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Cora Leighton is a woman on the run. Fleeing a bad relationship and an ex who’s blatantly stalking her, Cora enters the shifter state of Cascadia with one thing on her mind: freedom. Love is the last thing she’s looking for, no matter how sexy the men of Cascadia turn out to be. Rugged, sexy bear shifters Ash and Hunter are mates. Their peaceful lives in Granite Valley areCora Leighton is a woman on the run. Fleeing a bad relationship and an ex who’s blatantly stalking her, Cora enters the shifter state of Cascadia with one thing on her mind: freedom. Love is the last thing she’s looking for, no matter how sexy the men of Cascadia turn out to be. Rugged, sexy bear shifters Ash and Hunter are mates. Their peaceful lives in Granite Valley are perfect, except for one thing: they need a woman to complete their triad. When Ash looks up from his seat in his police cruiser to see Cora speeding by, he has no idea that he’s about to find just the right woman. A speeding ticket turns into a hell of a lot more, and fast. Ash can’t explain the pull he feels toward the feisty, curvy reporter, but Hunter feels it too. When Cora’s deranged stalker shows up and sets out to kill their only chance at true happiness, Ash and Hunter will do whatever it takes to protect her. But can their brute bear strength take on the cunning of a deranged man who’s lost his grip on reality? A Bear's Protection is a steamy romance, complete with two sexy men in love, a threesome, and more heat than a bonfire in August....

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  • Aղցela W.
    2019-04-04 00:07

    Spoiler AheadThis was a short quick read that was good. Cora Leighton is a woman on the run. Fleeing a bad relationship and an ex who’s blatantly stalking her so she moves across the country to a shifter state where shifter's have two mates. Ash is sitting in his police cruiser when a speeding car goes by he never thought that he would meet his other mate and when he and his mate Hunter sees her in a pizza place he feels the same way. Ash and his mate Hunter are hot sexy were-bears and meeting their third has them both in a lust induced frenzy and they have hot male on male sex Hunter's SUV in the parking lot of the pizza place. When someone throws a rock through her car window Cora calls Ash for help when Hunter comes along he ask her out on a date. Cora feels free from looking over her shoulder she has been stalked for six months and she feels safe with the sexy shifter's. This was a good book this was my first time reading this author's work and not my last. This was the first book in a new series to me the book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series

  • Jean Smith
    2019-04-04 16:25

    Hot hunky bear shifters are all a girl could ask for.What would you do if you had some crazy stalker dogging you and the police can’t or simply won’t do anything about it? Would you pack up and move across the country to live in shifter territory? Well, that’s exactly what journalist, Cora decides to do. She gives up her career and leaves the sister she loves for a life on the wild side sans her ex. But can you really call a two date wonder an ex? Neil might have more money than she could shake a stick at, but the dude was totally deranged. Fearing just how deranged he might be, sends Cora packing to a place she figures he won’t follow. Or will he? Always looking over your shoulder isn’t a way to live.Running speed traps for unwary motorists crossing into shifter territory isn’t the most thrilling part of Ash’s job as a deputy sheriff. That is until Cora comes racing around the corner and into his life. This stalwart and just a bit above the boards bear has met the last in their triad and its pretty obvious to the protective bear that she’s running from trouble. He has no clue what that trouble is but he’s determined he’ll get to the bottom of it, just as soon as he’s off duty. Because you know you can’t mix business and pleasure. Whatever would the town folk think if he stepped outside the lines?Stepping outside the lines is exactly what his mate Hunter is apt to do. Eternally the prankster and happy go lucky bad boy of the two, Hunter has his serious side when it comes to rescuing injured wildlife. When it comes to his mate, though, this is one seriously wicked boy with a penchant for skating the edges of propriety. Thinking they might never find the third to their triad, Hunter is a bit blown away when he gets a whiff of Cora. Hello, there mama! Propriety be damned. Hunter has no problem asking the pretty lady out on a date with the two of them.If you haven’t figured it out yet these three are downright combustible together. If I have a complaint… it’s that there simply wasn’t enough. All that hotness and the story has to end. I suppose dealing with the deranged ex and claiming their mate does give a conclusion to the storyline. But darn. Good thing this is the start to a series. Ms. Noir has more triad goodness in store for us all. So if you like hot hunky bear shifters, a bit of suspense, and lovin’ shared equally then this series will probably do it for you. I’ll certainly be picking up the next in the series.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-27 21:22

