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The Aliens Have Come to End the World... On March 13, 1997, the incident now known as the Phoenix Lights left thousands of witnesses at a loss to explain the sudden appearance of the massive V-shaped craft that hovered in the skies above Phoenix that day. Now, eighteen years later, the Vs have returned. Bargains will be made with an intelligence beyond our grasp deep withiThe Aliens Have Come to End the World... On March 13, 1997, the incident now known as the Phoenix Lights left thousands of witnesses at a loss to explain the sudden appearance of the massive V-shaped craft that hovered in the skies above Phoenix that day. Now, eighteen years later, the Vs have returned. Bargains will be made with an intelligence beyond our grasp deep within a super-secret government blacksite. Can a crew of TV UFO Busters find out the truth about the visitors or are they going to get far more than they ever bargained for? Whereas once they were blind, now they will see. Welcome to the invasion. Welcome to the Apocalypse Weird...

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apocalypse weird phoenix lights alien weird book 1 Reviews

  • FanFiAddict
    2019-04-10 19:13

    Once again, another Apocalypse Weird novel that begged for my attention and received it, undivided. The author has taken the famous Phoenix Lights incident from 03/13/1997 and has written a sequel, of sorts, that will have you and keep you on the edge of your seat. Tozzi takes 3 different storylines and melts them together so seamlessly.Dust storms begin to spread like wildfire across Arizona. These large, V-shaped ships with tentacle-like arms begin harpooning people and whisking them away; swallowing people into cocoon-like shells and pulling them up toward the skies like a sick and twisted claw arcade machine. A blindness, much like the one you read about in the other AW novels (what a coincidence), sweeps over most of the population and leads to mass panic.A band of UFO Busters, trying to make sense of all that is going on while trying to cover the biggest story of their lives. A girl, once blind, can now see and is amazed yet horrified by what is taking place while simultaneously trying to save her boyfriend and her mother. A government contractor, working to make sure the incident of 97' becomes a one-time thing, trying to get to his girlfriend. All of their lives become tangled and there is only one bright spot: a man named Vincent. But just who is he and can he really be trusted?Phoenix Lights is another fantastic addition to the Apocalypse Weird World and it will be another fantastic addition to your collection. Trust me, if you enjoyed the other AW books, or even if this is the first one you have come across, you won't be disappointed.

  • Paul
    2019-03-26 23:39

    2.75 starsPlot is fun but taken a little too seriously revolving around an alien invasion.Kristina our erstwhile heroine is pretty fleshed out and her brother Gage is runner up but the other characters, while being more than 1 dimensional can be described as 2 dimensional hints of backstory differentiating the otherwise interchangeable male characters.I admire the author for a somewhat fresh taste on apocalyptic fiction and throwing readers a few curveballs to counterbalance some cliches.Overall this was better than meh read but far from exceptional storytelling.

  • Ed Gosney
    2019-04-13 02:16

    Phoenix Lights, Eric Tozzi’s contribution to the Apocalypse Weird series, plays off the infamous incident dating back to 1997. This book leaves you feeling as if you might stumble across Mulder and Scully, and I mean that in a good way. The fun of reading these Apocalypse Weird stories is in discovering the creativity of the authors in bringing forth their apocalypse scenarios, and Tozzi brings sci fi fun with his aliens and the occupations of the main group of characters.Phoenix Lights leaves us hanging, and I for one look forward to seeing what Tozzi is going to do next!

