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After being laid off from the newspaper where she worked as ajournalist, and losing her boyfriend in rapid succession, Sara Howell is looking to downsize before her dwindling savings run out. Things are finally starting to look up when she lands a job ghostwriting the biography of a popular politician and rents an isolated island house which turns out to have once been theAfter being laid off from the newspaper where she worked as ajournalist, and losing her boyfriend in rapid succession, Sara Howell is looking to downsize before her dwindling savings run out. Things are finally starting to look up when she lands a job ghostwriting the biography of a popular politician and rents an isolated island house which turns out to have once been the home of her favorite author, Seth Fortner, who mysteriously disappeared in 1925. But when strange things start happening, as objects break, or go missing, and terrifying visions appear, Sara begins to wonder if Seth ever left, or if she is losing her mind.What happened to Seth is a secret closely guarded by the family to this day, a family that seems to exist under a terrible curse. Through an old trunk of letters she discovers in the attic, Sara unravels the mystery and becomes caught up in a tale of greed, lost love and the horrors of WWI.When Sara realizes she is not going crazy and that Seth Fortner’s spirit still haunts her new home on the isolated island, she begins to draw him out of his shell bit by bit. She will discover what happened to the idealistic young writer who went to the battlefields of France to save lives, and to his beautiful bride to destroy the love between them, and what led Seth to make a terrible choice which would have consequencesthat would echo for generations.They gradually fall in love in their world of dreams, dreams which swiftly become more attractive than reality, as Sara learns from a ghost how to truly live. Will she be the one to break the “Fortner Curse” by helping Seth conquer his demons, and heal both of their hearts in the process?...

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Ghostwriter Reviews

  • Jill
    2019-04-24 17:02

    3.5 starsSara Howell has just lost both her job as a journalist and her boyfriend. Moving to save on expenses, she rents a house on a remote island along the Outer Banks where she hopes to work freelance as a ghostwriter for a politician's biography. Coincidentally the house was owned in the 1920s by Sara's favourite writer, Seth Fortner. His death in 1925 is still a mystery and a secret that his descendents who now own the home, never talk about. When Sara finds a trunk in the attic with letters that Seth wrote, she starts piecing together the mystery of both Seth's life and death. After a series of strange, paranormal events - a picture falling inexplicably to the floor several times, voices, visions and the sense that she being watched - Sara comes to the only conclusion she can. That Seth Fortner's ghost inhabits the house.This contemporary with paranormal elements is a quite well-done. The mystery of Seth's death and the secrets of his life unfolding against a supernatural backdrop were written plausibly, drawing the reader in subtly. The historical details and descriptions of WWI were at times hauntingly real.The resolution of this love story of a living person and a ghost was I think, the only option open. And though fairly obvious and expected, the author still managed to affect me. My only real complaint is that the prose is fairly average. Certainly readable, but not outstanding.Overall, I enjoyed Ghostwriter and would recommend to readers who enjoy stories of destined lovers and romances across time.Steam: 2-2.5ARC courtesy of The Writer's Coffee Shop via NetGalley

  • Karla
    2019-04-19 12:55

    3.5 Stars! A haunting read with a unique twist!This was an intriguing read about two forlorn souls, one in the living world and one in the spirit world. I wasn’t quite sure how the author was going to make a romance work between a ghost and a mortal, but she managed to do just that, and in the process, surprised this reader with the turn of events. The secluded island setting, and the vacant home of a long dead recluse writer, added to the poignant nature of the read. A young woman trying create a life for herself and a ghost holding on to the life that he lost. Despite being of different worlds, and Seth’s attempt to scare Sara away, the two of them still manage to connect, and find comfort and friendship in each other. They say the dead come to you in your dreams, and that's just what Seth does. Through Sara's dreams the two of them experience the tragic events of his past that continue to haunt the ghost that is Seth. In turn, he comes to her in the form of an spirit by day, or when she’s not sleeping, and helps her to see the good in herself and encourages her with her writing.Drawing on the letters that Seth wrote to his wife, Marcella, was a really unique way to tell his story and had a profound effect on me. My heart broke for this man who made a decision to go to war, thinking he would do some good and not realizing how much it would change his life.When the answers start to come to the surface about this unusual romance; the reason for Seth's reluctance to move on and how he and Sara ultimately find happiness, I found myself fascinated by the author's detailed explanation. I had my suspicions, but my mind wasn’t nearly as imaginative as Lissa Bryan’s. However, I had an issue with the clarification of Ginny’s motives and her reason for luring Sara to the island. But, then again, there was nothing clear-cut about this read. Also, the ending was a bit rushed. I was so invested in the characters and the story; I endured their heartache and pain, and I wanted more time with them after the mystery surrounding their relationship was finally unraveled. Because the circumstances between the characters is unconventional for a romance, I could see the author's dilemma. Although for the most part there is a 'happily ever after' , it left me feeling somewhat empty, but at the same time comforted.Lissa Bryan’s Ghostwriter isn’t your typical romance, but it will certainly strike a chord for readers who enjoy a well thought out love story, with charming characters, a beautiful setting and a creative spin!*A copy of the book was provided by The Writer's Coffee Shop in exchange for an honest review*

  • Kathie (katmom)
    2019-04-05 20:01

    I've read this, in manuscript form...and I LOVE it...Had the hair on the back of my neck stand up a couple of times. It was great!I kept thinking: HOW can this WORK?And this new author, Lissa Bryan, MADE IT WORK.I love it, totally. Can't wait to get my hands ON the book. This one is going on my BEST BOOKS EVER shelf...and not because I work for the publisher, but because it IS that good.

