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O assassino tece a sua teia. Calma e delicadamente, alicia as vítimas até si e envolve-as na seu venenoso fio de manipulação. Tão cuidado e pensado é o crime, que ninguém dá sequer por falta das vítimas. Não por acaso, o assassino, fascinado por aranhas, escolhe prostitutas como alvo. Quase ninguém dá pela sua falta, quase ninguém sabe exatamente quem são. Só alguém tão inO assassino tece a sua teia. Calma e delicadamente, alicia as vítimas até si e envolve-as na seu venenoso fio de manipulação. Tão cuidado e pensado é o crime, que ninguém dá sequer por falta das vítimas. Não por acaso, o assassino, fascinado por aranhas, escolhe prostitutas como alvo. Quase ninguém dá pela sua falta, quase ninguém sabe exatamente quem são. Só alguém tão intuitivo como Kimberly Quincy, agente do FBI, percebe que algo de muito grave se passa. Grávida, Kimberly sabe que tem de se proteger, mas a certeza de que o crime perfeito pode estar a acontecer mesmo debaixo dos seus olhos não a deixam descansar. Um intenso thriller de suspense e crime assinado por Lisa Gardner....

Title : Diz Adeus
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Diz Adeus Reviews

  • Jim
    2019-04-06 17:19

    I was thinking of reading something for Halloween. Maybe The Exorcist or a Stephen King novel when I received a notification from my library that this book was available. I decided to takeout this book while it was available. It turns out it fit the Halloween theme in it's own way. Creepy (spiders) and disturbing (a psychopath and exploited children).FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy is a member of the Evidence Response Team ... and five months pregnant. Dead hookers aren’t exactly her specialty but a prostitute has been arrested and demands to speak to Kimberly and only Kimberly. There is no connection. Kimberly has never heard of her. For whatever reason, believable or not, Kimberly heads to the police station. Delilah Rose tells Kimberly about another prostitute, a friend, who has disappeared. The story of a psychopath who uses spiders when he is with the prostitutes. Kimberly's mother and sister were victims of a psychopath and she is drawn to Delilah Rose's story. She is caught in a web.The story alternates between different characters. There is Kimberly's story as she tries to get to the truth and at the same time is dealing with her career, marriage, and the future of motherhood. There is the story told from the viewpoint of one of the abducted children. Then there is the story told from the viewpoint of the psychopath who as a child heard scary stories from his brother about the Burgerman ... "be naughty and the Burgerman will come to get you – the Burgerman grinds naughty boys into burgers and sells the meat to grocery stores" before he was abducted.Reading the parts about spiders was a little creepy. A tarantula on a pillow. A brown recluse on your body. Makes you stop and think ... and look ... before getting into bed. Reading the parts about young boys being kidnapped and raped was very disturbing. It was all too realistic and appears as though the author must have researched the topic. I can understand why some readers did not like the book or could not continue. That being said this is another well written story by Lisa Gardner that will keep you turning the pages ... the lights on, the doors and windows locked.

  • Emma
    2019-04-10 11:14

    Having been approved via Netgalley for the newest book in this series Right Behind You, i've been reading through the backlist so I was all prepped and up to date. As soon as I saw this one on my list I knew that it was one i'd read before, right back in 2008 when it was released. And once I started reading, the plot came back to me whole because this is Lisa Gardner's best work. Well at least in my opinion, it's by far my favourite.Everything about this novel works. It was the first time a book truly shocked me with the way it all turned out. Long before Gone Girl, I Let You Go, and all those others pushed 'THE TWIST' into the mainstream and made it one of the most popular ways of plotting crime fiction, Lisa Gardner made my mouth drop open and sucker punched me with her WTF moment. Even knowing it was coming this time, I was still stunned by how well she had written it. That's not the only reason this book was so memorable for me. It has spiders in it. That may be enough of an explanation. But they're horrible, big tarantulas and flesh dissolving recluse spiders. Things go on with the spiders that I will not repeat here. Terrible, damaging mental pictures. Even more so for the horrific nature of the child abduction and abuse that sits in the centre of the plot in this instalment. It's got such a level of realism that it made me stressed reading it. This one is not for the faint hearted, it's the darkest of her novels to date and you can feel it as you read. Especially as its counterpoint is the pregnancy of the main character, FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy. I see what you did there Lisa Gardner. Overall it meant that the book moved me, made me experience the kind of strong emotions crime novels just don't usually manage to evoke. So now i'm wondering whether it was a good idea to read 'the BEST' before 'the NEW' but we'll just have to see. At least with this author, I know it'll be a story worth reading.

