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Faith's life has always balanced in two worlds—the normal human world and the supernatural. Now she has to choose between the two.Faith York is human, but she has psychic powers, which is a little odd since neither of her parents have paranormal abilities. Thankfully, the werewolf family who lived around the corner help her learn to control her powers. She instantly fell iFaith's life has always balanced in two worlds—the normal human world and the supernatural. Now she has to choose between the two.Faith York is human, but she has psychic powers, which is a little odd since neither of her parents have paranormal abilities. Thankfully, the werewolf family who lived around the corner help her learn to control her powers. She instantly fell in love with the entire family, but especially Kane, the oldest son who is next in line to be Alpha. Unfortunately, Kane doesn't see Faith the same way she sees him. Heartbroken, she leaves town.When Faith returns from two years overseas, her parents throw her a welcome home party. Faith is shocked when Kane kidnaps her from the party and mate marks her. Now she struggles with the choice of whether to leave again and live a normal life—a life she yearns for—or stay with the man she's always dreamed of and live a supernatural life.To complicate matters further, her psychic powers intensify and she begins to have visions of an upcoming demon Armageddon. Then she learns she was switched at birth, and she has a half-brother…who is half demon.Faith must be stronger than she ever believed possible, and maybe in the process, she can trust herself to give Kane another chance.Content Warning: Sexy werewolf alpha, graphic sex, strong language, and violence...

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Kane's Mate Reviews

  •  B.E.Love
    2019-04-25 19:19

    Faith met Kane when she was five and she has loved him since. Not only has she loved him but she has loved his entire werewolf family. But after years of watching him knowing he will never love her she leaves. Faith wants a normal life one were she doesn't have to worry about her physic gift or other supernatural beings. After two years of being away Faith finally returns and is instantly taken by Kane and mated to him. Kane knows that he can no longer deny his feelings for Faith so he does something about it and mates her. As the newly mated couple learn their way together other forces want Faith and have a plans for her when they get her. This was a really good PR, I loved all of the characters(especially Faiths brother) and was easily drawn into the world Hazel Gower created. I loved that we got to watch Faith grow and we got to experience their first meeting. I loved it so much I wish we could have gotten more. This book ends on a perfect note making me excited for more books to come.

  • Tanya
    2019-05-18 18:29

    What I liked: The plot and world building were interesting and different IMHO that lots of shifter novels. As there are more and more shifter/vamp/PNR, different is an excellent thing! The characters were quite interesting, though I wish we had more insight into them. It felt very very rushed.What I didn't like: Wow, the story moved fast, too fast to be believable in the relationship category. Even though these characters had a history, their move into intimacy was really just not at all there. In fact, I saw very little interaction at all between them.There was little dialog and all telling. It didn't flow or feel natural at all. The story choices and sentences felt really stilted, like a brand new author, though I see this author does have other works. I was unable to really lose myself in the story due to the writing. I struggled to finish this one. I know this is the start of a series, and I hope the others will flow better because the setup of the coming war with the demons is interesting.

  • Lakeisha
    2019-05-02 21:15

    Lord have mercy I tried you know I did but I can not.....I JUST CANT FINISH IT!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh the cheesy line compositions, omggggg the lightning speed from scene to scene was too fast for coherent thoughts to formulate about the character development....sigh and its not a bad storyline either, I think the author needed to breathe a little, give each scene a little marinating to make the plot more believable. I will give the next book a chance if these issues are addressed (crosses fingers).

  • Chrisabel
    2019-05-04 23:32

    I loved the cover of this book. I really tried to enjoy this book but I just couldn't get into it. I found myself skimming though it.

