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Again Mr. Grainger laid down the will, and again he regarded me over the rim of his spectacles. "Good God!" cried Sir Richard, leaping to his feet, "the man must have been mad. Ten guineas -- why, it's an insult -- damme! -- it's an insult -- you'll never take it of course, Peter." "On the contrary, sir," said I. "But -- ten guineas!" bellowed the baronet; "on my soul now,Again Mr. Grainger laid down the will, and again he regarded me over the rim of his spectacles. "Good God!" cried Sir Richard, leaping to his feet, "the man must have been mad. Ten guineas -- why, it's an insult -- damme! -- it's an insult -- you'll never take it of course, Peter." "On the contrary, sir," said I. "But -- ten guineas!" bellowed the baronet; "on my soul now, George was a cold-blooded fish, but I didn't think even he was capable of such a despicable trick -- no -- curse me if I did! Why, it would have been kinder to have left you nothing at all -- but it was like George -- bitter to the end -- ten guineas!" "Is ten guineas," said I, "and when one comes to think of it, much may be done with ten guineas." Sir Richard grew purple in the face, but before he could speak, Mr. Grainger began to read again: "'Moreover, the sum of five hundred thousand pounds, now vested in the funds, shall be paid to either Maurice or Peter Vibart aforesaid, if either shall, within one calendar year, become the husband of the Lady Sophia Sefton of Cambourne.'" "Good God!" exclaimed Sir Richard. "'Failing which, '" read Mr. Grainger, "'the said sum, namely, five hundred thousand pounds, shall be bestowed upon such charity or charities as the trustees shall select. Signed by me, this tenth day of April, eighteen hundred and --, George Vibrart. Duly witnessed by Adam Penfleet, Martha Trent.'"...

Title : The Broad Highway by Jeffery Farnol, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Historical
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The Broad Highway by Jeffery Farnol, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Historical Reviews

  • Tweety
    2019-05-16 08:05

    ,4 1/2 I took half a star off because it starts too slowly, Winds of Fortune has a faster, livelier beginning. (*Sigh*) It was so good…Peter Vibart is his uncle's favorite nephew and as such, it has always been expected that he would inherit the lands, fortune and title of his uncle. But, his shocking Will says otherwise. Peter will only inherit if he marries Lady Sophia, the toast of the ton. All he will be giving to aid him is ten measly guineas.His cousin, Maurice Vibart has the same option, but without the ten guineas. However, he has been in London, and with Sophia for a whole season. The two cousins have never met. They are like ships passing in the night, without a clue as to what the other is really like. But, one day they will met. Will they meet as friends, or enemies? Peter has never been ambitious, he likes his books, and riding. Everything else is hazy. So when he is handed his ten guineas he packs a knapsack and goes. He travels as far from London as he can. Never dreaming that his trip would be so disastrous, so wonderful. He meets everyone and everything imaginable… down to his cousin. Tinkers, Farmers and Highwaymen all looking to see what they can get out of him. Thankfully he isn't too daft and saves himself from a lot of it trouble. But he can't save himself from everything…A half sane man hunts him through the woods, never loosing sight of him, firmly beliveing that Peter killed his wife. Baffled, Peter escapes him only to find that people he has never seen know him, and fear him. Why is it that so many people hate him on sight? Peter was so unusual! He was mild and easy going. He even managed to cool down Black George, the Smith! And Sophia, she was a sweet darling! How could Peter have not guessed who she was? Maurice, we don't see much of. But the little we did see of him made him wholly unlikable. This book had everything I love, Abductions, Highwaymen and Adventure. There was even (shudder) murder. It's free of nearly all swears, other than a few D's. It's perfectly clean too. There is a 'haunted house', which is not haunted. (a very much alive Scotsman lives there and scares people away). Now on to the Violence. There was a round of boxing, not blow by blow thankfully. And if you don't what to hear about someone having blood dripping (not gory but it is mentioned when Peter gets a blow to the head and when a crazy man is reliving the past), then you may want to skim those two parts. Other than that it's fine. So the violence makes a G into a PG. It's not put over nasty, but there is one creepy scene. (the crazy man) BOTTOM LINE: I loved it! And I'm so glad my copy had pictures, it was fun seeing Old Ancient hobble around and Black George swing his hammer.On a Side Note, there are a few 'sequels', in other words Jeffery Farnol wrote a few other books featuring some of the same characters. They are: Charmian, Lady Vibart and Peregrine's Progress.

