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Time is running out for Prince Vittorio. His father’s health is failing and he must find a royal bride. Fast. He’s never forgotten his glimpse of a beautiful Scandinavian princess and lures her to his Mediterranean country with an invitation to his father’s birthday ball. He’d planned to propose a marriage agreement as cold as her icy reputation, but then he discovers she'Time is running out for Prince Vittorio. His father’s health is failing and he must find a royal bride. Fast. He’s never forgotten his glimpse of a beautiful Scandinavian princess and lures her to his Mediterranean country with an invitation to his father’s birthday ball. He’d planned to propose a marriage agreement as cold as her icy reputation, but then he discovers she's as colorful and warm as a summer sunset. The heat between them flares red-hot and when she allows him to seduce her, Vittorio sees his future unfolding just as he had planned. But what he doesn’t know is that the woman in his bed is not a princess at all.The last thing schoolteacher Mia Holmberg expects when she masquerades as her royal cousin is to be swept off her feet by a charming prince. The incredible night in Vittorio’s arms is like a fairy tale come true, but she’d never want the life of a real princess, with all its pomp and politics. Knowing they can never have a future together, she slips out of his bed and back to reality, where she belongs. But Vittorio discovers the deception and kidnaps Mia back to his palace, demanding she be his mistress until the real princess appears. Despite her attempts to stay aloof, Mia soon learns there’s more to the prince than arrogance and attitude, but now she’s in danger of falling in love with a man she can never have....

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  • Nemo
    2019-03-20 13:32

    For a full and edited review go to: Miscommunicating StarsThis story was great! I wish it was longer and it would have been great to have a few twist. Mia is a sweet and realistic character. You can definitely imagine her as a humble school teacher, who just happened to fall in love with the prince. It was a very Cinderella-y story.As for Vittorio, I wish we could have had more character depth“He was trapped and he didn’t see any way out. Duty first.”That’s about how deep we went with Vittorio, it was all about how horrible it was growing up as a prince. I mean sure it wasn’t easy but does he have to complain about it every 30 pages? But at least he wasn’t the perfect prince ( although he was still pretty sexy). I loved the fact that he loved Mia, I didn’t love the fact that he asked Mia to be his mistress. After that scene I sort of clocked out. I mostly felt bad for Mia until SHE AGREED. I mean really! Even if you love him you should have enough self-respect to say no.“How could she have melted against him like a weak, needy woman? Only minutes after refusing to become his mistress, she’d kissed him as if she wanted him to toss her on the bed”Other than Mia’s weakness they were a sweet couple. I also thought it was original how Mia’s homeland was Icy and Vittorio’s kingdom, Mezzano, was a hot humid place which perfectly described their personalitys.I’m really glad this is a series! There’s so many other characters whose stories im dying to hear like Bridgitte, Vittorio’s sister Angelina, and even his bodyguard Rico. Can’t wait to hear more from this Author!

  • Katie
    2019-03-05 14:18

    ARC received via NetGalleyAn enjoyable Cinderella-style story.

