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Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps return in their own series, battling against injustice in the most bloody ways imaginable.Collecting: Red Lanterns 1-7...

Title : Red Lanterns, Volume 1: Blood and Rage
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ISBN : 9781401234911
Format Type : Paperback
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Red Lanterns, Volume 1: Blood and Rage Reviews

  • Anne
    2019-04-28 19:11

    I'd had Blood and Rage sitting in my house for a while before I finally decided to pick it up.Honestly, I thought it was going to be less than interesting. Who cares about the Red Lanterns, anyway? Not me.Sure, they make good side characters, but they've lost their ability to reason, so it's not like they are going to be having lengthy discussions on the meaning of life.Well.I was wrong. In fact, it turns out that Atrocitus is actually contemplating the meaning of his life...On top of that there's an angry young man on earth who just got his very own red ring. And it seems like he just may be a new kind of Red Lantern...Recommended for GL fans!

  • Sam Quixote
    2019-05-05 23:21

    Cast upon a blighted planet, Ysmault, the Red Lanterns fight each other in a mindless torpor while their leader, the monstrous Atrocitus, broods over the corpse of a dead Guardian called Krona who killed his family. But one day Krona disappears and out of desperation Atrocitus throws one of his Red Lanterns, Bleez (a vampiric looking babe with skeleton wings and pupil-less eyes) into the Blood Ocean to give her intelligence and aid him in finding Krona. Meanwhile on Earth, bookish and quiet Jack Moore finds out his grandfather has been beaten to death in the street and his brother, out to avenge him, is headed for trouble. Jack has never succumbed to rage, suppressing it for years, but faced with so much tragedy and feeling helpless, his rage is building…Peter Milligan writes a brilliant introduction to this strange group of anti-heroes. I’ve never read a thing about the Red Lanterns before but Milligan made me care about these characters, their strange world and their bleak mission: to wreak vengeance. Their powers are odd but interesting: instead of the Green Lanterns and their green constructs, the Red Lanterns seem to have a kind of blood vomit that spews from their mouths and burn their victims. I’ve never been a big fan of Green Lantern and I think it’s because he’s the good guy through and through, good, noble, etc. - there’s no edge. Red Lanterns seem to be psychopaths who burn on pure hate and vengeance – they’re the cool, swaggering, dark versions of the Green Lanterns.Ed Bene’s artwork is great throughout – he’s particularly fond of drawing the beautiful Bleez who always seems to be facing away from the reader displaying her magnificent posterior. She’s the only human looking Red Lantern– the others include a giant jellyfish, a cat, a humanoid goat, and a Modok-lookalike. “Blood and Rage” is a fantastic sci-fi superhero read that turned me from someone who didn’t know or care about the Red Lanterns into a fan of the series. This was an unexpected highlight of the New 52 re-launch and I’ll definitely be reading more Red Lantern books as they come out.

  • Jesse A
    2019-05-01 19:19

    I didn't really care for this one. It started out well but it just kind of fizzled for me.

  • Daryl
    2019-05-02 00:23

    I would think that whoever drew the assignment to write Red Lanterns for DC's New 52 was facing a daunting challenge. The title characters of the story are the embodiment of rage and not very sympathetic characters (to understate the case). Writing any type of story with such unsympathetic protagonists makes it difficult to keep the readers' interest and attention. Peter Milligan pulls it off wonderfully here. I was interested in what would happen next, and how the characters would develop. Since most of the characters were literally mindless rage machines at the start, Milligan wisely brings their rational minds back to several of the Red Lanterns, leading to some conflict within the group. I generally don't like the idea of taking a successful idea or comic (Green Lantern, in this case), and spinning off any number of other series from it. But, somehow, this works. The scenes set on earth and the introduction of the new human Red Lantern Jack Moore are the weakest here, and the outer space adventure is the strongest. And it never hurts to show more of Dex-Starr, the Red Lantern cat, easily the coolest character here. Benes' art can generate a wide variety of opinions; some people really hate it, but I never got why. To me, it's realistic, easy to follow (layouts) and easy on the eyes (so to speak).