  • Tracy
    2019-03-24 12:30

    Torturous. Devastating. Tragic. Brilliant.Every once in a while I read a book that affects me a little deeper, digs in a bit more, disturbs or touches me just a little differently than those I read the rest of the time. They're often the most difficult books to rate, because I can't qualify them as easily. Did I like? Love it? Those aren't the right words for something so deeply disturbing, or hauntingly chilling. Well, did I at least enjoy it? Again, enjoyment isn't even close. I'm left shattered, brittle...moved. Horrified and saddened by the damnable tragedy of it all yet deeply admiring of the talent it took to write.Say Goodbye is one of those books.In the mountains of Georgia there is beauty and brutality and, of course, there are spiders. A killer hunts his prey and prostitutes vanish. But so do little boys. Stolen to assuage a monstrous appetite. In those graceful, gruesome mountains innocence is irrevocably, irretrievably shattered.FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quinn, now five months pregnant, gets drawn into a case that threatens her marriage, her unborn child, and the foundations of her sense of self. What starts out as a few potential missing prostitutes and an unsolved and seemingly random homicide of a former high school jock is all a part of an insideous web of such utter destruction that the scope is almost beyond comprehension. Just...look up.I'm emotionally spent after finishing this book. Utterly wiped out. It's brilliantly written. Stylistically it's crafted just as intricately as any spider's web and is just as deceptively strong . Kimberly is a solid heroine, and Gardner has offered up her flaws, foibles, and fascination with pudding to create a complex but genuine woman struggling with the confusions and conflicts of looming parenthood. I didn't always like her. I sided with her husband on a few critical issues, but saw Kimberly's side as well, even if I didn't happen to agree. She was selfish at times, for all her intelligence and dedication, and some of her motives and actions were less than pure. No, I didn't always like her. But I respected the hell out of her, because I believed her. I believed in Gardner's rendition of a character who is very conscious of her own demons, and still manages to step on their toes now and then, even as they chase her.Technically and stylistically, this book knocked it out of the park. The transitions were extremely effective and there were several long, hard looks at the descent into despicable evil. And it was so very scary that I was able to sympathize with a man-made monster. So very, very scary. The police procedural aspects of the story were perfect. Gardner creates characters, then lays out the clues, and spins it all into a taut, gripping, devastating story. I could practically feel the time ticking in the back of my head through every moment of the read, ticking and tocking away as my stomach clenched and rolled, desperate for some light at the end of a most desolate tunnel.It must be said - must be said and re-said, actually, that this book is not for everyone. Readers need to be more than warned, there needs to be great big flashing lights and maybe a few of those disaster sirens going off for this one. Do not read this book if you are in any way sensitive to brutality against children, because there is plenty of that in this book.Was it graphic...? It wasn't graphically described blow by blow, no...but it's plainly and coarsely referred to and mentioned several times in several horrifying ways throughout the book. The monster - and he is monstrous - is a pedophile who kidnaps, rapes, and kills little boys...among other things that are equally disgusting. The scope of his crimes, the level of his brutality, and the horror of the debasement of his victims are not spared in the telling of this book. Please do yourself a favor and try another one of Gardner's titles if you think you may not be able to handle that.I don't consider myself a sensitive reader. I love books and shows that deal with psychopaths, watch and appreciate true crime documentaries, and am fascinated with aberrant psychology. I thought The Silence of the Lambs (both the book and the movie) was brilliant and chilling, and Hannibal Lector will always look like Sir Anthony Hopkins in my mind. But The Silence of the Lambs didn't affect me like this did. Maybe it was because the violence was mostly against children. Those are the most difficult victims to have to accept, and when coupled with the perversity of the antagonist, I was deeply disturbed.Did I like it? Love it? No. In fact, it was disgusting and traumatic in parts. I appreciated the intelligence and style with which it was written. I thought the concept, plot, and characters were robust, fully realized, and freaky with atmosphere. I had a couple of minor issues with a subplot, and there was a plot twist that I saw coming a mile away, but they didn't affect my appreciation of the book. It was a polished, sophisticated novel with power and intensity.And it was the most disturbing book I've read in a good long time.~*~*~*~Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

