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In 1933, Samuel Beauchamp awoke on an isolated dirt road, confused by his surroundings. Rows of citrus trees flanked either side, and a pipe-smoking man stood leaning on a pickup's hood, gazing toward a pair of motionless feet sticking up from a ditch. The feet belonged to a dead boy, Samuel discovered, and when he approached the onlooker by the truck, he found himself draIn 1933, Samuel Beauchamp awoke on an isolated dirt road, confused by his surroundings. Rows of citrus trees flanked either side, and a pipe-smoking man stood leaning on a pickup's hood, gazing toward a pair of motionless feet sticking up from a ditch. The feet belonged to a dead boy, Samuel discovered, and when he approached the onlooker by the truck, he found himself drawn inside the man's body, seeing through his eyes, tasting the tobacco in his mouth, and in full control of muscles and limbs. Though lacking any memory of that place or those people, Samuel would eventually come to grasp the scene - he was the boy in the ditch, murdered at age seventeen by his stepfather. This wasn't the day Samuel died, it was the day he was reborn as something else - a seemingly immortal entity with a whole world of bodies at his disposal. Samuel doesn't take his unique ability lightly. He spends the next twenty-five years studying the phenomena, only moving to new bodies when absolutely necessary, and always resettling in new cities. His conservative nature and discretion enable him to live fairly normal lives, until an ill-fated selection in 1956: a vicious biker known as Tinker. Despite his efforts to "clean up" the new body - moving from Kansas to New York City, landing a quiet job as a librarian, and enrolling in college - Samuel discovers that one can never truly escape the past. As he begins thriving in New York, Samuel meets the beautiful and brash Eileen, a mercurial woman with a sailor's mouth and an often-exhausting sex addiction (Samuel's best friend, Stan, doesn't see how this is a problem). A year into their tumultuous relationship, Eileen disappears, and the police begin investigating Tinker's illicit past. Robbery, kidnapping, assault, attempted murder, manslaughter ... Why would detectives bother looking any further? When all hope seems lost for this body and life, a peculiar attorney surfaces, offering help, and not only does the strange man seem to know where Eileen is, he may also understand even more about Samuel than Samuel himself....

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The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp Reviews

  • Scott
    2019-04-06 15:20

    I received this book from Goodreads as part of the First Reads program.It isn't in sequence with the first book in the series, A Warm Place to Call Home, but I found it to be a much stronger and interesting story.It provides a new twist on the concept of demons. Rather than being some evil creature, the term is used here to describe a wandering soul that can inhabit peoples' bodies temporarily before returning them or choose to live out entire lifetimes.Samuel Beauchamp is introduced to this world when he is killed as a child. Rather than see his soul or spirit or daemon move on, it continues to be earthbound. He's forced to learn what he is, how to function, and the pros and cons of his new existence as he continues to live on in various forms.After his life becomes pretty routine, he meets another of his own kind. Then things get really interesting....

  • Kara
    2019-04-04 11:56

    Every sequel ever written is compared to its predecessor and when making a comparison here it becomes all to easy to find yourself wishing Samuel was a little bit more like Frederick. I wanted him to be just as witty and charming however, he was not. What he was, was his own lovable character, so meek and mild and scared yet so powerful as he grew into the demon he is. I will not ruin the story by telling you it's details but just tell you that this book is filled with a lot more action and violence than A Warm Place To Call Home. Its like being on a rollercoaster with dizzying twist and turns, some expected, some not so much but all adding to the enjoyment of the ride. I cannot recommend this book enough nor can I wait for the third in this astounding trilogy as Frederick meets Samuel.

  • Deborah Sastroredjo
    2019-04-02 18:18

    I have a confession to make. I love series. I adore good, well written series. And ever since I have read about A Warm Place to Call Home, I could not wait to read it. Sadly for me I also read it was a series.I had a premonition I would like this series. I mean a good demon story is hard to come by!! Don’t you think?Anyway, when I won this book I just could not wait and I leapt to read it as fast as I could. I was not disappointed. Basically it is the origin story to A Warm Place to Call Home.What I loved about the story is that it was not only well written, but also very well thought out. I could actually see the things happening as they were being told. But it only made me wonder is it really demonic? But that is not really an issue when you read this book. I think it’s part of the brilliance Michael Siemsen created.The question is, what would you do, if you were faced with such a choice? First not knowing and then knowing? Is it survival or parasitic?

