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In Ben Coes' latest, Eye for an Eye, Dewey Andreas faces the toughest odds of his life as one of China's most powerful men has decided to do whatever he must to take down Dewey—and inflicts a horrifying loss.When Dewey Andreas uncovers the identity of a mole embedded at a high level in Israel's Mossad, it triggers a larger, more dangerous plot. The mole was the most importIn Ben Coes' latest, Eye for an Eye, Dewey Andreas faces the toughest odds of his life as one of China's most powerful men has decided to do whatever he must to take down Dewey—and inflicts a horrifying loss.When Dewey Andreas uncovers the identity of a mole embedded at a high level in Israel's Mossad, it triggers a larger, more dangerous plot. The mole was the most important asset of Chinese Intelligence, and Fao Bhang, head of China's Ministry of State Security (MSS), responds to the discovery and brutal elimination of the mole, by immediately placing a kill order on the man responsible—Dewey Andreas.Dewey is tracked to Argentina, where he is on vacation with his fiancée, Jessica Tanzer, a U.S. National Security Advisor. A top-level kill team is sent in quickly and quietly, but their attack fails to take out Dewey. The collateral damage, however, is both horrifying and deeply personal. With nothing left to lose, Andreas is determined to have his revenge. Once he learns who is probably behind the attack—and why they are after him—Dewey goes rogue, using all of his assets and skills to launch a counterattack. Andreas must now face the full weight and might of the MSS, Chinese Intelligence, and the formidable Fao Bhang, if he's to achieve his one last goal: revenge on a biblical scale, no matter the odds or the armies that he will have to fight his way through. Andreas—former Army Ranger and Delta—is a man of great skills and cunning. His opponent, Fao Bhang, is ruthless, determined, and with no limit to the assets at his disposal.In this conflict, there are only two possible outcomes. And only one Dewey Andreas....

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Eye for an Eye Reviews

  • Frances
    2019-05-19 23:30

    Ben Coes has written an electrifying spy thriller that keeps you glued to every page and just doesn’t let up. Dewey Andreas, a former delta force member who works for the CIA, goes rogue on a personal mission of revenge to eliminate top officials within China’s government by any means possible. There is ample heart pounding action throughout this fascinating and superb novel. The best spy thriller read in 2015, and is easily in my top reads ever! Highly recommended!

  • Jacqui
    2019-05-20 17:09

    Ben Coes' latest Dewey Andreas thriller, "Eye for an Eye" (St. Martin's Press 2013) is the best in the series. With each book, Coes proves why his name belongs with the likes of Brad Thor, Vince Flynn (such sorrow over his recent death), and Ted Bell (I wish he'd get another book out there) rather than the new guy on the thriller block.This is a heart-wrenching story filled with action, violence, clever deductions--everything we've come to expect from Coes' Andreas series. But, in this one, we get more--a peek into who really is Dewey Andreas. When we see this quintessential warrior picking wedding china with his fiance, it's clear how the man who opened this series, who knew little about life other than how to fight and kill--had always claimed it was what he was intended to do--has changed. He's becoming human, pausing to consider the needs of others, beginning to believe there is life outside of guns and international madmen who want to destroy the civilized world and the isolation Andreas has known most of his adult life. On a pre-wedding South American 'vacation' trip with his fiancee, that fragile belief is ripped away by a powerful foe from Andreas' past, intent on vengeance. Where normal humans would crumple under the emotional weight, Dewey returns to the hind brain self he knows best, trusts implicitly--"Anger fueled with sorrow, hatred, and every other dark force that had ever completed any man to kill ...washed over him like a storm tide... Every step for the rest of his life...would be scarred by that pain which now coursed through him ... It was that time he'd come to recognize, that crucible that alone was Dewey's, a gift and a curse; the moment of the warrior."Andreas does 'what he does best' and spends the next three hundred pages bringing to justice the man who is responsible for destroying his dream. It doesn't matter to our hero if that means his death as long as the score is evened and his internal pain ends.This is the man we met in all prior Andreas novels, the one who took a back seat to the human who fell in love with Jessica. Because of a Chinese politician named Fao Bang, the warrior is back.It never ceases to amaze me how well-plotted Coes' stories are, no matter their intricacy, no matter their temporal disparity. I wish he'd share how that's done. Does he use a fifty-page draft or let his characters lead? Whichever it is, plots and subplots are interwoven seamlessly. His characters are believable, their voices strong, dialogue crisp and organic. There is never a spot in this story where I thought he wasted my time (a tragic no-no for thrillers) or confused me. No errors that spoil the story.I recommend this entire series be on the Must-read list for every thriller fan.

