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'From #1 NY times Bestselling Author, Barbara Freethy, comes a romantic new contemporary series about the Callaways, a big, blended Irish family born to serve and protect.The second oldest of the Callaway clan, Aiden Callaway veered from the family tradition of urban firefighting and became a smokejumper, never questioning his choice until the job took the life of his fr'From #1 NY times Bestselling Author, Barbara Freethy, comes a romantic new contemporary series about the Callaways, a big, blended Irish family born to serve and protect. 
 The second oldest of the Callaway clan, Aiden Callaway veered from the family tradition of urban firefighting and became a smokejumper, never questioning his choice until the job took the life of his friend, Kyle, and left Aiden with injuries and fractured memories. Everyone blames Aiden for what happened, but he doesn't remember, nor is he sure he wants to remember. The truth may clear Aiden of blame but destroy Kyle's reputation and hurt the people he left behind. 
 Aiden seeks help from an unlikely partner… 
 Sara had always been untouchable, sweet, innocent, his sister's best friend, and the girl next door. But one reckless night in their youth took their relationship to a new level. Sara has never forgiven or forgotten the way Aiden brought it crashing down, but she's no longer that girl with the crazy crush. She's a woman in search of her own truth. The sparks between Aiden and Sara have been smoldering for a very long time. Sara is afraid to take another chance on a man who broke her heart, and Aiden knows better than anyone how dangerous an intense fire can be. As teenagers they weren’t ready for each other. Are they now?...

Title : On a Night Like This
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On a Night Like This Reviews

  • Candace
    2019-03-28 20:42

    Aiden is a smokejumper. He lost his memory following an accident while battling a fire. Aiden also lost his best friend, Kyle, during the same fire. Is Aiden to blame for Kyle's death? Did Kyle commit suicide?Sara is a corporate lawyer. She is trying to reconnect with her father. Sara grew up with the Callaway family. She has had a crush on Aiden since she was nine. She knows Aiden is not a relationship type of guy. Does Sara still have a crush on Aiden, or is this attraction a mature love? Will she and her father re-establish their relationship?This novel is a nice, easy read. The characters are well-rounded. The plot is simple and the subplots are neatly tied up. I would love to read more books in this series.

  • J.A. Fredericks
    2019-04-07 22:48

    This sweet romance with just a little bit of steam was an easy and enjoyable read. I got sucked right into the Calloway family and can't wait to read more. Love reading about strong women with important careers.

  • Dee
    2019-04-03 18:08

    From A Sweet Life Boxed SetTwo-haiku review:She goes to see dadNeighbor saves them both from fireShe's always loved himPretty good romanceNice little mystery, tooFirst of a series

  • Mandy
    2019-04-25 01:45

    3.5 I really enjoyed this story, right up until the end. It seemed to end abruptly so that the main characters could get their happily ever after. I'm glad that Sara and Aiden got their happy ending after all of the years they spent pining for each other, but I thought this book would have left us hanging with more of a mystery. There is such a great arson mystery weaved throughout the book that wasn't resolved in the first installment of this series. I think I a heart stopping cliffhanger would have been appropriate. Otherwise this was another great book from Barbara Freethy.

  • Francesca
    2019-04-21 18:56

    I had wanted to read this author for a very long time, I don't know why. And I didn't get disappointed at all. I loved it. Nice story and loveable characters. I will read more books by her.

