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It is Medieval times where the word of the King or Queen is law and a knight swore upon an oath, a code of chivalry to guard the Sovereign and protect the weak. The land is called Zanna, a place where mythical creatures and sorcerers of great power exist, a power used for both good and evil. The Queen is dying, a secret closely guarded to protect the Princess, heir to theIt is Medieval times where the word of the King or Queen is law and a knight swore upon an oath, a code of chivalry to guard the Sovereign and protect the weak. The land is called Zanna, a place where mythical creatures and sorcerers of great power exist, a power used for both good and evil. The Queen is dying, a secret closely guarded to protect the Princess, heir to the throne. The Royal Duke, the Queen's cruel and sadistic nephew believes the crown is rightfully his and will do whatever it takes to become King. As a dark shadow of evil spreads across the land, whispers arise of an old legend passed down through the generations about 'The Child of the Gods', a child born to save the Kingdom from absolute terror! A beautiful young woman with hair like liquid silver, finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings, with no recollection of her name or her past, but when the plight of the people of Zanna come to her attention, she defies all odds to stand up against the terror inflicted upon them, armed with nothing but her unique bow and arrows, earning herself the name 'The Silver Angel'. A mysterious man aids her in her quest, telling her he knows her true identity and that she must seek a hidden object, one that possesses great power, but only she holds the key and the knowledge of its secret location. He insists it is imperative she find it in order to save the people. The Silver Angel questions his motive for helping her, for he hides behind a mask, refusing to reveal his face. Despite all warnings and increasing suspicions as to his true identity, she falls in love with him, putting her life in great danger....

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the bloodstone key Reviews

  • Veronica ⭐️
    2019-05-19 08:06

    The Queen and her only living heir, Princess Felicia, have been murdered. The Queen’s nephew, the evil Terric, has taken the throne and now rules by fear and death. For the people of Zanna their only hope is a myth, passed down through the generations, that the “Child of the Gods” will one day free them from Terric’s rule.Low Fantasy would have to be one of my favourite reads and “The Bloodstone Key” didn’t disappoint.Other reviewers have mentioned that the start of the story is confusing and I will have to agree. It’s like “hang on, what just happened?” But this is all part of the mystery. The Bloodstone Key is full of mystery and the full explanation of what happened on that fateful night comes later in the story. So don’t despair if you feel a little lost, all will be revealed.The Bloodstone Key is shrouded in mystery, romance, suspense and danger. The characters are likeable and well developed which makes you want them to survive and prosper. My favourite characters being little Henry, Matthew, Hamond, Edwin and David. I found the violence is kept to a minimum with more telling than showing as the main theme is kept to one of hope and courage.There are brief appearances of mythical creatures and minimal magic, so maybe not for High Fantasy fans.A wonderful story for fans of good overcoming evil and love overcoming adversity.

  • Sally906
    2019-05-15 06:55

    Opening line: It was a moonless night, and the sky was as black as pitch.My thoughts: Set in a medieval land where the word of the King or Queen is law and a knight swore an oath guard the Sovereign and protect the weak. The land in question is called Zanna, and a place where mystical creatures and sorcerers of great power exist, powers that can be used for both good, and evil. THE BLOODSTONE KEY opens with the incumbent Queen dying, a secret closely guarded to protect the Princess, heir to the throne. The Queen despairs that her silly daughter has been spoiled rotten and is not fit to take over the throne. The Queen worries that her evil nephew, who believes the crown is rightfully his, will do whatever it takes to become King – including kill the queen and the princess once he finds out the Queen is dying. She is very quickly proved right and although the Queen tries to protect her daughter they are both murdered and he takes over the throne. Misery and despair spreads across the land as the new King and his evil sorcerer assistant destroy homes, crops and anyone who stands in their way. But there is hope, a legend that a child born of the gods will come and save the kingdom at its darkest hour. Surely that hour has come. A young woman is released from a tree – she has silver hair, no memory of who she is or where she has come from and all she is wearing is a chain with a bloodstone pendant around her neck. She is rescued by Elias, a masked man who cares for her, names her Sabina as he believes she is the child of the gods mentioned in legend, and promptly starts training her to kill. If Sabina really is the key to save Zanna then she will have to go into battle against the evil sorcerer and the murderous King.THE BLOODSTONE KEY is a very good Fantasy adventure. It had fast-paced action, evil usurpers, danger, bloodshed, excitement, a touch of romance and enough misunderstandings for the story not to be over by the second chapter. Add to these magic, elves, centaurs, dragons and the mysterious heroine with powers and you can understand why I read it in a couple of days. I got a little confused in the first couple of chapters when the Queen and Princess were killed and Sabina appeared. The opening events were happening fast (well there was a little kingdom stealing going on after all) but once the story settled down I gained mental control of who was who and where they fitted into the scheme of things, I just let the story and mysteries unfold for me. I recommend THE BLOODSTONE KEY to anyone who enjoys Fantasy Adventures.C – Above average. Was very readable and I really liked it but was easily able to put it down and walk away for a while.With thanks to the author for my copy to read and review

  • Brenda
    2019-04-24 08:43

    While Queen Katherine knew she was dying, she also knew her young daughter Felicia was not ready to become Queen. But the alternative was much worse; her nephew Terec was evil – a lazy bully who used others to do his dirty work and who believed it was his right to become King. Katherine had to put a plan into action and fast – Celestria and the Chancellor, her most trusted and loyal friends, would do her bidding. But would it be in time?Sabina woke in the darkness, unaware of who she was or where she was. The stranger frightened her – the mask which hid his face would not be removed and though he spoke gently to her, she always felt uneasy… As the beautiful young woman with long silver hair learned the ways of the forest, she also learned of the people of Zanna and their terrible plight. The Silver Angel had a stone hanging around her neck – the bloodstone key gave her a power which she would use to help the people. And once she found the location of a mysterious item which had been hidden for generations, she knew she could save the Kingdom. But would her quest be in vain? She had to defeat the evil King once and for all…The Bloodstone Key by Aussie author Jennie Boyd is an excellent tale of mystery, evil and the legends of medieval times, entwined with hope for the future at the hands of one special young woman. It’s an intriguing plot which moved along at a fast pace; and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have no hesitation in recommending The Bloodstone Key.With thanks to the author for this ecopy to read in exchange for my honest review.

  • Mary Mossop
    2019-05-18 04:51

    The Bloodstone Key: by Jenni Boyd.I misplaced this book after moving backwards and forwards to my daughters which is why it has taken me so long to completely finish. From the minute I started reading this book I fell into the fantasy world of mystery/intrigue/gypsies and medieval magic. It can wander just a little whilst you try to understand the characters (but nearly all books do this), so persevere because it doesn't take long before your hooked on the plot and story line. The perfect book to read with a nice big cup of tea and curled up in your favourite chair.

  • Charmaine Faulkner
    2019-04-30 03:08

    Wow..what an absolute must read. The Bloodstone Key is set in the medieval era. I was drawn into the mysterious world of medieval times, with every twist and turn I was captivated. Good against evil. When the characters of "The Child of the Gods" & Elias are introduced you enter into the world of mythical creatures & sorcerers. This book will keep you enthralled to the very end.

  • Ellie Boyd
    2019-05-02 08:02

    Well written novel, although not my usual genre still and enjoyable read. Great plot to keep you guessing.