  • Giovanni
    2019-03-19 11:21

    *ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review *SOME SPOILERS AHEAD*4 stars for a sweet heart-warming story about a prince and his Cinderella. This story was literally like a Cinderella story where a beautiful yet common woman dressed in a beutiful gown, pretended to be a princess and met her Prince Charming. The difference was this Cinderella story was definitely an adult-version, where a princess could stay through the night, if you know what I mean ;)The plot was rather unoriginal, right? I've read a lot of stories just exactly using this plot. But like I said, it's the author's job to make it unique to each own. And this author was rather succeessful in hers.Mia, a school teacher, had been asked by her princess cousin, Birgitte to stand in for her in a ball because they're resembled to each other. That night, Mia and Vittorio met as a royal couple. Vittorio didn't know that Mia was not the Ice Princess he intended to marry and set to allure her, beside he'd already felt a strong connection with her, what's the wrong if he extended his hope? Mia, after almost of her life being treated as a second best after her cousin, wanted to be the one lucky princess that seduce the prince charming that night.The morning after, the princess was dissappear. And the prince charming searched for her.When Vittorio knew that Mia had deceived him he felt betrayed and crushed. Crushed because he'd already set his hope soared higher than before, that he could have a royal marriage where he had a suitable bride. Instead, the bride turned out to be a commoner, and his country had this silly marriage decree that royalty must married another royalty. So he couldn't have her as a wife, right? The solution? Kidnapped her and made her his mistress until the real princess returned.The beginning itself turned out to be better than I expected. Yes, I'd been bored a little bit until Vittorio finally knew the truth. After that, the story was kinda hooked me all along. Things got interesting after she became his 'mistress'. I liked how the author was not focused too much to the hero and heroine only. There's more than their passionate love-making that I could learn to love Mia and Vittorio for themselves. I certainly liked Mia's character. Hers was very mature, strong and developed at some turns. Vittorio's not the alpha hero-jerk like usual, he's certainly being selfish about her 'owing' him. But he treated her like a true princess and gradually became a wonderful hero in my eyes.I found that some scenes were quite heart-breaking, such as where he stayed up at night to find a way around the royal marriage decree or when she tried to stay strong by saying no. Finally, the King himself found his wisdom and rescinded the decree so they now could married because they loved each other. And to the man she loved, who had showed her she could be more than she thought she could be. Who was strong enough to not let her go. Who believed in her and the life they could live together. I only need an epilogue and the second book about Rico. Oh, by the way, there's only one character that confused me. Brigitte. Was she supposed to be a selfish person that left Mia and agreed to a cold marriage, or a cousin who looked lost after Mia refused to stand in for her again (well, Vittorio asked her help) because she cared enough to Mia's happiness? What?

  • Hiba
    2019-03-11 14:15

    loved it. sigh..short and sweet

  • JAX R.V
    2019-02-27 13:39

    Similar to a Cinderella story..... cute and interesting.

  • Les Chroniques Aléatoires
    2019-03-09 12:23

    I acknowledge it, the blurb looks yummy only with his simplicity, his enticing screen and the idea of two people, two countries that all opposes. It's really a fairy tale, or a princess tale, as we has learned to appreciate them since our childhood. A Prince who is not so charming then appeared to be it, an young woman commoner which is much more royal than her princess of cousin, a boiling lovestory and yet impossible. There is all that it's necessary to have a pleasant reading. Vittorio looks like the classical, dark Mediterranean Prince with blood hot, who is a true casanova and yet romantic in the heart. He seeks to pass for a cold, cruel man whereas he is all the opposite. We understand rather quickly that he loves his family more than everything. He is loyal and will make pass his country before his own happiness. The weight of the years under his royal statute pushed him to forget his dream of a loving wife, a cordial family, but a woman will succeed in making him change idea! Mia in the other side, she is herself from the start, even under the identity of her cousin, she's a natural person and cash. We fell well that the fact of taking her cousin's place does not amuse her any more from a long time. She looks like to suffer from her statute, to always pass after Birgitte. In fact, she enormously resembles to Vittorio, she is quite as generous, soft and cordial as him. Her family counts more than everything for her too. Vittorio's proposal will destroy her with small fire, it's not in her personality to be somebody's mistress, and more of a person whom she came to appreciate more and more. Without forgetting that he will be a member of her family. The Romance, the evolution of Vittorio and Mia's lovestory is soft-bitter from its first steps. Mia seeks to flee her feelings when she understands that she will disappoint and betray the Prince. When with him on his side, he immediately sees her as his soul-sister, the perfect woman to reign at his sides. But when the truth falls, Vittorio proposes her to be his mistress, all will turned over against him. They will make several bad decisions. I had besides some problems with Mia at the beginning of their relation, whereas she say to be a strong woman, she cracks easily in the arms of the beautiful Prince. The screen is more than basic, since it's about a story of marriage without love and misunderstandings, but which does not annoy us. There are sufficient bounces to astonish us per moments, even if the end is visible from the beginning. I appreciated certain supporting characters like Rico, Tony and Angie. As regards for Birgitte, she is too egoistic and immature for the moment, she will need a god kick in the ass! Finally, I appreciated this book and I would read the continuation with pleasure.