  • Ronna
    2019-04-08 01:00

    Feel good romance about the not so-bad boy rekindling an old flame with the good girl from next door after a decade of separation. Both are dealing with personal struggles but find themselves reunited and in a position to help the other resolve their troubles. Aiden Callaway is a smokejumper, a fireman who jumps from a plane into burning forests to put out forest fires. It’s only for the bravest of the brave, unusually fit, adrenaline junkies, and Aiden fits the bill. He comes from a long line of firefighters and has carved his own way with his best friend Kyle by his side. But Kyle was killed 3 weeks prior in their last fire of the season and Aiden only vaguely remembers what happened as he was knocked unconscious trying to save Kyle and was lucky to be found alive. With everyone, including his fellow firefighters and Kyle’s wife, blaming Aiden for Kyle’s death and his inability to explain exactly what happened before he got knocked out, he has lost the trust of his crew, has potentially tarnished the impeccable reputation of the Callaway family name within the firefighter community and may be forced out of a profession he truly loves because of it. He suffers from terrible nightmares about the fire that killed Kyle. He has too many questions about what happened, is weighed down by guilt and doesn’t know where to turn. Enter Sara Davidson.Sara Davidson grew up next door to Aiden. She always envied the Callaway’s large, loud & loving family. As an only child, she was loved by her mom, but ignored by her perfectionist lawyer of a dad. Her one stray from perfection as a child was her childhood crush on Aiden, who was her friend Emma’s older brother and the promiscuous, bad boy next door. One night Aiden kisses her and it’s everything she ever wanted, but he cuts things off before they even begin breaking her heart – a heartbreak she has never healed from. During her sophomore year of college, Sara’s mom died, and there is no longer a reason to go home. The visits stop and she only has limited interaction with her dad. She graduates from college and law school, passes the bar, gets a great job with a big legal firm in NYC and is on track to become a partner. It's been a decade since she left home and she decides she wants to try to build a relationship with her dad, so she surprises him with a visit. He is indeed surprised and tells her to go home. As they begin to discuss why she is there and why she should leave, her dad forgets he left dinner on the stove and a fire starts. Unable to put the fire out, her father races downstairs to save valuables and subsequently falls and breaks his leg. Lucky for the two of them Aiden is just arriving next door when he sees the flames. He gets Sara and her dad out, and so begins their reunion.Sara is just the objective mind Aiden needs to help him work through what happened during the fire. Aiden is the protective, caring person Sara needs to get her through a newly discovered family secret. Reuniting as they have rekindles old feelings and in a matter of days 2 people who weren’t looking for a relationship suddenly want something more from each other, but is it possible? Aiden isn’t a relationship person and he may not even have a job soon. Are his feelings driven by his recent trauma and could he wake up in a week and realize it was all a mistake? Sara’s worked so hard to build a life and career in NY, should she throw that all away on a chance to be with Aiden and maybe re-start a relationship with her dad? Those are the main themes around 2 interesting stories surrounding the fire that killed Kyle (what really happened) and Sara’s family secret. We are also introduced to story strings around other members of the Callaway family, which are all well done and don’t detract from the main story. The only issue I had with this story was how quickly everything was resolved. Aside from that it was an engaging, fun read. I recommend this book to fans of easy, adult romance. I look forward to reading the next book in the series when it comes out in March.

  • Tina
    2019-04-06 21:08

    Hotness Rating 3 out of 5This first book of the Callaways series is a sweet and simple read about unrequited teenage love, parental acceptance and second chances. Aiden is a likeable enough character that frustrated me at times with his apparent apathy when it came to his situation. Witnessing his friend's death, but having no memory of exactly what happened would be horrific. Being blamed for it would be unbearable, but to have no interest in defending yourself or even try to save your career until a woman comes along to prod you seems way too pitiful. Don't get me wrong I get where a person could and would suffer a huge emotional break over this kind of life event, but the author didn't really emote this very well. Sure, she stated several times that he missed his best friend, etc but you never really felt that emotion. Sara was a strong woman dealing with so many problems of her own. Her father treated her as less than nothing. I admire her in that she didn't just tell him to live his life without her and then walk away. I don't think I could have kept coming back for more. As I said above this is a very sweet story, but just fell short for me. The emotion was written in words, but the feeling just didn't play out. So much potential and to be honest I'm not adverse to reading the next in the series and see if it's any better. The premise of these books are really good.

  • Chessela Helm
    2019-04-03 19:51

    an interesting and enjoyable book about two people who desperately need love but aren't quite willing to admit that. Sara was an interesting heroine - smart, determined, a good friend. Aiden is even more interesting because he's trying to figure out how much he had to do with the death of his friend in a forest fire. Sara helps him piece things together, and Aiden helps her to deal with her very dysfunctional relationship with her father. It's nice to see a hero and heroine working together on something other than love. The supporting characters are nice - we get a taste of the story that happens in book 2. The pacing may seem a little odd - Sara and Aiden resist their attraction for a long time - but there's enough going on aside from their budding relationship that it makes sense. And there's still plenty of the book we get to see them together, figuring out where to go next.