  • Susieqkw
    2019-04-05 16:20

    Loved the concept of this story. Very different and entertaining! I only wish I would of realized it was the 2nd in a trilogy. Good news it that I was able to find book 1 in the Amazon Kindle Lending Library and have just started reading it;)

  • Cory Brandley
    2019-04-08 14:24

    Not quite as good as A Warm Place to Call Home. It was a little scattered at the beginning but gets stronger as it goes and the ending was satisfying. Looking forward to giving the next book in the series a shot.

  • Elise
    2019-04-07 16:02

    Excellent. Good follow up to A Warm Place Called Home.

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-31 17:21

    The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp (a demon's story)by Michael Siemsen My rating score a big fat 5Genre my observation mystery~ paranormal Won via first reads giveawayPrequel to the highly acclaimed novel A Warm Place to Call Home (a demon's story)Can be read as standalone I was intrigued by this book by reading the back cover. Thus entering giveaway. I could not say a bigger wow!! Without spoiling story it boils down to a boy being killed named Samuel. His soul stays afloat so to speak and he accidentally slides into his murderers body. He is confused what is he? A lost soul? There is a tidbit on how he was killed. Which I won't go into as do not want to spoil. He eventually ends up trying to figure out life and live a life in another body he ends up going into 9+ whether for minute or year. Because of this body invading we end up demon coming into play. There are so many twists and turns into his many lives you just can't put the book down. When the tides turn his girlfriend goes missing in his life as Geoff and some secrets of lives he's hopped into some shady I might add come out deep secrets. He meets a man not friendly what he has planned is the big shocker of the entire story!! I never would have guessed ending and believe me I tried!! We realize at the end of the book this isn't the end as Samuel never took care of the loose strings as we see when a jogger gazes at him is this who we think ahhh we shall see when book 3 comes out! The story is so hard to explain I simply say give it a try can be read as standalone well written and no grammar issues. It is obvious much time was put into the book. This was my first Michael Siemsen novel and won't be last.This is book two in series though as stated can be standalone a third soon to follow. Cover info "In this prequel to the highly acclaimed novel A Warm Place to Call Home (a demon's story), by Michael Siemsen, the bestselling author turns back the clock - from post-WWI California to late 1950's New York City.Samuel Beauchamp has been dead for twenty-seven years, but that hasn't stopped him from living...For reasons unbeknownst to him, Samuel's essence remained after his body was killed, and he discovers that the living emit an irresistible force, drawing him inside where he has the power to take over.After surviving the great depression in the body of a young hobo, Samuel spends years studying the history of his condition, moving from body to body when necessary, and finally settling in New York City in the late 1950's. Following a few years of relative serenity, his beautiful and brash girlfriend disappears, and his search for her uncovers answers to questions he never asked."

  • Cari Hislop
    2019-04-03 10:19

    As another reader commented, it does have a slow start, but it picks up pace and continues to speed up until the end. I really really enjoyed book 1 (Frederick's story) so perhaps if I'd read this book first I'd have given it five stars, but I don't know. I think it may come down to personality preference. I adore Frederick, but I only like Samuel (even though in many ways Samuel is the more likeable demon). It is a similar yet different plot from book 1. In book 1 the heart of the story seems to be "Character is Fate". In book 2 it has a different focus. I'd say it's a journey of self-discovery...where the main character (to protect himself and survive) Samuel has to learn how to be the Captain of his Fate (because at heart he's a very passive soul, but being passive isn't really working out for him).Triggers for PTSD sufferers:physical and emotional abuse, violence, blood, disregard for personal autonomy

  • Amanda Lanclos
    2019-04-16 14:11

    I will be honest, the author gave me this story for my honest review, and I had no idea what I was getting into... Look down at Angela Pratt's review, she recommended me ask the author for the book to review. Let me tell you, Michael did not disappoint with this book, and I will be buying the rest to read. In saying that, I am the romance girl type give me a romance novel any day and I am happy, so when I realized what I was getting myself into I said oh goodness. But Michael proved me wrong. This story is amazing, and I loved all the adventures Samuel got into.I loved all the stories and the different times you see through Samuel's eyes. I wanted to cry when little Samuel was reborn, but I loved the characters he became. I commend Michael on this book, and I can't wait to dive into more. Thank you again to his "stalker" Angela for recommending me read this book, and thank you Michael for giving me a look into your world you've created.

  • WilliamKnight
    2019-03-30 11:01

    This second book in Michael Siemsen's Demon Series is slightly better than the first one, I'm my opinion. Either book stands alone as a single. This book takes you quietly through the story until about 75% done, then accelerates like the first drop in a giant roller coaster. At that point, I had difficulty putting it down to talk to people. Sadly, I had a busy morning and wasn't able to go somewhere quiet to finish the book. I did get to the end and am now jonesing for the sequel, which isn't out yet.This series of books has caused me to stretch my mind a bit to consider that there could be demons among us swapping bodies as needed. I read a lot of SF and fantasy and have never seen this type of plot before. Very entertaining and a bit mind-boggling. I highly recommend this book and series.

