela
    2019-04-30 14:37

    Had hopes the characters would stop whining... my hopes were in vane...

  • Kalamah
    2019-05-21 14:37

    The good:- The characters are engaging and interesting, for the most part, and feel like real people I can care about.- Despite the annoyances outlined below, I still want to know what happens next and how things all play out in the end.- I like the D&D campaign feel of the overall plot and characters, though this book felt a little weaker in that aspect than the first.The bad:- The plot itself is an archetype of fantasy plots that have been done to death... and doesn't do anything particularly new or innovative with it.- While I like many of the characters, they end up being plot puppets as needed, even if it requires them to act inconsistently and incompetently despite previous established skills and personality.- Maybe it's just me, but I saw every single plot twist coming way ahead of its appearance; it's predictable and amateurish to a degree I generally find most often in books for very young children. For just one example of many, (view spoiler)[to delay a crucial reveal from occurring, one character literally drops into a coma suddenly for no apparent reason. (To be fair, she does wake up and explain how and why it happened, but it still ends up being a stupid, contrived reason.) (hide spoiler)]- Didn't much care for the fact that (view spoiler)[Beltan's sexuality was used against him by the villain, or that despite him being a trained warrior, he aims for and stabs a very non-lethal spot on said villain's body as an apparently deliberate choice, knowing villain is immortal and wouldn't be seriously hurt. The shoulder?? Really?!? (hide spoiler)]- Travis' self pity is really getting on my last nerve, more for the fact he never learns anything from anything and keeps whining about his fragile morals or whatever without any evidence to suggest he needs to be particularly careful about his apparent monstrousness. It's tiresome and frustrating, and I hope he gets over himself soon.

  • Rosu Aquabutts
    2019-05-14 13:30

    "I liked it."In fact, I liked the last hundred pages enough that I want to say I really liked it, but I'll try and hold myself back because the last third of the book other than that was very slow and insanely badly paced compared to the first one.SO YEAH, in this book, bartender Travis Wilder's attempt to go back to living a normal life in Earth is interrupted when a man appears from nowhere, delivers a cryptic warning, and then bursts into flames. Soon after, a plague starts to spread across North America that modern medicine is incapable of healing, and Travis realizes that the answers can only be found back in Eldh. Meanwhile, Grace Beckett's attempt to live as a noblewoman in Eldh is also destroyed when her severe PTSD leaves her unable to use her healing magic in a crisis and shatters her self-image. She takes a political mission from King Boreas to escape her self-loathing, but instead finds that the Burning Plague is also decimating the population of Eldh.The old cast from Beyond the Pale are universally back, and gratifyingly, changed enough to make the first book feel like it had meaning. Aryn and Beltan in particular are quite different after their experiences on Midwinter's Eve at the climax of Beyond the Pale, as Beltan struggles physically with the wound he suffered and what it means for his identity as a warrior, while Aryn is haunted by the brutal murder she was forced to perform and the subsequent loss of her innocence. A few new characters join the party, but, in one of the things that knocked that fourth star off, they almost all die. I think about ten new characters are introduced in this book and only one and a half survive the novel and by the end it just felt like a parade of redshirts. If you want to raise the stakes, vagina up and kill a main character. If you don't, then don't. But don't kill characters that you've psyched us into thinking matter, because it gets old really fast. The first one really got to me. The second surprised me. But by the third I was a bit bemused, and the fourth just had me rolling my eyes. And then it kept going. Madness! However, the one new character who survives and has been integrated more or less into the main cast, the Witch Lirith, is actually a great character. She's a strong, intelligent, classy WOC and it's great to see that European-flavoured, Tolkein-inspired fantasy can actually have some not-white-people in its main cast. See? It's not that hard.And speaking of minority representation, Beltan is easily my favourite character. He is a wonderful gay character, super manly, tough, and strong, in no way even a little bit of a stereotype. His love for Travis is heart-breaking and I'm rooting for them to get together bigtime. Without spoiling anything, the end of this book shook me up pretty badly.The revelations about the nature of Falken Blackhand and Melinora Nightshade were really neat -- I had basically guessed Falken's backstory, but Melia's caught me 100% off guard. I hope that these two are a little less evasive with their knowledge in the future because they can be ... frustrating with the way that they withhold :')The main problem with this book, other than the star that gets knocked off automatically for the frankly deplorable lack of originality, is that the entire fourth part of the novel is just a slog. Once the big rescue at the Gray Tower has been pulled off, we spend a lot of time spinning out wheels, setting a stage that's already been plenty set. The entire encounter with the dragon was just Deus Ex Machina forced tension and most of the rest of the events on the road were equally useless. More time spent in the castle would have given some real tension, rather than just retreading the 300 pages that had come before. I also could have used either a lot more or a lot less exploration of Travis's "I will hurt people" thing because it just seems to come from nowhere. Travis, you literally saved the world by using your rune-binding powers. In fact, literally nothing had has EVER happened as a result of your rune-binding. I don't know what your problem is! It was just ubiquitous enough that it got irritating and just not well explained enough that it got REALLY irritating. But the complaints aside, these books have 100% gotten into my heart though just by value of having really fantastic characters. The main "party" are great, and I appreciate the less white straight males!!! approach to traditional quest fantasy. The added dimension of the real world stuff, which usually turns me OFF, but which is INSANELY well written in this series, also helps elevate it. I'm definitely reading the next one very soon.