  • Jeffrey
    2019-04-12 12:29

    A deeply disturbing novel (so disturbing that I stopped and read a happy fantasy novel in the middle of it) in which an FBI agent investigates the apparent killing of prostitutes by a creepy killer only know by an acronym for arachnid. If that was all that was going on, this book would be a well written investigative hunt for a serial killer, but like City of the Sun from earlier this year, the novel chronologically shows what the author (who probably did some research) what happens to abducted children who are forced to have sex with adults. These horrendous acts of rape of adolescent boys are pretty powerful stuff and the images are haunting, sad, and perverse. Not for the squeamish this novel packs a punch and Gardner sure can write.

  • Brenda
    2019-04-19 15:14

    Four months pregnant Special Agent Kimberly Quincy had just drifted off to sleep next to her husband, Mac; home late again after the processing of a crash site she was bone tired. So the phone call at 3am was not a welcome intrusion. A prostitute had been arrested and wanted to speak to Kimberly – she would not speak to anyone else; she said she was her informant, but Kimberly had never heard of the girl. Against Mac’s wishes though, she headed into the station and thus, into the biggest nightmare of her life….Delilah Rose told Kimberly the tale of a psychopath, of spiders, of prostitutes going missing – the horrifying words coming from the prostitute’s mouth were too shocking to contemplate – they just couldn’t be real – could they? Then Kimberly saw that Delilah was also pregnant; the unbelievable suddenly became just a little more believable. A nine year old boy, lying in his bed in the dark of night, thinking about the scary tales his big brother had told him about the Burgerman – be naughty and the Burgerman will come to get you – the Burgerman grinds naughty boys into burgers and sells the meat to grocery stores…With GBI Special Agent Salvadore Martignetti (Sal) heading the investigation, Kimberly found herself being drawn deeper and deeper into the unknown. When her father, ex FBI profiler Pierce Quincy and his wife, Rainie Connor decided to visit and also became involved in the investigation, Kimberly was grateful; her father had been her rock after the shocking deaths of her mother and sister by a serial killer; with him by her side she felt secure.But the danger was getting closer – the clock was ticking, the adrenalin was pumping. Kimberly was determined to catch this sadistic, crazy killer before he struck again – could she? Would they? Or would she also have to Say Goodbye?In the author’s own words in the Acknowledgements at the end of the book “Of all the novels I’ve written, this book is by far the most violent, and yes it was difficult to write…” (first published in 2008) So I will conclude by saying that this chilling book is NOT for the faint at heart, but it is a brilliant, twisted, spellbinding and totally gripping thriller, one I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending. And – if you don’t like scary thrillers, DO NOT read this!