  • M.W. Taylor
    2019-04-20 17:22

    Wow, what a lot of reviews... I'd kill (okay, slightly maim) for just that many people to find my book online. But, jealousy aside, it is all well deserved. I almost gave it only 4 stars only because the begining kept switching around, but then I remembered how hard it is to write a great book, and, recognised that I wasn't able to read the start uninterupted, which would have made it easier for me to keep track, so my fault in that. Keep at it and you will be rewarded.Samuel is a great character, but the story really comes alive through it's cinematic narrative in the middle... I could visualise it all and held my breath at where it was all going to lead... hence the devouring of the rest. Recommended to me by someone on Goodreads, I thank them and the author.MarkAuthor of "The Awakening of Adam Capello"

  • ChristinaTorretta
    2019-04-20 16:57

    The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp threw me off but not like Frederick did. I was curious why Michael Siemsen set the books up the way they are. This seems, at first, like it should be book one. Very soon into the book though I realized why. This book would be a spoiler for the first. It goes backwards in the plot line but gives away the information that is learned in book one.That said, I loved this one! There's so much more in book two and Samuel is very easy to love even though he also makes mistakes but nothing like Frederick in book one!Again, the narration was wonderfully done and kept me listening and wanting more. The characterization of Samuel was great, especially when he runs into things he does not want to do, which is often!Full audio review will be at

  • Teri Gillen
    2019-04-20 10:06

    Devoured it!I read both installments of A Demon's Story in less than two days! It's rare that I am drawn in so fully that I lose all track of time. Although I guessed relatively early on where this one was headed, it was still an enjoyable ride and a few surprises remained to be uncovered. Looking forward to number three!

  • Angela
    2019-04-09 14:58

    This book was such a new type of book. I loved the story and how unique it was. I have never heard of an idea to tell the story of a demon, yet not a bad demon, that switches bodies and lives. It kept me on my toes and each page was interesting. I cannot wait for the sequel. Great book.

  • Heather Bates
    2019-03-28 10:19

    Loved it!With a lovely, lyrical writing style, this novel just builds and builds with magnificent twists and turns and I enjoyed it so much I was sorry when I finished it!One if the best, most original books I've read in a long time.

  • Dayna R
    2019-03-28 15:09

    Very interesting. The plot was one I haven't heard of before and it kept me wanting more. I really enjoyed the book and I'm looking forward to the rest in the series.

  • Dianne
    2019-03-25 15:12

    Good book, never read anything quite like it. It was riveting and I read it over a couple of days... will look for more by this author.

  • Jane
    2019-04-01 15:01

    Book #52 in my book challenge for 2016, and this may be the best book of the year. Great voice.

  • Kelly
    2019-04-23 18:02

    "In my early days, 'wiping' a person's consciousness had been an inevitable, unintended result of leaving their bodies. Later, I had learned to exit bodies 'gracefully,' keeping the original consciousness intact, and they had been able to resume their lives (albeit with some memory loss).I pulled off the highway and found a quiet spot to park for a moment.I'm sorry, Tinker.""The specifics of Samuel died with him, leaving only his essential consciousness: me. I could learn everything about him, but I would never truly be him again. I began to wonder if I was ever him at all. It seemed obvious enough, first appearing at the scene of his death, but aside from my guesses, I did not truly know what I was, where I had come from, what would happen next, or how I knew the things I did know."