  • JoLee (Wickedly Delicious Book Blog)
    2019-05-10 01:15

    Rating 4 Stars - Loved ItLoved Kane’s Mate with a sexy, over growling-tattoo-wolf shifter hero. Kane is just how I like my heroes, overly protective, bit jealous, possessive, alpha male 100% with a dirty-talking-mouth that he sure knows how to use in the bedroom. But that poor mouth of his does get him in trouble of few times with Faith. Loved when he would say or do something that does not go good with Faith, his brothers would have to step in and put him in his place. Loved it when Kane said something that Faith did not like and Arden kicked him under the table for it. It is a little giggle moment as Kane has know clue what he did wrong. All the brothers are hot and over protective of Faith. She has been part of their family since she was young. Wow there is a lot of good moments with the yummy brothers when it comes to protecting Faith. Love the brotherly love with the back and forth bickering and joking with them. Loved coming to a scene with the sexy brothers, just knew it was not going to be boring. They add so much to the story, never taking away from Kane and Faith’s time.Faith I did enjoy her character as she is strong will but she was a little over the top for me. Loved how she would do anything to save her brother but was a bit too much of her kicking basically anybody in her way in their private parts to get to her brother. Loved how she would put Kane in his place when he needed to be. Wow! Kane and Faith scorched my poor e-reader in the bedroom with some panty-changing scenes. They were for sure made for each other and thought they fit perfect together. I could not see Kane with anybody else since he is line to be the next Alpha. She made a perfect Alpha mate. Loved how she was not one to sit back when danger was around. This leads to some good scenes with her driving Kane and his wolf crazy. Kane is a doctor and loved it when she was annoyed with him she would call him Dr. Wolfen. Kane knew he was in the dog house when she did this.The cover is for sure a lusting moment. Loving it but was bummed Kane had hair in the novel. I still had no problem visioning the hero on the cover has Kane though. Mouth-dropping-open-drooling sexy!Hazel Gower has a new fan and look forward to reading more of her novels especially the brothers in Armageddon Mate series. Rane is the next brother up in Rane's Mate (Armageddon Mates, #2), May 20 2013. ARC provided by author for an honest reviewOriginally posted Wickedly Delicious Book Blog

  • Linda Sims
    2019-05-07 22:15

    GOOD-ISHFirst book in a new series. While I quite enjoyed this, I felt it needed more. More depth to the story was needed. It was all a bit of a rush with much being glossed over. It's this book that lays out the initial groundwork setting up future books. Something I felt it failed to do. The very abrupt ending was not good either.As to the characters, Faith I liked she had put up with a lot considering she was just twenty. She's human but has physic abilities. All her life she has been in love with Kane a wolf shifter. But being 14 years older he has always pushed her away. Which he did so successfully when she was 16, Faith left the country for 4 years. Kane is a complex character, his behaviour was a bit immature throughout IMO. But now Faith is back home and her visions are becoming more frequent. Armageddon is coming.Overall I think this series could be really good. I will definitely read the next.

  • Aly
    2019-05-11 00:12

    OH my gosh. This book is so so so bad. I honestly could not believe that anyone would ever give it more than one star. The writing is immature, unrealistic and completely rushed. Scenes aren't developed enough and you wonder how you got from "I haven't seen you in four years" to "we just had sex and now we're mated" in SIXTEEN PAGES. You read that right. It seems like they created an entire relationship in the first sixteen pages of the book. The author was kind of like "development? Who needs that! I'm just gonna hit you with this rubbish and see if you're crazy enough to keep reading" *le sigh*.DID NOT FINISH at about 20%. Deleted it off my bookshelf. It's that terrible.

  • GypsyBelle
    2019-05-10 01:32

    Well, I don't know what to say about this . I love Hazel's cavman series, so I thought why not. It started off good, and then it just went down. It see to have so much going on , that I lost tracked of what was going on and had to go back. Over all it is a good story line, but just too much is going on at one time. Will I read the others in the series? No, sadly Reviewed by GypsyBelleI own a personal copy of this book

