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With inimitable wit and insight, this encouraging tome humorously leaps into what makes women happy and what women can do to lead more rounded and balanced lives. Women can learn how to tackle anxiety, envy, guilt, and other sources of female stress, while giving in to indulgences and desires like sex, food, friends, family, shopping, and chocolate. Chapters contain sassyWith inimitable wit and insight, this encouraging tome humorously leaps into what makes women happy and what women can do to lead more rounded and balanced lives. Women can learn how to tackle anxiety, envy, guilt, and other sources of female stress, while giving in to indulgences and desires like sex, food, friends, family, shopping, and chocolate. Chapters contain sassy morals, illustrative and sympathetic stories, and a lot of frank advice to show women how to stop obssessing and feeling bad about themselves. Later chapters confront the four horses of a woman's apocalypse: despair, depression, isolation, and self-doubt. ...

Title : What Makes Women Happy
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ISBN : 9781556526817
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What Makes Women Happy Reviews

  • Katya
    2019-02-21 02:22

    Today, on my way to the library, I saw a dog take a shit. Not a big deal in of itself, but it happened in the middle of the city centre, on a pretty old street, right against a jeweller store. People sniggered and looked away while the dog's owner berated him for doing this. But hey, a dog's a dog, to it a corner is just as good as any other.Why am I telling you this? Because according to Fay Weldon, women would be much happier if we were more like that dog - let nature take its course and stop being so neurotic about our surrounding.Some lessons I learned from this book:- If you want to work against biology, start taking hormones and sign up for a sex change operation.- When you tell people what's on your mind, you're not being honest, you're being a downer.- Female orgasms have no biological function. Learning to fake it is the best thing you will learn.- If your partner cheats on you, it's because they're sexually unsatisfied. Be glad they come back to you. If you're unhappy with your sex life, cheat! Just hope that when it comes out, it won't matter to anyone anymore.-If a child is essential to your happiness, but you can't get it from your husband, get it from someone else! Nobody has to know, and it's a lot better than subjecting yourself to the humiliation of fertility treatments!So yeah, you can imagine I didn't really like this book. Weldon often says that the purpose of the book isn't fairness, but attaining female happiness. Nature isn't fair, she says, and proceeds to tell us that if we can't beat them, then we should just be content with what we have.See, this is the problem when people address criticism to feminist movement: A lot of its main representatives are priviledged white, straight, uppder-middle class women. The advice in this book would be good if you fell into that category, but if not - tough shit, kiddo, but that's the law of the jungle! "What Makes Women Happy" is the manifesto of the dissatisfied housewife of our days, the one who has no bigger problems than not getting an orgasm. What happens if you're black? Asian? Lesbian? Transgender? If you claim that women and men are different and this justifies sexism, the argument can easily be applied to racism, ableism and homophobia as well. Okay, so what happens if I decide that I want to be paid for the work I do? I contribute to the economy, it's only fair that I be paid in proportion to my contribution. What happens if I decide that I would rather my partner didn't cheat on me because I don't want to be saddled with some nasty STD without my knowledge? What happens if my blind date, which I set up to cheat on my husband, really does turn up to be a serial murderer? I should have known better, I imagine.The really sad part is that there are good ideas here. I like her main mantra: "Be good and you'll be happy; be happy and you'll be good," and she does make a good point about being less self-centred. But there are things that are worth being neurotic about. For example:- Voting rights.- Birth control.- The right not to be raped.- The right to not be infected with an STD.- Wearing what you damn want. Just a sampler.

