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A new type of super-team must come together when supernatural forces threaten the DC Universe: Justice League Dark!The witch known as The Enchantress has gone mad, unleashing a wave of chaos that not even the combined powers of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg can stop. Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna, Mindwarp and John Constantine may be oA new type of super-team must come together when supernatural forces threaten the DC Universe: Justice League Dark!The witch known as The Enchantress has gone mad, unleashing a wave of chaos that not even the combined powers of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg can stop. Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna, Mindwarp and John Constantine may be our only hope - but how can we put our trust in beings whose very presence makes ordinary people break out in a cold sweat?Critically acclaimed writer Peter Milligan brings together an unorthodox team for the most unnatural threats. With stunning art by up and coming star Mikel Janín!Collecting: Justice League Dark 1-6...

Title : Justice League Dark, Volume 1: In the Dark
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ISBN : 9781401237042
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Justice League Dark, Volume 1: In the Dark Reviews

  • Jeff
    2019-04-21 03:59

    And I've got no defense for itThe heat is too intense for itWhat good would common sense for it do'Cause it's witchcraft, wicked witchcraftAnd although, I know, it's strictly tabooWitchcraft – written by Coleman and LeighYeah, this is Superman’s lament and by extension others in the Justice League as well.Got magic? We got a problem! The Enchantress is voodooing some nasty stuff and Supes is way over his head.Busted by a swarm of witches teeth? The ignominy!Well, where’s Batman?Batman all tied up but I think he digs it from his time doing the horizontal Batusi with Cat Woman.So it’s magical peril and who better to battle a magic threat than a squad of DC’s supernatural heroes.This is a strange bunch, who collectively wouldn’t be able to replace a lightbulb as a unit, but somehow need to work together for the common good/humanity/yada yada yada and “Babe, could ya hit a home run for me tomorrow.”Constantine, because he’s an ass, and Deadman, because he has some freaky powers and gets the lion’s share of page time, consequently stand out from the others.Zatana is sadly watered down and underdressed from her pre-New 52 persona and Madam Xanadu, is a sieve and predicts the future. And there’s some Australian dude who has out of body powers.Bottom Line: Because this is one of those prospective-groups-you-have-to-get-to-know-as-individuals-first books, there’s a lot of bouncing around between characters, which not only slows the pacing, but quickly establishes a reader pecking order for which characters are interesting and which aren’t (see above). I’ll continue reading, only because my pal, Anne, said so…It’s Shade (the hero I forgot to mention), his amazing technicolor coat/vest and his make believe girlfriend.I guess the pay-per-view hotel porn was on the fritz...Sing along with me: “Imaginary lovers, never turn you down…”

  • Anne
    2019-05-14 05:11

    This was interesting, but I think it could have been much better if a few things had been explained up front.Ok. A lot of things.I'm slightly annoyed with this so-called reboot, because there seems to be quite a bit of back story missing from the characters. If it's a continuation of older stories, then at least give those of us who haven't heard of these guys something to go on. I'd never heard of Shade the Changing Man before, so whatever the deal was with his meta-vest completely blew over my head. Same thing with Mindwarp. Who the #@!* is that guy!?Zatana and John Constantine were both familiar, but I don't know enough about either one of them to claim that I'm an expert on what's been happening to those characters. And the last time I read anything with Deadman was back when Brightest Day came out.As far as Enchantress goes...well, that one was just confusing. See, the only Enchantress I was familiar with was the one from the Marvel universe. Remember her? She fights Thor and wears a green outfit, right? So when I see this chick named Enchantress wearing a green costume my first thought was something like, Isn't this a DC title?, and my second thought was something like, Didn't she used to be a blonde? My third thought was pretty much just, ?????? June Moone was another one I'd never heard of, and I just assumed she was a throwaway character. Evidently not. Out of frustration, I ended up Googling her origins, and found out that Enchantress and June Moone are actually the sameish person.Huh. That was a pertinent nugget of information that would have been fairly useful to know. And Madam Xanadu? She comes from Vertigo, so....yeah, I knew nothing at all about her either.Hmmm.Yes, a wee bit more information to start off with would have been nice.The story itself wasn't half bad, so maybe now that I know a little more about the characters the next volume won't be so hard to understand.

