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It ain't easy being saved, sanctified, and single. Try being a once divorced, now widowed single mother of two on top of that. Thank God the Lord built Paige Vanderdale to be able to bear all of those titles without becoming weary to the point of giving up. From the outside looking in, that life looks good on her. On the inside, though, Paige is coveting what so many otherIt ain't easy being saved, sanctified, and single. Try being a once divorced, now widowed single mother of two on top of that. Thank God the Lord built Paige Vanderdale to be able to bear all of those titles without becoming weary to the point of giving up. From the outside looking in, that life looks good on her. On the inside, though, Paige is coveting what so many others around her seem to have, which is true love.In the past, everything that she thought was love was either something far from it, or was taken away from her. Now Paige is afraid to let her hair down and open herself up to love again.Paige struggles with the decision to reach out to an old flame to rekindle their spark. When the blaze gets too high, will Paige do what she always does, which is grab the nearest fire extinguisher and try to put it out? Or will she utilize her backup plan and run? The decision is abruptly removed from Paige's hands when something else begins to pull her away--something that just might be the thing that finally breaks her....

Title : When All Is Said and Prayed
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ISBN : 9781622868155
Format Type : Paperback
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When All Is Said and Prayed Reviews

  • Karen
    2019-05-08 23:36

    Awesome job!!! Paige had her share of ups and downs in her life. Paige was afraid to love again because of the past. When things got rough, Paige would run. With God ALL things are possible. Paige was able to forgive and love again.

  • Tip Reads
    2019-05-11 23:26

    This book was an ok read for me. It was so much going on but at the same time a lesson of forgiveness and knowing God showed throughout the book. I just wished it was all over the place. It was a nice read and I couldn't put it down because I wanted to see how things would go. Read it! Your opinion may be different than mind.

  • Desiree Watson
    2019-05-12 21:34

    FOREVER DIVA SERIES (Book 1)When All Is Said And PrayedPaige has been taking it slow since her and her ex-husband Blake have divorced. Blake was very mentally and physically abusing. Paige remarried Norman and when Norman died in a car accident, Paige and his daughter Norma and her daughter from Blake are left alone. Miss Nettie wants to find the son she never saw when she gave birth because she was wild and in the streets. When she does find him and Paige realizes who it is, she has a fit. Ryan is a photographer who, Paige has known and dated on and off. Once Paige decides that she is worthy of and ready for a relationship again, she calls Ryan and they begin dating again. Can they really find love after all the time that has passed? Paige and Tamarra were best friends. Until Tamarra did the unthinkable. Paige has forgiven her, but cut off the friendship as well. When Paige learns that Tamarra is dying, she forfeits a trip to Dominican Republic with her fiancé and their parents to stay behind and be there for her former best friend. Hopefully they can mend their friendship and if it works out well she can marry her fiancé as well. That is, if he is still willing to have her... Read: January 2017

  • Diane Rembert
    2019-05-20 02:14

    Paige has had so much heartache in her life-giving an abusive ex-husband and then the death of her second. Left raising two young girls, she decides to give love another try, but struggles with the assignment that God has placed on her life in the process. Will the new man in her life understand…or will he walk away? Miss Nettie has worked hard to redeem her past wrongs, but there a few more secrets that she's been holding from her employers, who have come to become her family. One of her secrets will change the whole dynamic of the family…including Paige and her daughters. I truly enjoyed this book by @bleesedselling_author_enjoy and highly recommend it. The book was well written and teaches us that forgiveness has no boundaries. I gladly give it 💎💎💎💎💎. Another job well done, Ms. Joy.

  • Adrienna
    2019-04-26 02:27

    Surprisingly this novel took me quite some time to get into it; normally, I love these series. It is hard for me to say that it was quite slow for my liking and didn't pick up to near the the last 100 pages or less. The ending seemed a little contrived and hard to believe that a wedding could be arranged in short notice after a funeral, and also a double wedding. I hope this is not a spoiler alert. Overall, the reason why I gave it a 3 star rating than a 2 is because I loved the forgiveness factor even though it was quite horrific, and able to look past all the hurt and pain and still come out forgiving in the end.

  • Shannan Harper
    2019-05-06 19:39

    Forgiveness is keyThere are not too many books that I'll read more than once. This series is the exception to that rule. Maybe soon I'll be able to stop crying . I still have some work to do in the forgiveness department. I will be forever grateful for E. N. Joy for this well written and thought provoking story

  • Sheryl Boyce
    2019-05-12 01:28

    I realllyyy enjoyed this book! E.N.Joy is an amazing writer and I truly enjoy her work. This is the 1st book of the 5 series set and I have 2 more to go!!! I have pulled some great life-lesson nuggets from each book. I look forward to read her stand alone books after I finish the series. She could continue writing books with these characters.(Hint-hint)

  • Cassie Whitlow
    2019-05-20 21:39

    I've read many of EN Joy's books and I've never been disappointed. This, however, was one of my favorites. I thoroughly enjoyed this story from start to finish.

  • Odean Jackson
    2019-05-09 23:18

    "Exciting"I totally enjoyed the storyline all the way to the end. There was always a different situation occurring to keep you interested. Best book ever.

