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Can a teenager plan a Big Fat Indian Wedding—in America?It’s been seven years since mom died— and dad’s raised Mini to know more about computers, calculus, and cars than desi weddings—but ever since Mini saw the jewelry mom left them she’s wanted her sister to have the wedding mom would have planned.Dad’s tech start-up means a shoestring budget, but Mini has her old Mini CCan a teenager plan a Big Fat Indian Wedding—in America?It’s been seven years since mom died— and dad’s raised Mini to know more about computers, calculus, and cars than desi weddings—but ever since Mini saw the jewelry mom left them she’s wanted her sister to have the wedding mom would have planned.Dad’s tech start-up means a shoestring budget, but Mini has her old Mini Cooper, her new driver’s license, her stellar sense of style, and two months of summer vacation to get it done. And she’s not letting the persistent, mysterious, and smoking hot Vir distract her, either. Flower garlands, decorations, catering, clothes, even a white wedding horse—everything is in place.But a monster hurricane is headed for Boston and it could blow the whole band, baja, and baraat away......

Title : Red Turban White Horse: My Sister's Hurricane Wedding
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Red Turban White Horse: My Sister's Hurricane Wedding Reviews

  • Janhvi
    2019-02-26 12:20

    Red Turban White Horse by Nandini Bajpai turned out to be a really cute read. It has a nice story with loads of characters and a protagonist who is trying to juggle everything and everyone. Every once in a while I enjoy reading clean and sweet young adult books and Red Turban White Horse was just that.Mini is our heroine. She lives with her Dad who has just started his tech company. Mini's mother passed away seven years ago and after that the role to take care of her father has somehow fallen upon Mini. When Mini's sister Vinnie decides to get married Mini is the one who has to handle all the preparations because Vinnie is doing her residency and their mother would have wanted a big fat Indian wedding for Vinnie.I really liked Mini. She was a sweet girl. She wanted what was best for her sister Vinnie. Even though she has everyone's support she wants to do things on her own. She just wants Vinnie's wedding to be the best day of her life. What Mini doesn't count on though is the disaster waiting to ruin all her plans.Then we also have Vir. Vir is the love interest who seems to always pop up when Mini needs him. I found Vir to be really cute. Vir does seem to be smitten by Mini but he's got his own secrets. The main focus is not on the love story at all but I still enjoyed all the interactions between Vir and Mini. They were sweet together.Red Turban White Horse may not have the most original of plots but the way the author has written the story makes up for it. There is a wide variety of characters and situations but in the end its just about being with your loved ones. Red Turban White Horse made for a really cute read and I would recommend it to anyone who loves chick lit.*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author is exchange for an honest review. We thank them.Find more of my reviews at The Readdicts-

  • Eve Costarelli
    2019-02-28 08:08

    I just finished reading the delightful debut YA novel “Red Turban White Horse” written by the local author Nandini Bajpai that is set in the Metrowest (of Boston) and is full of thinly disguised local references. For someone, like myself, living in the region, this is a tasty treat! The heroine of the story (Padmini “Mini” Kapoor) is a resourceful, caring teen who comes in charge of orchestrating her older sisters wedding while at the same time a hurricane is barreling down the east coast. Mini is a generous soul and armed with the current know-how of how-to-get-things done, she sets about to get everything in order from location to caterer to finding their mother's lehengas (a skirt that is long, embroidered and pleated) that have been packed away for many years so that her sister can have the fairy tale wedding she deserves. Start with the rich descriptions of the beautiful fabrics of the lehengas, from the gold and cranberry to the raspberry and silver, add in the mouth watering descriptions of the delicious aromatic curries, warm crusty garlic naans, fragrant rice and Tandoori chicken, and then sprinkle in sweet, youthful romance and strong family values and you have a little slice of swarg! I highly recommend this YA novel! It is a fun romp through Indian-American culture, with strong, likable characters and lots of local flavor (I did reach out to the author and she indicated that the little takeaway that comes to Mini's rescue is loosely based on a diner on Route 9 in Framingham called Welcome India. I can't wait to try them sometime.)All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Rivokids
    2019-03-14 06:29