  • Katie
    2019-05-01 21:27

    Heart pounding romanceFaith has always been a bit different. Unlike her family she has psychic powers that she had to learn to control from a young age. It was a good thing the local werewolf family stepped in to help her. She grew to love everyone in the family, but loved the eldest son Kane most of all. Unfortunately he never saw her as anything, but a friend.After spending two years overseas she is happy to be home again and celebrates with her parents the family she grew to love. She is surprised however when Kane kidnaps and then mates her. To make it worse she has recently had visions of an upcoming apocalypse. Now she must come to terms with becoming Kane’s mate and find a way to stop a demon Armageddon.A fast paced plot and a whirlwind of emotions keeps readers on their toes in this thrilling romance. I was hooked from page one and couldn’t put the book down.The romance was hot and wild. I loved the chemistry between Kane and Faith and really felt the connection between them. They were a bit stubborn though, especially at the beginning. This stubbornness tended to cause some problems, but putting two strong willed people like these two together also made for some fun heated moments between the two.There was also a great deal of mystery and action in this story as we find out that Faith has a long lost brother who is half demon. I really liked the way the author introduced this aspect into the story. The Visions that Faith was having were descriptive and yet the still kept you guessing. Sometimes they brought out more questions than answers leaving the characters struggling to find a way to stop the terrible fate. I loved the many twists and turns this story took and can’t wait to read more of this amazing series.I also loved the diverse amount of characters in this story. Faith was strong, vibrant, and fun loving. I really felt for her at the beginning. It’s not easy being in love with someone who you believe could never love you back. Kane was an Alpha all the way and knew how to get what he wanted. I really enjoyed learning about Kane’s character. He is really tenderhearted and protective of the ones he loves. I was a little annoyed at how thick headed he could be sometimes and so was Faith, but I guess that was part of his charm.Kane’s brothers were also a lot of fun and I hope to see more of them in future books! I think Jamie was my favorite though. He was so sweet and I loved how even after he found out Faith was Kane’s mate he still loved and wanted to protect her.This is a thrilling romance that will keep you on your toes!

  • Aya
    2019-05-07 17:39

    Main hero/heroine:Let me say first that the cover for this book is hot. You get this image of two hot lead characters that you can use as reference when reading the book. But.. i didn't get that impression. Faith sounded like a teenage girl to me, even after the story jump in the beginning. Kane sounded like a teenage boy with raging hormones AND also sounded like an old guy (im not talking granpa-age but uncle-age) who likes this young teenage girl. There were also barely descriptions on their appearances. Romance:The romance was fast-paced. The characters turned straight from cats and dogs to inseparable partners. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I was just confused at the intensity of the 'love' when there was a lack of standpoint where that love may have stemmed from. Story/storyline:Right. The story was too heavy for me. I got the dose of supernatural romance which is great but add that with a dose of complicated rules and laws of the supernatural world and an approaching danger (like the end of the world kind) and I got too much of what I asked for. I lost the simplicity of the romance to the drama of the story. Right at the beginning, you start to warm up with the story and the characters but then drama is straightaway pushed into your face and so the rest of the story follows such complication. I don't recommended this book to those who love light reads on supernatural romance but I do recommend it to those who doesn't just want the usual.

  • April
    2019-05-18 21:26

    I do love my shifter books!! This is a new author for me and I must say she is off to a good start! Sure the book has a few flaws but not enough for me to put it down. I was drawn into the story regardless of the issues I had.The beginning of the book is a sweet prologue and then it jumps right into the story. I mean like straight to hot and steamy mating! It was a bit sudden for the story pace. Faith is a really interesting character and I wanted to root for her most of the time. She most of the time she seemed wise beyond her years and then she had moments where she was a typical twenty year old. I preferred her more mature self.Kane wavered between jerk and yummy Alpha werewolf. I get he was trying not to be a perv or get hurt but he just went about things wrong.I can not wait to see the rest of the family find their mates and see where the rest of the Armageddon story arc takes us. There were many loose ends that I expect addressed in the next book.Loads of hot and steamy action! Just forget about the panties altogether! There is a touch of drama but I love a good breakup cry! It is cleansing! And oh the make-up sex!!