  • Sesana
    2019-05-15 07:53

    What a wasted premise. I like the idea of a team of heroes focusing on magical threats. (And let's just drop the Justice League part. That's pure branding, and has nothing to do with the reality of the book.) It's certainly an interesting cast of characters, most of whome will probably be unfamiliar to many readers. I'm ok with that, I like when good characters get rescued from oblvion. (52, anyone?) But they just aren't given all the help they need here.Like from a good storyline, instead of a weak, rambling, overly long one. Or character development, which this cast desperately needs. We have here John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Shade, Madame Xanadu, and Enchantress. Who is totally not the same as Marvel's Thor villainness, despite the shared name and fondness for green. Some of these characters will be familiar enough (Constantine and Zatanna, probably, and maybe Deadman because of his role in Brightest Day) but the other three are rather more niche. It would have been nice if Milligan had recognized that and given us some cohesive background on each character as part of their introductions, but no. I also don't appreciate how Milligan handled Deadman's relationship with Dove. It had been one of the highlights of Brightest Day, handled astonishingly well for a comics romance born in the middle of a crossover event. And Milligan wastes no time in torpedoing it by making Deadman a creepy sleaze. It's like he hated the idea of a relationship between them and wanted to make sure it was killed as dead as dead can be. Yuck.I have no complaints about the art, or the character design. I just wish that the story was stronger, and that the characters had been handled better. Good idea, bad execution.

  • Sam Quixote
    2019-04-23 03:58

    It's becoming a cliché with the "New 52" but if you're picking this up thinking because the title has been rebooted that you're going to get introduced to the characters as if they're new, think again. This series introduces a whole slew of Vertigo characters without explaining who they are, what they do, etc. Some characters might be familiar like John Constantine the Hellblazer whose 2005 Keanu Reeves movie adaptation was terrible but popular, while readers of Batman might recognise Zatanna. Otherwise the rest of the group aren't exactly household names. Deadman was an acrobat who was murdered and is some sort of ghost who can enter peoples' bodies? Madame Xanadu is a mystic, Enchantress is an... enchantress. Shade and Mindwarp? No clue. One of them has a magic technicolour dreamcoat but doesn't launch into song.So the thin storyline is that Madame Xanadu has seen the future (while on a dangerous amount of drugs. It'd be funny if at the end she woke up in a hospital bed and "it was all a dream...?") and the future is red - with blood! Nooooooooooo! But wait - it can be saved. If only these arbitrary strangers get together to form a team of magical beings to defeat these upcoming and unknowable threats. They could be called Magical Hero Squad! What's that - my special reviewing phone? Oh, hello DC Marketing. Yes, I understand, nobody thinks "Magical Hero Squad" is a good title for a squad of magical heroes. Justice League? But that makes no sense. Yes it does have brand name recognition. But... right, adding "Dark" on the end would differentiate it but still doesn't really make sense... How about "I Dream of Zatanna"? Hello?So a group of magic people who celebrate Hallowe'en every day are thrown together and called "Justice League Dark", even though nobody in the book calls them that, and told to fight evil magic to save the world by a drugged up fortune teller. The story is quite patchy and weak, none of the characters are particularly well written except Constantine who was the one character I wanted to read more of. Deadman is kind of sleazy throughout and has the most FAB-ulous outfit, all it's missing are some sequins and he's all set for Mardi Gras. Zatanna is underwritten too, the personality given her by Paul Dini is disappointingly absent in this book."In the Dark" is an ironic title as without prior knowledge of the characters, new readers (like me) will be left "in the dark" as to what the hell is going on. Interesting characters, semi-coherent plot, decent writing and art - it should work but at best this title is very average. I think Peter Milligan/DC should've looked to adopt the approach Grant Morrison took with his "Seven Soldiers of Victory" series. Take an issue for each character, establish their backgrounds, personalities, motivations, and then send them on their way to join the others in a future issue. "Seven Soldiers" was similarly supernatural, featuring quirky, little known characters, hell it even had Zatanna, not to mention a better title than "Justice League Dark" - DC should've had this "rebooted" instead. I might check back to see where Jeff Lemire - who replaced Peter Milligan - takes the series, but there are better "New 52" titles to pick up before coming to this. Check out Snyder's "Batman", Morrison's "Action Comics", and Johns' "Aquaman" and non-Dark "Justice League" for better reads.

  • Joseph
    2019-05-09 09:05

    In this first volume of Justice League Dark, Madame Xanadu uses her powers against the Enchantress in order to assemble a diverse team of heroes from the mystical corners of the DCU. John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Shade, and Time Warp all team up to defeat Madame X's machinations and set up an uneasy alliance.Peter Milligan's script has a good number of eerie moments, from a maelstrom of teeth flying through the air slashing Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg, to various icky monsters and ghoulish manifestations of the witch inside the Enchantress. Without the art of Mikel Janin, however, none of these things would have had the power they present on the printed page. Janin's art is realistic but not without his own personal touch. I really do love his art, and the coloring is also very fit for the book.The mystical side of the DCU contains my favorite heroes of all, and I'll be glad to see them pop up here as this book progresses.3.5 stars out of five.