  • Laura Greenwood
    2019-03-05 10:28

    Review forthcoming on http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live...I received a copy of Her Royal Masquerade from Netgalley in exchange for my review.Mia has often stood in for her cousin, Birgitte, to allow the Princess to live her own life, but this time things are different. At a ball she meets the Crown Prince of Mezzano, Vittorio, and the passion between them is so intense that it takes them to bed. Waking alone in the morning, Vittorio is determined to carry on with his plan of marrying Princess Birgitte, but when he finds that Mia is the woman he met he is furious. Sending his men to all but kidnap Mia, he demands that she is to become his mistress, and they both secretly decide to distance themselves, knowing the law of Mezzano would not permit them to marry. But they both quickly learn that saying and doing are two different things, and that love tends to ignore logic.Link to GoodreadsLink to amazon I loved this book, there was passion, love, betrayal and drama...not forgetting that the royalty in it made this into a modern fairy tale. I especially liked the fact that it was modern royalty as most of the books surrounding Princes and Princesses take place in the past, whereas this one allowed for the more difficult issues of party princesses and playboy princes.Saying that I never at any point got the idea that Vittorio was a bad boy Prince. Yes he got angry. And yes technically he arranged to kidnap Mia (twice though she didn't really mind either time) but he also came across as caring and loving, towards his family and towards Mia, and that he really understood people.Mia kind of had two personalities. Well she didn't, she had when she was acting like Birgitte, which made her more confident and lofty, but then she had how she was as herself, which is the personality which was better. She was feisty, smart and sarcastic, and didn't let a man tell her what to do, even if that man was a Prince. I liked that she was able to be a strong woman and a woman for a man at the same time.There were also several side characters, that though not completely rolled out, did intrigue me, and in future books I hope to see more of them! This was a great romantic read!

  • Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
    2019-03-06 17:16

    Overall Rating: 4 Rockin’ ★★★★Mia Holmberg use to love standing in for her cousin, Princess Birgitte. But now that both of them are older and no longer children, Mia is tired of playing second fiddle. But what do you say when the Princess – yes, real royalty – asks you a favor? You stand in again.The Ice Princess is here and just as beautiful as Prince Vittorio remembers. If he has to marry for duty and not for love he might as well enjoy what he has to look at, right?As the night rolls on Prince Vittoria and “Princess Birgitte” find keeping things on a neutral ground impossible. Mia “has not felt such an immediate attraction to a man since…since ever.” And Prince Vittoria is finding the Ice Princess to be a lot hotter than he predicted.This is until he discovers she is a stand in. The Prince is so angered, he kidnaps Mia until the real princess shows herself. Neither are prepared for what happens next.Heroine: Mia 4 starsHero: Vittorio 4 starsSteam: 4 starsPlot: 4 starsCliffhanger: NoWould I recommend this book: Most definitely. Great love story with some super sexy scenes with a great flow without a lot of descriptions on meaningless stuff.Would I recommend this author: I would read more of this author. She has a smooth flow to her books and left me with enough information on the support characters that I would seek out spin offs of their lives or be content with my version of the future.***Received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review***Her Royal MasqueradeNatasha Moore

  • Heather andrews
    2019-03-04 17:20

    Vittorio has so much passion: "We have to talk." He drew her across the floor and out the door. The evening air hadn't cooled at all. Neither had he. He couldn't even remember the words he'd planned to say, the logical argument he'd prepared. This time when when she pulled out of his embrace it was with surprising force. She whirled around to face him. "What do we have to talk about now?""You. In my bed. Tonight." Mia that girl isn't one for holding her feelings, but she does it so lady like when she speaks her mind I was in awe, "no, Vittorio. I don't know this man you are now. You weren't cruel when I met you before.Yes, you were seductive and I must admit I fell for your charm. But you would never have kept me here against my will, I'm certain of it." I didn't really like seeing the cruel side of Vittorio, "I don't have to like you to enjoy sex with you." As if to prove it, Vittorio snaked his arm around her waist and yanked her to him. His erection pressed into her hip. "Even knowing that you lie without compunction, I am still hard for you." I mean seriously when Mia is around all the boy thinks about is sex, "very well." His hot gaze swept over her. "You can simply take off those clothes and dine naked with me. It is what a proper mistress would do." But it's not all fun and games when people's feelings are concerned, "he placed a brief, wet kiss on her lips. Her heart raced. "I don't want you to go. Stay. You can keep you clothes. I will buy you a beautiful house with a garden to dig in to your heart's content." Yea Vittorio every woman wants to come second to your wife, you're so great with words and women. I was pleased with the ending, and I actually just realized I had already read the second book in the series HAHA.