  • Sarah Aisling
    2019-04-18 13:19

    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Lissa Bryan’s debut novel, Ghost Writer, from TWCS PH.Sara Howell is a likable character who taps into a well of inner strength. She finds herself at a point in her life where she’s very much alone and ready for change. Her mother is a demeaning harpy who never has a nice thing to say, and her ex-boyfriend is a controlling, disapproving, jerk who treated her to scathing remarks about every aspect of who she was. More than once throughout this book, I balled my fists and even found myself talking out loud in some colorful language at the audacity of these two. Thankfully, Sara developed a backbone—although I’m sure it wasn’t easy with her upbringing—and faced off with them in a way that will make you cheer. She also has a little help at one point from someone very special (a moment I actually cheered out loud), but I’ll let you discover that for yourself as you read.Lissa Bryan’s prose flows beautifully. I’ve read overly-descriptive writing that actually draws me out of a story, but that definitely doesn’t happen here. There’s nothing I love more than escaping inside the pages of a book, and I was able to do that here. I was sucked into the story and forgot my surroundings altogether.It’s difficult to write a story surrounding a single character who is by themselves for a great deal of the story, and I was concerned about this when I started reading, but the author did an amazing job of keeping it interesting without repeating a lot of boring inner monologue. The writing was always fresh, and I never found myself wishing she’d move on to something else.I was extremely impressed by the description of moments on the battlefield. If I didn’t know a young woman wrote this book, I would have thought she’d actually been there and experienced the horror firsthand. I was right there, and it was devastating and raw and ugly.The love story in Ghostwriter develops naturally. That seems like an oxymoron when speaking about a ghost and a human, but you’ll understand when you read it. If a ghost met a girl on an island, and if they could communicate, their relationship developed in a very natural way. It wasn’t a “love at first sight and they fall into each other’s arms” type of scenario. I found it a very satisfying and beautiful journey.The reason I gave this story four stars instead of five is because I saw several things coming in the storyline and a few things were too pat or convenient for my tastes. That said, it does take a lot to surprise me, and my intuitiveness sometimes ruins things for me when reading.Lissa Bryan weaves an achingly beautiful love story, built around suspense, intrigue, the devastation of war, family secrets, and interfering loved-ones, rich with descriptions that will pull you right into her world. Give this one a read—you won’t regret it.

  • Cherie
    2019-04-03 12:53

    I am currently giving this novel a 4 out of 5 stars only because I haven't finished it yet. And I am enjoying reading it so much that I get sulky and put-upon when I have to stop. Will record a full review laterUPDATED:I will begin this review by stating that I have read Lissa Bryan previous to her debut novel, Ghostwriter. Ms. Bryan has her roots in Twilight fan fiction, and while some readers may arch their eyebrows at that admission, I would like to respectfully remind them of the meteoric success of another fan fiction series, the much touted Fifty Shades trilogy. So having started in that realm should not automatically convey disdain.However, I am not saying Lissa Bryan is the same calibre of author as E. L. James. Far from it.Bryan is vastly superior.*** *** ***When I read Bryan's work in fan fiction, I was struck by her mastery of story-telling craft. I remember vividly thinking that if she would change the names of the characters and replace them with non-branded Twilight names, I would still be as hooked as I was when I first ventured into her imaginary world. Then I read another of her stories. And another.Names notwithstanding, her plots were original. Fresh. After having read so very much fiction throughout my life, very little catches me by surprise. Many climax twists are either obvious from the outset or worse, deus ex machina that insults the reader's intelligence. I was delighted beyond words to be caught out, as it were, when enjoying her works.With this background, I was keenly interested in reading Bryan's "original" work beyond the fan fiction genre. When the opportunity arose to obtain an ARC (Advance Reader's Copy), I jumped on it.Ghostwriter is a wonderful read. I have always been more interested in the quality of the story instead of the presentation, so I was delighted to catch throw-away references to classical myth as well as classic literature. At first, I was curious how she would somehow link Greek gods with a very modern world. Then I was thrilled to see how it was a trope for the story in itself: how to live in the world when your culture has passed you hubris can present itself to modern man in the same guises as it did to Aeneas, or Odysseus. How can the faults and sins of past generations still resonate and affect descendants decades later?I did not see the ending that was wrapped up and gifted to the reader. As I continued reading, I found myself asking questions: how could the relationship between a modern woman with a man from another era possibly end well? I had a few ideas that kept presenting itself as the plot unfolded, and not one of my guesses proved correct. (I am grateful for this as her ending was way superior to my cliched imaginings.) If you are looking for a novel that will charm and entertain you, I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. Thank you for reading.

  • Julz
    2019-04-09 20:18

    This was a fantastic story that really drew out a lot of emotions. I was so excited about the concept that it made me impatient to get to the "good stuff." And when we did, it definitely paid off. The setting is beautiful but simultaneously eery because our heroine, Sara, is isolated, alone on an island, living in an oooooold house, complete with dark attic, far from help. There were so many creepy moments that had me wanting to read between my fingers and yell out "Don't go there! Haven't you ever watched scary movies?" Brrrr! As the cover tells you, she discovers she's not alone after all, but shares her personal paradise with Seth, the malevolent ghost of an author who had made the island his home. Some of the early scenes with our hero were so spooky that I ran through the house, afraid a ghost would get me (note to self: never read scary stories in the middle of the night, with all the lights out if you're gonna have to get up). There are so many emotional ups and downs as a relationship develops between them and the heroine learns what dark secrets tie him to this Earth. In addition to the darkness of tragedy, there's also humor, lightheartedness and sweetness. You're not burdened with too much heaviness but instead are uplifted by their blossoming romance. The story takes many unexpected turns that are often heartbreaking, while we learn that sometimes there simply aren't any answers to life's questions.I finished the book with such a strong spiritual feeling of hope. I would recommend it to anyone who not only enjoys ghost stories, but also topics that include the bittersweet that often accompanies life (and death), and who want to believe that love and forgiveness can transcend time and space.