  • Michael
    2019-03-26 14:17

    If you're archanaophic, this isn't the book for you. Lisa Gardener's new novel, "Say Goodbye" is a fascinating, scary and compelling story about a serial killer with a fascination for using spiders as he preys on prositutes and young boys. The novel shifts perspectives from a young boy held prisoner by the killer (and getting ready to "graduate") and special agent Kimberly Quincy, who is five months pregnant. Kimberly is contacted by Jenny Jones, a prostitute whose mother was killed by the killer. The killer has a twist--he makes the victim choose his next target. In this case, Jenny's mother gave up Jenny as the next prey to be drawn into his spider's web. Kimberly is determined to track down the killer and comes periliously close to losing her marriage to a fellow agent over the conflict.At times, Gardner's novel is gripping and suspenseful. The idea of using spiders literally and as a metaphor for the killer is nicely done and will have you shuddering if you're not a fan of arachnids. Unfortunately, the novel tends to fall apart in the final quarter of the story as the FBI closes in on the killer. The wrap-up is confusing and not nearly as satisfying as it should have been.

  • Beth
    2019-03-26 12:00

    Lisa Gardner’s SAY GOODBYE begins with a sex scene between a slutty girl and a high school football star. You’re safe in assuming that Chapter 1 and the next several chapters aren’t any better.There’s a female FBI agent who’s called in the middle of the night because a prostitute in the custody of a local police department, a prostitute the FBI agent has never met, who has nothing to do with any case the FBI agent has been assigned, is demanding to speak with her. So the FBI agent goes there at 3 a.m.So far, how hard is this to swallow?By the way, the prostitute has spider tattoos. Spiders mean something. And the FBI agent is taking seriously what the prostitute told her.And there’s a little boy who is snatched from his home in the middle of the night by a pervert. If you like reading about child molestation, you’ll like these parts. :-(And there’s a very old but fit woman who used to care for foster children and now sees and speaks to the ghosts of her dead family members. A little boy shows up occasionally.And there’s a man who keeps spiders as pets. He’s a bad guy, of course. Is he the pervert who molests that little boy?When I got to the part where the pervert makes the little boy bring the pervert an even littler boy, I couldn’t continue. Gardner isn’t graphic. But she lets you know what’s going on, and she describes the screams. Call me squeamish, but the thought of 9-year old and 4-year-old boys trapped by a pervert makes me sick.Because I didn’t read more, I can’t really say, but there were hints that the situation with the pervert and the 9-year-old boy turns into something like a case that was in the news a year or so ago when a man kidnapped a boy, and the boy ended up moving about freely yet felt he had to continue living with that man. That was an interesting case, so maybe that's why SAY GOODBYE got the good review I read.However, a reader shouldn’t have to hate the first half of a book in order to get to a good second half.

  • Sharon
    2019-03-27 12:01

    Review to follow.

  • Kathy
    2019-04-07 12:05

    If you are terrified of spiders, don't bother with this one. This is a story of little boys who are kidnapped from their homes, while walking to school, or off the playground and are then sexually and mentally abused. It is also the story of young prostitutes that "go missing." Kimberly Quincy, FBI agent tries to solve the case of the missing prostitutes. I named the evil abuser of the young boys, "spiderman" because of his love/facination of spiders and his awful tatoo of spider eyes on his forehead. The time frame of this book is very troubling because you don't know if the dialogue is that of "the original abuser" or if it is "spiderman's thoughts and words." That makes this book very difficult to follow. As the grandmother of a young boy, I found this book to be extremely troubling. I don't think that he,(my grandson) will be allowed to go into a men's bathroom alone until he is about 18 years old and 185 pounds. This is indeed a scarey book but I just wish the author had done a better job of clarifying who's who of the bad men.