  • Kyle
    2019-04-30 19:35

    I didn't get too much enjoyment out of this collection, even though I recognize that it is a well made comic.The reason I didn't enjoy it is because it changes the fundamental principles of the Red Lantern Corps, that is: Rage does not equal Reason. Yet this entire story is about amending rage with reason so that vengeance can be executed FOR other people. Essentially, it turns the Red Lanterns into a type of hero.... and I liked them better as senseless villains that did not need to explain their motives.The writing is really good though, at times waxing philosophical eloquently, and there is some good character-building through back-stories for peripheral characters. I understand that this was an attempt to make something out of nothing, so they needed to find ways to expand on the characters in the Corps and find objectives for the protagonists.... I just think the concept got watered down in the process.3/5

  • Kevin
    2019-04-29 21:14

    Every since Geoff Johns creation of the various lantern corps, the entire Green Lantern mythology blew through the roof in future possibilities. Every corps. has there own uniqueness about them and following that any person would love to read about because each corp. personifies each readers personality. If you believe in hope, you're probably drawn to the Blue Lanterns. Maybe you like being a selfish person and can associate with the orange light of avarice. Whatever the case, I think most people can identify with rage more than most emotions and that is where Red Lantern Corps. comes into play, getting there own comic series for the very first time. But be prepared RL fans: this is not what you think it's going to be.RED LANTERNS VOL.1:BLOOD AND RAGE collects issues #1-7 and picks up right after the events of Green Lantern: War of the Green Lanterns (Green Lantern (Graphic Novels)), where we find our RL leader Atrocitus wandering and contemplating about just what to do now that his motivation for rage is gone. His corps. is restless and there purpose seems diminished. But seeing the various acts of rage ever present throughout the universe, Atrocitus see's his corps. as a new way of spreading judgment and justice. To help in his cause, Atrocitus decides to give his lieutenants rational thinking to help control his corps...but things don't plan out in Atrocitus'es favor.Many RL fans who are expecting to come into this book thinking its all anger, blood, and mindless action would be dead wrong. And if you want that and only that, this might not be for you. Red Lanterns is one of those books that "the positives are the negatives, and the negatives are the positives" to describe its contents. This is a slow-burn book that is heavy on building up the simple nature of the RL's general base of action, which might just bore many people. Atrocitus spends 3 issues alone self narrating about his actions and philosophical meanings of rage, while spending another majority of the book building up his lieutenants, and the setup of a human RL in the making, as well as a RL civil war happening. This all takes up 7 issues and it amazing that in some cases, very little happens outside of the RLs doing. There's that underlying tone of a lack of direction that runs throughout Peter Milligan's writing that almost ask the reader "where is this going?" The slow pacing, the odd war between the lanterns, the lack of direction, and the cliffhanger ending hurts the book and could be seen as a not-too interesting read for some.But with the possible negatives, comes the positives. Milligan is trying to build a comic series into a different direction considering RL's is about a bunch of raging characters that spit flaming-blood and have nothing but rage on the mind. Had this been a mini series, this would have worked fine, but considering RL's, Milligan has to build a foundation to make these characters likable and give reasons to want to read about them. For starters, if your willing to start as new reader, Atrocitus inner thoughts do a lot of catching up to speed for you, as well as give a lot of ways of showing rage in many forms, for example that could work for future references. While Atrocitus himself is still a compelling character even as a lead in this series, it's about building up Atrocitus lieutenants Bleez, Skallox, Ratchet, and Zilius to further expand the RL's then just simply being about Atrocitus. Out of the three, Bleez is wonderfully depicted as a solid under-ling of Atrocitus that I'm glad is getting a decent push in the GL lore, especially in Green Lantern: New Guardians Vol. 1: The Ring Bearer (The New 52) (Green Lantern (Graphic Novels)). She helps make the book more interesting that is comparable to other leader-second command characters fighting for control like Megatron and Starscream for example. And the new RL, Rankorr...well he doesn't get enough time in this volume to really show off, so we'll see about him in vol.2.As for the art, Ed Benes art is always beautiful. Anyone who's a fan of his work won't be disappointed for what he does here. And of course, he still shows off numerous shots (mostly Bleez) in more provocative poses. So expect a few butt shots and over-big chest if your one not into that sort of thing. But aside from those details, his art style is detail and lovely for it's worth.So RED LANTERNS VOL.1:BLOOD AND RAGE is a difficult book to recommend exactly to a certain crowd. Again, I feel it's positives are negatives, and it's negatives are positives. Many of the things I liked, I sort of didn't like, and vice-a-versa. Overall, I'd give a 3 ½ score. If your in for a slow-burn, character building comic that looks like it will pay off down the line (as someone who's reading the single issues, it does pick up steam in the next arc), then maybe you can give this a try. But if the negative's sway you, I understand. Overall, an interesting read that I'm curious to see where it goes.