  • Emily
    2019-05-11 21:12

    From the day that Faith York met Kane Wolfen at the age of five, she knew he was her destiny. Kane however did not realize she was his mate until later and then he rejected her in a way only a man can. Faith left for four years, now she is back believing Kane will be nowhere in sight. However he has his sight set on her and promptly takes her from her welcome home party and mates. Faith though is torn with her feelings of hurt and misunderstandings, while Kane a born alpha, has his head not quite twisted on right. If they can't figure out how to be together the world will be destroyed, for Faith has unique psychic powers and is an integral part in the future by Kane's side.This was a bit angsty for me, but once you get past the idiocy between the two you have a really good story. I think part of the angst issues lie in the age difference between Kane and Faith. The series sets up with demons trying to overpower our world and the wolves being the only hope for survival. Look forward to reading more, should be an entertaining series.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-25 20:21

    Let me start with saying, the cover is hot as hell. I love a hot cover it helps me imagine what the characters could look like. Faith and Kane relationship didnt have enough build up. While they did have some history, it just wasn't enough. It got on my nerves how everyone was so infatuated with Faith. Through out the story she would fight the demons, pass out-fall and one of the males would hold her or carry her away. I thought it was over done. The story had alot of potential but i felt it was a little rushed in the begining. Not saying i wont complete the series, i just hope book two pulls me in.

  • D Thomas
    2019-05-17 18:17

    This book had me hooked right away. Plenty of action, a bit of humor and much lovin. Gotta love the alpha males and there are several in this book. I am looking forward to reading about each of them finding their mates.Kane Wolfen is next in line as Alpha. He is a doctor by day and demon fighting werewolf by night. He has loved Faith for a long time, but he feels he is just too old for her. Even if she is his mate.Faith has visions. For the most part she does pretty good with them, but finding her other half changes things. She isn't sure if that is a good thing or not. Doesn't every woman dream of becoming a demon slayer?

  • Jessica Parsons
    2019-05-11 19:16

    A interesting read and seems like its going to be a great series to read. Very fast paced and rushed , would love to see how these characters relationship develops more in other books or even maybe have a short story later on. Both characters have known each other for a long time but have trouble with misunderstandings or trying to do whats best for the other person in the worse possible way, its there main issue to work on between themselves even though they have know each other most of there lives they haven't seen each other in 4 years while other problems arise while all this is happening.

  • Nancy
    2019-04-24 20:16

    The story held my interest and I'm busting to read the brothers stories.Sometimes I was a bit frustrated with the dialogue, especially between Kane and Faith but not enough to make me stop reading :)I liked Faith and Kane. They had some hot scenes together. Sometimes I felt a bit left out or straggling behind with knowledge of their "world". Details came out in bits and piece leaving me with an incomplete feeling, but this kind of encourages a desire to read the next book to try and learn more.The secondary characters are interesting and I want to follow their stories too.

  • Renee
    2019-05-22 01:37

    I really want to love this but I struggle with even "liking" it. The story line is great, the future stories sound like they would be great but the writing is driving me crazy! Sometimes it feels like I'm reading the cliff notes version of the story and sometimes there are lines or quotes in the story that don't belong or do absolutely nothing. And we get jumped from scene to scene. I feel like the author needs to slow down, re read what was written and fill in the blanks. Maybe that's it- this is the rough draft and it was published before it was polished?

  • Tara
    2019-05-12 22:36

    I need to read more paranormals. Shape-shifter werewolf sex is awesome. Really enjoyed this story. There was action, tenderness, a sexy alpha - in every sense of the word - male, a feisty kick-a** heroine, and plenty of action, both in and out of the bedroom. Oh, and demons, and visions, and a potential Armageddon if they don't organize all the various packs keeping the clueless humans safe from an underworld about to take over the surface.How's that? You interested? Good. Now where's the next? I need it.

  • Priscilla Robinson
    2019-05-15 23:27

    Good start to a seriesThis was a good first book to a series. It did well at focusing on the two main characters while bringing in supporting characters who will have there time to shine. It also had a good storyline about the paranormal world and an upcoming armageddon that will make a strong base for a series. My own issue was that it flowed at a very fast pace jumping from one thing to another quickly.

