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Title : steel justice
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ISBN : 24946222
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 360 Pages
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steel justice Reviews

  • Lorrea - WhatChaReadin'?
    2019-04-22 03:59

    Michelle is a very adventurous girl. She gets is from her father, Max Steel. When Michelle is invited on the yacht of her father's enemy, Malcolm Microbe, her sense of adventure gets the best of her. She seems something she shouldn't have, and the next thing you know, she and her best friend are missing. Jasmine Bronson is an investigative reporter in Eden Cove, she fights hard to get the story she wants. Taking on a new job and trying to prove herself, she comes across something that forces her to join up with Max Steel to find Michelle.Steel Justice was a great book. I will admit that about 1/3 of the way through, I got a little bored and wondered when the adventure was going to come back. At 50% through the end, it was hard to put it down. At the beginning you are introduced to a lot of different characters that make you wonder how all of these people play a part in the disappearance of one girl. So many things going on in this picturesque town in Australia. You're not sure if you want to visit, or steer clear. There are different parts of this story that all come together at the end. You have to stick around for the finale. It's a great story and I look forward to reading more books by this author.

  • Charmaine Faulkner
    2019-04-22 09:01

    A really good read. I highly recommend this book.

  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    2019-04-20 02:08

    I have had to wait a few days to write this review to let this book sit with me for a while. This thriller penned by Australian author Jenni Boyd I agreed to read and review, Jenni writes books in a range of genres, this one sitting firmly in the thriller category. First the plot:When confronted with the inexplicable disappearance of his daughter Michelle, Max Steel immediately suspects Malcolm Microbe, forcing him to draw on his military instincts to find her, the only way he knows how.Jasmine Bronson, an attractive, and daring reporter, uncovers disturbing information, which could be a link to the disappearance of Michelle, involving an element far more dangerous than Microbe.Steel reluctantly joins forces with Bronson, as the answers they seek are hidden in the form of a cryptic riddle. Can they unravel its meaning, and will Steel finally uncover what happened to his daughter, and why?I felt the book started really well, and I was really enjoying where it was going with kidnappings and murder and thrills all around, but then I felt the wind went out of the sails a bit for me. It almost felt a bit like two books but what I had hoped for was more focus on the side of the plot surrounding what was happening with Michelle, but I did not get enough of that.I am an honest reviewer and my followers value that and I have to be honest to say that parts of this book just bored me (sorry), I felt the plot was disjointed and maybe had too many elements squashed into it. I could not connect with any of the characters and whilst I like a good thriller, I had no thrills except for the beginning - which had a real edge to it. (Loved the crocodile scene)One of those reads I struggled to pick up and want to keep going but I wanted to do the author justice. I think as an author there is huge potential here but some refinement, editing and proofing would be really helpful. The book contained an enormous amount of exclamation marks at the end of spoken words, they were everywhere, and not used in the right context, it felt like the characters even in normal conversation were shouting, or being excited and it didn't fit what was going on. It was so distracting I could not absorb what I was reading.HOWEVER Jenni contacted me after I mentioned this and has edited this from the book, I applaud her for taking on that criticism and feedback and doing what good authors should do - improving their work. Bravo, Jenni. It was a book that had some good moments but then parts that just did not work, I don't know why but I also felt it leaned towards the male reader possibly, but that's just my personal opinion. All the shady business dealings going on. Not a terrible book by any means and many may really like it, my issue is I read 400 books a year so compare to many thrillers, for an upcoming author it's not a bad effort but I wonder if this genre is Jenni's niche, I might at a later time explore another book of hers in a different genre. My Goodreads rating can't be 3 stars which is "I liked it" as I honestly didn't, so I give it 2.5 stars (It was ok). I have to be honest. So 2.5 paw prints from the Booklover Catlady for Steel Justice. (I hate writing this review).Thanks to the author Jenni Boyd for a copy of her novel in return for an honest