    Red Turban White Horse is a new Young Adult novel by Nandini Bajpai. We are soo excited to have been part of the Book Launch and were able to get a pre release copy yesterday. Our young readers immediately started on the book and here is their review.Mini Kapoor is a 17 year old girl in the USA whose sister Vinnie is getting married. Both her Dad and her sister are too busy to make the arrangements for the wedding, so Mini takes it upon herself to plan the wedding with a limited budget. Most of the book is about the planning that goes into a big fat Indian wedding. With her famous fashion designer Masi, the jewelry Mini's Mom left them for when they were getting married and lots of other supporters, Mini is able to get everything planned.All the same, she still has to juggle the planning with her math tuitions, SAT prep and building up her art portfolio for college. She also meets a mysterious new guy, Vir, who keeps crashing into her and her dog, Yogi. Just when Mini manages to plan everything so that it fits in her budget, a hurricane decides to hit Boston on the exact day of the wedding. Now what will happen? Read the book to find out!!I liked the book because it was very interesting and finding out how a young girl manages to arrange a wedding all by herself. I would recommend the book to my friends as a pleasant read. My favorite character in the book was Mini's Masi because she had a fantastic imagination for clothes.Rated 4.5 on 5 Stars- See more at:

  • Namratha
    2019-03-03 13:37

    Red Turban White Horse was a rather sweet and endearing piece of YA Lit. If you like your teenage heroines to be savvy, street-smart, wise beyond their years, non-whiny, blessed with an artistic flair/ fashion sense/ Etsy shop, then Mini Kapoor ticks all the right boxes. Imagine a teen Sonam Kapoor, if you will. The fact that Mini appears to be a Harry Potter fan, (numerous references pepper the books) worked for me.The story revolves around the run-up to the Great yet classy (and homespun) Indian Wedding and the intervening chaos, the hit-and-miss moments and the mellow warmth and support of loving/ non-judgemental relatives. The love-track was pretty predictable but readable.Interesting fashion mentions for those who know their Tory Burches from their Kate Spades. My personal favourite was the classic Dooney and Bourke Doctor Satchel. Coupled with ravings about Indian couture, the book will be quite entertaining for the ones who like their gladrags labelled and lovingly dunked in pretty paperbags with celebratory tissues.An engaging angle for me was the mother-daughter relationship. It was explored with sensitivity, nostalgia and the firm convictions of a writer who has had a loving maternal influence.I also enjoyed the entire support system surrounding Mini's frantic efforts. While it's cynically hard to imagine that most people can be genuinely nice and helpful, it was nevertheless, emotionally uplifting.In all, a fairly decent read.

  • Kaivallya
    2019-02-20 09:22

    A teenager plans a Big Fat Indian Wedding in Boston- with Hurricane Irene headed for the area the very day of the wedding.How can I NOT be interested?Seventeen-year-old Mini Kapoor, design aspirant, dog-lover, fashion expert, and Potterhead (so relatable!) has a sister getting married. Unfortunately, Megha Kapoor, her mother, passed away from cancer years ago, Vinod Kapoor, her father, is busy running his tech startup, and the bride herself, Vini Kapoor is currently doing her residency, as is her fiancé Manish Iyer. So it falls to Mini to plan the wedding Megha would have wanted for her elder daughter.She has two months of summer vacation, her fantastic sense of style, a shoestring budget, her awesome dog Yogi and her beloved Mini Cooper. But she also has to deal with Mallu Masi, her haute-couture-star-of-India aunt, hurricane warnings, and the mysterious, undeniably attractive Vir.I loved how Mini plans her sister's wedding, making it a proper Big Fat Indian Wedding, even with the bridegroom wearing a red turban and riding in on a white horse. I loved the characters, whether it was sassy Mini, who, despite her mistrust of Mallu Masi, manages to be a fantastic, fun person; Jackie and Rachel, her supportive friends; Vir, with his sarcasm and British accent and kindness; Mallu Masi, Mini's classy, bossy, affectionate star-designer aunt; Sudha Murthy, the wonderful wedding planner; and many others.I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun read, with fluffiness that doesn't numb your brain cells but makes you laugh and appreciate its general awesomeness!

