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Sometimes going home again is a lot like going to hell.Searching for her lost brother, Amy Jackson returns to her isolated hometown in the Appalachian Mountains. But Blackwood has changed. Now it’s run by a mysterious drug lord who has something more lethal than guns to protect him. He has demons—more vicious, venomous demons than even Hieronymus Bosch ever dreamed of—andSometimes going home again is a lot like going to hell.Searching for her lost brother, Amy Jackson returns to her isolated hometown in the Appalachian Mountains. But Blackwood has changed. Now it’s run by a mysterious drug lord who has something more lethal than guns to protect him. He has demons—more vicious, venomous demons than even Hieronymus Bosch ever dreamed of—and after Amy witnesses an unspeakable atrocity he unleashes all the frenzied furies of hell against her. Soon she is stalked by snakewalkers, herky-jerkies, toadfaces, listeners, harpies, centicreepers, and the sinister crying man, who weeps while he torments his victims....

Title : demon frenzy
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  • Nev Murray
    2019-03-25 16:28

    A copy of Demon Frenzy was sent to Confessions of a Reviewer by the author Harvey Click in exchange for an honest review. This is said review.The story with this one is as follows. Mr Click sends me a review request and for some reason it goes into my spam folder so I don’t see it for a few days. When I do see it I agree to review and put it in the schedule. When I come to it, I open it and, sorry for this Harvey, spot the cover and immediately think “oh dear”. I really didn’t like it at all. This sort of put me off reading it. EDIT: It appears the cover may have changed from the edition I have. Phew. It’s much better.You know the old saying don’t you? “Never judge a book by its cover”? It’s true. What I was expecting and what I got were two completely different things.Amy Jackson is returning to her hometown of Blackwood in the Appalachian Mountains on a quest to find her missing brother, Billy. When she gets there she is confronted with a town that has completely changed since she was last there. It seems to be completely under the control of “The Mayor” who just happens to be a huge drug lord.When she goes to the old family home she sees something that scares her to her very core. It appears that the Mayor has a bigger army than anyone thinks. It seems that he also has control over a huge number of demons.Amy teams up with Neoma and an unlikely band of misfits calling themselves “The Unseen” in a quest to destroy the Mayor and his army of demons using anything they can, including some mystical powers that Amy didn’t know she possessed.Now, giving the issue I had with the cover, I went at this book a little bit hesitant. I know I shouldn’t because I should know by now that it’s the content “between” the covers that actually make the story. I read chapter one. I was blown away. This one single chapter left me more scared than any other book I have read in a while. My skin crawled for hours afterwards. It is written in such a way that the tension builds perfectly and in old skool horror style, at the end of the chapter, you feel yourself running for your life with Amy. It genuinely left me creeped out in the biggest possible way.Basically the story follows Amy as she is “rescued” from a situation that could cost her life and dumped in a hidden compound with Neoma and her “army” of Unseen as they prepare themselves for a battle with Sandoval (the Mayor) to try and destroy him and his demons.Characters wise in this story, we have a couple of stand outs and a few stragglers. Amy and Neoma take up much of the story in a complicated relationship that switches between hatred and a weird kind of love between them. Neoma tries to teach Amy to use her gifts to help them in their quest. Gifts she didn’t know she had. The rest of the Unseen are made up of different, ordinary people who have been affected in one way or another by Sandoval’s demons and are out for revenge. They all work pretty well together but none of them have the same amount of time on the page as Amy and Neoma.After the first chapter being so wonderful and scaring the crap out of me I was left feeling a little bit flat in the middle section when Amy was learning her trade in the compound. There were a couple of bits of action when demons strayed onto their property but nothing to keep the same level of excitement. It was interesting in the fact that you follow Amy and learn about astral projection and telekinesis and how she must perfect both powers and learn to fight with sabre’s and throwing knives to help them prepare for their final battle. It just seemed to drag on a bit without much “frenzy” from the demons. If this had been a television series then it would have worked much better watching the characters prepare for war but alas in a book it didn’t quite work for me.Then we come to the closing scenes. One hundred and one miles per hour the whole way! The final battle with Sandoval and his demons doesn’t exactly go to plan but the writing in this sequence is fantastic in giving you a feeling of absolute fear and you know if you were involved you would have been running for your life. Full of hideously deformed demons of all descriptions, it does leave you a bit breathless. It’s well written and does present your mind with a wonderful picture of mayhem, if you let your mind go.One last gripe for me is the final, final pages when the loose ends are tidied up. This for me felt a bit rushed and could have done with a bit more detail to give you a more satisfied feeling at the end.To summarise: An opening that will give you the creep’s big style. A middle section that could have been filled with more for me and an ending that lifts you right up again. Just stick with the middle section if you read this because the final battle scenes are worth it. A few negatives which brings the score down for me but overall this is a really good read. I just wish it all had been like the first chapter.General rating:★★★ Good story but needed more in the middle.Horror rating:★★★★ Brilliant scares, Chapter One in particular.