  • Fluffyroundabout
    2019-04-29 18:25

    In this trade we follow Atrocious and his Red Lantern Corps. Atrocious was once fueled by RAGE and HATE after his homeworld was destroyed by Krona, a renegade Guardian of the Universe. Now Krona is dead and Atrocitus must seek a new path for him and his uncontrollable Lanterns.Great story, well written and nice to see Atrocitus use his rage for good, somewhat. Not to mention we get an introduction to a new Red Lantern...a human at that! Art is consistently good.Reccommended to those who have a quick temper, these guys understand how you feel.

  • Sesana
    2019-05-05 22:19

    Well, this just wasn't for me. I'm honestly baffled at how this book made the 52 cut. I neither needed nor wanted a book entirely about the Red Lanterns, and it's painfully obvious that the entire nature of the Red Lanterns, as previously established, needs to be changed from the ground up in order to make something, anything of the book. The only thing that I could dredge up any interest for were the origins of the existing Red Lanterns. Those were, for the most part, told very, very well, and it shows what a waste it is to have Milligan on this book. But it's mostly directionless and dull, and the new, human Red Lantern is so laughably designed and painfully melodramatic in origin that I just don't care. Maybe Milligan will eventually be able to beat this book into something worthwhile, but it will be in spite of what he's been dealt, not because of it.

  • Edward Giordano
    2019-05-20 17:21

    This was the first comic book I ever read and I came into with open expectations. What this did really well was provide me interesting characters that I care about. As a first chapter in any series does, it provides the exposition for the entire story and it did so effectively. I enjoyed the art, people seem to be hit or miss on this, but I am very much on team hit. It is gory, but not too gory, sexy, but not too sexy. The lines are clean, the shades of red work, and the flow from one panel to the next is solid. The thing that holds me back from making this a five star review is the dialogue, there are some unfortunate clunkers from mostly side characters right before they die, but still. It's like trying to establishing something about someone in a panel before they die would be a challenge in any case. Another thing that I didn't appreciate is that with the exception of Ratchet, all the other aliens seem to have a Husband/Wife/Child societal structure. I'm not saying that this isn't common or maybe even the truth, but I feel like when you have a whole universe of possibilities to explore it felt a little pushed on me when an alien was crying about his wife and 2-year old at home for the third time by different characters in the book. I still really enjoyed it and I bought volume 2, so that speaks in itself of my enjoyment of Volume 1: Blood and Rage.

  • Arturo
    2019-04-30 23:31

    It's weird, it feels like nothing happens, no plot, no direction, no threat.I will always look back at this book and just remember Atrocitus thinking, musing, looking on as his Red Lanterns fight... no, scrabble? No, they can't form sentences, they just kinda fight because they have nothing to do. Some great origin stories thrown in there. And as if the writer finally decides to throw in a problem to have a plot, Krona's body disappears near the end.With nothing much for me to say, it would sound like an awful book, but somehow it was like nothing else Iv ever read. It was almost like reading a book without sound, if that makes any sense. Basically we hear Atrocitus's every thought and emotion, which range from wanting to give himself direction and improve his Corp to paranoia and self doubt. It was just very interesting.We also have an origin story on Earth ..which wasn't very good.Art: 5/5Overall its worth checking out.

  • David
    2019-05-04 22:16

    I'm a big Green Lantern fan so I was looking forward to this volume, but I came away a bit disappointed. Once again, not a complete story here. I think DC missed really missed out with drawing in new readers because it's not complete. All the first books of the New 52 should have been complete stories. As it is the story so far seems quite drawn out and a tiny bit repetitious. The art is terrific. Benes is getting better. And I enjoy the slightly British twang to Milligan's writing.