  • Susan
    2019-05-16 21:19

    I enjoyed the over- riding story line in this book and had a love/hate relationship with several of the characters in it.Like all alpha males Kane is a domineering, over protective jerk while Faith is a little too sweet at times for my liking. However I would like to see what happens in the next story and see how these two characters develop.

  • Rochelle
    2019-05-15 23:12

    I really really loved this book! I think its a great start to a new series and can't wait to read the next story!!!

  • Kathy Harrington
    2019-05-20 19:34

    Though the story wasn't fantastic, it was good with just enough background info to not be lost. The sex.... Hot!

  • Emma
    2019-05-05 23:15

    Writing Style was a bit messy But overall a good story line.

  • Jane
    2019-05-06 19:15

    Love this author. Great story and characters!!

  • Yvonne Mclean
    2019-05-19 19:35

    Really liked it. I am how following the series.

  • Becky Mote
    2019-05-17 19:33

    I’d not read anything from this author before. She has a great hook, with plot potential, interesting take on the shifter genre, but the book is rushed and needs much more depth. Character development is practically nonexistent and even the sex scenes are rushed (definitely not a scene to gallop through). I’ll read the next one to see if she gets stronger as a writer, but this is not a book I’d recommend.

  • Lourin
    2019-04-29 01:31

    So glad I gave this book a chance. I have read other books by Hazel Gower, but I'm not gonna lie, I saw the cover of this one and read the synopsis and thought "eh this doesn't sound like something for me". Oh boy was I wrong. I have reread this book at least 15 times and still never tire of this series.Faith is different from her family and when she moves next to wolves, she knows that they will help her in ways that will change her life and become a family for her. From the minute she met Kane she knew he would be her prince.Kane feels something special for Faith from the minute he meets her when she is 5 and he is about 19. However, he only thinks of her as a sister, but as the years progress he realizes and fights the attraction he feels for her.Armageddon Mates is a very neat concept and a new kind of shifter book that I have never heard about. Sadly, with shifter books, they all seem to run close to the same story line. It was refreshing to have a new story line!

  • LIA
    2019-04-27 00:12

    This one is an adult paranormal. Actually the sex scene is a little awkward, I can't feel the passion. The actions is okay not bad, not good either. The characters a little bit.. I don't know how to describe, maybe lack of personality? The heroine is suck, the hero also such a douche. I do not feel for this book. The story begins with the kidnapping of Faith. Kane brought her to his home, and sleep with her. Yeah, immediately! No romance, no flower, no chocolate, no sweet talk, no no nothing at all. And how can Faith just accept to be take like that?? Let's see the book two. 2, 5 star for this book oneOh yeah I forgot one more thing, the description of the characters different with the cover. At least try to imitate the description please! It is written that Faith hair a strawberry blonde, but in the cover Faith hair is black!

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-21 22:15

    Hot Sexy Erotic loved it Wow this was hot and just down right wicked , they group up together Kane is older than Faith but there has always been something between them she has always known there secret and has loved Kane since she met him all those years ago.Now many years later Kane is a doctor and Faith has come back to help the family that she has loved and grown up with. But will she let him back into her life or is there time gone.Than Kane realizes that she is his, his mate for life and once she stops fighting maybe she will except it.They fight to save others and they fight to make it right for themselves.Loved it there is passion sex and just so much heat, loved it thank you Hazel Gower you have made me love Shapeshiter's more. A definite must read you will not be able to put this down I couldn't t and want more.

  • Helen Jessica Mays
    2019-05-10 17:10

    She forgave him so easily, I am still fuming. This seems to be the theme of Hazel Gower books; men being jerks and hurting women for the smallest reason and women forgiving men for just scraps of their affection.I really hate this mature hero with a young heroine, and hero fucks his way through country and acts like a jerk/big brother towards heroine until he is well and ready to humbly/graciously take her books. And in those books heros always claim they waited patiently for the heroine. If that was my life, I would have told him thank you for his remarkable patience and please continue to do that far away from me.