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-05-20 07:54

    The short of it: This is weird!For a supernatural fiction-attracted person like myself, the idea of a Justice League sub-group with members who are all gifted in the magical/supernatural arena was too awesome to resist. It has some pretty weighty DC magical members, such as John Constantine, Zatanna (one of my new favorites), Madame Xanadu, and Deadman. Add some new to me character like Shade The Changing Man and Mindwarp, and you have an interesting cast of characters. Madame Xanadu is a powerful seer who foretells the end of the world, unless this specific group of people can work together long enough to set things right. That is much more difficult than it seems, with differing agendas and levels of commitment on offer. Not to mention a very powerful, very dangerous adversary, Enchantress, who has lost her human host and is going on a rampage.Yeah, this was weird. I think the thing I liked the most was the ensemble cast. The storyline didn't really capture my interest. It was pretty gruesome and just plain kooky. Overall, made the book hard to follow. Also, some characters had stronger roles than others. I think that lacking backstory on some of the characters left a few question marks for me. I consulted the DC Comics Wikia and that definitely helped.Of course, I'm not done reading this series. It's sort of a mediocre start, but I can see some promise. Plus, I just love Zatanna and I do have a sort of thing for that rogue John Constantine.It's a three star rating for me.

  • Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay)
    2019-05-07 09:16

    Maybe I'm rating this higher than I should, but I can honestly say it's one of the better "New 52" books I've read. Mainly because it has a coherent story-line! Halle-freaking-lujah! It's pretty horrible when you're so grateful you can follow the plot that you don't necessarily care if you know any character back-story. What I know about these guys could fit in a thimble -- I was proud I recognized Deadman from the Justice League cartoon though! -- but I at least recognized almost all of their names (even if Shade and his weirdo ghostish friend, whose name I now DON'T remember were totally foreign to me).Eh, whatever at this point. I'd rather get to know them, with a story that is interesting and mostly makes sense, than know everything about them and have a dicey plot-line, characters that have been butchered in ways I can (unfortunately) list off for you, and artwork I don't even like more than half of the time. If it had been one of my first New 52 books, maybe I wouldn't have liked it as much. At this point, I'm like "Ooohhh, magic! And a plot I can understand enough to enjoy/have fun with! Shiny, me likey!" It probably doesn't help that I'm a sucker for magic/occult stories, especially with pretty, the constant diet of crap is making me soft in the head.

  • StoryTellerShannon
    2019-05-09 02:52

    The magic using superheroes are a bunch of misfits but only their group can handle magical problems. Make sense? Clear as mud.A few things aren't explained and other sections have some plot holes.That said, this is a great start to try something new rather than the usual derivative fluff.Awesome artwork or close to it. OVERALL GRADE: B to B plus (just makes 4 stars)

  • Evan Leach
    2019-05-06 06:54

    I like the concept behind this book – a team of weirdos and misfits band together to deal with the more supernatural problems plaguing the DC Universe. In this story arc, the team assembles for the first time when a witch known as the Enchantress starts raising hell. Interestingly, Peter Milligan doesn’t really dive into who the different characters are until the third issue. This has the benefit of dropping readers right into the action, but if you’re not familiar with the various principals (like me), the first third of this volume is going to be a little confusing. Once Milligan establishes who is who and what each member brings to the team, things pick up a bit and a fun, if not mind-blowing, story plays out.Two things about this collection stood out for me. The first is John Constantine: the foul-mouthed, cigarette smoking, British anti-hero that was my favorite character in the book. Constantine was the only member of the group that I had ever heard of going in, and he is consistently entertaining. The second is the artwork, which I thought was very strong. Mikel Janin and Ryan Sook manage a nice blend of psychedelic and creepy that fits the story well and really stands out at times.Overall this was a fun if slightly forgettable read. Solid story, very nice artwork, and a great character in John Constantine. 3 stars

  • Carly
    2019-05-03 03:10

    For the most part, this graphic novel was really enjoyable and I liked majority of the characters and there respective narratives. However I do feel like the storytelling wasn't that good. For me, comic stories are typically very basic and not as fleshed out. That doesn't make them bad by any means but knowing magic was incorporated into the story I thought this was be different. Magic systems are complex and so I expected it to be a little more fleshed out and this story just wasn't. It was mediocre and at times, confusing. Not to mention as this is apart of DC's reboot/new 52, there should be more context to each characters respective narrative. In some cases it felt like the writer was just picking up where the previous I had zero history on Shade's relationship with Kathy, or Deadman and Dove. I will definitely give the next volume a go as I see potential in it.

  • Nessie McInness
    2019-05-21 01:13

    wonderwoman, cyborg and superman in a cloud of rotten teeth. that's all I have to say.