  • Shauni
    2019-03-10 09:18

    Originally reviewed for Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy.Looking for a totally unrealistic guilty pleasure read? Then Natasha Moore's Her Royal Masquerade is just for you.Her Royal Masquerade is book one in Ms. Moore's Royal Romance Series and while at times it was just over the top, in general it was a love story like many of us dream of. Not that I have had dreams of finding my Prince anymore...Mia Holmberg is a commoner with royal relatives. Her aunt married the king of their country. Born a week apart from the royal princess, she has always been second best to the princess. Although they look alike, their personalities are completely different. Mia is warm, generous school teacher and Birgitte is, cold, selfish and totally irresponsible. But when Brigitte calls and asks Mia to attend a ball in the Mediterranean country of Mezzano, as Birgitte, Mia caves one last time.Prince Vittorio needs a bride and he wants to be married before his father died. With the King's health failing, time is running short. Smitten by a glance of Birgitte at a party he decides to make a marriage alliance. While Brigitte has a reputation as an ice princess, he isn't looking fir love, he's looking for an alliance. But when "Birgitte" shows up at his father's birthday party, he finds a warm woman who charms everyone in sight. But when Vittorio discovers the deception, he wants revenge. Kidnapping Mia and forcing her to become his mistress. Just until Birgitte can be found.See, totally unrealistic.. But the romance sweeps you away and the fantasy makes you smile.Two people who have to discover just what they will do for love.ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Her Royal Masquerade, provided by netgalley.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-02-26 12:27

    KcLu‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSIt isn’t often when you read a novella, and feel like you have read a full length book. This is one of those times. Prince Vittorio and Mia suck you in from the first sentence and have you wanting to see how it can possibly work out for them to both end up happy.Price Vittorio of Mezzano’s time as a carefree bachelor is coming to an end. His father is very sick and may not be alive long. He sees Princess Brigitte of Stagatland in a chance encounter and schemes to have her come to his father’s birthday celebration. She isn’t the cold ice princess he is expecting, and this night spent in her company may change his life forever.Mia Holmberg has been switching places with her royal cousin for most of their lives, so when Brigitte begs her to take her place at this celebration she reluctantly agrees. She truly didn’t expect to fall under the spell of Vittorio, but she can’t resist one night with in his arms to experience the chemistry that is flowing between them. She never expects to see him again. Boy is she surprised when he walks into her grandfather’s bakery and discovers that she lied to him. When he has her brought to him in Mezzano, she doesn’t know how this kidnaping could lead to the biggest heartache and life change a girl could ever experience.Is happy for now enough? When the laws literally keep you from happily ever after, can you be content with a glimpse at true happiness? That is the big question for these two. I truly enjoyed the journey with these two. There is just something so special about both of them. It is the perfect quick read for a lunch break or before bed. I truly hope y’all enjoy it as much as I have! :)