  • Maith
    2019-03-05 09:19

    I loved the book. Yes, it’s a little too happily-ever-after, but it seems like we all need happy books at times – all YA books don’t need to be full of angst. Nandini has a real talent for writing people – even peripheral characters stood out, I could imagine them as real people, not props to the main characters. The casually urban, upper middle-class lifestyles portrayed, the good-humored stereotyping of desis (and Asians), men who participate in family life and aren’t one note characters, and North and South Indians shown to be getting along just fine despite obvious differences – all these made the book for me. That, plus one other major point: Most YA books set in the diaspora tend to have nostalgia for the home country as a theme, overt or covert. That was completely missing in this, and I *Really* appreciate it – I know many, many immigrants who are perfectly happy with their lives here and have no desire to move back; and it was refreshing to see that portrayed.Nandini also got the girl dealing with the loss of her mother just right, IMO. I lost an aunt similarly some years ago – and Mini’s reactions were very similar to what I saw my cousins go through. The book is written from the POV of a teen and rings true to life there too: typical teen tunnel vision is depicted with a light touch, but as a parent to a teen it felt very realistic.Overall, recommend heartily.

  • Meryl
    2019-03-12 13:36

    This book is amazing. Nandini is the Sophie Kinsella of Indian chick lit.This one is a tribute to sisterhood, romance and the great Indian wedding.I am happy that an Indian author wrote such a marvellous piece of literature.

  • RunedNephilumGirl
    2019-03-12 12:30

    I don't usually read these kind of books. But the overall essence plus the Harry Potter references were hard to resist. It's not the best book, but the light way it had tread Indian culture and American culture both is really good. It's a great read, a light one for sure. The themes of love, moving on, getting over loves ones, cancer awareness etc... it's not a romance novel, but it has romance at some of its finest.

  • Jui
    2019-02-26 08:19

    Planning a wedding is no piece of cake...especially if you have to orchestrate the details all by yourself. Mini Kapoor, the heroine of RTWH is planning a wedding for her older sister. After their mom's demise 7 years ago, they have been raised by their techie father, who is far removed from the world of desi weddings. The older sister and groom are medical students with very little time for wedding planning.For planning a wedding, you need warmth to go the extra mile and get the best for your loved ones. The author Nandini Bajpai brings out these qualities in Mini, with a natural flair, making her seem like a real living person, whom you would not be surprised to run into at Kumon, teaching math to youngsters. Mini Kapoor's personality is chronicled in detail. From her tastes in handbags, clothes, shoes, right up to her preferences in cars. Bajpai's characters are vibrant and she is a genius at breathing life into them. They are not shown larger than life, rather people like you and me who can be easily identified with. Her novel beautifully showcases a sisters motherly love as Mini steps into her mother's shoes and painstakingly plans all the details with care- because mom would have wanted it that way. Bajpai leaves a message with the readers - It's not about focussing on the smaller details and working yourself up. It's about developing an eye for the bigger picture and coming up with creative ways to get there. With this approach, Mini is able to navigate through troubled waters and come up with alternate arrangements to host the wedding, in the face of hurricane Irene. Underneath her soft exterior, is a very smart and savvy young woman, who goes all out to make sure that her sister has the best wedding she possibly can. RTWH is the most fun to read wedding planning handbook. Surmounting all possible obstacles including a limited budget, a hurricane on the D day, bridesmaids who did not know how to tie their sarees and above all, the absence of mom. Mini Kapoor takes everything in her stride and plods on stoically.This novel is based in Boston and readers from the Boston area will be able to identify with the familiar landmarks quoted throughout the novel. This is the first novel published by author Nandini Bajpai , it moves at a delightful pace and adds just the right bit of dramatic elements. Anyone interested in planning and putting together big events will find it an interesting read. This should be on the reading list of anyone planning a wedding.Bajpai based the character of Mini's father,Vinod on her husband, Chandra, who is a techie. Both own a white Lotus Esprit. Mini's dog Yogi, is modelled on Bajpai's dog who goes by the same name.

