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This fully revised and updated edition of Nicholas Bunnin and E.P. Tsui-James' popular introductory philosophy textbook brings together specially-commissioned chapters from a prestigious team of scholars writing on each of the key areas, figures and movements in philosophy....

Title : The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy
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ISBN : 9780631219088
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 976 Pages
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The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy Reviews

  • Traveller
    2019-05-07 17:26

    At 951 pages, this book certainly looks intimidating. I have not read it yet, but I want to post the impressive table of contents for the benefit of any friends who might be interested.Part I Areas of Philosophy1.Epistemology – A. C. Grayling 372.Metaphysics – Simon Blackburn, with a section on Time by Robin Le Poidevin 613.Philosophy of Language – Martin Davies 904.Philosophy of Logic – A. W. Moore 1475.Philosophy of Mind – William G. Lycan 1736.Ethics – John Skorupski 2027.Aesthetics – Sebastian Gardner 2318.Political and Social Philosophy – David Archard 2579.Philosophy of Science – David Papineau 28610.Philosophy of Biology – Elliott Sober 31711.Philosophy of Mathematics – Mary Tiles 34512.Philosophy of Social Science – Martin Hollis 37513.Philosophy of Law – N. E. Simmonds 40314.Philosophy of History – Leon Pompa 42815.Philosophy of Religion – Charles Taliaferro 45316.Applied Ethics – John Haldane 49017.Bioethics, Genethics and Medical Ethics – Rebecca Bennett, Charles A. Erin, John Harris and Søren Holm 49918.Environmental Ethics – Holmes Rolston, III 51719.Business Ethics – Georges Enderle 53120.Philosophy and Feminism – Jean Grimshaw and Miranda Fricker 55221.Ethnicity, Culture and Philosophy – Robert Bernasconi Part II History ofP hilosophy 22.Ancient Greek Philosophy – Robert Wardy 58523.Plato and Aristotle – Lesley Brown 60124.Medieval Philosophy – Jorge J. E. Gracia 61925.Bacon – Stephen Gaukroger 63426.Descartes and Malebranche – Richard Francks and George Macdonald Ross 64427.Spinoza and Leibniz – Richard Francks and George Macdonald Ross 65828.Hobbes – Tom Sorell 67129.Locke – R. S. Woolhouse 68230.Berkeley – Howard Robinson 69431.Hume – Peter Jones 70932.Kant – David Bell 72533.Hegel – Michael Inwood 74134.Marx – Richard Norman 75035.Bentham, Mill and Sidgwick – Ross Harrison 75936.Pragmatism – Susan Haack 77437.Frege and Russell – R. M. Sainsbury 79038.Moore – Thomas Baldwin 80539.Wittgenstein – David Pears 81140.Nietzsche – David E. Cooper 82741.Husserl and Heidegger – Taylor Carman 84242.Sartre, Foucault and Derrida – Gary Gutting 860As intimidating as the size of this book may be, I think it's a nice book to have and to use for reading up on schools of thought as the necessity strikes.