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Kris Longknife has been given her first independent command in the very remote system of Chance, an assignment that's as much exile as promotion.But Kris isn't on the job long when she captures pirates hiding the location of an uncharted and unpopulated planet of miraculous technology....

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Resolute Reviews

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-03-22 21:40

    As you can see from all the stars, this is up to the quality I'm coming to expect from the series. Yay! The plots are good, the action fantastic, the space battles gripping. Shepherd continues to give Kris believably great challenges and leadership opportunities to overcome them.The book is in the middle of the pack in that very-narrow four-star range compared to the others. There is a bit of a divergent twist that doesn't seem to hang too well together with the rest of the story (like in the previous book), but this one is at least better positioned to penetrate into future developments. I'm not a big fan of letting (view spoiler)[aliens intrude on the setup (hide spoiler)] but I'm willing to give it time to see how it comes together.I'm also not a huge fan of dumbing down the Greenwald faction. They've been relatively enigmatic so far, but we see more of them in this novel and I find them to be rather shallow. Shepherd seems to have put Soviet Russia in a blender with sexist ideologues and a twist of fascism and set to "stereotype". It's kind of a shame and rather pedestrian-feeling, though at least he keeps the individuals we meet dynamic and interesting. It's almost like he's created this buffoonish stereotype just so he can undermine it with actual characters along the way. Except for Hank. His characterization actually devolves from relatively interesting to all-out cartoon in this book. He's actually probably going to be more interesting now that (view spoiler)[he's dead, poor idiot (hide spoiler)].Anyway, all that picking of nits aside, I'm still all-in. I love Kris and her team is interesting. I hope Shepherd can keep it up indefinitely.

  • James
    2019-04-07 18:30

    sorry, I never meant for this to be so long. They usually aren't - ignore at your pleasureThis being the second book in a row that I have rated a three in this series I think I have finally come across the main problem that I have for this series; the author tends to have a section of the book, normally at the beginning, where he can do whatever his fancy takes him. Now, of course, this is what we want from authors isn't it? A bit of creativity? No. Not in this case. In the last book Shepherd took us to some Hawaii vs America planet and had a bit of fun with it having the barest links back to the story. In this book he has Kris et al go off an explore (view spoiler)[ Alien worlds, makes them out to be the greatest scientific discovery ever completely rocking the foundation of the universe that the story is based in,(hide spoiler)] and then completely drops the matter as if it never came up until the end when he needs a reason for he big finale. Horray! not. Now maybe this complaint is borne from my love of Shepherd's sci-fi military and what he does when he is completely focused, but I can't help but feel that these small excursions of literary within the text somehow destabilize the whole lot. Which is a damned shame. Furthermore, these series has been set up in a universe that is gearing up for war with each other, which to do Shepherd has created a great rivalry between the Longknifes and the Peterwarld-Smiths. This has set it up to be a great series of epic proportions, and the themes of his works have so far backed this idea up and really excited me for more. However, I am scared... no, petrified that (view spoiler)[ Aliens(hide spoiler)] discovered in this book are going to take centre stage from now on in, with the great background situation being pushed the back. Even if this doesn't happen, which I pray it doesn't, the fervour that some of the characters have towards this new "thing" within the book that more and more of these "excursions" are going to be based upon it - which, as I have already said, ruins a lot of the books for me. Not enough to stop me reading though; once you get through these muddy waters of the damnable 'excursions' you get into a great plot which, if separate from the these 'excursions', would be easily four stars alone. The plot in this really brings forward some of the series main points such as Abby and her true loyalties, Kris and Penny's survival guilt, Hank's emergence as his true self, the depth to which Kris' life is tinkered with by her family and the truth that Longknifes trusts no-one, including those they love, and Kris is no exception. Apart from these entertaining themes you have the main back bone of the story. You have the strive, once again, to bring something up to scratch from something that is far from it in time to face of a threat. Now, small complaint, but this is getting a tad tiring; seriously, how come every time that Kris is away from the fleet a small contingent of big bad-ass ships threaten her day while she is armed with the barest of tools. Ok, I know it makes for a great story, but once, just once, have a credible reason for her being so unprepared; on Wardhaven the WHOLE FLEET LEFT HER ALONE - seriously, I know the government at the times were crazy, but NO ONE IS THAT CRAZY - and then here she is left a station with no 'real command' on an outpost that is exceedingly near to Peterwald space - COME ON, when you are in a state of undeclared war you do not leave your borders unguarded, regardless of what they said at the end. Small gripe over. Ha, don't count on it. Anyway, the plot is good - check. The characters are decently built, believable and more importantly lovable. Ron, mayor of Last chance (corny, huh?), is a really good bloke who lives under the thumb of his mother whilst still managing to charm Kris in a near-lovers way. The old vets and the youngsters are crafted as believable, lovable and damn near understandable people that give a great insight into the problems of our crew. The relationships between our crew are great, the strengths and weaknesses solidifying and becoming amazingly real - with the potential relationship between Jack and Kris boiling along well on the sides. My one smallest of grips - told you there would be another one - is Hank's character. I said previously that he holds up a mirror to Kris to show what she has become, and what she could have become. But, while I understand it was necessary for plot movement, can't we have the protagonist be somewhat sane and believable. No-one, or at least I pray no-one, is that stupid and single-minded to have charge of something. It would be a nice change to see Kris come up against a competent villain again, like she did in book two. Not a admiral restrained by political control in book three or a idiot twat who can control a fleet and have not a grain of common sense. Please? Another small grips done, the last I hope. Ahem... the writing is as great as ever, and Shepherds ability to tell a tale and transport you to his worlds is amazing and something I wouldn't mind emulating. His plot ideas are fun and his characters almost great, which when mixed in with his writing style makes for a great book. Now, to boost this series back up to four stars, Shepherd has to start making slight improvements such a getting rid of these 'excursions' and maybe improving on some of the small grips I have voiced.That's not to say though that I am a literary genius and therefore have a right to these opinions, I would advise every sci-fi lover to try this series and see what they think. One man's waste is another man's gold. Come to your own opinion, don't let mine overly sway you. I'd hate to think that I have stopped someone from reading this series, cause seriously, it is great. This review is more of a minor rant for me, nothing of any real importance. ANYWAY, PLEASE READ THIS SERIES. THEY ARE GREAT. So far. Have Fun Reading.