  • Lyn
    2019-05-13 22:22

    This book was outstanding.  I couldn't  put it down. The plot was strong,  the storyline was outstanding. I felt like I was in the story. My heart went out to Paige, I felt her fear and pain. The author brought home the powerful meaning of forgiveness  no matter how deep the betrayal.  I loved how Paige's suiter handled their connection, I was rooting for him. I was engrossed. I'm glad I read it. At the end I was shouting, YEEEESSSSS. Fist bump. Can't wait to dive into book Two.

  • Vondetta Carter
    2019-05-21 20:23

    Great story of reconciliation, trust and forgiveness. Paige was a divorcee and a widower before she was 30. Life had dealt her very hard blows and she nearly didn't survive. She has to deal with racial issues within her own small family. She had to deal with betrayal and confronting her personal demons.She finds her mind drawn back to a friend who wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Was he available? Was he married now, she had no idea because many years had past since they last spoke. She finds his number and calls and finds a wonderful surprise.Her faith and sanity are tested when in an unlikely setting she encounters someone who nearly destroyed her. Will she survive ? Will her new relationship survive? Will her family still be intact once a long buried secret surfaces?Love and God permeate these pages..loved the writing and the life lessons enclosed.

  • Valarie
    2019-04-28 03:41

    I really really liked this book and can't wait for the next installment in the series. I laughed out loud in the breakroom with other people present ( mean really reading the things Mother Eleanor said, who wouldn't) and I cried sitting at my desk at work. I screamed at and rooted for Paige. This book just took me through the gambit of emotions. I seemed as if every time Paige caught a break another storm hit. A lesser woman, who didn't have a relationship with God would have been floored. But because of her faith, her relationship with God and her love for Him, she was able to bounce back each time. I loved when she asked "why can't my life just be like peach cobbler with extra ice cream for just five minutes?" Really who doesn't carve for things to just be smooth sailing sometimes? But in spite of all the drama she found, she still was able to explore love, forgiveness, peace and happiness. I liked how this book wasn't a clean pretty version of being saved. Paige, the Vanderdales, and Ms Nettie all had struggles and life wasn't always easy for all of them, but they were all still forgiven and were able to cope and overcome. Being a Christian ain't for wimps!!!!

  • Marilyn Diamond
    2019-05-03 02:28

    I can't get enough of this novel.. I may have to read it again and again. A book is good when you are in the middle of it and realize the characters from the previous novel are right here. Paige got re-married from a horrendous relationship and because of her married name and children I did not realize she had grown up until the "monster" returned into her life. Wow...two great children and a widow at a young age but so loved. Until she re-connects with Ryan Coleman. Ryan Coleman's description of a man had me wondering: "where are all these phoine men at?" How Paige navigates this story line with the help of the good lord is amazing. I loved this book because it caught me off guard. It snuck up on me and had me riveted. Great book. It was so realistic about love, friendship an forgiveness. The story line with Paige's former friend Tamarra had me holding my breathe.. Friendship is not to be taken lightly at all because you never know when you really have to show and tell. I love E.N. Joy and all her work. Time to find the next Forever Diva Series.

  • Denise Gilliam
    2019-05-03 21:18

    This was the second book I read by this author. The way she tells a story is just magical you really get to know the characters. It's Christian reading but don't sleep it has all the drama you wanna read. I really enjoyed meeting Paige and seeing her come into her own. Great read can't wait to read part 2.

  • Felicia Brown
    2019-05-22 03:37

    Once again I'm happy that i have started reading books by E N JOY. This book took me on different emotions. This book tought me that you dont run from your past or your problems you face them and you will find the answers . Paige came a long ways and she learned that forgiveness will heal your soul . Yes get this book and read it .I promise you wont be disappointed. Hooked yes .

  • Sherrill
    2019-05-09 00:37

    The twists in the story made it a very interesting and heart wrenching read.

  • Brandi Armstead
    2019-05-06 02:37

    Very good book. The end surprised me in a good way. I will definitely read more books by this author.

  • Deborah Arrington
    2019-05-23 00:39

    Wonderful!!!!!!The Power of God and the written world. The Power of Forgiveness. Could not put down this book, Fantastic story that had God's message coming thru loud and clear.

  • SunshineJoy Love
    2019-04-28 19:32

    Very good and I could hardly put it down!!

  • Desire'e Greene
    2019-05-01 01:29


  • Ellowyn
    2019-05-23 03:16

    This is an excellent read on forgiveness.

  • Joi Boyd
    2019-05-19 22:17

    Omg this was a good book. E.N. Joy your books really touch me. Forgiveness is not easy but this book showed that with faith in God, you can forgive

  • Nicole
    2019-04-29 21:25

    I enjoyed seeing Paige come into her own. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Nettie's story come together. What a blessing! I laughed, cried, and praised God throughout this book!

  • Dorothy
    2019-05-09 21:40

    Excellent! I love E.N. Joy's books! She is an awesome Christian author! I know her books are rendered under the Holy Spirit. This book as all the others touched me! Thank you! :)

  • Andrea Horton
    2019-05-13 22:32

    Excellent story about the power and act of forgiveness!!