  • Devann
    2019-04-24 08:59

    Really the only reason I rated this 3 stars instead of 4 is because it's very much an introduction / assembling the team volume and while that's all good and fun it's also not really that compelling. But it's definitely necessary, especially for people like me who have little to no knowledge of most of these characters. They all seem like grade A human disasters though so I'm anticipating this series being a lot of fun. Also Madame Xanadu had the most ridiculous boob window in her dress and I'm so glad she changed in the last issue. I was pretending she held them in place with magic but even I can only suspend my disbelief for so long in the matter of male comic book artists having no idea how boobs work.

  • Mike
    2019-04-21 07:05

    Whoops, wrong review... Please Stand By.Good new origin story. Might be going for the big gun villain rather early, but not many beyond Darkseid could have kept Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern on the ropes at the same time. There is a brief postlude (???) introducing threads eventually woven into the Justice League: Trinity War storyline, but that won't come along until issues #22–23 of Justice League.

  • Cale
    2019-05-12 05:07

    Seriously, this is what you killed Hellblazer for? So John Constantine can stand and act grouchy with a couple of other magic-based characters? Look, I've read Zatanna's series; I ready the first dozen issues of Madame Xanadu (back when she was Vertigo too); And I remember Enchantress from Shadowpact (which was an amazing use of magic characters in the DC Universe). I've never read Shade: The Changing Man, but I'm vaguely familiar with him. And the Deadman/Dove storyline from Brightest Day was relatively done for a comic book love story. And this book just stamps all over all of those histories. Yes I know it's the new 52, so all of it's been rebooted. But that doesn't excuse replacing it with something this much worse. The story deals with the ramifications of Enchantress and her host June Moone being separated. But all it really seems to do is have lots of growling banter and arguments, and seriously seems to depower some of DC's most magic characters. For all that these are the mystical leads of the DC, they're really not likeable, or even that magical. There's a reason I stopped reading DC when the new 52 came out - I liked much of the convoluted and illogical history. There's a possibility I would get sucked back into them if I knew the right ones to read. But since this was one that seemed targeted at my interests and it managed to go so far awry, it makes me that much more leery of trying anything else.

  • Kris43
    2019-04-25 05:07

    This has some redeeming quality's-It is very pretty -It has some awesome Vertigo characters in it....Then again, this has a lot more horrible quality's to it.-It focuses on grandiose displays of how magic in dangerous, so you have a lot of bizarre disasters but not much substance to it.-These awesome characters are not so awesome here. Madame Xandu spends her time doped up on massive amounts of drugs and it is repeatedly said she suffers unimaginable visions without drugs. So one day she separates the good half of Enchantress who then becomes unstable and starts destroying everything... John Constantine spends most of his time on his behind on the ground, because somebody is always hitting him...I really liked him in his own series, here he doubles as a free boxing bag.Shade has this really funny suit. Its like a trench coat, only in all colors of the rainbow with leopard spots. Very manly, that coat. LOL! And his powers manifests so he emits these sparkly leopard spots that glow....Did I mention he also talks to his suit? It helps him by conjuring his ex-girlfriend over and over again.... And then there is this Mindwarp dude who spends his time wandering in some mental parallel world being all tough and having lots of angsty thoughts. All these characters are just thrown together, with no introduction, character development and motives are at minimum, instead you get yet another huge magical disaster...I recommend this for your 10 year old kid.

  • Nicola Mansfield
    2019-04-28 02:54

    So here I am coming into this one totally blind. I haven't a clue who any of these (superheroes?) are, nor am I sure I want paranormal superheroes in the first place. But since I'm reading JL, I figured I'd give it a try at least and OMG! I absolutely loved it! These guys are fantastic. Why have I never heard of them? K, I love Deadman the best, just totally awesome and I couldn't believe when his girlfriend was Dove! What was she doing here? I'm not sure about Xanadu; she seems a bit cagey and might not be on the up and up. John Constantine, wow! and Shade are cool characters. Zatanna is OK and we didn't really get to know Mindwarp much yet. Andrew Bennett doesn't show up till the end. The story was just great, page-turner, freaky, just a little gruesome. Yeah, I really like these guys. The art on the other hand didn't wow me, just OK. Can not wait to read Vol. 2! Plus I have to figure out if/which of these guys has their own series!

  • Hakim
    2019-04-26 03:03

    As a fan of Hellblazer, I was curious as to the treatment John Constantine was given by DC Comics after the last reboot. Sadly, this book was kind of a mess.Several mystic DC characters are "teamed up" in Justice League Dark; Xanadu, Zatanna, Shade the Changing Man, Deadman, Mindwarp and Constantine. Looks good on paper, but the story was very disjointed and confusing. More importantly, the lack of character background (I am not familiar with Mindwarp and Shade) was the true turn-off, for me. As for Constantine... I need to read the second trade paperback to form a definite opinion, but so far so good.