  • Kathy
    2019-03-24 02:32

    OK....But Nothing to Write Home About (Really a 2.5 Rating), I recommend you read the previous books in the series (Mutineer, Deserter and Defiant) prior to reading this installment.This installment did not grab my attention until about page 94; however, from thereafter, the story took a change for the better. The author successfully entwined a great feel of adventure with the hidden secrets of the unknown. I can't say the story was on par with me not being able to put it down; but I did manage to finish this entire book with continued lukewarm interest and that counts for something.I don't know what it is about this series, but no matter how annoyed I get or how bad a particular installment gets, I know that I am automatically going to read the next installment. The promise of learning more about the brilliant Ancients and knowing that Kris would be discovering their journey through the galaxy, in addition to finding out what exactly Nelly will evolve into keeps me coming back again and again.I recommend this series to fellow SF readers and I look forward to reading the next book Audacious.

  • Dee
    2019-04-17 20:34

    I just vacillated wildly about whether to go 4 or 5 stars on this one. I really enjoyed the action and pacing but it seemed to me like Hank, previously in the semi-bad, poor little rich boy character made a maddened wild swing into crazyville with a detour down evil - nothing I read previously indicated to me that Hank would be fine with rape and pillage - even Hikila was supposedly "freedom fighting" so how did good old misguided Hank become a monster? Also where the hell did Vicky come from, thrown in so casually at the end? A great addition to the series but a definite about turn in character development for Hank. And yes, my memory was correct (view spoiler)[Hank (hide spoiler)] is killed off. (view spoiler)[I'm not sure if this was why he was turned totally bad, so we could get rid of him without much furore and bring in previously unheard of and never mentioned Peterwald heir mark II (hide spoiler)]