  • Pamela
    2019-05-07 19:20

    WHAT A ROLLER COASTER THRILL OF A RIDE! I usually ONLY give 5* to literary works, but Ben Coes gets it from me:COMPELLING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! Dewey Andreas, the protagonist, is a tragic character with a dark side but also with a macho, heroic, and very appealing softer side. Mr. Coes is exceptional in developing rounded, dynamic characters who thoroughly engage the reader! dENTHRALLING PLOT! What a thrill ride! The heightened suspense kept building as Andreas jettisoned the plot at heart racing speed! The thrust of the plot never slowed or stopped, and this reader couldn't stop being swept along with it! The rising action was just that: all action! Never a dull page!DYNAMIC DENOUEMENT! All to often, a reader invests time in a novel, only to be disappointed at the ending. EYE FOR AN EYE has THE perfect ending and epilogue! Can't wait for #5!If you like Brad Thor, Vince Flynn (R.I.P.), you will also like Ben Coes, the rather new man on the block. (His first novel, POWER DOWN was published in 2010). Keep them coming, Mr. Coes! You have an audience who loves the winner's spirit in Dewey!

  • Tim
    2019-05-02 20:12

    I found this story predictable, which led to some boredom at times. Overall, it still held interest for the most part. Coes is not the next Vince Flynn, nor Brad Taylor in my opinion. 5 of 10 stars

  • Paul
    2019-05-14 18:23

    Eye for an Eye – Brilliant hits the target.Eye for an Eye by Ben Coes has on its jacket from the publishers some very big statements made about it. Calling the hero, Dewey Andreas, a hero like no other, comparing him to Bourne, Bond or Jack Reacher and calling them out. When you think of an all American hero you think of some steroid muscle bound klutz at best, John McClane or Rambo at worst. As you read the book you are taken aback by the pace, the action of the book so much so you could use every cliché in the book and still not be able to describe it credibly. I got so in to the book I was casting the characters for when this is made in to a movie, currently I have Gerard Butler as Dewey but that could change. The prose is crisp the imagery strong and the research top notch; brought together you get an all action thriller that delivers on all levels.Dewey Andreas is a former Delta Force operative who has done wet work for the CIA he is a highly prized asset who is engaged to be married to the current President’s National Security Advisor and for once he is happy. It is while he is with his fiancé that things go sideways when Fao Bhang the head of the Chinese Security Ministry sends a kill team out to deal with Andreas and kill her instead by mistake.Andreas is intent on revenge and will do anything to be able to kill Bhang, the problem is that he has not been out of China in 10 years and is well guarded and has the full support that his position entails. What we get is a full scale personal war that takes place across the world each dancing round each other like a pair of demented scorpions. The body count increases as they carry on their dance of who will come out on top. There are some great back stories as well as a parallel stories running alongside which help to give the book some depth.This is an excellent action thriller that does everything you could wish for it ticks all the boxes and is a real page turner. The characters are fantastic and strong uncompromising everything you expect from someone who works in the dark world of the intelligence services. Whoever reads this book will have no regrets whatsoever.

  • Matt
    2019-05-09 23:19

    Coes entertains everyone with one of his best books to date. Dewey Andreas is back for another instalment of thrills and excitement, all while remaining covert and travelling under the radar. When Dewey learns of a Chinese mole within Mossad, he outs the man, and the Chinese receive a kick in the teeth, espionage-style. Upon learning of Dewey's antics, China delivers their own version of the fatwa, calling for the death of Dewey Andreas at any cost. When disaster strikes Dewey's personal life as the Chinese try to avenge their pride, Dewey ups the ante and will not let up until he's delivered the ultimate payback on those responsible. As the book's title suggests, the rest of the story becomes the see-saw battle between Dewey and China's clandestine service, with nuanced political undertones regarding the financial policy of the United States. With a little help from the Agency and MI6, Dewey vows to stop at nothing as he dodges numerous attempts on his life in order to delivery the ultimate act of retributiopn. With fast-paced chapters that will not let up, Coes pulls the writer in and will not let them go until the epilogue's close.Fans of the series will love this book. It redefines the thriller and espionage genre without touching on the over-used Taliban and Al-Qaeda themes. The ever-evolving cat and mouse game turns the plot into something that will keep the reader up late into the night, as they try to discover what each side has up their sleeves. Wonderfully written with real-life dialogue and settings, Coes uses his abilities and pushes them to the limit, doing so as successfully as any writer of the genre I have had the pleasure of reading.Kudos, Mr. Coes for this wonderful novel. I cannot rave enough about this book, this series, and this author.