  • Angela
    2019-04-08 17:56

    This book......Where do I begin? I'm not sure how many of you know, but I'm kind of a big Michael Siemsen fan (and stalker). I have read all of his stuff and I have enjoyed it. I am in love with his demon Frederick (and no that is not a dirty joke!) and can't wait to read more about Matthew Turner. I was VERY excited about reading Samuel and did my fair share of heckling him to get it. Now that I have read it, I'm sad. But in a good way. I love Frederick the demon. He is funny as hell, witty, ornery, has a wicked sense of humor and is fairly carefree. He's the "fun" one. Samuel is the male best friend you love (but not love THAT way) that you want great things to happen to and for him to have his happy ending, but he just keeps getting shit on. He's like your favorite distant cousin, who is pathetic, has no balls and gets walked all over and you just want to scream at him to stop being a puss and stand up for himself. I love him, but in a different way. Make sense?It wasn't like that in the beginning. I wasn't sure how to feel about Samuel. I was indifferent to him and I wasn't sure how this was all going to play out. It wasn't until the latter 3rd of the book that I realized that I did actually like him and that I cared about what happened to him. I "got" him. I knew where he was coming from (literally and figuratively) and I felt a connection to him. I was truly heartbroken for him when he was trampled on and pissed off when someone was cruel. There aren't many funny or lighthearted parts like in Frederick. There may only be one or two things that make you chuckle. This book is definitely darker than A Warm Place to Call Home (a demon's story). But don't let that be a turn off. It is definitely a heartbreaking book, with drama, drama, and more drama. However, it does have a happy ending (if that stuff is important to you). This book is full of surprises that even I, a Michael Siemsen aficionado (aka stalker) did not see coming. I did not have this book figured out until it was revealed to me. THAT is a tell-tale sign of a good book in my opinion. Michael Siemsen did this in the Frederick book and he was able to do it again this time with Samuel. And THAT is why I have read everything he's written and will continue to read anything that he writes. As long as he is able to keep surprising ME then he's going to have a lifelong reader (stalker). **P.S. Mr. Siemsen and I kid about the stalking thing. It is not intended to be taken literally in that creepy, peeking through the curtains and digging through the garbage kind of stalking. It is, in his words, "benevolent stalking." ***P.P.S - I was part of the beta reading group that Michael Siemsen uses before his books get published and received an unedited copy of the book for review purposes.

  • Karen Cole
    2019-04-22 10:20

    "Samuel Beauchamp has been dead for twenty-seven years, but that hasn't stopped him from living..." That one line was enough to convince me that this was a book I wanted to read despite not (yet) having read the prequel, A Warm Place to Call Home (a demon's story). Whilst I will definitely be adding that book to my to read list now I don't feel it's at all necessary to have knowledge of it to thoroughly enjoy The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp. The book begins with Samuel using the body of Geoffrey Cuion, formerly a vicious thug but in recent years (since Samuel moved in) a law abiding citizen who works in a library. Through flashbacks we learn how Samuel reached this point, his death and the realisation that although his body is deceased his soul lives on and can stay alive by occupying the bodies of others. Samuel was - is - a good man and although the idea of him using others sounds shocking I quickly grew to like him and understood his motives. He's a teenager then a man desperate to be part of a family and to be loved. Over the years he's forced to move on for various reasons until he finally thinks he's settled with Geoffrey's body. He has a girlfriend, Elaine and a best friend, Stan. It's at this point his life unravels as the story takes on a grittier tone. It's a dark and shocking story that surprised me several times and one character (not wanting to give too much away here!) is the stuff nightmares are made of, a brilliantly complex character. This is a scary, yet still thoughful read, it's no shock horror, more of a psychological thriller that takes a look at immortality and what it could drive a person...or a demon to do. I would thoroughly recommend it. Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publishers, Fantome Publishing in return for my honest review. - See more at:

  • Jennie
    2019-04-21 17:57

    I wish half stars were allowed, I would say this was a solid 3 1/2 stars. I reserve 5 stars for the holy crap that was amazing books. 4 stars for the very good, 3 for the I wouldn't be embarrassed to tell people I read it books and then things get muddy... This was a short and fast read, I wasn't sure if I should expect much since it was a kindle .99 cent cheapie, but I was very pleasantly surprised! It was well written(if a little simple at times), fast paced, escapist fodder. It did it's job I was entertained enough I will read the other book in the series too. It basically followed a newborn very moral "demon" who was a human until he was murdered, through the first 30ish years of his life. He mostly just wanted the same things any of us want to find someone to love and understand him, being a body hopping demon adds an extra monkey wrench to finding honest intimacy. He really is much more like a ghost that can possess people, than what we'd consider the typical idea of a demon. There is one demon in the book that has a more traditional skill set though. Was it amazing? No. Did I enjoy it? Yes, yes I did.

  • Elizabeth Webber
    2019-04-24 17:13

    I received this book free through Net Galley. This review can be seen at wonbooksblog.blogspot.comA prequel to A Warm Place to Call Home, this is a great book with solid plot and characters. It is a bit dark and twisty around the edges, but mostly it is the tale of a young demon discovering what it means to be a new member of the species. Samuel dies as a child but his spirit sticks around and learns to move between different bodies. He works, he loves, he develops friendships, and he continues to live his life. In his twenties he begins dating his gorgeous, but sadistic, girlfriend. This is the point in the book where things start heating up. All I will say is there is a big fat plot twist at this point that makes the book well worth the read. This story has some physical and sexual violence, which usually turns me off a book. In this tale, however, these scenes felt like critical elements to the overall story - not cheap or random ploys to shock the reader into an emotional reaction. Still, it is definitely an adult only read.