  • Annika
    2019-03-11 10:32

    Why do I always keep reading this gibberish, does it never end? I was looking for an easy fun and relaxing read, but instead I got so annoyed I wanted to throw the kindle away. Don’t get me wrong, I like a romance novel as much as the next person but this was just lacking. This book was ever as unimaginable as uninventive as the title suggests. If you like reading about characters with some semblance of a brain, keep looking, this is not the book for you.Contains some spoilersWhere to start? The main character Mia showed some promise once in a while, only to fall flat. I mean, she is a commoner and values the simple things in life, music, teaching and gardening and makes her on way in life. She refuses to let the prince buy her things, as that would make her feel kept and cheap, why would she need expensive clothes and jewelry as a teacher? Her convictions lasts for 2 whole minutes! (wow) Then suddenly she is wearing expensive clothing and a diamond necklace (!)The male character then.. well spoiled, rich and throw tantrums when things doesn’t go his way. I mean come on, kidnapping a woman twice is supposed to be romantic?!? Then more or less forcing her to become his mistress. Not to mention, dictating her clothing and looks is apparently also okay..“You will not cut your hair as long as you are here with me. You will wear it down as long as you are here with me. Once you are gone you can do whatever you want with it.”Do I need to say more? I thought we had moved past the 19th century?

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2019-03-16 17:33

    Her Royal Masquerade,Her Royal Romance 1Natasha MooreReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsSo, I have a sneaky enjoyment sometimes of simple rags to riches love stories. This looked fun. Vittorio, I felt he was out of line in his actions to Mia. Yes she did deceive him in not telling him who she really was but...surely it was the person he made love to that mattered, not the fact that he thought it was someone else? After all she wasn't to know what he was planning for her cousin, and he didn't tell her. Then it all comes out, and poor Mia gets put in a terrible position. Its either admit to everyone what she and her cousin have done – and who knows what consequences that will result in, Vittorio's father could cause great problems if he wanted. Her only other choice is to be his mistress til her cousin gets in touch...and she's such a playgirl selfish person that could be ages. And it is, long enough for Vittorio to really feel strongly about Mia. Mia, she was such a doormat at times. I couldn't understand why she'd agreed to swap places in the first instance, although her cousin was very used to being manipulative, but then when she went along with Vittorio's suggestions, knowing how she'd be viewed back home, I felt she needed to get a back bone and stand up for herself. Still, if she did where would that leave the book :-) Overall it was an ok read, not bad, not great either though for me. I like my heroines to be a bit more self confident, to stand up for themselves not roll over and give in. Stars: three. ARC supplied via Netgalley

  • Karina Ramirez
    2019-03-02 17:25

    4 Royal Stars! Mia and her royal cousin have a game they play when her cousin doesn't want to go to royal parties; let's switch spots. With similar features the two are about to do it all the time to unsuspecting people. So when given the chance to attend a royal birthday party or hang out with your friends in Paris, Mia's cousin chooses the latter asking Mia to stand in for her. What turns into a simple game of pretend gets complicated when Mia woos the likes of Prince Vittorio, who has high hopes of offering the real princess a marriage merger. After spending the night together and then leaving the next morning before he awakes Mia believes she's scoot free. Until Vittorio finds her and has her brought to his country as a sort of mistress until she can produce her cousin. What they don't expect is to develop feelings for one another, but in his country you don't marry for love you marry for power. --- So I loved this book, it was a simple light read that had a lot of whit and humor thrown in that made this book perfect, I loved Mia, she wasn't as much of a push over as I thought she'd be and held her own against Vittorio. This book is a great summer read that simply makes you feel good and seriously who wouldn't want to play princess for a day!I definitely recommend this book!

  • Jeraca
    2019-02-26 17:34

    I received this free eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. This was a cute novel. There was a point where I about lost it because of Mia's decision to stay with Vittorio as his mistress because I believe that everyone should have free will when it comes to their life, but Mia, while she didn't like the term "mistress" very much wanted to be with Vittorio and their time together wasn't necessarily forced. I loved how Mia changed things around at the palace. She was disrupting every historical aspect of that place and making it 10x better for everyone who was involved in the palace. And I especially loved the story time with the kids in the kitchen - sitting on the floor in a circle. Made me smile!Vittorio needed his butt kicked and I think Mia did a fantastic job doing that. Once he realized who Mia really was and made his blunder about keeping her in the palace, he didn't realize how drastically his life was about to change. And his reaction around Birgette? Priceless!So, yes, I very much enjoyed this story and I think I would very much enjoy the rest of the novels in the series. I may just have to go find them and purchase them...maybe :)