  • Rob McClellan
    2019-04-12 21:23

    When I was a kid growing up, Aliens were pretty friendly. You had ET, the background characters of Star Wars and Star Trek. Even the creepy goings on of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” had a positive alien outcome — wondrous, even.Of course, then came the original Alien from Ridley Scott, and it all went to hell. Gone were the days of friendly, benign, or curious aliens and in came the hunter killers of our nightmares. Creatures so alien in both appearance and demeanor, so cruel in their difference, that you couldn’t help but be leery, even afraid. From Sigourney’s armed struggles against a jet black mercurial death machine, to Arnold’s hand to hand duke out with a split faced hunter from the stars, the sci-fi world was forever changed.Sure, there was a little return to the wonder of yore with The Abyss, and an endearingly over the top triumph with Will Smith, but for many (me included) the alien zeitgeist remains deeply imprinted with the vision of slavering double jaws and red-blood explosions.About The BookWith that alien duality in mind, I approached Eric Tozzi’s Aliens End The World segment in the Apocalypse Weird universe with a little trepidation. Given the subject matter, I was fully expecting a rehash of the 80’s series V, with a slathering of Klaatu, a pinch of X-Files, and a dash of human rebel bravado.But, I didn’t get that. Heck, I’m not even sure if there are aliens in this book, or just humans enhanced with Alien DNA. Are those lights in the sky the return of 1997’s Phoenix Lights, or are they giant US Military helicarriers?At the end of the book, I still have no idea what’s what — except that I really want to read the next book in the series.The story centers around two characters: Gage, a burnt out government researcher who just wants to go home to his girlfriend, and Kris, a TV reporter for an alien conspiracy show (looks to be a cheesy, low budget one, at that). Kris also just happens to be Gage’s estranged sister. Turns out, both of these characters have more than a passing history with alien encounters, and not in a good way.When they reconnect in the Arizona desert, Gage is looking for a way to quit his job without being murdered and Kris is trying desperately to bring to the public what she long suspects Gage already knows. As they start to argue, the end of the world happens — and that’s when it all goes crazy.From then on it’s a mad rush of darkness, paranoia, abductions, and strange encounters — culminating in a daring twist that, quite frankly, I did not see coming.The Final VerdictThe prose is wonderfully written and paced. It’s obvious that Mr. Tozzi, a noted film maker, has a gift for storytelling. The dialog flows well, never kitschy or cliche. Each character has their own voice — no carbon copies or window dressing. The plot is engaging, the twists surprising, and it never tires. Frequently these days, many of the Indie and small pub books tend to drag, lost in some meandering side path. But not here — this book is a taut conspiracy thriller that is on mission.While I started the book as just a way to kill a little time, I read the last 100 pages in a dead sprint, staying well up into the night, to see how it would all end. It was time well spent.And now, I wait patiently for Eric and the team at Apocalypse Weird to finish book 2…

  • Michael Hicks
    2019-03-22 19:31

    [Note: I received an advanced reader’s copy of this book for review.]Phoenix Lights is the eighth release under the Apocalypse Weird banner, and easily my favorite of the bunch so far. Each AW author has tackled a regional apocalypse in their own strange fashion, with gamut of creature features running from zombies to demonic gods and goddesses, black magic, and freak weather. Eric Tozzi’s turn at the wheel guides our attention to Phoenix, Arizona and a cataclysmic alien invasion.Given the pattern of prior Apocalypse Weird books, I was curious how in the heck aliens were going to figure into the overall map of global end-times, and the simple answer is that it does so awesomely. Tossing extraterrestrial invaders into the mix is a really fun and lively way to shake up expectations and provides a fresh take on wicked disasters befalling the human race.And while the alien stuff is terrific, it would mostly be superfluous fluff without a strong human component at its center. Thankfully, Tozzi has those bases covered with an estranged brother and sister forced to work together while everything around them is turned to cinders. Gage is a contractor for a secret military facility – think Area 51 and you’re on the right track – while his sister, Kristina, works on the opposite end of things as the host of a reality series called UFO Busters, which tries to expose the government cover-ups surrounding extraterrestrial life. When we first meet her and her crew, they are attempting to break into the lab where Gage works. They’re forced together during the violently invasive first-contact scenario that puts them on the run for their lives and band together during the twenty-four hours of blindness that has greeted each apocalyptic scenario of the AW ‘verse. Then there’s Alice, a blind musician who is granted the gift of sight for a brief period, while the rest of the world’s populace are forced to endure their isolated darkness.Almost directly from the beginning, Tozzi thrusts us into the action, and once all the pieces are in place and the game-board is upended, he just does not let up. Phoenix Lights is a hyper-kinetic, fast-paced read infused with moments of light horror and terrific action. The climax is an epic twist that not only promises more strange adventures for this volume’s survivors, but which also makes this an indispensable addition to the developing AW lore. Apocalypse Weird fans will no doubt be mighty happy with this installment, and for those who haven’t gotten into this line of stories yet, this is a terrific place to start.