  • Lorna
    2019-03-24 20:17

    This book was frustrating for me for a lot of reasons. 4 (and a half) books into the series I'm looking for growth from the characters, cohesion with her team, and some major problem solving in regards to her issues with her government and relatives. Instead Nelly seems glitchy and childish, Jack is still pretty 2D Alpha cookie-cutter, Penny is in free-fall (I have no idea where we are going with her. She has a mysterious skill-set and seems to be able to run anything on command-and then vanishes into the background), Abbey has similar issues. Kris' relatives and superiors are all still patronizing her and apparently trying to hamstring her as well. We are thrown into the setting as Kris arrives at her new duty station with no lead in or explanation. She is sent to the edge of space and seems unable to send reports or get any backup or orders when needed. We also don't know what her mission is supposed to be or if there is one. She doesn't have any contacts on the planet or in nearby space that she is supposed to be using for mentorship or backup either. I guess we are supposed to assume that when Mac says he has no idea what to do with her...he really means it. For some reason a large bureaucratic entity that has thousands of years of tradition has no idea how to train a junior officer? Suddenly there is a backstory with Nelly and the alien chip that is just thrown at us as well (if there is another novella aside from Training Daze explaining everything, for the life of me I can't find it). Aside from feeling jerked around by the story line, I think I'm just fed up with Kris as a character at this point. She's supposed to be a billionaire business guru, a military genius, and a political scion all wrapped up into one, but she doesn't actually seem to be good at much of it, or have the support structure that you would imagine such a person might. Instead we get to watch her flub an exciting discovery and possible business venture, mess up relations completely with Peterwald's group, not take advantage of relations that she does build with a planet or a neighboring confederation, not manage her PR well at all, and insist on staying in the Navy when she clearly hates the chain of command and has no use for the intelligence branch. I would enjoy seeing her build something at this point: either going into intelligence for Ray or starting her own fleet (mercenary or otherwise) or getting going on the business end of things...but she just seems stalled. Don't even get me started on her "romances" which go from nonexistent to darned confusing. Speaking of...the villain seems to have suffered some kind of mental breakdown. He wasn't portrayed as being anything like this in the other books but now he is comic book evil. Think Harry Osborn and Spider Man after Harry becomes the Green Goblin. Don't know if I'll read the next book or not. I have to take a break from the bad taste this one left first.

  • Serena
    2019-03-24 22:40

    I really felt a struggle reading this book, because again there was the split adventures - but this time as I knew they would be they were linked at the end. Going through the motions on "Chance " with the politics and parties felt forced and unnatural. I guess I just don't like that kind of "party " when you know they'll clash at the end -it felt boring, not tense. Of course it hints to a sister we never knew Hank had - who will probably be after Kris...I have the next three books in this series and will read them but I can only hope I enjoy them more. There are shiny scenes among each book like stars but they were rare and few inbetween.