  • Passion For Pages
    2019-03-26 15:16

    Review on over vampires and werewolves, I’m in love with a ghost.I said in my latest post that I’ve been in a reading funk. It doesn’t matter how good the books have been I just haven’t been able to get into them. Almost two weeks ago I received the ARC of Ghostwriter but haven’t had the heart to read it. Today I finally decided to take a peek at it. Now I only have one question. Why did I wait this long?I read this book cover to cover in just a couple of hours. I couldn’t put it down, and when I had to put it down (blasted children and pets!) I needed to pick it right back up again so I wasn’t left wondering what happened next. Ms. Bryan weaves a wonderfully creative tale of a lonely woman and a ghost haunted by his past. I fell in love with Seth from the second he stopped trying to scare Sara off—actually I might have started falling for him a little before that. His story is so romantically sad that my heart hurt while reading his story through his old letters. I hated the way he was taken advantage of while he was living, how everyone in his life expected so much from him but didn’t want anything to do with him. It pained me to read how in love with Marcella he was and have it destroyed by the terrible things he witnessed in the war.Sara, while a somewhat plain character, was enjoyable to read. There wasn’t anything about her that you could dislike. I liked how she grew a backbone and faced off with her ex and put her mother in her place. The love story that develops between her and Seth is both beautiful and heartbreaking. You fear what will happen when it all comes to an end. How can a relationship work between a human and ghost? How will she ever be able to leave him? How will he feel once he’s once again left with only his nightmares as he wanders the island that he loves so much? All those questions flew through my mind as I devoured this book. Not to worry though, you do get your answers. It was the character of Ginny that surprised me the most. Ms. Bryan did an excellent job of throwing in that little twist. If this debut novel is any indication of what’s to come from Lissa Bryan, I think we’re the lucky ones to have found another great author. **ARC given for honest review

  • Denise
    2019-04-26 15:07

    Lissa Bryan’s "Ghostwriter" does a great many things. It paints a heartbreaking portrait of an idealistic man corrupted by the horrors of war and scarred by his literary gift. It illustrates the destructive power of greed and the joy-inducing power of selfless living. It employs an engaging plot which culminates in a conclusion which makes me smile whenever I envision it. But its greatest accomplishment is showcasing a woman’s bold decision to follow her heart in spite of its illogical destination. The freedom Sara finds in surrendering to her feelings for Seth is my favorite part of the novel and the reason I could not put the book down. For all Ms. Bryan’s novel does—and does well—it simply and beautifully tells the story of a woman choosing to love a man against all reason, odds, and common sense, liberating two broken souls in the process.Sara is a woman in need of a new start, living a life devoid of color, and a forgotten family house on a lonely island is the perfect place to find it. But she finds more than a new place to call home within its not-so-quiet walls, and her curiosity about the odd goings-on yield more than she could ever imagine. Seth is nobody’s hero, least of all in his own mind. But Sara’s support and fearlessness begin to loosen the noose of self-loathing around his neck, and he blooms and blossoms under her adoration. They find solace and serenity in each other, and his paranormal existence is but a minor detail. Their romance is tender, fumbling, and feverish at turns, and its authenticity is due solely to the brilliance of Ms. Bryan’s steady pen. With each word and line, she breathes life into her characters, and in so doing, I come to see them as friends. I smile when they smile, frown at the stains on Seth’s uniform, and feel exquisite relief at each skirmish they survive. Their love is my love, and I enjoy every twist and turn of their supernatural ride. And I have every confidence that you will too.

  • M.B.
    2019-04-19 14:14

    After receiving a few ARCs that I couldn't get into, I stumbled over this little gem. I'd had it on my phone for about a week before I finally opened it up to read. It was one of those "why did I wait?" moments.Admittedly, a little slow in the very beginning, but once Sara moves onto the island, the story picks up very quickly, without ever feeling rushed, and the reader is drawn into it.The mixture of the modern day and the 1920s is very good as it sows how much the world has changed and moved on. Something many of us take for granted.I found myself welling up at the emotion of Seth's letters to Marcella. The love he felt for her was immense, yet her letters to him... well, I'll let you find that out for yourself.The character of Seth in Sara's mind is idolised much in the way many teenage girls view band members and actors today. It was actually very refreshing to have an author portrayed in this way. Particularly one as mysterious as the elusive Mr Fortner. In the days of being able to log on to the computer and find out pretty much everything about a celebrity, it was a novelty to have a character that people know very little about regardless of how frustrating it must be for Sara. Ginny and Becca aren't exactly forthcoming about him either. They also add to the mystery by asking about noises or simply refusing to enter the house at all.I sort of guessed the ending (it's the only possibility in all honesty) but there were still aspects of it that I did not expect at all. I won't say any more as I don't want to give too much of the story, you need to buy a copy of the book when it's published October 11.For this and more reviews, go to my blog :

  • Sydney Logan
    2019-04-16 12:10

    I was honored to have the chance to receive an ARC of Ghostwriter. I am such a fan of Lissa Bryan’s work, and this book is a clear indication as to why.This story is about a writer named Sara who has been hired to be the ghostwriter for a political biography. Tired of her badgering mother and jerk ex-boyfriend, Sara rents a home on an island. The first chapters of the novel are so descriptively written that you actually feel as if you're right there on the island. Lissa Bryan’s attention to detail is remarkable without being flowery, and that’s a true talent.As we move deeper into the book, we find that the house--and the former occupant--has secrets, and little by little, those secrets are revealed through centuries-old letters and sweet conversations with a sigh-worthy ghost. A lovely debut for Lissa Bryan. If you love supernatural romances, this is definitely the book for you.