  • MCOH
    2019-02-28 02:12

    Reading this book was such a strange experience. The author's basic premise - "Be good and you'll be happy; be happy and you'll be good" - seems like a generally sound idea. And in some of the particulars, I agree with her - don't be a self-absorbed twit, don't be nasty or a bully, go see some good art, listen to good music, go to church, help an abandoned child. But other pieces of advice left me scratching my head: If you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend, don't beat yourself up about it. If you and your husband are struggling to conceive, try having a clandestine one night stand with a random, healthy, virile, young man, preferably one who looks a little like your husband. This is preferable to exposing your husband to the humiliation of fertility treatment. (????) Or it's fine to have a casual affair if you're husband's health problems are leaving you dissatisfied in that arena. The author recognizes that one cause of women's unhappiness is the unfaithfulness of their husbands/boyfriends. So her cavalier advice about justifiable adultery for women under certain circumstances seems like a really bizarre and disturbing double standard.Her overall message seems to be this: our behavior and emotions are influenced by a complicated mix of evolution, genes, hormones, environment, conflicting desires, guilt, society, our upbringing, our conscience, etc. And there's rarely one clear path that leads to unsullied happiness. Turn down the chocolate, and we resent foregoing the pleasure. Eat the chocolate, and we feel guilt over our expanding waistline. We have to accept that there are trade-offs to every choice, and just learn to live with that. Although I was horrified by a lot of her advice, I will admit that I kind of enjoyed her writing style, especially when she wove her brief little character sketches and stories throughout the book. I understand she's mostly a novelist. I might pick up one of her works of fiction someday, and see if I like it any better. Maybe I'd give this book a 1 and a 1/2, if that were an option.

  • Jules
    2019-03-18 04:29

    I came across this book almost completely by accident as it was contained ‘for free’ within the cellophane packet of a British mass-market female magazine at the airport. I like the writing of Fay Weldon and considered it a bonus book that I might have read on holiday – I actually believed it to be one of her works of fiction (as she is rather prolific) but the genre of the book was something new and refreshing. I did read this book while on holiday and it did change my thought processes a little.The tone of the book is quite feminist but not in a militant or oppressive way. Within the book, Weldon acknowledges and celebrates female differences as well as identifying how much society attempts to harshly influence and change aspects of our everyday life. It would be wrong to label the book as ‘self-help’ but Weldon’s many down-to-earth anecdotes and fictionalized situations do well in offering the reader a range of moral choices and new ways of thinking about unfamiliar and old-hat situations. It would be true to say that Weldon addresses the question of ‘what makes women happy’ within her work but she also answers the ‘what makes women unhappy’ part also often by looking though glasses half-full or half-empty scenarios.In short, Weldon does not instruct BUT recommends her readers to be happy, make choices, eat chocolate and live life without regret. She offers candid and uncommon advice and via this book of anecdotal evidence on the state of womanhood across continents (ever a volatile and potentially unhappy one) I have been reminded about her writing proficiency, strength of character and gentle state of female genius-ness. I think this book will mainly appeal to woman rather than male readers and will be a good read for those whose contemplate life in a philosophical and hearty way – there is less appeal, I feel, for an under-thirty readership I would say as a certain amount of knockbacks and life-experience will guide your reading. I’ll offer it four stars as a generally good genuine read. Maybe you will laugh and nod your head in agreement as you read through the pages – like I did.A book to enjoy and appreciate and happily junk/jargon-free!

  • Laura Lynch
    2019-03-09 04:34

    I was expected “What Makes Women Happy” to be similar to other positive thinking books with the usual advice about positive thoughts and living in the moment. Fay took a different approach and looked at the circumstances and things that make women un-happy with short stories to emphasis her points. I suppose the intent was humorous but I found it rather negative. The prevailing theme that Fay incorporated in her analysis and antidotes was “Be good and you’ll be happy. Be happy and you’ll be good”.

  • Cynthia Crocker
    2019-03-10 02:33

    This author truly understands what it is like to be a woman and that it is OK that we are different. Hilarious and true and a breath of fresh air. Definate Must Read! You can thank me later!

  • Weston High School Library
    2019-03-18 04:17

    I feel badly that I have abandoned one of my favorite writers while she has been doggedly writing bookafter book. The main message is be nice to people and there is not one insipid moment in the book.