  • Benjamin Thomas
    2019-05-12 22:32

    I've been on-board with this series since the beginning when Power Down was first published a few years ago. That was an eye-opener and marked what I knew would be a fine writing career for Ben Coes, if he chose to stick with it. Four books later I am happy to report that all is well with this series and, in fact, it has somehow managed to improve.This book is just what a 4th book in an action-thriller series should be. It's not a repeat of the previous novels (i.e. Coes does not succumb to the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" formula trap that often happens with these series). Instead of a direct mission to stop terrorists, Dewey Andreas and his cohorts are forced to react to circumstances that have built up from previous books. The title "Eye for an Eye" is an obvious clue to the fact that this is a revenge story, and indeed it is...but so much more than that. That phrase, even, has more than one meaning in the novel but I won't spoil that for you. Rest assured that there is high emotional content to accompany the exquisitely written action plot. I especially enjoyed the characters' plan for the final climactic scenes...the staging and the execution of their plan. I really cared what happened with these characters, even the minor ones; always a sign of a good read. The action/spy craft was spot on as well without being burdensome. Well done!I'll be anxiously waiting for the next book by Mr Coes.

  • Glen
    2019-05-08 21:18

    Fourth book in the Dewey Andreas series. After the events of the last book, the intelligence community sends a grotesque gift to the daughter of the Chinese premier, to goad the head of Chinese intelligence into making a move.This leads to an ever escalating feud between Andreas and the entire Chinese intelligence community. Very exciting.

  • Anna Mills
    2019-05-10 23:08

    I have never, ever read a thriller, at least not like this one. "Eye for an Eye" by Ben Coes frightened the heck out of me! Does this stuff really go on like I suspect it does? How does the author live with this in his head? And how do I review it without giving away too much? Let me tell you that there is a different world out there; just turn these pages. Very rapid action, a staccato pace. You need to hold your breath just so you can survive reading the story.Coes gives just enough detail to lull the reader into the plot and so that there is no veering from the immediate scene. He gives what the reader needs to understand the situation, but never guess the out come. Masterful with tension! The identification and execution of a very high level mole and a mistaken assassination changes the urgency and makes it much more personal to Dewey Andreas. All this with the undercurrent of a recession and the need by government for real money. That means China and bond sales to you and me. The showcasing of unbelievable systems of torture, and, then, of course, the role of the ubiquitous and necessary NSA.Ever wonder what state assassins get paid? If they survive?On a personal note, there is a wedding ring scene that is truly breathtaking. And a Louis Vuitton trunk that the reader will never forget. And a brazen insult from a cabbie gets him quite a tip.Overall, very, very well written.

  • Bonnie-ann
    2019-04-28 17:13

    Excellent book and another reason (besides Brad Thor) that I am frequently seen with earbuds firmly implanted. When Ben Coes and Brad Thor come out with books on the same day...???? Well, that's just not spreading the wealth out over time !!In this fourth installment of the Dewey Andreas series, Mr. Coes wraps intrigue, Chinese politics, romance and Dewey's take-no-prisoners approach into one excellent package. I'm doing my usual "no spoiler" review, but Dewey goes on some serious rampages in this novel: well justified and no holds barred. My only critique is with the narrator that read me the novel -- I'm almost ready to put Coes on the list of books (James Rollins too) that must be physically read because the narration was really bad. When Dewey is speaking to himself to keep his morale high, the narrator groaned and grunted like.... Well, it wasn't a good narration. This review is for the audiobook version and it was bad enough that I took away a star.The story never stops moving. As events unfold, they do so with logical purpose and credibility. Some thrillers leave me saying "that's not even remotely possible," but Coes's writing is step-by-step, country-by-country, event-to-event. And all at a non-stop pace that leads to me being very anti-social for the 14 hours or so when I was listening. Great novel. Read the first three books first !!