    A very well written fast flowing read.Cora is one lucky lady to have the two sexy alpha bear shifters Ash and Hunter on her side.A very hot read with a great storylineContains m/m & m/m/f

  • Ivy Deluca
    2019-04-23 22:13

    Quickshot Review-Freebie start to series-Hot sex scenes-interesting setup to Cascadia, one of three shifter states and the uneasiness between full humans and shifters.-Well written-wished for more time spent developing the romance, but did I mention hot? Still hot, so I’ll keep reading

  • Sharon Dunn
    2019-04-17 23:03

    Bear shifters will never look the same!! Very hot ladies!!

  • Elizabeth Neal
    2019-04-09 22:03

    **4 out of 5 Hearts from Cariad Books.**So here we have Cora who is literally trying to outrun the crazy. As in her ex, though they only went on a couple of dates and never even kissed. No, I'm not kidding. Two dates, no lip locking, and he's all about her being the one and he'll make her see that he's the one for her. See, told you, he's screwy. Cora leaves her sister and her life behind and travels to the state of Cascadia, the shifter state. She's accepted a job, with some fudged job experience information, and is feeling the weight of uncertainty and fear leave her a little more with each mile she gets farther away. Phew.Well, that is until those flashing lights pop on and Cora realizes she's getting pulled over. It seems Ash caught her speeding and once he starts talking to her, he realizes two things. She's obviously scared and his bear is very intrigued. After letting her go with only a warning, wow, was she lucky, Ash later meets up with his mate, Hunter, a veterinarian. Ash is all set to tell Hunter about the woman he met and his suspicions about what she'll be to them, when the lady herself walks into the same establishment. I'm mentally picturing fate here and it's thinking "I refuse to let you men mess this up. I'm going to make sure you both notice her and do something about it." LOLThe chemistry flying around the three is so strong it's a wonder the other patrons aren't walking into it. Once she leaves, Ash and Hunter are flustered in more ways than one and need to *ahem* blow off some steam. *wink*So Hudson, because Ash moves a little slow to his way of thinking, asks Cora out, she says yes, and away we go. Woohoo! The date is going great, flirting is happening, the attraction is strengthening, life tidbits (I said life tidbits, not those kind of bits you dirty bird. LOL Yeah okay, that could possibly happen later. Ooh la la.) are being given, and dances are being shared. Let's continue this date in a more private setting. *bow chick a wow wow* So close. Jerk face stalker decides to send a little message to Cora, through an innocent errand boy, that bluntly lets Ash, Hunter, and Cora know he's there, he saw their show, and he's not happy about Cora leaving without telling him. You know, because every woman that's running away from a stalker leaves a forwarding address. Geez, what a doofus.Everyone keep calm. Let's think rationally and...yeah, too late. Ash has shifted and gone sniffing around for you know who. Unfortunately for them, he's unable to find him and now Ash and Hunter activate Operation Keep Cora Safe. This plan involves Cora staying with them and they'll keep her safe. Yeah, that's pretty much the plan. LOL Well yeah, there's some sexy times to be had during the plan's implementation and fun is had by all three. *eye waggle*But Neil is a little more clever than they gave him credit for and he's able to get Cora away from the guys and decides there's only one way for them to be together like they should be. He wants to Thelma and Louise it. No, not the part involving Brad Pitt. Goofball. The whole cliff scene. Yeah, that'll leave a mark. LOLCan Ash and Hunter track down Cora in time to save her from Neil and his plan? Will Ash, Hunter, and Cora have a chance to fully complete their triad and start their HEA? What about the sister and life that Cora left behind? Read now and find out. I know once you start this series, you'll want to read all five of these books. I highly recommend that you follow that instinct and get to reading. LOL**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Malinda
    2019-03-31 17:22