  • Crystal
    2019-03-17 17:15

    Mia Holmberg is just a normal person, living a normal life teaching school. When she agrees to stand in for her cousin, Princess Birgitte of Stagatland at a birthday celebration for the king of Mezzano, she has no idea that her life will forever change.Crown Prince Vittorio has long been enamored with Princess Birgitte. Knowing his father is ill and time is running out, Vittorio must soon choose his bride. Birgitte would be perfect. He decides to invite her to the birthday celebration at which time, he will propose marriage. While at the party, Vittorio doesn’t realize he’s not actually dancing with Birgitte. He’s dancing with Mia. What will he do once he realizes this deception? How will he ever let Mia go?I enjoyed this book my Natasha Moore. It’s different than most of what I’ve been reading lately, and I like that. All characters were well written and developed, and woven into the story wonderfully. Things have been perfectly set up for more books in this series.

  • Kristyn
    2019-03-12 17:20

    Mia is the cousin of a princess who is used to being overlooked. She doesn't have a fancy title and has never been treated like a princess. Vittorio is the crown prince who has accepted his duty to marry a princess and produce an heir. His mother is dead and his father is very ill and he feels rushed into making a decision. Their romance began because of deception. Mia pretended to be her cousin the Princess and attended a ball where she meets the handsome prince Vittorio. She feels drawn to him and goes willingly to his bed where they have a steamy tryst. But to Vittorio's surprise she is gone the next morning. This book is a nice princess romance taken up a notch and packed with sexiness. This book isn't for people looking for realistic plots. Sure, the book is highly improbable but what girl hasn't dreamed of being a princess? This book is a fairy tale for grown ups and if you're into that, this book is for you.

  • Charisma
    2019-03-14 12:33

    Her Royal Masquerade by Natasha Moore is just the kind of book I want to read when I am in a book rut and can't figure out what to read next. It offers something different from the usual contemporaries around. It's about Prince Vittorio, who is bent on marrying Princess Birgitte and producing an heir, because of his ailing father. When he meets the princess, he is immediately captivated by her, but with the one tiny problem that is was actually Mia Holberg pretending to be her cousin, the princess. It was a actually a surprisingly, nice read. The story had a smooth flow and progressed to its happy-ever-after ending. I thought that the heroine showed some backbone in the end. I love that she had strength to stand firm and let the prince woo her. Three stars for Natasha Moore's Her Royal Masquerade.A complimentary copy was provided through Netgalley for this honest review.

  • Carol Clarke
    2019-03-17 15:38

    I was sent a copy of this book, the review is honest and my own.This book to me was a mixture of Cinderella and Pretty Woman which for anyone who likes a romance close to them this is for you. Thought after reading the first chapter I could predict what was going to happen, I was wrong and I enjoyed the twist to the small twist in a perfect romance. Vittorio is like a hard boiled sweet with a soft centre and the only person that could bring it out of him is Mia, she is as they say his better half. Mia is sweet and caring and try as she might to be strong around him she melts the minute they look at each other. Tradition ruled his head but what if the tradition no longer had a place, what if ruling by head along was no longer good enough?

  • Tina
    2019-03-01 14:29

    3.5 Stars!A lovely read! I wish it was a bit longer, but I think Natasha Moore did a nice job fitting a love story in a short amount of time. The story didn't blow my mind, but I was invested in the story and characters. Mia is lovely character that I'm sure most readers will like as she is a reasonable character, even when she does give into temptation. Vittorio is frustratingly stubborn at times, but he makes up for it with his sexiness and lovemaking ;) ...and the change in character as well.If you enjoy the cliche "prince falls for the peasant" type of story (with a twist as the plot suggests with a princess switcheroo and a "kidnapping"), you'll enjoy this story. That being said, I can't wait for book 2 with Angelina and Rico!