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-05-14 23:35

    Well, this gets the lowest of any Dewy Andreas thriller so far. I have liked the Dewy Andreas character and the adventures he's been "drawn into". Lots of action lots of good characters and plots...all good.This time we went down a fairly familiar road, a road that can be very bothersome when the character is supposed to be a professional. No it's not a spoiler to tell you that the heart of the plot here is that Dewy in involved in the death of an innocent, one he cares about.And he loses it. The book becomes heavy with something that can get old real fast. It becomes angsty. It not only becomes angsty there are times Dewy sounds like a petulant teenager. "I didn't ask for your help" he almost whines. "I didn't ask to be involved"...I can almost hear a kid saying, "I didn't ask to be born!"Yes it's a bad event, yes it hurts but Dewy going off the reservation and off the deep end to the point of endangering others because he's so "broken up" just didn't ring true for the character. At least it doesn't/didn't to me.The book is better than a 2 star and it does pull itself together (finally) and "get on with it". But I think this may be the weakest so far...and I hope weakest the series.So it's not a bad read, 2.5 to3 stars. maybe you'll get into it more than I did. Hope so.

  • Donna
    2019-05-10 19:35

    This was the perfect spy thriller. I enjoyed this SO MUCH!!! It was everything I love about this genre of books. This was perfect. I haven't read any other of Ben Coes' novels, but I plan on reading every last one of them. I liked the characters. Some of them were trapped in stereotypes, but I enjoyed them none the less. They were like-able. The author came dangerously close to the line of too many characters, but he managed them well and didn't let it all unravel. The story was easy to visualize.I liked the steady pace as well. Overall, I loved this book.

  • Randy
    2019-05-08 17:20

    Ben Coes has written a racehorse thriller that doesn't let up from beginning to end. Dewey Andreas has been a thorn in the side of enemies of the U.S. worldwide.His uncovering of a Chinese asset in Mossad angers the head of the Chinese ministry and leads to a death that sets Andreas on a personal mission of revenge. Nothing will stop him, not even financial pressure from China.The action is unrelenting and the slam-bang finale lives up to the author's growing reputation as a thriller writer par excellence.Recommended highly.

  • Gretchen Passantino
    2019-05-18 20:10

    Sometimes I was confused while reading this book: Did I pick up today's Wall Street Journal or is it the next chapter in Eye for an Eye? If you're uncomfortable w/a spending out of control US govt, & an ever more powerful financial force from China, then you'll be uncomfortable w/the story line in this book. A compelling plot, believable world threats, & main characters you are glad are on the job. If only there were a few Dewey Andreas operatives in real life!

  • Stuart Murray
    2019-05-14 17:10

    I really enjoyed this book. Action,action, action and never a dull moment from start to finish. Plenty of others have included a storyline synopsis so I won't go into that. Bottom line: If you enjoy fast paced thrillers Ben Coes is an author definitely worth checking out. Well done Ben!

  • Dave
    2019-04-24 17:33

    A solid five stars. I really enjoyed the book and hope there is another sequel in the works. While fiction, it does make one wonder how much it reflects reality in today's world.