    3-3.5 starsThis was a good story. I liked Cora, Ash and Hunter and their story was short but well done. This is the first story I've read by this author but I liked it well enough I'll probably try more of her work in the future.Cora is a nice woman who went out with the wrong guy. The guy, Neil, ended up being a stalker who wont take no for an answer. He's also rich and the police don't want to get on the bad side of his family so Cora has had no help with the stalking. Cora decides to get a new job somewhere else and ends up moving to Cascadia (a state designated for shifters).Ash and Hunter are bear shifters and mates. Ash is a police officer and Hunter is a veterinarian and they're both good guys. The shifters mate in trios, 2 men and 1 woman. Ash and Hunter met each other when they were very young and have been involved since high school. They haven't had much luck meeting the woman for their trio until Cora comes to town.Cora's just driving into Cascadia when she gets pulled over for speeding. The cop ends up being Ash and he has a hard time dealing with the traffic stop when all he wants to do is grab her and start kissing her. Things haven't been easy for the shifters...with their trio matings, most humans look down on them and give them a hard time. Because of this, the shifters are very careful not to be pushy when pursuing a human woman. Ash gives Cora his number and tells her to call him if she needs anything hoping that she'll call him so he can pursue her further. Cora's strongly attracted to Ash but with her bad luck with men figures she shouldn't be dating anyone right now. Soon something happens that has her calling Ash and she meets Hunter and agrees to a date with them. The attraction between the trio is smoken and things move really quickly once they have their first date, partially due to Neil making himself known as a threat to Cora. Neil is dealt with and the story ends with Cora, Ash and Hunter heading towards and HEA together.This was an enjoyable story. I liked all 3 MCs and had no complaints about them. The story was pretty good but moved so quickly at times I almost felt like I missed something. Still, I did almost give the story 4 stars so it definitely had it's good points. Overall, I liked the story and am happy I read it. :)

  • Cherri-Anne
    2019-03-26 17:09

    They were his. Both of them. 5 PAWS UPthis beautiful firecracker who’d just rushed into his life. I think she could really be good for us. WOOOOOWEEEE! What a FURTABULOUS story! It's funny, beyond entertaining plus it is hot, like oh-so-very-smokin'-panty melting-ANIMALISTIC kinda HOT!! Come on! They are bears! Would you expect anything less? *naughty grin* Oh, and there is a brief creepy stalker moment as well. But the best part is that it has a GRRRREAT fast paced storyline that is made even richer & given this deep tone/quality because of everything that is explained or detailed about the shifters, their history, the world they live in, their rules & laws, etc. Thankfully it is the *ahem* perfect size read in one sitting because you won't be able to put it down! Roxie certainly has a way with words! Everything is so PAWFECTLY described so that you can see, hear, feel everything from the surrounding around them and as it is happening, but it is done without making the story boring, dry or interrupting the story flow. Hence the “PAWFECTLY described” part. I was completely absorbed into the story, living it with/as Cora. (*sigh* Unfortunately she had twice the fun I did! *wink*) THIS IS ONE FURTASTIC STORY!!! But my favorite part is those BEARY FURLICIOUS Shifters! Roxie has taken a very popular 'subject' and made it all her FURRY own! I LOVED ... AAARRRGH! I can't tell you why I loved them in case I accidentally let slip a spoiler or FUR!! This is my first Roxie Noir book and will ABSO-PAWSITIVE-LUTELY NOT be my last! I was BEARY impressed with her writing style, her uniquely FURRIFIC shifters, her ability to pull you right into the story, just...EVERY FURRY BITE!! I mean BIT! I can't wait to read the next book(s) in this series because I have fallen in love with this PAWMAZING Shifter Community! Hmmm, I wonder if any of the mated couples are looking for a great Canadian gal to complete their triad?