  • Katrin von Martin
    2019-04-05 20:16

    At this point, I know what to expect when I pick up a "Kris Longknife" novel: an exciting read with quirky characters overcoming huge obstacles by using their smarts (and sometimes a healthy dose of luck) to manipulate the situation - whatever it may be. "Resolute," the fourth novel in the series definitely didn't fact, I think it's my favourite installment thus far. Spoilers follow.The book starts a few months after the last one. Kris has been assigned command of the space station "High Chance," located at the very edge of Wardhaven controlled space. At best, it's a boring backwater command. At worst, it's practically exile. Since trouble seems to follow Kris wherever she goes, she's faced with problems almost immediately. The first is with the station itself. The previous crew simply abandoned it, leaving Kris with obsolete equipment and the station with no defenses. The only ship present is a relic from Kris' grandfathers' days, leaving both the station and the planet it orbits without protection from the nearby Greenfield controlled territory. The other touchy issue is the planet Chance, an independent planet that has grown used to a weak navy presence and refuses to follow commands without first voting on them. Wanting to prove that she can be a competent officer despite being "one of those Longknifes," Kris takes control of the situation, putting the space station in order as well as maneuvering the political scene on Chance.Much like with the previous book, "Defiant," this novel has two main plots. The first deals with space exploration. Kris and her hired crew discover a new jump point, which leads to an undiscovered planet. Following a brief trip to the planet, which contains some interesting ruins and new flora and fauna, they jump through another point and discover a much more developed planet, seemingly abandoned, but with its defense systems in tact. After an encounter with a pirate vessel, which leads to Kris obtaining a sophisticated ship for her station, they head back to "High Chance" just in time to welcome a small fleet from Greenfield, led by Kris' rival Hank Peterwald. This kicks off the second main story. Wardhaven and Greenfield are too evenly matched to risk all-out war, but that doesn't stop the antagonistic Peterwalds. They plan to add Chance to their empire, via diplomacy or, if necessary, force. With her rag-tag team, a station barely holding together, and a planet full of people that don't think too highly of her, Kris is determined to get Hank in and out peacefully, and defend Chance against him if the worst should happen.I'll probably end up saying this in all of my reviews for all of the "Kris Longknife" books, but if you're looking for deep, thoughtful science fiction, these books aren't for you. Instead, they're chock full of fun and adventure with Kris facing larger-than-life hurtles. They're enjoyable and serve to entertain, taking the reader away from the mundane real world and transporting them to Shepherd's imaginative setting. Unlike "Defiant," "Resolute" isn't bogged down by a slow middle portion; the book flows well and is wonderfully paced. I was never bored and couldn't wait for the opportunity to pick up the book and jump back into Kris' adventures. Our heroine jumps from one adventure to another, tackling a new issue at every turn, yet still working toward the book's overarching story. Even though you know the final battle is coming, Shepherd holds it off just long enough to make you think that maybe, just maybe, it can be avoided. With the series extending through several more books, it's no surprise that Kris survives - I've always thought the appeal of these books isn't whether or not Kris lives through her ordeals, but rather, how she manages to do it - though it did come as a bit of a shock that Hank didn't make it (and the circumstances of his death certainly leave much to be explored in future novels). With Kris being where she belongs, in the navy, and the pacing problems of the previous book resolved, "Resolute" is thoroughly satisfying and entertaining - it feels like Shepherd has really hit his stride and has these books figured out.I always love a good navy romp complete with space battles, but I also found the part of the story regarding space exploration and alien planets to be incredibly interesting. The Peterwalds are certainly a formidable opponent, but the added potential threat of an advanced alien race and the mystery where they've gone and why they've abandoned their planet gives the story a distinct new flavour. I'm sure Shepherd will continue to investigate this subplot in future novels - there was too much build up around the discovery to just let it go after this book. Also, as an aside, I had worried that the story would slow to a crawl once talk of going to the first planet's service began. I needn't have worried since Kris was apparently as eager to get the planet as I was and was suited up and on her way within a couple of paragraphs. Again, that's what I love about the "Kris Longknife" series - it hasn't been bogged down (so far) with unnecessary filler. Shepherd knows when he's hit an interesting concept and these mysterious aliens are definitely intriguing.I love Shepherd's writing. He seems to have just the right balance of telling us enough to get a feel for the setting