  • Omar Alhashimi
    2019-05-15 08:59

    So, the only reason I got into this series was that the second and third volumes were written by Jeff Lemire. So hopefully those volumes do the series justice since this one certainly didn't. The concept is obviously great, do have a dark team. But unfortunately it was done in a very messy way, especially since I don't know anything about these characters. I wish it was taken more slowly and carefully showed each character and what they had to offer, then introduce the threat. This was just all over the place, introducing characters half way through the book while stuff is happening everywhere else. All in all, a mess. Hopefully Lemire redeems it with the later volumes.

  • Jean
    2019-04-20 06:00

    I really want to like JLD. It's got Zatanna, one of my favorite DC characters, and a rather watered-down version of John Constantine; it's got a team of magic users; the potential for plenty of actual dark storylines. Sadly, this isn't it. An entertaining but not particularly meaty read, goes to quick and with too little story, with the characters I know almost alarmingly out of character. I've heard it got better after Milligin left; I'm really hoping this is true and look forward to the second volume! Saying all that, Deadman is fantastic.

  • Gökberk Kaya
    2019-04-25 07:55

    The story is great but it gets boring and sometimes it confuses you.I didnt liked the drawings but its meh

  • Kyle Warner
    2019-05-10 07:46

    As a fan of Hellblazer, I figured I'd check out Constantine's other comic book ventures in the Justice League Dark series. And um, after this Volume, I do believe I'll just go back to the Hellblazer books. This is a poorly written, difficult to follow, and sometimes goofy to look at comic book. It's a New 52 comic, so it's starting over (kinda?), but it doesn't give much to readers who are checking out these characters for the first time. I know John Constantine. I know something about Zatanna and Enchantress. The rest is new to me and the comic doesn't make it easy to get to know them. Ignoring that, the writing bugged me because of how it had to tell you via dialogue what was happening in the imagery, like it didn't trust you to follow along without it being described to you ("Superman, you're being cut to ribbons!" Wonder Woman shouts on a panel which displays Superman being cut to ribbons).The idea of a magical threat that's too strange for the usual heroes and requires some darker heroes is a nice concept and one that I'd be happy to visit again sometime. But this particular volume disappointed big time.

  • Julian
    2019-04-29 06:08

    ***Advance copy review***If the point of the New 52 is to be accessible to new readers this book isn't terribly successful. I was able to suss out who had what magical powers but the narrative itself was fragmented and sloppy. I think a major culprit was the reliance of the book on magic. I can enjoy and accept stories that involve this sort of thing, superhero books in general have fantastic elements, but in Justice League Dark magic seemed to be used as filler for plot development. Major occurrences are explained by one person having “crazier magic” than someone else and after 60 pages of one character being more magical than the other the book became rather monotonous. The only thing that makes Enchantress the major cause of conflict (I almost called her “the villain” because she could be any number of crazy evil people and it wouldn't really make a difference) is the fact that she's insane and better at magic (I guess?) than the other characters. For the first three issues we're beaten over the head with how crazy and powerful she is:“My God, that smell. It''s insane.”-Superman“My God. It's suddenly freezing. This is totally insane.”-Dove“Look at me. The M-Vest is going insane.”-ShadeWe get it, there's no need to spell this out every 10 pages with slight variation.It would probably be fun to read Justice League Dark without thinking about what's really happening but once you start to think everything begins to make less and less sense. Deadman develops a major crush on Enchantress' “good half” named June Moon (which has been split from her evil, insane, half) and tries to use June's possessed body for lesbian sex with his unwilling girlfriend. There's plenty of exposition about how Deadman is different than other people (after all he's a ghost, I still don't know why he isn't called “Ghostman”) but why the hell is he still so horny? Ghosts need sex too?! Then Shade, who owns a teleportation coat, transports Deadman to his location but in the process leaves behind Deadman's new girlfriend. He is understandably annoyed by this, but wait! Six pages later Deadman appears back at June's location to confront Constantine who is the only person he can't possess because Constantine's mind is too dirty! What?! Why go to the trouble of being annoyed once you've been teleported if you can just go right back? All of these things come off as inconsistent and reek of bad storytelling. Little things like Shade's obsessive re-creation of his ex-girlfriend are interesting but, as a whole, I didn't find the characters very likeable, dynamic or fun to read about (unlike the highly entertaining dysfunctional team in Doom Patrol ). Maybe the fact is that all of these characters are too inhuman because their faults are exaggerated so much. The team is made up of a ghost asshole, magician asshole, drugged up fortune telling manipulator (ie. also an asshole), a crazy guy with a magic coat and a seemingly normal lady-magician. The problem is that the mostly normal character, Zatanna, isn't used as a way to view, observe or empathize with the other characters. The nuances of the individuals are lost and I don't know if these characters can stand on their own when they're streamlined into a team book. I hear that Jeff Lemire (Animal Man and Sweet Tooth) is now writing this title and if anyone can iron all of these things out it'd be him.