  • Ramona Plant
    2019-04-15 15:00

    This is now my second book from Harvey, and I have to say he does not disappoint. He had my attention from the very first page of this book. Harvey has a way with words that is exceptional and one of the reason I enjoy his books so much. He develops very unique plots in a genre (paranormal) that has so many books and movies, yet he manages to find something unique and different and writes a great story about it. The plot is intriguing and has some nice twists and turns that I did not anticipate. I find that the pace was perfect, never dragging out nor did I ever feel rushed in this story. I did however have a tough time to put this book down.Amy is not your typical heroine, but that doesn't make her any less of a heroine than others. She rises to the occasion and manages to fight her way through all that is thrown at her, and trust me Harvey sure had it in it for her and did not go easy. You can definitely see a development of her character throughout the story.I really love Harvey's books. He has now moved into my list of authors that I will keep an eye out for future books, and that list is not very long!. His books are always refreshingly new and different. I can definitely recommend his books and was happy to see there is a second part out that I can read next!I have received this book from the author for an honest review. (LoP, Lovers of Paranormal)

  • Carol Kean
    2019-04-08 18:08

    I have a bone to pick with Harvey Click.DISCLAIMER: I did not have to read this book. I do not owe any author a review of this book. I don’t know Harvey Click from Twitter. I do know him from Adam, because his name and author bio are right here at amazon.Here’s another thing: I don’t even like horror stories or movies. And another thing: dozens of authors have sent me books in hopes of scoring a review, and most get buried deep in my Kindle. So how did this book rise to the top of my queue without any pleading or nudging from anyone?“Demon Frenzy” popped up in the Free Today list from Kindle. The cover is grotesque: I wouldn’t even have read the synopsis, but my peripheral vision and speed-reading skills are so phenomenal,*a sister in search of her lost brother* (Ding! Ding! Ding!) caught fire in the vast, dry prairie of my brain before morning coffee. I claimed the free book. And read the first chapter during breakfast, with no intention of reading the whole book.I read the book. Why? Well, darn it, Harvey Click is an extraordinarily talented writer. He has a way with words. He spins off line after memorable line. He has me nodding, thinking yes, yes, that’s exactly right. I grew up on a farm. I get this: “Maybe nobody who grows up in an old house out in the middle of nowhere is really a sceptic.”--Sceptic? We spell it skeptic. No matter. Is he a Brit? Can't tell from the bio:Harvey Click earned an M.A. in English from Ohio State University, using his first novel as a master's thesis. He has written five novels, four of them in the horror genre, and numerous short stories. He has taught English and creative writing for Ohio University, Ohio State University, the James Thurber House, and OSU's Creative Arts Program.Well, no wonder he's such a superb writer. He teaches writing at the college level.CONFESSION: I cover my eyes when I read horror scenes (so to speak). That is, I speed-read right past them, or skip them entirely. So there are in fact roughly a thousand