and characters without boring us to tears by over-describing everything. The prose can sometimes be simple, but that really works for the story. After all, I read military space opera to be entertained and become engrossed in the story and characters' adventures, not to pick my way through complex writing. Shepherd's style of writing is also oftentimes witty, and for the most part, he does a good job weaving humour into otherwise serious prose. It adds a unique flavour to the novel and I usually find myself smiling when reading it, which is a plus in my book.The cast of characters is quirky and fun as usual. Kris continues to grow and develop as the main character. Shepherd manages to make her competent without pushing her into the dreaded Mary Sue territory and it's a relief to see that she struggles with her decisions and self doubt without becoming so mired in it that she ceases to function. I also enjoyed the realistic aspect of Kris dealing with survivor's guilt after the events of the previous book. It's clear that what happened has affected her, both personally and as a commander (she has become cautious almost to a fault when it comes to sending people into combat, especially in the case of volunteer civilians). However, she also realizes that she can't become too wrapped up in guilt and has to push forward to overcome the trials placed before her and succeed as an officer. Guilt and self-doubt can be very difficult to portray well, but Shepherd succeeds and provides a realistic portrayal of both emotions. To put it simply, I love Kris - I love that she's competent, but not a genius; that she's creative and can improvise, but also makes mistakes; that she wishes she had some companionship (what young 20-something wouldn't?), but doesn't lament about her appearance and instead focuses on the job at hand; that she experiences emotions realistically; and I love her wit and the camaraderie she shares with her loyal companions. She's a wonderful protagonist for this type of book, and the author sure knows how to write her in a way that keeps her realistic, but always interesting.The reoccurring characters also continue to be interesting. Jack is the same as always: snarky, duty-focused, and fiercely protective of Kris. His banter with Kris and the rest of the crew is always amusing and I'm starting to wonder if there might eventually be more between him and our heroine. I'm usually completely against romance and often find it to be a huge turn-off when reading a novel, but these two certainly have a lot of chemistry. For the time being, though, they're great as friends and their professional relationship is enjoyable. Penny surprised me the most in her character growth. Like Kris, she's suffering from survivor's guilt in the beginning of the novel, though hers has a more painful edge since her husband, Tommy, sacrificed himself to save her in the last book. Though she understandably spends a lot of time grieving for what she's lost, she also learns from spending time with some old war vets from Chance that it's ok to grieve and, more importantly, it's ok to move on. I was pleased to see so much development in a secondary character. And, finally, we get some of Abby's background. The mysterious, steam-trunk-bearing maid has made some mistakes in her past and, much to Kris' dismay, she's been releasing information to the press. We don't learn a whole lot about her, but it's just enough to keep us intrigued.Since there is no such thing as a perfect book, I do have two complaints. The first is regarding Hank and his characterization. Though he was established as an antagonist before his book, I never found his portrayal in earlier novels to be as over the top as it was here. He's very much the overconfident, immature, scheming brat in "Resolute," and he comes off as being more like a caricature than an actual character. I get that the intention was to portray him as someone who really has no business in navy affairs and is really only there because he's the boss's son, but his tantrums and outbursts were just too much to really be believable. The second issue I had is with some of the humour. While I enjoy the wit that is displayed in the writing, Kris sometimes does some things that are really outlandish and inappropriate. For example, when Kris is trying to keep the peace on Chance during Hank's visit, she decides to participate in a caber toss. I think it was meant to be humourous that she was doing such a heavy, messy sport in an evening gown and heels and show that she could beat the guys, but it felt very inappropriate and out of place and I found myself feeling a little embarrassed for her. There are other similar incidents and I can't help but think they should be dialed back a bit for believability's sake.My couple issues aside, I loved "Resolute." It's exactly what I've come to expect from the "Kris Longknife" series with none of the problems from the earlier novels. With the revelation at the end of the book that Hank has a sister that isn't often spoken of, it seems like Kris's problems with the Peterwalds will continue. I'll definitely be reading the next book to see where Kris's adventures take her next. "Resolute" gets five stars from me: the story is great and the characters grow and continue to be dynamic - Shepherd really knows what he's doing!This review is also posted on