  • Kristin
    2019-03-27 16:21

    The Sexy Men of Cascadia Cora is a young woman, who is leaving her friends and family behind, to move across the country to get away from a stalker. She has decided to move to the shifter state of Cascadia. Cora feels that this move is a new start for her and hopes that she can feel safe again. She is a feisty woman with a vulnerable side.Ash is a police officer, who takes his job seriously. Hunter is a veterinarian. Ash and Hunter have been friends since they were teenagers. They are bear shifters and are a mate pair. Ash and Hunter are looking for a woman to complete their triad. They truly love each other. When Cora speeds into their lives, Ash and Hunter are both hooked / smitten. They know that she is the woman that they have been waiting for. Cora is not looking for love, but she feels an instant connection / reaction to both men as well. When things start to happen with the stalker, Cora doesn't tell the men everything. Ash and Hunter tell Cora that they can protect her. They feel very protective and a little possessive of Cora. I loved that Cora could count on the two men, when she needed them the most. This is a very hot, steamy read. It is my first shifter story, but I loved it. The men are extremely sexy together and with Cora (hot sex scenes). I have read other stories by Roxie, and I am never disappointed. This story has romance, action, suspense and great characters.**I received this ARC book in exchange for an unbiased review.**

  • Lady
    2019-03-31 21:25

    Cora is on the run from a stalker. She decides to move to the shifter state of Cascadia on the other side of the states hoping that he will not find her. Her first day in town she almost get a ticket for speeding plus she attracts the attention of the local officer, Ash. There is instant attraction for them both. But Cora is not sure that she wants to start dating again. Plus she's not sure if he's a shifter or not, mated, or in a triad.Ash is part of the local police department. His mate Hunter is a veterinarian. When Hunter sees Cora for the first time it takes everything for his bear not to go after her. But they both are determined to have her as their mate. But because she's human the have to be careful with all the publicity the shifters are getting for mating/trying to mate with humans. But Cora is different or so they hope.But there is only one thing that might be standing in their way and that's her stalker. But will it be too late for them when she finally tell them what's going on with her and why she moved? Or will her stalker get to her even with them protecting her?Roxie is becoming one of my favorite authors. I loved this book. I could not put this book down. The flow of the story was perfect. All the elements can together. I can't wait to read the next book in this series. I highly recommend this book to others to read.I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review from the author via Romance ARCade.

  • Sherill
    2019-04-21 23:14

    HOT-BLOODED ROMANCE!A BEAR'S PROTECTION-Book 1 - An adventure of hot-blooded romance and spine-chilling suspense.The story features; Ash and Hunter, two strapping, drop dead gorgeous bear-shifters; Cora, a curvaceous, spirited beautiful human; Neil; a psycho who has been stalking Cora for months.What you'll find in this story; a cast of awesome impressive characters, fabulous story-line, powerful and dramatic scene descriptions, superb banter, gripping suspense, pent-up rage, emotions spiral, gut-wrenching moments, abduction, life-threatening incident, earth-shattering spine-tingling romance, and a melt your heart conclusion leaving you wanting more.MOVING FROM HER HOME TO CASCADIA CATAPULTS CORA INTO A WHOLE NEW WORLD!SPECTACULAR fast paced well written read by a truly gifted creative author. The intermix of reality and fantasy make this is powerful and impressive story. The characters are credible and certainly praise-worthy. The chemistry between Ash, Hunter and Cora is endearing and convincing. I relished this story as it was an exhilarating and most gratifying read. If you treasure shifter romance with spine-chilling suspense this is a terrific choice for your library. {I was given a copy of this book for a completely honest review}. In the world of shifter romance the possibilities are endless and always fascinating. Without reservations I highly recommend this book.