  • Joel Flank
    2019-05-12 11:28

    A strong second entry in the Last Rune series by Mark Anthony. The Keep of Fire picks up several months after the last book, with Travis re-adjusting to life on Earth after his adventures in the fantasy realm of Eldh. Unfortunately for him, he can't escape for long from the other world, when a stranger shows up in his bar, utters a cryptic message, and bursts into flames. It's not long before a mysterious plague causes others to spontaneously combust, and Travis is approached by two competing groups who are trying to learn about other worlds - one to seek understanding and wisdom and the other the corrupt, exploit, and profit from it.Travis soon finds himself back in the world of Eldh where he discovers that the burning plague is running amok there as well, and his friends are in the thick of things trying to investigate and seek a cure. Travis and his fellow Earth expat Grace both need to come to terms with the magical powers they have acquired before they can stop the mysterious forces arrayed against them. Along the way, both new and familiar friends accompany them, each bringing a very nuanced character into the mix, with their own problems, foibles, and personalities. Anthony also addresses some of the larger mysteries that were hinted at previously in the series to light, revealing what readers suspected, if not their full implications.A great mix of character development, a wondrous sense of exploration and discovery, and some fairly dark and gritty aspects to the world, this isn't a sugar coated kids book, and the promise of the future of the series being more and more of the interactions between the two worlds is intriguing.

  • Brian
    2019-05-13 10:25

    Book Two of the Last Rune series; I don't think this book is quite as good as the first. The cast and setting is continued, so you have strong characters, but the plot is weaker. We begin the story with the main character, Travis, back in his (our) world, where he is courted by two different organizations wanting to know more about his interworldly experience. There's a fair amount of drama involving these two organizations, which ends abruptly with the Travis' return to the other world. We get no closure from the action that happens in the first third of the book; we'll assume that'll be wrapped up later in the series. So we continue in the fantasy world, where Travis has been summoned by the Runespeakers to save their kind. A nice little unresolved mystery surrounds his summons, left again to be explained in a subsequent book. Meanwhile, our other main character, Grace, is sent on a mission to secure a kingdom from schemers, has a vision of Travis in trouble, and decides to rescue him en route. Her little entourage makes it to the Gray Tower of the Runespeakers (picking up other characters we met in the first book in small plot twists that again contribute to the story of the series, rather than the book). So overall, if you've read the first book of the series and intend to read the rest of the series, I think this is a good read for you. Keep your expectations low and enjoy a good story.

  • Arshad
    2019-05-01 09:27

    3.5 stars. An improvement on the first book. Some things were plainly foreshadowed in book one, and some things were unexpected. The progression along the overall story arc seems to be fairly steady, however I found the internal structure of the book to be a little bit disjointed. The minor climax at the middle of the story doesn't have a whole lot to do with the major climax at the end, so it's almost as if the two halves of the story were separate and unrelated. Still, most of the plot elements seemed to be in the right places, except for a couple of instances which had me scratching my head. For example, the runestaff: What was its purpose? Exactly how did it accomplish what it was eventually used for? I couldn't exactly figure those parts out, and brief explanation would have made for smoother reading. Still, we're seeing some development of the character backstories, and some romantic entaglements emerging that seemed to appear, fully-formed, from whole cloth. Hopefully, now that they're defined, future information will flesh them out and show how they developed. I look forward to book three.

  • Jason
    2019-05-06 14:44

    The third reread of this one for me. I loved the tension that built through out this book. This second novel in the series developed our main characters further, provided more back story, and even gave us a few interesting new ones. The burning plague, the prophetic stories, and of course a dragon made this book a great piece of fantasy. I love is series because I love the characters. Travis and Grace are the stars but the supporting cast makes this series so interesting, Beltan, Melia, Durge, and Falkhan. The Last Rune is one of my favorite fantasy series of all time. Highly, highly recommend.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-21 09:39

    A perfect continuation of the first novel. I fell in love even more with the world of Eldh and all the characters. Anthony was wonderful again in weaving together elements of all genres. I especially loved the quips of unintended humor from the ever droopy Sir Durge. This series is definitely a very compelling story. (view spoiler)[ I was excited to finally see something happen between Beltan and Travis at the end of the book, and look forward to see where it goes in the next book.(hide spoiler)]

  • Kristine
    2019-05-17 09:21

    Just as good as the first book! We get to know more about Travis & Jack; Grace is happy in Eldr with Aryn as her best friend. Falken & his band have a mission ; to find & stop the Burning Ones. Oddly enough, Travis has been pulled back to Eldr to find out the same thing...odd things are happening at home and they are related.

  • machinaheart
    2019-05-05 16:36

    POSTPONED TILL I AM BACK WITH THE REST OF THE SERIES.I cannot read further without needing more, this series is a great great great addiction. (I remeber HATING to wait for the next one to be translated when I first read them. It was awful and brilliant at the same time.) I have to stop because I cannot get my hands on the other books, but it hurts. They engulf me, make me more than I am.

  • Anthony Faber
    2019-05-07 16:37

    SFPL is missing the first book of this series, but I've read the third before, so I sort of remembered the dramatis personae, but I recommend reading the first if you can get it. A little too mawkish at times, but it's a cut above the usual "people from our world go to a magic realm" story.

  • Diana
    2019-05-18 14:42


  • Stéphanie
    2019-05-20 16:41

    Great series, good characters, strong female characters too. Love it !

  • Trace
    2019-04-25 13:41

    I felt this book was better than the first in the series. Here's my review -

  • Nick
    2019-05-16 17:32

    Still great, on to book 3.