  • Petra Sýkorová
    2019-03-13 03:35

    Fay Weldon se měla narodit na Novém Zélandu, místo toho se ovšem narodila roku 1931 v Anglii. Když byla 5 týdnů stará, vrátila se s matkou na Nový Zéland. Její otec byl doktor a její matka spisovatelka, rozvedli se, když jí bylo pět let. Bydlela se svou sestrou, matkou a babičkou do doby, než šla na vysokou školu. Do té chvíle žila v přesvědčení, že svět dělají ženy. Vrátila se s matkou do Anglie a studovala ekonomii s psychologií na University of St. Andrews ve Skotsku.Byla dvakrát vdaná, má čtyři syny a ve třiceti si prošla jakousi "krizí". Tehdy se rozhodla, že začne psát knihy o ženách, pro ženy. První román byl publikován v roce 1967. Od té doby napsala přes padesát her pro rozhlas (například i velice oblíbnou Pýchu a předsudek), více jak dvacet novel či kratších příběhů a v roce 1994 se rozvedla, aby se po čase znovu vdala. Tentokrát za básníka Nicka Foxe.Už jste si někdy lámaly hlavu nad tím, v čem tkví to správné štěstí? Jak jej vůbec dosáhnout? Proč nebýváme spokojené se svým životem a toužíme po změně? Proč někdy chceme to, co nemůžeme mít? A jak se dostat z prekérních situací, které se nám v životě přihodí? A je jedno, jestli se týká o rodinné, milostné či pracovní vztahy. Jestli ano, pak je tahle kniha právě pro vás.Autorka se s důvtipem sobě vlastním dívá na obyčejné překážky života jako je nespokojenost s opačným pohlavím, jak vlastně ženy vnímají muže, co máme společného a co ne, co s pocitem viny, žárlivostí, nemocemi, výchovou dětí, partnerským soužitím a jak se na svět dívat vesele, i když vám do smíchu třeba není. A nezapomínejte, že vždycky všechno zachární čokoláda!Knihu jsem v originále nečetla, ale předpokládám, že se v překladu ničím výrazně neliší. Stále si zachovala svižnost, reálnost, uvěřitelnost a jakýsi spád. Ve chvíli, kdy jsem se dostala k pasáži o sexu, jsem se musela přece jen pousmát tomu procentuálnímu přehledu o tom, jak to vlastně ženy mají s orgasmem.Když jsem knihu začínala číst, tak trochu jsem nevěděla, co přesně očekávat, protože šlo o první knihu, kterou jsem od této autorky měla v rukou. Bylo mi jasné, že to nejspíš bude nějaký ten filozofický pohled na ženský život, ale netušila jsem, že se při čtení budu tak bavit. Došlo mi totiž, že nejsem sama.Každá ženská má v něčem pochybnosti a s něčím zkušenosti a je hezké vědět, že opravdu není jediná, komu se to děje. Líbilo se mi zjištění, že lidé, kteří se řídí instinkty, jsou spontánní a roztomilí. Navíc mi došlo, že jsem jasná endomorfka. Kniha možná není přelomová, ani vám neodpoví na všechny otázky života (ani smrti), ale přesto jsou v ní obsaženy zajímavé a častokrát pravdivé myšlenky. Autorka si na nic nehraje, ani se čtenářům nesnaží vtloukat moudra do hlavy. A to mi bylo sympatické.Podobných knih od ženy, o ženách a pro ženy, je hodně. I mně se už několik takových dostalo do rukou a i když jsem si vybírala spíše takové, u kterých jsem se bavila, někdy jsem samozřejmě narazila i na ty horší. Po čem ženy touží patří ovšem mezi ty lepší a vtipnější kousky. Autorka ví, o čem mluví a vy se při čtení přistihnete, že s ní v mnoha názorech souhlasíte.Negativum knihy se začíná projevovat ve chvíli, kdy dojde na ukázky ze života v podobě krátkých a srozumitelných příběhů. Většina z nich na mě totiž působila spíše depresivně. Ale tak už to tak v životě chodí. Kdykoliv dojde na nějakou vážnou otázku či problém, není rozhodování žádné peříčko. Určitě bych se obešla i bez poslední části knihy, která je věnovaná spíše duši a smyslu života. I když se to dá pochopit, protože si podle svých slov autorka dvakrát prošla klinickou smrtí. A to se přece jen na člověku nějak podepíše. Proto dávám knize 4 hvězdičky.--------------Reakce po dočtení--------------Nebýt těch místy zdlouhavých příběhů ze života a podivnému konci s cestami do duše a jak to vypadá na druhé straně (i když to chápu, jelikož autorka podle svých slov dvakrát prošla klinickou smrtí), možná bych knize dala i plný počet. Je to přesně ten typ knihy, který by si měla přečíst každá ženská. Není možná přelomový, ani vám neodpoví na všechny otázky života (ani smrti), ale přesto jsou v ní obsaženy zajímavé a častokrát pravdivé myšlenky. Autorka si na nic nehraje, ani se čtenářům nesnaží vtloukat moudra do hlavy. Bavila jsem se a hlavně mi došlo, že nejsem sama... každá ženská má v něčem pochybnosti a s něčím zkušenosti a je hezké vědět, že opravdu není jediná, komu se to děje. Milá a zábavná kniha ze života od ženy pro ženy.