words of this book that I did not read.Amy, the heroine, is the exact opposite of me: “She was unable to look away. Seeing is a form of power, and some primitive part of her brain seemed to believe that if she looked away for even a moment she would lose this power” –well, I look away. Or I try to. You may need blinders when reading Harvey Click, not just because the prose is brilliant, but because some things cannot be unseen, even if only glimpsed.WARNING: If you hate profanity, women lusting after other women, or gore, either skip those scenes, or don’t buy this book.The downside of great peripheral vision is the number of lurid things that sneak under my radar. Here’s one of the less-gruesome atrocities now haunting the landscape of my mind: “a naked woman lying on her back chained to a flat rock. Some of the hellish ogres were jabbing her bleeding flesh with short spears, and Amy could hear the woman’s cries not with her ears but as painful throbbing noises deep in her brain.”That creepy skinless man you see on the cover? He also slipped through my shield. I so did not want to see him peeling a long strip of skin off a living man’s leg, “sucking it into his mouth like a huge strip of bacon.” Thanks, Harvey.Oh, it gets worse. I was suckered in by the cleverness of the prose: “‘My God, you don't even want to see what's in there,’ Amy said. But of course almost everyone did,’” and they filed up for a look at ---. How do I unsee what they rushed over to see?Some of the horror scenes, at first, are a little comical, especially for a former farm girl who’s seen her share of blood and gore and done some icky things with pitch forks. Overlooking the trope of stupidly brave heroine entering a vacant house alone, there’s an epic scene: “The closet door was already partially open. Standing back as far as the fork would reach, she used the tines to pull it open the rest of the way. The closet was jammed full of hanging clothes and piles of more clothes on the floor, and she realized she was letting out little shouts and exclamations as she poked her fork into them.”Nope, not telling what she found.While I hate the way fictional heroines are required to put themselves in harm’s way, this one has a motive I can buy: “If she drove home now, she doubted she would ever know what had happened to her brother. If she stayed, she wasn't sure she would survive. It seemed a simple decision--being in the dark was better than being dead--but fierce determination had always been one of her traits, and whenever somebody tried to keep her from doing what she believed was right, she would become all the more determined to do it.”Ahh. Love it.The worst thing in this book is the secret code. It really torques me off when smart people go on about how “obvious” or “easy” these things are. I’m a speed-demon at unscrambling the daily word jumble (during and even *before* coffee!), but stuff like this, even after it’s explained, just annoys me:“MMSEAOEEETCOEACPENTTRLN. Amy immediately recognized the code…”Well, go, Amy.(No, you did not hear a Grrrr, snarl! from me. My reviews do not come with audio. )So, Harvey Click, I have a bone to pick with you. Next time you hook me with a book, spare me the secret code being “easy,” and consider invisible ink for the gory scenes, so that readers who want the lurid details can use their decoder to read this nightmarish stuff. Okay? Pardon me, I'm off now to check out more Harvey Click novels…