  • Funmbi
    2019-04-01 14:53

    Lissa Bryan has been on my radar for some time, so when I found out about Ghostwriter, I knew I needed to read it as soon as possible. I tell you now: Bryan supersedes every single one of my expectations. She writes with such evocative and descriptive language. It's easy to place myself in the protagonist's shoes, to visualize and experience the settings, conversations, and events. I enjoy every moment of this book, and gladly give 4.5 stars.We begin with Sara, a recently unemployed newspaper journalist. After being dumped by her live-in boyfriend, she's basically living hand to mouth, unable to pay her rent. She's been offered a position to be a ghostwriter for an up and coming politician. Using the advance she receives, Sara sets out to find a more affordable apartment. By chance, luck, or fate, Sara is given the opportunity to rent a house on a private island. And even more exciting, this house used to belong to her favorite writer, Seth Fortner, who mysteriously died in 1925. Sara instantly falls in love with the house and the life she can potentially build there. One day, while exploring, she comes across new information (via letters) about Seth's life. While learning more about Seth-his marriage, his family relationships, his time in World War I-it seems Seth may have never left the island. As Seth reveals himself and his secrets to Sara through her dreams, will she be able to help him heal and move beyond this world?I have to say I love Bryan's characterization. She gives us well formulated characters with realistic qualities, some we admire and other characters we'd rather live without (or throw over a bridge).I like Sara. She's kind, caring, and mild mannered. Even though she's basically starving, Sara enjoys living a simple, quiet life as a writer. From the beginning, I'm rooting for her. I want her to escape the ridiculous expectations of her mother and ex-boyfriend, finding happiness for herself.I also enjoy learning about Seth, though discovering the way her suffers-first through WWI and then at the hands of his own family-is absolutely heartbreaking. But through their relationship, both Seth and Sara confront their past horrors and support one another in overcoming the pain. They can finally let go.To be completely honest, several times while reading, I find myself conflicted. I want so badly to enjoy the beautiful romance. But in the back of my mind, I keep trying to reconcile how, given their circumstances, Seth and Sara can be together. However, I shouldn't have been concerned because Bryan delivers us a beautiful, satisfying, and surprisingly logical ending.A few comments:I enjoy the dream world Seth and Sara create together. WWI is one of my favorite time periods to study, and I can't imagine the amount of research Bryan had to do to be able to write so convincingly about it. The scenes Seth takes us to are graphic, realistic, and jarring. But there are wonderful moments too, like the speakeasy and the picnic in the park, which are also stunning in their description. Yet, again, while reading, I'm concerned! How can Sara continue to live this dream life?From the initial meeting, I am suspicious of the Fortner family. Why are they so secretive about Seth's death? Why is Ginny so insistent that Sara live in this house? And then to find out the history of the Fortner's wealth...that a century later, the family is still fighting over Seth's's shameful and heartbreaking.Seth's relationship with Marcella is so sad. It's truly unfortunate to see the the depth of Seth's love for his wife and then witness its degradation. At first, I'm very resentful and angry towards Marcella, but with Seth, I come to realize his good intentions play a part in driving her away:"...but in trying to protect her, he cut off communication with her and distanced himself."I also enjoy watching Sara introduce Seth to new technology. One of the most poignant moments, for me, is when Seth learns there has been a second World War and several wars after it. His distress is so heart-felt when he questions the point of the first great war...all those lives lost, only for the world to have to endure conflict again and again.Some of my favorite scenes involve the rather normal and natural progression of Seth and Sara's relationship:- On the beach when Seth and Sara speak for the first time :)- When Seth makes Sara blush- Their first kiss... *sigh*- The book inscription! "To Sara, who is poetry in motion." *cries*- Sara wanting more intimacy, Seth trying to hold off for propriety's sake...- Seth writing "I love you" in the sand! *cries*- The proposal - The wedding - The wedding night: "You can touch me however you like. I'm yours Seth" OOLALA! Even though tragedy, greed, life, death, and others' deception threaten to separate Seth and Sara, they find their happiness.This book is truly one of a kind: an engaging plot, set in the present, yet taking us on a journey across time and place. We fall in love, worry, puzzle, fume, lament, and overcome, just as Seth and Sara do. This book is an absolute MUST READ. Dive in the first chance you get; then come find me so we can flail together.BRAVA Lissa!!!Many thanks to the author and publisher for the opportunity to read this book!

  • MyGoodBookshelf
    2019-04-21 19:13

    “What is a rational person supposed to do when confronted with the impossible?”*I received an ARC of this novel through Netgalley.*This was a beautifully written paranormal romance and I am so glad I had the opportunity to read it. I am literally the biggest wimp when it comes to ghost stories, but I couldn’t resist the premise for this one- it sounded like a brilliant read. Journalist Sara Howell has just taken the leap to becoming a ghostwriter for a prominent political figure. Working on the politician’s biography has given her serious writer’s block however, and after a recent break-up she is also struggling with mounting debts. When the opportunity comes up for her to rent an old house on an isolated island for a dirt cheap price, she positively leaps at the chance. Once there she feels an immediate connection to the place and is later thrilled to discover that the house once belonged to one of her favourite writers- the now unfortunately deceased Seth Fortner. What really happened to Seth back in 1925 remains something of a mystery however and his family seem reluctant to talk about it, but once Sara moves in, some strange occurrences begin happening and Sara realises that Seth may never have actually left the property... This was such an addictive read! Thankfully it wasn’t particularly creepy and too ‘in your face’ spooky, though it did have a few perplexing moments- namely things that went bump in the night, missing objects and the like that really freaked Sara out- as well as me! It was interesting witnessing her more rational side trying to come to terms with what was really happening to her- especially given her isolated location and the fact that she had nobody to turn to for help. There are many strong themes interlinking in this novel- family, romance, marriage, war, career- yet the balance to all of these elements is perfectly maintained. Though the romance/paranormal aspect is clearly at the forefront of the plot, I felt like I learned a lot about the characters themselves and a great degree of depth was also given to Seth’s past and his time during the Great War which added some real emotion to the storyline. The flashbacks told through his memories, as well as via his letters to his wife, were beautifully and sensitively written, as well as the depiction of his trauma following his time at the front and his continuous grief over eighty years after the events took place. Sara’s relationship with her mother was also complex, and though I don’t usually like characters that are unable to stand up for themselves to domineering ex-boyfriends or family members, something in me warmed to her. I really wanted Sara to have her happy ending and I loved how Seth was able to fulfil all of her long-held heart’s desires within their shared dreams. That might sound a bit corny, but it isn’t- trust me.This was a really hard storyline to pull off successfully and I did think that perhaps it might become a bit overly sentimental in places, but it genuinely didn’t. It just works. The relationship between Seth and Sara evolved naturally and their bond was evident from the start- they had so much in common that by the time it eventually happened it felt right- this was a slow burner of a romance but well worth the wait. I have to say that I did sense what the ending would ultimately be overall and it was poignant, but again, appropriate given what had already been played out with the characters throughout the book. I suppose my only complaint is that the final few pages ultimately felt a little bit rushed for my tastes, and as I said, I did see it coming. I am very pleased to have been introduced to a new literary talent and am keen to see what else Lissa Bryan comes up with in future