  • Vickivav
    2019-04-03 00:00

    ugh....My mom, in her old age, has been reading romance novel after romance novel. Most of the time she just buys them instead of reading them. I decided to give this one a shot. To be fair this isn't a genre that I normally read. I picked one of the large format paper backs that she recently bought, mistakenly thinking it would be better than the typical dime-store Harlequins. I couldn't have been more wrong, sometimes you really can't judge a book by it's cover. There was no beach in this book, yet both covers feature romantic beaches and what the hell does the title mean? It would be more aptly titled, "The Commitment Phobic Guy I had a Crush on in High School Who Became a Fireman and is Now Tortured Over a Problem that only I can Help him with and then He'll Love me Forever and Ever." Although, I guess that would be the title of half the books out there.I normally don't bother finishing a book if I'm not enjoying it, which is why most of my books are rated four stars. I would have given this no stars, but I did finish it, so obviously I cared enough to see how it was going to end. Man....don't know what to say, the last four chapters were arduous. The problems were resolved over a few lines of dialog (way too much exposition in the conversation throughout the book). I also hate neat and tidy resolutions that come in the last few pages where everyone says and does exactly what they have to to wrap up the story-line. There were also too many threads introduced that weren't resolved....I guess I'm supposed to buy the next book in the series. Unfortunately, I just don't give a crap about these people. To be fair, I know this is "light" escapist fantasy, but there's got to be someone out there besides Diana Gabaldon (whose books are too long for me to continue reading right now) who knows how to write a love story that is earned. Where you rush to the end to see how the two people come together in the end.'s inevitable, but it shouldn't feel obvious (read "boring"). My mom has about 300 books on her shelf. I haven't given up, surely there is a better writer among them. Stay tuned.

  • Purple
    2019-04-01 17:51

    Aiden and Sara have no chemistry. However she's immensely infatuated with him since...forever, of course! She's hung up on a crush and she keeps pushing even though he rejects her over and over again. But somehow he realizes he's in love with her. Still...her job is in NY, he lives somewhere in San Francisco and she's willing to give her job in a NY minute! Lovely...

  • Ang
    2019-04-23 19:52

    More a 3.5 rating only because the end was rushed. I enjoyed the story up until then. I felt like it was like this growing story that ended abruptly. It was if they said okay we love each other the end.

  • Kathy
    2019-04-13 01:55

    Great family relationships storyI thoroughly enjoyed this story of finding love amid complicated relationships. It's been 10 years since Sara has seen Aiden. They grew up next door to each other and Sara has loved him for a long time. Since he didn't feel the same she stayed away. Now she's back in town to try a gorge a relationship with her father and Aiden is dealing with the death of his best friend and fellow smokejumper. There are secrets that need to be found and explained and a love that needs to be rekindled and returned this time. I loved the glimpses into the others characters and their stories to come. The family and friends dynamics were very well done and the endings is very satisfying.

  • Rosaline
    2019-04-02 18:42

    FREEFebruary 23, 2017

  • Bette Stanek
    2019-04-10 17:51

    I can tell I'm going to like the Callaway Clan and their larger than life personalities. This is the first in a series, but there's no cliff hanger ending. A fun and quick read with interesting characters. While not filled with over-the-top drama, there is plenty going on. Sara has decided to surprise her father on his sixty-fifth birthday by taking a few days of from her high power corporate job in NYC. She showed up, unannounced, on his doorstep and to say that her reception isn't a warm one is more than an understatement. She hasn't been home for five years and it's time to repair, or actually build, a relationship with her father. For some reason he doesn't feel the same way. As they are arguing, a fire breaks out in the kitchen. Instead of getting out of the house, her father runs to retrieve something from the basement. It will be a few days before Sara figures out the importance of what he was looking for and it will rock her world. Aiden has been MIA for several weeks when he shows up on his family's doorstep, which happens to be right next door to Sara's father's house. There was a tragic accident on the last mission he was leading as a smokejumper and his best friend died. Everyone is blaming Aiden. He blames himself, too. The thing is, he doesn't remember exactly what happened due to a concussion and temporary memory loss. When he sees his neighbor's house on fire he simply reacts. After twelve years, Sara and Aiden are face to face again. Their last encounter wasn't a good one. Sara was left humiliated and she's sworn that she'll never be in that position again. The thing is, there's definite chemistry between the two. There are also a lot that they'll have to resolve before they can even think about that, though. A good summer beach read. It's mostly predictable, but it's fun watching it all unfold. There may even be a few surprises along the way.