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-03-26 13:29

    Say Goodbye is possibly one of the best books I have read by Lisa, other than The Next Accident, which introduced me to the author’s world of serial killers, police procedurals and crimes so horrendous that there is no possible way they will ever find the killer. Lisa can sure write some great twists and turns and will not leave you disappointed, because like most of those police shows we watch on television, the good guys always get their man.FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy is married to another FBI Agent and happens to be four months pregnant. Being pregnant does not slow her down and she is still hard at work solving murders and bringing those killers of the innocent to justice. Her husband Mac wants her to cut back for the good of their unborn child, which Kimberly is seriously thinking about doing, when a young prostitute by the name of Delilah Rose asks for her help. There is a new serial killer on the loose who calls himself Dinchara. He is murdering prostitutes, and before he murders them, he tortures them with his special collection of spiders. Just use your imagination when it comes to his special pets. *shudder* Delilah is afraid she will be another one of his victims and only remains alive because he has made her a pawn in his twisted games. Delilah also happens to be pregnant and will only tell Kimberly what she knows to track this elusive killer. Kimberly knows Delilah is not placing all her cards on the table, but since she is sympathetic, mainly because of Delilah’s pregnancy, Kimberly will take on this case even though she is placing herself in a lot of danger, not counting the health risks to her unborn child.Dinchara likes to play games and he specifically picks Kimberly to play along with him. Not only is this monster a killer, but he is also a pedophile. Through flashbacks, we see how he was kidnapped by a man who stole him from his bedroom and sexually tortured him for years. He in turn continues the cycle of violence and kidnaps another young boy and abuses him, hoping to mold him into a killer, like himself. The boy he stole, along with Delilah, are very much his victims, but at least he keeps them alive. They are like the spiders he takes care of. There is only one way they can escape him and no longer be his unwilling pupils to his crimes. And to accomplish this, they must give the FBI and Kimberly a run for their money. The final outcome could possibly be Kimberly’s death.Say Goodbye really tugged at my heart, including such feelings of anger because of Dinchara, a horrible man who enjoys raping little boys, killing prostitutes and using spiders in inhumane ways. It has been a long time since I have read such a villain who sent chills down my spine, and Lisa has done it here with her latest killer. Lisa has written another stellar story with Say Goodbye. I was hooked from beginning to end, waiting for Kimberly to figure out all the clues so she can save lives, even including those of Delilah and the young abused boy who must do Kimberly harm just so they can escape the man who has so much power over them. But, Kimberly is not alone since she has many to back her up, which includes her father Pierce, and step-mother Rainie, who come to help her. It is always a treat to see these two and to finally see them so happy after many years of living under very harsh and unhappy circumstances.Lisa keeps raising the bar for herself with this on-going series about the Quincy clan. This is not your typical run of the mill serial killer crime. What was really unique, is instead of Gardner just focusing on Kimberly, the main protagonist, the reader sees many points of views that include the serial killer, Dinchara himself and how he became what he is. Also included is the young boy he molested for years and even that of a new victim he has kidnapped. Getting into each of these characters minds brings out some heavy emotions and your heart will really tear up for all of them. You may even feel a bit of pity for Dinchara himself because he is just as much as a victim as those he stalks.If you have an intense fear of spiders, Say Goodbye may not be the book for you. But for those are a bit stronger and don’t mind those creatures and their master who uses them to create havoc and death, I urge you to try Say Goodbye and the world of Lisa Gardner. You will have some chills and thrills you will not soon forget.

  • Kristen
    2019-04-03 10:01

    In Lisa Gardner's Say Goodbye, the 6th installment in the Quincy and Rainie thriller series, she enthralled us and chilled us with this creepy and twisted thriller. For Agent Kimberly Quincy McCormack, she was five months pregnant with her first child with Mac, when there was an evil monster out there, preying on prostitutes and killing them. It all started with the disappearance and phone call from Ginny Jones. That's when she worked with GBI Agent Sal Martignetti on this most disturbing case, when Ginny was their informant and had preyed on them by helping Dinchara, a serial killer who looked like a spider himself. His backstory was creeper than before, when he was one of the missing and preyed upon. As they've gotten closer to identifying him, there was a link between then and now for one of their own, which a shocking and grim ending for sure.