  • Heatherbook whore & shifter slut extrordinaire
    2019-03-30 17:52

    "This was crazy. She could not be attracted to a ghost."That concept is what drew me to this book in the first place. While this is definitely a Paranormal Romance - she is falling in love with a GHOST for heaven's sake - I usually go for the shifters or vampires so this is new ground for me. This book is character driven more so that most PNRs - there is no retribution or vengeance to be prevented or delivered; there is no hidden enemy to discover or pack challenge to meet and survive. While there is a mystery to uncover in this book we don't see these two on the run, having to choose between saving lives or delivering vengeance - which obviously gives the reader immediate insight into their character. Instead, with this book, we watch as Sara (and Seth to a point) interact with their surroundings and the others who play a role in this book and while there is some insight to be gained from their actions, it is through their words and their choices that we discover who they are and what makes/made them that way.The idea that a human woman and the ghost of the author/man that she has admired since childhood could interact in any way is a fascinating idea for a novel. The possibility that they could interact in such a way that Sara and Seth were able to see and feel and physically connect with each other, growing closer to each other as the days passed on the island, is practically mind-blowing. And remember, this is coming from a woman who has no book boyfriends that are completely human and is known as "shifter slut" to all on Goodreads. As I said when I rated this book as 5*****, just after I had finished it, this is one of the sweetest, most touching and soulful books I have ever read. I think what makes this so different and intriguing for me is the humanity portrayed in this book. While Seth may be a ghost, we see him as human through Sara`s eyes. To her he is real and the embodiment of everything she has ever wanted in a man or a relationship, especially as she delves into the letters and other documents left behind by him.I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to read this book by the author because I know that in any other setting I would have passed it by. And I would have missed out on one of the most memorable books I have ever had the pleasure of reading.Book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange.

  • Monique
    2019-04-10 19:13

    I was fortunate to receive an ARC of Lissa Bryan’s debut novel, Ghostwriter.So this was the first time I’ve ever read a ghost novel and I can assure you it is a very different and interesting experience, and nothing like anything I have ever read before. My heart broke a lot for Sara with the living conditions she had to endure and having to be surrounded with two people, her mother and ex boyfriend, who don’t deserve a place in her life. It was so humorous to read about Sara trying to explain the ways of the world to someone who has been a ghost for nearly a century, who knows nothing whatsoever about technology and can’t wrap his mind around the changes for women that have taken place since the Women’s Movement. As someone who has always liked history and studied it throughout high school, it was a real treat to read this as there were a lot of historical references throughout this novel. The writing is very descriptive but in a good way. The author does not go into too much detail about the clothing that the heroine is wearing for instance as some authors tend to do which can get annoying. This author writes descriptively when explaining the experience Seth had in the war for example. The use of Seth’s letters to reveal to the reader his background was absolutely fantastic. Very well done on the author’s behalf. The love story developed naturally and beautifully, might I add. I continually asked myself how is this going to work, how is a human girl going to be able to make her relationship work with her ghost boyfriend. Well, I certainly couldn’t have predicated the outcome and I definitely didn’t see that coming, so it was an enjoyable surprise to be able to shocked at how it concluded.

  • Alspitz
    2019-04-14 19:11

    Paranormal romance is not my usual genre but the premise of Ghost Writer sounded interesting and let me say it doesn't disappoint! I was lucky enough to get an Advance Reader Copy of this book and I have to say wow! I kept thinking I would read one more chapter and then set it down and do some work I needed to do but I couldn't put it down. One chapter turned into two which turned into staying up until one AM so I would know how it ended. The romance is sweet and the story is interesting with a good and surprising twist!Even if romance (or ghost stories!) aren't your favorite or usual genre this book is definitely worth a look! I look forward to reading more of Lissa Bryan's work!

  • Mina Khan
    2019-04-15 19:00

    This was a lovely, haunting ghost story with love at its heart. I enjoyed the last two-thirds of the book more than the first, because well at first I found the heroine a bit annoying. But by the end of the book I was so seriously rooting for the couple to have their HEA. Seth was absolutely delicious and I love the way Ms. Bryan weaves in his back story. Precious little morsels at a time.And at one point I thought the story was coming to an end, and Ms. Bryan managed to surprise me with a very nice twist.Overall, I really enjoyed the story!***book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange for an honest review***

  • LiteraryChanteuse
    2019-04-12 16:18

    Not your average situation when this story quickly turns into a ghost story with twists and is geared with plenty of heartfelt emotional content. There were some small moments in the middle that seemed to keep the story at a stand still and the characters locked without progressing as quickly as it could have yet when they do break free it is with a surprise and a chilling revelation. Overall very enjoyable. 4.5 starsI received a copy in exchange for an honest review via

  • Suzy Duffy
    2019-03-27 12:16

    I LOVED this book!! Wasn't sure what to expect but it's a beautiful, heart warming, frustrating, intoxicating CLASSIC love story with an amazing twist. I LOVED the main characters and the setting. It was very well written. I'm looking forward to reading more from Lissa Bryan.

