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Summer. A time for travel, relaxation, and above all - fun. But for Charity, her family, and her friends, this summer holds more in store than any of them anticipate.While Charity learns to harness her new found powers, others around her discover their own surprising abilities. And a vacation to New York becomes a catalyst that has their paths crossing with the unexpected,Summer. A time for travel, relaxation, and above all - fun. But for Charity, her family, and her friends, this summer holds more in store than any of them anticipate.While Charity learns to harness her new found powers, others around her discover their own surprising abilities. And a vacation to New York becomes a catalyst that has their paths crossing with the unexpected, yet again....

Title : our summer of discontent
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ISBN : 16029912
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 234 Pages
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our summer of discontent Reviews

  • Grammy 1
    2019-04-29 02:34

    It was not a surprise that S.L. Baum would have another wonderful novel out this summer. The Immortal Ones Series has been, from my viewpoint, a fabulous take on everything that goes bump in the night. This young author has managed to keep it very YA and, most of all, interesting and fulfilling.The first in the series I read and reviewed here was a Chance for Charity. What a great YA book for young teens. The storyline was so intricate and compelling, I almost forgot the rating!!! In doing reviews, I have read YA pieces and not many books have I loved. S.L. Baum, step right up and take a bow! Stephanie Meyers started the YA hysteria into the paranormal genre with Twilight. Ms Baum has written a wonderful first book for her Immortals with no sparkle but with lots of clout. A Chance for Charity introduces us to Charity aka Emily, an Immortal living with an Immortal couple as her family. She is reliving her high school years AGAIN to keep a low profile. She meets and falls in love with Link and tells him who and what she is. The friends she has in high school will follow us and be a great ensemble to this story.My Link in Time continues with Link and Charity wishing to marry in Las Vegas.Link, after book one, has “special needs” which do hold up the plans a bit, but soon they are off to Sin City. All these players, witches, shifters, Immortals and Vampire all have a part to play. Will there be a wedding??? Will there be a Happily Ever After???? Charity carries a hybrid blood, a fusion of Immortal One and Dark One. So soon after learning this she became The Caster. What exactly will that do????Our Summer of Our Discontent has not disappointed. The Caster is a One of a Kind being; usually it has always been a Witch. No one knew how these powers were passed to Charity when she had the showdown with Nikola. Now Charity will have to learn how to use these powers, and we will be right there with her. Ms Baum has written this book with each chapter being a different POV. This is a difficult undertaking for an author, yet Ms Baum has written a seamless story, told to us though the eyes of our friends: Charity, Lincoln, Summer, Burke Delilah(Dee), Eve, Lizabelle, and Donovan. As always we are always faced with a life and death storyline, which always keeps our adrenaline pumping. We leave Tellerude for NY. Lulach has brought Lincoln to New York City to introduce him as “one of his own” to protect him. The gang traipses from the city to The Hamptons working on a mystery. Eve is re-united with her mother, Genevieve, only to have that become the next question to establish Book Four. The Immortals Book Three is a wonderful addition to this series. Again, I still praise this YA story, which is thoughtful, thought provoking and written at a pace for all readers, adults as well.Review by Gloria LakritzSir Reviewer/ Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

  • Sherrie Messier
    2019-05-11 01:37

    Surprises around every corner What an interesting story in this series. So much you think you know about the world surprise you. And the two surprises at the, just wow. A must read. Even with each chapter being from different characters, the multiple view points puts an interesting twist.

  • Al
    2019-05-19 22:27

    Since getting my Kindle, I’ve read a lot of YA books and this series is one of my favorites. One of the main reasons is the main character, Charity. As an “immortal one,” Charity stopped aging at a point where she appears to be in her late teens. While she’s much older and has experienced much more in life than an average teen, Charity has to maintain the illusion of being the age she appears. This tension, between the older, more mature woman inside, and how Charity has to appear to most of the world, is an uncommon twist that gives her character more complexity than the average teen. I think it also makes Charity more likeable because she shows all the positive attributes of someone of her physical age, without many of the faults someone of that age might have. Baum continues to put Charity and her cohorts in more and more difficult situations, and I continue to care and root for her.One thing that is different in this volume is the use of several different point-of-view characters, seven if my count is correct. This could be confusing for some people, although Baum attempts to minimize the confusion with an explanation in a note to readers at the beginning, maintaining a consistent point-of-view character within individual chapters, and identifying who that character will be as part of the chapter heading. Some readers will love this (the disparate points of view add to how the reader views and interprets what is happening), while others may struggle keeping track in spite of the contextual cues provided.**Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. **

  • Linda
    2019-04-29 22:28

    I was worried I would have to reread the first two books in this series to remember where we left off, but I was able to jump right back into the story without any problems. The author does an excellent job reminding us of where things stood and what was happening in the story line and it was a delight to read. I was a little concerned, at first, at having the different points of view, but the way the author handled it worked great. This technique gave me more insight to fully understand how the characters thought and what influences them the most. It opened up a whole new perspective for me. All the characters are like old friends at this point and it was great to have them back.The paranormals in this book abound and other characters are starting to take center stage. There are multiple story lines that all intertwine and new characters are introduced. They will play a big part in the future. I am not a seer, but I can see this coming. :) I can not wait to see where book 4 takes us.

  • Joy
    2019-05-17 20:35

    I originally picked up the first book as a free Kindle deal because it was written by an author that wrote another series I've enjoyed (Lush is the first book). This series was written several years before that one, and it shows, but I found it to be enjoyable nonetheless.I read this about four months ago and don't recall the details that differentiate books 2, 3, and 4, so I'm writing a similar review for all three. Overall, this was a fun read and improved on book 1, and I enjoyed where the series took me. It's definitely better than Twilight, and one of the books has a pretty funny scene referencing that series that made me laugh.Overall I'd say this is a good light series that's fun to read and better than Twilight. Four stars for the last three books, again I'd prefer 3.5 but the improvements get these rounded up instead of down.

  • Cat's Review
    2019-05-07 03:25

    I don't know what happened to my review. I put one on here a while ago but now it's gone.I really enjoyed this book. The story and the characters were well thought out and the predicaments kept me wondering what would happen next. I liked how this book focused on Summer and enjoyed getting to know her character.I did find the situation with Dee to be a little far-fetched (the reason why I gave it four stars) but the rest of the book is fantastic.I'm looking forward to the next one!

  • Siff Little
    2019-05-15 02:21

    Another fabulous boom from Baum. As usual plenty of surprises and catching moments. Can't wait till the next hopefully many books in this series.