  • Joseph
    2019-05-15 01:10

    meh. i'm not sure why this book needs to exist. these characters are unlikable. some nice existentialist problems going on, and the script and art are great, but i can't get attached to characters like those in this book. just like with Deathstroke, there is nothing to draw me in to like the characters. i might give volume 2 a try, to see if things change.

  • Logan
    2019-04-23 22:13

    This is a great book! It was i think very refreshing to read a comic about a lantern corp other than the Green. This book is a lot of fun and its nice to see what the red Lanterns get up to in there own time. Highly recommend it!

  • C.J. Edmunds
    2019-04-21 21:12

    When I first heard about the New reaction? Why!???When I saw the line up for the New 52 and it included a separate storyline for the Red Lanterns; borne out of their "following" after the successful DC crisis, "Blackest Night", I made the same reaction (along with some head scratching)... Why!??And then when I read the recent Vol 1 compilation that collects the first 7 issues of their New 52 run...I had to stop, nod my head and say...Oh, that's why? :)In short, reading this compilation has surprised me and made me wonder what was the reason for choosing to highlight Atrocitus and his Rage-filled band of Red Wielding Lanterns instead of the others in the Lantern spectrum. As I figured, Rage would be the least important emotion of the spectrum, because aside from destruction and tearing down what you know and love all in the name of Rage, you're pretty much left with nothing save for the consequences of your actions. And if we equate the need to resolve and address consequences in the wake of any destructive streak, it definitely needs to be met head on. And who better than the master of rage, Atrocitus, himself.And while I don't want to be a Master at SPOILERS, better be warned now before reading further. :)The compilation which collects the first 7 issues of the series,opens in Ryut, Space Sector 666, Atrocitus' own homeworld, with a hunter named Zuuq flaying a prisoner alive. He is interrupted by the arrival of our favorite Red Cat and later Atrocitus coming to his cats rescue and pondering a change that he has been feeling. Inspite of the carnage that he inflicts upon these hunters, he acknowledges that he seems to be merely going through the motions; that his Rage is not what is used to be. It is waning. And more than that, the effects have already begun to be felt by other members of the Red Lantern Corps, like Bleez, Ratchet and Skallox among others and like a singular organism body, they are restless and have begun to war with themselves.Atrocitus believes that this unrest can only be solved by making another blood prophecy and he does this by reaching into the corpse of the dead Guardian Krona, killed during the War of the Green Lanterns by Hal Jordan. By Krona's blood and with his own ways of necromancy, Atrocitus offers Krona's blood as payment for his desire to be shown the answer to his dilemna. Thus he is shown visions of his past. From being a father on the planet Ysmault and suffering the brunt of the massacre of his people at the hands of the Robotic Manhunters before the Green Lantern Corps were formed, to other crimes of war and injustice on other planets. He thus accepts the visions as a sign to take on the rage and outcry of the Universe as his own. And is thus recharged and renewed for a new and higher purpose. And in line with this, he accepts the necessity of having a helper, and is left with his ruminations of which Red Lantern to "promote" and join him in his renewed quest. That is, if they really need him, at all.Meanwhile, in another Sector, on Earth actually and better known as Sector 2814, and more specifally in the UK, another family is undergoing a crisis of its own as the grandfather of Jack and Raymond Moore was the casualty of a mugging. Bereft without a guardian who has become a surrogate father to them, brothers Jack and Raymond are each dealing with the crisis the best way they know how. One decides to punish the guilty by going after the mugger named Baxter, while the other decides to curtail his own anger and frustration and accepts the situation for what it is.But when an attempt on their grandfather's killer, carried out by the outspoken Raymond and botched and intercepted made by the repressed Raymond which later results in his arrest and subsequent beating by the arresting cops for his refusal to cooperate, Raymond is left to deal with his guilt, his frustration, and his Rage at his situation, and so opens himself up just as a Red Ring flies and slips onto his fingers and thereby makes him the first Red Lantern of Earth; and named Rankorr. Following his insticts, he goes after his grandfathers