  • xXForever_LoveXx
    2019-04-24 23:48

    I read this book in two days, and it was incredible. Normally these aren't really my kinds of books. I'm a big fan of YA and Teen Fiction books, and not your typical boy-meets-girl, chicklit romantic book. But, once again, thanks to the stepmother, I was set on the path of another great author and another great book series.I don't like the name Sara, and I don't like the name Aiden, but the people made me fall in love with the name, and now I adore them. This book was fresh, centering on a smart, independent lawyer and a smokejumper coming from a strong and courageous family of fire fighters. It wasn't like anything I'd read before, and the romance and chemistry was undeniable, making it fierce and enjoyable. It made my heart race and it was quite smart and well-written, with excellent detail and strong characters who were open and brave. It was excellent, and I was captivated from the first page. Aiden was hot and sweet and kind, and the book was quite amazing.As always, five stars for the steamy scene between them. I felt like the book had been leading up to this scene, and it did not disappoint. It was engaging, edgy, fun and bright, and it left me feeling hopeful about romance, even though the amount of times they did it was quite impossible, unless he was popping Viagra like tic-tacs. I mean, seven or eight times in two days? With little sleep and only a small amount of food? Rightio, I'm sure he wasn't exhausted AT ALL from the previous seven times he did it. But whatever, if he could do that for her, lucky girl.Anyway, the book was smart and bright and fresh and I really enjoyed it. Good work, Miss Freethy, and I will be moving onto the sequels.Xxxxx

  • Charlene Fraley
    2019-04-22 23:44

    This was a very enjoyable book. I am looking forward to reading about the rest of the family. This story is about Sara a successful lawyer, who has an emotionally distant father. She would like to know why. It is also about Aiden Callaway, a firefighter, who lost his best friend in a fire with him. Everyone blames Aiden, even though he cannot remember what happened. Sara stays with the Callaways while her father is in the hospital and she can oversee the repairs to the burned house. Sara and Aiden fall in love. They both have mysteries to solve, Sara why her father doesn't seem to care for her, and Aiden finds out what actually happened to his friend. They have their happily ever after together.

  • Anna
    2019-04-16 23:58

    Freethy at her best! The only thing that kept this from being a 5 star is that it is clearly a set up novel for what proves to be a phenomenal series about a very interesting family, that means less spark and more backstory/introductions on this rather large family, which I get, but it took away from Aiden and Sara a bit for me. The return of Sara was an excellent way to introduce the backstory of the characters though, sort of catching up with everyone along with her. the Callaways are going to make for some awesome reads and while I'm pulling for Burke, I don't even really care who comes next!

  • Kimberley
    2019-04-02 19:08

    Sara went home for her fathers 65 birthday. Unsure of how things would go she wanted to try and have a relationship with him. Her dad did not want her there and while in her room fighting with him they smelled smoke. He had been cooking and forgot it. As he ran to the basement he fell and broke his leg. Aiden noticed the smoke and broke the door down and rescued Sara's dad. They both had issues and needed answers . Aiden's family wanted to know what happened in the fire when his best friend died and so did he

  • Lisa Filipe
    2019-04-24 22:47

    Finally got to start The Callaway Series, which I own all three books, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Aiden and Sara's story. Twists and turns and a bit of mystery had me reading until the last page, and I am certainly intrigued with the rest of this Crazy Callaway Clan.Looking forward to reading book two! Fans of Belle Andre's SULLIVANS and Marie Force's Gansett Island Series, will enjoy this series.

  • steph
    2019-03-28 02:05

    3.5 stars but I wasn't overwhelmed by it so I took it down to 3.This was a good start to the series. I liked Aiden and his giant brady bunch family (8 adult kids in total. 4 boys from widowed dad, 2 girls from divorced mom, 2 kids they had together). I am actually continuing this series just because I liked his family so much. Sara was nice too and the storyline with her dad held my interest. All in all, a okay book.