  • Samuel
    2019-05-15 22:16

    BLINK AND YOU'RE DEAD. Ben Coes. Looking for a realistic thriller? You've come to the wrong place. From laughable research errors to action sequences which are like an artillery barrage against the laws of physics, do not expect something like Brad Taylor or Stephen England when reading his books. What his Dewey Andreas series does offer however is over the top fun. His work is what would happen if you combine fun factor of Matthew Riley, the writing style of Ernst Hemingway and the politics of Brad Thor. Like an 80's action movie, the Andreas series is best enjoyed by snapping your suspension of disbelief in advance. Before Russia crashed into Ukraine and Islamic terrorism reared its ugly head once more in the form of Daesh, the People's Republic of China was becoming the threat of choice for spy thriller novelists. Along with Alex Berenson's "The Ghost Agent "Tom Clancy's Threat Vector (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, DID A REVIEW), "Eye For An Eye" focuses on Modern China in the post 9/11 world. Now to the review. What would be the worst thing to happen if you annoyed a spymaster? The novel begins in the basement of a London mansion to an event alluded to in book 3. Dewey Andreas and a friend of his are busy torturing the Iranian ambassador to the UN. He happened to know the identity of an asset cultivated by Chinese foreign intelligence, one which was lent to the Iranians. They succeeded and the asset gets his employment at Mossad cut short from a vengeful Israeli special forces operative hacking him to death with an axe. While this is happening, the DCI and the directors generals of the SIS and Mossad hatch upon the "genius" idea of shipping the corpse of the asset back to his handler. They do and what happens creates a stir during a birthday party in Zhongnanhai, Beijing. It also pisses off Fao Bhang, Minister for state security and one of the three most powerful men in China. Knowing the "package" was meant as a cheap trick by his enemies to knock him down a notch, he decides to get even and after a bit of investigation, decides to target Dewey Andreas, the man who burned the Ministry's most important asset. He arranges to have Andreas killed in Argentina where he's vacationing with his fiancée, Jessica Tanzer. As you would expect, the wrong target gets hit. And what results in a series of escalating events, is a face off between a crazed former Delta Force operators and the leader of Asia's best foreign intelligence service, played out on the world stage. In terms of plot "Eye For An Eye" goes farther than the previous book. More action, thrills and improved pacing. From the offices of China's MSS to a gunfight across the arrivals area of Lisbon International airport, the bullets fly as fast as you can turn the pages. This book is about brute force and blows apart subtlety with the force of a jetliner full of semtex. While Coes isn't known for his research, he's got a very good imagination. The men at the Ministry Of State security and the well equipped shooters they deploy are very fun to watch and perhaps the best part of the book. They may be equipped with different kit in real life but this book is about the fun factor, not realism. Characters? Five standouts. First, Dewey Andreas. Ben Coes is very good at letting us see a different side of his main character in each of his books. This time? It's Dewey's crazy side which comes full front and center. Yes, he's off his rocker but actually, lot more lively compared to the previous books when he's either filled with depression, self-loathing and guilt. In this book, he takes the idea of a "one man army" and runs with it. From a crazy foray into Beijing's Capital Airport and a large set-piece on the highway leading into downtown Lisbon, Coes does not hold back when it comes to writing situations which would get mere mortals killed a thousand times over. Next, Derek Chalmers, director general of the SIS. Unlike his more idealistic American counterpart, Chalmers is a properly good spymaster, despite being one of the responsible parties in causing the mess that ensures during the book. He's willing to take risks, is at peace with the decisions he makes and is the one who wants to get Andreas in a position to kill the main antagonist despite the DCI's dithering. It's like he knows Dewey will survive and wanted to hurry things along. With him is Veronica Smythson, who runs operations at the SIS. Despite having limited time, Coes made her into a affable but tough-as-nails intelligence officer with a menacing edge. She's a dab hand with a SIG-Sauer P226 which is rather revealing. I hope she appears with her boss in a future book because they (almost) nearly stole the show from the other characters. Then, there is the main antagonist, Fao Bhang. He stole the show. It might sound strange but I did sympathize with this guy. Look at it this way. He's a professional spymaster acting for the interests of his country and his overseas enemies decide to bring him down, by eliminating an asset whom he has spent years cultivating. So understandably, he tries to fight back. He didn't ask or start the small war that ensures in the book. It was the SIS, Mossad and Dewey's friend, the DCI who did with their genius idea and allowed the main character to get targeted. He was a great character and has so much potential for future books, but unfortunately, it was not to be. Finally, there's Premier Li. Coes surprises with a decent portrayal of a Chinese politician. Practical, realistic, pretty likable and not a fool, he's more than a match for his spymaster and at the end of the book, outplays the surviving antagonists. Now, after the first two books, I've grown accustomed to the author's tendency to leave his books littered with research errors and implausibilities. I'm no longer annoyed as much but there were some in this book which were astonishingly bad. I'll just leave with three. Firstly, the author put a manual safety catch on a Glock 19. It was an error so simple that it could have been avoided. Glocks only have their modified trigger/internal safeties and as someone who trained on the Glock 19, that is a bit of a slap in the face. Secondly, at one point, the MSS are moving in on Dewey inside a London mansion after a cocktail party. Problem is, the Chinese Ambassador happens to be sitting in as the op takes place. I'll repeat this again, THE CHINESE AMBASSADOR TO BRITAIN, a HIGH VALUE DIGNITARY, situated a few hundred meters away from a elite special forces veteran out to murder anyone connected with the PRC political/intelligence establishment. The ambassador had no training, no required expertise and there was already a man from the MSS London station in the room overseeing the operation. That intelligence officer even lampshades how unnecessary it is for the ambassador to be sitting in on the op. If I had been the MSS London station chief, I would have had the ambassador thrown into the back of a armored Mercedes S-Class and zipped off to the protection of the PRC Embassy ASAP. As you would expect, it does not go well for the ambassador when Mr Andreas walks into the room with a Heckler and Koch MP7 PDW. Secondly, Mr Coes issues Chinese law enforcement with the Beretta Cx4 carbine, something any Tom, Dick and Harry would know is most certainly not standard issue. The author even equipped one of the MSS shooters with the actual standard assault rifle for the PRC armed services and law enforcement, the QBZ-95. Why he didn't with the Chinese law enforcement shall remain a mystery. There are others like these two but I wouldn't finish this review if I listed them all. Overall, my verdict on the book is this. Looking for a well researched, story with realism, plausibility and accurate technical details? Look elsewhere to authors like Brad Taylor, Mark Greaney's Tom Clancy books and Stephen England. But if you couldn't care less and just want the fastest paced entertainment possible, accuracy and plausibility be damned, Ben Coes delivers in spades. His books have more killing, twists and espionage shenanigans than most Brad Thor novels. Have a long flight to a holiday? Imprisoned in some boring engagement you never wanted to attend? The Dewey Andreas series delivers freedom from boredom in a storm of blood and explosions. RECOMMENDED.