  • Tanja
    2019-03-27 23:19

    tired of always having to look over her shoulder, cora decides to move to the other side of the country, moving into shifter territory. not even there for two seconds and she's already pulled over for speeding.a stickler for the rules ash is flustered when he pulls over a speeding car. his bear is going crazy, screaming and urging that their mate, the one person to complete their triad, is here. it's hard on him doing his job like he normally would and it's taking him even more effort to reign in his bear. letting her go with just a warning he can't focus on his job and goes back to town, meeting up with his mate hunter. they meet again but unsure of everything cora doesn't grab this opportunity and just makes a quick escape after waving at the two hot men.hunter being the complete opposite to ash, makes a move on cora the day after. she called ash, reporting a break in into her car. so it's typically hunter to make the best of it!as they all go on a date, things start to get heated but will they stay that way?cora's sure that her luck will run out but will it?will she be able to "keep" ash and hunter for her own?this fast paced read is a really awesome read. the contrast in characters is real but it just works in this fictive world.a must read for those loving bears and menages!!free copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

  • Linda
    2019-04-03 18:00

    Poor Cora has not had luck dating. Her last relationship consisted of two dates and he has been stalking her ever since. It is so bad she moves across the country to get away from him. She moves to a shifter community that has a different take on marriage. Their relationships consist of two males and a female. The males in the relationship are as sexually involved with each other as they are with the female. Cora's luck starts off bad in the new town when she is stopped for speeding. Luckily, Ash realizes she is the woman he and Hunter have been looking for and he gives her a warning. He also picks up on her fear and offers his number. Hunter is eager to meet her too and he asks her out right away.Cora adjusts very quickly to having a date with two men. She feels intense chemistry with both and isn't afraid of acting on it. The only problem is her stalker is not done yet.Ash and Hunter have an intensely sexual relationship as well as a real friendship that started as children. They have been happy together but Cora is the missing piece to really complete their triad. They are both very protective of her and very loving. I enjoyed the story very much and recommend to those who like menage stories as well as M/M sexual interactions. I received a copy in return for a honest review.

  • Leslie Sanchez
    2019-04-08 22:07

    Cora is running from a stalker. He started out as the date-from-hell and just couldn't take no for an answer. She gets a job is Cascadia. a shifter state, and hopes she can finally lead a normal life. Once there she meets Ash, a deputy sheriff and wishes she could really get to know him. Ash's mate, Hunter, is a vet in town and together they are hoping to get top know Cora as well. She's always been curious about shifters so when Hunter asks her out on a date, she jumps at the chance to go out with both of these hotties. While out, her stalker sends her a note letting her know he's found her. Hunter and Ash take her to their house for protection and then things get scorching hot. She takes to the idea of the triad like a fish to water. That is before she's kidnapped and the guys have to save her. But will they get there in time. There is adventure, fun and major, major hotness. I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Cheryl Drake johnson
    2019-04-04 19:21

    Cora Leighton was running from a stalker she left her home a went across country to Cascadia thinking that her stalker would never find her and when she came into town she was speeding Ash a deputy for Cascadia had to speed to catch her and when he got out a went to her car he new that he had found his other mate and she was attracted to him to he also noticed that Cora was afraid of something and he gave her his card she was staying at the motel for a couple of days she had been lucky enough to get a job but she didn't start for a couple of days she was hungry and she went to the pizza shop she happen to see Ash and his mate Hunter and Hunter thought that he was going to jump out of the booth trying to get to Cora because he knew she was their mate too. This has an pretty interesting story line with M/F/M. I was given a copy for an honest review. Adults 18 and over.

  • Angel Hatfield
    2019-04-06 19:05

    **I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**In order to get away from a stalker, Cora decided to move across the country to Cascadia, a shifter state. At Cascadia, Ash is a deputy and Hunter is the local vet and Ash’s mate. They’ve been together since high school, but at this point in time, they aren’t sure if they’ll ever find their female mate that will complete their triad. When Ash pulls Cora over on her way into Cascadia, he knows he’s found their third. Now all they have to do his help her stop her stalker.This was a fast-paced, full story with some pretty HAWT scenes to it. The author does a good job introducing you to this new world and giving you a complete feel for each of the main characters. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from this author. I highly recommend to anyone that enjoys these genres.

