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In a heartbeat, a single mistake can alter everything . . . and suddenly you realize . . . life will never ever be the same.Popular Ashla Cameron can do no wrong until the day she makes a devastating mistake. Instantly, she lands in the crosshairs of angry students. Classmates and friends shun her. School bullies hone in on her, and she is targeted by the nefarious Mako ZeIn a heartbeat, a single mistake can alter everything . . . and suddenly you realize . . . life will never ever be the same.Popular Ashla Cameron can do no wrong until the day she makes a devastating mistake. Instantly, she lands in the crosshairs of angry students. Classmates and friends shun her. School bullies hone in on her, and she is targeted by the nefarious Mako Zelter. Her three friends stand strong to protect her, but things spiral out of control. The mysterious Delta recognizes her torment and reaches out to her, but even he can't stop this.Ashla loses herself. Her old reality is gone. Her new one is unbearable. She must find a way out of her wretched situation . . . she must make things right! Ashla devises a unique way to do this, and in the weeks that follow, she inadvertently falls in love.He has seen this green-eyed beauty in his dreams for months but must come to terms with a perplexing reality. Meanwhile, Mako is relentless and when it is least expected, he makes his final move.Soul Fire is an emotionally charged story of one girl's fight to overcome the horrors of bullying, her endeavor to right a wrong, and how her exuberance for life along with tender young love, loyal friendships, and a good family help her survive.Nancy Allan is also the author of "WINTER'S DESTINY"....

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soul fire Reviews

  • Keith
    2019-04-03 23:56

    A page turner impossible to put down, a 5star read. This book is as good as it gets. Fast paced, relevant and captivating.

  • Loni Engledow
    2019-04-07 23:54

    What an intriguing story! With the blink of an eye lives are changed after a terrible skiing accident. When school mates begin to bully and ostracize Ashla for ruining Justin's future as a great hockey player, her life spirals to danger and dispare. The bullying escalates and fear becomes Ashla's daily What a great book. I love time travel novels and this one did not disappoint. I had a problem with Ruebens character from the start but he did grow on me Frankie's character seemed to take forever to evolve and I was sort of confused with it because of the first chapter on the book. Was he a cad? I had to find answers and the book was very easy to read. I really want to read her next book. Thanks to J Wells for allowing me to review her book. How will the bullying end? Will someone pay with their life? Does Justin blame Ashla? This is a must read for those who believe in young love, fate and good overcoming evil!

  • Cait
    2019-04-25 00:11

    Quite a short read, felt like it could have been longer if handled differently.The characters quite often felt like caricatures, like aspects of them were exaggerated (Justin's parents and Ashla's grandmother especially).Liked the premise, could see how injuring a star sports player at school could lead to bullying.The character of Dell was odd, like he was supposed to be one sort of character but then went off in a different direction part way through. The guy who supplies drugs to others didn't gel with the academic planning to go to medical school.Didn't like the way it ended without anything actually being resolved. Obviously Dell is moving away but the problems with the gang and the bullying are still there.I know that bullying can be really bad but I felt like it was taken to extremes in the story.Ashla's dad's cancer also felt a bit tacked on. Would've been better left off or perhaps explored in greater detail.

  • Tiffany Tinkham-Graves
    2019-04-14 19:55

    I think that this book needs to be a part of 6th graders reading assignment all over the U.S. It portrays what happens to a person when they are bullied and how bad the consequences can be. I loved reading this book and I think all teenagers need to read this. Maybe then so much bullying in schools wouldn't happen.A BIG Love it from ME! I recommend this one for all young teenage readers.

  • Miki
    2019-03-28 23:19

    Horrible endingThe writing was good. The plot was as well. Then after bringing several of the subplots to conclusions, one of the primary characters just walked away. I hate books that leave me hanging.

  • Symphony Branch
    2019-04-02 18:24

    AMAZINGI so was not expecting this. It was free so I figured why not. Now I'm so glad i got this book. AMAZING. That's all I can say. This book was wild and crazy but still so true and real. And it hit on really important topics. Just an overall amazing read.

  • Jeana
    2019-04-07 20:02

    Pretty good book, kind of could have had two different endings.

  • Valery
    2019-04-02 17:03

    3.5 starsMy first response to this book was that it was going to be another frivolous teen girl meets hot teen guy and insta-love ensues. And I'll admit, I was off course in some respects. There was the insta-love, but I won't spoil what happens with it.There were some odd things about the characters. The over explanation of Ashla's features by Justin was so girly, it was hard to realise this was a character shift into a guy's psyche. Lets be real, most guys wouldn't delve so deeply into a girls appearance as to know her face was heart-shaped. This shift was extremely strange for me, and I had to double check it was supposed to be Justin to be sure.Now that I think about it, a lot of the character shifts were strange. It was almost hard to discern who was talking, other than the character label at the beginning of the chapter. Without that label, I'm not sure the POV shift would come across at all.Dell, or Delta, didn't quite seem right to me. Drug dealer? Or smart guy wanting to be a doctor? It just seemed a bit off.Also, the cancer might have thrown some people off, but it helped to justify the loss of a job since the Dad missed so much work. My problem was that it is hard to hide the results of chemo and radiation, it made it nearly impossible to buy in to the whole idea of the main character not knowing about it.The grammar mistakes were also a big turn off for me. Punctuation, spelling, misused words, and other grammar offenses almost killed the entire thing, but the story is so potent, so powerful, that it needs to be out there.It's been a long time since my emotions and hackles have been raised while reading a book, and this one hit definitely hit the mark. Any parent with a teen needs to read this. It was a good refresher for me, and it is an eye-opener for those who have no idea what really happens in our schools today. The reality is, not only do teens do this to fellow classmates and friends, they do it to teachers, neighbors, and other adults. It's an epidemic, and it's addictive for those who do it.Thank you Nancy for sharing such a gripping and emotional tale. I just wish the grammar could be addressed so I could really recommend it to others.For my clean readers:Violence, teen bullying, underage drug use(proof of why it can become such a temptation), and language(only one swearword that I can find, but the use of it is justified in the context and not just thrown out there for content pressure).