  • Maguire
    2019-03-31 10:23

    A Mediocre Book That's Well-writtenI read this entire book as I often do, solely because it was so well written. I can commit to finishing a silly book if the author has a gift with language and characters even when the story fails or the plot doesn't cut it. In this case the story was very silly (maybe I wouldn't feel this way if I was a fan of vampire and para n normal novels - so take my review with a grain of salt if you are). For me this novel was the equivalent of eating junk food. Parts of the experience can be pleasant, but overall you know it's not worth it and you'll regret it in in the end. Demons invading bodies and living for thousands of years are not my thing, but this author writes so well I'll check out his other books in the hope I can find a good story, a bit more reality-based, that I can happily dig into.

  • Valerie
    2019-04-11 18:20

    While it was an interesting book with an interesting idea, it was the first in a series, but I feel no need to read the rest of the series. Samual Beauchamp dies, murdered, but has not immediate memory or recognition of his mother or his life force does not die. He discovers that he can enter into living bodies and leave them, at will. There is a trick to this, otherwise those borrowed bodies die. He eventually leaves the home fires to find a body with which to live on a permanent basis, but first he must conquer a malicious demon named Gregor. Most of the book deals with his early daimonhood and his problem with Gregor. He tells us that he does achieve his dream, but we do not experience it. Maybe this would be in book 2??? I will never know, as most fantasy is not my thing.

  • Teresa
    2019-04-10 17:58

    THE MANY LIVES OF SAMUEL BEAUCHAMP is a paranormal story with a different perspective. From beginning to the end, we hear the story from the demons' point of view. Through every event, we get a glimpse into the demon and how he is seeing things-what he thinks, how he feels, what he sees. As the story opens, Samuel tells us he has been living in New York for the past three years and progresses from there to eventually tell of his conception and growth into an adult. In this story, the author gives the demon human characteristics and at one time he even has him wanting to pray to God. Samuel is a likable character, which is surprising since he is a demon possessing human bodies. At the same time, Gregor is introduced and we get a glimpse of what we expect a demon to be. The story is easily read and it is over before you realise you've read the entire story.

  • Mycala
    2019-04-13 09:58

    Imagine having the ability to change bodies! My immediate thought was that first I'd go find Kim Kardashian and inhabit her and all her siblings in turn until they were able to do something useful for humanity rather than clog up the web with selfies of their latest $3k handbag purchases.I didn't realize the book was part of a series. It's fine as a standalone and in fact, the last third of this book was so tense that reading more strikes me as exhausting. It's a great book, I just don't do thriller-type stuff well. The first two-thirds was interesting -- about the bodies Samuel has occupied -- then it turned the corner and had me questioning everything. Parts of this I saw coming, parts of it were a total surprise. I'll definitely be thinking about it.

  • Pam
    2019-04-08 15:21

    When i first started reading A Warm Place to Call Home (a demon's story) i was not sure i would like it, not because of the writer but because of the subject matter....but i did like it. It was not what i thought it would be.This 2nd book The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp, seems to have a lot more action and now its made me want the 3rd book to see what happens with Gregor....Now not only am i waiting for a Matt Turner book now i am waiting for a Samuel book from Michael SiemsenThank you.......Pam.The Dig is still my favorite Michael Siemsen book and one that goes into all time favorite books.

  • Henry Lazarus
    2019-04-22 18:24

    Michael Siemsen has a fascinating tale of The Many Lives of Samuel Beaucham (paper from Fantome Publishing in which the death of a young man creates a being who can jump from body to body. We meet Samuel in the body of an ex-biker, Tinker, who moved to New York City and works as a librarian in the late fifties. Then he finds a friend, becomes involved with a crazy, sexy woman, and finds another of his kind who wants to upend his world, bringing Tinker’s past to disturb Samuel’s present. Disturbing, exciting and impossible-to-put-down. Review printed in the Philadelphia Weekly Press

  • Dian Burns
    2019-03-24 15:06

    Ok, I admit I was sort of in a time traveler type phase with my books when I picked this one up. It was interesting to begin with in the perspective it took of this soul moving from body to body and experience to experience. Then it got weird with the introduction of what should have been a simple romantic interest. Then it proceeded to get darker from there. I've read better books in this style but there was genuine empathy for the character and I'm interested in reading the next one to see how the darker challenges (which I won't spoil mentioning here) continue.