  • Diane
    2019-04-18 11:18

    Talk about a creep factor in this book. This book is based on one of my phobias - spiders - and lots of them. A sick and twisted serial killer with a love of all things spider - from raising tarantulas and brown recluse to using them for their venom! This killer didn't start out this way, he was taken as a young boy and forced into servitude for "The Burgerman", but push too far and things can go wrong. Not a bad read, but certainly not Ms. Gardner's best for me. This whole series is a one-time read for me - maybe for someone else it could be a re-read series, just not me.4 stars and 2 thumbs up

  • Lorrie
    2019-04-10 14:17

    This story is a tangle of twisted suspense. I like Lisa Gardner. I wondered at first if I'd be able to stomach this one. It was sickenly good. Lots of truth and some much needed advice to think about. I'd recommend this one as long as you don't have triggers to worry about.

  • Reen
    2019-03-25 18:06

    I really hate spiders and this one is full of the big nasty ones! Brown recluse, tarantula....... Nicely woven story with tortured characters and emotionally charged. Well done Ms Gardner.

  • Linda
    2019-04-07 16:25

    Special agent Kimberley Quincy is five months pregnant, and struggling with the question of whether she can or should continue her work with the FBI. She doesn't want to quit, but her husband feels she's taking too many risks, and the conflict is placing quite a strain on their marriage. Into this stressful personal dilemma comes a teenage prostitute, asking for Kimberley's help in discovering what has become of some of her friends who have disappeared. The narrative switches back and forth from the girl's story to the heartbreaking and harrowing account of a boy who was abducted years ago to become the sex slave of his sadistic captor, a man who loves big, scary spiders and has even taken on their predatory identity. Chillingly, he forces his victim to choose his next victim. Eventually Kimberly comes to realize that she herself has been ensnared in the spider man's lethal web.These multiple plot lines converge very gradually, sometimes causing confusion which is eventually resolved. Grisly in parts, and suspenseful and menacing throughout, this is not a book for the squeamish, but Gardner tells it well, and the denouement, with a few unforeseen outcomes, makes it more than worthwhile to tolerate the discomfort. The book is particularly effective in demonstrating how easily the social media are utilized by those who hunt for easy targets to abuse. Timely, disturbing, and sadly, all too true.

  • Anne Trinkle
    2019-04-03 18:16

    I didn't finish I quit. I feel I need to warn some of you as to content so you can skip it if the topics bother you. So here comes the spoiler if you want to stop reading now. I can handle gore and murder scenes. This dealt with prostitutes being killed whether they did or did not give the " spider guy" the name of another prostitute. Sex with spiders watching. But the worst thing was sodomy to young innocent boys. That's where I drew the line. I'm not a quitter on books for the most part but I listen to audiobooks and the sound effects in this one were VERY REAL SOUNDING AND DISTURBING. And even if I was reading it, it was too awful for words. Lisa Gardner, there is enough out there to write mysteries around. Sexual abuse to children happens in the real world, but I am disappointed that you couldn't find a different story line or at LEAST not go into very graphic detail about the subject.PS. I am not afraid of spiders in any way and found the info on them at the beginning of each chapter pretty interesting so my not liking the book was NOT DUE TO THE SPIDER PARTS. :)

  • Sharon
    2019-03-30 15:17

    Indeed, something to terrify everyone! Absolutely. Kimberly Quincy is 5 months pregnant, and an FBI special agent. She receives a call from a local PD requesting she come and talk with a prostitute who says she's Kimberly's snitch. Bizarre, as Kimberly has not met her. After several hours, the prostitute finally tells her a horrific and totally unbelievable story of a serial killer with an obsession for spiders, Dinchara. He preys on the forgotten and unloved, those who will not be missed. She claims that a friend of hers is missing and the last time anyone saw her, she was getting into his car. Against the advice of her husband Mac, also an FBI agent, Kimberly cannot resist the bait and starts to work on the case.Kimberly is indeed in conflict, she's pregnant and afraid that she'll be a horrible mom, so she continues to do what she does best, flush out the disgusting parts of humanity that don't see the light.This book is indeed the stuff of nightmares, Fast paced, dynamic and creepy.