  • Mark Hayes
    2019-04-21 18:02

    The thing about Genre books is this, it’s very easy to write an average one. That is to say by their nature they often follow set simple patterns which are easy to detect and replicate. This is not to say they are simplistic or that there is no craft to them. Indeed the reverse is true, in order to write something which will hold the interest of its readers in a field crammed to the rafters, an author needs to craft his work carefully and with all his talent. That is if he hopes for his work to rise above the herd.Harvey manages to accomplish this most difficult of tricks with an undeniable skill, while following a pattern well-trodden. I normally avoid spoilers when it comes to plot but I will make a vague exception in this case because of the pattern it follows which is hard to talk about without doing so. Consider therefore this a mild warning. We start with Amy, a woman of hidden skills, who returns home to the small town of her birth after her brother ceases to reply to her weekly phone calls. What she discovers on her arrival is that her home town had changed in the years she has been away, becoming a darker nastier place all round, and the returning girl is far from welcome. The first third of the novel covers the first couple of days of her return and the growing sense of unease as Amy gets herself slowly in deeper and deeper to the mystery of her home town’s dark underside. Then things get nasty in the second third when she is 'rescued' by a group of individuals planning to end the reign of terror being perpetrated on the town. Her rescuers are secretive and less than welcoming, even when Amy's skills seem to grow. All of which leaves Amy between a rock and a hard place, the Bad want her dead, the good side which is at best shades of grey don't all want her alive either, and she gets the blame when things start to go wrong.Then everything goes wrong and all hell breaks loose in the final third. Amy's skills come to the fore but will she prevail...In many ways it’s a reworking of so many other novels in the genre.The important thing in all this is however the writing. Harvey manages to pull it together and make a simple genre story and make it seem fresh and initiative all the same. The action moves quickly and is well paced. The characters have a believable quality for all the unreal stuff surrounding them. They are well drawn and have individual qualities, while the setup of the plot has its own interesting quirks which help to draw the reader in. In short Harvey takes what should be run of the mill average Genre fare and makes it riveting, involving and keeps you reading. Making this well-trodden path a fine adventure.

  • Courtney Haas
    2019-04-01 16:15

    Demon Frenzy is one of those books that you just cannot put down. Harvey Click creates a bizarre, grotesque world where the lines between good and evil are blurred. The vividly imaginative descriptions in this nightmarish tale create an adult picture book for the reader. The unbelievable, soon becomes feasible.Circumstances become intense when reading this novel. You can actually feel the the emotions and see the creatures Click describes through his vivid imagination; at times I questioned my sanity. The tension becomes plausible as you make your way through this intelligently written horror story.Many times while flipping through the pages, my heart pounded with anticipation and in reaction to the characters experiences. Each character is uniquely described, we get to learn their secrets and become acquainted with them both inside and out. The author fleshes out each one of the many characters creating an understanding between reader and book dweller.Perhaps the most unique part of this tale, is its creative display of unprecedented characters and demons. Once you open these pages you enter a peculiar world unbeknownst to anyone. Unlike many other horror stories, Demon Frenzy is not just a regurgitation of other horror tales; it is its own horrifically delicious nightmare. Finally, an author that does not rely on the characters sexual appeal to sell a horror novel!

  • Christopher
    2019-04-19 18:22

    As someone who is very much considering self-publishing for my already written horror/action multi-genre novel, it brings me great pleasure and hope to have read this.It starts off as straight horror, and well done it is. The return to a burned out Appalachian town of childhood to search for a missing brother uncovers a drugged up and suspicious populace and stalking monsters.But then it changes into a horror themed action novel, much like how Alien begat Aliens. And for me, this works quite well and was a pleasure to read. The monster design was particularly good. Though perhaps the final scene lacked any appearance of the cover-art demon who was built up quite a lot, and the secondary demon seemed to leave the stage a bit abruptly, but this didn't really affect the story or its pacing.

  • TDCbookreviews
    2019-04-20 15:02

    Demon Frenzy by Harvey Click is the first book in the demon series. Amy is concerned about her brother, Billy. He hasn't been answering or returning her calls. Amy returns to their childhood home and realizes her brother is in some kind of trouble. Going to the local police is out of the question, they just want her to leave town. Her only choice is to look for him on her own. Disregarding her own safety, Amy goes in search of Billy's alleged meth lab. Instead of finding a shed, she witnesses a vicious sacrifice. Too late to leave town, Amy is whisked away to a secret society, the Unseen,to help fight the Lost Society. This book is packed with demons, action, and small victories, and heavy losses. The book started slow for me, but once the plot started to u fold, I could not put my kindle down.

  • Amber Daniels
    2019-03-30 12:05

    I really liked this book and can't wait to read the next one!!! Can you imagine coming to back to your home town looking for your brother; to find demons have taken over! Well that is what happens in this fast moving story about a home town girl that returns to look for her brother and ends up fighting a battle for her life and the lives of her friends. I needed a change and when asked to give an honest review of this book I jumped at the chance. I am so glad that I did.