  • Jon
    2019-04-03 18:33

    Ezra Pound famously told writers to “make it new” even while others told them there was nothing new under the sun. Eric Tozzi has managed to do both with the latest addition to the Apocalypse Weird universe, the novel Phoenix Lights.The title of the book is taken from the 1997 UFO sighting over Phoenix, Arizona and Tozzi uses this background as a springboard for his own world-shattering rendition of an alien invasion. In the text, super-secret lab resident Gage Slater is at odds with his sister, Kris, who deals with an apparent alien abduction by creating a UFO Busters show. In search of what? We don’t know--and neither does Kris or her crew, really--but in the end it doesn’t matter, as the aliens arrives in a massive city-sized ship and find them (and everyone else) first. Gage and Kris re-connect in the ruins of Sedona, Arizona as they come across a blind musician named April Vargas, who has her own past and problems: in a world of literal blindness, she is able to see for the first time in her life, for a limited time. A much worse problem arives in the form of Vincent, who clearly knows more than he’s saying and has no one’s best interests at heart except his own.Tozzi has set up a unique sandbox for the AW setting. Even though we get the standard setup of 88, Black Hand minions, and a band of survivors braving the end of everything, the story never seems hackneyed nor the events unnecessary. The action pulls us along on a road trip from hell and never lets up as we find out more about the aliens’ objectives and their reasons for arriving. There’s just enough real life setting to make the wackier potions of the drama seem like they could be possible, which is what good fiction does. Bottom line is that Tozzi knows how to tell a good story and this book is too darned short. I’m waiting for his next installment and I’m curious to see if anyone will pick up the mantle of a second tier book in this particular setting. We can hope. In the meantime, we can buy this book and tell others about it. It’s that good.

  • Jason Anspach
    2019-03-25 01:24

    They're here!I shouldn't be surprised by anything that occurs in the Apocalypse Weird Universe, but Eric Tozzi's captivating contribution has done just that. In the process, it opened a whole new realm of possibilities for this amazing project.A team of U.F.O. & alien truthers have their long-held suspicions horrifyingly realized - and things don't look pretty for human survival. There is some wonderful conflict set up in this book: loyalty to self vs. loyalty to family, survival vs. change, love vs. duty, it's all laid out wonderfully and vivifies the characters throughout the story.I finished this book wondering A) What happens to the characters next & B) What in the world will happen to the rest of the AW Universe now that the aliens are among us. That's the gold star for me. Make me think about the book even after I finish it and you've won a repeat reader. Excellent work, Mr. Tozzi![Disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. It's good.]

  • Barbara Chandler
    2019-04-12 22:41

    Weird is right.I don't know how this Apocalypse Weird never came in my "suggested for you" before now from Amazon. This was an ok story, I didn't like the way it ended at all. What I found while reading it was the odd way words were used. (She made a hammer of her fist and pounded. She looked out of slatted eyes.) These are not exact quotes but close. I made 36 notes on the strangest use of words. I read a lot and have never run into, what appears to be an author with a love of his Thesaurus such as this. I am no wordsmith, but I know an awkward sentence when I see one. I looked up the meanings as I read on my tablet, some had no definition for the word used in the way it was but that could have been lacking in Google.I was excited to see there were many in the series but I think I won't follow up with any others. I will give the author great credit for the lack of f-bombs. He showed great restraint there, maybe that was worth the odd choices of words.The characters in the book, not very endearing. I didn't care if the got eaten or not.

