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Title : Original Human
Author :
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ISBN : 9781936370207
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 85 Pages
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Original Human Reviews

  • Suzzette Dawes
    2019-02-08 00:15

    I learnt a lot about Deborah that she liked Van Gogh and has traveled, even to Rome. I learnt a lot from Deborah: new words and new ways to use words that I already know. I learnt a lot about Deborah's insight on belief and it was pretty deep as she delved and explored the underdogs of the Bible: Eve, Judas and Mary Magdalene. From your trips, she explores other beliefs. It took me a while to finish as it was dense, dripping in sensory overload. A reread was oftentimes necessary and time to think about what I read.This book is divided into three parts which are aptly named: Oracles, Worlds and Edens.Oracles reveal the author's religious rearing with plenty of biblical references such as my mother and I recalled how Jesus / took Peter, John and James /And walked up this very mountain (p. 23 Mt Tabor lines 2-5)Also "John baptizing Jesus" and "Eve, Eons After" shows she knows or is it a struggle with her belief - Judas and Jesus had mutual set ups (p.29, "Jesus to Judas From Kingdom Come") while she tries to reconcile by searching other philosophies (and religions)"...I began to read/ the future from medieval history, / to gauge the sacred shapes of geometry"(p.22 Numerology lines2-4).Mary Magdalene seems to capture her pen as she writes "Magdalen" and mentions her in "Vanitas" possibly becomes her in "Bethany."In Part 2, she explores the world. First through her childhood eyes "...was five or six next to my brother / on a redwood bench...."(p.39 "First Trip to the Infinite")Then she remembers a Mother's Day gift from her child and longing for that child to return home. "Down to Zero" is a happy outlook to a bleak situation.In Part 3, it seems to reveal the erotic side of Deborah showing some innocent beginnings of love, basking in the glow of fruity mouth in "Mid-Morning Kisses." I adored "When He Said" which said so much by the words not written, so much said by the words repeated and so much more said when...Overall, this was a good read and look forward to more works by this author.DeNicola, Deborah. Original Human. Cincinnati: Word Press, 2010. Print