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Bluebell’s Citizen Brand is like no other. Because she is LUSH, she’s turned into a public figure – a perfect example of a Concord Citizen, a goal for the next generation. She tries to embrace her fate, but the more she learns about Concord and The Council, the less she trusts in everything she’s been told her whole life.After discovering that Aspen is not her real mother,Bluebell’s Citizen Brand is like no other. Because she is LUSH, she’s turned into a public figure – a perfect example of a Concord Citizen, a goal for the next generation. She tries to embrace her fate, but the more she learns about Concord and The Council, the less she trusts in everything she’s been told her whole life.After discovering that Aspen is not her real mother, Bluebell realizes she has little chance of finding the woman who gave birth to her. She also suspects someone is tampering with her memories, and knows that she must discover the truth about Concord before the people she loves are completely erased from her mindDisclaimer: HUSH is part of the LUSH Series – but it's more like a Serialized Television Show. It is the second novel in the series, and it answers some questions from LUSH, but it asks a lot more. Think of the LUSH series like LOST or The Vampire Diaries or Heroes... and not so much like E.R. or Fringe or House. The final novel is due February 2014....

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hush lush 2 Reviews

  • Sarah
    2019-04-25 03:35

    (Read using Kindle Unlimited)This was a good sequel, and I’m looking forward to the final book in the series.I liked Bluebell in this book and I felt really sorry for her and the way Aspen treated her. The memory tampering drugs were pretty scary too.The storyline in this was pretty good, although there was once again quite a lot of information in here. I did think that it was presented in a much better way though, and it didn’t feel info-dumpy. Lots of important questions were raised in this book, and I’m really interested to see what answers we get in the last book in the series.7.25 out of 10.

  • Abbie
    2019-05-09 20:10

    Actual rating - 3.25This was an okay read, but i didn't like it quite as much as book one.I felt quite sorry for Bluebell. The situation regarding her real mother was tough, and the memory tampering drugs weren't fun either. This one wasn't as slow in the first half as the first one was which was good, but i just couldn't enjoy it as much as i enjoyed Lush.I'm looking forward to seeing how everything ends in book three.

  • Joy
    2019-05-15 03:22

    I read and greatly enjoyed the first book, Lush, earlier this year, and so when I realized the second book in the series was out I picked it up right away. I read the book in just over a day, partly because I read very quickly, partly because it was a compelling read, and partly because it was only 150 pages (25% shorter than the first book). I see that the author is noting that this is a "serialized story" meant to be compared more with an episodic TV show than with a movie, but also that there is only one book left, and if that's the case then I don't think the last book will be enough.In the first book we were introduced to Bluebell, a young lady in Concord who received the Citizen Brand not only marking her as Fertile, but as Lush with Life. Because of this, she becomes the Lush Ambassador as her job after graduating from school, which in this novel takes her outside of Concord 1 on a tour to visit Concords 2, 3, and 4. During her tour she is expected to be a visible, public, perfect face of a Citizen of Concord who has done everything right (and whose parents did everything right) to produce a Lush brand. Throughout her time away, however, Bluebell is learning more about herself and Concord, especially on how manipulative the Council of Concord truly is. She must decide whether she wants to pursue this new knowledge, or allow her memories to fade and for her put-on personality of the Lush Ambassador to take over her completely.The use of drugs in this book is central to the plot, which was a bit of a surprise given that there was nearly no mention of them in the first book. Sleep, Awake, Energy, and more come as bottles of water, and there are other more sinister meds available, all of which dissolve instantly and leave no trace (taste or smell) in liquid. While the concept is used effectively and explained well, it was still odd to have it so important suddenly in this part of the story. Bluebell's experiences with other people, including the highly creepy doctor-in-training Weaver, illustrate how she is doing her best to protect herself and her friends as the Ambassador, yet she's still trying to figure out what's really going on.This is a great book and a worthy sequel to the first novel. I was disappointed it was so short, although it has a complete story arc that follows a logical "episode" in Bluebell's life, namely the tour of the other Concords. There is a lot of interesting stuff in this world, and I am hoping that more than one book will follow or that the last book will be much longer. I'm worried it will be too rushed if it is kept to this size of novel, but I suppose we will see. I recommend this series (so far) to any who like dystopian fiction, interesting sci-fi concepts, and coming-of-age stories.

  • June
    2019-05-13 03:17

    I wanted to really really enjoy this sequel: but it was much slower paced with good but repetitive world building but the suspense and the characters ended up flat. Why? Nothing much really happens. Good thing it was only 150 pages. Hush is the continuation of a dystopian society known as Concord which is divided into 4 areas: Goverment, Medicine with Drug Development, Business and Agriculture. While there has been great advances after getting rid of illness through vaccination, early and consistent schooling for all children ages 5-18 there is so serious indoctrination going on. All is not well. As you come of age, you are branded a Citizen and then your life is more or less determined by your ability to reproduce along with your career path. Guess who gets to decide your future? In this sequel, Bluebell who is Lush with life, i.e able to have up to 6 children instead of the usual 2, has now been groomed as the Lush Ambassador for the Council. The novel picks up with her Gala after the cliff hangar from the first book. But then those first chapters, I don't know if I'm more annoyed with Blue or bemused with the deviousness of Aspen. I understand the brainwashing for the last 12 years but Blue seems to be a slow learner. Especially for someone who enjoys stories, couldn't she see that one coming?!!! And so the predictability kinda dampened my joy. Despite these drawbacks, my curiosity remains peaked. I want to see how it turns out. I am still rooting for Blue to become the heroine she can be and break all the rules. And I want to see what happens with Blue and Jackson, cam there relationship be repaired? And what happens with the Pets? Overall I gave it 3/5. Good for those who like dystopian or ya novel and don't mind a slower paced novel with world building. It is the writing and world building which has really kept me going with the lesser known author.