  • Aiesha
    2019-04-20 14:20

    I have to say that this is the first book of Lisa Gardner's that I did not like. It was interesting enough to keep me reading but YUCK to the subject matter!! (view spoiler)[If anyone has a spider fear or phobia, this is definitely NOT the book for you! (hide spoiler)] The storyline was just so far-fetched and out there. I didn't understand what made her even 'go there' with this book when all of the rest have been so good! I also didn't like that this series was supposed to be about Quincy and Rainie but it ended up being more about Quincy's daughter, Kimberly towards the end. I wished we could've continued learning about the experiences of Qunicy & Rainie though. It almost seems like Lisa ran out of stories for them so she started talking about Kimberly. I don't know but I just didn't like how the series changed midway.

  • Esma Tezgi
    2019-03-29 17:13

    4.5Yazar diğer ögeler gibi kurguyu da çok iyi ayarlamış, sürekli yeni bir şeyler çıkıyor, gerilimin dozu yüksek ve son ana kadar bitmiyor bu durum. Aslında kitapta anlatılan bazı olayların gerçek olma ihtimali bile korkunçtu ki muhtemelen gerçek ve oraları okurken gerçekten çok etkilendim, yazarın etkileyici anlatımı ile işlediği konu da bir araya gelince okurken tüyleriniz diken diken oluyor. Okurken pek şaşırmasam da kitabı severek okudum ve etkilendim.Katilin duygu dünyasının en iyi işlendiği kitaplardan biri sanırım, en azından benim okuduklarım içinde kesinlikle öyle, insanı gerçekten etkiliyor. Gerilim ve gizemin çok iyi ayarlandığı bir polisiye okumak istiyorsanız Kusursuz Tuzak tam size göre.Daha fazlası için;

  • Chloe
    2019-03-27 10:20

    A well written thriller. Some parts are hard to read, purely because of the difficult content ... and I struggled with the spider scenes due to a bad case of arachnophobia ... but, all in all this book packs quite a punch. Well researched, the author weaves a web (quite fittingly I think) of suspense and intrigue. A serial killer is on the loose ... at least, they think there is. As yet, they haven't found any bodies. Fabulous twists, chilling and thrilling right to the end. Loved the addition of the epilogue - a great way to end the story.I had another Lisa Gardner to read straight after this one, but I had to put it aside for now ... I needed something a little lighter in between!

  • Brandie
    2019-04-19 11:19

    Hated all the spider talk and descriptions. Disgusting. Could have done without all that. Liked the other book I read by her much better. This book had too much added stuff that wasn't necessary to the story.

  • Bethany-Kris
    2019-04-19 11:24

    Chilling. Like goosebumps all over the back of your neck chilling. Amazing. That's really all I can think to say about this as saying much else spoils the book. But it is ... awesome.

  • Maureen DeLuca
    2019-04-24 12:21

    I'm a huge Lisa Gardner fan- have to say this book just didn't do it for me. Number 6 in the series, I read them all and in order. Just my opinion - there are many good reviews here , so take my review with a grain of salt!

  • Teresa
    2019-03-24 12:28

    Well that was... Dark and depressing. At times, this was hard to read and made me feel sick to my stomach. It was sufficiently creepy, especially when getting other POVs. As always, well written, and I appreciated all the good character stuff between Mac and Kimberly, and especially between Kimberly and her father. But man, my next read is definitely going to be fun contemporary.

  • Tina Woodbury
    2019-04-23 18:05

    Two years ago I was introduced to Lisa Gardner when I read Touch and Go, a mystery masterpiece. I was hooked and have been working my way through her books ever since. This book, Say Goodbye, is part of the Quincy and Rainie series which was the one series I had not read yet. When I discovered her new book Right Behind You was coming out February 2017, I set my sites on reading the backlist. What I liked.. Once again Lisa Gardner has written a book that pulls you in and keeps you wondering what is going on. I love books that give you all the pieces of the puzzle and you think you know how they all fit together...Or do you? This is an excellent, twisted, creepy, mystery thriller, focusing on FBI agent Kimberly, who is expecting her first child while on the case of her life. She has been pulled into a mystery of disappearing prostitutes only to find out there is much more than meets the eye. She has set her mind on catching the killer and will not stop, despite her husband’s reservations, until she has.What I struggled with...This story is not just about missing prostitutes, it is also about young boys being kidnapped and abused. The abuse of these young boys was very difficult for me to read and at times I was very uncomfortable. I also feel the need to caution anyone with arachnophobia - you may want to sit this one out. Lisa Gardner really did her research here and goes into great detail. I now know more about spiders than I have ever intended.I give this book 4 stars. It would have been 5 if it weren’t for the young boys being preyed upon.