killer only to be stopped further by Guy Gardner, who like us is surprised to find out that this Red Lantern is able to speak "normally" without spewing tons of napalm at the person they're talking to.Back on Ysmault, Atrocitus himself has his plate full with having to deal with drafting Bleez as his second-in-command and returning her "normal" state of mind by submerging her into the River of blood and making her re-live her trauma and rage until she rises from it fully aware of who she is. (Note: When one becomes a Red Lantern, your heart stops beating and is replaced by the Red Ring. Along with that you become a blathering drone spewing Napalm from your mouth, as a Red Lantern doesn't have coherent speech, except Atrocitus)Bleez begins to question her existence and her life before being drafted and flies to exact revenge on her tormentors who sold her first to selected members of the Sinestro Corps. But Bleeze, as the story pans out, isn't the only one thrown into the river as Skallox and Ratchet followed suit and relived their own hellish life before equally questioning the morality of their cause. And it is this speaking and mentally capable band of Lanterns that Atrocitus brings with him on the search for the body of Krona after he returns to find it missing and not on the empty slab of stone where it has been since the events of Brightest Day.Ironically, Atrocitus blames Krona for the massacre of his people and yet Krona is the only confidant he has and it is only after a ritual involving Krona's blood does Atrocitus find his sense of purpose once more. For someone being the object of one's hate, Krona still has some use long after his death.The search takes Atrocitus back to the Abominable Zone, a ruined city built from the bone of marooned space travelers where he began his experiments with first Red Lanterns. And with that journey, he discovers that one of his failed experiments named Abysmus has stolen Krona' corpse, ate is and has absorbed his power. And if that were not enuf, the abomination named Abysmus, has breathed life into the other corpses of the dead Red Lanterns, re-animated and apty named them the Abysmorphs. Add to this surprise is the arrival of James Moore; aka Rankorr of Earth which gives Abysmus the perfect timing to skewer Atrocitus from behind and leaving Rankorr to face the onslaught of the "Zombie"Red Lanterns and we are left to wonder who will eventually get the upper hand and win.And win is what this first compilation of the Red Lanterns does for me as it certainly mirrors one's struggle in grappling with anger in real life. How long must one be angry? About a person who may have wronged us? About a situation that we feel powerless to change? Or even anger at ourselves for not being as driven as we feel we should be or even anger at how others can impose their expectations upon us. Truly there is much to be angry for and if you have a short attention span like Atrocitus, you may find yourself moving from one thing to another to focus on; from finding a helper only to realize that she will plan your downfall eventually because she shouldn't have been given that much credit, or the things you did in the past will bite you in the ass if you assume that it is dead and buried, or you are surprised to find that your anger is not only abating but equally moving into new territory. Anger can only be a primal source of power if it is focused and unrelenting. Something that Atrocitus should've learned and known all along. In short, no points for wanting too many things all and once and distracting oneself from the task at hand.But to give our Red napalm spewing Lantern some credit, he himself is focused, its just that the results of his focused planning is not living up to his expectation and hereby as a reader we are thrown in for that unexpected ride, and if you like a semi-rollercoaster ride, with the promise of more turbulence, then I suggest this one should get you started and don't be surprised if you crave for more.How could you not? With a cliffhanger at the end of issue 7, I can only wait for the release of the next volume next year on my Bday, which is March 12. But in the meantime, let me treat you for the cover of Issue #8. And if that doesn't get your blood boiling for more? Then perhaps better check your Red battery, it may have been affected by a roving Blue Lantern. :)

  • Paweł
    2019-05-05 21:19

    AAARGGGGHHHH!!! GRRRR!!!Atrocitus jednak nie jest taki głupi. Pochłonięty pasją zabijania zbrodniarzy, którymi są wg. niego prawie wszyscy (praworządny zły taki) próbuje okiełznać swój niesforny oddział... zbieraninę choleryków z płonącą krwią zanim pozabijają się nawzajem. Przez cały komiks stara się usprawiedliwić swoje postępowanie i ideologię. Co nie przeszkadza mu mieć kota.