  • Michelle ♣ Ndayeni
    2019-04-13 17:03

    An enchanting story of an improbable love between two people born nearly a century apart. While there doesn't always seem to be a lot of action going on, still there is something about it that keeps drawing you onward and turning the pages. Probably it is the way the author makes her characters come alive on the page, but also it's the emotions that the characters and their trials and tribulations evoke that work to hold you riveted to the page.Sara is just coming off of a long-term relationship with a man who tried to control her and turn her into his idea of the ideal woman. He never really succeeded though, for Sara is far to independent at heart to let anyone rule her for long. She also had long experience in dealing with difficult and controlling people from growing up with her mother who was very much the same, and worse even. She'd learned how to defy her mother and do the things she wanted to do despite her, one of which was stealing time to read, particularly to read books by her favorite author, Seth Fortner. When she's given the chance to live in the house where he had lived, she is ecstatic. She hopes that living there will both provide inspiration for her own writing, and enable her to learn more about her idol. Her chance to to the latter comes when she finds a bunch of his old letters in a trunk that was hidden away in the attic.Seth has been dead for 80-some years at the beginning of this story, but he remains on the island as a troubled spirit. He isn't happy about Sara coming to live in his house, and initially tries to scare her off, much like how he had scared off previous renters on the property. He is unable to run her off, however, and when she finds his letters, and actually weeps for the troubled life he had at home and the horrors that he experienced while serving in WWI, he slowly begins to warm up to her. At first he only appears to her in her dreams, but eventually he begins appearing to her while she's awake as well, and so begins a tender and heartwarming romance.I found this to be a thoroughly enchanting story with very vivid and realistic characters. Even Seth, though he was a ghost, was a believable character, perhaps because we mostly get to know him through the letters he wrote to his wife from France where he served as an ambulance driver during the war. They show him to have been a very exuberant young man who'd had the courage to stand up to his rather autocratic father, even when it meant being disowned and the rest of his family being forbidden to speak with him. We see how very much in love with his wife he was and his optimism for their future, and we also get to see how his experiences in the war changed him and ultimately turned him into the man that continues to haunt the island where he died. In short, showing us his letters turned him into a very real character with hopes, dreams, and heartaches, and the glimpses of him that we get in Sara's dreams help to foster the notion that he is still very "alive" despite the fact that he died several decades before.The romance here falls largely into what is often termed "sweet romance", in that their courtship is very innocent and chaste for the most part. While there are a few love scenes toward the end, they're not very graphic and it is always the emotional and intellectual connection that Sara and Seth form that is important, not the few physical manifestations of their love that are shown. Normally I prefer more heat than this in the romance novels I read, particularly paranormal romances, but for this story the low intensity heat worked quite well. Seth was still a proper gentleman of the early 1900s after all, and the way he insisted on courting Sara in the manner he would have in his day was quite charming.This story will stay with you after you read it. I found myself still thinking about it 2 or 3 days later, and to me that's one of the hallmarks of a great book. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who's a fan of ghost stories, of paranormal romance, or even of contemporary or historical romance perhaps, for there are definitely elements of all romance genres represented here. I might have rated this higher, but there were several minor issues - mainly things I felt were probably factual errors though I didn't take the time to verify whether they were or not - that I noted throughout the book while reading it. Nothing that seriously detracts from it in any way, but enough that for me it falls short of a perfect rating, coming in at 4½ stars. I received a free copy of this book from the Author through the PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange in return for an honest review.

  • Raum
    2019-04-11 15:11

    The following review has been originally posted on My Reading Lounge, where you can find more reviews about original and derivative fiction.-x-x-x-x-Imagine you're alone in the middle of the night, snuggled on your favorite armchair, sipping a cup of tea. Which would be the ideal book to read? If your answer is “a ghost story,” or “a romance,” the perfect choice for you would be Ghostwriter by Lissa Bryan. To tell you about it Camilla and Raum have joined forces.Lissa Bryan's first published novel will take you on a little island where strange things happen and where Sara Howell, the island's newest resident, will unravel secrets that had been hidden for decades.We'd like to highlight how well Lissa Bryan's has developed her main character. Since the first chapter, the readers get to feel that they know Sara as if she were a friend. We can understand her worries, and we particularly admired the way Sara deals with her problems with great courage and a touch of irony. She hasn't had an easy life, but the difficulties haven't made her bitter or devoid of hope.However, Sara is almost at the end of her tether: she's broken with her boyfriend and needs to find cheap lodging. An apparently fortuitous meeting with a realtor, a smart woman called Ginny, offers her an unique opportunity, almost too good to be true. Ginny and her brooding cousin Becca will have a role in the story.The opportunity Sara is offered is to rent the island home of Seth Fortner – her favorite writer, a tragic and fascinating character whose untimely death remains a mystery; she goes to live on that secluded haven to write her own book.It is a distasteful task, the biography of a politician who has fed her only empty platitudes as reference. But it has to be done: Sara has no money, and the book is her last chance of independence. Therefore, it's understandable that, tormented by continuous headaches, she lets the work she's supposed to be doing lag behind, while the figure of the house’s dead owner captures her imagination more and more every day.Seth's and Sara's paths cross three times: the first one was when a younger Sara fell in love with Fortner's novels; the second one is when Sara discovers Seth's letters that had been hidden in the cottage's attic, and the third’ll discover it through the book, albeit, since this is a ghost story, you can imagine what happens. How it happens is full of magic and wonder.But, as the gripping back story of Seth Fortener slowly emerges, we understand that fate has brought Sara where she was meant to be, to fulfill a very unconventional, surprising but deeply satisfying destiny, one where love is capable of performing miracles.Lissa Bryan has the rare gift to deal with themes such as forgiveness, greed, redemption, and guilt with an elegant, light touch. Mystery, romance, and the characters' views about war, political themes, and family are perfectly balanced. We had the opportunity to admire Lissa Bryan's talent since her previous works – she wrote some fan fictions that had been highly praised for the way she found new paths for famous characters. With her original fiction, she's showing how her talent is coming to a full bloom.You'll find yourself turning page after page of Ghostwriter and, just like Sara, you'll discover that you don't want to leave the island till the solution of ancient mysteries will be revealed.Camilla & Raum

  • Sherry Gomes
    2019-04-10 16:16

    This is the story of Sarah Howell, a struggling ghostwriter, who as the book begins has recently had a break up with her boyfriend and is struggling to write the autobiography of a politician. While searching for a new apartment, she is invited to look at the home for rent on a small island, an island where she will be the only resident. She discovers this is the actual home where her favorite author, Seth Fortner, lived and died, and she jumps at the chance to live there. She enjoys her quiet solitary life, until some strange things begin to happen.I am addicted to stories that take place on islands. And I still love the gothic novel, stories that often take place in big lonely houses in isolated locations, so I was thrilled at the chance to read this. I just about squealed and rubbed my hands together with pure glee, when I realized we’d get to visit that house on that island. And I was not disappointed!The first time Sarah’s picture of the famous author flies off the wall, where it had been hung securely, I almost jumped out of my seat! The series of events that follow, events which frighten Sarah but don’t push her away from the house and the island are in the best sort of ghost or gothic stories tradition. Is there a ghost in the old house, or is there a living person trying to get Sarah to leave?This story had me spellbound, a little nervous, looking over my shoulder and listening for strange sounds and eager for the outcome. Even when I thought I’d realized what was happening, I couldn’t stop reading and wanted more. And every time I thought I knew what was coming, I didn’t. The details from Seth’s letters of his time in World War I were fascinating and added to the richness of the story. Sarah’s friendship with an unlikely character, the main relationship of the story, at first had me thinking, “What?” and then warmed and delighted me. I love stories about friendship. The strength of such a bond is one of the most interesting things to me, and if that friendship can move to love that’s the best. The ending both surprised me and yet I felt it was actually right for the story and the characters. This book is really about characters, Sarah, Seth the author, the others who come and go in her life. They are strong, well-drawn people. You come away feeling you know them and wishing you could. I wanted to be able to read Seth’s books, visit the island and punch the ex-boyfriend in the nose!A truly wonderful story!