  • Kayla
    2019-03-14 09:30

    So I did actually enjoy this book, even if I had expected not to. I am a sucker for royalty and hidden celebrity books. I also really liked Mia. She held her own a bit better than I expected and was quite witty. However, the loss of stars was mainly because of our main guy. He was selfish and arrogant and I could not stand how he bossed Mia around. The fact that he kidnapped her back to his place to be his mistress as punishment didn't sit well with me. That said he did do some changing and since part of the story was told from his point of view I understand why he was doing and saying the things he was. He just wanted to protect himself.Overall, this was a fun, quick read that I would recommend.I was provided a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lisa stephenson
    2019-03-08 09:33

    Copy from Netgalley for honest review****** Mia Holmberg has been helping her cousin Princess Birgitte do the old switch a roo, and why not she looks like her cousin and she can do certain things that she can't do with her boring life.So when the princess gets invited to the King of Mezzano's birthday celebration and she made other plans in Paris she asked her cousin Mia to go instead. When Mia is at the celebration she falls for the future King Vittorio and thinks to herself why not, she won't ever see him again. Boy she was wrong, and things get so interesting after this. I really enjoyed it, I wanted a little more after the ending but enjoyed the book and characters.

  • Autum
    2019-02-25 14:24

    Mia is the cousin to a princess. It just so happens they could pass as twins. Mia is a school teacher and isn't royalty at all. She is asked by her cousin to take her place at a function. Little does she know she will be swept off her feet by Prince Vittorio. After a night of passion Mia slips out,she wishes it could be different. Vittorio finds out the truth and takes Mia back to his castle to be his mistress until the real princess agrees to marry him.Mia tries to stay detached but she finds it is much harder to hide her feelings for Vittorio. This was a sweet story with a perfect happy ending.

  • Mariel Hoss
    2019-02-23 14:30

    ***ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review***This was the quintessential Cinderella story told with a modern twist. It was a quick, cute read for me that followed a formulaic arc. But I liked Mia and Vittorio, they were real behind their masks. I also liked the fire and ice undercurrent that ran throughout the narrative. I liked that I could feel the emotion – with both main characters and it didn’t feel contrived. Still skeptical about the seeming ease of doing away with centuries old tradition (royal marrying royal) in the face of one case of true love. Curious about the other characters though! GREAT beach read.

  • QueenKatie
    2019-03-09 16:39

  • Janet
    2019-03-05 14:16

    Her Royal Masquerade is a fairy tale; and I spent a lovely afternoon in the world Natasha Moore created. The story was well plotted and the settings as wonderful and beautiful as any fairy tale of old. I found it easy to disconnect from reality and accept the premise of the book. I was emotionally involved early on with the happily ever after, and I thoroughly enjoyed my journey. I definitely would read more form Ms. Moore and look forward to the rest of the series. *I received my copy from in exchange for an honest review.

  • Julie
    2019-02-21 15:36

    I received this book through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.Her Royal Masquerade is a fun escapist read. A great little romance that is perfect for an afternoon at the beach or pool. One of the best parts of this book was the look-a-like cousins who sometimes exchange places. It reminded me of the Patty Duke Show! It also reminded me a bit of Cinderella--the poor, hardworking family member who lives in the shadows but is ultimately acknowledged by Prince Charming.A delight for fans of traditional romance with a little spice.

  • Laura
    2019-02-22 16:32

    A great premise for a book. I love the twist on the Cinderella story. Unfortunately the characters could barely look at each other without thinking about how they wanted to spend time in the bedroom. They danced twice and then bam we join them in the bedroom. I would have liked the story better if the author would have let the reader fill in the blanks.....close the door so to speak. We all know what happens, but I don't want to read about it.

  • Heather
    2019-03-12 11:21

    Her Royal Masquerade was an enjoyable novel from author Natasha Moore. When Mia agrees to switch places with her royal cousin, she never imagines how much it will change her life. Or even how much heartache it is destined to cause. I look forward to more in this series since Prince Vittorio has two other single siblings. And odds are they won't be satisfied with a royal match now that they have seen actual love in the castle! Not to mention Mia's cousin!

  • love to
    2019-03-19 15:20

    This book was really wonderful and filled me with multiple emotions. I laughed, cried, giggled throughout the book. My heart broke in places and really felt the chemistry between the two main characters. Moore did an exceptional job on the plot making it a very smooth and exciting read. I highly recommend this book.