  • John
    2019-04-17 00:33

    Popcorn, soda, and a cheap space opera. Fun, but the bad guy was such a caricature that he never really motivated any real worry, same with Kris's teasing of Ron. I'll give Shepherd another try or two to write a compelling bad guy instead of a comic-book menace (actually, some comic books have better bad guys than this novel, come to think of it, so bad comparison)... a Two stars, but a guilty pleasure.

  • Steven Allen
    2019-04-05 21:15

    This was a good book with some great action spread throughout the book as trouble follows Kris even when exiled to the ass end of space. Not sure why Jack had to get drafted into the Marines for this book. At the end of the book Jack is back in the protectorate service again, rather than the Corps. We get to see some of Kris the woman rather than just Kris the badass or Princess Kris.

  • Jeff Miller
    2019-04-01 22:15

    The series gets better and better as an entertaining read

  • Lianne Pheno
    2019-04-03 19:31

    J'ai malheureusement moins aimé ce tome que les précédents, notamment à cause du traitement d'un personnage en particulier. Dans ce tome nous avons encore la division en deux qui devient plus ou moins la norme dans la série.Kris se retrouve à la tête de sa première station indépendante, celle de la planète Chance au fin fond de l'espace habité.Dans la première partie, que j'ai beaucoup aimé, Kris fait une énorme découverte grâce à son ordinateur et se retrouve donc à explorer des mondes appartenant aux Trois qui sont des espèces extraterrestres disparues.Et dans la seconde, de retour à son poste Krys voit arriver une délégation de Greenwald qui va tenter de coloniser pacifiquement la planète sur laquelle elle est en poste, et c'est évidemment Hank Peterwarld qui en est à la tête. La confrontation entre les deux va être tendue ...Alors autant la première partie m'a bien plu même si j'avoue que j'ai trouvé que Krys prenait vraiment beaucoup de liberté avec son poste de commandant. Mais vu qu'ils l'ont laissé totalement seule et abandonnée au milieu de nulle part, j'imagine qu'elle peut se permettre de ne pas trop faire attention au protocole.J'ai aimé les découvertes et tout ce que ça implique pour la suite. En fait on est totalement dans de l'archéologie spatiale ici avec l'exploration de civilisations disparues et tout ce qu'elles ont laissé derrière. On se pose de nombreuses question évidemment et j'espère qu'on aura une partie des réponses plus tard dans la série.Autant donc la seconde partie m'a vraiment déçue.Non pas au niveau diplomate ou action, parce que la on est totalement dans le ton de la série et dans la continuité des précédents mais surtout au niveau du personnage de Hank.Quand on l'a rencontré au début j'ai trouvé que ce personnage avec du potentiel. Il était suffisamment intelligent pour ne pas suivre à la lettre sa famille. Il pouvait soit rester tel quel sans s'impliquer, soit devenir un allié (voir un compagnon) pour Krys, soit devenir un antagoniste au contraire mais dans tous les cas de figure il avait le potentiel pour vraiment devenir quelque chose d'intéressant.C'était un personnage ambiguë et il l'était resté jusqu'au tome précédent. Certes il est un peu trop "né du bon coté" et fils à papa, mais il me semblait honnête et franc. Et d'un autre coté Kris et ses alliés le soupçonnent d'être impliqué dans toute une série d’incidents dans les tomes précédents.Et j'avoue que je n'arrivais vraiment pas à trancher entre le pion un peu trop crédule vis à vis de sa propre famille qu'il voit comme des gens de bien ou le vrai maître dans l'art de la dissimulation. Il restait dont très intriguant et avec beaucoup de potentiel.Et dans ce tome ci, d'un coup, virage à 180°, il devient clairement un antagoniste. Mais pas un bon antagoniste. On le retrouve non seulement complètement incompétent, faisant des bourde à tout va et incapable d'apprendre mais en plus c'est aussi un petit chef, piquant des crises, qui n'écoute jamais ses subordonnés et est persuadé de sa grandeur et de son infaillibilité.Du coup ma déception est immense. J'ai l'impression qu'on m'a cassé ce personnage si intéressant que je m'étais imaginée.Si il y a une chose que je n'aime pas en général dans les livres se sont les mauvais "méchants" et ici on est totalement dans ce cas de figure. Combattre un adversaire qui est incapable de se défendre correctement même si il a de la puissance de feu n'est pas intéressant.Bref, ce n'est pas vraiment une réussite et cette partie la a totalement éclipsé tout le reste du livre dans mon esprit. C'est vrai que vu la fin ça ne risque pas de se reproduire donc je n'ai pas de doute que la suite soit mieux, heureusement. Du coup j'ai limite hâte de lire le suivant pour oublier celui ci.15/20

  • Mary
    2019-03-27 22:23

    Reread Sept 2016

  • Key
    2019-03-25 19:14

    Dies ist nur ein Auszug aus der gesamten Rezi: Gast Rezi bei Dark Stars Fantasy NewsFazit:Es kommt leider alles ziemlich gelackt daher. Das Prinzesschen ist Billionärin, hat eine mysteriöse Kammerzofe mit fragwürdigen Informanten, einen gut aussehenden Sidekick (Jack) und wenn sie gar nicht weiter kommt, die Prinzessinen-Karte zur Hand. Der Planet und der Sektor um den sie sich kümmern soll schließt sie gleich ins Herz, weil man ja sofort merkt, dass das Mädel mit anpacken kann und gar nicht so verzogen und versnobt ist wie die Gerüchte behaupten.Auch das Reisen im All vergeht wie im Flug auf der Suche nach den ominösen Erbauern der interstellaren ‚Highways‘ die vor urig langer Zeit verschwunden zu sein scheinen. Nichts genaues weiß man nicht. Dagegen sehr präsent die Gefahren der allgegenwärtigen Menschen – hier in Form der zu Besuch kommenden Matrosen des anderen Königs. Ach, sagte ich das noch nicht, Kris ist natürlich nur die Prinzessin der einen Hälfte des bewohnten Universums.Man merkt, dass es hier vorangegangene Geschichten gab, in denen viele Menschen, die Kris lieb und teuer waren draufgegangen sind. Es wird viel Bezug dazu genommen, sie leidet unter dem Verlust und der Tatsache sich dafür nicht rächen zu können um keinen Großkrieg vom Stapel zu brechen.Aber das lässt mich alles leider nur seufzen. Denn auch wenn hier doch einiges an Konfliktpotential wäre, beweisen musste sich die gute Dame zu keiner Zeit. Sie schätzt zwar ihre Lage so ein, dass sie mit einem gewissen Fluch behaftet ist, dabei doch nur ihren Dienst tun will, aber dann bricht sie doch immer wieder Hals über Kopf in Abenteuer zu unbekannten Sonnensystemen auf und gibt einen Dreck auf die Meinung anderer. Ich halte sie nach der Lektüre für eine verzogene Prinzessin, leider. Mir hätte sie besser ohne Stammbaum gefallen, oder als ein Bastardkind. So … glaubt sie nur sie hätte andauernd irgendwelche Probleme. Tatsache ist jedoch, sie kann sich alles kaufen und was keinen Preis hat, wird ihr herzlichst zur Verfügung gestellt.Unterhaltsam war es aber alle mal und eben auch keine schwere Kost, alles wird hübsch on the fly erklärt, auch Laser, Anti-Schwer-Kraft und noch und nöcher. Ich kann mir vorstellen ab hier die Serie weiter zu verfolgen, brauche die Vorgänger aber nicht zwingend.Ein multifunktional Blick über dieses Urteil