  • Darcy
    2019-05-05 22:22

    It seemed like Dewey's life was finally in a good place, one where he could be happy again. So I should have know that wouldn't last, but I was still shocked at what happened and the reason. My heart broke for Dewey, more so when he had to push down what he was feeling to go after those that brought harm. I loved how those around Dewey went immediately went to battle stations and did what they could to protect him while on his vengence mission.I was very surpised at the end when a powerful person stepped up to accept responsiblity. While I liked it, I knew I was reading fiction at this point because it sure wouldn't happen.As a side note, how great was Dewey's newphew, a mini badass in his own right.

  • Penney
    2019-05-08 23:13

    Why the hell must a women die as a plot device in every political action mystery to motivate a man for revenge? So tired of it.

  • Karen
    2019-05-19 18:16

    So sorry I had to read this out of order, but it explains so much about the book Independence Day and I now have a better understanding of why Andreas was so out of sorts and grieving.Great action and plot but this is standard with Ben Coes and I really like his books. You will not get tired of the action and it is easy to follow when listening in Audio.

  • Gordon
    2019-05-18 17:33

    "Dewey Don't Diddle... A Pretty Good New Series, No One can Replace Mitch Rapp but a Cast of Authors Help with the Tragedy"I think Ben Coes' novels have gotten better as they progress as most great characters (except Mitch Rapp, it seems all his books kick-ass lol) don't have the best work in book 1 compared to a book later on when the protagonist has been developed more. It took me a little to get used to a bad-ass named after a library filing system, but the writer does a great job doing what many action/espionage authors can't do effectively or realistically, but Coes does do it, & entertainingly.I'm a little upset that the author chose a common route for a protagonist catalyst but all authors eventually use it in an operatives life, obv. if u read the 1st book - MINOR SPOILER- Not only has this tragedy occurred before but Dewey was also blamed for it (in my eyes its just a easy topic to write about because it garners vengeance, anger, & violence for revenge that lasts a lifetime without needing to add any large conspiracies). Although I'd much rather read a Geo-political sub-plot or underlying 'red herring' mission to throw off an assassination, 'cloak & dagger', etc... Coes is creating a character similar to Mitch Rapp but with a mentally borderline, deathwish, pit-bull persona since the first book. In action Dewey might actually be more 'hands on' rip ur skull off & make it into a mug to drink out of type. Perhaps the major difference between CIA Huber-agent & Delta, Mitch Rapp is a surgical instrument & America's 'golden boy' while the latter is a tool that can be placed into any situation, including within US borders. The only difference is that earlier in his career his loyalties & mental stability were questioned & carries vicious memories which are reflected in his personality. If u also want to listen to a great audiobook get 3 out of 4 books narrated by Peter Hermann, great voices & brings Dewey to life with that deep, scarred voice many intense characters have, think Clint Eastwood in 'Outlaw Josie Wales', 'The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly.' In this book, which I believe is the best of the 4 Coes has written, even with easily guessed motives & the ultimate ending, u read this for the entertainment & fun done by a one-man wrecking crew bash some heads. Its funny that one of the other reviewers mentioned some basic inaccuracies such as the N.E. story regarding maple syrup but she does bring up an interesting point, I know nothing about syrup or molasses but in these books u need to obv. suspend belief, esp. with the actions undertaken against an international power; I personally don't think who dies unless all out war occurred our nation would never put ourselves in a situation against this particular growing nation. BUT this is by no means a sticking point for the book esp. if ur looking for a high speed, Pompeii blasting action/thriller.