  • Noetic_Hatter
    2019-04-22 17:20

    Gorgeous artwork. Solid story that develops layers for Atrocitus, a character that bores the heck out of me usually because he's so one-note. Solid beginning.

  • William Thomas
    2019-05-21 17:28

    I would never in a million years thought that DC would turn the Red Lanterns into its own ongoing series after the reboot. I hate it. I hate every other color of ring and every other corps out there save for GREEN. Making the entire prism spectrum into power batteries, having a Red Lantern Corps and and Indigo Corps, etc, is just absolutely silly. I said it before before the reboot and its still the same. A completely unnecessary waste of talent and time. Making it an emotional spectrum iis even more baffling to me because the Green Lanterns are powered by their force of will. Will isn't an emotion. Its an attribute. It is intent. So to try and make these other Lanterns guided by suppsedly primal forces of emotion doesn't exactly reflect the Green Lantern in any way, shape or form. Ugh. Plus, it only helps to section off the Green Lanterns from the rest f the DC universe in that it becomes an extremely incestuous relationship between Lanterns and Lanterns only. This Red Lantern bookk is a prime example of this. This is probably Peter Milligan's most linear work since his run on Hellblazer. The story is easy enough to follow. My question is: why do you want to follow it? Nothing of merit happens in these issues except the making of a human Red Lantern in Jack Moore (whose costume and design are just god-awful). Atrocitus and his clan spend 90% of these issues standing around looking at each other and making gurgling sounds. The other part of the time is spent on overblown exposition and flashbacks. Milligan tries his hardest to endear these villaiins to us, trying to make Jack Moore and Atrcitus at the very least seem more like anti-heroes than villains. It just doesn't work. The Atrocitus inner monologue is poorly written and reads like a pretentious teenager wrote iin their diary. It just doesn't add up to the makings of an ongoing series.As for Benes' art: its not good. If he isn't working on a splash page, he just doesn't seem to care. His composition is poor, bordering incompetent. His work is sketchy instead of looking complete. As iif he didn't have the time to fill in the missing pieces. Writing: DArt: D

  • Roman Colombo
    2019-05-15 21:21

    I hate the Green Lanterns. Especially Hal Jordan, who is by and far the lamest comic book character ever created. Why do I mention this? Because I'm not actually sure why I would want to pick up a different Lantern book. If the Green Lanterns are boring and generally unimaginative, why would Yellow, Red, Blue, Indigo, or Purple be any different?And yet, the Red Lanterns. So very different from the Green. The Red Lanterns don't have Dues ex Machina powers (not yet, at least), and the characters are actually interesting. Atrocitus, Bleez, Jack, and the others have stories that make it painful to see the ring on them. Their pain and rage are holding them back as much as they are giving them power.The writing of this book is palpable with that rage and pain. It gives it an energy that connects the reader to the characters really strongly. The art shows the pain, the despair, and the rage.Turns out, this whole Lantern thing can be interesting. You just need characters you can care about. And while the Green Lanterns fail to deliver that, the Red Lanterns makes up for it in spades.

  • Matt Raymond
    2019-04-21 19:26

    I was pleasantly surprised by this volume. The story is mostly told through Atrocitus' perspective, mainly because he's the only Red Lantern whose rage doesn't overwhelm his speaking ability. That is, until he gives Bleez a wash in the Blood river of Ysmault. Then of course she gets her conscious thought back and begins a kind of mutiny. Or does she?I really felt for these characters, even though they're all pretty horrible. But then they went through something horrible, and because the book rehashes their pains to us we kind of get their dilemma. Like most people, I thought the red lanterns seemed pretty one-sided. This book tries to make them relatable and does a decent job of it. We even get a second story tying into the events of Ysmault. A new red lantern on Earth begins to understand his powers and as he learns the power of rage, then so do we. But because it's a story meant to rehash what a red lantern is, nothing much happens. The development is kind of dull and didn't hold my interest. Luckily, his story isn't prominent here. The majority of the book is the red lanterns fighting amongst themselves, and Atrocitus' inner narrative. I don't usually like comics that have mostly internal dialogue, but this was well done. I'd like to see other corps get titles in the future, although I hesitate to say that. Maybe just a Saint Walker title would be nice? It would be a nice 180 from reading Red Lanterns, which I will keep reading.