  • Jean Poulos
    2019-04-19 00:15

    This is book four in the Longknife series. In this book Kris Longknife is ordered to take command of a backward naval base in orbit around an independent planet on the frontier. She is responsible for the defense in this out of the way naval district. When replacing buoy’s Kris captures a pirate ship. Kris has to get help by rounding up a rag tag fleet of ships to fight off a Greenfeld’s four ships led by Hank Peterwald. She also must deal with the distrust of the planet inhabitants. I am fascinated with “Nelly” Kris’s wearable super computer. In this story Nelly finds an anomaly in space which Kris and her crews investigate and discover an old warp point. They also find an undiscovered alien planet that was home to three lost alien civilization.Kris’s old nemesis Hank Smythe Peterwald shows up with the Greenfeld fleet and is trying to engender a crisis on the planet as a pretext to take over. Kris and crew take action. The book has lots of action, suspense and politics.Shepherd has continued the competent banter by the characters making it fun to read. We learn more about her assistant Abby, the mysterious steamer trunk bearing maid in the story. The plot construction is improving with each book and the characters are worth following. I am looking forward to book five. Dina Pearlman narrates the book.

  • Russ Holthaus
    2019-03-28 18:35

    Mystery with shock and aweEnjoyable fourth read in a space opera set in expanding universe involving two families on the brink of destruction. I am ever intrigued and forward I go. Fun and exciting thanks Mike Sheppard a grand experience.

  • Michael
    2019-03-26 02:33

    This is the 4th book in the Kris Longknife series by Mike Shepherd. Despite still being a lowly lieutenant, Kris has finally been given her own command, of the space station High Chance, which orbits the rim world of Chance. It's too good to be true, actually, as it's clearly intended to be an assignment-cum-exile, for High Chance is something of a backwater station, whose previous crew completely abandons it before Kris arrives. She is determined to do the best job that she can. As usual trouble follows Kris, and while proving herself a real naval officer rather than "just another Longknife," she and her crew must contend with obsolete equipment, disappearing jump-point buoys, pirates, the discovery of some spectacular alien technology, and the political intrigue that comes with the Longknife name. Her arch rival, Henry Peterwald shows up with a small fleet of six battleships with the intend of forcing Chance to join the the federation run by his father. This is a must read for fans of Kris Longknife and Mike Shepherd/Mike Moscoe.

  • Andreas
    2019-04-06 20:25

    In Resolute, Kris is put in charge of an out of the way naval district assignment on the frontier. In a sub-plot, she finds ancient alien ruins. But the real action is a “fleet visit” from the Greenfeld navy commanded by her old nemesis Hank Smythe Peterwald. In short, the Greenfeld fleet is trying to engender a crisis on the planet as an pretext to take over.While not quite as good as Defiant, Resolute continues the development of Kris and her cohorts as characters. One wonders where it is all going in the end, but the ride is entertaining.Note: Shepherd has previously written about our heroine’s great-grandfather Raymond under his real name, Mike Moscoe.

  • Allan Caplan
    2019-03-31 19:20

    This is definitely my least favorite of the Kris Longknife series so far. It started with great potential, as the previous books have. Wardhaven is safe, thanks to Kris, but she stepped on some toes so they send her somewhere "safe"."Safe" isn't a word known to "Those Damn Longknifes"This is where the book really slows down. So, Kris is all safe and secure on her station and takes a little trip. No spoilers, but it was a relatively boring trip.Then later, her old friend Hank is heading towards the station. Seems that half the book was about Kris meeting with people on the planet planning a grand ball.I need a good jolt of coffee before returning to this series, this book bored me to tears

  • Carolyn
    2019-03-30 00:34

    Oh, I liked this one! The set-up of the situation on Last Chance, and how it was handled was very enjoyable. The book's summary is incorrect, however. The real issue in this book was the arrival of a fleet from Greenfeld for a 'visit', but with a planned script for taking over the planet and annexing it into the Greefeld confederation. How Kris & Co and the planet's people stymie that makes for a good story.Nitpick: However, editing issues abound - there seemed to be a real shortage of question marks when this was typeset, and several dozen places where a word was used, but it was the *wrong* word. The editor obviously relied on computer spell-check, rather than a human, to their lack.