  • Sony
    2019-04-21 17:29

    I received this book for an honest review. Thank youI read this book pretty quickly. Could you imagine running away from your family and friends…the ones that you love? Cora had a stalker that wouldn’t… well, leave her alone. Cora was forced to move away, find a new job and start a new life. When Cora came to her new town, she was stopped for speeding by Officer Hotty. Cora not only ran into one, but two incredibly hot shifters. Ash is the town police officer, Hunter, the town veterinarian/shifter doctor, both also very hot shifters. This short story is sexy, has some action and hot sexy triad loven! Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and I have already started reading book two! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves PNR. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t wait to start book two

  • Cheri
    2019-04-22 23:14

    A delicious, interesting triade love story. Bear attorney, Julius is defending the right of a triad to marry and legitimize their adorable toddler. They live in a shifter town where shifters and humans live openly. His mate, Hudson, is the third and epitomizes opposites attract. He is a former bad-boy, mechanic. They await the part that completes they their third.Who would have thought that third would be the daughter of the hateful leaders of anti shifter, especially triads, Quinn. After some danger and information she cannot believe Quinn sneaks out to spend time with these shifters to see for herself, already realizing what she was raised to believe is nothing like reality.The story is a short read, but the relationships touching and watching Quinn come into herself touching.I was provided an ARC for an honest review.

  • Sandi Ramirez
    2019-03-29 22:12

    I love shifter books and really liked this one because it gave us a totally different take on the lives of shifters in the USA. Funny as I was reading this book out loud to my husband we started discussing the possibility of shifter really being around. YEP i believe in them. Any how in this book we have Cora who is moving across the US to get away from a stalker,We have 2 hot shifters who have already mated with each other and are waiting for their third in their triad....Hunter and Ash.YES their are such things as fated mates and YES This is one very very good book or novella. I look forward to more shifter greatness from Roxie Noir!I received this copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Christine Croke
    2019-04-20 22:02

    Wow was a read! Loved it! Couldn't get enough. I hope there will other books written in the town of Cascadia. Cora is a woman on the run from a stalker. She goes across the country to get away from him. Ash is a police officer that stops her for speeding on her way into town. Ash's mate is Hunter a Veterinarian. They are looking for the third member of the mate triad and find her in Cora. Can they convince her to give them a chance? Her past catches up to her but will they be in time? This steamy, sexy and suspenseful story will take a hold of you and wont let you go..I was given this e-book by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. My conclusions are my own. I was not compensated in any way.

  • Karen
    2019-04-08 18:20

    This series opener is a standalone novella, a quick read with a satisfying HEA. Cora Saphire Leighton has taken a job on the west coast to get away from a stalker in DC. The job is in Cascadia, a shifter state between California and Oregon that was carved out when shifters went public twenty years earlier. She is speeding toward Granite Valley, Cascadia and her new life when she is stopped. Ash Spencer is a Granite County Deputy and mate of Hunter, the veterinarian at the Granite Valley Animal Clinic. They have been waiting for the woman that will complete their triad, but not for the trouble that is following in her wake. Their bears are ready, though, and alot more impulsive. Copy received in return for an honest review.

  • Carol
    2019-04-26 19:20

    You have Cora, a girl that decides to move and get away from the town she grew up in with her sister, due to some issues going on in her life. Reluctantly her sister let's her go, but does warn her about the town she is moving into about shifters and their traditions in some groups. That's where Ash and Hunter come in.Ash a sheriff in the town that Cora moves to and Hunter his mate are shifters who lives are turned upside down when the meet Cora, but seems that her past seems to follow her where ever she goes or tries to run from it. Ash and Hunter take it upon themselves to fix that issue along side with Cora and convince her that she is in safe hands.Loved this book and cant' wait for the next book :)

  • Andrea
    2019-04-18 18:23

    Cora is moving across the country to get away from a guy she went on two dates with who is not stalking her. She figures no one would be crazy enough to fallow her that far. When she gets a job in Cascadia, it seems perfect. She's always been a little curious about the shifters. Her first day she meets Ash when he pulls her over for a speeding ticket. Ash knows immediately she's the one, the mate him and his partner Hunter have been waiting for. One problem, Cora is human. It's frowned upon for bear shifters to mate with humans. Will they be able to get past their differences and society's disapproval to find their happily ever after? Will dangers from Cora's past come back to haunt her? Read to find out.

