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Welcome to the Gulch... funny things happen in the middle of nowhere. Butterscotch Jones thought that living in the far north provided enough peril to contend with until a private plane crashed outside her hometown of McIntyre's Gulch, Manitoba, Canada. The treasure inside the plane soon attracted both the RCMP and the Russian Mafia. For a town built upon isolation and secWelcome to the Gulch... funny things happen in the middle of nowhere. Butterscotch Jones thought that living in the far north provided enough peril to contend with until a private plane crashed outside her hometown of McIntyre's Gulch, Manitoba, Canada. The treasure inside the plane soon attracted both the RCMP and the Russian Mafia. For a town built upon isolation and secrecy, the citizens faced very public exposure. "A light, fun read with an eccentric cast of characters who bring the village of MacIntyre's Gulch to delightful life." --Lisa Cach, author of "Wake Unto Me" "Due North" is the first book in Melanie Jackson's bestselling Butterscotch Jones Mystery Series. Praise for the Author"A wickedly sexy tale!" --Christine Feehan, New York Times Bestselling Author (on The Selkie) "... delivers sizzling romance and ghoulish thrills at a breathtaking clip." --Publishers Weekly (on Traveler) "Readers of Laurel K. Hamilton will enjoy this complex tale..." --Booklist (on Still Life) About the AuthorMelanie has been writing her entire life. In fact, one of her earliest fond memories is receiving an IBM Selectric typewriter for her birthday. After publishing romance novels (Scottish historical and paranormal) for New York based publisher Dorchester Publishing from 1999 to 2010, Melanie chose to begin self-publishing cozy mysteries. Since then she has released the Chloe Boston, Butterscotch Jones, Wendover House, and Miss Henry Mystery series. Melanie Jackson is the award-winning author of more than seventy novels, novellas and poems published in various languages. She lives with her writer husband and bossy cat in the California wine country. Besides gardening, she is involved with animal charities. Three times nominated for RT's Reviewers' Choice Award. Twice nominated for RT's Lifetime Achievement Award. ***If you're looking for mysteries in other series by the same author, simply search for "Chloe Boston", "Butterscotch Jones", "Miss Henry", "Wendover House", "Kenneth Mayhew" or "Jane Blackthorn"....

Title : due north butterscotch jones mystery 1
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due north butterscotch jones mystery 1 Reviews

  • Denise Zendel
    2019-05-16 17:19

    Butterscotch Jones is a young woman with secrets who moves to the back of beyond in Canada, to a town where almost everyone has red hair and lot of secrets of their own. Butterscotch and her wolf-dog find a plane filled with cash, jewels, bonds, and a dead pilot. A Mountie who has pissed of his boss gets sent to investigate. This was a surprisingly good read. The characters are interesting and mostly likeable, the settings well-described (I felt like I was trying to navigate next to Butterscotch during a white out), and the plot interesting. I also enjoyed the relationship between Butterscotch and the Mountie, Chuck Goodhead. It was interesting to watch such a button-down, law-and-order kind of guy figure out how to navigate the less than sterling, close-knit community. Also, there was a nice spark of romance between Butterscotch and Chuck that could be promising for the series. I read one review where the reviewer took offense at some incorrect geographical references. I get that, because I find it irritating when details about something I know are wrong, but since I am not that familiar with Canadian geography, I didn’t really care. And the settings were described with enough detail that I could envision what was going on. Also, I thought the author had a good grasp of office politics, and small-town living. I liked this book and will read more in the series.

  • Susan
    2019-05-05 19:25

    I thought this was an original idea for a mystery--a town in the far north of Canada full of quirky characters, some of whom have a murky past. This first entry in the series was short (only 105 pages in my nook edition), but packed in a lot of action and character development. I have definitely found a new author to read.

  • Mascanlon
    2019-05-05 20:21

    Another series by the prolific Melanie Jackson. This one is set in McIntyre's Gulch, Manitoba, Canada. Everyone in the timy town is named McIntyre or Jones and has red hair. A plane crashes on a frozen lake in winter and the treasure inside the plane soon attracts both the RCMP and the Russian Mafia. For a town built upon isolation and secrecy, no one is welcome. Quirky and a fun casual read.

  • Paula
    2019-04-23 22:26

    I loved this! In fact I was shocked that an American had written it, given it takes place in Canada. Except for a couple of things, she wrote "Canadian" very well and it was quirky and fun to read about a remote locale.........I will be reading all the others.......such fun!

  • Lisa
    2019-05-01 01:39

    Butterscotch Jones lives in McIntyre's Gulch, Canada, where no one is really who they seem but since they all have secrets, they just let everyone be...until Jones and her wolf-dog come across a plane crash site, complete with duffel bags of loot and a dead body. The town considers not even reporting the crash to the next biggest town just so they can a)keep the treasure, and b) avoid the authorities...but the report it, and when the RCMP show up, the Russian mafia isn't far behind.