  • Rel8tivity
    2019-04-09 14:54

    Sara Howell is a former journalist, trying to break into the publishing business, and lands a contract to ghostwrite a biography for a politician. From before the story begins, Sara seems to be going through a run of bad luck - she's recently been in a car accident that totaled her car, her boyfriend (serious jerk, so glad when he got his just desserts) dumped her for someone else, she needs to find a cheaper place to live, since the advance she got from the publisher only goes so far, and buying a replacement car ate most of the insurance payment. She's also experiencing headaches with increasing frequency since the accident.Sara's luck seems to shift when she somehow lands a cheap, secluded rental on a charming island on the Outer Banks. And as luck would have it, it's the family home of her favorite author, Seth Fortner. But it isn't as empty as it first seems.One thing I really enjoyed was the island house setting. The author's description painted a lovely image of a home on the beach with a great view of the ocean, the dunes, the stars at night. Ahhh, I couldn't think of a nicer writer's retreat. I wanted to make a cup of coffee and sit out on the dunes myself.Maybe it's just me, but the hair seriously stood up on the back of my neck when the ghost of Seth Fortner began to make his presence known, and he wasn't happy about sharing his house. For a moment, I was worried the story would take a turn down the lane to Amityville, but fortunately it didn't. I found it very interesting and entertaining to watch their relationship go from poltergeist and victim to mutual friends.Granted, it takes a little suspension of disbelief, to imagine that ghosts would interact in much the same way that humans do. But once you do that, you still have what is a sweet, happily ever after romance. Sara finds someone who fills the emotional voids that her past life created, and Seth is healed from the terrors and stresses that haunted him and trapped his spirit.One thing I didn't get was the motivation for how Sara's mother treated her. She took pushing Sara to be her best to abusive, controlling extremes, but it wasn't clear to me why she did that. What was in the mother's past to make her act this way?All in all, I enjoyed this story very much and look forward to reading more of Ms. Bryan's work.

  • Jennifer Garcia
    2019-04-10 17:51

    Italian Brat's Obsessions ~ Reviews One Book at a TimeRight off I must say this book is oh so good! I guarantee you'll love it!Lissa opened the book with us getting to know Sara. College graduate, aspiring journalist, struggling writer, broke, bitchy mother, and jack ass ex boyfriend pretty much summed up Sara. Lissa did a wonderful job not telling us who Sara was but showing us. I was completely intrigued from the get go and found Sara to be relatable and real.Approximately 37 pages in and the story changed a bit. It seemed her luck changed and it was looking up.Then honestly I felt like I was reading a thriller and it was hair raising. I was literally scared for a few pages. It was amazing how she could bring that fear on to the pages with her wonderful use of words.Then it turned into an amazing love story... and not the one you might think of that is played during the horror. I don't want to give spoilers, but when you read it you'll know what I mean.It was far from unpredictable. So many times I was left thinking how it was going to work. Quickly we're on board with the love interests, but doubt was always niggling in the back of mind... I wondered how Lissa could pull off falling in love with a ghost.Ah, but leave it to this wonderful author to make it all work. Then I thought... okay it worked so it should be over, right? Even though I never wanted it to end, I just figured it would have. Well, she resolved all of the issues beautifully and still surprised me with the MOST romantic ending.I have to say that I spoke mostly about Sara, but when you meet Seth you WILL fall in love. That man was the most romantic man ever!! Honestly! He was old fashioned, tortured, sweet, generous beyond deserving, and probably the most luscious man ever.Oh and wait until you meet Houdini!! :DThe side characters were great and well built. I found myself wanting to see them more often sometimes, and others not at all. Sara's instinct to protect Seth was so fierce and amazing!Lissa wrote a wonderfully, intriguing story!~NOTE: Copy of this book is provided by The Writers Coffee Shop. Thank you. I'm not paid for writing a review -I do it because when I read a book I just love, I feel the need to share it.

  • Michela Walters
    2019-04-09 18:03

    3 1/2 stars, rounded up for GR purposes. First let me thank NetGalley and The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing for giving me an ARC of Lissa Bryan's first book.The story revolves around Sara, a woman who just recently dumped her cheating boyfriend and due to budget cuts is laid-off from her current job as a writer for a local newspaper. All in all, her life begins to crumble around her when she is given the chance to ghostwrite a novel for a local politician. Unable to afford her apartment without her boyfriend's help, she begins to look for other places to live.Fate stumbles in and Sara meets a Realtor who has a lovely house on a remote island just off the coast that she's willing to rent to Sara for a very good price. With just one look, Sara falls in love with the place and rents it. The story takes off from here and moves towards the paranormal when a ghost on the island really wants Sara to leave his island. The beginning of this story was a bit slow for me. The author dumped so much irrelevant information into the beginning that it took me a while to get through the minutiae. (I don’t need to know every single detail about how a character takes a shower.) I also found the main character’s inner thoughts to be a bit annoying, rambly and immature sounding. There were times the author was pointing out obvious things that perhaps she didn’t think the reader would conclude on our own. It felt like she didn’t trust her own storytelling enough to let us readers put two and two together. Once Seth comes into the picture, the story picks up a lot. I enjoyed how well the author wove in old letters into the story, especially how different the voice of the letters and Seth were from Sara’s. I appreciated the author’s differentiation between these characters tone, speech and values. There was a continuity error that probably should have been caught during the editing process, along with some tightening up of the story that could have been done, but overall I enjoyed this book. I did get a little bit confused during the main climax of the story, but I understand where the author was trying to take the reader. If you’re looking for an interesting take on a paranormal romance story, I would suggest Ghostwriter.