  • Suspense Magazine
    2019-05-03 01:29

    Coes is back for another round-world-thriller “Eye for an Eye,” which means more than what you may think. London, Argentina, Lisbon, and China are all included and he races you from one country to the next in an operation spanning both covert and political arenas. The bullets fly and the explosions are huge in this busy tale of revenge.Covert operative Dewy Andreas helps discover a Chinese mole in Mossad, and thus begins a chess match of deadly proportions. When the Chinese Minister for State Security, Fao Bhang, discovers the identity of Andreas, he sends assassins to Argentina where Andreas is with his fiancé, America’s National Security Adviser. When the kill mission goes wrong, Andreas reverts back to his military training in order to seek revenge. It’s a game of one-upmanship between Dewey and Bhang. But there are other players in the game, both American and British who also would like to see Bhang eliminated. And unbeknownst to Andreas, he is included in their schemes.Coes draws out this lengthy tale with a lot of short chapters that build up to longer action scenes. He lets you in on all the background goings-on. I liked the surprise heroes other than the main character. There is a lot of good ol’ American nationalism here and I also enjoyed the camaraderie from allied intelligence agencies. This story really hit me visually and the movie version ran through my head as I read along. Coes knows his stuff and steps right up to take a seat on the thriller stage.Reviewed by Stephen Brayton, author of “Alpha” for Suspense Magazine

  • Jeffrey
    2019-05-05 20:27

    Although Ben Coes resorts to a standard revenge plot to propel “Eye for an Eye", the 4th Dewey Andreas novel, this military action novel is an absolute adrenaline rush.For pure action packed thrillers, there is nothing standard about the Dewey Andreas series. From a hockey game with the President of the United States, to the plains of Argentina, a party in Europe and an airport China, the action is non-stop.The United States and its allies have decided to drop the house on Bhang, a leader of Chinese intelligence by embarrassing him in front of the Chinese Premier, but the plan backfires when Bhang thinks the ploy was hatched up by Andreas. Bhang dispatches a hit squad to Argentina to assassinate Andreas. Although Andreas survives, there is collateral damage and Andreas becomes a one man army seeking to bring the war directly to Bhang.Meanwhile Bhang is on the hunt for Andreas as well sending more hit squads all of over to hunt him and his family down. If even half these assassins were actually around Europe, the world would be a much scarier place, but in these blood soaked pages its full throttle forward.Spanning continents and with a high enough body count to fill a in ground pool, Eye for an Eye is a bang bang read.Even the over the top ending, in a scene right out of the movie Face Off is just another part of this fun ride.A great read for the beach or for any fan of action novels.

  • Mike Tueros
    2019-04-30 17:09

    The most recent of the Dewey Andreas series from Ben Coes, and picking up directly after The Last Refuge left out. A Chinese mole has been discovered in Mossad, and Dewey Andreas delivers the agent to the Israeli government to do what they will. Andreas then heads back to the States and into the waiting arms of his now fiancee, Jessica Tanzer, the National Security leader. As they head out for a romantic trip in South America, the Israeli government decides to brutally murder the mole and deliver in a most gruesome fashion to the Chinese premier, which sets off a firestorm of activity and plans for retribution. Spoiler alert! Andreas is recognized as the person behind the agent being discovered and becomes China's prime target for assassination. The attempt goes wrong however, and Jessica is caught in the crossfire and murdered, which sets off the next few hundred pages of this book as Andreas goes rogue in attempts to get revenge. I've spilled enough of the plot, and will leave the rest to you the reader, but felt this effort from Coes was good, but not nearly as good as the second or third book in the series. He does however nicely set up the next installment, which I will certainly add to my list of To Read.

