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Making Sense of No Limit Hold'Em 3rd Edition: Adaptations...

Title : Easy Game: Making Sense of No Limit Hold'em 3rd Edition: Adaptations
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ISBN : 9781466411975
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 216 Pages
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Easy Game: Making Sense of No Limit Hold'em 3rd Edition: Adaptations Reviews

  • Daniel
    2019-02-27 07:30

    The man behind Coaching Kristy (still probably the best Novice Player level video series ever made on the game) finally got around to collecting these thoughts into one volume. It's not the most advanced theory work you'll ever encounter, but it's solid info and depending on where your game stands, you'll either find a wealth of good reminders or some sharp new angles for approaching the game.In my opinion, this is one of the few truly essential books on the game to read. It's not for beginners but if you're past the basics, you're apt to find something useful here.

  • Timothy
    2019-03-01 02:39

    Fantastic. The examples are NLH but it is all general poker theory that is definitely applicable to other games. By far the best poker book I have read. Would love to see a Volume 3 some day.

  • Alex
    2019-03-16 04:38

    "Poker and life are the same in a lot of ways. We only have limited control over both. In both,sometimes things are great, and sometimes things are terrible. But for both life and poker, we can getbetter. If we work at it, and for the right reasons, it’s a pretty easy game."

  • Sky
    2019-03-07 01:32

    +EV nlhe book for cash game players. If you're a cash game grinder and you want to move up in stakes, this is a must-read. 'Coz moving up in higher stakes(where most regulars or professionals play) - the opponents will be tougher, trickier, and will definitely have good hand reading skills. So you need to constantly improve your game and add plays to your arsenal to be a long-term profitable player. *This book is focused on advanced poker concepts, so be sure to have solid understanding of poker fundamentals before reading this.

  • Cristina
    2019-03-08 04:41

    The difficult part was cutting through the jungle of acronyms - and this book didn't help - not only did it lavishly use them but also used variations... when you thought you got it here comes the CO (ok ok - I'll admit I attempted to read it without internet)... (plus, I have my doubts regarding the educational level - excluding poker that is - of the author) When I managed that (using a-still-increasing rather-funny infographic) this book rules from the first chapter - why bet? It answers the exact questions I had - with examples.

  • Avery Stewart
    2019-03-20 05:34

    Provided an easier understanding for what seems like an extremely complicated game. Would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in improving their poker game, from a beginner to even intermediate level of playing .

  • Fred
    2019-02-23 08:50

    Incredibly good book on NLHE.