  • Drown Hollum
    2019-05-20 22:27

    The War of Light and the various Lantern Corps groups are easily Geoff Johns' greatest contribution to the world of Green Lantern. In his work on GL, a brand new aspect of the DCU was unearthed as if it had been there all along, creating an entirely unique science fiction dynamic that has been endlessly fun to explore. Peter Milligan takes the reins of the Red Lantern Corps in this New 52 title, and as far as exploration goes, he hits the ball out of the park. Around every corner we uncover a new origin, or aspect of the Red Lantern mythos. The team's unique nature made me really wonder if they could support their own book, but Milligan makes it work by spending most of his economy on world building. The central characters are decently realized, helping me to already establish some favorites, and the first true Red Lantern of Earth makes his debut in an interesting subplot. The plot here is a bit thin, ever shifting in focus, but the read is fun and a great piece of supplemental world building. Ed Benes' art does a great job of complimenting the script. Though distinctly 90s in style, there's a blood red, visceral aesthetic to this book, that really looks unlike just about anything else. A lot of the designs are interesting, helping the cohesiveness of the whole.This is an easy recommend for anyone currently absorbed in the cosmic DCU.

  • Tomas
    2019-05-19 00:21

    Well it took me a while till I was ready to read this one. Once I was done with Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps(e), New Guardians I started with Red Ones...To be honest I was not very excited about this book. I thought about Red lanterns as minor group of mindless slaves of the Big Boss. And not quite like-able group in addition. But I was wrong. It is dark and exciting. Red lanterns are Powered Up Vampires of DC universe. I revisited appearances of Bleez and other red lanterns in older book because I realized that those Characters are really cool. I especially enjoyed Rankorr. Can't wait to read another one.

  • Cale
    2019-05-22 00:13

    This was... not at all what I was expecting. Red Lanterns are all about rage and violence, so I expected this to be even more over-the-top than Deathstroke was. Instead, it's almost a meditation on what it means to have rage, and what is a justification for anger, and what motivates rage. This is probably one of the most philosophical books I've seen in a mainstream DC publication. Unfortunately, being different doesn't necessarily make it good. I've never been a huge fan of Red Lanterns, and there's nothing in this collection that makes me want to more. Angst-ridden leader who doesn't trust his underlings? Not really that interesting. Just different.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2019-05-14 22:09

    I was expecting this to be mindless mayhem -- a sort of Punisher in space. I was pleasantly surprised to discover instead that it's a character driven book of politics that verges on space opera. In other word, it's takes many of the good aspects of Green Lantern and offered them in a totally different venue. I'll definitely be reading more.

  • mike andrews
    2019-05-01 19:30

    First volume was outstanding. Atrocitus comes off as one of the most powerful beings in the universe, but a waiver in his Rage, and it may all come crashing down. Bleez is also a ferocious Red Lantern

  • Alex Sarll
    2019-05-09 17:26

    Bless Peter Milligan, one of the few writers who could take the boiling-blood-vomiting embodiments of pure rage, and use them to tell a story about those times in life when you feel you're just going through the motions.

  • John
    2019-05-06 17:25

    Everything i hoped it be and more.Just the origin stories of Atrocitus and Bleez alone were enough to catapult this to a 5 star rating.The artwork was amazing and the story had absolutely no slow parts whatsoever.I loved it.

  • John Yelverton
    2019-05-13 19:26

    So, they decided to give a mindless group of rage machines their own book, and so they change the characters and the concept completely to have the book make some semblance of sense. How about just not write the book in the first place?

  • Morbus Iff
    2019-05-06 00:35

    Human RL was bleh, Bleez bum bombardment, cat torture and retribution. Still liked it though.

  • Ivy
    2019-04-24 17:08

    Not too bad. Would be interesting to be a Red Lantern. Is Atrocitus dead? Didn't think the brother would become a Red Lantern.

  • Jericho Eames
    2019-05-18 18:10

    I love the green lantern series and never saw myself picking up on the red lanterns because they aren't my favourites, but reading about their origin story is nonetheless interesting! I hope there's one for the blue lanterns!