  • Pallavi Kamat
    2019-03-14 05:37

    I picked up an Young Fiction book after a long time and I must admit I did enjoy reading it :) The book's blurb reads: "Can a teenager plan a Big Fat Indian Wedding - in America? It's been several years since mom died-and dad's raised Mini to know more about computers, calculus, and cars than desi weddings-but ever since Mini saw the jewelry mom left them she's wanted her sister to have the wedding mom would have planned. Dad's tech start-up means a shoe-string budget, but Mini has her old Mini Cooper, her new driver's license, her stellar sense of style, and two months of summer vacation to get it done. And she's not letting the persistent, mysterious, and smoking hot Vir distract her, either. Flower garlands, decorations, catering, clothes, even a white wedding horse-everything is in place. But a monster hurricane is headed for Boston and it could blow the whole band, baja, and baraat away..."The book is written in a simple and easy-to-read fashion. It is the story of Mini and her elder sister Dr. Vinnie Kapoor who falls in love with Dr. Manish Iyer. Mini is entrusted with the task of planning her sister's wedding at Boston from start to finish within a short deadline. What made the book eminently readable was the author's unique way of presenting the story including putting in newspaper cuttings and e-mails which take the story forward.As with any other Indian wedding, Mini faces the task of organizing and arranging the mandap, clothes, food, lighting, music, transportation and logistics, etc. What makes it interesting is the fact that it is an inter-caste wedding. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that a good-looking guy Vir is sending her "I am interested in you" signals.The author's writing style is such that the reader can actually imagine the setting - be it the lake where Mini goes for her daily jog or the temple where the wedding is being held. Since the author is staying in Boston, she has mentioned a lot of local places which add to the charm.On the flipside, the book could do with some better editing. And since the story is based out of Boston, some local references were not so clear to me.On the whole, however, the book is a good, enjoyable read. I liked being a part of Mini's journey through all the ups and a few downs as she set out to make the most important day in her sister's life memorable.This review first appeared on my blog

  • Afsha Sethi
    2019-03-20 07:30

    Mini Kapoor is a feisty senior in high school whose brainy older sister Vinnie has sprung a surprise on the family: she is getting married! Their dad’s tech start up means frugal funds and Vinnie’s demanding new med-school schedule leaves her with no time to plan her wedding.With zero knowledge about Indian weddings Mini bravely steps in to tackle this decidedly adult task of making sure her sister has the wedding their deceased mother had imagined for her.Planning a wedding is not an easy feat let alone a Big Fat Indian Wedding synonymous with excessive spending on over the top functions. But Mini, armed with her brand new drivers license, her trusty old Mini Cooper and her creativity juggles caterers, her difficult aunt and self important but well meaning event planners with an excellent sense of humor. Added to this delectable mix is the mysterious and sometimes intense Vir who Mini can’t seem to figure out.Chaos ensues when Hurricane Irene hits the East Coast and threatens to meddle with the meticulously planned functions. With the emergency declared in Massachusetts how will Mini salvage the wedding she has promised her sister?Red Turban White Horse is a delightful journey exploring young adult life and it’s ups and downs. Mini’s young and vivacious voice offers a fresh perspective on the lives of immigrant families in American suburbs. Mini’s sisters groom is from a Tamil Iyer family with their own rituals, customs and eccentricities whereas Mini’s dad is an Atheist and wary of religious traditions. We meet quirky characters from various parts of India, supplying the dash of humor that accompanies cultural confusion.Bajpayi has a knack for writing Young Adult fiction and the pace of the story never slackens as new characters are introduced and Mini navigates this bizarre world with her dog Yogi in tow. The book has some important lessons seamlessly blended in to the color and chaos of the wedding frenzy. It will make you laugh and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. A perfect weekend read!

  • Malem
    2019-03-08 11:13

    I read this book in 2013. We were a bunch of 11th graders who attended the launch ceremony. I was immediately appealed, bought the book, got it signed, and started reading that very night. At that point of time, it was refreshing. I was just getting over my Sparks, Steele, Archer etc phase. Here was a novel whose protagonist I could relate to. It had the cars, the designer dresses, the romance, the friendship, Harry Potter references, Bollywoodish feels. It's a book aimed majorly at the pre to mid teens age group and it did a splendid job. A great number of people in my school read the book and no one had a negative review back then. Fantasy and thriller are nice but sometimes, a story about someone who is familiar and can easily be our buddy is equally endearing. Red Turban White Horse is one such story and you probably know at least a Mini. (Or maybe you're one). I'm glad I read this book at that point of time. Perhaps my review would be different if I picked it up just recently.

  • Saara
    2019-03-08 13:20

    Liked this book a lot! Great read when you're looking for something light, entertaining and unconventional.

  • Advita
    2019-03-01 12:18

    Very good book

  • Pratiti Majumder
    2019-03-19 10:09

    A refreshing and fun tale about big fat Indian weddings

  • Usk
    2019-02-25 12:24

    Light fun reading. Its like watching a chick flik at the end of a tough week

  • Sanchit Bhandari
    2019-03-05 06:30

    Nice book well written and great continuity,The plot is not so good but still a good readFull review coming soon

  • Devanshi Gupta
    2019-03-01 12:26

    It was mediocre. A little boring in between but it was gud for a one time read.

  • Afiyathul Kathija
    2019-03-01 05:31