  • Eamon Ambrose
    2019-03-31 00:42

    The world of Apocalypse Weird takes yet another twist - this time Aliens want in on the apocalyptic action and no better author than Eric Tozzi to introduce them. Set in Phoenix, Arizona this latest addition to the Apocalypse Weird series cranks up the tension from "Edge Of Your Seat" to "I Have No Nails Left" with an alien invasion disaster extravaganza on an epic scale that once again pushes the boundaries of the series. Tozzi's vivid imagery lends an almost movie-like feel to proceedings while the characters are well-presented and the dialogue is snappy and to the point. The pace is relentless and gives the reader little time to pause for thought, quickly jumping to the next set piece with the odd detour on the way and plenty of surprises in store. Another highly entertaining addition to the world of Apocalypse Weird that makes it's own mark while still keeping the tone of the series so far.

  • Cmoore
    2019-04-02 20:26

    Just when I think I kind'a have a handle on this whole Apocalypse Weird thing in steps Eric Tozzi, and Boom! Aliens!!! Wow, just wow, never assume you know anything in this crazy fun series. Eric Tozzi took a well publicized UFO sighting and turned it into something well weird, Apocalypse Weird.It was really fun to read, with lots of action. I'm not sure but this may be my favorite story so far. For sure it is my favorite cover. Of course my favorite book is generally what I've just finished. I'm looking forward to the next book in the Phoenix Lights saga.

  • Aly Abell
    2019-03-21 01:43

    Phoenix Lights by Eric Tozzi brings aliens into the Apocalpyse Weird universe. Inspired by a phenomenon witnessed in the sky by thousands in Phoenix in 1997, Tozzi weaves a compelling story about the early days of the Apocalypse. Many questions remain unanswered at the end of the book, meaning that I will definitely be looking out for the next volume in the series.I was fortunate to receive an advance copy in exchange for a fair review.

  • Dave
    2019-04-01 02:27

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. After reading the previous seven Apocalypse Weird books, I can assure you I would have purchased this book if I had not received a free copy. And just like with all the previous Apocalypse Weird books, I loved this one. Fast moving with lots of complex twists and well developed characters. The common AW plot line melded with the Phoenix plot line to create a very interesting read. I'm ready and anxious for more.

  • Jenni
    2019-04-13 18:16

    Stories about aliens invading aren't really my cup of tea, but this book was so well written and compelling that I forgot my bias and became immersed in the story. An excellent addition to the Apocalypse Weird World!I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book and am pleased to leave a review.

  • Colby
    2019-04-01 18:31

    Very well written, and gripping as hell. Phoenix Lights is an apocalyptic invasion story from the Apocalypse Weird universe. This is the first of Tozzi's work that I have read, but it won't be the last. Excellent characters and some fantastic world un-building here. I'm dying to see what comes next for Gage and April, and to find out what the hell Vincent is.

  • Megan
    2019-04-17 23:23

    I really enjoyed this book right up until the ending. I know the author was setting it up for a sequel but I really hated the turn all the characters took at the end. I probably won't continue the series.

  • Seamus
    2019-04-07 21:36

    An amazing continuation of the Apocalypse Weird world from Eric Tozzi. Is this really the eighth book already?Well it's fast & furious to be sure! Think of WAR OF THE WORLDS, INDEPENDENCE DAY, V & tonnes of Weirdness.Enjoy my friends!

  • Jack Biderman
    2019-04-20 21:15

    I entered this story wondering if I would be surprised, and I was. Another alien invasion? Yes, thankfully, and it fits right in with the AW universe full of thrills and characters you care about. Another story that makes me want to read more in this terrific concept

  • Madison
    2019-03-31 00:25

    Very good!

  • Fiannawolf
    2019-03-20 20:19

    Totally loving the mish mash of different crazy scenarios in this series. Gonna have to try the rest of the 1.0s to see how everything develops.

  • Zane Yates
    2019-03-27 02:21

    Love this series, really love this book.