  • Sylvester
    2019-04-30 00:54

    1.5* Out of sheer disappointment. Everything was good, great, in fact - a great start, I'd say. There was more than enough groundwork for a satisfying story, one where the reader knows exactly what has to happen, but no clue how, and bad things happen to our hero but he's plucky...And then the girl shows up.Wet blanket. And the story died - sadly, about 20 chapters before the end of the book.Howsomever - on a positive note: this was a Librivox recording, and some of the readers were excellent - 2 of them, one man, one woman, sing extraordinarily well. I kept on because of them.

  • Kim
    2019-05-07 02:53

    Still my favorite and probably always will be. Just a good-hearted book and wonderful characters; from the Ancient, to Black George, to sweet Prudence, mercurial Charmain, and Peter Vibart. If you want to try out Farnol's works, The Broad Highway is a great one to start and one of the great swashbucklers.

  • Nicholas Whyte
    2019-05-14 05:04 was the best-selling novel of 1911, a romantic tale set in about 1811 where you know what is going to happen from the very first page, when Peter Vibart is promised a vast legacy if he will marry Sophia Sefton, but declares he would rather not. He flees metropolitan life to the village of Sissinghurst in Kent, where he encounters many good-hearted comic yokels and falls in love with a mysterious woman who comes to live with him in his cottage. She has firm, well-rounded arms. (That's arms, I say, arms.) It takes Peter (unlike the reader) most of the book to work out her real identity, and to deal with his rival for the marital legacy, his rather two-dimensionally villainous cousin, though I guess he is distracted by the occasional staggering coincidence and his anachronistic inclination towards Christian Science doctrine. I had never heard of Farnol before but apparently he was one of the most successful popular novelists of the first half of the twentieth century, and I suppose I can see the attraction of his undemanding yet breathless style. (Sissinghurst, by the way, was called Milkstreet in 1811 and changed its name only later in the century; more anachronism.)

  • Pippa
    2019-05-20 05:11

    This was my grandparents' favourite book. They were born right at the very beginning of the twentieth century, and they felt that Jeffery Farnol's books described their world exactly as it was when they were growing up. This was the absolute favourite, and with their reminiscences I came to realise what a valuable historical source his books were. The mood and the characters of rural England at that time are what I remember of this book. I don't think it had a very strong plot. Well worth reading if you are interested in that period, or would like to imagine a very different time.

  • MaryBliss
    2019-05-10 06:06

    This is a classic example of the early 20th century notion of the hero as manly, mystic, bohemian laborer who has abandoned the upper class life, love as other-worldly, pure, unfathomable nature and evil as indolent, violent excess.It reminds me a bit of those elements as found in "Green Mansions" (which was also written during the same decade) in that respect. But it has far more plot and is much more hopeful and includes some swashbuckle, so it is therefore far more readable.

  • Nuranar
    2019-05-14 05:46

    One of my favorite Farnol novels. Farnol creates a dreamlike sense of wonder that is delightful. This books is a period story of action and romance and mystery, told with humor, simplicity, power - and whimsy. Not to be missed.

  • Sarah Sammis
    2019-05-20 08:50

    I read the 1923 edition which I borrowed from UCLA. I remember liking it. And I remember it being vaguely related to my research at the time (the American highway as language) but I don't remember the details of the plot.

  • Robert Laviano
    2019-05-02 07:43

    Really enjoyed reading this book mainly for the story and narative. I could read this again someday. Peter and Charmain were meant to be together. Charmain was the name of the woman that played the oldest daughter Leisl in the Sound of Music Movie. From the Bard and Banker library list.

  • Bob
    2019-05-14 01:47

    A fun and interesting book. Full of twists and turns on the plot, with a set of colorful characters. This book deserves to be far better known.

  • Pamela
    2019-05-03 01:00

    I read this book every summer from when I was 14 (?) to 20 or so. Silliest book. I loved it. Mistaken identity, romance, peril,adventure.

  • Allison
    2019-05-13 04:13

    Love Jeffery Farnol's work. This one is no exception.

  • Madeline Stone
    2019-05-19 02:47

    Beautiful, funny, rambly. The main character is Jason.

  • Taralyn
    2019-04-29 06:48

    I loved this book! It is beautiful and funny, and it reminds me of my Grandpa Untersinger and my dad, who love this era dearly.

  • Wyyknot
    2019-04-28 05:48

    The broad highway by Jeffery Farnol (1911)