  • James Dunphy
    2019-05-07 06:52

    Justice League Dark is the third JL team in DC's New 52 reboot behind the regular JLA and the returning JLI. This shadow group of DC's most powerful team is comprised of various dark, gothish members of the DCU. Think occult heroes likes Shade, Deadman, John Constantine, Mindwarp, Zatanna, and Madame Xanadu.In this first volume they are seen teaming up to fight against the Enchantress who has split from her host persona and it seem going insane. The first six issues follow these heroes as they try to stop the Enchantress from tearing the fabric of the DCU apart. Enchantress is a dark, cerebral magic user who creates nightmarish landscapes that provide surreal backdrops for the dark skewed art to really shine in this introductory arc.What I really enjoyed about all of this is actually the story and where it is all placed withing the New 52 reboot, as well as the references to the universe it makes within. The JLD are supposed to be experienced with types of magic and arcana that the regular JLA couldn't handle. Batman is featured as a liaison (much like he is in the Justice League International opening arc – more placement for Batman I guess) between the two groups, because obviously Batman is all dark and spooky and knows about magic. Madame Xanadu was also a member of the ancient Demon Knight's group, so her connections to the demon Etrigan are also mentioned. Deadman's relationship with Dove of the duo Hawk & Dove is also very prominently featured in a few issues. This series gave Dove 100x more character development and feeling than all 8 issues of her own New 52 reboot series did (blame Rob Liefield for that one). It also a one point connects all of the DC dark subsection of their universe including Animal Man, Resurrection Man, and the S.H.A.D.E agency. The cliffhanger to the collection looks like it will feature a crossover with the I, Vampire series soon which motivates me to read volume 2.I'll be honest I'm a little biased towards the dark occult section of DC's New 52. I've enjoyed Animal Man and S.H.A.D.E probably more than just standard B-level comic titles. I enjoy that type of comic art and the stories have been interesting and solid. JLD has two of my favorite women in comics ever as a fanboy – Zatanna, and Madame Xanadu – so there's another point of biased. That said, I liked the team just as much as the main JLA. This team is way better than the International version, and better than most of the other teams the DCU has to offer including the Teen Titans. The story is simple but has plenty of nods to the comic super fan, and the art fits the title and looks great. One of the better stories in the New 52 I've encountered thus far. Easy 4 out of 5. I hope DC didn't (or doesn't) cancel this title.

  • MC
    2019-05-18 03:59

    I have to say that one of my favorite female comics characters is the Magician and Sorceress Zatanna Zatara. She is a unique concept for a character as she is a stage magician who can do actual magic and fights supernatural threats as a member of the Justice League. Really neat. Her whole schtick is that she casts spells by saying the words backwards, and, so long as there is not some situational constraint placed on her by the laws of magic, the limit to her power is pretty high. She is arguably even more powerful than Superman or any other character except for perhaps Dr. Fate. I don't know, or care, much for the rest of the characters in Justice League Dark: Volume One except for Deadman. But to buy and read it for Zatanna is a good enough reason. Because of this, I have some complaints about this volume. Well, mainly three beefs with it. The first problem I had was that, even though Zatanna's original outfit was a case of what is called “fanservice” with the legs and all, it is a traditional female magician's costume. Other than the legs visible, it really isn't that out there. After the DC universe was rebooted with the “New 52”, her current outfit is basically stripperific. This ties into my second problem, which was that in order to make her more believable as part of a team, the writers kept coming up with some really strange reasons why her powers would conk out in the middle of a crisis. In other words, the capable, uber-powerful, beautiful, smart, sassy, heroic sorceress I knew so well has been reduced to a weaker character (due to constantly contrived circumstances) who is drawn for constant supposed “sex appeal” to get attention from male comics readers. That said, there is some indication in the graphic novel that she is not as she seems, and from what I've heard of the more recent issues set afterwards, she begins to move away from the current garbage, back towards that wonderful character I knew for so long. All of these criticisms aside of how they mishandled one of my favorite characters, the story was interesting, and has a unique premise. What if you have a bunch of characters, all of whom – with the exception of Zatanna, Shade, Madame Xanadu, and Deadman, (even Deadman can be a bit of a prick at timers) – are all jerks who have to work together because (according to Madame Xanadu, who took drastic action to unite them all), the world will literally end if they do not. The rest of the Justice League just can not handle the threats that these sorcerers can. Really an intriguing idea, and we shall see where it goes from here. Recommended.