  • Emma
    2019-02-28 21:25

    I did not identify with this book whatsoever. While some of the passages gave me a wry smile, the overall tone of the book just stands at odds with my beliefs. I struggled to get to the final page.

  • Ellen Keim
    2019-03-13 01:39

    There wasn't much to this book which makes it a quick read. That's a good thing considering that it basically doesn't make a lot of sense. The description makes it sound much more coherent and serious than it is, although, to be honest, I had a hard time figuring out just how much was tongue-in-cheek and how much was legitimate advice. For instance, did the author really advocate that you seek out a lover to impregnate you if you can't get pregnant by your husband and then let your husband unwittingly raise the child as his own??I do enjoy Weldon's writing, especially the short passages which were more like vignettes from various women's lives. But her talent is wasted on this mostly frivolous mish-mash of observations and so-called advice.

  • Rachel Swords
    2019-03-22 23:25

    So according to this book, all that I, as a woman, need to be happy is sex, shopping, and chocolate. Wow. How stereotypical is that. Nothing I couldn't have learned from a bad tv sitcom. Good job, Fay Weldon! (Note: I am also NOT a feminist, so I really did not like the pro-feminist angle this book had)

  • Wilde Sky
    2019-03-17 01:29

    The basic premise of the book is good and would have made an extremely good essay / magazine piece - but it feels like it has been over extended (lots of sections that feel like superfluous) to make a book.

  • PM
    2019-03-11 21:20

    A complete joke. Weldon, a successful novelist, advises that all it takes for women to be happy is chocolate, shopping, and good sex (though she's not above suggesting that we fake it for "our man)." Sure, let's all go back to the repressed 1950s. What a waste of paper, not to mention my time.

  • Reetta Saine
    2019-02-26 20:35

    Tämä Weldon ei ole iskenyt yleisöön, mutta vanha gradukirjailija sykähdyttää edelleen. Luonto vs. kulttuuri -dilemma aukeaa vanhemman naisen silmin eri tavalla kuin nuorena, mutta hyperbola, luettelot ja sarkasmi pistelevät edelleen vanhaan malliin.

  • Anny
    2019-02-25 22:36

    I was reading it in estonian languageTitle is: Mis teeb naised õnnelikuks?Some good thoughts and good stories, but author is very estimating and doesn't look very happy herself. Belittle other thoughts. I didn't get answer What makes women happy?

  • Dr. Kat
    2019-03-03 23:13

    felt like a chicken soup type of book.. lotsa stories.

  • Kuka
    2019-03-08 20:19