  • Ivana
    2019-04-09 14:55

    To be completely fair, there were parts of this book that deserved more than 3 stars, but looking at the complete book, and the few bumps on the road, 3 stars seem like a fitting rating.Ghostwriter starts out rather slow as we get to know Sara in midst of the mess that her life has become: she's unemployed, she broke up with her boyfriend, is on bad terms with her mother and struggling to ghostwrite a biography of a rather dull politician. She accepts the offer to cheaply rent a cabin on an isolated island, only to find out that it was the previous home of her favorite author who died under mysterious circumstances a century ago. Even though the pace remains slow throughout the novel, this is where things start to get more interesting. I loved the atmosphere of the island, a true heaven for a loner and writer like Sara. Sara finally comes to life and we get to see the real her, not the monotonously grey character that she was in the beginning. The introduction of Seth happens slowly, and gave me goosebumps more than once. He provided me with some of my favorite moments of this book, especially when the final third rolls around.The final part felt like reading a completely different book, and it's a great pay-off for the slow and long build-up. I was mesmerized not only with the sweet romance, but also the entire ghost background that Lissa Bryan creates. The grand finale was a whirlwind of emotions, a beautiful tale of love between soulmates, and a story that I wanted to be a part of for at least a little bit longer. It's hard to pinpoint why the beginning didn't really work for me. Maybe because Sara is not an exceptionally interesting character? The slow pacing? The not-so-memorable writing? Need for a more tight prose? Whatever it is, I am grateful for the big twist that made the story not only take a turn for the better, but also stick with me for days after I finished reading this book.

  • Alisa
    2019-04-07 19:56

    Sara is a struggling journelist who is looking for a new place to live. She's recently gone through a break up of a relationship & she has been hired to do be a ghostwriter for a popular politition who she does not particularly care for. Sara is frustrated with her job and her life in general. She stumbles across the opportunity to live in an old home on an isolated island. As luck would have it this turns out to be the home of her favorite author, Seth Fortner. Seth disappeared from the public eye in 1925 and nothing is known about what happened to him. Once arriving at the home, Sara finds some old letters of Seth's in the attic and begins to piece together what happened to him over the years. As it turns out, Seth's ghost is still in the home. As he begins to reveal himself there are some spine tingling moments. Once he shows himself, Seth and Sara begin a friendship and then a romance. The love story is sweet and romantic which I know sounds strange with him being a ghost, but it works. There was a lot of build up to their meeting and the letters were a great touch. I felt though that once they ment the romance was rushed to get to the ending part (which I can not expand on as it would be a spoiler). I would have liked the book to be longer and to have seen more time of them together and building their relationship. Overall I felt this was a good, solid read with very likeable characters. I would definately recommend this to those who enjoy love stories with a bit of a twist. It should be noted that this book was provided by the author through PNR NaUBA group author/review exchange in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sherri Hayes
    2019-04-08 19:13

    Lissa Bryan is a local Ohio author. She's also published with TWCS. We've done a few author events together, yet I'd never read any of her books. To be honest, I was a little nervous about it. Lissa doesn't tend to write traditional romances, and quite frankly I wasn't sure if I'd like that or not. For that reason, I kept putting it off, and putting it off. Now, I'm kicking myself for not picking this book up sooner.Ghostwriter is a wonderful and heartwarming romance. The first thing I have to say about this story is 'have your tissues ready'. There were so many times in this book where my heart broke for Seth and Sara. And then there were times that were so sweet they brought tears to my eyes. Ghostwriter is a paranormal romance...not something I read a lot of. Werewolves, shifters...not really my thing. I prefer romances I can relate to, which is why I pretty exclusively stick to contemporary. What surprised me with this one was just how much I could relate to both of the main characters.Sara is such an easy character to like. She's down to earth, and a bookworm. Seth? Well, Seth is a ghost. Yep, that's right, an honest to goodness ghost that 'haunts' the island where Sara lives. The romance that develops between these two is an unlikely one, but I became wrapped up in it, wanting them to have their happily ever after.I will say that I did see the ending coming, but that was okay. It fit the story. This book kept me up until 3am reading, and even then I didn't want to put it down. It made me laugh, cry, and a whole rang of other emotions. I'd recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a great romance with a paranormal twist.

  • Andrea (mrsaubergine)
    2019-03-29 16:06

    This book is amazing! The lovely cover seems innocuous enough - see how she's holding hands with the ghost in the reflection? :) - and you think you're starting a lovely romance, but then it gets creepy, and you realise this story is a little bit horror, and a little bit historical WW1 story, too. I was gripped by the complex plot and thoroughly surprised at some of the twists and turns, so much so I really couldn't put it down.I loved the World War 1 aspects, which you don't see too much of in modern fiction, and I suspect are less well known in the US. That war was an important one for my country, as our casualties in it we hugely disproportionate to our population, and it's considered our "coming of age" and the point where we separated ourselves from direct British rule. Seth's experiences are revealed gradually and realistically in the book. Letters are a wonderful plot device, and anyone who reads my reviews will know I'm a big fan of them. Some of Seth's are so moving I was almost brought to tears. The ending was kind of mind-blowing, and even though Sara says at one point that her life wasn't a movie, I could totally see this book being filmed for the big screen. This is a marvellous, surprising debut by Lissa Bryan. I highly recommend it.

  • Jackie Lane
    2019-04-26 11:51

    For Sara Howell who loses her job and her boyfriend, finances being low, she moves to a remote island and works as a ghostwriter for a politician. The isolated house she moves into is the home a famous writer and one that Sara loved.Sara and Seth strike up a friendship and she finds a trunk of his letters and through them she discovers what has happened to him. They strike up a friendship and together they begin to uncover the truth of what happened to him and to make an attempt to make thing right. All the while his family has been living off his wealth and greed, making Seth angry.Will Sarah and Seth fall in love and will Sara learn the truth of what happened?This book was 3.5 stars for me, not quite 4. Unfortunately I did not connect with some of the characters, but have heard wonderful things about this author and will definitely read more of her books.

  • Crystal
    2019-03-26 15:01

    What can i say? Did i expect it to be anything other than awesome from start to finish when we are dealing with Lissa Bryan? No i didn't. I started reading it when i got home from work,and kept reading it until i was done with all 324 pages. I am in love with these characters, and Lissa has a way of taking you on a journey so real it feels like you are there. She is the kind of author that makes me proud to be an avid reader. I don't want to say anything else about the book so i don't spoil it, but if you are considering this as a next read, rest assured you won't be sorry. I am eagerly anticipating her next novel. She always manages to blow me away with her amazing descriptive writing.