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A right-brain reference of puzzles, questions, checklists, and advice to help stimulate writers' creative thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Coverage encompasses critical elements, characters, scenes, word choice, style and writing mechanics, and revision, with material in question-and-answe...

Title : Fiction Writer's Brainstormer
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ISBN : 9780898799439
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 292 Pages
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Fiction Writer's Brainstormer Reviews

  • Rose
    2019-04-10 16:20

    Quick review for a quick read. I do believe this is the first time I've given any writing or creativity guide 1-star.Man, this book was supremely annoying. I'm equal parts left brain and right brain, so I appreciate pretty much any guide that would help sow the seeds of creativity and help people to use it to generate ideas for story, but James V. Smith, Jr.'s narrative is haphazardly presented and organized. There are definitely some useful tidbits of information contained in this book, but it's so hard to wade through all the exercises and even the odd headings that I had such a hard time getting through it. I don't think this was done well at all, even for the intention. I was able to complete some of the exercises without trouble, but having to flip back and forth to the end of the book to see the answer (ergo, see the overarching point he was making in a given section), was tedious. Some of the exercises were decent, but many of them were just...odd.It is true that you can be inspired to create great work by pretty much anything you can get your hands on - it's what drives you. But honestly, I found this work to be more cumbersome than inspiring and I've read other creativity guides (as well as fiction generating prompts) that were better to follow than this one.Not recommended, personally, but then again someone might be able to glean some seeds and good ideas from this if they haven't already read other creativity guides in expansion. I just think there are ones that offer the same advice but far less awkward and far more organized.Overall score: 1/5 stars

  • Michael Wilson
    2019-04-06 20:02

    Fiction Writer’s Brainstormer by James D. Smith Jr. is an excellent book although somewhat misleadingly titled. It does indeed have some excellent brainstorming exercises, but it's great strength is in the many checklists that uses to help define and structure critical areas of fiction.Chapter 16 entitled: Bonus! The Eighth Habit of Highly Effective Writers, has miscellaneous tips in it that make it worth the cover price of the book. I love how it uses miscellaneous techniques to help writers with description issues. It also shows several dialogue tricks which will help any writer improve his dialogue writing significantly.The brainstorming portions of the book provide tools that any writer could use. One called the Bracketing Tool forces you to think of the many different solutions to specific problems and provides good examples of how they are used. It uses similar techniques for coming up with titles of stories or books, create specific images, and coming up with plot resolutions.But probably the greatest strength of this book is the use of checklists throughout its. Instead of using brainstorming techniques it uses standard checklists to take a look at various story elements and helping make the book rates one example is that has a checklist for determining whether that you have a good story idea what should happen in the first hundred words, the first thousand words, 10,000 words and in the last 10,000 words. The specific checklists give you something to think about when looking at your story analytically. This book also uses a list of blank forms that you can photocopy out of the back to help you with writing tasks, scenes in your story, character information and even readability of your story. The book is broken down into many series of check boxes and bullet lists explaining what elements of fiction need to be in each area such as plot, seemed, character, conflict, and even good story ideas.This book does an excellent job of hitting all the critical points of fiction. By providing some tips on how to improve without going overboard. Originally started reading this book to be a comparative title for the book I'm currently writing: Creative Thinking for Creative Writers, but found the book to include much more.This book delivered much more than I expected, and definitely earned 4/5 stars and is well worth adding to your writing reference library.Rating **** (Buy on Sale/Discounted)About Ratings: ***** -- Well Worth it at Full Retail Price; **** — Buy on Sale/Discounted; *** — Buy Used; ** — Borrow It from the Library; * — Waste of a Good Tree

  • Sockbunny
    2019-04-16 18:02

    I only read the first two chapters of the book. It was so difficult to read because they used so many different fonts on the same page. On one random page that I looked at, I noticed 5 different fonts at various sizes. It was just too distracting! For that reason I'm giving it two stars. I am sure if I read it in a different format I might enjoy it more.

  • Daniel
    2019-04-18 18:12

    A right-brain reference of puzzles, questions, checklists, and advice to help stimulate writers' creative thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Coverage encompasses critical elements, characters, scenes, word choice, style and writing mechanics...

  • Tom Hooker
    2019-04-17 14:18

    Presented as an original way to get the writer/prospective writer to come up with new ideas in the writing of his/her book/story. As with most craft books, there are some good things, some not so good.

  • Julie Howard
    2019-04-13 17:14

    It's an old one, but there's still some super great advice and tips in this. I also love the blank worksheets in the back of the book to assist with plotting and other writing tricks.

  • Amanda Patterson
    2019-03-26 20:05

    Find out what best-selling authors have in common. Why do they sell? Is it a coincidence? I liked the statistics. Brilliant for beginner writers.Tangible tips and techniques.

  • Francoise McKay
    2019-04-01 15:07

    It's a great premise, however, the book is not set up as intuitively as it might have been.

  • Whiteraven
    2019-04-05 20:05

    One of the best writing helpers I have found. It has an amazing section in it that helps with creating good forms.

  • Anne Marshall
    2019-03-27 20:12

    Didn't finish

  • Susan McGrath
    2019-04-21 14:58

    I'll admit, I skimmed most of this book, other than the first chapter. There are tons of tips and tricks here, but not presented in a style that I find appealing or particularly resonant.

  • Asenath
    2019-03-27 19:53

    So many ideas, prompts and puzzles to get a person thinking. I'll definitely be using a lot of these activities with my creative writing classes.