  • T. C.
    2019-04-11 12:08

    This book does a great job keeping the story interesting while also balancing a dark world. Right from the start, the reader gets a feeling of how weird the town is and how evil lurks on every corner. The book definitely is a must read for people who like the horror genre. Every chapter introduces creepy characters in an even creepier world. The author did a great job staying true to the genre while also maintaining a solid story.T.C

  • Heather Chargualaf
    2019-04-01 10:59

    Was given a copy for an honest review. I would give it a 4.5 stars as it took me a bit of time to get into the book but when I did it was hard to put down.Click has some crazy and twisted demons running through the book and mind of his.Give it a try as it was a nice quick read that will have you looking in the closet and under the bed before going to bed.

  • Dina Coutu
    2019-04-10 16:18

    i really really like this one!!

  • Lori
    2019-04-11 15:26

    Pretty strange but good book.This book is full of odd things, demons, witches, evil drug dealers trying to take over the world using helps minions. It's a pretty good story and definitely different then most.Amy returns to Blackwater to find her brother who has not answered her calls in a couple weeks. she finds his house empty except for some kind if creature. She ends up at her old best friends house for the night. She's not welcome from her man and us kicked out but left a note to meet Marci at their old secret spot. Mar I tells her to leave or they will kill her. She's been told this from various people since she's arrived. She does leave but only making it to the next town for the night then decides to go back. She's very stubborn. She ends up seeing something she shouldn't have and then us almost killed but saved by Shane , a ex school mate , only to find out he knows what's going on in town and has to keep her safe it they will kill her.they have her DNA from a brush they stole and this Sovik that runs the town will use it and his demo n s to track her.Shane takes her to a camp she first hates but then becomes kinda accustomed to learning to fight amount other thing. Their are demon incidents. People killed. Then they decide to take down solvik .they think they have it configure out when all goes wrong and they are ambushed. Amy is captures so neaomi and given a choice with their powers to let them use their eggs to bring demon children into the works with witch powers. This us all crazy stuff . Amy finds a chance to try to escape and does only to find her friends, Shane, bloody one and nynx are there to help. We get another surprise here as the end all turns out better then hoped. I don't want to give away all the good stuff so um not. You can read it.I'd recommend this one. It's well written. Weird. And some of the names of the demons just made me laugh. A few of the times reading it I didn't like the way it kept say and.....said. it was too repetitious in some areas they way it was whiteout it didn't take away from the book. It's just a bit annoying to me. Other then that it's a cool story.

  • lyndadwight
    2019-04-24 17:23

    a must read for stephen king fans and horror fans. full of demon slaying and corruption. a sister on a search for her missing brother stumbles onto a town overcome with drugs and satanism. grotesque sacrifice to demons by a corrupt mayor. amy witnesses one such sacrifice her dna collected now the satanist mayor n his gruesome demons are in search for her. a childhood friend comes to her aid n sends her to the unseen group where they are in constant training to rid this delemma . upon the big fight things go awry the leader n amy are captured by the enemy . she finds her brother captured by these same people to find he has been lobotomized . can she escape the horrors in this compound when the leader can read her every thought? can she save the leader of her group and her brother and rid the world of these horrendous demons? whatever you think will happen while reading this page turning action packed horror thriller will surprise you in the end . i look forward to more from this author five star read.

  • Dawn
    2019-03-25 18:27

    I thought this book was pretty good. The beginning was amazing, but I struggled through the middle. I think it was necessary though to fully grasp the story and characters. The end sped up again and kept my attention and had me looking forward to see what happens next! This isn't my usual kind of book, to be fair, but I enjoyed changing it up a bit !

  • Deb Lee
    2019-04-14 15:24

    3 stars Interesting characters, easy to read, author had quit an imagination that takes you on a trip with witches, demons, and mortals

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-02 18:17

    It tried so hard but just could not quite make that tiny step over the line in to actually interesting enough to recommend