  • Julie
    2019-04-19 00:48

    I liked the H/h their story was so sweet with alot of history. In addition to the love story there were addition plot lines with the H/h as well as the Callaway siblings. The set up for future books down the line has my attention. I'll be following the Callaway's for sure. I'm looking forward to Emmas book in March.

  • Susan
    2019-04-05 02:04

    Great story that has lots of twists and turns. Love that Barbara is doing another connected family book series. Absolutely loved the Angel's Bay books and am looking forward to more stories about the Callaway clan.

  • Annette
    2019-04-21 21:05

    Nice easy read. Not too engrossing. A will they, won't they book. Disappointed there wasn't a conclusion to some of the plot that was laid down but I guess to find the answers I'll have to buy parts 2, 3&4.

  • Julz
    2019-04-08 19:10

    The dialogue in this book disappointing. A fire fighter who is proud of his blue collar background that doesn't use contractions and says the persons name in every sentence. It just felt unnatural and I lost interest in the characters.

  • Wrathsqueen
    2019-04-09 19:55

    My blog review of On a Night Like This by Barbara Freethy-

  • Janine
    2019-04-04 21:49

    A well written romance with a great cast of characters to work through in the series.

  • Triinu
    2019-04-13 01:10

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  • Cynthia
    2019-04-01 00:56

    Oh the heartbreak this book brings it is really a story inside a story with two people who are torn apart by family and friends. I found it very easy to relate to Sarah having a father a lot like hers. Never being good enough always trying to be the best but never able to make him proud. Unlike her I said the heck with it at a younger age. She sticks it out demanding answers that won’t be easy to deal with. What a very good start to what looks like it will be a wonderful series. Aiden finds his self in a place where he feels the world is against him and he feel they might be right. Unable to remember all that happened that day when he lost his best friend he turns away from those that love him to try to put the pieces together. He is a very kind hearted man who takes the blame for many things in his childhood that got him in trouble. He really has a weakness but you won’t find out about that until later on. He loves action and adventure which is one reason he pick the job he picked. He gets high off of danger, excitement and thrills those same things that took his friends life. He has to take a step back regroup and rethink his life and how the information he finds out will not only affect him but those around him. Was he the cause of his friend’s death or was it an accident? My heart went out to so many characters but none as much as it did for Sarah. Her father I wanted so much to slap for the way he treated her. From the first page I wanted so much to jerk her out of them take away her pain and tell her how worthy she was. It seems there are secrets that will come to light and rock her world more than anyone can guess. She is a very strong wise woman in so many ways. Now face to face with her young love from the past she must put it behind her and move forward but one look and she isn’t sure she can to that. Only home for a few days that is until something happens that keeps her longer she finds her life intertwined again with Aiden’s. As they go on the hunt for the truth working together they just might find more truth to their emotions than either of them are ready for.The story moves pretty steady giving you a very touching romance. Their past comes to ahead when questions are asked, emotions are strong as things get out of hand again with one step forward and two back something has to give. As they each deal with their own issues they are pulled together as sparks fly, passion gets ignited and flames start a fire they can’t put out. Things will come to a head leaving them with a sense of peace as well as uncertainty as to the outcome. I really liked the Aiden’s family how real they are, how caring, loving and supportive they are but at the same time they have doubts, fight, but always come together and circle as one when need be. The ending is really good but leaves a few unanswered questions that I feel will be told throughout the rest of the series. The next one is on Emma I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Hopefully we will learn more about the fires and the nun as well as what granny was talking about. I have a feel this series is going to hold a lot of secrets that will keep us hook, on our toes and spell bound. I enjoyed how the author builds up their romance giving us the past history the why and just how painful it was. One doing what they thought was best leaving the other with painful memories that will last a lifetime. I like the mystery of both the stories from Aiden finding out the truth about his friends death to Sarah finding out the secret in her family. It really has your mind hoping to work it all out. I enjoyed the plot that really holds your attention and the way the author plays it out. There are some wonderful fun scenes as well as some very heartbreaking ones. I read this at one setting and could not put it down. It was thrilling and at times exciting to learn more about jumpers and how they deal with issues. I thought the author wrote a believable story putting a lot in to a little space with vivid details that make this a page turner