  • Phil
    2019-04-25 17:11

    Within this entertaining fictional novel you will find answers to international policies by many governments that are going on today.Agent Dewey Andreas, on respite from the demands of international espionage, is a sought target by China. Dewey escapes death and now becomes the hunter as much as the hunted. Dewey is angry and wants payback... even at the cost of his life. This is a great addition to the Dewey Andreas Series that I enjoy from author Ben Coes. Packed full of adventure, suspense, surprise and intrigue, any spy novel reader should enjoy. The ending was a little bizarre, entertaining, but a little far-fetched, otherwise a good solid read. Two areas in the book to keep an "eye" on (sic) are technological eavesdropping, and international debt. Both subjects are made simple here to understand, and we are left to determine if they are real or not.

  • Nightengail
    2019-04-29 19:25

    I won this book from and was asked to review it on their site. It is not my usual choice for a subject matter and style of writing. I feel obligated to finish it but I am not enjoying it. It is violent and crude with very little character description or background. It reads like a movie script and I think I would enjoy it more as a movie. But I am not done reading it yet so maybe in the end I will enjoy the story. To be continued....I finished the book and my opinion did not change. The story was more action then plot, more of a movie script than a novel with an implausible ending. It was fast paced but I didn't enjoy the revenge story line. I didn't read the first three novels in the series so I didn't have any attachment to the main character, Dewey Andreas. I didn't get to know him as he seemed to be a robot fueled by his anger.

  • DrMom
    2019-05-21 19:13

    This is my first and certainly not the last book that I will read of Ben Coes. What a great book. Step aside Clancy, Flynn, and the like. You have more than met your match. Dewey is a former delta force member who works for the CIA. He turns a Cinese intelligence officer and interrupts one of their plots and a main I. Country agent of theirs. On holiday with his fiancée in Argentina, they have hatched a plot to kill him in retaliation. Things go horribly awry and his fiancée is killed in his arms...she is also the National Security Advisor to the president. Enraged, Dewey vows revenge. Complications arise and things get out of hand. British, American, and Israeli intelligence work together in hopes of saving Dewey and killing the man in charge of the assassination.

  • Keith
    2019-04-27 17:23

    I really enjoyed this reading "Eye for an Eye". I have read all of Ben Coes' books and have really enjoyed them all. This latest installment was action packed to say the least. I was hooked into the story line from the get go. I will admit that it had been a while since I read his last book, but it didn't take very long to remember the recurring characters. The story kept me on edge, not always able to figure out what was coming next. By the last few chapters, I was convinced that Dewey was a goner. Thankfully I was wrong.I was, and still am, a HUGE fan of Vince Flynn. I have been thinking about what I can replace his books with, and Dewey Andreas might be that character that can begin to fill Mitch Rapp's shoes.Outstanding work Mr. Coes!!!

  • Jjudyfl
    2019-05-18 19:29

    I won this book from Goodreads.BEST BOOK I'VE READ ALL YEAR!Action, action, action.How fast can cars go? Motorcycles? Planes?My heart??!!Reacher, John Wayne, Chuck Norris, all Deltas & SEALS in "my" hall of fame - DUCK! Here comes Dewey Andreas.At the start of this book, Dewey is a maniacally focused terrorist fighter who gets involved in a gigantic intelligence fiasco. China wants him dead and double dead - at any cost - money, equipment, lives - and recruits all manner of bad guys to get the job done.EYE FOR AN EYE is a great name for this book because there are many seeking eye-for-an-eye type revenge.I'm going to strongly suggest that every guy I know read this terrific thriller...or else.

  • Larry
    2019-05-02 22:24

    I enjoyed the book. I also like the character of Dewey Andreas (although he feels less “real” than Mitch Rapp). He’s a Delta Operator and written in an over-the-top manner. After I got into it, I couldn’t set the book down.It a good story. A lot of ACTION - and a GREAT motorcycle sequence. It’s China’s top spy master against the US. But the US has Dewey! The final chapters have a “Mission Impossible” feel. Holy cow!It’s a shame about Vince Flynn. Maybe Ben Coes can fill-in for him. (Coes is probably better described as a cross between Vince Flynn and Brad Thor.) I can't wait till the next book