  • Virginia Lee
    2019-04-07 18:02

    This was a wonderful story of what you will do to protect your mates. Cora has a stalker that she is unable to get away from. Cora decides that she will move across country to Cascadia to protect herself and her sister. Not even made into town and pull over by Ash. Will Cora give into the idea that she is mate of Hunter and Ash. The characters jus draw you into the pages with their problems and love they feel. This was a great love of shifter story you will enjoyOVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOKA must read shifter story, read it today* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *

  • Jenn Allen
    2019-04-16 22:25

    I really enjoyed this sexy shifter story! Cora has been stalked for months and decides to move across the country to get away from him. She's moving to a shifter state where triads are a normal thing. Just the thought of that is extremely hot! When she is almost to the end of her trip she is stopped for speeding by Ash. He is immediately drawn to her. When her car is vandalized she calls him and he shows up with his mate Hunter. The chemistry is strong between them. There is a great flow to the story, super steamy and a bit of nail biting danger. I'm hooked and can't wait to read more of this series. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Barbara Watts
    2019-03-27 21:12

    Customer ReviewThis review is from: A Bear's Protection (Shifter Country Bears Book 1) (Kindle Edition)Cora Sapphire Leighton is on the run from a demented man , she moves to the shifter state of Cascadia. As she enter Cascadia she is stopped for speeding by local deputy Ash Spencer a Bear Shifter.He is mated to Hunter also a bear shifter and a veterinarian, they need and want Cora to complete their Triad. Because of a broken car window Cora moves in with the men. But her stalker has found her can Ash and Hunter keep her safe ? I received this book in exchange for an honest [email protected]

  • Kimberlee
    2019-04-15 20:14

    3.5 Bear Shifter StarsFirst and foremost, I really like shifter books. It's like chocolate ice cream no I should eat it but yummy I will. Same with shifter books. I enjoyed this book quite well and would have probably given it a four stars but it needed a back story and more history on shifters coming out to the world and why. The editing was good so I was not bombarded my grammatical errors. I liked the storyline and where it was going. I enjoyed this author though I have read none of her previous works. I believe I shall read on with this series and see where it shall take my imagination.....****If you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber this is on the free list****

  • Stacey
    2019-04-20 00:06

    this is part of the Romance Arcade . and given in exchange for an honest review . so what do you do when you are being stalked by someone you dated but never got the memo in their mind it was over months ago . and what do you do when you move and find more than you ever hoped for . but also your past wont let you go . and what do you do when you want to find the thiad third for you and your mate . and what do you do when you try to protect your 2nd mate from a stalker from her past ,. find this and much more when you buy and read and read more in the following books to come i normally don't read a great deal of threesome type books but love a great shifer story . .

  • Teresa Cain
    2019-04-13 17:24

    Amazing story with a genuine HEA!!! I fell in love with Ash and Hunter from the start. Wow to have 2 sexy bear shifters, the imagination runs wild. What I really liked about the story is how Cora is portrayed. A woman on the run from a stalker but very strong!!! I can't wait to read more of the series as I have a feeling Kade and Daniel will be my favorite. Well written and a great read. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves shifter romance! I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kimberly Walden
    2019-03-26 21:14

    Kindle Unlimited standalone shifter book.Well this is not my normal read but I wanted to step outside the box. It is a true MMF book that has threesomes but also MM parts so if you don't want to read that then this book is not for you! Anyways, she's running from a stalker. When he pulls her over, he knows she's their missing mate. They have been together since high school and wonder if their mate will show up. She can't believe the two hot men want her and are willing to do anything to keep her safe. I'd say it was a 3 1/2 to 4 star read.