  • Eero
    2019-04-12 20:31

    Now Kris is commanded to take commanders role of backwards naval base in orbit of independent planet. She much fight againts distruss of planet habitats, find pirates who do nasty things on sector and when doing so her computer found anomality from space which Kris and her crew discover to be old warp point, which they decide to investigate it which leads them to discover to alien planets of three lost alien civilizations. And when Kris and her crew is coming back from their exploring they found Kris's nemesis's son Hank is just coming in Kris's backwark sytem with his fleet which command he is just given for him and this lead cold war like stand off and political games...So like previous books this has lots of adventure and political scheming,

  • Sho
    2019-03-28 22:35

    Hmmm didn't think Hank to be THAT stupid and without honor. Seemed like a different man from the second book. ON the other side, the captains including her ever present security guard Jack are very attractive men who Kris just cannot have... I just don't see any romance for Kris in the future..LOL I suppose that is the one big difference between the other books I read. In those books the women win the war as well as get the man. Well at least she won another battle making her another ledgend!

  • Tim
    2019-04-03 22:16

    The fourth book in the series pretty much follows the formula of the previous three: Kris gets posted to a remote outpost with just a skeleton crew (her bodyguard Jack, recently widowed Penny, Com Chief Beni and her mysterious maid, Abby) They are barely settled in when six warships from the rival Greenfeld arrive.... Of course there's lasers and spaceships and all the blowing stuff up that we've come to expect from "those damn Longknives"

  • T J
    2019-03-28 18:28

    This time Kris Longknife is shipped out to the rim and little known planet of Chance. She also has a little project of her own and can't wait to see what it brings her. Unfortunately her first chore is to fix-up and space station and her first command of it. Love how Mike Shepherd writes these high adventures and characters I would love to meet.

  • ThomyZ
    2019-04-14 18:35

    This was better than Deserter, but not as good as Defiant, the plot was very slow in the first two thirds and there was to much talking. I don't mind talking, but this dialogue just drudged on forever. The last act once again had some great action, and things are finally set to move in an interesting direction.

  • Nathan
    2019-04-18 23:30

    Kris Longknife is beginning to learn discretion... or seems to be. She's a lot less trigger happy (for good reason) than she has been in previous books, and despite attempting to avoid bloodshed...Well, it's an action book. There's a lot of development of metaplot in this book and I look forward to see how the universe's politics develop based on some of the developments in the story.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-10 02:19

    I am finding with this series that I really like parts of them and find myself very bored and skimming pages for other sections. I am also REALLY sick of the "one of those damn Longknifes" riff which EVERY book harps on to a ridiculous degree - we get it!!! Kris's family is often involved in dramatic game changing events.

  • Randy Mccallum
    2019-04-08 19:29

    Another in the continuing saga of Kris Longknife, Navy Lieutenant and Princess of the Blood. A fun, quick read with interesting characters. Although the author sometimes has trouble painting a good picture of what is going on, the action and story keeps the reader interested and the characters are well developed.

  • Karen
    2019-04-06 21:20

    The typical Kris Longknife formula of long odds and over-the-top heroics continues in this 4th novel of the series. I did find it refreshing to see Kris making mistakes because of her past experiences. I would have liked the book better if it had ended before the final set of events as that would have been far less formulaic book.

  • Scott Stillman
    2019-04-12 18:42

    Kris Longknife is banished to an out of the way, run down, command, to get her out of the way, and has to fight against superior odds, again... The story is the same with different characters, but is is a well written story, that kept me entertained so much I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed this one. It kept moving, and setup the story line for the future of the series.

  • Rachel
    2019-03-22 21:38

    This was definitely more engaging than the last book, I had a hard time putting it down. However, maybe it was just the printing I was reading, but there were a lot of little spelling and grammatical errors. "You're" instead of "your," "boy's" instead of "boys." Little things that added up and got very annoying. Other than that, a fun read.