  • Raul Rivera
    2019-04-19 16:28

    I recently read Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner. I don’t know exactly why I read the book because in my perspective it was terrible. The book was about an FBI agent chasing a murderer/child rapist which isn’t a very appealing subject. Most of the time I didn’t want to continue reading the book.Reading the book was confusing. Some chapters would start with italics and that was because someone’s story is being told. At times it doesn’t come from the same point of view. The author does this to hide the identity of the murderer and the missing boys. I blame the author’s lack of knowing how to keep the real story away from the readers. That may be harsh because the storyline is good, just not something that keeps you turning the page.Say Goodbye was a terrible book. That does not mean Gardner is a terrible author, some of her other works are pretty good like her book Hide. I will continue to look for the ones that are worth reading.

  • Tabi34
    2019-04-11 11:30

    This is a creepy, psychological thriller. I think it might be Gardner's best.A pregnant prostitute reaches out to a pregnant FBI agent, Kimberly Quincy, because other working girls are disappearing. There is also kidnapped kids, death, torture.There is a lot of subplots and weird twists, but I kept reading because I needed to know what happpens next. Ocassionally, I got confused trying to keep all of the stories straight. The timeline is a bit confusing, but as the story unfolds the details fall into place.This book should come with a warning: There is child-rape just graphic to be disturbing. Yes, I know it's a story, but it was still bothersome. Also if you suffer from arachaphobia, this isn't the story for you: lots of spiders - deadly creepy ones. Black Widows, Brown Recluses...check under the covers before you go to sleep.

  • Mary JL
    2019-04-02 12:15

    This is a well written, suspenseful and gripping mystery. It is also very disturbing---If you like cozy, non-violent puzzle mysteries, this isn't one of them.This is not a book to 'enjoy" as there is so much truth in it. It is by far one of the two or three most violent books Lisa Gardner has ever written--as she states in the Acknowledgements at the end of this book.But I was so pulled into this story, so gripped by it that I could not stop reading. There are two plot lines--one of an abducted child in the past, and the current one about Kimberly Quincy. The two story lines are handled well, and merge later.The truly harrowing part of this book is that many of the events portrayed are based on real crimes.Very highly recommended for adult mystery fans.

  • Hollis
    2019-03-28 17:25

    This book is an actual real life horror show. Both in the creepy crawlies that feature and the horrifying circumstances that occur within these pages. SAY GOODBYE was brutal and awful and twisted and just an all around ride to crazy town; which basically means it was the best kind of worst.Gardner's work has tread most, if not all, of these situations as well as the subject matter before but this one was particular dark. This book is not for the faint of heart. But it does end on an interesting, and completely unexpected, note. This completes my Quincy & Rainie binge, bringing me up to date on all three series of Gardner's detective novels. Can't wait to see what comes next, whether it stars DD, Tessa or any of the extended Quincy crew. I just can't wait.

  • Carla
    2019-03-25 17:16

    I am sooooo pissed off about this book. There is nothing in the summary that suggest this book is about boys being raped and then perpetuating. It is very detailed and graphic. If I would have known I never would have picked it up and there was no leading into it either. She just started with the boy talking about the rape. I had to finish reading it because I started and yes, yes dammit it was a good book and it ended as good as it could with a glimmer of hope but there were moment when i was close to throwing up and feeling so bothered by the atrocities described that I couldn't sleep. That's all I have to say about it.