  • Christopher Rush
    2019-04-28 05:14

    I solemnly promise I am not reading these hoping they will be bad. I'm not looking for a frustrating time. Nor can you really say I'm not giving these a fair shake: reading over a dozen New 52 volumes is quite generous, considering how unimpressive they are. Take this pail of hogwash, for example. Admittedly, beginning with a nominalization is poor writing, but there is no story here. Truly no story. Instead, we have a jumbled mess of pseudo-introduction stories masquerading as a typical "gathering of heroes for a new team" story - but get this! It's "dark"! Apparently that makes it new and fresh, or at least it did in the minds of the people who gave this project the proverbial green light. Perhaps "dark" is New 52 talk for "draw lots of grotesque things and the people won't know nothing meaningful is happening." Even X-Files had generally good narrative reasons for its grotesqueries. This palaver has nothing substantial to tie its nonsense together. Panels happen in whirly-gig order, as if we are supposed to have some intuitive guide to discerning how this is supposed to be read. Oh, and apparently we are already supposed to know who these characters are, since we are never told who they are, even the ones who are possibly new, except Deadman. We are told his origin every issue. This jumbled mess has some potentially interesting ideas, but none of them come to fruition and we are not given any reason to hope they will mature in future issues. Characters all basically look alike (which is not impressive), and most of the poses and outfits of the ladies are apparently designed to evoke ungentlemanly responses within the male readership. Characters show up, leave, wide gaping holes of what poses as a story rip through and no one bothers to explain why (not that we need moment-by-moment spoonfeeding, but an absence of meaningful continuity is not tantamount to "quality storytelling"). Horrible things happen throughout these pages (children murdering one another, towns caving into madness), but none of these "heroes" care. Then we are to believe it was all a test to get this ragtag group of jerkweeds together. It's impossible to empathize with any of these characters until John Constantine says he wants no part of this. If this is the best this series has to offer, it's hard to disagree.

  • Kevin
    2019-04-20 07:46

    The Justice League has been defeated. A powerful enchantress is destroying the earth. Now earth's mightiest mystic heroes must team up to stop it. How do you screw up such an awesome concept? Well... The characterization of our heroes is all over the place. I am most familiar with John Constantine and Zatana, but neither is presented in a way that makes them interesting nor compelling. Constantine should have been more wise cracking and less caring. Zatana is supposed to be fun and charming not an annoying terrified vixen. As for the others, Deadman gets the most development in these issues. He seems like kind of a hard-luck jerk, but I could give him a chance... His girlfriend, the superhero Dove, also gets a lot of development especially since she's not part of the team (though I had no idea she was Dove until issue 4...). Changing man seems interesting, if only we got more time with him. Madame Xanadu spends her time whining about the terrible future and how she shouldn't use drugs... And Mindwarp (apparently a brand new character) runs around in his astral form(?) doing... stuff? I dunno. Also, we get a bunch of random spells, terrifying magical events, a weird nursery rhyme and a bunch of crazy blond chicks... instead of a plot with a clear motive and villain. I just read the ending and still don't know why any of it happened or how Constantine stopped it (Or why I should care or WTF happened to the Justice League who disappear ofter issue one).The problem is that the writer spends all his time giving us random magical craziness while our team just wanders around bickers whenever in close contact. There are some amusing moments mostly between Deadman and anyone else, but the others are really blah. The art on the other hand is gorgeous. Mikel Janin provides a feast for the eyes making all the spells appropriately creepy and the characters visually dynamic. Its kind of a shame he has to illustrate such crap. I plan to continue reading because Jeff Lemire takes over in issue 9 and I have faith he can turn this around. These first six issues may as well be an artbook though.