  • Kerstin
    2019-04-05 21:55

    "In einer Nacht wie dieser" ist eine schöne Liebesgeschichte, aber für mich war das entscheidende an dem Buch, dass Aiden und Sara jeweils auf der Suche nach einer Wahrheit sind, die für ihr Leben bedeutsam ist. Aiden hat seinen besten Freund verloren und kann sich nicht an die genauen Umstände erinnern, doch jeder gibt ihm die Schuld; Sara dagegen hat ein angespanntes Verhältnis zu ihrem Vater und muss nun erfahren, dass es dafür Gründe gibt, die sie nicht einmal erahnt hat. Mir hat gefallen, dass beide für sich, aber auch gemeinsam die Probleme bewältigt und einander dabei Kraft gegeben haben.Besonders interessant fand ich Aidens Beruf als Feuerspringer, von dem ich zuvor noch nicht viel gehört hatte und der sehr gefährlich zu sein scheint, wie man auch am Tod seines Freundes sehen kann. Durch das ganze Buch zieht sich die Frage, was mit Kyle passiert ist, ob es ein Unfall war oder einer der Männer einen Fehler gemacht hat. Es war beklemmend zu sehen, wie alle Aiden die Schuld gegeben haben und dass selbst seine Familie verlangt hat, er solle endlich erzählen, was passiert ist, aber die Darstellung war realistisch, ebenso wie die der tiefen Trauer, die viele der Charaktere empfinden. Ich war gespannt zu sehen, wie die Autorin alles erklären würde und gemeinsam mit den Protagonisten ist man nach und nach dahinter gekommen. Die Auflösung ist wirklich tragisch; ich hoffe, dass die Folgen der Erkenntnis in den Fortsetzungen eine Rolle spielen werden.Die beiden Hauptpersonen waren gut ausgearbeitete, sympathische Charaktere, deren Liebesbeziehung sich schön entwickelt hat. Sie waren genau das, was der andere in der aktuellen Situation gebraucht hat und daraus hat sich ganz automatisch mehr ergeben. Das Ende kam vielleicht etwas zu plötzlich und wirkte abrupt, doch insgesamt war es stimmig und hat zur Geschichte der zwei gepasst. Ich mochte sehr, wie sie miteinander umgegangen sind und dass konstruiertes Drama vermieden wurde, da die Umstände im Leben der zwei schon genug Spannungen von außen geliefert haben.Die Personen, die in Band 2 die Hauptrollen übernehmen werden, wurden bereits vorgestellt und die Chemie zwischen ihnen stimmt auf jeden Fall. Außerdem wurde schon der Grundstein für eine spannende Hintergrundgeschichte um den Beruf der beiden gelegt, sodass ich gespannt bin, wie es damit weitergehen wird. "In einer Nacht wie dieser" bekommt 3,5/5 Sternen.

  • Amber Brownlow
    2019-03-28 18:50

    On a Night Like This is the 1st book in the Callaways Series by Barbara Freethy. This story introduces us to the Callaway family with main characters Aiden and Sara. Aiden is the 2nd oldest and was only too happy to break from the family tradition and become a smokejumper until the job he loves takes the life of his best friend Kyle. To make matters worse, everyone blames Aiden for his death, but Aiden can't remember all the details of that day to either deny or accept the blame. Eventually, Aiden decides to come home, hoping time with his family will help sort out is blocked memories. In doing so, he finds help and understanding in the last person he planned on-Sara.Years ago, Sara had a huge crush on Aiden but she's over that now right? Sara hasn't forgotten Aiden but she also hasn't forgiven him for pushing her away all those years ago and has no desire to see him. Unfortunately she finds herself face to face with her past almost as soon as she returns to town. Will she be able to steel herself against her feelings for Aiden and help him in his time of need or will the past be too much to overcome?This was a complete impulse buy for me. I hadn't seen anything about this book or author until I was wandering around the bookstore and stumbled upon it. After reading the summary, I instantly picked it up and decided I had to read it. Only days later, I began reading it (a rare thing, as most of my books pile up before I get a chance to read them) and then within a day I had finished this book.(view spoiler)[If I'm honest, not much exactly exciting really happens in this story and it's kind of predictable, but it is well written, and there is character growth and development.(hide spoiler)] I'm excited to see more of the Callaways in the rest of the series and hear more of their stories.