  • Marsha
    2019-05-13 23:10

    "Hush" is a great follow up to "Lush." Bluebell has experienced a rude awakening. She now knows that as a child she was stolen from her real mother in a power play by Aspen and her grandfather. Aspen or 'Mother' as she demands to be called attempts to erase Blue's memories. However, with the help of her friend, Thorn and her secret tablet.The council has sent Blue on a three week tour of districts 2-4. Cimmaron, her trusty advisor accompanies her as well as her new chauffeur, Gill. While on their first stop, the council arranges for a medical student, Weaver, to shadow Blue for the week. At dinner on her last evening Blue receives a surprise visit from dear old Mother and it is clear she is pushing Weaver closer to Blue. Additionally, Blue watches in horror as her twin friends are forced to choose marriage contracts between two sets of brothers only receiving one third voting rights while the public get one as well. After waking from being drugged once again be her Mother, Blue remembered she received several pills from her medical tour, one of which can restore her memories.As Cimmaron becomes more controlling, Blue finds a friend and source of information from her Chauffeur, Gill. They have to sneak in order to speak to one another openly. As they depart for their next stop the unthinkable happens. The district falls under attack by outside forces or so they are told. But, Blue recognizes the woman responsible for the attack as one of the patients she saw at the medical research institute in district 2.Blue's ability to communicate with her friends has been revoked and the council has ordered her to return to distract one. This series is just getting better and better. Once again, there really isn't much action but the mystique and intrigue is off the charts. I cannot wait to read book three, the last book in the series to see how everything is resolved.

  • Al
    2019-05-17 00:25

    In my review of Lush, the first installment in this dystopian serial, I discussed how its world was unlike a typical dystopia. The primary difference is that the standard of living is high, lacking the squalor and poverty of a normal dystopia. But like most dystopias, life is far from ideal. In Concord, life appears good, with a healthcare system that provides a long, good life. However, with the government also making many life decisions for the people, maybe it isn’t so good after all.As the story continues we, through Bluebell, begin to see the chinks in the armor. Maybe some of the positives about Concord are only illusion. As more information comes out about Bluebell’s mother, Bluebell is given clues to some of Concord’s faults. When I finished Lush, I was interested in seeing where this serial was headed, both because I found the world interesting and wanted to see what happened to the characters. But I didn’t feel fully invested. This installment changed that.**Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. **

  • Deana
    2019-05-03 20:16

    YA DystopianPart two of the Lush seriesWhile on her Lush ambassador tour, Bluebell learns the truth of her birth from those in secret trying to help her as well as bring down the Concord Council. Bluebell finds out her real mother was banished by Aspen, the cold woman who has claimed her right as mother so her own infertility would not be discovered and so her family could advance. Bluebell is forced to cut her goodwill tour short, however, when a so-called rebel bombing occurs. On her way home, she becomes even more determined to discover what the Council is hiding and why it wants to keep such tight control over its citizens. Good, quick story, but minor editing errors throughout, as if the author were in a hurry to finish.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-10 22:33

    This second installment in the trilogy details Bluebell's training and gala before she starts off on her first work trip. She soon discovers Concord is not all that she once thought it to be, that many of those she once thought for her are against her, and that she's not who she thought she was. Such leads to the fall of many things in her eyes. I really enjoyed this installment; I think I would have preferred it more had she been around those she holds dear. There were numerous errors in this book (primarily incorrect prepositions); although they did not detract from the meaning, they were quite annoying. This one, too, ends on a cliff hanger.

  • Courtney Richter
    2019-05-19 03:16

    Hush left me with many unanswered questions. I want to know what is happening and I want to know now!! But that is what is so great about this series. She leaves you with questions that you have no answers too. Bluebell is such a strong character and I can't help to feel related to her. She is always having to prove herself to her peers, to the other citizens of concord. There seems to be a twist coming up in later books. If you haven't picked up the first book "Lush", you really should. Then grab this one and read this too. You won't be disappointed. It is unlike any other book I have read and that's why I love it so much.

  • WriteTheVision
    2019-04-29 01:29

    Not very good. There are far too many editing mistakes to really enjoy it. Plus the story seemed to meander rather than push forward with momentum and purpose. The once interesting themes did not develop but continued to ask the same questions originally raised without any resolution -- or any in sight.

  • Kelly
    2019-04-30 02:30

    This book was significantly shorter than the first book and lacked a full plot. I am not sure why this book ended where it did. I almost feel like the book ended as a chapter would and not a book. Nothing was resolved and there was not a cliffhanger to lead into the next book. Very odd, in my opinion. I am however reading the third book now and truly like this series.

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-08 03:39

    The second book was repetitive of the first. I like the writing style and she is better and describing a scene than a lot of authors but on the tour, there so much more we could have scene instead of the same type of people all saying the same thing repeatedly. I would have loved to see the poor, unhappy, etc...

  • Brittney
    2019-05-10 03:19

    Eh. Just eh!

  • James
    2019-05-08 22:14

    Lots of detail, perhaps too much. Some aspects are repeated too many times.Worth a read tho

  • Camille
    2019-05-13 22:33

    Interesting book and concept. Will be reading the third one next.

  • JoAnna Bethea
    2019-05-06 00:20

    Liked this second book. The ending wasn't as rushed as the first book, so that was good. Both were quick reads. Very similar to Hunger Games and Divergent.

  • Jewel
    2019-05-12 03:20

    I like this series.

  • Brandy Corona
    2019-04-30 01:38

    You will not be disappointed by the Lush series, such a unique and fresh concept for a storyline! S.L. writing style and characters are amazing!