  • Kyle
    2019-05-08 05:56

    I've never been drawn to the magical characters in the DC Universe. Other than "Day of Vengeance", the odd "Shadowpact" mention, and their role in the Infinite Crisis, I haven't really followed the storylines behind the magical characters. So I think Justice League Dark acts as a good jumping-on point for people like me who are aware that these characters exist and have played a role in the DCU, but really only know the characters by name.In fact, this first volume of Justice League Dark intrigued me.... I see potential in this group of characters and I think their plight is going to somehow relate to the larger post-Flashpoint story-arc. I like Zatanna, Deadman, and Constantine, who are clearly the core of this alliance, and I can cope with Xanadu and Shade.The artwork in this volume is slightly above average, with it's dark colouring and airbrush and blending techniques lending to the mystical tone of each issue. The characters have never looked better, with the exception of Zatanna, who gets an update, but looks rather generic in her new dominatrix costume. The script is good too, with quippy dialogue and a few good expository scenes.The problem with this first collection is in the plotting; there are some holes.... *SPOILERS* Like, what happened to Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg? The last we saw of them, they were encased in a ball of teeth. What about Batman? Did he ever get out of Zatanna's spell? And in the end, we don't get a clear picture of how the heroes win... Mindwarp does "something" while Constantine utters a poem. Big whoop!In conclusion, I'll stick with this series. I'm doubtful that it will build to anything incredible; but, I think it will form part of the backbone for the New 52 universe. There is A LOT of backstory left untold in this first volume so there should be ample material for writers to explore in upcoming issues. I'm interested to see how these cards fall.3.5/5

  • Michael Church
    2019-05-15 03:51

    Given the cast of this series, I knew I'd be intrigued by it to say the least. Deadman and Zatanna are enough to pull me in given my previous experience, but as it turned out, Constantine was the real shining star of the book. As with all of The Dark books that I've read so far, there's a big focus on mystery and darker themes, and there's a lot of potential for great character development and conflicts. The first few issues really got the ball rolling and introduced the characters effectively. While I like the way the characters and conflicts are written, there were some plot holes at the end. I'm still not sure what happened to Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg after they went up against Enchantress. I'm also not sure when this fits into the overall timeline of the New 52, as Zatanna is depicted as a member of the Justice League already. They don't explain what happens to Dove, either. The worst offense, though, is that there is no actual resolution after the first conflict. They discover who was truly at fault, and really nothing is done except for what feels like a wag of the finger. "You could've killed everyone! Naughty! Don't do it again, kbai." That being said, I really am interested in this darker side of the DCnU. I like these characters and already know they will be interacting with some of my other favorite books: Animal Man, I Vampire, and Swamp Thing. The overall plot seems like it will play out into something great, even if there are some giant gaps in the resolutions. I'm hoping they will all be resolved in future issues. I had fun with the book and can't wait to read more. Just hope the writing tightens up and the art stays just as phenomenal.

  • Nancy Meservier
    2019-05-13 00:52

    Justice League Dark is a comic book series that draws upon the mystical side of the DC Universe. After receiving horrifying visions of the future, Madame Xanadu must draw together some rather unheroic individuals to prevent it all from coming true: John Constantine, Zatanna, Shade, Deadman, and Mindwarp. The results (at least in this volume, In the Dark) are decidedly mixed, but I felt there were enough positive elements to make it worth my time. I was happy that I read it, but I was also happy I chose to take it out from the library instead of paying for the individual issues.I think what I liked the most about In the Dark were the characters. These are far from paragons of virtue, so even though you may not always like them, there is something fascinating about them nevertheless. My favorite of the bunch would be Madame Xanadu, but in all honesty she's why I picked up the series in the first place, having loved the Madame Xanadu series put out by Vertigo. The plot, where Enchantress has gone mad and creating chaos, isn't exactly bad, but the writer lacks the skill here to both deliver character moments, and tell a compelling story. As a result, In the Dark feels scattered and unfocused.Combined with the worthwhile cast, what I feel ends up saving In the Dark is the focus on the supernatural. I really enjoy magic based stories, so the magical bits of Justice League Dark really pulled me in and have me emotionally invested in what's going to happen next. I will be reading the next volume, The Books of Magic.

  • Scott Allen
    2019-04-20 08:10

    When DC announced the whole New 52 reboot of their entire comic line, I rejected it 100%. I was at a point in my comic book reading where I was really tired of all the manipulation of customers--new series starting every months, meaningless reboots, #1 issues just to get a boost in sales. So, I dropped all of the DC comic books on my pull-list. And then pretty quickly after that I stopped buying comic books altogether (but that was more for financial reasons).But I decided to check out some of these new 52 titles by getting the trade paper backs from the public library.I have to say that this first volume was not my favorite. Most of the characters I really didn't care about at all. I mean I know Zatana, Madam Xanadu, and Constantine, but I really couldn't care less for Shade or Deadman. I was hoping that I would like this series because Constantine is in it and he is one of my favorite characters, but he doesn't quite have his edge like he did in his Vertigo comic.I know that first story arcs can be a bit boring. Especially when they are doing the tired, overused, pull the team together plot.The artwork was not my style either. It looked very photo referenced. Like the artist was looking at photos of celebrities and basing characters off of those photos. There were a lot of facial expressions that just didn't look natural.I might try the second volume, but if this doesn't pick up and get better than I will stop reading Justice League Dark.