  • Cindy
    2019-04-22 18:21

    Good, easy read I enjoyed reading this book. Wasn't too long in length. Read the full story in around 2 hours. I,myself guessing it's kind of a thriller.

  • Angie
    2019-05-19 20:35

    Fast readIt's a fast read. Enjoyable, pleasant. I read it in 1 day. Would be willing to read another in the series

  • Roger
    2019-05-16 19:15

    First book in series and first book I have read by this author. Found it very entertaining and would recommend.

  • Deb Randolph
    2019-05-18 01:36

    Butterscotch makes mysteries fun!A great new series! I was so excited to have found this series about a girl named Butterscotch living in a very isolated, very cold town. I love books that involve lots of snow and mysteries. This series also makes the mysteries come alive with bits of humor, which I also love. I look forward to reading more of this series so I hope the books keep coming.

  • Gail Gauthier
    2019-05-15 21:32

    The best self-published book I've read to date and an excellent example of the importance of world-building in a realistic, nonfantasy/scifi story. "Due North is set in the remote Canadian town of McIntyre's Gulch. We're talking remote in a not- everybody-has-a-phone-or-even-a-radio-connection-to-the-outside-world remote. In a you-might-not- see-your-neighbors-for-a-few-days-during-a-snowstorm remote. In a there-are-only-two-church- services-a-month-when-a-person-of-the-cloth-comes-by remote. The red-headed residents of McIntyre's Gulch come in two varieties--McIntyres, who are related to one another, and "self-selected Joneses...transplants from the outside: refugees, outcasts, and sometimes actual outlaws." The McIntyres come by their red hair naturally. Some of the Joneses "owe a debt to L'Oreal and Clairol." Which I assume they must have to have flown in. I can't recall why the outsiders choose to go red, unless they're trying to blend in with the natives and thus not draw attention to themselves.Which they all have reasons to want to do.This is a rough crowd choosing to live in a rough climate, because they need to get away from it all. A disturbance comes their very well-drawn world when a plane falls out of the sky. It's not so much the plane that's disturbing as what's in it. The McIntyres and the Joneses respond about the way you'd expect them to. And the owner of the plane's contents responds about the way you'd expect him to."Excerpt from Original Content

  • Susan Williams
    2019-05-20 00:38

    CuteI enjoyed reading this book, my first by this author. Good command of the English language, clever plotting and characterization, great on atmosphere and sense of place, and some cute bits such as some of the Russian mafia having endearing qualities. Loved Max, the wolfdog. The ending seemed somewhat contrived, abrupt and too convenient. But all in all, a happy ending.

  • Ewabernathy
    2019-05-22 00:33

    Interesting charactersI love the main character's name and found the supporting characters and the town of McIntyre's Gulch to be intriguing. This has the potential for becoming a great series, however the beginning leaves me somewhat dissatisfied and is rather predictable. There are several significant errors that a good proofreader should have caught, but that aside, I'll be interested to see what the author does with these characters.

  • Maureen
    2019-05-01 23:26

    Loved it. It read like a cross between Carl Hiaason and Dana Stabenow. I find the fact that it is an indie, self-published book amazing. Just goes to prove there are some really talented people out there. Respect.

  • Jenny Schwartz
    2019-05-21 21:32

    Melanie Jackson writes novella length stories that are charming examples of the cosy mystery. This Butterscotch Jones series has a bit of a darker edge, but is still strong on characterisation and Jackson's effortlessly readable style. I immediately bought the next in the series.

  • Beverly Farr
    2019-05-20 21:16

    Loved it!!I really,, really liked this book. I liked the quirky characters, the strange little town, and the story plot. Can't think of anything I didn't like. Can't wait to read the second book. So happy I found this author.

  • Marisa
    2019-04-28 20:44

    Amazon - 25/01/2017

  • Thea
    2019-05-05 19:24

    Refreshingly well written. The cast of characters are quirky but not silly and the protagonists are, thankfully, not experts in any and everything. Great humor and an enjoyable read. Recommended.

  • Sue Sullivan
    2019-05-19 18:40

    Great bookIt was a quick read. The characters were colorful. I love a happy ending. I look forward to reading more Melanie Jackson books.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-24 23:16

    Butterscotch Jones book 1Quirky Canadian snow covered mystery. Lots of intrigue, laughs and adventure. Oh, and a really big wolf/dog! I can't wait to read more!

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-03 23:25

    Sometimes it's nice to just suspend disbelief and enjoy the tale. This is about a small community in the woods of Manitoba and how they pull together to defeat agents of the Russian mafia.

  • Linda Cole
    2019-04-24 01:42

    DifferentIt was a little hard in the beginning to get into this book but it became clear as usual continue reading. I like butterscotch and her town of quirky misfits

  • Patricia A Koenig
    2019-05-17 20:20

    Fun read. I want more!!! Butterscotch is my new favorite heroine. Well written and very funny.